David “UnBaldy” Cook’s Sophomoronic Debut Week

I guess I shouldn’t be calling Unbaldy’s new CD release ‘sophomoronic’ considering all I’ve heard is that first single. I hope for the sake of his musical career that it reinvents music, blows away the critics, earns him newer less crazy fans. But the way the fickle finger of fate seems to work it’s probably going to blow goats it will be so mediocre.

However Wehoscott is busy shouting everywhere that it’s going to be like the second coming gang banged sparkle unicorns rolled in ice cream, sprinkles and chocolate syrup. He claims the earth will move, uh, honey, if the earth moves while you’re listening to “This Loud Morning” you should probably check to make sure you didn’t fall out of your chair.

No Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets updates as she’s been super quiet, like a spider in hiding planning out her next move. I know where I hope it is to. I wonder if she’s going to participate in the tard madness that is Cook’s release week next week. Pennsylvania is a mere hop, skip and proverbial jump from NYC and the New Jersey Six Flags he’ll be appearing at later in the week.

Me? You could not PAY me to go anywhere near a Six Flags. They smell like ass and are crammed with the type of folks I try to avoid without adding the sweating like a mule madchens and fraus of his crazy fan base. The smell will be horrendous! Something like high noon in the slums & favelas of Rio.

The most fun part of watching the David Cook insane fan base squeal over this is the contretemps over the private show he’s giving at NYC’s Paramount Hotel in Times Square. If you’re a hotel guest you get to attend this show along with VIPs and contest winners. This is happening mid morning the day of the CD release so tards are scrambling to book rooms. But many of them are complaining that even as the hotel advertises its rates of starting at 200 bucks a night for this event the cheapest is from 375 upward. I don’t blame them, have to make hay while the sun is shining, I’d raise the prices too just to milk some of that frau lust. Capitalism is a bitch sometimes. Normal rates are $200. If you ring up hysterically demanding to be on the speshul bolt on floor, they slam you with ‘Jesus fucking christ not another horny old bag” fees

I am curious as to how the hard core wack pack is going to jostle from one event to the next quickly if they cannot stand in line for all of the events. Shortly after the Paramount show Unbaldy is due at the Best Buy in Union Square. To attend this event you have to be one of the first 200 to buy his CD when it goes on sale at 12:01 am on Tuesday morning. You’ll get the chance to have him sign your CD and attend a show. Tards are already talking about lining up on Monday morning to be first in line.

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77 Comments on “David “UnBaldy” Cook’s Sophomoronic Debut Week”

  1. Ali Says:

    Lol I commented on Scott’s ramblings and ass kissing of the sophmoronic cd on the last sockpuppet post. He is so retarded there are no words! I feel sorry for poor David. Scott even mentions in a tweet how David said he “never smelled me” referring to how the rumor started of him smelling DC during his various stalking adventures. Just the fact that this is rumored (or true) shows the disgusting nature of this fanbase. And I guess Scott conveniently disregards the fact that Andrew Cook publicly dissed his crazy ass on twitter lol.

    I understand he needs to be commercial and sell cd’s but being mediocre as a rock act isn’t going to do it. If he goes all pop then he needs a gimmick…like maybe wear a meat suit like Lady Gaga lol. Don’t care for the cd. Same ole same ole.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Its the perfect word to describe his ramblings about Cook….so I uh, er.. borrowed it

    • nonna-muss Says:

      “And I guess Scott conveniently disregards the fact that Andrew Cook publicly dissed his crazy ass on twitter lol.”

      Do tell. I never heard about that. Let me get some popcorn first!

  2. Ali Says:

    Nonna I think FDC posted about how Andrew was alerted by a troll on twitter about this site. Specifically when Scott had dissed Andrew as unemployed, living off his brother and he was rude to his bro’s fans, at some event in L.A. lmao! As if Andrew was required to cater to the tards just by association. I love Andrew for saying what David can’t. After reading about Scott’s tweet (which he promptly deleted) on here, Andrew tweeted something about “sorry to disappoint the middle aged man who I ignored, being that I’m just an umemployed nobody”
    …actually I shouldn’t quote that, cause I don’t remember the exact words, but that was the gist of it. FDC may remember the post from a few months back?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Thanks Ali, I do vaguely remember that now. There’s so much tard shit it’s hard to keep it all straight!!

  3. Ali Says:

    ps not being computer literate…how do I post pics on the comments here, from my computer or other online sources…some really good (scary) tard pics are on twitter with the cd release frenzy going on right now lmao!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Comments does not give me the option of allowing anyone to post pics. If you want to email them to me at ithrowhissyfits@gmail.com I’ll be happy to post them here.

      I vaguely remember the Andrew Cook/Wehoscott slap fight. Wehoscott said that Andrew was unemployed and living off his famous brother so he had no right to diss any of the fans IIRC. My short term memory is horrible.

