David Cook Anthemictfln -Sick

Smell The Coffee posted a link in the comments the other day for something I hadn’t viewed before, a Tumblr account filled with photos captioned in some pretty disgusting ways – Anthemictfln. (Warning: view at your own risk)

I don’t quite know what to say except Eeeww! Sample below.

Seriously, who does things like this? Who feels the need to be so disrespectful to someone they claim to love? I hope that the people doing this are silly young teenagers but I have a feeling it’s all those panting middle-aged Cooktards doing this stuff while their hubby drinks beer and watches tv. Grow up, seriously, grow up and stop doing disgusting things like this.

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163 Comments on “David Cook Anthemictfln -Sick”

  1. This kid is supposed to be a fan? Ummm…sure.

    Seems she is more interested in rambling on, overusing that juvenile font of hers and thinking it is cool. And ooh aahhh—her vocabulary is so — what’s the word I am looking for? — oh right—LAME.

    She uses words like semen, dick, ass, crotch and the ever so naughty grade school favorite…..PENIS. Oh god, noooooooooooooooo! Not the P-word!!!!!

    Get a life, kid. Or better still, how about a bit of parental supervision and a job at McDonald’s. I am sure there’s a dishrag with your name on it just waiting to hear some of that saucy shit from that tiny brain of yours.

    What an ass.

  2. bibble Says:

    There are a load of tumblrs that do that, for various celebs, they take texts from


    hence the TFLN thing, and attach them to pictures they feel are illustrative.

    I think it’s supposed to be funny.

  3. nerdgirl Says:

    Unfortunately, her mother is too busy posting on David Cook fan boards. So, no parental supervision…

  4. Karen D Says:

    This is not a child or middle aged woman. It’s a cute twenty-something girl that is obsessed with “slash”

    • freedavidcook Says:

      The disturbing thing is that she’s not the only one doing that sick stuff. Slash makes no sense involving known heterosexuals. I did laugh at the “Morman Handjobs” one. Big ‘Moran’ can’t spell.

  5. Ali Says:

    Those tumblrs are so dumb no comments needed lol!

    So any updates on how David’s new cd is doing? Any tour news etc…I’m not even keeping up now that I’ve actually heard the music but I’m curious to his plans for touring, and who he will open for etc. Some of the bands who opened for him are pretty big now so maybe they will return the favor?

    • Thorazine Says:

      Happy to fill you in! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Debuted w/46k, 46K after all that radio station appearance, Idol, Itunes, Today Show, Walmart soundcheck promo. An 83% drop off ( he and Archuleta, as predicted, have the biggest decreases thus far for alums w/2nd CD’S) from his debut week sales (280k+) for the 1st CD – massive B.O.M.B. as predicted… The only folks buying this turd were his tards, cause after hitting a peak of #4 on Itunes, it has begun a sharp decline down the charts, when others dropping the same week have managed to stay visible in the upper regions of sales there. Folk on yes.com were discussing how embarrassed they were to admit how many copies they bought – the highest I saw was someone w/7, lolol… Like an ugly kid, this is a CD only a Cooktard can love, or stand to listen to. They crow about it receiving good reviews… from where?, besides Idol butt kissing blogs, or small time internet mags and blogs like EW, MTV (which doesn’t play music or videos much at all, so how relevant are their opinions). Where are the reviews or Buzz from Rolling Stone, Spin, NYTimes, LATimes, Variety, etc. A lot of these folk have cut their music/entertainment staff/departments, but surely if the music or Cook had managed to resonate or connect to people outside his Idol base, they would have deigned to have done a review… Regardless how the Tards try to spin this shit CD into some kind of Golden/ masterpiece /epic, its numbers do not reflect that, nor is there any indication they are going to get better. Yep, those Cooktard reality checks were mailed out last week, and there are more to come, lol. Stick around, dear readers, the fun has just begun. ๐Ÿ™‚ His delusional ‘can’t handle the truth’ (tm Jack Nicholson) tards are going to give us lots of laughs as the reality of Cook’s flop begins to reverberate, and becomes more un-spinable, lol…

      Can’t wait to see what entertainment the next wave of CD releases from anyone not named Kelly/Carrie/Daughtry will bring. Methinks they will be the only alums w/ ongoing viable careers as recording artists as 2011 winds down… we shall see ๐Ÿ™‚

      • nerdgirl Says:

        Was’t Cook on the cover of the “Rolling Stone”? I guess this love didn’t last too long.

      • nerdgirl Says:


      • Emerson Says:

        Before you cat like you know everything maybe you better start do some homework.


        That is the way the music industry is now.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Poor, poor David. He made the top 40 albums in the 8/4 issue of Rolling Stone. He must be heartbroken that he’s doing so poorly.

        PS- I read that article too Emerson. Very interesting. The music industry is changing rapidly.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Oops. Forgot to say he’s #26 at Rolling Stone.

  6. MmmmBop Says:


  7. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    So wait, we know who created that dumb tumblr?

  8. MmmmBop Says:

    You know, Thorazine, I’m not Cook fan by any means, but I don’t get your enjoyment with his less than stellar debiut.
    It is what it is, no reason to spill all the venom.
    I wonder whose fan are you? Former Claymate??

    • Burt Says:

      There’s no point asking. Several of us have been through this and it’s beyond tiresome – Thorazine turns up, spouts shit, riles people, won’t answer questions, then disappears for a while. What a great existence. Once again, “”she” (is it a female?) just sounds bitter, twisted and more than a little stupid.

      I can’t be bothered to go through the figures again or answer all parts of the post, and this fan isn’t going to “spin” anything but if anyone is interested in the truth go look up chart positions and sales compared to other artists that week (or just this year). In the current climate he actually did OK. Whether that carries on remains to be seen – I expect it will go down simply because he’s not done as much promotion this week. But it’s not all about numbers and reviews during the first 2 weeks alone – he has a long road ahead.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        I believe that this year we should get new albums from Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Jordin Sparks, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen (did I miss anybody?).
        I wonder if Thorazine will do such an extensive research every single time, or did she exhausted her energy on Cookie?
        As I said before, I’m no Cook’s fan, but I don’t get any enjoyment from trashing someone.
        Even Xtina flopped with her last album and mighty JLo didn’t do much better. Gaga’s new album after its great 99 cents opening is in the free fall. There is no guarantee for success.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Doesn’t help that some of the music on Gaga’s new CD sounds derivative either. The music business is in kind of a slump it seems. I think the economic meltdown is making everyone nervous to spend any money.,

        Haven’t looked at the sales figures for Cook’s release yet.

  9. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    He’s number 7 on the Billboard 200 chart right now. Debuted high in both internet and digital album sales. Single sales went up. Got positive press from Rolling Stone mag. I had no idea MTV wasn’t still a veritable source of music news and information (sarcasm. It still is, dumbass). As Burt said, I could sit here and tell you how he did exceptionally well for this release, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to change your mind, and I am more than okay with that.

  10. Ali Says:

    That’s better than I thought he would do wilcois, which in todays music industry is saying something, as well as him having the stigma as being an idol alum. I may not care for the direction he took with his music, but will be happy for him if he can do what he loves and make a living at it. No small task these days.

