David Cook: This Loud Morning

So the tards have gleefully descended on New York, New York, land of Donald Trump, big buildings and street vendor knishes. The whole gang is there, DebraKay flew in from Washington state. Daina Pizza Screamer tard is there. Svagina, oooops, Svigani, Svigina, whatever her freaking name is happens to be there too. Tards have flown in from Finland and the Philippines and a handful of other places.

See some of the usual gang of offenders taken a mere five hours ago?

They started lining up on the sidewalk in front of Best Buy at 3:30 am for those wristbands that will be given away with the purchase of David Cook’s new CD to the first 200 folks buying it. Remember, this CD goes on sale at midnight tonight, soooo they were hunkering down for nearly 24 hours in advance to get these wrist bands.

So what does the wrist band buy you? A twirl around the dance floor with Cook? Having Cook as ‘slave for a day’? A special decoder ring? Nope to all of that. You get to have your CD signed by David et al and attend a ‘show’ there in the Best Buy.

Is that really worth lining up for that early? Most of these chickies have pushed themselves on Cook a zillion and one times already to the point where I hear on the last tour towards the end his security people had lists and pictures of who to not allow close.

But it hasn’t quite worked out the way that they wanted.

breadmom1 Rhoda Farber ยท Follow
@thedavidcook. Wake up Dave! Did yu see your fans slept outside BB last night and was told to leave this AM because of no permit! Yu know us

Ha! The fickle finger of fate has goosed the silly gooses right in the heinie. Apparently about an hour ago they were told to clear out because they didn’t have a permit from the city to form a line for the event! Delicious and perfect. Karma wins for a change.

Should be interesting to see what happens next.

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41 Comments on “David Cook: This Loud Morning”

  1. burt Says:

    First, is that a dog with a hood over it’s head? And why are some of them shoe-less?

    Second, ha-fucking-ha! That’s hilarious. And to tweet him the tale just adds to it! I hope he checks his tweets early today so he gets an early morning laugh!

  2. burt Says:

    Third (because I just saw the second picture), is that couple of men I spy there? Not part of the LA crowd men?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      There are a couple of guys in the photo but I don’t know who they are.

      Turns out they are not permitted to line up for the wrist bands by Best Buy till 9 pm. I imagine that they will be hunkered down in the park across the street surrounded by plentiful fast food wrappers. I’m getting the biggest kick out of the tweets to David about being kicked off the sidewalk. What’s he gonna do, wave his dick and magically make it okay to line up for the wrist bands with the NYC popo? Save me Dave~ The Popo make me moove along!

  3. Ali Says:

    Lmao FDC. Wouldn’t be surprised if Dave himself called the police haha. Its poetic justice at its best! So they can line up at 9pm for th show tonight? I’m wondering if they will camp out for his morning show appearance or get carted off by cops lol? Aren’t these ladies too old to be sleeping on sidewalks? I would be embarrassed.

    • Thorazine Says:

      Aren’t a number of ladies in the base too old to be macking / tarding over a guy young enough to be their SON, and GRANDSON in some cases? Oh yes, they are all there for the ‘voice’, and ‘the music’, lolol… I’ve read the tweets and comments from some (allegedly) grown ass women with husbands and kids that are just downright… erm… That’s American Idol culture for you – young guys with followings of older females that act a fool over them – but everybody likes to think of themselves as not being ‘that kind of fan’ (giggle) … Let them keep sweating and stinking up the joint w/their antics – I gots plenty o’ popcorn for the coming floor show from them – good times this week ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. nonna-muss Says:

    Ali, the show is tomorrow night. This line was only for wristbands to get into tomorrow night’s show! The morning show is for hotel guests and contest winners only, not open to the public.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      They have all been tweeting David about how Best Buy and the cops are treating them. I’m betting he’s probably laughing over this..

  5. Jen Says:

    Oh God, I just saw the things Daina was tweeting to David from her public account while they were in line overnight. Now I need to go bathe in bleach.

    • burt Says:

      Please share… (You can always bleach later, right?)

      • Jen Says:

        Lol. I don’t have it up on the screen anymore but it’s Daina91880.

      • burt Says:

        I, er, I, erm… Nope, I cannot find the words. Why send that shit to him?

        You know, I’ve had another idea! When they’re all camped out acting crazy David should secretly go visit their homes then do some twitpics or twitvids at each of their front doors with a message about how he was calling to thank them for their support, he’s sorry he missed them but that he’ll call again one day. They’d brag of course (and he’d have to dodge the poor husbands) but those crazy women would never leave their houses again.

