David Cook Best Buy Aftermath

And so yesterday was finally the day when David Cook’s newest CD dropped and the promotional activities were at a heightened frenzy. One particular recounting of the Best Buy show and CD signing made me laugh, posted by L. here in the comments. It was Daina the Pizza Screamer Tard complaining about being manhandled and mistreated throughout the signing on Twitlonger to David.

Whenever I think about Daina I think about two things. 1) A Tumblr posting I once saw that read ‘I screamed PIZZA during climax’ and 2) that expensive ‘book’ she had compiled of everyone elses live pictures of Cook’s first tour and then charged all the tards a hundred bucks to get a copy of. Wonderful pocket lining scam.

“@thedavidcook I am legit upset, and I never, ever like to bother you with this petty shit. We were first in line to talk to you, got physically pushed and rushed like cattle past you. We lined up early after being told we could, then got kicked out hours later. Then we were told we could line up at 9pm the noght before for wristbands, then that backfired and they let people line up at 7:30. Then we were told we could come back for the show at 4pm, and they let people squat at 2:30. The whole thing was a clusterfuck that your fans did not deserve. All I wanted was to get you to sign my photobook after waiting a year and a half. I don’t like to “use” this… I don’t want any special recognition, but it’s the same book I spent months personally compiling for you, your fans, your band, family to raise money for your choice charity. I did this with the help of a ton of your fans, many of whom are like extended family to me. I was told no. Fine. I put it away. Then, after it was already back in my purse, I was threatened by the security guy as if I was going to pull it out, all ninja style. Not that I would have had the chance even if that was my super secret plan, since I was physically pushed past you anyway. One of the guards actually said to my friend, “Remember, they don’t know you.” Neal has called me by name, so at the very least I know HE knows me. You have told us time and time again you see us as family. You’ve called us by name and shared laughs and tears with us at times. In my eyes, that means, in a way, you kind of do know us, even if only by face. That statement to me seemed to say that RCA’s belief was that you didn’t care what any of us would have to say to you… but I’m sorry, I wasn’t there simply to have a named scribbled on paper. God forbid, I wanted to say hi to all the guys, and say something quick to you on one of the biggest days of your life, and one we’ve been waiting forever for. Then, of course, we hear later that you were taking more time, telling the security to chill out and personalizing cd’s. I’m a tad disillusioned. You were and always be the best thing about these stupid things we do to show our support, and you have me as a fan forever. I would have liked to say something other than a rehearsed sentence, but that’s all I had the chance to do. I would have liked to tell you, quickly, that this album means so much to me. I could have done it in a few seconds, but instead, huge men put their hands on me, which is unacceptable. So I’ll just say now that I missed you, I’m glad your back, and ‘This Loud Morning” is the most beautiful piece of art I’ve heard in years, if not ever. Your passion and love showed in every song, and it was worth the wait. That said, the cd signing… not so much worth the wait and bullshit. If you don’t sign on tour like the “old days,” and the only chance I ever have to talk to you is at one of these things, I’m sorry to say, I may not be there. I will be in the audience, cheering you on, but I may never speak to you face to face again. Not if it will be like that just was.Your name in sharpie on a cd cover isn’t worth the hours spent waiting for it, getting dicked around by Best Buy personel and physically man handled by RCA security. Sorry. I do love YOU though. Don’t ever doubt that. ~Daina

PS, You sounded amazing tonight, and I’m sorry that got overshadowed with the bad experience that followed. And thank you for the pizza. That was an amazingly thoughtful gesture. Too bad you wasted all that money on a bunch of people you “don’t know.” ”

How charmingly passive aggressive! It’s like she doesn’t have a clue it’s a CD signing event, not a meet and great. Yeah, I’m sure Non Baldy is going to be crying big old tears because you claim that you’ll not push yourself into his face any longer for attention. Sounds like security did the job they were supposed to do for a change.

You can watch the entire thing online and judge for yourself – Best Buy Signing

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54 Comments on “David Cook Best Buy Aftermath”

  1. Jen Says:

    Lol, as if RCA didn’t pick up the tab for the pizza.

