What Other Fantards Do You Know?

I’m not going to talk about David Cook’s failed single, intra-fan wars over the single, Kerry Kolsch goes Green Acres or some of the restless silly in any of the other fandoms. I’m not even going to pick on Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets today as I sense she’s busy trying to get that room mate for her townhouse advertised in the papers and changing the name of ‘David Cook Uncensored’ to the ‘David Cook News Board’.

Just a caution: If you answer an ad to rent a room in Yardley, Pennsylvania please make sure you Google your potential landlord’s name.

Instead I’d like to ask you what other crazy fandoms you laugh over and follow. Please share in the comments.

Are there any over-involved fandoms or folks out there that make you laugh besides the crazy American Idol ones? I know there are tons of crazier than the most horny Claymate fantards out there of many different things, everything from beauty pageants to plastic model horses besides the garden variety sort following actors/musicians/politicians. Share what crazy fan groups that bear examination, laughing and pointing.

I had my very own fantard spotting this morning – I had a tard-spotting today at Target but I didn’t know it until the silly gal was driving away.

I was minding my own business, standing in line to buy some random junk for the house when the whole damn register belt ‘Tha-WHUMP!’ Looked up and saw a 30sih-40ish woman with an ass the size of Cincinatti but with a regular fatty above the waist. Weird looking, like someone sawed a very fat chick in two and a regular fat gal in two and then reconnected the wrong bits. Oh she was rocking the sartorial splendor of a hot summer day in the Virginia Piedmont. She wore a the squished and dusty pair of black Crocs with faded to mid-gray old black stretch pants with a t-shirt resplendent with a photo of the two leads of the “Twilight” series with the motto “Twilight” above it.

Okay, so it’s not a crime to not know how to dress appropriately for age, body type and social situation. I ain’t no (to steal L Anne Carrington’s phrase) ‘stuck up skeleton whore’ ‘SWANKY’ (yeah, I’m fat) but what she wore didn’t do her any favors. But I didn’t think anything much of it, maybe it was the first thing she could find. No idea about trip to tardtown yet.

This big old redhead keep yapping at first about how ‘sorry’ she was that the store Hoverround cart she was riding rammed the checkout stand. She was told, no problem. And then it got weird.

Miss Hoverround started to speak, very sotto voice, muttering to herself like the crazed shopping cart lady in the park that tries to preach to the squirrels. She started softly enough before she proceeded to mutter just loud enough for us to hear about how some people didn’t realize they were taking up space in the handicapped line without being handicapped. WTF? It was the only line open and I had 3 items. She complained about the smallness of the aisles for the handicapped, how Target had no respect for the handicapped, blah, blah, blah and other bizarre mutterings. The cashier and I just kept staring at each other and rolling our eyes over Lil Miss Fatty Handicapped.

Let me state here I have no problem with fat people in general but I do when they need to walk and clearly refuse to do so because the store offers a Hoverround cart for the aged or infirm. At that point I had no idea if she was or wasn’t handicapped.

I get my shit and get, go over to the Starbucks inside our Target to get a Venti Latte, it’s hotter than hammered hell here. I get my iced coffee just in time to see Miss Handicapped get off the store rascal and oh so slowly waddle out the front door with her two bags of junk food. (Did I mention she had ice cream, ho-hos and fritos along with other high fat low nutrition things? Yes, I’m being super stupid judgemental..) We were going out to the parking lot at the same time, in the time it took her to walk out to her vehicle (near mine at least 30 spaces from the front door) I had my stuff in the car, the cart put up and I was sitting in my car, curious why she wasn’t parked in the Handicapped parking section right next to the store. She finally got in her mini van and pulled out just in time for me to read about twenty Harry Potter and Twilight bumper stickers on the back of the car, including a couple for fan fiction websites blaring proudly the links.

Oh how I wished I’d have been able to reach my cell phone camera I would have photographed this nutty Twitarder/Pottertard in all her glory. Suddenly I understand the five foot wide ass and lack of social skills. I wish I knew her username on Fan Fiction dot net and the other sites because I have a sneaking suspicion she probably writes scads of Harry Potter getting boffed by Edward the vampire porn. It would be laugh and point worthy.

So, what other crazy fantardships do you know of out there. Let me know in the comments.

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7 Comments on “What Other Fantards Do You Know?”

  1. on the edge Says:

    Glee…now, I’m a fan of the show, I buy SOME of the music (only if they do a cool rearrangement of the original; if it’s a straight cover I’ll stick with the original, thanks), but that’s as far as it goes. The fandom, especially the shippers? Bat. Shit. CRAZY. Don’t get in the middle of a Klaine/Kurtofsky argument…you’ll come out bloody. Check out http://www.gleeforum.com and see what I mean.

    Oh, and some Gleetard at the Glee Tour just about pulled Darren Criss off the stage and into the pit! So yeah, there’s crazy LIVE fans too.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      OTE, yes!!! I was trying to think of what it was since FDC posted this. Since we all know about Idol and FDC already mentioned the Twilight and Potter tards I knew there was something else. The Gleeks.

      Also, don’t forget the Grobanites and the Beliebers (yes, there ARE grown women who tard for him).

      FDC I thought of you today. I saw a woman exactly like you described driving her Hoveround right down the street. Not on the sidewalk mind you, on the very busy street. I pulled over and parked, frantically rifling through my purse for my cell. Let me tell you, that thing was cruising, she was out of camera shot in a New York minute. I was so angry, I wanted the picture so bad!!

  2. michele Says:

    The Supernatural fandom. They not only have fan fic out the ass, they write “Wincest”. As in incest sex stories between the two male leads. It’s disgusting.

  3. Ali Says:

    That fat, crazy, basement dwelling, cat lady, DC stalker, Kimberly Powell @kimberleymp is a member of both the Supernatural and Harry Potter fandoms lol! Enough said?

  4. Jen Says:

    You know what? You people disgust me with your abhorrent remarks. The victims you blindly aim your insults at aren’t doing anything to YOU personally-you just don’t approve of their lifestyles. When did living your own life the way you choose to become a crime? I’ve known folks like you all my life; you get your daily jollies from making scathing remarks about others, who you think you are SO much better than. Truth is, it’s often a diversion to avoid looking inside yourselves and realizing that what’s there is much uglier than what you’re pointing and laughing at. To sum it up in a word, I believe it’s called “bullying”, and there’s a big movement forming against in today’s society and media. I know if I caught some kid speaking the things you all are saying to one of MY kids, I’d be cleaning their clock. Take it however you want, but someday, you’re going to insult the wrong person who will decide they’ve had enough of your antagonistic bullshit. How about getting lives of your own, instead of being on here trying to lessen the meaning of someone elses?

  5. Ali Says:

    LMAO at Jen…it seems the tards really do head over here to read about themselves. Bullying is actually attacking someone for no reason, just because. This site is to shed light on those delusional, obviously worthless souls, who are “stalking” David Cook, yes…stalking is a crime, not making fun of the foolish fans who harass David Cook and also bully and harass anyone who calls out there ridiculous and annoying behavior. You idiots don’t want to be called out, then don’t post your stupid crap all over the internet! And get a life and hobby…and a job, maybe move out of your parents basement before you hit your 40’s…and stop collecting cats haha!

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