Chapter 14: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicles

Very brief today. Did you know that Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets has a new business? She’s CEO and the staff at the same time. Good on her. – Would you trust your parrot or puppy with her?

Look at all these glowing testimonials and tell me how many you think may have been written by Sockpuppets?

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16 Comments on “Chapter 14: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets Chronicles”

  1. Sandy Says:

    Some of her “clients” are her sister’s dogs, Duke and Berny. She had sockpuppets Duke and Bernyj named after them. The “testimonial” from JD is probably her sister. Some of the other “clients” are her own dogs. She had a dog name Toby that is in one of the pictures.

  2. Rubber Ducky Says:

    😆 so what now; she stalks pets?

    I take it live as a secretary wasn’t panning out for her, so her boss FIRED her insane ass.

  3. nerdgirl Says:

    Hmm, David Cook has a dog. Maybe she will watch it.

  4. KP Says:

    Haha! Yup Duke and Berny are Mary Anns sister Jo Anns dogs, hence the “J” after BernyJ which stands for Jo Ann. Oh and JD is Jo Ann’s husband! Do these crazies think they’re fooling anyone?
    I wouldn’t even trust these people with a stuffed animal dog.

    Oh and since DCU is reading here, let me put my comment in DCU terms… Jo Ann is “Savannah”. Jo Ann is/was also BernyJ, ModJO, AdExecutive, and many others.

  5. Karen D Says:

    I’m terribly amused that many of her “client” photos are actually her own/sister’s dogs photographed with her. LOL

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Apparently Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets has reported me for being a big old meanie. I’ve been disabled from posting and I waiting to hear what the ‘concern over content’ is. Dollars to doughnuts it is because of the screencap of her pet site. That’s okay, I lifted it off a few super seecrud boards that have the caps and informatzione. It’s out there in cyberspace so even if I remove it it’s out there.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        She herself always says that if it’s on the internetz it’s public information. When she’s slaughtering any woman associated with Cook that’s always her defense. She also used that defense when she posted the information about Cook’s house with address and maps included. Oh! and when she posted (or allowed it to be posted) the information about his parents divorce found in some public records. How about his grandfather’s obituary? Yes, that too. NOTHING is sacred to her.

        What’s the matter MaryAnn? You don’t like it when someone does it to you???

      • Sandy Says:

        She doesn’t understand the concept of “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” She thinks its OK for her to post anything and everthing about others but God forbid anyone post anything about her.

        She used to use a fake Facebook account under the name MaryAnn Beauliu(or Beauliu MaryAnn, she had it both ways) to try to get information about David Cook. She was friends with Lana Jade and at least one other of David’s friends from his personal Facebook until they were warned about her. She denied that was her in one of the comments to Melinda’s posts because it was a different last name but just recently the name on that facebook was changed to MaryAnn Ellis. Still want to say that wasn’t you Holly/MaryAnn?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        She complained to WordPress that I am using her picture. They removed it. She’s so hypocritical and totally chicken shit.

      • burt Says:

        I can’t even begin to understand her thought process. What a fucking coward.

        You can’t show her picture or mention her work but it’s OK for her to outright lie about other people or share information that puts people at risk? Yep, makes perfect sense.

        If she’s trying to start a war, I’m willing to bet she won’t win. Doesn’t even stand a chance. What a hypocrite!

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Doesn’t MaryAnn Ellis of Yardley, PA, like free advertising for her new business? Aren’t we operating under Fair Use in our discussion of her services? No doubt many of us are pet owners, doing research on pet services available.

      • Sandy Says:

        She was probably bitching and complaining nonstop to WordPress and threatening lawsuits. She really is such a coward.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Tell WordPress you’d like to hear from her lawyer. Bet she can’t afford one. They are repressing your right to free speech!

  6. Ali Says:

    It sucks she complains when her real picture is all over the internet. I heard from fans online in the past that David’s security shows her real life picture to all the local security at the venues he performs. I’m sure they have all the details about this psycho bitch and she will be the first one questioned by police if anything crazy were to happen to David for sure!

    I’m surprised she hasn’t been served a cease and desist by some of the idols/fans she stalks…or maybe she has?

  7. nonna-muss Says:

    What a fucking piece of cowardly trash she is. There are no words for her. How does it feel Maryann Ellis of Yardley, PA. Why don’t you just take your shit message board and go away? Add up all the things you’ve done to Cook, his family and friends, your members and anyone else who has ever come in contact with him and your crap board and what FDC has said about you is only one fifth of a percent of what you’ve done.

    Everyone knows alllllll about you Maryann Ellis of Yardley, PA. Isn’t it obvious that no one is posting on that shitty board of yours. With no sockpuppets the truth is glaringly obvious. NO ONE TRUSTS YOU AND YOUR BOARD IS THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE COOK FANDOM!!! Just give it up and bow out now because everyone knows about you. Everyone.

  8. I am a MaryAnn Ellis stalking victim Says:

    She’s done this before, she will lie to ISPs and others just to get her way. She is a conniving, manipulative, stalking psychopath!

    I hope more people speak up about her continual harrassment! She needs to go to jail!!!

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