    And did Angie do a $100 photo book too or am I confusing the two? Why spend that much for photos you can save for free? It’s not like they’re vacation photos or something.

  2. burt Says:

    You mean Dave didn’t head out to the local Dominos, make the choices, hand over his credit card, wait for them to be cooked and walk them all over? Jen, you’ve shocked me to my very core.

    There’s so much to comment on but I’ve done it elsewhere so won’t repeat myself. I do love passive aggressive tweets – they are my favorite. Thankfully, her’s seems to be the only complaint so perhaps everyone else was understanding of the situation and just happy with any attention rather than the quality of it and length of time they talked. She’s made so many assumptions there about the future too.

    Way to go with trying to put bring down his mood on a special day just because she were pissed. Such a good fan to be that sensitive to the person she “loves”, who she presumably wants to take notice of her. I hope he’s now blocked her, that would be justice.

    By the way, I saw she had put a comment on his forum but I think it’s gone. Wonder who removed it?

    So where does she appear in the signing video? Anyone spot her?

    • Jen Says:

      (About the pizza) LOL, right?

      She posted on DCO? What did she have to say?

      • burt Says:

        Yeah, I saw it pretty late but then couldn’t see it this morning. It was something about “Don’t you dare let any of your people touch me ever again” (or something equally dramatic) and was in the rcaed section.

        She’s obviously aiming this at RCA security but I wonder if it really was them and not BB – surely they’d run their own security at events (to, you know, protect their store and stock) with some RCA security for the guys in strategic places?

      • Jen Says:

        Wow. lol. So now they know she’s a troublemaker. That’s good.

      • on the edge Says:

        Oh yeah, it was on RCAEd’s thread (dude needs a fucking medal, or at least a case of his favorite beer, to put up with that shit).

  3. Dukie Says:

    Pity the poor security guys who had to “manhandle” Daina – hope they were wearing gloves!

  4. freedavidcook Says:

    It seems the manhandling Daina and pals got was because of a certain rude action they took Cannot say what it is without betraying a confidence, let’s just say they behaved badly and got their just desserts as a result.

    • burt Says:

      Was it an order from RCA then? As in something David and the guys knew about? If so, I’m even more curious to see where she is on the video.

      Either way, why the hell complain if you did something to deserve it? I wish you could share details. So intrigued now…

    • Jen Says:

      Ooh intrigue! Any hints? Or can you put it in the private section of the messageboard?

      Also, was Nonna right, do you know? Did they watch from side stage?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Don’t know about the side stage but if you watch the video Daina is the one with the white hat covering her Baldiness.

    • Ali Says:

      I thought I saw her close to the beginning right? Wearing two very thinning pigtails and a white hat? I noticed because it looked like she may have tried to pull out the “book” lmao.

      • burt Says:

        I was wondering if she was wearing the red top around the 10 minute mark. That’s based purely on how David appeared to blank her and then make a quiet comment right after she’d gone. Security seemed to be keeping an eye on her, especially when she reached for her bag. Was that her?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Close to the beginning wearing a white hat.

      • burt Says:

        Oh well in that case, she has no reason to complain – she got his attention more than most (especially the “poor” woman I picked out!). Obviously not enough to satisfy her craving.

  5. Ali Says:

    Lol, poor Daina’s just lost her bff. No more tweets from her since yesterday. Also krunkjess’s public account theRealkrunk shows pics of some of the regs that were at best buy. She also helps run Neal’s fansite, so that’s why it would seem she would be closer to him, but obviously not close as she wants to be if she is still in the tard herd. Her friend the original home school troll Renaberena (Serena) who started the whole stalking tard herd is now working for Ryan Star. Apparently being an OTT fan paid off for her. I suppose she had some skills as a photographer and helped them out in a pinch on his low budget tour, when his van broke down and she drove them on the remainder of the tour in her suv lol.

