David Cook & 9/11 Ground Zero Ceremony?

Last week it was amusing to watch over at DCO, LastFM and other places as his hardcore tard pack tried to get various internet radio and real life radio to place nothing but ‘This Loud Morning’ One online dj at Live365.com pandered to them and played all Dave for days. Don’t they all already have all his music so what gives with all the requesting?

Oh yeah, that’s right, create an artificial ground swell of support for his most recent CD release. Like that’s going to help him built a long term career by bumping up air play. I just think they’re going about winning new fans the wrong way. What person with half a brain would look at the crazy going on in the fandom and not run the opposite way even if they kinda liked the music?

So this week a new plot to make David Cook musical emperor of the universe has emerged and it gives me pause because of the very questionable issues of taste, couth, class, appropriateness, patriotism and a million other issues. Some of his tards, like RoyalsPhenom , are trying to get the song on his new CD “We Believe” used at the ten year observance ceremony at the Ground Zero memorial of 9/11. One of the comments that made me really clutch my pearls and feel nauseous was “RCA would be stupid to miss the opportunity”

ETA – Straight from DCO (thanks Burt!)

The Opportunity Of A Lifetime: We Believe in David Cook on 9/11!

While conversing on Twitter, a number of fans contributed to an epiphany that converged into the perfect storm; a rare opportunity that could weave David Cook’s music and compassion into the fabric of a nation, if not the world, for years to come. When you can find a song that somehow speaks for a generation, a nation, a world – one that captures its stuggles, its hopes, its indomitable spirit to remind people of the inherit goodness in this world – it’s no longer just a song…for it transcends life itself. That’s artistry! That’s David Cook. That’s We Believe!

As we all know DC is scheduled to perform the National Anthem on 9/11: a true honor. However, realizing how historic and emotional this day is, we couldn’t help but think “what if”? But it’s not just one “What If”, it’s three that morphed into one all encompassing question: “How the hell can we not?”

The First Idea…
What if Major League Baseball and the National Football League used “We Believe” to create a photo/video tribute to air before all their home games on 9/11. The song is spot on perfect…inspirational, powerful, universal…and it would instantly engrain the track into our national consciousness, but more succinctly, our hearts and dreams. Also, by placing the video tribute on you-tube that very same day, DC would gain an endless array of positive exposure.

The Second Idea…
What if David nationally debuted – during the Chiefs opening game – his new single “We Believe”. What could possibly be bigger than than the gravity of September 11, coinciding with the opening day of pro football? There is no bigger stage, but more profoundly, no bigger honor.

The Third Idea…
What if RCA donated all proceeds from the sales of “We Believe” on that Sunday to the 9/11 responders fund..or a related charity of their choosing. The NFL/MLB could even mention this at the end of the aired tributes and/or as a blurb by each game’s announcers. As we all know, DC is a compassionate, caring individual. What better way to make a difference then to help those who continue to suffer?

It’s public knowledge that I’ve been a big advocate of GTTG being a single…as well as a number of other fantastic tracks from TLM. However, the opportunity that this represents is simply too perfect not to use for the betterment of everyone….to make a difference. We Believe is a universal, uplifting song that has crossover, mega-hit potential. In these tough times, where even the biggest names fail, this could represent a rare chance to catapult David and his career to new levels; to expose the world, not only to his indelible vocal and songwriting talents, but to his decency and humanity. That’s why we love him.

What do we have to lose?
Very little. Sales are reduced to a crawl..not just for David but many artists…TLG is IMO treading water at best on the airwaves with very little commercial success…and you simply cannot buy the exposure and positive overatures something like this provides. Likewise, this is not an attempt to belittle TLG or push it out. It’s simply embracing the inevitable, as well as the practical. Music, like any other industry, is about siezing the day, trends, and marketing them into an advantageous, profitable, and positive model for success. What could possibly be more worthwhile than this?

What do we have to gain?
Everything! In a mercurial climate where fans are concerned about just getting a second single, let a lone a third, capitalizing on such a rare convergence of events is a gift in itself. This opportunity – for “We Believe”, David – most likely will never occur again; It’s the chance of a lifetime. Chances are, there will be no current single this time next year and TLM and may be a foregone conclusion. Yes, God forbid, but a distinct possibility! Now is the time to act, to give David a boost that any other day, occasion, or single release, never could. If RCA/19 were bold, they could even offer to make the video/photo compilation themselves for the NFL & MLB. Every notion makes a difference. Furthermore, if this venture was successful, it would instantly become a frontrunner for the 2012 Olympics. If WB becomes synonymous with 9/11, or any other event for that matter, it would innately sell itself: most notably as a meaningful piece of history.

Please, RCA & 19 – on the tenth anniversary of America’s worst tragedy – please take note, with the utmost respect from fans, and let’s try to make it one of our most memorable and inspiring tributes ever! Let’s forever change how we look at this horrific day, and wipe away the tears of our brethren with words of hope and strength. I know, if given the chance, David will give one of the most captivating performances in his young but so very promising career; one that could reverberate for years to come! We believe in America! We believe in David Cook! We Believe! Do you?

***For those who may potentially misconstrue this post: If anyone actually believes this is about profit, after reading this post, then they completely missed the bigger picture. The bottom line is we Believe is perfect for 9/11…to help a nation heal and move on to a better day. Nothing more. That’s why we suggested giving any sales from that day to charity. It’s always easier to hate than to create. This is simply a perfect time to expose a song…specifically written for days like this…to make a difference. Though, in the end, whether we like it, money will come into play….there will always be financial ramifications regardless. If you want to argue about profiteering, talk about those movies, tours, or momentos of 9/11. That’s not what this is about. Life goes on, you mourn the dead, but you also celebrate the future with the hope and vitality those souls represented. David wrote We Believe to make a difference in the world. I belie!ve in the character of David Cook…I believe in the good this song can do on 9/11. Nothing more. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime!

Please add your name below if you agree with us and want your voice to be heard! Thank you for your time and the read!

I have to wonder what Mr. Non-Baldy would think of fans contacting various places and people willy-nilly to beg that his song be used at this sad and solemn occasion commemorating the death of thousands in terrorist attacks. Would he be flattered that his fans are willing to use the anniversary of a tragedy for him to sell a few more records? Would he like that they are essentially speaking for him?

It would be much different if he had told RCA he wrote this song inspired by 9/11 and its aftermath and they approached those in charge of the anniversary memorial and promoted the song to be used at the ceremony. That’s their job! RCA is charged promote the album and creating additional sales opportunity. But I think that perhaps even those in power at a big corporation have too much class to try and exploit a national tragedy for sales. Too bad the fantards don’t have that same amount of sense and class.

Thank gawd some of the fans at DCO are speaking out about the inappropriateness of using a tragedy to try and pimp Cook’s CD. It’s really not the way to get additional fans, it’s creepy and wrong.

Did anyone see VH1’s ‘Behind The Music: Adam Lambert’ last night? I was too busy watching AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ to worry about seeing it but VH1 had it so heavily advertised that I had to wonder how it was.