  11. Fredi Says:

    Debuted w/46k, 46K after all that radio station appearance, Idol, Itunes, Today Show, Walmart soundcheck promo. An 83% drop off ( he and Archuleta, as predicted, have the biggest decreases thus far for alums w/2nd CD’S) from his debut week sales (280k+) for the 1st CD – massive B.O.M.B. as predicted… The only folks buying this turd were his tards, cause after hitting a peak of #4 on Itunes, it has begun a sharp decline down the charts, when others dropping the same week have managed to stay visible in the upper regions of sales there. Folk on yes.com were discussing how embarrassed they were to admit how many copies they bought – the highest I saw was someone w/7, lolol… Like an ugly kid, this is a CD only a Cooktard can love, or stand to listen to. They crow about it receiving good reviews… from where?, besides Idol butt kissing blogs, or small time internet mags and blogs like EW, MTV (which doesn’t play music or videos much at all, so how relevant are their opinions). Where are the reviews or Buzz from Rolling Stone, Spin, NYTimes, LATimes, Variety, etc. A lot of these folk have cut their music/entertainment staff/departments, but surely if the music or Cook had managed to resonate or connect to people outside his Idol base, they would have deigned to have done a review… Regardless how the Tards try to spin this shit CD into some kind of Golden/ masterpiece /epic, its numbers do not reflect that, nor is there any indication they are going to get better. Yep, those Cooktard reality checks were mailed out last week, and there are more to come, lol. Stick around, dear readers, the fun has just begun. His delusional ‘can’t handle the truth’ (tm Jack Nicholson) tards are going to give us lots of laughs as the reality of Cook’s flop begins to reverberate, and becomes more un-spinable, lol…

  12. on the edge Says:

    BTW, completely and totally aside…what IS that mascot supposed to be? I think a lion, but crossed with a…sea monkey? Like a mountain lion, a sea monkey and a Burger King crown got caught in a transporter?

    • burt Says:

      haha I have no idea but I assumed a lion which has a crown kinda built into it’s head. I like your explanation better!

      While I’m here… I was vaguely reading tweets last night when I became aware of hysteria based on David’s Leno performance. Then I realized it was too early for it to have been aired. So why the excitement? Press photos had been released! They were pissing their pants about how hot, amazing, sexy, blah blah blah he and his arms looked. “Oh” I thought, “maybe he’s changed up the hair. Or the clothes. Or perhaps he’s grown amazing steroid-induced muscles. I’ll take a look at the photos.” And what did I see? David looking like… David. In a short sleeved shirt.

      It never ceases to amaze me how worked up they get about photos and their fixation on random body parts (eyelids anyone?) – it was like they’d not seen him for months. I blame his 4 day Twitter “break”. How dare he?!

      • on the edge Says:

        I admit I stayed up for it (mainly because I was already watching for Craig Ferguson, and wanted to watch Fallon after for Blake Shelton). Really, David sounded flat, and the best part of the show was Craig giving Rose Byrne a lapdance.

        Yeah, if I hear “arm porn” one more time I’m gonna scream. It was cute at first and I’m guilty of liking it in the beginning, but now I want him to get full on sleeve tattoos to piss the tards off.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        “arm porn”? Ugh! Triple UGH!

        This is even worse than the Rick Springfield tards inflicted on me the other night. They coulda easily been Cooktards by the way they acted and dressed. But no one mentioned ‘arm porn’

  13. Dani Says:

    Ha that’s so funny FDC, I just came back from lunch with an old friend who LOVES Rick Springfield and just met him for the first time at a book signing. I’ll have to tell her that he has tards too~she’s listened to my Cook stories for years now, maybe she can start tarding for Rick lol. At least he’s closer to her age than Cook is to most of his.

  14. Jen Says:

    Do we think this is the new DCU?: http://mrdavidcookfreedom.forumotion.com/login

    It was linked in the comments of a backstage video from Leno like they used to do with DCU.

    Our pal Scott was of course at Leno. He’s been at every single tv show taping in LA I think.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      It some of the old members of DCU sans Holly Sockpuppets. I’ve heard about it.

      Of course Scott was there!! He’s also claiming the smile and wink David gave was to someone is his crowd. Ugh.

    • Dani Says:

      “Mr. David Cook Freedom”? Isn’t that sort of plagerizing the name here???

  15. Who is Molly Gentry and why is she Cook’s latest Defender?


    @thedavidcook With so much disrespect from your fans, please don’t feed their egos and give them any information.about 2 hours agovia webReply

    @thedavidcook Your “fans” at DWoP at DCO also think you’re lying to them when you say that you’re finalizing tour plans.about 2 hours agovia web


    @thedavidcook I’m sorry for the disrespect you are getting on DWoP at DCO. Your so called fans believe that you don’t run your career.about 2 hours agovia web


    @thedavidcook See @its_me_becky timeline to see what utter fan disrespect is. Apparently she knows better than you or your team. Hire her!12:46 PM Jul 11thvia web


    @thedavidcook For your sake, I wish the whining would stop! Your fans are sycophants, selfish, not trusting and quick to blame. I’m so sorry

    Do I smell a Sock Puppet?

  16. Karen D Says:

    Nah, she’s a long time wack job. LOL

  17. SeenTheLight Says:

    Are fans really that bored that now some of them are spreading the rumor through direct messages and their locked twitter accounts on twitter claiming that David is engaged? Lee is the one who supposely got engaged to his actress girlfriend this past weekend.

    • Jen Says:

      I haven’t seen anything about him being engaged but I’m seeing plenty of speculating that his “living life” tweet from today means he has a girlfriend. How and why you would leap that far I don’t know.

      • burt Says:

        I find that leap weird too, Jen. It could be because he’s seemingly stopped answering the “are you single?” question in interviews. I’ve not seen/heard them all (it seems weird to watch them all and I just don’t have time to keep up even if I wanted to) but I’ve seen him dodge it a couple of times and say dating is “complicated”. Somehow, they’ve taken this as confirmation that he is definitely dating someone (maybe because he used to answer and say he was single?) so I guess they’re now waiting for some big announcement. I don’t know if he is, or isn’t. And if he is, it doesn’t mean it’s serious. And if it is, well, so what? But ultimately, someone not talking about that part of their life doesn’t mean anything one way or another. Except if you’re busy trying to interpret things from silence. And God knows, these fans are great at that!

        Maybe I’m not a big enough fan to understand his secret messages or his special language but to me, saying that you’re “out and about living life” doesn’t equal “hey everyone, I admit I have a girlfriend, sorry I’ve been quiet but I’ve been busy porking her and stuff”. But maybe that’s just me.

      • Jen Says:

        He hasn’t even been asked lately I don’t think and he’s been giving the same sort of dodging answer since he and Kim Caldwell broke up. I really doubt he’d think now would be a good time to take a break and spend some time with a girlfriend, you know? It’s just a ridiculous leap to make, especially because you know in this fandom it will catch and spread like wildfire for no reason.

        I agree his silence is a little odd given the timing but just last week Scott et al were bitching about it and then David tweeted he was filming something and was going to be on Leno so who knows what he’s got in the works.

      • burt Says:

        He’s definitely been asked recently while he was promoting the record. He’s so vague and looks so uncomfortable that it makes me wonder why interviewers aren’t told to avoid the subject.

        You know, Scott actually made a good point last week. The usual suspects on Twitter seem intent on making David a wordwide superstar yet his own actions are that of someone who isn’t interested in that level of fame. He’s not getting his face out there at any opportunity and never was. Even now when he’s in promotion phase (or at least was) he’s often not promoting his own work, let alone just being “present” to fans or Twitter followers. If he doesn’t want it then fine (and good for him because IMO no good comes from the Gaga level of fame) but I wish the fans would adjust their expectations accordingly and relax a little.

        I noticed the “where is he?” bitching last week but on that occasion, I saw their point because it was so soon after the release. It was good that he did then tweet with details and it serves as a reminder that none of us know what’s going on or what the plans are but silence just makes them paranoid. I wish (for his sake) that he wouldn’t play into it when he could easily shut them up by tweeting any crap. I’d love to know if someone nudges him to tweet or if he reads the moaning and thinks he’d better shut them up! It’s no wonder he often describes Twitter as a “double edged sword”.

        And by the way, did anyone see his tweet about how many copies each follower should buy? I assume it was a joke but I’m surprised it didn’t cause upset. I guess they were too busy listing how many copies they had. 10 was the highest I saw. 10! *hides away my one copy*

      • Jen Says:

        I understood their point about him not being visible too but I don’t like the assumption that he’s sitting around with his thumb up his ass, you know? Just because we don’t know about it doesn’t mean stuff isn’t happening and they don’t seem to get or like that.