  4. Thorazine Says:

    Saw this on VFTW…

    HILARIOUS review of Cook’s unspeakably bad new CD by Rickey and 2 other dudes. One of the guys is Jeffrey Christ, from MTV. They delve into a Broadway aspect of this CD that is piss your pants funny, and dead on balls accurate. Cook has gone from faux rocker to schlockly Broadway guy in serving up this pretentious, overdone, ultimately unlistenable with a straight face CD. These songs are tailor made for AC radio, the land of Josh Grobin and Michael Buble, as HAC radio is not welcoming him with open arms, and Rock/AAA radio will laugh him out of the business after hearing this dreck.

    CD review starts around the 20:00 minute mark…


    WeeHole Scott, like a lot of Cook’s arrogant, obnoxious and utterly delusional fans, are having to eat honey bunches o’ crow as indicators point to a flop of massive proportions for Cook this era. WeeHole Scott and the DCO crowd have been sooo OTT in their condescension and arrogance toward anyone not named David Cook that I personally am enjoying watching them spin and lie and hem and haw and flog themselves silly in places like yes.com trying to save face. After listening to this godawful CD on AOL… What the hell is in the kool aid they dranking? Cook’s sellout, as I warned about in earlier posts, is on display for all to see in this CD. Rickey and Co hit the nail on the head in their review – there is a whole lotta schlock and Broadway in Cook’s music – Fade into Me, Take Me As I Am, the overuse of violins (that’s rock and roll there, lol), a fucking theramin and children’s choir? Really? And yet, these tards are throwing around words like ‘masterpiece’, ‘epic’, grammy worthy’… it’s epic all right… an epic H.ot A.ss M.ess of a CD, and one that kills any notion of Cook being any kind of a real rock guy – he’s more Constantine Maroulis wrapped in a faux alt/grunge package that fooled a hell of a lot of folks, but the jig is up. Give my regards to Broadway Cook, that’s where you and this music belongs. PS – The beard and styling is making him look 40 years old. Perfect for the frauen and the Broadway crowd, not so much for the rock/pop world RCA has tried fitting him in.

  5. Piiia Says:

    I don’t give rat’s ass if music is rock, pop or whaterver, I just like to listen to good music regardless of genre. I have to say I quit like David Cook’s new album, like I liked his last album before this too. I think he makes good music that at least I like to listen. I don’t care what Rickey and Co think about Cook’s music. To me they are three middle ages men who have as much right to not like David Cooks’s music as I have the right to like it. They have no power to change my mind as I have no power to change their mind.

    But Thorazine I have to say that you as you seem to loath David Cooks music, perhaps even the man himself, wouldn’t you be more happy if you stopped listening to his music and stopped following what he is doing? That’s what I tend to do if I don’t like something. Life is too short to waste it to listening to something you don’t like and there is so much music out there that it can’t be too difficult to find something you really like.

  6. Ali Says:

    Piia the point being made here, is not if you and the OTT fans of David Cook will buy his cd and attend concerts. The point is if he will gain other fans who will buy his music and attend shows. If he doesn’t his career is over, at least as a pop star. This cd is getting bad reviews all over, not just Ricky and co. I am a fan of his music before American Idol, and many alt/indy and even mainstream rockers. I have never enjoyed the music he has put out since AI.

    He went with adult contemporary, pop but he doesn’t seem to do anything at all in that genre to stand out from the crowd…the ones who are already being played on AC radio.

  7. Piiia Says:

    Wow, I say I like David Cooks music and I’m an OTT fan. Okay. FYI I have been listening to his music for 3 months. I live in other side of the world and was never intrested in American Idol. This spring we had our own Idol here, which I watched sometimes. One contestant sang Chris Cornell’s version of Billy Jean, badly. Someone mentioned somewhere that David Cook did it right. I went to youtube and was gobsmacked. Watched some more videos, ordered his first CD after AI, listened to it, liked it and preordered his new CD. Thats how OTT I am.

  8. Ali Says:

    Yeah right Piia…and as a new international fan you just happened to find this little site that ridicules his crazy fans lmao? Ok, whatever you say.

    • burt Says:

      Wow, so judgmental. I like his music, I found this place and post here. Does that make me OTT too?

      • Ali Says:

        Maybe Burt…there seems to be so many trolls around here lately lol…you never know.

      • burt Says:

        Well that is true! I’m definitely neither OTT or a troll, and I don’t know Piiiia but I wouldn’t say she seems like a troll. I think she’s just offering her opinion as a fan. Which I’m about to do too… forgive me! πŸ™‚

    • Piiia Says:

      You don’d seem to believe me. Well, there is nothing I can do to change that. I happened to find this place while googling information about David Cook. Perhaps that shows you that no place in small enough in internet for google!

  9. burt Says:

    (Sorry for my ramble! A lot to fit in!)

    Opinions on music are so interesting. I like the new album, it is a step closer (backwards?) to his pre-Idol music, in that it’s “heavier” (for want of a better word) and less pop. The genre it fits into doesn’t just relate to instruments used on it, plenty of “rock” music features a variety of sounds. There’s nothing wrong trying something different or “bigger” and I’m sure he and his team know what they’re aiming for. Correct me if I’m wrong, but none of the people he worked with are known for their work on Broadway.