Note to Lori Anne Dennick Carrington: Yeah, keep bandying my real name and town out like you have under various fake names. I don’t care. Go for it. It doesn’t change the facts that you stalked Constantine, plagiarized the writing of others and told a capacious amount of lies. Drove through your town while traveling recently and I couldn’t help but wonder just how miserable someone’s real life has to be to do the things you have.

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142 Comments on “David Cook & 9/11 Ground Zero Ceremony?”

  1. burt Says:

    Thanks for highlighting this FDC. I’m almost at a loss for words! I just cannot believe anyone would think this is a good opportunity or something they should take advantage of to boost a career. I was far away on 9/11 but no matter, I was still touched to the level where I would never dream of capitalizing on the anniversary for any reason. Totally disrespectful.

    Let me say that as a fan of Cook’s, scrap that, as a human being with feelings, I am totally against their plans. I totally believe that David would be too – I don’t know him personally and I don’t claim to know everything about him but from what I do know, there is NO WAY he would support this. I hope people realize most of his fans have more class than to go along with such a stupid plan which could actually spectacularly backfire and actually do him harm. I don’t imagine David will comment on it personally but I hope he or RCA do something to nip it in the bud.

    I won’t write more because most of my comments, and more exact details, are on the Sexiest Man post but I wanted to share the link that Mona posted http://www.davidcookofficial.com/us/content/opportunity-lifetime-we-believe-david-cook-911 – this is where details of the idiotic plan are posted. Go read it. I’m sure Cook loves having fans so desperate that they post this stuff on his official site for any future fans to see.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Thanks Burt. I think we are in total agreement over this. 9/11 hurt everyone in the US and it’s just not the right venue to attach one of his songs. Thanks for the link, adding it to the post right now. I am pretty shocked by all of this. Just when I think the fans can no longer shock me they come up with something all new that does just that.

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    I used your link to go over to DCO to see what was happening. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to see that there are many who think this is a bad idea. I was quite afraid everyone had mindlessly jumped on the band wagon.

    That being said, it is wrong on so many levels. Even if the profit of sales were to go to a 9/11 fund of some sort, for the proponents of this idea it’s still about shoving David Cook down America’s throats on a day that means so many different things to so many different people. Not a good idea at all. Let people grieve how they wish. Who’s to say that people want to be ‘uplifted’? Luckily, I don’t think any of this 9/11 will come to fruition.

    As for the sports thing. Leave well enough alone people!!! His songs have been played in both the recent Summer and Winter Olympics and another is the theme for NBC Sports already. I think RCA is fulling capable of getting him out there if they want to. It’s not like the sports thing is a novel idea, RCA has already done it using songs off of his last album. Duh.

  3. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    This whole idea is idiotic and insulting on so many different levels, it’s pathetic. I hope David has the balls to tell his OTT fans to knock it the fuck off, but I know he won’t.

  4. 'NucksGal Says:

    I’m not even American & this “plot” makes me kinda nauseous. I have complete respect for the US 9/11 ceremonies, intend to watch, & hope my US friends know they have support from all over the world as they honour those impacted on that tragic day.

    On another note – if I was an RCA promo director or sales mgr (or whatever they’re called, I’m no music industry expert) – just how offended would I be when fans (100s of them) decide to tell me (& “the world via Internet posting) that they know my job better than I do? Even if they were coming up with new & original GOOD ideas, would I really enjoy them telling me how to do my job? Would this make me inclined to want to listen? Hmmm? Don’t think so.

  5. just dont get it Says:

    I keep telling myself that these people have good intentions and only want him to succeed, but I have a hard time getting on board with this 9/11 stuff. I was at the WTC on 9/11. I am sure there are plenty of things planned for this year’s anniversary – if whoever is putting that together wants to use that song, so be it. I don’t think it should be forced on them in any way. Just my 2 cents.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I’m sorry that you had to experience it first hand ‘just don’t get it’. I was close enough but not there.

      This guy clearly doesn’t get that the wound is still open and fresh for so many. Once again, poor David. I can’t imagine he’d ever be on board with this. Especially since he still makes clear in interviews that he never wanted his brother’s illness or death to be exploited or used for profit. He’s been stating that since he was on Idol and hid the fact that Adam was sick for half the season until it was uncovered by the press. He’s no Gokey!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        and of course Wehoscott is in favor of it. Betting all the weeds are in love with the idea.

  6. burt Says:

    I agree with you all. I’m pleased I’m not alone in thinking this is a terrible idea. I have no idea why they can’t have faith in the people who are paid to do this for a job – like Nonna says his music has been widely used in sports already.

    I too wish that David would say something to this group, but the thing is that he can’t personally without drawing attention to it. I really hope someone from RCA will post on the forum and ask them to quit the plan. Hmmm I wonder what rcaed is up to right now? He could be just the man for the job.

    Apparently RoyalsPhenom is taking issue with people saying it’s OK if it happens “organically” and as I’ve said that on the other post, I’m going to expand on it in case he happens to read this. If use of that, or any, song “just happened” to come about for 9/11 (e.g. someone somewhere picks up on it and thinks it’s ideal, asks permission and David agrees so it gets used and “outsiders” buy it) then I don’t have an issue. Tracks will be used for some tributes of course and that’s fine. BUT there’s a very big difference between that and a fan thinking “hey they’re looking for a track anyway so why not use his track? Let’s start a campaign geared at lunching a single, getting recognition for our boy and boosting his career. Let’s use this terrible event and base it around that.”. The difference is that you’ve deliberately set out to use the anniversary for someone’s financial gain (suggesting the proceeds go to charity for ONE day doesn’t alter that) and the words in that DCO post do nothing to argue against that. And yes, often everything does come down to money but really, very few people think that way with 9/11 – the label might but the public won’t and they will see through this plan. I can’t believe I’m even trying to put into words how the two things are different and it worries me that people can’t see it. Here’s another thought for RoyalsPhenom, or anyone supporting this campaign: if some fans are reacting badly to this then some non-fans are bound to as well. Those non-fans will be put off for life and it will almost certainly do David Cook’s career more harm than good. No matter how well intentioned it is (and I don’t doubt that) it’s too serious an occasion to mess with and you will make him look bad. So although you say there’s nothing to lose, I think there’s a hell of a lot that could go wrong. Maybe you ought to think about that. I’m sure if you ask nicely rcaed will give you some music business knowledge to help your campaign because you clearly have none.

    And breathe. πŸ˜‰

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Bravado Burt! Very well said. Still flabberghasted that anyone thought this was a good idea in the first place.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Anyone else want to take these people and shake them and scream “DAVID COOK IS NOT THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE WORLD AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE HIM BE!!!”

      • Ali Says:

        Anyone else want to take these people and shake them and scream β€œDAVID COOK IS NOT THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE WORLD AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE HIM BE!!!

        I DO, I DO!!!

    • burt Says:

      Why thank you, FDC! πŸ™‚

      Nonna – yes! I’m a fan but even so, Jesus their insistence to push him gets annoying. I personally don’t want to see him everywhere I turn, there’s nothing worse than overexposure in music – that’s a surefire way to lose people’s interest. He doesn’t need their help in that way and they don’t know what he wants. And that’s what I really want to shake them for – their instance that they know best for his career, his life, that they know what he’s feeling and what he’s doing. It’s beyond tiresome and I wish they would all calm down and let his career play out as he and the people that guide him want it to.