      • burt Says:

        Yeah, you’re totally right. None of us know what the plans are or what he’s working on. Just because he’s not “out there” at any given moment doesn’t mean he isn’t working on something to be “out there” soon. I wish they understood that too.

        Looks like they are distracted with VH1 voting now anyway.

      • on the edge Says:

        I read between the lines of his “living life” tweet, and it was along the lines of “…and you should too.” No seriously, I didn’t think too much of it, but now that you have me thinking, maybe it was a snarky retort along the lines of “DAMN you fans need to go out and get lives.”

      • Jen Says:

        Ha, I’d agree with you there. I wonder if he saw the fans angsting and was like STFUUUUU. lol

    • burt Says:

      Ah, I wondered what all the crazy DMing was about! Someone else started the rumor – I did some digging and it looks like a twitter account was set up specifically. They posted “details” of being on vacation at the same hotel as David and his family, mentioned seeing him with a girl who was wearing an “engagement type ring” and a family meal that could have been an engagement celebration but despite claiming to have taken photos they have not posted any proof. I thought everyone was assuming it was fake so I wonder if the DMing might have been to stop the story spreading. I’m not part of the “gang” though so who knows what they are saying in private!

      Apparently there was also a rumor that he died. I missed that one.

      He did tweet earlier and didn’t really say much so of course everyone is reading between the lines. A lot of speculation seems to be that his tweet is somehow him confirming he has a girlfriend. All very weird. I think maybe he needs to be more direct sometimes when it comes to dispelling these stories because they just read more into it. Maybe there is more to read into it. Maybe he’s playing with them. I don’t know and I’m not sure I really care but it’s fun to observe!

      I have to say, his silence in recent weeks is odd given that he has an album to promote. I assume he’s busy and as we all know he’s private but it is weird to not be tweeting much at an important time – he doesn’t always have to say where he is, what he’s doing or who he’s with after all. But I don’t think the silence means he’s off getting married or anything, I just can’t imagine him letting a personal relationship take time away from his career. Which sounds like I think he’s cold, I don’t at all but he seems driven and like he wants to make this record a success so I just can’t see him getting married etc now. Does anyone else find it all a bit weird?

      Oh to be a fly on the wall sometimes… ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Karen D Says:

    I haven’t heard anything about an engagement. Burt, what is the twitter with the rumors?

    • Karen D Says:

      Nevermind, I found it.

      • Jen Says:

        Wait, I didn’t. lol Want to send the link along?

      • burt Says:

        Jen – search Twitter for the obvious word combinations and you’ll find it. I don’t want to post a link because a) I don’t want to give the person attention or spread the story b) I’ve seen the press actually quote Twitter as fact without checking so I wouldn’t want anyone reporting it having found the link here.

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah, I don’t know why I asked for the direct link because I feel that way too. I didn’t find it earlier but I did now. That’s just weird. This would be a stupid time for a vacation lol.

      • burt Says:

        Yep, seems all wrong to me but then I’ve no idea what his schedule is like or what is coming up. I just can not imagine anyone recommending he take off right now to embark on a massive life changing event. Or that he would think it’s a good time.

        Maybe something else major is going on. That’s something that makes me mad about the usuals on Twitter, there’s rarely a thought about whether everything is OK with him and the people around him (unless there’s a death rumor) – it’s just all “where are you? Why aren’t you tweeting? We miss you.” etc.

        Anyway, I guess time will tell. Or maybe not seeing as he doesn’t seem to like clearing up rumors. That’s if he even knows about them because to assume he does surely means he’s checking Twitter (and reading people’s timelines because often things aren’t discussed with his name) even when he’s apparently having a break from it. As amusing as that may be, I’m sure he has better things to do. The other option is someone is feeding them to him but if he’s taking a break would they really interrupt with tales from Twitter?

        It all seems very weird to me right now in David Cook land. Interesting times could be ahead!

      • Jen Says:

        There’s rumors that Lee Dewyze got engaged too I guess so maybe some wires got crossed? I don’t know.

  19. Ali Says:

    I understand the curiosity factor by a fan of any celebrity Burt, but why does it matter if he’s dating, engaged, married…to the usual suspects they would be jealous because it’s not them lol. But the timing is unlikely like you said. If he has a love interest, he doesn’t need to say anything to anyone, but I agree she wouldn’t cause him to loose focus on his career at such an important time.

    It seems the Anthemic are going about there own separate projects, so who knows when the “tewer” will happen. I’m hoping he opens for someone like The Script because I’m a huge fan.

  20. It's Me Says:

    Deadpool on when he’s dropped: by end of September.

    • Ali Says:

      Who Cook? Nah…most artist aren’t selling music these days. It’s all free now lol! I have no sympathy for the record labels who screwed consumers and artist since the beginning. And now they are all poo pooing that free internet music stole there fortunes lmao!

      I feel bad for the artist though…David won’t be dropped yet.

  21. orange.blossom Says:

    It all seems kind of odd to me. Apparently the account claiming to have seen him was just created yesterday. Why would someone who is supposedly staying in the same hotel as him create a new account to post about her observations? Kind of weird.

  22. Thorazine Says:

    Cook’s fanbase is imploding from the angst, worry and inevitable uncertainty about his career resulting from the flop of his debut single and now the CD. DCO has been a hotbed of fan sniping and infighting this past week, the usual suspects trying to deflect attention any which way they can way from the fact that Cook’s grand experiment called TLM has FLOPPED. If they could just say the word, it may be the start of a good thing. Bring Cook down off that false pedestal they have placed him on for 3 years, and bring him back into the realm of reality that includes criticism and real scrutiny of him and his work. Sometimes it takes failure or setbacks to put things into clearer perspective. If so, then the debacle of this sophomore CD and single debut can be a learning experience for all involved, but I doubt that it will. The very real possibility he could be dropped or relegated to 2nd class citizen status by his label would send many of them over the edge I fear – but that is the reality all artists face when they don’t perform or sell to expectation. It’s ‘what have you done for me lately’ in the music business – not many can rest on what they did 3 years ago, or count on 1 million cd’s sold 3 years ago to be a safety net today. The tards will continue making a fool of themselves, and by extension Cook, which will just make for more entertainment as we watch them implode day by day. It’s been what 3 weeks since the CD dropped, and the most chatter and buzz in the tarddom is about a rumored/alleged girlfriend, and not about the music, appearances, tour dates or anything remotely related to the music?

    • nerdgirl Says:

      Cook would benefit greatly from having a girlfriend as it may help to eliminate at least some of the crazy fans who think that they have a chance with him. Plus, it may help Cook to lighten up a bit: he just seems so serious all the time.

      • burt Says:

        Nerdgirl you have a point about his seriousness but to me he seems more serious now than before so if he does have a girlfriend I’m not sure what it says. Obviously he would be different in his personal life and I hope he has plenty of fun but in public lately he does seem more serious and guarded. It’s weird because he can seem very laid back and funny in an interview where he also seems very serious so maybe it’s tiredness or pressure that we see as him being serious, or perhaps he’s just changed with age or experience. I think maybe his styling hasn’t helped because at times it’s been very formal.

        Or maybe none of that is right. I feel like I’m just generalizing now!

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        No it won’t. They will either A.) Say it’s not serious and it’s just for sex or B.) Try to find out as much about the girl as possible and ruin shit for him, because that’s what they always do with any girl he’s associated with, from what it seems.

    • burt Says:

      Did someone say something?

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        Maybe after 2 or more weeks/months doing interviews, promos, concerts, press releases etc, he was tired & actually took a few days off to rest and have a life before the next phase of work (tour maybe) starts. Everyone deserves a short vacation. Maybe he’s seeming serious sometimes because he’s darned exhausted.

        I hadn’t noticed that he’d disappeared until I read it here because I stopped reading his twitter timeline (same people saying same things over & over).

        And after some of the things I’ve read on here that fans have done to past girlfriends, any girl dating him now should ask him not to mention it. Must be scary to think what his fans might do if they find out your name.