    The album is not necessarily what I was expecting and in places sounds pretty depressing (actually even the happier tracks seem to have a sad element) – maybe I’m listening to the lyrics too closely. I’m a fan but that doesn’t mean I can’t be subjective and there are definitely elements I like more than others but I don’t think he’s made a massive leap out of his “sound”.

    There will always be bad reviews but he’s had good ones too. Isn’t Rickey’s known for hating him? What will be will be – I hope it does well so he can carry on recording (that’s all I want, I don’t need anyone I like to win awards, do massive tours, have songs for the Olympics but to just record, tour and survive comfortably). If it doesn’t do well, it won’t be the end for him. RCA are well aware of the current difficult market – I hear even Beyonce is struggling and she has a much better chance regardless of how crap the music may be. I often wonder if everyone will be happier if he gets dropped and goes independent – if that happens, I’m certain he’ll continue. But what if he then releases the same kind of music? Will everyone finally accept that he may have just moved on with his sound regardless of what hole it may or may not fit?

    Whether he will find new fans is difficult to say, the music is maturer and more complex so that will help. I also think it will depend on how the music gets performed live. We have no idea what plans they are for promotion, touring or if they want strong numbers out of the gate or a slow and steady rise. If I know anything is true of David Cook it’s that he’s knows music, is smart and driven so he won’t just give up.

    The Twitter response from the diehards has been making me laugh. They’re are so very committed to him and getting his music out there. I also see they’ve been trying to tell RCA about singles, songs to perform on certain shows and stuff again. My bet is that they don’t listen.

    And I have to agree with Piiia, I don’t understand why Thorazine is wasting so much time on someone they (she?) clearly doesn’t like. This is the thing – people that don’t like him will be negative, those that do like him will be average or positive. It’s just how it works and maybe in the end, it’s just a battle of who gets their side across best.

    • It's Me Says:

      Could you get your tongue any further up his ass? πŸ˜† He’s not going to fuck you either. And soon enough you’ll realise that, and that you wasted a whole lot of energy on a loser with nothing new to give the world.

      • Piiia Says:

        Could you be any more rude? I don’t know about Burt, but I really don’t expect that anyone whos music I happen to like is going to fuck me. I don’t think that I’m wasting any energy by listening to David Cooks music. On the contrary, it gives me energy. He has something to give to me through his music. You of course don’t have to like his music, you can even hate his music, but that doesn’t give you the right to insult people who do like his music and have done nothing to you. Unless you think that they don’t have the right to their opinion – which seems to be the case.

      • burt Says:

        (I know, I know, the length of the post. Stop insulting me needlessly and I’ll stop feeling the need to defend myself in detail. Deal?)

        Oh, that insult again? Whatever. If I made the same comments about a female (which I could easily do) would you accuse me of saying it because I wanted to fuck her? Doubtful. Maybe you think with your sexual organs but I don’t when it comes to music because you know what, I can’t actually see the person when I listen. How do you even know I find him attractive? Sure, I’ve said in the past that I think he’s a good person but FYI the thing I like most is his voice and I’m pretty certain he doesn’t sing when fucking (and if he does, that’s just weird). Like Piiia I wouldn’t expect to sleep with anyone just because I like or buy their music. The fact that you suggest it says a lot.

        If you actually read my comments, I’m not gushing about him or the music. It’s mostly trying to put things into context which is usually my reason for posting here. Things get very one sided sometimes and I want to put a balanced view across e.g. his numbers might be low but it’s in bad financial climate and at a time when the charts are dominated by other styles of music which the label are well aware of. They also would not waste money just to sabotage it for the sake of someone who nobody in their right mind would compare to him. And no, that’s not gushing – I’m going on styles, songwriting and musical ability.

        Certain people were never going to like the album. That’s fine. Certain people were going to like it no matter what. That’s fine too. Other people were going to be objective (hello, that’s me). But what’s happening here is people that anyone who like him/the music are being outright insulted by the people that don’t, and never will, when they actually have nothing new to say. It’s getting pretty silly and actually, I’m writing about something I like whereas you’re wasting time being negative about something you don’t – so who looks more stupid there? The negative reactions are so extreme it makes me wonder if some people have actually tried to fuck him and were spurned. See, you’ll now argue that of course not, you just don’t like him/the music. And we’ve come full circle…

        Thanks for the story Shenanigan – I hadn’t heard it. Someone said it was a misunderstanding and Rickey was over it. Doesn’t really seem like it, does it? And he’s a fan of Archie? The kid that was dropped by his label. He can’t have been doing too well either then. (I don’t know much about him and he seems like a good kid but is that a bitter fan talking?)

        FDC – I don’t think you’ll suddenly become a fan to be honest. I see it as progression and while it is different (in that it’s a deeper sound) it’s still him. You’re right though, we should be focusing on the totally dedicated fans. If only I were close to NJ or NYC in the next few days. It’s been a long time coming and I have a feeling it’s going to get interesting!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Yes burt, the madness in NYC will be epic. Fortunately I know a non-tard who won tickets/wristbands to all events. She’s going to report back on it. I’d consider jumping on the Chinatown Express to go point and laugh but it happens to fall on the same day as my silver wedding anniversary so I better refrain from tarding over the tards and behave.