      However, from looking at DCO and Twitter today, I am pleased that so many fans had the sense to see this idea for what it was and a few also saw the harm it could actually do. Of course, the people who came up with it still don’t seem to understand how it can come across as wrong which to me shows a complete lack of compassion and understanding. And no surprise that Scott is up for the idea! What a shame he’s tweeting about it from his locked account, oh how I’d love to hear his justification and whinging about David’s lack of drive, visibility and who knows what else…

  7. burt Says:

    Well, Ed has spoken:

    “Thanks for calling my attention to the ‘opportunity’ thread, everyone. I appreciate the time it took to write it and have passed it along to my colleagues to whom it is pertinent for review; but I’m also very aware of the mixed sentiments about the idea to begin with. 9/11 IS a very touchy subject and there’s obviously room here for misinterpretation of any celebrity’s involvement with the 10th year anniversary marking it next month. I just wanted to ask that you do NOT in fact try and engage any of the parties mentioned in aggressive fashion, because that could really rub them the wrong way. This whole concept is something best dealt with through official channels, only IF and when David feels comfortable considering it. So I won’t bother going into the other items that would probably make it impractical regardless (the single choice, what song the KC Chiefs would be comfortable with David singing, etc.), because something as big as 9/11 poses much greater risks and pitfalls than these business considerations. Thanks for understanding, and I’ll keep you guys posted.”

    I hope they listen about not contacting anyone about it although it may well be too late. I see on the post on DCO that they’re still discussing it – if RCA have any sense they’ll add their comments then close the post to stop it spreading further.

  8. songkat7 Says:

    Like everyone else here, I feel this is a horrible idea. Horrible. ’nuff said. And I’m glad RCAEd spoke up. Gotta love that guy sometimes.

  9. Thorazine Says:

    Hola Que Tal! IMO, The Cook fandom is imploding daily upon itself as reality of the era’s failure begins to set in. It is hard for many of them to just goddamn accept that reality, accept /acknowledge that there is some serious trouble going on in his career, so they ramp up these increasingly asinine and desperate actions to ‘save’ him – kind of akin to using a thimble to bail water out of a sinking ship. Everywhere you look in the fandom, there is unrest, unease, angst – no real news from him or his mgmt about tour plans, no scheduled appearances or concerts to promo the CD, AC radio becoming his Last hope of radio play… This in and of itself is kinda ironic, but that is a discussion for another day. This IMO is not real fan support – it is the death throes of desperate, delusional, kinda sad and pathetic people with an inability to handle reality, clinging to schemes, plans and actions designed in their heat oppressed brains to validate their investment in their false ‘idol’.

  10. Thorazine Says:

    Anytime Karen D, tis my pleasure πŸ™‚

  11. Thorazine Says:



    *YMMV, (and all that other rot) *


  12. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    One “good” thing that may have come from this whole 9/11 fiasco is that WeBlowScott has apparently been banned from DCO. All of the dumbass supporters of Xavier’s idea are saying that they are leaving and/or boycotting DCO now until “someone steps in and takes control.” Scott even said he may need to give up on David. Oh, the humanity!
    On a side note, I guess Michelle Bachmann used “We Believe” at some campaign rally or something. There ya go! πŸ™‚ Just what David wanted…a bunch of his fans supporting a Tea Party candidate!

    • Fluffy Says:

      Wait, what? Scott got banned? That is enough to draw a sane fan out of the lurker lair… I like reading posts here, I just rarely can motivate my tired and frazzled self to post. But that is deserving of a pop out of the ol’ hidey hole to say hooray or something. I peeked at DCO during one of his diva boardicides that wasn’t even a real boardicide because he came back and I never went back πŸ™‚

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I saw RoyalsPhenom’s long-winded post at DCO this morning. He’s insinuating that fans that talk about the loss that day (personal or otherwise) is ‘hogwash’ and that some fans that are against his idea are ‘jealous’. He referred to Scott in his comment but there was no comment by Scott so I wasn’t sure what happened. Anyone have the deets??? Curiosity and all, ya know.

      This RoyalsPhenom is a weird little guy, no? If you are not for him you are an idiotic fool apparently and don’t know how to think outside of the box.

      Cooks_FUFL, we don’t know what David wants nor what his political beliefs are, he may not mind a Tea Party candidate for all we know. I don’t want to, nor will I, get into politics here, but to assume David feels a certain way about any political party….well, you know what they say about assuming, he could surprise all of us. Personally I’m glad he doesn’t get into the political discussions, I don’t need anyone but politicians to shove it down my throat. I am completely turned off to a celebrity that stomps for one party or another.

      OK, so someone give the scoop on the banning and drama that unfolded overnight on DCO! Please!

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        I guess joking doesn’t come across well sometimes…I didn’t mean to imply anything about David and his politics. It was just funny to read some people’s tweets about his song being used by her. And while I don’t assume anything, it’s relatively easy to see where David lies in the political realm.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Sorry, didn’t catch that you were joking! Haha. It is hard sometimes, I’ve always wished there was a ‘sarcasm font’ available. πŸ˜€ There are a lot of fans upset by the song being used in the rally. Obviously it can only be used in places they deem appropriate. In one breath they want exposure, in another breath they’re disappointed that it’s not being used the way they want. Make up your minds people!! I guess some fans don’t want Republicans to hear the song. Exposure is exposure.

        Thorazine, did WeeHole really issue a “Fuck David”, did he mean it literally or figuratively? πŸ˜‰ (sorry, I had to go there) What is his reasoning? I really want to know because I’m wondering how he’s personally blaming David for this. Does he think David is over at DCO banning people and editing posts?

      • burt Says:

        RoyalsPhenom has a very strange outlook. A couple of tweets jumped out to me yesterday (part of a conversation with someone):

        “You try to make a difference, help/inspire others, you still get flack. Never ends. I weep for our country. But I love pizza!”

        “After the lynch mob on DCO twisted the simplest, most ideal suggestion with blatant distortions and assumptions. I just laughed”

        What a dick! His Twitter bio should read: “Just one man trying to inspire the whole country to move on from heartache and be positive via a David Cook song. I’m powerless but I’m trying to ruin his career to put my plan in action.”

        As for the song being used at a rally, whether he supports the candidate or not, I doubt David was asked permission. I’m glad he’s not outwardly political too but it’s easy to make assumptions based on the few comments he has made. It is funny that they only want exposure they see as appropriate. Does that mean by extension that he is only allowed fans from a certain political leaning? Presumably they don’t want them buying his music despite it adding to the numbers they are oh so obsessed with? Even if the song was used, that surely doesn’t preclude it from being used elsewhere?

