WeHoScott Banned From DCO!

Okay, picking up where we logged off yesterday ladies and gentlemen. Apparently Wehoscott jumped onto the ‘let’s pester others to use Dave’s song for 9/11’ bandwagon over at David Cook Official. I’m not sure if this was before or after RCAEd explained RCAs request that no fans to try and contact people to make that happen.

“Thanks for calling my attention to the ‘opportunity’ thread, everyone. I appreciate the time it took to write it and have passed it along to my colleagues to whom it is pertinent for review; but I’m also very aware of the mixed sentiments about the idea to begin with. 9/11 IS a very touchy subject and there’s obviously room here for misinterpretation of any celebrity’s involvement with the 10th year anniversary marking it next month. I just wanted to ask that you do NOT in fact try and engage any of the parties mentioned in aggressive fashion, because that could really rub them the wrong way. This whole concept is something best dealt with through official channels, only IF and when David feels comfortable considering it. So I won’t bother going into the other items that would probably make it impractical regardless (the single choice, what song the KC Chiefs would be comfortable with David singing, etc.), because something as big as 9/11 poses much greater risks and pitfalls than these business considerations. Thanks for understanding, and I’ll keep you guys posted.”

Thankfully it seems that most of the fans over at DCO are as turned off by the campaign to pimp out Cook’s song. I applaud their good sense and sense of appropriateness. I never thought I’d be complimenting anyone over there but I was delightfully surprised to see sense rule in this situation.

Typically, the one with no sense, lots of bragging about how much he knows and a long list of people who dislike his high handed ways, must have done something mighty last night to piss off the powers that be and the mods at David Cook Official. Yes folks, for reasons not entirely known WeHoScott was banned.

Last time I saw him on DCO he was so busy kissing Xavier’s ass over this 9/11 song pushing bid of his. He and the Weeds thought that David Cook singing his song on 9/11 would be the end all be all and gain new fans. I don’t know what he said that made the fickle finger of board fate flick him off but I suspect it has something to do with this plot to showcase Cook’s song.

Right after WeePoleScott… errr… WeHoScott was banned he took to his sooper secrud locked twitter and stated firmly to Cook and others – <em>”I’ve been banished from DCO. Maybe it’s time to say fuck David and his website. I’m tired” Are those some Annie Wilkes ala “Misery” changes going on inside of WeHoScott after he flounced away from DCO with his Weed pack?

Typically chickenshit WeHoScott erased the tweet. And I imagine today he’s sounding like the kid in this video and the grandma at the same time over being banned —> thechive.com/2011/08/08/grandma-threatens-to-call-the-internet-police-video/

Daina, the Pizza Screamer Tard and some of the other Weeds are busy distancing themselves from WeHoScott. His friends are getting thin on the ground. I guess no one wants to be linked to something that might piss off Cook. Head Tard position and access is what they all live for.

I am so sure we’ll soon see some other version of WeHoScott. He’s an attention whore that must have the adulation given to those with any insider information, even fake insider info like he’s been flogging every which way like tout with an entire package of vials. He puffs himself up like a freaking blowfish and eventually he puffed up too much and exploded.

Xavier/RoyalsPhenom still hasn’t given up on his idea. He’s contacted people, like the NYC Mayor and the NFL and others trying to make his bad idea happen. That’s even after RCAEd told everyone not to do anything in regards to contacting others. I guess he’s cruising for a banning from DCO too.

He’s one weird dude. Just look at some of his words that were posted in the comments from yesterday’s posting.

“You try to make a difference, help/inspire others, you still get flack. Never ends. I weep for our country. But I love pizza!”

“After the lynch mob on DCO twisted the simplest, most ideal suggestion with blatant distortions and assumptions. I just laughed”

He obviously is oblivious to the fact that Tea Party favorite Michelle Bachmann has been using Cook’s “We Believe” in her campaign stops in Iowa. At least it is getting some play even if I cannot imagine Bachmann asking Cook permission to use it or actually, gasp, paying royalties in using his song.

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147 Comments on “WeHoScott Banned From DCO!”

  1. Rubber Ducky Says:

    What a jackass. He will go sulk somewhere else then start up the tarding machine over some other attention whore. He’ll move on from Baldy but he is addicted to the attention he gets from frauen.

  2. Fluffy Says:

    There’s a lynch mob on DCO? Heh. But hey, I love pizza too! So yay, deluded fan man, yay for us.

    • Ali Says:

      Xavior has been one of the only male fans from the beginning on DCO. He doesn’t go on other sites it seems and doesn’t go to shows, maybe he lives in Canada I don’t remember. I stopped DCO visits years ago. I didn’t know he was a tard. But his post were always weird…but very sporadic.