    It seems like if fans like krunkjess and the regs were the kind of people the band and David wanted as friends. Then they would be…and not still relegated to the tards sleeping on sidewalks. Especially now that one of them, Serena is actually in the inner sanctum. That says a lot…like just be a fan ladies. I’m sure they appreciate the support of there careers. But like Daina said the security reminded them all (I can here her screaming…”ask David, he knows us lmao!) “Remember, they don’t know you” That says it all…hope they finally get it.

  6. michele Says:

    I wish people would stop complaining to David everytime things don’t go the way they want them too. He doesn’t control everything!!! This was a big day for him, and as usual, she’s making it all about her. “I was pushed. I wanted. I didn’t get.” IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU, YOU FAT, BALDING BITCH! It’s about David!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I believe Daina and pals have received the Karmic Realignment that they have earned in these eons in fandom.

  7. Rubber Ducky Says:

    I wasn’t there simply to have a named scribbled on paper


    All I wanted was to get you to sign my photobook


    What a pathetic, whiny, fat bitch 😆 “Booo, the dude I’ve been stalking and profiteering off of for years doesn’t want to be my friend waaaaah”. You dumbass! 😀

    • WilcoisAwesome Says:

      I don’t know what she wanted. It was clearly advertised as a CD SIGNING. Not “sit and drivel about dumb shit to people you wish liked you”. IT’s not a meet and greet. It’s not a conversation party. IT’S A CD SIGNING. Gotta love how these broads make it all about them.

  8. Karen Says:

    I’d love to know just what it was she and her frumpy friend with the rotting teeth did…I know she was definitely on the side of the stage because she was bitching about how awful her pics were.

  9. Ali Says:

    Karen where you there, or know someone there or just heard about it online? I would loved to have been a fly on the wall for this event!

    • Karen Says:

      Nope, not there, but she was bitching on another site about her pictures being bad because she was on the side of the stage. Maybe because he would’ve lost his lunch having to look at her fat ass directly in front of him for the hundredth time?

  10. Jen Says:

    Ok there HAS to be more dirt. Somebody give up the goods! 😛

    • burt Says:

      I get that FDC is protecting someone but it’s a shame the story can’t be shared to further prove what a fool she is. I personally think whatever she/they did was to another fan or to BB – David and the guys were far too polite to her at the signing for it to have been directly to them. For all her moaning, she got more attention than some people did and none of them were rude to her.

      As for this supposed “Karmic Realignment” – was that after she complained to David and on his forum? Are you saying this will be the end of her stupidity, FDC?

  11. Ali Says:

    Well it looks like baldy jr. is at it again…she just texted David about an hour ago, asking him if he got any rest finally, lmao! I guess being an over invested tard for the past few years makes it hard to give up on him. Or she’s just trying to save face. Poor David.

  12. Ali Says:

    *I meant tweeted not texted obviously.

  13. Karen D Says:

    I replied on another page, but not sure if you’ll see it. Yes, Daina’s group was moved to the side behind the stage area. They bitched at BB people about other people getting in line before them until they “gave in” and gave them a “better” spot to watch. Not really a better spot!

  14. SmelledTheCoffee Says:

    Haha LyricalPoetic just tweeted this link to Dave

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Whatever for? Everything said is the truth and LP isn’t exactly guiltless herself. Wonder how many copies she’s bought already.

      • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

        Nah I think she just wanted him to read the rant, not to get you spanked (unless that’s something you would want, lol!)

    • burt Says:

      I noticed that – seemed like it was to make him aware of the tweet in case he had missed it. Maybe because Daina had tweeted him again (nothing bad this time)?

      Good luck to him if he has time to wade through our waffle this week, or any time. Are we all meant to say “hello” just in case? I hope Thorazine comes back for the occasion so can raise her numbers issue with him. 😀

      Who is LP anyway? I’m assuming there’s history there? I need some Cooktard Top Trumps, or an amended game of Guess Who? to get me up to speed!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Pictures and bios of the players would be helpful. Might have to do that when I get some time.

        I don’t know what Lyrical Poetic expects, perhaps David recoil in horror from Daina (like he doesn’t already when he sees her) or that RCA will send someone here to spank big meanie me.