        As for the fan meltdown, damn I missed it! I’m not sure this is really a full meltdown though, more a couple of drama queens losing their shit for attention. Can anyone see Scott really giving up on David? I know he has a few other favorites but David has always been king and surely even he knows that anything at DCO isn’t connected him because he’s, you know, busy doing his actual job. Or whatever other thing the rumors might be if he’s not working. The rest of the fans actually seemed quite controlled and sensible last time I looked. Although I wasn’t around back then, wasn’t this kind of drama always happening about something, even back when the first record was released? Seems to me that they’re not happy unless there’s drama. That being said, feel free to share the stories…

    • Thorazine Says:

      LMFAO!!! Love the good fan/bad fan High School drama being played out by these idiots and delusional morons… The backbiting, mudslingin’, bannings, boardicides, twitter sniping, the eventually board splintering – seen it all before, but this one is gonna be good. WeePole Scott – the tardiest Cooktard who ever tarded in all of Cooktardlandia – is B-B-B-Banned! from the official site, and issues a ‘Fuck David’ according to sources on his twitter – hahahahahahah!!! This fan meltdown Is SPECTACULAR πŸ™‚

  13. Mandy Says:

    I also would like to know why Scott got banned. I think DCO mods normally don’t ban people lightly, do they?

  14. just dont get it Says:

    it is true – i saw it myself last night – wehoscott?? music?? one of those – did tweet “fuck David”! i would paste it over here but I don’t have access to twitter at work. I wish i knew what he said to get him banned this time (i believe he has been banned before, but i’m not sure).

  15. Thorazine Says:

    According to posters on Yes.com, he tweeted a ‘Fuck David’ out on his twitter, and it was there for quite some time after the DCO drama erupted. It may be deleted by now, but it was seen by many on that site… He’s following the script perfectly…. Like in Misery, the #1 Fan! usually/ always turn on their objet de affection, KWIM?
    Thin line between love and hate, very thin. WeePoleScott feels like a candidate on the verge of a muy major meltdown, one of epic proportions, so please keep the deets and tweets and scoop coming! Tards gone wild, film at 11 πŸ™‚

    • burt Says:

      A few of them seem to be walking that love/hate tightrope permanently. It must be exhausting! Funny how it always sways to the hate when something happens to them personally even though it’s nothing to do with Cook himself.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I just don’t get it. I guess that’s why my tardcard didn’t come in the mail. Sniff. If being a fan of the guy makes you so miserable, why would you keep coming back for more?! I mean, I’m a fan so I’d like to see him be successful and all but when there’s a lull in things to do as a fan (like go to a show) I have… other music… other concerts… *Bows head in shame*

        I guess I just don’t see how people have the time and energy for so much time spent in great angst. Maybe I’m lazy, heh.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Well, it’s been suspected by many for quite some time he’d go the route of Annie Wilkes. More and more fans are coming forward to dispute his ‘knowledge’ regarding the music industry and more and more are seeing him as a blowhard and fraud. This tour is going to be epic!! With all the splintering and in-fighting in the fandom it’s only a matter of time before a full-on fight breaks out.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Oh wow! Thanks Nelson Muntz and “ha-ha”

      I dare to go to bed to sleep off a virus and all hell breaks loose in the fantardia land while I sleep. Oh the huge manatee!!

  16. just dont get it Says:

    i find it amazing that a bunch of people who all adore the same artist can fight so much!!! Personally I am a huge fan and take advantage of every opportunity i can to see him, but as far as his career goes, it is what it is and I just hope for the best for him. I think all of their efforts to “support” (for lack of a better term) him are actually HURTING him!! Why can’t they just enjoy the new music for Christ’s sake???? We waited this long for that – a tour will come, just chill……..
    I swear people are insane………..

  17. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Damn, this is what I get for going to bed early. Missed the drama queen in full bitch mode. The bitch is back (apologies to Elton), lol. Scott tweeted from his locked account–“I’ve been banished from DCO. Maybe it’s time to say fuck David and his website. I’m tired”. Of course the chicken shit deleted his post and later tweeted he still had Ryan Star. LOLOLOLOL. Poor Ryan. As if David is to blame. Something tells me David wouldn’t mind one bit if a OTT middle age gay man and his cohorts (zoo, John etc.) didn’t show up everywhere he went.

    Scott has built himself up over the last few years as being the #1 fan is his supposed knowledge of the “industry” and inside band info. The fact that Xavier sought Scott’s blessing for his ridiculous project and the vast majority of the fandom basically said this whole thing is offensive and inappropriate showed Scott that he has severely overestimation his importance and influence.

    But, he’ll be back. He’s an attention whore and his little clique will continue to pretend he really has inside info but a lot of people have caught on to him. I’m loving this. Long time coming if you ask me.

    As a Cook fan I just have to add I’m very proud of most of the fans for standing up against something that would harm David in the general public’s eyes. Lurkers were coming out left and right to knock Xavier upside the head

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Yes, but Xavier thinks it was a consolidated effort by only a few that knocked his idea. The majority of the fans that I saw tweeting and talking about it are vehemently against it. If David’s biggest fans are so appalled by the idea, what would those who don’t even follow his career think??

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Xavier is a fool, yeah I know that’s stating the obvious. His thread on DCO is now locked after more fans voiced their objections. He seems to have cooled it on his little plan. Thank God

  18. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    *overestimated* Grrrrr. My left nut, if I had one that is, for an edit button FDC

  19. itsaname Says:

    I’m not sure exactly what happened with Scott. I’m guessing it has something to do with the fans who finally had enough of his crap and starting posting in the Dwop thread on DCO.

    Scott and his cohorts have been posting for weeks that David needs new and better management. That he needs to do more self promotion on social media sites. That he shouldn’t take any time off at all during this crucial time in his career. That he should make tour announcements right now so they can book flights across the country blah blah blah. Scott really seems to think that David or his management can just pick up the phone and tell anyone they want to book David on their talk show. News flash for Scott and company. David is not a huge star. Talk show hosts and tv networks have hundreds of people to choose from when it comes to booking their shows.

    Some fans have been pretty much telling Scott to take his micro-managing back seat driver mentality and shove it. He prefers DCO to be flooded with threads and posts that agree with him completely. It pisses him off that any fan dares to tell him that David and his team know better than he does what is best for David and his career.

    As far as Xavier goes, he is a spoiled entitled child. He refuses to take responsibility for his own words and actions. He lashes out at the hint of any criticism.

  20. itsaname Says:

    Forgot to add that I really dislike how Scott is blaming David for this mess. He seems to think that David doesn’t deserve his support as he’s sabotaging his own career by not promoting himself 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Oh yeah and a tour should have started immediately following the record release. Because you know David can just call any venue in any city and say “Hey book me now”.

  21. just dont get it Says:

    how big a venue could he even fill at this point?? He would need ALOT of promotion to get anyone other the the usual suspects to attend imo…….

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      David has made it a point in almost every interview prior to and after the release of “This Loud Morning” that he plans to open for or midline for another band. He knows he needs to be in front of new people. It’s the entitled “I have to be front row because that’s were he want me to be” idiots that have delusions of grandeur, not David

      • Fluffy Says:

        I think he was very realistic from day 1 and I think his consistent statement that he was looking to tour with someone else made that clear. I think part of the problem (other than just flat out having some bitchy, whiny, entitled and often crazy fans) is that some of the fandom’s perception of how “big” he is doesn’t quite jibe with reality.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I think it’s also the “he doesn’t really mean it” mentality along with the “he doesn’t mean meeeeeeee, I’m not like other fans”.

