Man Boobs & The American Idol

Today I’m laying off the crazy fans and types like Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets and looking at some of the Idols themselves.

Mmmmbop kindly posted a link in the comments the other night to a clip of Adam Lambert singing his upcoming new single in concert. Something called ‘Outlaws of Love’

Thoughts? Looks like he’s rocking a similar look as “Hook” bad boy Rufio

Also in the comments some saw Man Boobs on Adam – or as I like to call them Moobs. I saw no moobs but then again I ditched after the first minute because the shrieking of the fans was ruining it for me. If I wanted to hear shrieking like that I’d just run over the foot of one of my Bumpass neighbors across the street with my car.

But it did lead me to start thinking about Moobs and the average American Idol male. Who does and doesn’t have Mooobs, who is likely to develop them. I’m thinking Taylor Hicks is probably hiding a pair and surely as plump as Clay Aiken has gotten he’s ready for a manzier or bro. My personal favorite Chris Sligh has got ’em.

You moob spotters, what type did you see? I have Moob charts below just for comparison purposes.

Leave a comment and I’ll get to them later. Right now I have to get a possum out of my washer.

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7 Comments on “Man Boobs & The American Idol”

  1. YoTaylor Says:

    Saw this TH mention on twitter yesterday and was reeled in. Ended up spending a good two hours reading back thru the blog and having a good laugh. Have to admit it is a bit of a relief to know batshit crazy Idol fanbases are an affliction shared with all the major contestants. Your Dave is no exception.To answer the question of Taylor Hicks moobage, one only has to go back so far as the great Soul Patrol Meltdown in summer 2007, when Tay-Tay was photographed frolicking on a Hawaii beach with a skinny young blonde. This sparked a mass fanbase nervous breakdown of epic proportion. One psycho in particular started a blog on the premise that the lady on the beach was not the same as his reported girlfriend at the time, newscaster Carolyn Lyders. Like it never occurred to this numbskull that Tay-Tay could possibly have been banging more than one blonde chick at the same time. A small but vocal group of like-minded nutjobs rallied around, charging a conspiracy theory that Lyders was a “fake” girlfriend, that Taylor had “lied” to them. Going so far as measuring earlobes and necks of Lyders and the beach girl as “proof”. Eventually the nutcase actually convinced gossip blog Radar Online to run with the story. Crazy shit. Anyhoo, I have strayed from the point. If we learned anything from the Hawaii fiasco it was (1)Taylor does not have moobage and (2) The carpet does not match the drapes: Cheers!

  2. Ali Says:

    I don’t know if I should laugh or barf lol! Thank god these are animated pics and not real men haha. Though I imagine some of the batshit crazy fans may see themselves on this chart…and I don’t mean just the 2 male fans of Dave’s either lol!

  3. Rubber Ducky Says:

    😆 dear god he’s hideous!

  4. nerdgirl Says:

    Time to invest in a shirt with sleeves or a gym membership…

  5. Twat Says:

    why isn’t daina talking about dave anymore?? she doesn’t even tweet him, what happened???

  6. nonna-muss Says:

    She was upset about her treatment at his CD release and made a looooong ass tweet to him about it. Hopefully the entitled fans are starting to be made aware they aren’t as special as they thought they were, Daina, Scott, etc. That would be heaven for the rest of us if they dropped off the tour circuit.

  7. Twat Says:

    Yes that would be good!!! She was obsessed with him every minute of the day. Im really surprised she totally stopped tweeting about him or to him. She must be really pissed. Maybe she read this site. Lol

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