        Piiia, I don’t know why you are so vehemently defending him, his music and his fans. Sounds like you’re one of the hard core frauen pack that stalks him. That’s not a label you should be proud of.

      • burt Says:

        FDC – I don’t get an especially tard feeling from Piiia’s posts but I’m no expert and I haven’t read all her comments so maybe I missed something. If true that she’s an international fan it’s unlikely she’s stalking him. No matter what label you want to give her, she’s more polite than some on here.

        I look forward to hearing the stories – hopefully your contact will deliver. It seemed like some of them were there very early for today’s show. We should take bets on the most times we see photos of him with the same person. πŸ™‚ I wonder how tight his security will be?

    • Wilcoisawesome Says:

      Burt you took the words right out of my mouth. Music is subjective. Some people will like it and some won’t. For me, the fact that he decided to make an album with themes that hit close to home for him(and it’s obvious it does) is respectable. Dudes putting himself out there like every other songwriter does and not being shy about it. I liked about half of the album. Some “forgettable” tracks, but pretty solid nonetheless.

  10. Piiia Says:

    Wow, now I’m not only an OTT fan but a troll too! Well, there is first time for everything, I suppose. I think I’ll go and listen to This Quiet Night stream before going to bed. Life is good!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Piiia, a little birdie says that you have flown to NYC from Finland to take part in the madness. Is that true?

      • Piiia Says:

        Oh dear, if I had money to flew anywhere, I would not use it to flew to New York to stand in a line for hours (New York as such would of course be a very intresting place to travel to). I like David Cooks music, I am not obsessed with it. If I would have had even a little extra money I would have spent it on a Foo Fighters concert here this weekend. Unfortunately I don’t have money to travel anywhere although I’m in a summer vacation (which explains why I have had time and energy to participate in this discussion in the first place). No, I’m wating for my CD, which should arrive by post any day now, here at home. Sun is shining and life is good.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Good to hear. I figured out who it was anyway. Apparently Cook has a lot of fans in your neck of the woods and some did fly to NYC.

  11. Shenanigan Says:

    Ok, this site loves gossip, so here is a little gossip for you that might explain Rickey’s “review”. One point, he actually said he liked it, just “for the wrong reasons”, whatever that means. He and the other two critics with him are massive fans of David Archuleta, which explains a lot. Diehard Archies still fighting the old wars, and this is also hilarious because David Archuleta, although adorable, is way more Josh Grogan than Cook.

    But the gossip is that at one time Rickey was a huge David stalker.
    Back in the American Idol tour days he was following David around and sending his minions out to try to approach him and have him speak into Rickey’s cellcast. Security started keeping him away and David quit responding to him and his group who kept trying to get him to say some catch phrase.

    So, Rickey attends a David meet and greet and is spotted and ejected by security. There was a scene and a video and it was all very embarrassing. So perhaps hell hath no fury like a stalker scorned?

    Also, it cracks me up that everyone can’t figure out exactly what this new album is. If they don’t like it, they call it post-grunge, Broadway, 80’s, etc. If they like it they call it music. I think sincerity and real emotions about real tragedies make some people veeerrryy uncomfortable, especially shock-jock wannabees who are ever so too cool for school. But then I love it, and not just cause it is Cook, just love it ’cause it hits something for me. The guy has the uncanny ability to convey emotion and if you’ve been through a lot lately, this record can coincide with those events and give your feelings voice.

    It is very fashionable in prozac nation to keep everything on the surface, “just not that deep” with the auto-tuned “oooh baby, let’s dance” music over and over with costumes. The album is not that. But after the success of Adele’s new album, I think there may be a place for music that is complex, has many different meanings and layers, and talks about something more than adolescent desire. Just sayin’.

    Oh, and no matter what they wanted to be true, Jim Cantiello gave it a rave review.

    • Ali Says:

      Actually Jim left a lot unsaid lol. And lets wait to see the real reviews next week. I’m sure you won’t be back here to eat your words if it flops. I like the guy just don’t dig the music…I really wanted to. So stop trying to convince others they should like it because you do. Enjoy, and I hope he continues making the kind of music he enjoys and makes a living at it..I can and will move on to the tons of musicians trying to eek out a living these days.

      But it sure is lots of fun laughing at his retarded fanbase haha. So thanks FDC πŸ™‚

    • Ali Says:

      ps any of the OTT fans who where stalking the idol tour knows about the Ricky thing with David. Even David said it was a huge misunderstanding. That was years ago, he also had a run in with the black chick on the tour, forget her name. Noone knew much about Ricky and security just thought he was a crasher. It was funny at the time. But that was when I watched idol, and gave a shit lol. Don’t know who Ricky favors now and don’t care. I don’t get your point at all. Wait for the real reviews…and if you enjoy the ck then great. So where is the fan gossip you promised lol?

      • Ali Says:


      • freedavidcook Says:

        let’s stop all the fighting and save that energy for the truly bat-sh*t crazies who will proclaim it contains secret messages from Cook to them of purest love and other nonsense.

