Chapter 13 (D’oh!): The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicles

*did you think you were going to be able to get away from my posting more of your insanity merely because I’m now somewhere between Miami and Palm Beach? I don’t think so.*

So Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets is now SURE I am Top Idol. Wrong again dumbass.

I will decide who gets in this restricted thread so I can keep a tighter reign on it. This GF thread is not a big deal but some members have made it a bigger deal than it is. They are turning discussions of public figures into something else and going overboard. It is simply gossip in the same manner as other news publications such as Just Jared, TMZ, Perez Hilton, VotefortheWorst, Radar and others. All celebrities who have girlfriends etc, are discussed in ALL news media including that crazy blog and no I do not read over there. I had visited a few times and that was all I needed. Filled with so many indiscrepancies. And yes, I do have Melinda Green’s ip address to give to authorities if needed. But her posts do not concern me. I refuse to waste my time on such losers over there. It is none of their business who I am and why do they care?

We are a much milder board than the other news publications that allow open comments. We at least try to keep the comments private. It is the troublemaker members that have exposed what is being discussed in here on other blogs or boards and making it more than what it is and make it public.

There is obviously some member(s) on this board that are carrying the wrong information over to a blog that has no idea what they are talking about. They are only trying to cause trouble and lure people from the board to this crazy blog. That is all.

They can take as many screenshots as they want of this blog. We are doing nothing wrong.

Their discussions over there have nothing to do with me. They do not have my ip address and whomever they are discussing was apparently a member here and sent them an email to join the board or were trying to gather information. Let them believe what they want but that blog doesn’t concern me at all.

I have a good idea who spilled the beans from the restricted thread. Some of them were banned and won’t be back. This was the wrong board for them in the first place. The same with the tramps. They have all been backstabbers on this board and had frequented that blog to have members join their board. That is very sad because I really enjoyed all of them as I am sure everyone else did.

I would be more than happy to let everyone on this board but some members are just a little over the top and spoil it for everyone. Melinda Green’s T*P IL and now her other blog are no different in how they treat people. We have screenshots too of her slanderous ways. Lots of screenshots. Even screenshots from The Heather’s Board. I thank my members for sending me the information. It will be up to the people they discuss to take action on them. Melinda Green is a writer which means she knows how to manipulate and twist words around. I suggest she put her education and writing skills to better use.

And for the record, we never sent anything to OK magazine regarding Kimberly Johnston. She did that. And as for Lana Jade, one of her friends sent me the photos. The same thing with that Shannon photo they posted. I never saw that photo on my website.

Looks like someone else is stalking Shannon. That is what they do from what I hear. They try to make friends with these women and that is how they get the scoop.

One more thing, after June 28th and after David’s tour, if the guy doesn’t do anything newsworthy, I will be taking the board down. I am also getting tired of members coming on here for the wrong reasons. If you don’t want to discuss David Cook and participate in a forum then you don’t belong on here.

This board’s intent was never to criticize or tear someone apart that is associated with David, it was to discuss and give our opinions

and you’re ranting I don’t have your IP number? How does resolving to Yardley Pennsylvania grab your ass?

Here’s where another sockpuppet named Dweeb kissed her ass.

Thank you Holly.

Maybe someone should just create a blog on Melinda Green and expose all her dirty business. That girl needs to get a life instead of googling and stalking innocent non public people and trying to destroy them. Too bad if she doesn’t like someone’s opinions. We are all entitled to have our own whether she likes it or not. What is she the savior of the internet?

A blog about Melinda Green? Please do that because I’m so sure that would be amusing. Again, I am not Melinda. I’m not the savior of the internet. I consider myself the person that comes after Miss Internet Manners and punishes the ones that make the rest of us clutch our pearls over the stupid, petty, dangerous liars like Miss Sockpuppets.

Tomorrow or the next day (depending on internet access and if I go off to Key West for a couple of days), Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets checkered ‘career’ and new enterprises.

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3 Comments on “Chapter 13 (D’oh!): The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicles”

  1. burt Says:

    Wow! My head hurts from reading all these posts – keep it coming! Now is the ideal time to expose the crazy as it’s a risk time for it all kicking off again.

    I have to comment on this: “One more thing, after June 28th and after David’s tour, if the guy doesn’t do anything newsworthy, I will be taking the board down.” First of all, so vague! Secondly, so the release of new music and a tour isn’t “newsworthy” enough? There has to be gossip to discuss, presumably, to make it enjoyable. You know what? David Cook will never be that person, he’s far too private and guarded (rightfully so). And that is why you’ve spent years making shit up yourselves!

    So, who are the potential new targets?

    • Sandy Says:

      She has threatened to take down the board before whenever she has felt attacked claiming he is getting boring. I wish she would but she’s probably just trying to get the remaining members to tell her how great her board is and beg her to stay.

      Following his career, and posting about his concerts and appearances is just not enough for her. She is determined to pry into his private life and if she can’t she’ll just make shit up. She’ll probably just keep the restricted threads hidden for a while and when she thinks things have settled down she’ll reopen them and it will be business as usual again.

  2. Sandy Says:

    I also have Holly/MaryAnn’s IP address, one for home and one for work. That nygirl3372 email address she used to contact Melinda and post on her site also used to be the reply to address for emails from DCU. One of my friends emailed her and she sent several replies claiming she knew nothing about DCU and someone else must be using her email and she threatened to sue my friend for harrassment. One of the emails was from the IP address you posted and the other was from an IP address for a pharmaceutical company in Pennsylvania, the same company MaryAnn worked for. Right after that she changed the address for DCU emails.

    So, Holly, if you weren’t really MaryAnn(yeah right), wouldn’t that just make you look all the worse to be hijacking someone else’s email account to use for DCU? And how would you even get her email address to use if you didn’t even know her like you claimed? And if MaryAnn has nothing to do with DCU then why was she using her nygirl3372 id on yahoo to advertise DCU? Why don’t you just stop it with all the lies?

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