        I imagine “gosh Dave I like you but please can we not be seen in public, your fans freak me out”… or something like that.

        Does anyone know if Lee’s girlfriend gets the tard treatment that other idol’s (incl DC) got? I hope not, he seems to really like her ;according to his tweets).

  23. MmmmBop Says:

    I don’t follow David’s career and even less his love life, but I want to ask you a question and expect an honest answer.
    Do you think that David have ever left American Idol bubble? Does he have significant number of fans outside The Bubble? If Google is any indicator of buzz surrounding person, there is none. Buzz, I mean.
    Maybe he should start from scratch, he is really talented dude and with right music he might do really well.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      MmmmBop, to answer you, no….I think he’s still stuck in the Idol bubble. I think Idol can give you a great audience for awhile until they move on the to next Idol (not all fans, but a lot do). On his first tour there were people in the audience yelling for him to do some of the songs he sang on Idol and they were disappointed that he didn’t. I suspect those people won’t be going to his shows on this tour. There’s also a sense that Idols are sell-outs and didn’t earn their place. In all reality, as you probably know, they have. This is actually Cook’s tenth CD. His second after Idol. Have you checked out his previous work? If you’re interested it’s all over youtube. He was first in a band called Axium and then did a solo CD called Analog Heart. He was also in a band called MWK except he was the backup singer and his backup singer that is in his band now was the lead singer. A lot of his fans feel that if RCA wouldn’t try to fit him in the “Pop” or HAC genre, he’d be more true to himself and would do better. We’ll probably not find out until it happens though.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Thanks. One day I might check his pre-Idol music.
        With the exception of 17-year olds everybody on Idol was busting their asses for years, before they used Idol as a platform, so I don’t buy the “sell-out” meme.I don’t believe that someone was basically singing in the shower and one day decided to audition for AI to achieved an undeserved fame.
        Even some very young like Allison Iraheta started at very early age, I don’t know much about this year crop of Idolettes.(Scotty, Lauren)
        With the exception of Kelly, Carrie , Daughtry and maybe (very much maybe) Adam most of the Idols never left the Idol bubble. Jennifer Hudson is a different animal, she is basically known for her movie work.
        But this is JMO.

    • Burt Says:

      I don’t think there’s any doubt he hasn’t left the bubble – the single he did for them and numerous appearances mean that he stays within it but I get the feeling that’s how he likes it. He seems very loyal to them for the chances he got as a result of the show. As for the fans, I don’t know how to judge it really. If you go by Twitter then he’s got a lot of interested people that are probably not all from Idol. I don’t know how many of his fans are still there from Idol days or how many are new. How can we judge? There’s just no way to know exactly who bought the new record.

      As Nonna says, people assume anyone on Idol has not earned their place which is such an ignorant way to think but it can’t easily be changed. I noticed that he’s been emphasizing his pre-Idol albums in recent interviews which I think he needs to do. And I don’t think he’s ALWAYS introduced as an Idol these days but it definitely does happen a lot and it gets brought up in interviews sometimes more than what he’s doing now.

      But then without Idol, who can say where he would be? It’s all so difficult to judge. As I’ve said before, a lot of people assume his latest record isn’t “him” but everything I’ve seen indicates he was totally involved and he seems strong-willed so I wish people would accept he could have just changed and that maybe he’s aiming at more mainstream sounds because he understands it might sell more. As I was saying earlier, there’s also the question of how big he actually wants to be. We have no idea.

      Man, I feel like I’m rambling today!

  24. Learning Says:

    Some have gone on to have music careers: Bucky Covington and Mandissa from season 5 come to mind. But they aren’t superstars. I was pretty dense but the Paulagate episode made it sink in – AI has nothing to do with reality.

    At least Cook likely made a lot of money as winner. He can get some time to figure out which direction to go next.

    • MmmmBop Says:

      The fact that you misspelled Mandisa name, shows that she is rather unknown. She had some success in her niche market but that’s all. Kellie Pickler is quite popular as a country singer, but outside of country genre she is virtually unknown..And she is also a cute blonde with fake boobs.Most of the Idol alumni are better off financialy right now than before, doing little gigs here and there. And yes, Cookie has some nice financial cushion, good for him, maybe his third album will do better. The problem is, he might not have a chance to produce his third album with RCA.

      • Burt Says:

        Well it’s not all over for his second album yet, is it? See, I think part of the problem is people writing Idol people off before they’ve had the chance to do anything. People also make assumptions on the music without actually listening to it and I’m convinced if people heard some of it (not just Cook) without knowing the Idol connection they would like it much more.

        Back to David Cook… his first RCA album sold well and his second sold well within the climate it was released. He got a decent amount of promo and only last week was on Leno so it’s not like he’s struggling to get on decent shows. Things have gone quiet since then (rightly or wrongly and for whatever reason – I don’t manage his career but I like to think he and his management know what they’re doing!) and the hardcore fans are impatiently waiting for tour news but these things take time to set up. There will be a tour, of that I’m sure – playing live is what he’s about. How well he’ll do, who it will be with and whether the current fans agree with it all remains to be seen but the second record is far from done and regardless of chart positioning (I say that because it would take big sales all at once to see a rise again) there will be chances for him to sell the record in the future – it’s not all about the first week or month of sales, they’ll look at overall sales during the entire time he promotes it and if he gets his way with touring, the end of that promotion time is way off.

      • Learning Says:

        “The fact that you misspelled Mandisa name,”….

        Shows that I don’t know how to spell. In her market I think she is doing okay. Which is great for her.

        Bucky evidently did quite well his first album -he was then dropped but evidently he is doing other things. Better than being unemployed in NC. But you are correct the vast majority will never be superstars.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Burt, you spoke like a true fan.
        From your lips to God’s ears.

      • burt Says:

        I spoke as someone who is realistic about the music business – just because I’m not all doom and gloom doesn’t mean I’m a deluded fan. I don’t deny I am a fan of Cook’s music but I’m a sensible, realistic one who forms my own opinions with the facts available.

        My comments would apply to any album or artist (Idol related or not) that had performed the same. The success of a record is simply not judged on one single and/or first week sales alone, especially if the artist is one who likes to tour extensively (that’s where a lot of money is to be made). People like to write off an artist if they fail to live up to their expectations but a record label has different expectations and it’s them who make the judgement call on whether they keep the person/band. Other people can make judgements, and that’s fine, but you should be realistic and look at it all in context. In Cook’s case (because he was the original person you asked the question of), a lot of money will have been spent making the record so they won’t give up yet and that’s why it’s too soon for you to be talking about whether his third album “will do better”, let alone who it will be released by.

        And I was also in part answering your original question. If you did not want to hear people’s “honest answers” (including people you know are fans) why bother asking? I love it when someone reads an answer and the retort is basically “oh but you’re a fan”. So what?

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Burt, my question had nothing to with sales. I asked if you think that Cook left Idol bubble.
        “You” = meant all Cookie fans, not specifically you.
        Somehow it ended up as a discussion about his album. Don’t get so defensive.

      • burt Says:

        OK fair enough. I wasn’t being defensive but was just trying to explain myself a little more.

  25. Jen Says:

    Seems Scott is unhappy with David “living life”…

    • Ali Says:

      Lol Jen, Scott and his pals are all hypocrites. They really don’t want him to be successful or a superstar because then he wouldn’t need there sorry ass fanship! Sounds like whoever retweeted got Scott’s panties all waded up. Love it! As for the photo’s they think there photo’s shouldn’t be copied even though they post them all over the internet! As if anyone really cares except his little ott fanbase. Really, musicians are getting there livlihood’s stolen on the internet and don’t bitch and moan as much as these loosers!

      I think Scott is the one doing the masturbating to the “arm porn” and “package” lmao!

  26. nonna-muss Says:

    I hate him and all of his “followers”. WeeHoleScott tweeted this.

    “Living Life as a grocery bagger. That’ll sell albums.”

    With David’s bestest fans replying:

    “practice for his future profession.”