        I personally haven’t heard it so I reserve judgement until I do. Never been a fan of what he’s released so far post Idol because it sounds a dime a dozen, very Nickelback like so if this is a complex departure that would be good. Right now the only Idol who’s CD I bought and actually listen to on a regular basis is Pigpen Bowersox. I adore her bluesy style and the fact that she wrote most of the songs on the CD. If This Loud Morning is Cook being original and musically honest that would be good.

        But no matter how awesome or horrendous it might be nothing is going to make the die-hard putting trackers under the bus tattooing his lyrics on their asses shrieking scheming stalking fantards be able to review it objectively. I just wonder what excuses will be cast if this tanks, like it well might irregardless of how well crafted it is. Tard meltdown will be fun to watch. Focus on that, not who posting here is or isn’t a tard.

    • Thorazine Says:

      U pressed πŸ™‚ It’s soooo 2008 to want to pin every opinion/comment about Cook that doesn’t tongue bathe him in any way on old fan wars… tsk, tsk, lololol… Newsflash…. not everyone thinks his music is all that, not everyone thinks his singing or songwriting is all that – and there are those who think this latest musical offering belongs squarely in the AC playground of Grobin more than on HAC or Rock. The proof is in the pudding, as his lead single HAS been charting better on AC than HAC, and neither Rock/AAA has touched it, and Top 40 is out of the question, lol. The standard Cook fan fallback to criticism, any criticism of him is soooo predictable, and 2008… His tards are open for mockery – does that make him or his music immune or off limits? When this CD bombs, and it will, who/what is going to be the scapegoat then?… nebulous fan war machinations, everything under the sun except mayyybe the obvious – the music just sucked, and made no connection to anyone outside his Idol created fanbase. It wouldn’t be hard to believe after watching the utter failure of the Idol Boot song, 2 underwhelming and embarrassing performances on Idol that did nothing for either song, the poor to date sales performance and airplay on HAC of his lead single, the inability of the video to help drive sales of the single out of the Itunes dungeon, the lackluster response to the CD in preorders both on DCO and Itunes, and the lack of buzz or excitement outside his base and Idolworld for this CD… the polite silence and ignoring of this elephant in the room in Cook land regarding this is deafening – as well as being hilarious and utterly mockable – along with the more visibly mockable behavior we like to indulge in here… πŸ™‚

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Just out of curiosity, how do you know what the pre-sales figures on DCO are Thorazine? I’m asking because I’m genuinely curious. The sales figures haven’t been released yet to my knowledge.

        I also enjoy watching this unfold. The tardiest of tards think it will be number one because they like it. Those who don’t like it think it will bomb. Right now it’s all a matter of opinion without actual figures. I’m chuckling at all the predictions based on ones personal tastes. πŸ˜€

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        Well, there’s a lot of theory and actual reasons why his song hasn’t been touched by AAA/Rock – because it hasn’t been submitted nor pitched to that format because the label knows it’s not going to fit.
        As someone that actually works in the music industry, I can tell you it’s difficult for anyone who is not a current top 40 artist or that has past extensive Top 40 experience (Katy Perry, Mariah, Kanye, Steven Tyler, etc) to make an appearance on ANY chart (regardless of major label or not), much less the Top 40 chart. So, I have to give accolades to Cook for sustaining and moving UP the chart as opposed to down, in the month and a half or so that the single has actually been pitched to radio.

        It’s sad that haters/critics/fans who aren’t really educated about music and the industry base an artists worth and sustainability solely on where they are on a chart – album or single wise. If you only KNEW how many bands make a GREAT living off of their music without being at Foo Fighters status. There are literally HUNDREDS, if not thousands of songs that labels (major, mid and independent alike) are trying to get a radio station to play and radio station PDs and DJs have to not only listen to their listeners to retain that audience, but listen to their gut and experience to determine what will work. In today’s radio market, even though radio is still the way a lot of people hear about new music, there are still MANY DJs who will not play something new (no matter how Top 40 friendly you think a song may be). The worst thing a listener can do is change the station at any given moment.

        I know you’ll take this as me defending Cook, but trust me, I’m not. I’m defending ANY artist that makes it onto the charts and is deemed too “mainstream”. I defend any artist who had a previously “lucrative” career and comes back only to be labeled a sellout or not doing “good enough” for some music industry-ignorant listener.

  12. Ali Says:

    Word! I’m just bored online and at work, and waiting for the inevitable tard meltdown coming in the next few weeks to entertain and amuse me lol. Thanks David Cook for the entertainment…if not the music lol. Best fans ever!

  13. Thorazine Says:

    The site mod/administrator on DCO releases them, via RCA OR Soundscan from time to time. They are linked there, on the main numbers thread – a very handy dandy resource for data – and no sekrit pswds needed, lol… Other music related forums like All Access and Pulse are a great sources of hard data from Soundscan, Billboard, etc.

    Updated Soundscan numbers for U.S. sales as of Week Ending 5/29/2011 (c/o rca ed)


    • WilcoisAwesome Says:

      Burt – that’s exactly what I was going to say next re: sales numbers. Those things are a month+ old! Way prior to the media roll out for the record.

  14. nonna-muss Says:

    Thanks Thorazine. I really don’t pay attention to numbers (which is ironic since I do accounting for a living!). I just buy what I like and ignore the rest.