        Which gives me another idea… I might just pitch my services to Mr Cook. I could team up with Andrew. Just think of the evil, but very funny, options for winding them up. Endless fun.

  6. Ali Says:

    Oh I was thinking it was tonight because tommorrow is the release. Damn these freaks were in line already! And I’m sure he’s rejoicing the fact he won’t have to stare at these same faces on the morning show lol. Daina is just gross. She’s saying how she had 5 fangirls camping out at her home before the trip. Dave and all of us know these “ladies” are not the image of fangirls these guys want sexting them all over twitter. They must be royally grossed out by Daina baldy jr. and her fangirls lmao!

  7. Ali Says:

    Just popped in on twitter and all’s quiet on the Best Buy front lol. Daina hasn’t tweeted all day…things must not be going so good for the “fangirls” haha. And as usual Scott is getting his panties in a wad about the dismal sales of the most epic cd of all times. *eye roll*

    As for DC not much to tweet except an article about the best buy show, and a link to his vids on vh1. Hmm?

  8. Ali Says:

    Lol, I saw he was going on about Matt but I think he was talking about how DCO didn’t record all the presales or whatever. He’s just covering his ass for when the cd flops. His OTT fans hurt his image imo. Without new fans, he’s done. And his cd is focused on what the OTT fans want…of course I don’t know if he is happy with it, or if its the label that is pushing this. Either way, I think we can all agree that if it doesn’t sell RCA will drop him,

    • Jen Says:

      I don’t think RCA will drop if this one does poorly. Maybe if a third does too but who knows. I trust that he did what he wanted to do, mostly because I can’t be bothered to read between the lines lol. I like it so whatevs.

      • burt Says:

        What lines are there to read between? Just wondering what I’ve missed.

        I think it’s pretty obvious this album is him and what he wanted to do and if it doesn’t do well, it’s not the end. As I said yesterday (and actually he said in an interview yesterday too) it’s not all about sales, especially in the first week. I’m not making excuses in advance, just being realistic from the little I know of the music business.

        You know as a fan of anyone, it’s sad to see people so keen to write people off before anything’s even begun.

      • Jen Says:

        I mean the constant refrain of “we don’t know how he REALLY feels.” If he says it’s him and he loves it, then I believe him. And I love it too. So. *shrugs*

      • burt Says:

        Ah, I getcha. And I agree 100%.

  9. Ali Says:

    Jen, that’s just sad. I’m sure with all the bitching and moaning from the regs in line the label felt he had to make an attempt to be civil lmao. Pathetic really.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      He looks like the grumpiest delivery boy in those sad photos. Hope the herd doesn’t get pizza grease on the merchandise and all over the store.

    • burt Says:

      The things you have to do for good PR! Unless he wanted to, in which case he should have maybe smiled a little. The temptation to put something on the regular’s pizzas must have been immense!

  10. Ali Says:

    i just read Coolshades recap and I want to barf. Poor Andy and Jennie. The funniest part was how Zoo and her friend needed to stop at walmart to buy an outfit for Andy’s show.
    That pretty much sums up the David Cook fruen lol. But that girl is so delusional it’s pathetic.Wow, what these guys have to suffer to have a music career.

  11. Karen Says:

    He looks downright miserable in all of those pizza pictures…He should’ve brought them salad and diet pills instead.

  12. burt Says:

    Did anyone see the photos being tweeted of him during his soundcheck at the hotel last night? Took me a while to work out where they were from, for a while I thought it was someone hanging out of a window tweeting live pap-style photos of him in an alley. They just looked sleazy and gave me the creeps! ๐Ÿ˜€ How can these people focus on anything when they’re constantly filming, taking photos and tweeting info? Sometimes it’s helpful but mostly I just wish they’d enjoy what they’re doing.

    Good to also see that his music-focused fans were so fixated on his hair this morning on Twitter. No mention of the track he played. Yep, it’s all about the music.

  13. Ali Says:

    Burt and Jen what gets me is its not about the music at all with most of the regs. I may seem to be jaded but that’s because his fans have ruined the concert experience for me and my friends personally. And I’m not into the kind of music he’s doing now, not that its bad, just not my style. I guess he may think its best for his career. If so then great. But I do like him and was hoping for a more alternative focus. But he has always liked mainstream “anthemic” old school, classic rock so maybe its his focus now? But too sappy and broadway for me lol. And I say sales may be bad just because the market is especially bad for this type of rock/pop music. I’m sure he’s greatful for his career. Just so sad the price being these tard herds stalking him.