    “A little too much “friendly neighborhood” and not enough “rockstar”.

    Someone just retweeted it to David. There’s a-gonna be a twitter brawl tonight. Also, now for some reason Twitter is telling me Wehoscott is a user that doesn’t exist.

    This group of fans diss all other fans and claim themselves to be David’s favorite (remember Scott’s pal AnodyneJunkie’s dissertation on how they’ve fed, clothed and housed Cook.) They are the ones that look down their snoots at others. They are the ones that call Andrew a douche bag and say that he lives like a sponge off of David. They are the ones who think their shit doesn’t stink. They are the ones that would piss themselves to get one inch closer to David and the band. They constantly pick at what they consider his weaknesses and bemoan the fact that he doesn’t do what they want him to do. They are the ones who make all of David’s other fans ill.

    • Jen Says:

      Oooh I can’t decide if I should yikes or lol at the retweet.

      And agreed on everything in this comment, Nonna.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        WeeHole keeping it klassy with a kapitol K.

        His response to the person that retweeted to Cook:

        “Oh yeah. Really scared of you. Like the man even gives a shit. Go nurse your yeast infection, fuck wad.”

        “I’m sure you’re at home masturbating to the many photos you stole from other fans on the web. #sadsack”

        Fight! Fight! Fight!

      • Jen Says:

        Wow, so he’s a misogynist too, good to know.

        And it didn’t look like there were even that many tweets on that account so I don’t get what he’s talking about with the picture stealing. As if picture stealing is the worst thing a person could do too, Jesus.

    • Ali Says:

      I replied above on Jen’s, but meant to be here on Nonna’s lol. Now let me go check twitter lol.

    • Thorazine Says:

      I expect WeeholeScott’s meltdown to be the worst, and most entertaining of all to watch. This is the blowhard that has obnoxiously and arrogantly been living in a land of delusion regarding his importance in the fandom, and to Cook, the longest. He is now faced with the object of his obsession being labeled a flop, all his lies and pronouncements of superstardom for Cook are coming back to make him look like THE biggest fool ever. “Nobody sells David Cook like David Cook” (TM), huh Weehole? More like “nobody is buying what David Cook is selling” – which is indisputably obvious looking at the numbers. even David Cook must be like bitter ashes in his big mouth right now. So typical of this type of person to begin lashing out at Cook like the little bitch I wager he is, in an effort to save face. Maybe now David will finally find the courage to tell this pathetic little wannabe starfucker to fuck off, and take his ragtag pack of minions w/him.

      • Ali Says:

        I gotta admit you got Scott dead on right! He’s in meltdown phase…shameless, as he is a legit producer or news editor at CBS. What do you think his colleagues would think of his little online activities and David Cook obsession? Strange.

    • burt Says:

      haha! These Twitter wars are funny. Looks like there was another “incident” where someone tweeted something @ David and then got shit from other fans. Like he doesn’t get shit tweeted at him all day long.

      How did that photo start them off anyway? Even if it weren’t from filming who decided David “living life” means he can’t go shopping, or help someone out? I guess Scott is pissed that David is seemingly taking time out but even the LA contingent don’t know what’s happening despite them thinking they’re part of the gang. I suppose at least Scott does criticize unlike some who are full-on with positive comments all the time but really, that’s not the way to do it and he just comes off as a hypocrite when he is kissing David’s ass again (not literally, that’s just in his dreams). It’s not like it’s the first time this has happened but man, it’s always so funny especially when it starts from literally nothing.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Someone summed it up well in this tweet to WeeHole:

        “There’s a difference between snark & entitled, disrespectful & uninformed douchebaggery.”

        Of course Scott’s minions were telling him how wonderful he is. Such high school bullshit for a middle aged man and women. Don’t they have something else they can focus on?

        I also agree with Burt. Just because they don’t know what he’s doing they assume it’s nothing. There’s been a number of times that Cook is quiet and suddenly red carpet photos show up of him at various events. It seems like this time though he took a little break and was enjoying himself. Doesn’t he know he’s not allowed to do that??? What on earth is he thinking?? I mean, he won Idol, toured with Idol, recorded an album, promoted the album, toured for a year, immediately started a new album the day after his tour ended, is promoting the album and preparing to go on tour again. Why does he need a vacation from work?? Isn’t he supposed to be at the fans beck and call? Apparently Scotty and his friends think he should be. These people need to get a life!

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        Unfortunately, what Scott doesn’t seem to realize, or want to acknowledge, is that he was filming a bit for Vevo which is partnered with YouTube and makes a shit ton a year and offers great exposure. READ: HE WAS WORKING. Just because he’s not pandering to Scott’s delusions that they’re BFF doesn’t mean he’s gone underground.

        People don’t seem to realize what goes on behind the scenes for an artist, particularly an artist that WANTS to be involved with every step of the process of a new album coming out. There’s SO much pre-planning, planning, executing, tweaking, rerouting….it doesn’t all happen right in front of you. Just because there’s not a promo appearance doesn’t mean he’s dicking around. And maybe he DID indeed get a break with his family for a bit, take the time in between now and assisting with tour plans and preparations, before things get busy again. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t try to see family and friends in that situation.

  27. Ali Says:

    It seems Daina91880 is now tweeting Blake Shelton lol..Maybe David is finally rid of this weirdo!

    • on the edge Says:

      Now I feel bad for Blake Shelton…though if I were Daina I wouldn’t want to piss Miranda Lambert off.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Blake Shelton is sharp, sarcastic and not so nice as Cook. If Daina has turned her blathering bullshit tweeting to him I predict a skewering at some point.

  28. nonna-muss Says:

    Attention! Attention! This just in from Weehole:

    “I will be doing a mass unfollowing & limited blocking today…….I need to thin out my timeline.”

    Of course this is tard speak for “I’ve been busted and pissed a ton of people off and David might find out and he won’t like me anymore”

    • Jen Says:

      Aaaand now he’s protected again. lol

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Too bad he’s a day late and a dollar short. Luckily we’ve documented it all right here for posterity’s sake. Not to mention most people except for his ass kissers have already seen it and are disgusted by him. Keep adding the fuel to fire Scotty ol’ boy! Then you’ll see how many people really can’t stand you.

      • burt Says:

        lol I was going to predict that earlier when I read he was unfollowing and blocking. You would think he’d learn from past mistakes about tweeting first and getting backlash later. I guess he’ll unlocked as soon as a certain someone is back so he can tweet him. Actually, I’m surprised we’ve not had a visit here yet to put us right.

        It amazes me that things get so crazy just because David Cook goes a bit quiet for a couple of weeks – if you tried to explain it to anyone they would think you were mad. These fans seem so different to others in that rather than talk sensibly about what’s going on with him and why, and whether it’s right or wrong, they create their own drama instead. All very weird.

        On the one hand, I wish David would be a bit more open and not so vague (not that he should have to do either of course) so these embarrassments don’t happen but on the other hand, I do like watching the craziness unfold. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Ali Says:

    How many followers did Scott have before his thinning lol? I see he is protected yet he still has over 1,000 followers. He’s such an attention whore it’s probably hard for him to delete his numbers. It would make him seem “unpopular” haha.

  30. burt Says:

    Also… why are people tweeting him like this is the first time he’s ever left his house and lived his life? Do they think he spends everyday either working or sitting at home being miserable? Isn’t it common sense that he’s actually always out and about enjoying his life in some form or another? Maybe it’s just me but I find all the comments about it really condescending.

  31. ur_kidding Says:

    I admit I am being a bit lazy here by not looking for it, but did anyone here catch the RT that David did of Dave Grohl at some festival? He kicked people out of a show, rather publicly, from the stage, for fighting

    While it may have been simply because it was awesome, but then again, maybe not

  32. Jen Says:

    Of course Scott now has a separate public twitter account. Couldn’t resist being able to tweet the guys I’m sure.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      How would one find such a new twitter account?? I mean, if they were so inclined.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Nevermind! I found it. What a deceiving account name. It implies that he knows something about music or is involved in the West Hollywood music scene. His only involvement is going to shows that he thinks David or friends will be at to stalk them.