      • Fluffy Says:

        Oh, of course, the crazies are always the ones who, when you make a pointed but somewhat general warning, go “Nope, not me. I can’t believe you other people act like that!”

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Booking a tour is a huge pita. First you have to scare up financial backers to underwrite the costs of the thing incase you don’t break even and that’s before you start looking at the logistics of playing this place or that. Venues want money up front, not just a portion of ticket sales. Then there’s figuring out what dates where, getting from point a to point b, equipment rental, road crew, etc. Huge, HUGE undertaking. RCA might not be willing to lay out that time, money or effort without a higher sales number.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        As far as sales numbers….artist with worse numbers than Cook are touring. Matt Nathanson new cd opened with 20 or 25k, he’s currently touring with Train and Maroon 5. Touring with others lessens some of those costs and if you open for someone who does larger venues, it’s a win/win. Less cost, more exposure.

        David’s lead guitarist, Neal is currently touring with with some shit metal band,Hell or Highwater. You can’t tell me that they are posting outstanding sales numbers, lol

      • burt Says:

        Yeah I agree, there are lower selling artists that are touring. I wonder if it’s simply logistics. Isn’t the drummer’s wife having a baby soon? I imagine David would consider that as he’s a family orientated guy. When you limit your dates it would be harder to tie in with other artists who have a slot. It would probably be easier if he was touring alone because he can set the agenda more but if you’re looking at opening/mid-lining/co-headling/whatever there’s far more to take into account.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        How dare he consider that Kyle’s wife is about to deliver a baby!!! He’s got a career to think of!!! This is no way to become a supah-stah! (I’ve seen this sentiments tweeted/posted by fans).

        I think it’s a matter of timing with the “right” act. They have to have a recently release record, be in the same genre, etc. He’ll be on tour soon enough, at least for those who are patient enough for him & his management to make sure everything is in place. Not soon enough for the bat shit crazies of course.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I wonder how the crowd of the crazy ones will react if his label decides the right career move is to be the opening act on someone else’s tour. I can hear the conspiracy theories now.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        That’s what he wants FDC. He’s made it abundantly clear, he wants to open for a bigger act. Right now they’re saying it’s a good move, etc. etc. Let’s see what happens when they either can’t get tickets or can’t squeeze their way to the front. I bet they’ll be singing a different tune then!

        PS-For him to even say that, to me, means he has a very good scope of where he sits in the music biz and doesn’t have illusions of him being bigger than Elvis and the Beatles all rolled into one.

      • burt Says:

        Nonna’s PS is spot on. David seems to know exactly where he sits in the world and doesn’t seem to have issue with it. Sure he wants to sell more and tour (aside from anything else, I imagine there’s a fair cost associated with that production-heavy album) but for him it isn’t about “fame” or exposure which is why their superstar plans worry (well not really, but you know what I mean) and annoy me – I’m not sure it’s what he wants. He knows he needs to reach new ears and is willing to open for others to do it – I admit I have mixed feelings about that but it’s commendable for someone who headlined his last tour and shows he totally understands his situation. The hardcore fans don’t really seem to understand all that though – they’re just full of impatience and expectation.

        Fun is ahead if they do announce him as an opening act. Ticket sales could be done already and forced to ebay, prices could be extortionate. Then who knows if they’ll get to the front, will there be fights with hardcore fans of the other artists? Other artists will have different security instructions too so they might not get away with the usual behavior. David will have less control and could well be less accessible (good for him in a way but I can it causes problems), especially if he plays arenas rather than the medium sized venues. Being an opening act is a very different beast compared to headlining. *We* know all this but the usual suspects still “can’t wait for tewer to start” – always said like they expect the same experience as his last tour. He intends to tour like hell so he will probably headline some dates but for others, I think they’re in for a shock.

        Who knows how they’ll take it if the first part of the tour is actually overseas. They’re desperate to see him now so if he plays elsewhere, will they fly out?

        I also noticed comments on Twitter about how he said tour Summer/Fall and it’s not happened so those people thought he should have said something, should keep everyone informed even if something has fallen through. Don’t they have any idea of the confidentiality that will come with it all? Maybe he doesn’t know himself to keep everyone informed. Why would he want to tell everyone if people aren’t interested for whatever reason? He always answers the question in interviews and has no reason to lie – why isn’t that enough? Plans change all the time, do they really expect him to keep them abreast of it all? Very weird!

  22. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    What cracks me up is Scott et all think that David can choose his singles. No artist does. Not even fucking U2 who bitched about their label choosing that awful “Get on your Boots” as their first single from No Line on the Horizon. Scott predicted Ryan Star’s song “Start a Fire” was a can’t miss TOP 40 hit…um, it wasn’t. For a music industry expert, he seems to be lacking some basic knowledge, lol.

    I don’t get the David needs to tweet every day several times a day. Why?? to entertain Scott and other tards who think the man’s life should be about them 24/7. Maybe he’s sleeping or hanging with friends or God forbid….getting laid on the regular.

    • just dont get it Says:

      seriously! i think he tweets more than i do. should he start tweeting his bathroom breaks???? Let’s face it, it will NEVER be enough for them……

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Exactly, he could come to the fucking house and whisper in their ears all his plans for a tour, single whatever and they would still want more, more, more

      • freedavidcook Says:

        None of them will be happy till Cook is their personal sex slave….

      • burt Says:

        All of you are spot on today.

        David has said many times that he’s not even bothered about singles. The guy just wants to release albums and play live. If he doesn’t care why do they? It’s like they are all his career guidance councilors or something.

        As for the tour thing, Jesus Christ, I wish they would drop it. It never happens straight away for anyone. There is always a delay. I don’t doubt that it will happen in some form or another when it naturally happens – they’ve been told that but they won’t listen. I get the impatience but the constant asking has to get annoying, not to mention put the pressure on the very person they like to pretend they “protect”

        I can sort of understand why they want him to tweet more – I’ve gone into detail on that before but I really think their behavior on there is part of the reason he doesn’t bother so much now. Same with answering fans. But of course none of them can see it. It’s a shame really because he’s one of the more entertaining “celebs” that I follow. Speaking of which…

        You know what a lot of the problem is? In their world, David is king. To the rest of the world he’s not. But they like to pretend he is. It’s fucked up. Just accept the level of fame he has, like he seems to, and deal with it. It’s not a bad thing.

        And yes, they are never satisfied. No matter what is happening, they are always looking for new things. Once he is touring they’ll be looking forward to the next album – there’s already been a lot of talk about all the tracks he didn’t use for this album.

        Oh and I’m glad the 9/11 post on DCO got closed down. I hope if nothing else, this shows David and his team that there are a lot of “normal”, sensible fans out there.

      • burt Says:

        Oh and on the sex slave thing… even then he’ll be doing it wrong. They’ll definitely know how to do it better. And he’ll have the wrong hair color. And the wrong hair style.

        Poor guy will never win with some of them.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Burt, the thread is still open at DCO. If anyone is bored today they should read Xavier’s twitter timeline. It’s quite amusing.