    • Thorazine Says:

      I can multi-task – I listen to a lot of different music styles, genres, formats, flavors. I also like data, numbers, research – it adds another dimension to the love of music. Stumbling upon the Idol fan /tard world has been an eye opener… The next musical revolution, or revolutionary has not, nor will not come from the Idol stage. Idol has not nor will produce anyone capable of releasing any material remotely resembling the ‘masterpiece’, ‘epic’ labels tossed around for Cook’s latest. I know this is the UCR hyperbole thrown around during CD or singles releases, but after listening to this CD… REALLY? Srsly? Eminently mockable, IMO.

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        Also, not to be a stickler, but it looks like the numbers for the presales, etc in that particular thread haven’t even been updated since early June. I know some of the other fans post daily Yes.Com, MediaBase numbers, etc, but the “sorry” presales etc you mention were all last updated prior to the scheduled media roll out.

      • burt Says:

        Yeah, just looked and those numbers aren’t current and he’s done a lot of promo since then. They also don’t even include all retailers.

        You’ve judged them as “bad” but compared to who or what? I remember a comment on his forum saying these figures aren’t normally released so it’s difficult to compare numbers and that’s without taking into account like-for-like time of year, economy, finding an artist in the same position etc. RCA wouldn’t choose to post them if there were too bad – why would they want to embarrass themselves or the artist?

        Regardless of pre-sale figures and chart position this week, it’s not all they care about. He’s there to sell records and he’ll tour extensively to do it so IMO there’s a long road ahead before it can judged a success or failure. Not making excuses, that’s just how it is.

  15. Perry Says:

    “When this CD bombs, and it will, who/what is going to be the scapegoat then?…”

    Adam Lambert! LOL. I’m sure RCA is sabotaging Cook to make Lambert look good when his CD drops this Fall.

  16. Ali Says:

    Wow I had no idea his numbers were so dismal. I actually feel bad for him…and then he has the fanbase to deal with lol.

  17. burt Says:

    Did anyone see comments about the winner of the phone call competition he tweeted about? I saw at least one comment along the lines of “oh looks like she’s just a casual fan, oh well”. Such entitlement (as usual). If I were him, I’d be choosing casual, new fans for competitions and answering tweets all I could.

  18. Piiia Says:

    Wow, I’m “vehemently defending him, his music and his fans”. I have said I like his music. A have also said the oher people have the right to not like his music, can even hate it. I have to admit I don’t like rudness and jumping to conclusions about other people based solely on what kind of music they are listening, and I tend to try to present an other point of view. Because of this (?) I have been called OTT fan, trol and now “one of the hard core frauen pack” here. Yet you know nothing about me. I did tell you my “history” with David Cook and his music and you choose not to believe me. I thought you are allowed to have different opinions as long as you express them politely. Are you only allowed to write here if you don’t like David Cooks music? If so, I apologize for my mistake.

    Finally I wish he could come to have a concert at my country so that I could “stalk” him a little = go to his concert. πŸ™‚

    • freedavidcook Says:

      You come on, you tell us what a big old pile of bitter jellus hatin’ meanies we are and then expect that we’re going to treat you with kid gloves? Nah, not happening.

      • Piiia Says:

        Wow, I told you are “a big old pile of bitter jellus hatin’ meanies”? Really? Where? It seems to me you are a bit too sensitive if a expressing a different opinion is interpreted as saying all that.

  19. giggly Says:

    Hey, just came across this site. I was reading the earlier MaryAnn chapters. I actually have a picture of her that I found a few years ago when the Lana Jade story in Just Jared scandal emerged.
    Not sure if you know this, but MaryAnn is actually quite an old lady. Bleached blond type. She looks like she smokes 2 packs a day.
    Ick ick ick poor David. What rock star wants that fugly whacko job for a fan!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I have a pile of photos of Mary Ann/Holly. The problem is every time I post one of them of her rapidly wrinkling visage and straw like hair she contacts WordPress to claim I have violated her copyright by using those photos and WordPress pulls them. I have a photo of her from the old late 70s when she had brown hair and was young, photos of her sister Joann, pics of them together and a ton of them with her holding a glass of wine. Have you seen her pet sitting website yet? She’s blocked me from linking to it but if you Google ‘petsitter’ and ‘Yardley PA’ it pops up fine on Google. She also recently had a want ad running looking for a new room mate that made me laugh. I would hope that anyone interviewing with her to rent that room would Google “Mary Ann Ellis Yardley Pa’ before they commit to that room. She’s something else. She’s in hiding right now because I was writing about her for weeks on end but she’ll pop up again and I’ll finish my series of info on her and her internet deeds. There is still more to come. Welcome to the site Giggly.

      • Giggly Says:

        ohhh okay, I went to the petsitter site and yup that’s her.
        In fact, one of the dogs is in my picture as well. My picture of her is also linked to her nygirl3372 e-mail address too and her previous work in pharmaceuticals.
        So glad that MaryAnn has been outed. She has been a destructive force to a lot of women associated with David. I was never a fan of Caldwell, but enough is enough harassment of the woman.
        All her negative karma is coming back to bite her … it’s a long time coming. At least now David is probably aware of what that psycho-biatch looks like, so he (or his security) can watch his back.