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah it does. But he’s always thought he was in the know.

  33. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    What’s the name? I want to read along too!

  34. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Also, I can assure you as someone who is actually apart of a music scene (like, I go to shows for bands that David Cook hasn’t toured with or recommended), a musician and such, that a lot of what Scott purports to be true re: music industry is pretty inaccurate.

    Remember when 3 weeks after the single dropped he was yelling that RCA needed to release a new single ASAP because TLG was tanking? Except that it hadn’t even been AT radio stations available for them to spin for 2 weeks at that point? The guy is a self-important idiot.

    • nerdgirl Says:

      The single tanked though…

    • Ali Says:

      Scott likes to talk out of his ass, then when he’s wrong he just acts like he was misunderstood or some ridiculous excuse. The single tanked, but that doesn’t mean the label will just release another one a couple weeks later lmao!

    • It's Me Says:

      Anyone who believes anything he says is an even bigger idiot

  35. Wilcoisawesome Says:

    Tanked? It’s still getting radio plays. Radio stations in key markets, and stations he has visited for the promo tour have reposted/talked about him on air and linked to the PS22 and other tv appearances. Tell me another artist/idol alumni in his position that is getting radio attention at all? Just because it’s not number one like the fantards predicted doesn’t mean it’s a complete failure. I’m not saying it’s the best song in the world, but it certainly could be doing so much worse.

    • Thorazine Says:

      The song has tanked, big time and very noticeably, with the data to support it. Not a slam or diss – just the facts. One can look it up for themselves if they have any doubt.

      The single has peaked on HAC at #29, has lost its bullet and slipped 2 chart positions, is losing spins daily on some early adopter stations and slowing down in daily spins across other stations that were mainly still spinning it in the late night or non primetime hours, it has not been getting more ads from larger markets, nor have many that have added it upped their spins, it has been MIA from Billboard and the Itunes sales charts for MONTHS – it hasn’t sold enough on a weekly basis since it’s debut download on Itunes week, despite all this promo, to warrant being reported regularly even on his official site.

      It has failed in its job to help drive sales for the CD, and has failed to connect to a larger audience for whatever reason, which has resulted in very poor sales, very poor radio presence, and no sign that it is going to magically turn around. This song has been bandied about as the most radio friendly on the CD…. the one most likely to get any kind of substantial radio play… If so, then that may explain why RCA has shown no sense of urgency in trying to pull it and replace it when it was obvious early on that the song was just not connecting or receiving the kind of response expected on radio, or Itunes. It remains to be seen if they will even release another single. If they do, will they pour the kind of promo support into it that 2nd singles rarely receive after the debut fails.

      No one can honestly say RCA did not support this song, that his mgmt didn’t give it a fighting chance to succeed w/the kind of good promo it received…. the song IMO is bad, it just doesn’t resonate with its intended audience enough to spark the kind of interest needed to help draw interest to the CD enough to drive visibility for it, David and ultimately sales. They have let this single situation linger and flounder too long, and IMO it is too late now for it to be fixed. Hence the implosion and meltdowns from the WeeHoleScotts and others, and more in the days to come as the reality of this eras failure sets in. Their misplaced pride has been hurt, the infallible hero has been shown to have very real feet of clay – just like every other person or singer hustling to have or sustain a career. Cook becomes now just another singer scratching and trying to survive in the music game. His Idol win means and has never meant anything, his prior sales and radio success doesn’t guarantee him anything – music is a ‘what have you done for me LATELY’ game, he and his fans are being schooled/reschooled in the rules of the game.

      • on the edge Says:

        The sad thing is, the single is NOT representative of the album, AT ALL. The rest of the album sounds NOTHING like “The Last Goodbye.” If you listen to the whole album it sticks out like a sore thumb. It is just a BAD song. And the excuse that “well, HAC isn’t playing that type of music” is BULL. 30 Seconds to Mars “Closer to the Edge” is very close in genre, theme, beat, etc. and it’s playing like gangbusters. Hell, his co-writers are doing better on the HAC charts.

        It’s a shame…with the exception of the single, the album is actually really good. But if 99% of music listeners hear that single and believe it’s representative of the whole album, no they won’t buy it. If and when he gets dropped, I will likely still follow him and buy his music because I do like it…at least the stuff he doesn’t write with Tedder.

      • burt Says:

        The gaping hole in your theory is that the single clearly DID lead to album sales because it sold well in it’s first week (say it with me now… when compared to other releases in the same week). I’ve not seen figures for the album after the first week but any drops in sales will largely be because (for whatever reason) he wasn’t out promoting it as much.

        I’ve also not seen data for the single lately but certainly it was doing OK a week or so ago. It’s natural that it will drop off at some point but like Wilcois says, it and him, are still getting attention and again, some drop in sales will be because he’s not been promoting it the last couple of weeks.

        I’m not saying it’s going as well as they’d like – not that we know how well that is – but it’s certainly not as bad as the picture you’re painting. Of course the tards had very high expectations – they’re very invested and he’s their guy – but not meeting those expectations doesn’t mean failure.

        What will be interesting is how RCA build on this and what they choose as the next single and how they go about promoting it.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I think if you look at the whole picture and realize that any album that sells less than 8,000 copies in a week, yet still remains on the Billboard Top 100 gives a picture of the music industry today. A few years ago, an album that sold so few copies couldn’t even touch Billboard.

      • on the edge Says:

        Nonna, the state of the music (heck, the entertainment) industry today is that no one wants to pay for their entertainment…yet they DEMAND to be entertained. Look at how upset folks got over Netflix raising their prices. People would rather steal downloads than save their pennies and buy it. I know someone, an artist and designer, who bitches about spec work and clients who want to see a sample before paying and unpaid internships, and yet she proudly says she doesn’t pay for music or other media…to me she’s an utter hypocrite.

        WOW, sorry to get on the soapbox and go off in a tangent that really had nothing to do with Cook. I was actually thinking of a curse-filled Matt Nathanson Twitter rant.

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        I’m not defending the song as being the best, Thorazine, though I do like it. I can’t say why the rest of the general public doesn’t seem to pick up on it – though I think the biggest factor is that it’s not getting any viable spins – that is spins, as you mentioned, that happen during the day and peak hours (a lot of his spins are over night and early morning spins it seems).
        Despite this though, the facts are the TLG is number 38 on the AC chart right now, up from being #42 last week. On the HAC charts he is #31, was #29 last week. Not bad considering they weren’t even going for adds on the HAC until July 18, but stations added it earlier. His album is number 57 on the Billboard 200 (Itunes sales is just a snippet of the data supplied to Soundscan, which then gets spun into the BB chart. Just because you’re number one on ITunes doesn’t necessarily your album is number one in the country). Not bad. Selena Gomez is doing about the same as David Cook and she’s doing well for herself, touring, etc – why can’t David’s fans be happy that he’s on ANY chart, and doing not too shabbily, considering his die-hards have apparently abandoned him? Remember kids, you don’t have to have a number one album and a number one single to be considered successful.

      • burt Says:

        Because they (apparently) want him to be a superstar and it seems that they are never happy with any chart position unless it’s top. Like you say, you can be successful without being number one on everything and that’s how I see his career really – it’s not a bad thing. He’s successful without overkill and manages to make a living and a name for himself without suffering too much of the paparazzi-style culture that he seems to hate – not exactly a bad life with so many musicians struggling to make ends meet. He’s also doing much better than a lot of other “reality TV singing competition winners” the world over. I wish they could accept his success for what it is, then maybe they wouldn’t be so anxious all the time.

        Speaking of being top of charts, I hope they reach their target with VH1 otherwise nobody will hear the end of it. And for his sake, I hope he thanks them for it if they achieve it. Just imagine if he doesn’t…

        (Thanks to anyone who posted the actual stats for the single and album here – I hadn’t seen them but they make interesting reading.)