      • burt Says:

        Oh, I was going by what someone said on here but yeah, I see it is. Well in that case… boo! Still, if everyone is being negative about the idea then it doesn’t really matter. The idiots just look like idiots and the rest look sensible so it’s no bad thing.

  23. just dont get it Says:

    ugh – considering that most of the crazies are either over 50 and/or weigh over 300 lbs i have some pretty disturbing images in my head right now. LOL

    • Fluffy Says:

      Whenever I think of the crazies I think of the 50-ish yr old woman (though not heavy, she was average in size) standing on a folding chair in front of me at VA Beach screaming like a cat in heat “Daaaaviiid I loooooove youuuu!” — and while I pondered how to knock her off her chair without anyone seeing me, I noticed she was wearing earrings with his face on them. Hee.

      • just dont get it Says:

        it’s very disturbing to me – i think these women are trying to recapture their youth or something – i mean, isn’t that something a 16 year old would do???? Please don’t let me be that way when i am in my fifties!!!!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Earring lady!!!! She’s well known. Hahahahaha!

      • Fluffy Says:

        I don’t think your sexuality or any of that has to die but you’d think by age 50-something you’d at least have some *decorum.* Go ahead and think he’s hot… just keep it to yourself and for God’s sake don’t stand up on your chair and wail at the poor guy. If I was him I’d have a hearty drinking habit by now πŸ˜‰

        (I appear to have delurked for the moment. Oops! I’ll go back to my cave eventually, don’t mind me, haha.)

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Keep commenting Fluffy! We don’t bite and it’s always great to have new perspective/snark/info.

      • Karen D Says:

        Earring lady is iluvdcyes on twitter. She has pillow cases with his face on them so she can sleep with him. She is actually pretty frightening. LOL

      • Fluffy Says:

        My sister had a New Kids on the Block pillowcase… but she was 5. I thought the earrings were bad but the pillowcases thing scares me. Much. If you’re older than, say, 11… well. Yikes.

  24. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Umm….Guys I said the thread on DCO is closed, meaning you can’t post comments on it, but yes it is still there. Since no one can add make new posts it will quickly sink off the page as people post on active threads. Xavier’s grand plans are dead in the water, thanks to the sane fans

    • just dont get it Says:

      some sanity for a change???? hmmmmm that doesn’t seem right -this fandom is like a soap opera – i can’t wait to hear what they go off on next!!!

      • Fluffy Says:

        It seems to be a very fractured fandom. Hoping the batshit portion floats away on their fraction to some other part of the music ocean. Maybe they can all latch onto Ryan Star too πŸ™‚

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I am actually surprised that they haven’t latched onto a new American Idol as some of the craziest used to be tards for other Idols. MaryAnn/Holly was a Claytard followed by a Constantinetard, etc. Guess no one ‘hot’ enough has come along yet.

      • Fluffy Says:

        There’s always Season 11… There’s hope!

  25. Jen Says:

    Xavier is still tweeting about his “idea” as of a few minutes ago – this time the NYC Mayor’s Office. The hell is wrong with this guy? He was really nasty in the comments of that thread on DCO and yet claims that other people were and are ruining things there? What? I hope they ALL lose interest.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Say it ain’t so. I’m sure the mayor of NYC has nothing better to do than read his twitter page. After all, what’s going on in his fair city that would keep him from reading Xavier’s tweet and running to iTunes??? I’m sure he’s used to getting a LOT of crazy and knows how to avoid/ignore it.

      • just dont get it Says:

        doesn’t make it right! Clearly no one will get through to him.

      • Jen Says:

        Exactly. He basically told someone to piss off when they were like, really? they asked you to stop and you won’t? when he had tweeted I think the NFL or something last night. He just doesn’t get it. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys pissing people off but I think some of these people are.

      • burt Says:

        Wow. What other kind of warning does he need? You have to be very thick skinned and stupid to carry on contacting people when someone at RCA has told you it could be bad for David. I mean really, what a fucking dick.

        Has anyone tipped off rcaed? He needs to lose his shit at him like he did on DCO recently.

  26. nonna-muss Says:

    Again, clearly it’s no longer about David, it’s now about Xavier trying to prove himself right so he can show the evil naysayers that his idea was great. Also, the ‘they don’t mean me’ mentality rears it’s ugly head again.

    • burt Says:

      Both of these things are true. His idea started under the pretense of benefiting someone but as he said in those tweets I quoted, he’s out to lift the spirits of a nation. It’s a one man crusade and he has no interest in who he hurts along the way as long as he gets the plan off the ground. Makes me wonder if it was ever really about David Cook and We Believe.

      And yet, as with Scott, there are certain people that seem to love him. Beyond me.

  27. songkat7 Says:

    Re: Xavier, unbelievable. Re: Scott, LMAO!!

  28. Rubber Ducky Says:

    This is almost as funny as the time the Sparkle Cows tried to buy Madam a Maserati πŸ˜†

    Oh frauen, never stop being so idiotic! πŸ˜€

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I think the attempted Maserati-buying is way funnier than some creepy inappropriate guy demanding a rock song by some American Idol be played to remember a tragedy. The funniest aspect of all of this is that Michelle Bachmann has apparently already used the song during her presidential campaign and that silly WeHoScott got smacked by the mods at DCO and is stomping his teeny tiny feet and flouncing around announcing that he’ll never darken their cyber door again

      • Fluffy Says:

        This is more one deluded guy on a crusade… the Maserati thing was a whole herd of glitter and that was pretty hilarious πŸ™‚

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        All it took was one deluded frau to start the ball rolling on the car mess πŸ˜€ That’s when the lolz really kick in; one alpha tard says something and their sycophants are too eager to kiss up and won’t say anything bad or realistic.

        *makes popcorn*

  29. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    What’s been great about this 9/11 thing was the alpha tard was told to sit down and STFU by the majority of fans. A little progress away from the crazy I would say. Of course it’s hard to out tard the glamberts

  30. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    There’s not even anything that I can say or add, because you all have said exactly what I’ve been saying and thinking all along. πŸ™‚ Such a great group, we are! hah

  31. burt Says:

    OMG check out Xavier’s Twitter feed tonight! There are too many gems to post but he’s still admitting to sending his idea out to people including 9/11 groups.

    I can’t not post these:

    “I agree. DC is a decent positive guy. His fans should represent that. Thus the genesis for my idea to begin with”

    To which someone replied: “absolutely, I think he would cringe if he knew someone was doing this on ‘his behalf'” – ‘this’ being opposing the idea and daring to send Xavier tweets telling him to stop. There are numerous insults about anyone daring to disagree too.

    I mean really?! Someone has to stop this man – just to put him in his place. It’s beyond a fucking joke now. Why raise it on DCO if you then ignore the man’s actual record label asking you to stop, along with the majority of fans? Apparently though “nothing stops us doing our thing” – well that’s OK then. You carry on with your plan to inspire, or whatever God like crap you think you’re doing. Just ignore the possible risks to the man you claim to idolize and base the idea on. Not very Godly is it? Makes me sick.