  20. Jen Says:

    I miss when this place was fun for people who actually are fans of David and his music and just don’t like the batshit fans.

    What’s more fun than this bullshit infighting is Coolshades’ recap of the Andy show last week. Highlights include Andrew Cook going up to her, asking if he can take a picture of her Andy tattoo with a thumbs up in front of it, and then joking that he’s going to get the same tattoo. I love that kid.

    • Ali Says:

      Poor Coolshades is truly a sad case. I do feel sorry for her because she is emotionally unstable but seems very kind. And she’s never mean to all those people online that ridicule her. She is just so clueless to keep writing these recaps (I didn’t read the latest one) and not realize Andy and the guys think she’s creepy. I’m sure Andy is not afraid of here, just sorry for her.

      And Andrew is so funny to do that, that’s his personality and I love him for it…but can’t help feel sorry for that girl.

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah she definitely falls into the batshit but not mean and batshit category, along with her friend Nicole. She’s got to know that if you get someone’s face tattooed on your body people are going to talk.

      • Ali Says:

        She’s a joke even in that crazy fandom. Who gets a tattoo of a guy, an unknown musician who has a girlfriend, and travels to all of his little appearances? She has to be unstable. Along with her friend Nicole. She’s the Joey tard right? Married with kids and her husband doesn’t mind her knitting fingerless gloves for Joey lol. She says she has a connection with him…I think he just happened to be the first band member of David’s to give her some attention, show her he appreciates her fanship? Hence the “connection” lol. I don’t get these women at all!

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        Where does she do these said recaps? I read the one she did long ago about the MWK/THH show in Tulsa on DCO. Should I be looking for her DCO account to read them?

      • Jen Says:

        I think she usually posts them as blogs on DCO but that function wasn’t working so she did it elsewhere and linked to it on her twitter and in the DWoP thread on DCO.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Someone on another board posted up the one she did about the recent THH show. Andrew Cook wanted a picture with her tattoo. She seems almost innocent/nice in some ways.

    • burt Says:

      I miss it too, Jen! I’m not sure what’s happened but apparently it’s fine to be negative about David for his music/style/whatever but if you express an opinion in his favor you open yourself up to abuse. I can take it but not everyone can and eventually those people won’t come back. Dani already went. Why don’t people understand there are “normal” fans here only because of the OTT fans and their antics, but that we will be positive toward him sometimes? I know not everyone agrees with me and that’s OK, I respect informed opinions but somehow this is now where certain people come to be outright negative about him, or anyone who dares answer back (often with no basis). It’s been like it for months and is getting worse. Some people rarely even comment on the reason the blog exists – the over-invested fans. (And no, me saying that doesn’t mean I think people can’t be negative about him, that I expect everyone to be a fan, or that I’m trying to defend him. I just hate where this is heading.)

      Anyway, I don’t know much about Coolshades but the tales about Andrew and the fans always make me smile. I can only imagine what Andy thinks of the tattoo, I don’t know anything about him but he always looks so meek and quiet. I guess he’ll be grateful for them supporting his music but it can’t be what he ever thought he was getting into. What I find most interesting is how people have no awareness of how it they appear to others when they do stuff like getting tattoos. More strangely, why is there nobody around them to try to drag them out of whatever obsession they’re in?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Normal fans are good. It’s just some of the ott batshit ones come here attacking the normal ones and then things go nutty. I think I shall have to give anyone attacking another poster a time out and refrain from it myself.

        Coolshades tattoo is pretty insane regardless of if she’s nice or nasty. I have a feeling one day she’s going to wish she hadn’t have done that. But at least it’s not the infamous Adam Lambert Hitler mustache one.

      • burt Says:

        What confuses me, FDC, is who some are fans of, normal or not. I guess if they’re so anti-Cook (funny how you can be so anti-someone but know so much though) they could be big fans of someone else. There’s too much bile to just be casual AI viewers. Weird!

        And, the what? The, er, infamous Adam Lambert Hitler mustache tattoo? How have I missed this? Please share!

        Speaking of Lambert, I took a look at his Twitter timeline recently. He invited his followers to guess what his latest tattoo was but added in another tweet “this should be good”. I kinda respect that he outwardly seems to be laughing at them!

  21. Karen D Says:

    I like the music on the new record. There are some things I don’t care for, but that’s true about most records. It’s not often you like EVERYTHING an artist puts out. How Rickey got “broadway” out of this record is beyond me. Watching that vid, it just felt like they thought they were the “cool kids” because they didn’t like David. Whatever. Being adults and tarding over Archie just shows how immature they are.

    So where are all these negative reviews? I haven’t really seen anything THAT negative

    I AM looking forward to seeing what drama unfolds this week. They are already bitching about line drama, when there isn’t even a line yet. They need to get over themselves and just go with it. What are the chances of there being more people than wristbands anyway?

    • Ali Says:

      Karen you’re right about the wrist bands. For a David Cook event the only ones standing in line or fighting to keep there place are the maybe 50 or so regs as they are proud to be called lol.