  36. Ali Says:

    Omg y’all, head over to twitter and check out a new fake Scott account tweeting David! It seems his haters are on the war path. They even have Scott as there avi. Funny shit

  37. nonna-muss Says:

    Hahaha! I just saw it. Thank you to whoever that is. It gave me my laugh for the day.

    • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

      How did you find this fake account?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Do a search for Wehoscott and you’ll see it in the @replies for him.

      • burt Says:

        That account is funny and I bet he’s fuming.

        I wish they hadn’t tweeted at David though, it kinda makes it look petty. I just imagine him reading thinking “FFS, are these people really my fans? How grown up.” – if he even does read it but, the worry it would put into Scott is funny. I bet the reason he changed his name is so his original comments can’t be traced back to him so easily (even though we all know it’s him).

  38. Thorazine Says:

    The single did nothing, absolutely nothing that lead to increased sales of this CD during its debut week. This CD was frontloaded with preorders and many multiple purchases from his hardcore, already in place fanbase. If you don’t believe that, then his drop off in sales for second and third week would not HAVE BEEN AS STEEP if an audience of casual listeners and buyers outside of his Idol base had heard, liked the single, and liked it enough to download it or draw attention to the CD. His AI (audience impression) has never risen above 1.6 million, which is much too small a radio listening audience to have an impact on sales increases/downloads, as data has shown us in the past.

    All signs were pointing to this debacle in the weeks leading up to the CD debut, but it’s hard to get invested fans to be rational and objective when the numbers or data are not supporting the desired outcome they have in mind. This song has failed to do it’s intended purpose – to pique interest in it, and the CD enough to drive attention and sales from people outside the core base. The album is freefalling, as expected, with nothing promotional in the form of airplay for the lead single on radio or increased sales from CD promo to buttress it. RCA looks to have squandered any windows of opportunity to staunch the bleeding by riding this pony too long, when it was apparent weeks ago that this single was not going to be successful.

    It’s anyone’s guess if they are going to be willing to spend any more effort and money promoting a second single, or how much support they will continue giving the CD before they cut their losses on it, and move on. He like everyone else has to sell and move units to keep the suits and bean counters and the bottom line happy. Regardless how many folk want to romanticize this CD as David making the CD he wanted to make, the commerciality of it and sales be damned! – Bullshit! ๐Ÿ™‚ RCA is not in this for charity, and David has not put together a large enough track record or body of work to be engaging in vanity projects. He may get another bite at the CD apple, but he better put up better numbers, and come with stronger material.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Beyonce’s album came out the same week as Cook’s. Her numbers were higher, yes but her drop in sales percentage wise was very close. The second week she was -64% and Cook was -70%. This week Beyonce was at -52% and Cook was about -58%. Do you see? I realize that you are hyper focused on Cook and are taking great pleasure in what you consider his failure. I wouldn’t want to burst your bubble, but maybe you should look around a little. I have a feeling that RCA looks at all data available and not just the number he sold. If you want to actually sound like you know what you’re talking about, perhaps you should actually know what you’re talking about instead of stating your opinion as fact. Just sayin’.

    • burt Says:

      “The single did nothing, absolutely nothing that lead to increased sales of this CD during its debut week.”

      There’s no way you can prove this because you have no way of knowing how the record would have sold without the single. What we know is that the single did (is doing) OK and the album did OK in it’s first week – the two are connected because the single served as promo for the album in a lot of ways and he performed it during promo for the actual album (as opposed to when he was more focused on promoting just the single) so the logical conclusion is that it did help.

      “This CD was frontloaded with preorders and many multiple purchases from his hardcore, already in place fanbase.”

      So when the pre-order figures were available you were moaning they weren’t high enough but when the album went on to sell thousands more copies you’re saying it was all to do with pre-orders? OK. A lot of hardcore fans did buy multiple copies but that would not amount to the difference between fan pre-sales and the actual sales. He does have a wider group of fans beyond that hardcore Twitter bunch (statistically they actually will be a small minority). Not as many as he wants but they are there. Getting to the wider audience beyond the first week sales… that’s what I mentioned earlier – he wasn’t promoting it as heavily after release date to build on those sales. I don’t understand why and that’s why his apparent break makes no sense to me after all the hard work before release, there will be reasons they haven’t shared and I’m sure they have a plan of action (they may well have accounted for all possibilities before it was even released).

      Nonna’s stats show me that he did better than I thought – Beyonce is a huge star, Cook is not, so in comparison it’s really not all bad. Could it be better? Yes, of course but it’s not the situation you like to claim it is.

      But I know you won’t want to listen to this Thorazine, so maybe it’s easier if we all pretend to agree with you. By the way, you never did tell us why you’re so keen on keeping tabs on someone you apparently hate and want to see fail. I don’t go visiting websites of people I don’t like yet you’ve been to DCO. Maybe you should let the hate go…

    • WilcoisAwesome Says:

      Actually, as a last point to counter this, according to RCA Ed, while there were a lot of preorders from the die hard contingents(about 5000), he did say I believe that a lot of the total sales for the first week were from outside that 1% fanbase.

    • Karen D Says:

      I’m still amazed that someone who so obviously doesn’t like him spends so much time collecting stats so they can come to a blog and post info.

      • nerdgirl Says:

        Well, you don’t like Scott and Marie Ann/Holly etc. and you spend a lot of time posting about them.

      • Ali Says:

        Actually that’s the purpose of this blog nerdgirl, though we can’t help but go off topic lol. This blog is for outing David Cook’s OTT, nutjob fans, or did you not get that memo lol.

      • nerdgirl Says:

        I got the memo.

      • Karen D Says:

        I don’t post here that much.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I agree with you Karen D. It does amaze me how people who don’t like what a blog is about continuously show up and try to stir the shit. They’re on every board. Sometimes it’s best to ignore them and sometimes it’s fun to poke them with a stick. Usually if either happens they disappear the way Thorazine does.

        It amazes me how some fans who have been singing Cook’s praises for the last three years have turned tail on him when they think he’s not doing so well. Fair weather fans I suppose. There are lots of bands I’ve liked/loved for a long time that might come out with something I don’t like. You just continue supporting and hope you like the next body of work more. This seems so do or die with Cook’s fans. The funny thing, actually sad thing is, that when he goes on tour the ones who have lost their shit all over the interwebz will be bullying to get up front.

        On the other hand, I hope all of the ones who have lost it will stay the fuck away and give him room to make new fans. They also need to stop tweeting RCA and shit. They make him look like an ass.

  39. Thorazine Says:

    Has anything I have posited over the course of the last month regarding this single or this CD NOT come to pass? *crickets*

    I have nothing invested in either the success nor failure of this single or CD – just love reading the charts, analyzing the data, and drawing conclusions/basing opinion from that. And thus far, everything I’ve concluded from the data has come to pass. You won’t need me or anyone to remind you how this is going to play out – just keep watching… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • burt Says:

      You might need to brush up on those analytical skills then if you want a fulfilling hobby. Just an idea.

      It’s good that you always make an effort to answer the actual stats and facts when people post them. I mean, you love stats and all so it’s surprising you won’t enter into discussion about them.

      You can come back whenever you want but until you start speaking sense nobody will listen to you.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      So if you love reading the charts and making predictions does that mean you go to other blogs about musicians and make predictions and comments on their sales? How do you think Selena Gomez and the Scenes new CD is doing? What are your predictions for that? Just curious since chart reading seems to be a hobby of yours.

      • nerdgirl Says:

        About Selena Gomez: Her latest album debuted at Number 4 on the Billboard 200, selling 78,000 copies its first week, becoming her highest sales week ever. The following week the album rose to Number 3 on the Billboard chart. The album’s lead single, “Who Says” was certified Platinum by RIAA on June 23, 2011 and has become the bands highest charting song on Billboard to date peaking at number 21.

        I think she is doing great. Each of her albums sold more than the previous one. She has thriving movie career and is not scared of her boyfriend’s crazy fans. David could learn from her.