    • Jen Says:

      At this point I think it’s more about their status in the fandom than it is about his music or his career. If they’re so supportive of his career and him being as big as he can be then why do they go to every single promo thing, taking spots from potential new fans. They say they go to the charity things for the sake of the charity and to see their friends but that’s bullshit too. If he wasn’t at Race for Hope, neither would they.

      I personally love his stuff and do hear it as alt rock-ish and pop/rock. The Goo Goo Dolls get played on my local alt rock station (not that David will ever). But music is subjective so whatever floats your boat.

      I agree with the crazies ruining the fan experience though. You start to think about what you’ll have to put up with and wonder if it’s worth it. Unfortunately, I’m just not sure there’s anything he can do to slough them off. They all seem to have deep pockets.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        It’s all about status and being head tard and it’s never been about the music for the tard pack. They are all fixated on an image they saw on a television screen, taking that image and imbuing it with a fantasy ‘him’ that doesn’t actually exist. They are in competition for a fictional being without even realizing it.

        In the process they are turning off anyone that might be coming around because they like his music, you know, normal fans that just want to go to the concerts and perhaps once get their CD signed, no interested in competing for his attention like the tards. So he’s stuck with the tard pack only.

        Heard his new CD finally. It’s not my tastes, but the first CD wasn’t either. Does that mean I’m going to rush around and bash it? Nope, his music is just not my tastes, I like blues mostly.

        Feeling really sorry for Cook because those photos last night make it seem as though he realizes he’s stuck with the crazies now.

    • burt Says:

      Ali – yeah I can see how they would be a turn off. I’ve not been to a show – is it difficult to avoid them totally? Like if you you are not standing right at the front? Just interested to know. I do think his music style now is more how he’s developed as a musician and like you say, is probably influenced by some of what he listens to. Sucks when someone goes in a direction you don’t like – I didn’t like the last record one of my favorite bands released, big disappointment.

      I agree Jen – it’s definitely not about the music with them, that’s proved whenever they upload a YouTube video. So many of them have been to so many shows and they all record the same shitty videos that are near useless to anyone wanting to hear the music. Sometimes I’m grateful (if it’s a new song or something) but mostly I wonder why they don’t join together, buy a proper mic and make a better job of it. They could take it in turns and then the rest could actually enjoy the show and they’d get decent “records” of the shows. But no, as long as you can all scream, ahhhh and get his face/butt/dick/whatever your fettish is on the screen then it’s good enough. I can’t believe they think people can’t see through it!

      • Jen Says:

        I do think it’s possible to avoid them at a concert as long as you don’t want to get in front. I only went to one and we were about five or six people back (but up a step so it was perfect) and didn’t run into them. We had just normal concert annoyance, like people trying to get in front of you, same as at most concerts I’ve been to. My friends though were right in front and tangled with them. They were pissed that my friends managed to get front row instead of them lol. I think I’ve told this story before but one of them told my friend, who was 17 at the time, “Oh, this is your first show? Enjoy it from the second row.” Classy.

  14. Learning Says:

    You know there is a story going around the web of a Japanese computer generate personality – a teenager. These fraus have made Dave their own composite personality not based on reality. The sad thing is that they really did ruin his career. No -way a real rock station is gonna play him now.

    I really liked him in Axium. Analog Heart was unpolished but I liked what I heard on TV. I was picturing him having a nice fan base playing smaller clubs. Now it sounds like he is just pandering to these same heifers. I hope he invested well.

    • nerdgirl Says:

      If he wanted rock stations to play him, he shouldn’t have gone to Idol. Or shouldn’t have recorded sappy music. These frauen are the ones who voted for him and bought his music. He doesn’t have career without them.

    • Burt Says:

      I actually don’t think the idea they have of him is too far from the truth – he always seems to be a genuine person and although he’s private and keeps certain parts quiet (like not swearing often) I don’t think he’s being something he’s not. There’s not really much for them to twist. Maybe that’s a downside for him.

      Whether they have ideas about a right of access to him, or any other thoughts, isn’t to do with the image they have of him I don’t think. Well, aside from them thinking he doesn’t get pissed off because he’s an angel. I’m guessing that’s not true!

  15. nonna-muss Says:

    I heard from someone that was there yesterday that Daina and crew complained to Best Buy so much that were brought side stage. Don’t know if it’s true or not, does anyone know?

  16. Karen D Says:

    Yeah, brought side stage, but really behind the stage. Photos are all of their backs. Glad that they got what they wanted out of bitching, right?

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