      • burt Says:

        I was thinking the same thing! Only a small percentage of his fanbase are “hardcore” enough to travel to NYC specifically so I don’t know why they get into such a tizz. It’s fine that they want to go, everyone needs the more dedicated fans after all, but just be sensible and keep calm.

        I would laugh so much if 100 casual fans had been keeping quiet and turned up to take the bands! It’s almost worth arranging it for an event one day, that’s one time it would be worth camping out days in advance. Dammit, now I’m tempted… πŸ˜‰

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Oh, that would be awesome to do. It would kill the hardcore. Might be fun.

  22. 'NucksGal Says:

    I have a question. I liked Cook on Idol, I liked most of his post-idol cd. I have pre-ordered his next one but haven’t had time to listen to the live-streams except Circadian (which I also like). Following Cook on twitter introduced me to To Have Heroes & I also like Andy’s voice so I bought some of his songs too. I have never been to his concerts but if he comes near my hometown (in Canada), I’ll go. I’d prob even ask for an autograph if I happened to see him.

    I have never written him, followed him or had any DC-related tattoos.

    I hope his cd does well. I found this sight thru google & get a laugh (& sometimes the creeps) reading about some of the freaky things people do.

    Does this make me ott or a tard? I was nervous to even say I liked his voice/music for fear of being labelled a nut-case.

    Can someone tell me the difference between fan & tard? Could clear up a lot of the finger-pointing that’s kinda taking the fun out of these posts.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      You are a fan, which is perfectly alright to be a fan of anyone. The ones that are being discussed here are doing things like putting tracker under Cook’s bus, flying in from Finland and the Phillipines to stand in line to maybe get a wristband to get their CD signed, flying to every single gig even the charity ones, just generally very over invested crazy behavior that falls outside of the norm. The ones I’m talking about here have made up stories about his love life and sold them to the tabloids, they camp in front of venues for days just to be the first ones pressed up against the stage for the millionth time.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      You are definitely a fan. No question about it.

    • BBF26 Says:

      Pre-ordering music you haven’t heard, hoping his CD does well to me is over investment. Do you hope anyone outside Idol tardnation CD does well? Do you keep your fingers crossed for Katy Perry? I don’t understand the concept of pre-ordering music. If you have to have it THAT badly why not just download it the day it comes out. You haven’t even listened to it yet you pre-ordered it that is OTT. Cook is average at best. Buying a CD that isn’t that great is over investment.

      • Jen Says:

        Uh, I cross my fingers for everyone I like to do well. Especially because most of them aren’t on Katy Perry level of fame. I was hoping Death Cab for Cutie would do well when their album came out, I was hoping Foo Fighters would debut at #1. And these days it’s not at all uncommon to pre-order music. Usually you get extra stuff if you pre-order.

      • burt Says:

        What Jen said. Jesus people have some strange, pre-conceived ideas – or they’re just fucking stupid. I can’t decide which.

        Just because someone does something for David Cook doesn’t mean they wouldn’t do it for someone else – not everyone lives inside an Idol bubble. Pre-ordering is common and you often get clips or have heard singles anyway. Where is the line for it being OTT to pre-order but fine to buy when released if you have still not heard it? How is pre-ordering any different from buying music in a store that you haven’t heard?

        Regardless, with some people/bands you already have a good idea of whether you’ll like their work from previous releases, reviews, press etc regardless of the level of their career.

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        Well, I pre-ordered The Scripts last cd after hearing the 1st release. I pre-ordered christina Perri & am thrilled her cd is doing well. I even pre-bought a cd by CDN folk artist Emma-Lee to help her raise the $ to finish producing it. I got a free dl of a Peter Katz song, bought entire cd, his older cd & will be pre-ordering the next one (check him out, he’s fabulous). Maybe I’m an ott music fan instead?

        I don’t think any of them have been on AI.

        Not really a Katy Perry fan, don’t like most of her stuff tho I have dl’d 2 songs.

        Does this somehow make me worthy of mocking?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I preordered CeeLo Green, Peter Furler and Crystal Bowersox along with other artists. I don’t think pre ordering is necessarily a tard thing. Now, buying multiple multiple multiple copies or downloads of the exact same CD just to drive up numbers is insane. That is where tard territory starts. Some of the hardcore Adam Lambert fans bought up many copies and gave them away trying to gain extra fans for Adam.

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        Lol. Nope, I only bought one copy of each of the above… sorry. I guess if I want to be a “true” fan, I have some work to do.

        Can anyone recommend a good tattoo shop?


  23. Ali Says:

    omg love the Script! I could totally tard over them and there sappy “I lost the love of my life cos I was a royal asshole and got to get her back or I will die” kind of songwriting lol. Good stuff…but I will refrain from tarding lol.

  24. learing Says:

    I just listened to the samples on Amazon – I wish that they were long. Some of the songs sound pretty good. Yeah he’s being marketed to a certain niche but so what… The album seems misnamed: Loud makes me think Linkin Park not this.

    Maybe he can get the frauen a cruise to nowhere and pay the captain to leave them on a deserted island.

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