      • on the edge Says:

        Well I guess we know the real “winner” in all this…Joey Clement. ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Thorazine Says:

    Ta-Ta for now… will check back in a few months to see how things are going ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Thorazine, I know I have called you out in the past, but don’t leave now. I actually agree with a lot of your (valid) points lately. Guess I got tired of drinking the Kool-aid. Some folks just aren’t ready to face the facts that this CD will not be successful and that David is in trouble (he will never be as big as U2…remember when he said that was a goal?). No real appearances, no tour news, other band members doing their own thing, etc…only reason he is on VH1’s Countdown is due to the votes of the OTT fans. So Thorazine, you are not alone in your critique. It would get boring here if you left, and we just had rambling long posts to read.

    • Karen D Says:

      How about you give us some stats on Adele’s “Rolling In the Deep”, which was released in November of 2010 and didn’t become a hit until March-ish. Surely, you can find these if you are so good with stats.

  41. Jen Says:

    I want to state for the record that I think what we do here, calling out bad behavior and what not, is not the same as going onto twitter and harassing someone. I don’t condone bullying, yada yada you know the drill.

    That said, he’s picked on many people so karma’s a bitch. That account is tweeting Andrew and Andy and Neal too so someone is bound to see it. Andrew certainly checks his replies.

    • Ali Says:

      I agree Jen, but Scott asked for it. Like his pal Anodynejunkie, they spew there venom on others and then are shocked to get it thrown right back at them. I just saw some tweets by the Queen’s henchwoman literategal saying how she’s got her boxing gloves on lol! I’m surprised she hasn’t been on here yet.

      And haven’t heard much from AJ lately, but her locked account has a picture of a young girl (maybe her from the seventies, looks old fashion) and some young singer I don’t recognize on her background. I guess she’s still living in her 20 year old mind lusting after hot young rock studs lol. They just refuse to grow up, and seeing as how lots of us here know they are grandma’s and what they really look like, how can they expect to be treated with respect…and not laughed at and mocked!

      • Jen Says:

        Well what’s funny is that I’m not sure it was even us this time lol. Seemed like all we did was watch and laugh.

    • Ali Says:

      Yeah I think its the old fan war of the Weeds and Roses that Scotty boy got caught in, that twitter bitch slap he was in with a fan who called out his rude tweets to David got this thing rolling. It’s probably that fan, or her allies that started the fake account. Whoever did it is really pissing him off haha!

  42. burt Says:

    I have a question, what’s the deal with the diehards spelling “tour” as “tewer” (and other variations)? Did he once write/say it and they’ve adopted it? Is it an accent thing?

    With their impatience, I’m seeing it more and more so wondered if anyone here knows why they do it.

    • Jen Says:

      It’s the way he pronounces it with his Midwest accent.

      • burt Says:

        Oh, I did wonder (I obviously need to watch more interviews because I had no idea how he said it – bad fan!). So they are kinda making fun of him but it’s OK because they’re fans? That seems… classy?

  43. MmmmBop Says:

    Posted on MJBigBlog.
    According to Forbes magazine David Cook earned 1 million from May 2010 to May 2011.
    I would like to flop like this any time.

    • Jen Says:

      Wow, and that was with him not even doing that much during that time, like shows or whatnot.

    • itsaname Says:

      Me too, it would take me 20 years to make that million. I guess flop or not flop is subjective. In my opinion any artist who is able to make a living doing what they love is a success. I don’t ever expect Cook to be a super star. I do believe he will pull in a very comfortable income making albums and touring for many years to come.

  44. Jen Says:

    Okay, that account impersonating Scott is now using his first and last name. I really don’t like that. I mean, I know it’s pretty easy to find most of these people’s full names but still. It doesn’t sit right with me.

    • Ali Says:

      Jen just went to look at the fake Scott profile. He is on facebook as wehoscott and uses his full name so that doesn’t bother me. What does bother me is how nasty and perverted the tweets are getttting, and that he’s tweeting the band and friends. It must be a personnal vendetta, more than just an angry fan. Maybe someone who knows him personally? As an internet groupie in this fandom (scott), it comes with the territory it seems.

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah I hear you. I knew his last name because he’s linked to Facebook before. And I guess a lot of people use their full names on Twitter anyway; it just gave me pause. And yeah, agreed with the rest too, that it shouldn’t be surprising given how visible he is in the fandom that someone would finally get fed up and that it’s becoming a bit too much.

      • burt Says:

        I’ve not seen it today but that all sounds a bit much. Not sure where the line should be drawn but using personal information seems too much – even if it is available, it just makes me uncomfortable no matter who it is. And I still think that sending them to David and the guys makes it look childish – some of them probably won’t even know the background and in most cases, probably won’t even care.

        Whoever is doing it is only playing into Scott’s hands anyway because he’ll be able to report the account and get it closed down.

  45. Ali Says:

    Btw, anyone knnow where FDC is hiding lol?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      If you scroll down, on the right hand side of the page are her tweets. It looks like she’s been on vacation. Won’t she be surprised when she sees how well behaved we’ve been and what’s going on in Cooktardlandia.

  46. songkat7 Says:

    Looks like the fake account got suspended.

  47. Jen Says:

    It’s kinda funny how Scott’s friends think the fandom is soooo vile but only when it’s directed at one of them. Bet they were okay with it when Scott was talking shit about another fan to a magazine writer and to MVS. Or when AndoyneJunkie called out other fans by name. Where were they then?

  48. MmmmBop Says:

    Looks like Top Idol is back to her old trick. Nobody gave a shit about her usual ramblings so she brought some Lambert’s fans trashing news.
    It’s getting old.
    BTW, for someone whose career is going nowhere (according to TI and this blog) Lambert made some nice dough last year. He is second on Forbes list of top Idol earners with measly $6,000,000 to his name.
    God, could I flop like Cookie and Adam?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I’d like to flop like that too MmmmmBop! 6 Million would keep me in diet cokes and art supplies a very long time.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        This is BEFORE expenses. Doesn’t matter – I’ll take it. And it covers period May 2010 – May 2011, so I think there is more coming.
        Let me flop, flop, flop, dear Lord, let me fop, flop, flop (singing out of tune)

  49. Ladies and gentlemen, we have confirmation now.

    The “success” of The Last Goodbye making it to #1 on VH1 today is clearly due to the perseverance of a few dozen Tards that have nothing better to do than vote-vote-vote 24/7, causing what could have been a positive thing for Cook’s career to be seen as nothing more than a sham.

    Sounds like these days the musician with the most Nutbars gets to #1 faster thanks to their digits and AT&T, rather than on merit.

    Congratulations to the Minions of Unpaid Labortards for once again giving validity to the voting process.

    Imagine if the President was elected in the same fashion?

    I rest my case.


    @andyskib @nealfingtiemann @kylespeek @montyanderson @thedavidcook we enjoy unpaid labor on ur behalf. congrats on vh1 joy! onward/upward21 minutes agovia Tweet Buttonin reply to andyskib

    • on the edge Says:

      Too bad…I liked Katy Perry’s video better (come on, it’s funny!).

    • MmmmBop Says:

      I think that position on VH-1 countdown is not purely voting related, it also looks at sales and position on the charts.
      At least this is the way it worked in the past.
      But voting helps.

      • Piiia Says:

        I have no idea how the VH-1 countdown is compiled. But I am 100 % sure that David Cooks fans are not the only ones who have noticed that you are allowed to vote more than once. By the way: nowadays you are allowed to vote only 20 times a day through one twitter or facebook account. Of course you can make multiple accounts – don’t know how many will go through so much trouble though. Me? I vote 20 times a day when I have an internet connection available. Why not, his music is better than lot of the shit that is out there.

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      I applaud your post. Dead on with your thoughts.

  50. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    “on the edge Says:

    July 21, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    Well I guess we know the real โ€œwinnerโ€ in all thisโ€ฆJoey Clement. ”


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