    So really, can someone mention this to RCA, RCAEd or someone? This man is getting right under my skin – so disrespectful!

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      I already PM’d RCA Ed about this – I too was sickened by what I saw on Xavier’s timeline…The ego has obviously taken over whatever sense the man may have had to begin with. He used to be an infrequent but interesting poster on DCO, but somewhere along the line dude has definitely lost his way – him and his tiny coven of loopy followers. Unfortunately, Ed said he really cannot stop him but TPTB are definitely absolutely not happy about this – that much I can tell from his reply. Sad.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        That sucks that they can’t stop him. I can only imagine TPTB aren’t happy. Imagine how David feels!

      • Jen Says:

        I wonder if RCAEd could PM him on DCO and ask him to stop. That probably wouldn’t stop him though.

      • itsaname Says:

        Unfortunately there is nothing Ed can do about a fan’s activity on twitter. I just checked out Xavier’s timeline from today. He’s beyond obsessed. He keeps tweeting about people who want to control others, but he is the worst offender. He wants to control David and his management team.

        Check out the timeline of @ucantbeseriass it’s hysterical. I want to know who it is. I seriously doubt they are close to David as they claim on twitter, but I love what they are tweeting at Xavier.

      • burt Says:

        Glad to hear that Ed is aware of this, cooktardx10sansdelusions. Sucks they can’t do anything about it. Makes me wonder if they should have been clearer in their answer on the forum. We all know it was basically a “no, back off” but Xavier hasn’t taken it that way. He needs a bigger warning but they are obviously unwilling to give it so now he’s just running wild.

        What kills me about the whole thing is that the song isn’t even appropriate for that occasion. I can see it for several other occasions but this isn’t one of them.

        I can only imagine how frustrating it is for RCA and especially David.

  32. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Am I gonna have to be the one to say it? RoyalsPhenom is a little bit loony tunes. Like, mentally unstable, MAE, unstable….

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Ya think??? I checked his timeline last night and he and a group of women were talking about David’s peen, or what they were referring to as Mooseclaw. Color me stupid, but could they be talking about anything else?? He’s also saying “rumor has it” that David’s doing NIN’s Closer on tour. Every fangirl and fanboys wet dream since he was on Idol. I have a hard time seeing that happening. He’s a whack job.

      • Fluffy Says:

        Oh boy. But why’d it get a new name? Wasn’t it “the fanbase” before? (Don’t throw pickles at me, I innocently wandered into that thread on DCO once and my eyes caught fire and singed my eyelashes. It was terrible.)

        You know how women often complain about being objectified? (And yes, sometimes rightfully so.) Could you possibly objectify a man (who is not posing nude, cause I guess then he’s fair game) more than talking about his peen?!

        This falls under, again, keep it to your damn self. You can think whatever lustful thoughts you want but cripes learn some decorum. It is icky. Especially since lots of these gals are old enough to be his mama.

      • Ali Says:

        Nonna, isn’t it sad to know how many unhappy, desperate, middle aged women (and a couple of gay men) are out there pining away at there lost youth…and making complete fools of themselves for all to see on the internet, lusting over this guy, who is probably grossed out to the point of tossing his “cookies” lol!

        We will all be middle aged women soon enough, but I hope I’m happy and fulfilled in my life and my accomplishments, to not have to revert back to my childhood heyday, and making out to my NKOTB posters lol. Even then I didn’t go online and admit to all the world what I was up to in my bedroom haha! So shameless..I wonder if they will show their online antics to there kids, and grandkids? Not!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Hey, I am middle aged with a not dissimilar figure to most of those more disgusting Cooktards and I have to tell you there is way more to live in middle age than losing your mind and lusting over someone young enough to be your own kid. My life, and that of my middle aged pals, is filled with so many nice things, hobbies, travel, children/grandchildren, etc that do not involve lusting over 20-something peen seen on tv. Those Cooktards are missing out on the best part of life, being too old to worry about getting pregnant, being yourself always without worrying what others think, being settled enough and financial secure enough to do things like travel or remodel the old homestead, not being constantly at the beck and call of young kids, the list goes on and on. Middle age has been for many I know as a time of great great freedom.

        Instead they stay online 24/7 fretting about the career of the peen, ignoring all the wonderful pleasurable stuff there is to do in this world. I almost feel sorry for them.

      • Ali Says:

        I feel sorry for them if they can’t enjoy the pleasures in this stage of life as you’ve explained it FDC. I have many friends, in your age group who describe it as a relief to what they went through during the young, crazy years of life lol…I’m also looking forward to it, because the next few years look very promising for my personal life right now πŸ˜‰

        I would hate to spend those precious years online angsting over an artist who is actually living and enjoying life probably, while they miss out on real life.

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        THAT’S what the mooseclaw stuff was?! I was reading that and got really confused about what the H they were talking about.


      • Peen? Really?

        peen (noun): the end of a hammer head opposite the striking face, often rounded or wedge-shaped

        I may be middle aged but I would never call a dick a peen!! Jeez.

        Sounds like a few fantards are a few peens shy of a toolbox, eh?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I called it a peen. Sorry Karen P. Currie, I should have said PENIS. Is that better? *insert eyeroll*

      • Lol, nonna. Penis is so–“sterile”. That comes from my working in healthcare I guess.

        I’ll stick with calling a dick and dick, I think.

        Hmmmm…so would that make Weehoscot a dicktard or a peentard?

        Oh my head hurtys now.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I don’t get them using ‘Moose Claw’ either considering a) it’s a Proper name of a place and b) slang for a very large woman’s version of the Camel Toe. Are they trying to say Cook and others are large women? And this ‘Onion’ thing, even weirder..reminds me of a bad joke my late father used to tell.. Billy wanted to be one of the most popular guys at the high school dance so he asked a friend of his that had lots of dances with the popular girls what he needed to do. His friend told him to stick a potato in his pants. But the next day Billy was complaining that putting a potato in his pants didn’t work, the girls laughed and pointed at him all night. His friend said, “You’re supposed put the *potato* in the front of your pants.”

        We should confuse the crazies and name all celeb penis ‘front potato’

      • Front potato? You kill me, FDC!!

        And it’s Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

        Goodnight, Canada.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        and there is a Moose Claw Oklahoma or was it Idaho… somewhere outwest.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I’ve always heard that women can have a camel toe, on a guy it’s called moose knuckles.

  33. nonna-muss Says:

    Xavier is still at it. Tweeting everyone he can think of in regards to 9/11. Fool!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Makes himself look as foolish as possible. Let him keep doing it.