      • burt Says:

        Yes, do it! 😉

        I don’t think she (?) hopes anything will happen to you, from looking at er timeline she seems to revel in sending links to various people. Very funny. Just the thought that some of them read this stuff makes me smile.

        (Get better soon by the way, FDC! :))

      • Jen Says:

        I’ve always thought LP was on our side. Wasn’t she the one who sent the link to Andrew about Scott?

        Screencaps of these people’s “misdeeds” would be fun too. I have a couple of people shit-talking Andrew and Neal’s gf, Kira.

      • w.dark Says:

        Isn’t she that crazy Celine chick who was stalking Neal and tweeting him some really bizarre (and threatening) crap once upon a time? Jesus – is she still at it? If ever there was anyone in need of lithium…

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        That’s it!! Tard-cards! A collectable card game with faces, bios & “best tweets” or “fav posts”. You can try to collect the whole set, trade with your friends…

        You could even put the full set in a book, show up at BB to get it signed & sell it to fans for $$$ (oh wait, hasn’t that been done???)

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Tard Cards is actually not too bad an idea..LOL

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        And every pack comes with a piece of gum that leaves a bad taste in your mouth…?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Stale gum that tastes like cardboard!

  15. Ali Says:

    Lol, I’m sure BB was happy to oblige, and give them the better spot side stage haha. I did just notice you posted about that.

  16. Ali Says:

    FDC, I think Jen is right LP just likes to make fun of the tards and she sent the link here to Andrew when we talked about how Scott trashed him. Maybe she noticed Daina deleted it so quick he may not have seen her rant. And now she’s trying to kiss his ass like nothing happened.

    I doubt RCA would give a crap about what people are posting here. But its funny how Dave and Andrew know about it…at least they can see normal fans here who are calling out the tards, though some here may be haters.

  17. Ali Says:

    w.dark, way too many nuts in the DC fandom making fake accounts to know who it is. Some were saying it’s the Celine girl because of the timing of some Neal tweets a while back. But LP doesn’t tweet much about anyone except the tards bizarre behavior and links to sites outing them. Looked at her timeline and she’s only on there occassionally.

  18. SmelledTheCoffee Says:

    Don’t know where to put this, but has anyone seen this yet? Or am i just late to the party?


    • on the edge Says:

      WOW, and I didn’t think the tarddom could get any more fucking idiotic. And I read that for what, a minute? Gotta love how they imply that all the guys are on the “down low” too. I think it’s the tards way of sexualizing them without having to picture them with other women (other than themselves, of course). Either way it’s fucked up.

    • songkat7 Says:

      Unbelievable…and yet not. Still, just when I think it couldn’t get worse, it does.

  19. michele Says:

    That is just… I can’t even…

    The ones with David Archuleta are extremely disturbing. He looks 12!

    Don’t they think about what the guys would think if they saw that? Do they even care?

    Can’t they do this shit in private where there’s no chance of the guys stumbling across it?

    • on the edge Says:

      In their delusional minds they think the guys LIKE it…”ooh, look, we’re SO naughty! Don’t you rock boys like naughty girls?”

      Can I slap them, please?

  20. Ali Says:

    That is so not funny, or sexy, or amusing in anyway. Are these grown ass women behaving like middle school girls online, because it’s unbelievable if these are NOT teens? No words for this fanfic bullshit.

  21. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    No, I’m sure a lot of it is from the usual suspects. The funny thing is – all the time these people spend online tracking minute by minute standings of the single on Mediabase/Yes.com and bitching about what they think David should do and how they think he’s overmanaged and that the label isn’t doing enough to promote him and acting like they are experts on the music industry (I’ve read their tweets, their DCO posts and I work in the music industry – they don’t know shit), is time that could be spent making fliers and promoting his brand/music at other shows and on other message boards. In other words, they could be doing so much more positive for him with the time they spend doing mindless shit like this which drives fans away.

  22. Emerson Says:

    I saw AJ give David a bottle toward the end of the line on BB signing
    because I am sure that David can’t afford to buy his own since they (weeds) clothe, feed and house him. Just another incident of the weeds trying to buy David’s (special) attention. hehehe

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