    • burt Says:

      I know I’m repeating myself but…

      It’s not even a suitable song! I just don’t get how anyone thinks it is. I happened to listen the album today so paid more attention to the lyrics of “We Believe” and I don’t see how it fits. Here they are for anyone who doesn’t know them (copied from somewhere unofficial so don’t blame me if they’re wrong!):

      “We Believe”

      In the night
      We’re all looking for a guiding light
      We’re all seeking something more than right
      It must be there

      Every day
      We’re all trying to find a better way
      We’re all hoping for someone to say
      We’re almost there

      We believe
      There’s a reason that we’re all here
      That every doubt will disappear
      We believe

      In a time
      And if we hit a wall that we can’t climb
      And if we stumble at the finish line
      We’ll start again

      Every single person under the sun
      Has a moment where they know they won
      But until then

      We believe
      There’s a reason that we’re all here
      That every doubt will disappear
      We believe

      We believe
      That tomorrow carries something new
      And after everything we’ve been through
      We believe

      In the power of hope
      In the strength of peace
      There’s a way back home
      Where the battles cease
      Under one we’ll grow
      If we just believe
      This is what we know
      This is what we know

      We believe
      That tomorrow carries something new
      And after everything we’ve been through
      We believe
      That there’s a reason we’re all here
      And every doubt will disappear
      We believe
      We believe
      That tomorrow carries something new
      And after everything we’ve been through
      We believe
      We believe
      We believe
      We believe
      We believe

      So, does anyone see how it fits and want to explain it to me? All I can get is that Xavier’s decided it’s time to inspire and move on, in which case, since when did he speak for a nation?

      I hope anyone he sends it too checks his timeline to get the full picture of what he’s up to. Very, very odd.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I like the lyrics but it really sounds like something personal that came out of the death of Cook’s brother. I don’t see it as appropriate for a 9/11 ceremony except perhaps if a few family members of someone that passed in the tragedy listened to it to comfort themselves. Not right for something like 9/11 ceremony.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        The thing about it is also that the tempo is upbeat. Not at all right for Ground Zero ceremonies.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I think it’s too upbeat for the Ground Zero ceremonies. While certainly there’s room for hope there, I don’t think that a relentlessly positive and hopeful song is the right fit. It’s not… solemn? “We Believe” is a good sports montage song, though πŸ™‚

      • burt Says:

        It is too upbeat for anything related to 9/11 but Xavier wants it to be uplifting because it suits his agenda of being uplifting and moving on. It’s all about him achieving what he wants and I really don’t think it has anything to do with David any more. Sad that other people can’t see that and continue to back the idea.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        What a shit song. Kara must have co written it.

  34. itsaname Says:

    FDC If I remember correctly he may have mentioned that his trip to Africa had something to do with that song. It makes sense to me as he talked a lot about the feeling of hope in the face of adversity that he found over there.

    • Fluffy Says:

      I think you’re right. Sometimes… he’s just really earnest πŸ™‚

    • burt Says:

      That’s what I remember him saying it was about too. This is all reminding me of yet another thing that annoys me…

      The constant picking apart of his lyrics to work out what a song is about. Especially when it’s a song he didn’t write, wrote with someone else or has clearly said is about something else but turned into another subject.

  35. nonna-muss Says:

    Check out this article about NY Sports Club running a 9/11 promotion and the outrage over it. If Xavier pushes David’s song there will be a similar reaction I believe.


    • burt Says:

      Me too, he’s messing with a very touchy subject. He’s still sending it round and now proudly telling people when he hears back from someone – today he even did it directly to David with a comment about his brother’s death.

      Man, I wish RCA or David could/would do *something* before he causes serious problems. If he carries on, I see it ending very badly. He still has a month of “promotion” to go. 😦

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        Maybe he’ll get a cease and desist letter or something of the like. One can only hope.

        WE BELIEVE.

        (see what I did there?)

  36. itsaname Says:

    Xavier is a whacko. I just took a look at his twitter timeline. It’s scary. Take a look at this. Does he actually believe that David will appreciate him using his brother’s death to gain recognition from a celeb?

    @thedavidcook After telling DickieV about your charitable work, he replied.. “Dick Vitale @RoyalsPhenom So sorry to hear about his brother”
    1 hour ago
    RoyalsPhenom Xavier
    @DickieV Thank you for all your work with the V Foundation as well as other charities. It means so much. I’ll pass your condolences to David
    1 hour ago
    RoyalsPhenom Xavier
    @DickieV TY. He courageously battled brain cancer for over 10 years. David now dedicates himself to raising awareness & money for a cure.
    1 hour ago
    RoyalsPhenom Xavier
    @DickieV Hey Dickie V! Wanted to share this inspiring song, “We Believe” by David Cook. He lost his brother to cancer. youtube.com/watch?v=Axl8t0…
    3 hours ago

    • WilcoisAwesome Says:

      Why does he think it’s his duty to pass along the sentiments to David, as if he personally knows him. It’s like he is acting as a representative of David’s which is a little creepy.

    • burt Says:

      That is creepy beyond words. So he’s acting like he knows David and people who don’t know the situation could read into it that he’s acting on his behalf? All while shopping around an idea he’s been told not to progress and that he knows so many fans are against? Not cool at all.

      As he’s been stupid enough to tweet that to David I hope they take advantage and act on it. They have to do something otherwise this gives the crazies a free reign.

      WE BELIEVE indeed (Wilco you made me laugh!)

    • nonna-muss Says:

      That is some fucked up shit. Why would Dick Vitale be interested in that?? Xavier needs to be stopped.

  37. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    Sigh. I keep telling myself, do not engage the wackos, do not get involved…Just step away from the fandom. It is not a healthy place. But. After reading the above, sorry, something snapped. I am a self-described Cooktard you see- I make that clear in my handle. So no surprises. Ok I have PM’d Ed ONCE again – maybe this time something will happen but probably not, cuz honestly, they are worried that “acknowledging” X will only make him all the more wacko. Possibly they could shut down the Fan Vid in question though, since it’s not being used as it was intended. We shall see. The things I do as an OTT loonie (double sigh)- please be gentle with me for I am a tard.

    • Ali Says:

      Haha, I don’t know how you have the stomach to tard in that fandom! But that guy is out of control. I’m sure Dick V may think he is a friend or associate of David’s. At the very least he is misrepresenting himself and David to people who have no idea he is just an obsessed fantard.

    • songkat7 Says:

      One thing to think about as well that may shed some hope on the situation. If anyone that’s being contacted by X were to contact David about the song or X’s insane ‘promotion’, they’d have to go through David’s reps – his REAL reps – who will then immediately let the person know that X has absolutely no ties to David and is not representing him.

      Actually, I’m sure they see this stuff all the time, people pushing their own agenda to the organizers/charities.

      Still, this must be highly frustrating to RCA et al.

      • burt Says:

        cooktardx10sansdelusions good for you contacting Ed, I don’t think that counts as tarding, just concern. Let us know what he says.

        songkat7 you are right but it’s the people who don’t take it further so never get to speak to David’s true reps that are the worry. With the wording of those tweets, it could easily come across that he’s associated with David which could be enough to annoy them and think David is trying to take advantage. I hope people would see through it and check X’s timeline but you never know, people often jump to conclusions.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I’m glad you let Ed know again. It’s not tarding, it’s doing what you feel is morally right. Like we said earlier all it’s about now for Xavier is proving himself right.

      • burt Says:

        Even I was tempted to DM Ed, still am a little to add numbers – I wonder if they would be more likely to take action if more people are speaking up in concern. Probably not. Actually, it would be pretty funny if we all registered there with our usernames – any fans that read here would think there were being invaded. πŸ˜€

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