      Nothing left to say about Scott… I haven’t been on twitter either. So Daina91880 is back on the Dave bandwagon even after she scolded him for the cd release party?

      • Ali Says:

        Oh now I see from the last post Xavior is from somewhere in Kansas, or Missouri lol. Now I’m off to catch up on twitter lol.

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    Someone pointed me in the direction of the DWoP thread last night. Wow! What a difference losing a few of the negative Nellies makes! It’s not moaning and groaning about how RCA isn’t doing this/that/the other thing correctly. It’s actually got a positive vibe going.

    Also, there was a very good post by a member there tying the songs from the new CD to the fans, as if Cook wrote the songs for them. If you get the chance, check it out. Snarking on the those who were banned and his minions at its best.

    With WeeHole having the locked twitter I don’t know if he’s still angsting, but Xavier still is.

  4. Jen Says:

    Scott seemed to have had a hissy fit last night, judging by the replies to him. Anyone know what that’s about?

    • Ali Says:

      Over him getting banned on DCO because of he and Xavior’s insane plot to market David to the masses on 9/11, and most fans ganging up on them against it…or do you mean there was yet another meltdown?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I wondered if it was this FDC post. I saw a reply to him saying that whatever he tweeted was derogatory to all women. Maybe he called FDC a big meanie poo-poo head. I think he may have seen that FDC had a direct quote from his private twitter and it sent him into a panic. That means someone he trusted to be on that account gave up the goods.

        Of course I’m not positive, just a guess.

    • Jen Says:

      Somebody also said he was RTing things sent to him and it was by someone that person didn’t follow but I didn’t see anything nasty to him. So I don’t know what’s going on. Even Literategal seemed to be warning him about what he was saying.

  5. burt Says:

    Wow, this is all very weird. How does nobody know the reason for Scott’s banning yet? If it’s not public on DCO then it has to be something he did in private messages I assume? Otherwise, why else would he get banned from the forum? Surely they wouldn’t take real life stuff into account.

    As for Xavier, he left DCO of his own accord, right? I wonder if anyone has let Ed know yet about him progressing with his plan regardless?

    All this just reiterates why I rarely go on any forums – for anyone – there’s always so much drama!

  6. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    People have been banned from DCO before, but they usually are allowed back into the site after a “time out”. One that comes to mind is that crazy fan from DCU that stated (REPEATEDLY) that David would be bigger than the Beatles. Anyone remember her username? She joined DCU after she was banned from DCO, but she stated at some point her banishment had ended.
    So We Blow Scott may be back on there at some point.

    As for Daina Fullmer, if you look at her profile pics on FB, and if you can get over the ones of she and her hottie hubby, there are two pics of David doing the vampire thing that was the fanfic hit awhile back. Just…WHY? *scratches head*

  7. Ali Says:

    Latest update from web ho scott is saying on his public account that he was banned because of an automated computer glitch lol! Really? Does anyone know if this can happen on DCO? He says he’s been edited a few times in 24 hours and its a temp banning. Then he goes on to say how he needs a break from there because he’s so busy with work haha. So yep, a day after he tells David to fuck off, he plots his return to the official site lol!

    He also tweets his pas Zoo about always missing Neal’s band and she tells him they will be there on tour in October…he says he will sure to be there. Can you imagine zoo, scott and his croonies at a death metal concert haha. Silly middle aged kiddo’s, still trying to be the popular kids…so high school indeed!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Everyone’s supposed to believe that??? He’s even more delusional than we already suspected.

      Dear David, Please do not get in a car accident in West Hollywood anywhere near WeeHole’s house, lest under the guise of rescuing you, he ties you to the bed and breaks your legs.

      Sincerely, Your Sane Fans

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Ha! He’s so full of crapola he needs a box of Depends. I love how passive–aggressive his is with his attacking/editing. Of course he cannot stay away from DCO. Scott – King Mau Attention Whore.

        Laughing picturing him in an Annie Wilkes jumper/frumper fawning all over Cook right after breaking his legs.

      • Fluffy Says:

        He’s committed boardicide at least once before, and he came back like it never happened. I’m sure as soon as they let him back he’ll be restarting the puffing.

      • burt Says:

        Ha Nonna! I wonder if David knows where he lives and hangs out so he knows where to avoid?

        Of course he’ll be back there. There’s too much history for him to just walk away and he’s obviously a big fan of David’s so unless he ever does anything to him personally – seems unlikely no matter what happens – he’ll keep liking him and want to talk about him.

        The whole two accounts/one locked thing just makes it look worse IMO. It’s so obvious that he’s using one of them to bitch about and to people, and one to make public comments. Why even bother? If that’s how you are then fine but just be man enough to be honest and real about it – live by your words.

    • Karen D Says:

      Their music really isn’t death metal….

  8. Ali Says:

    *pal zoo, not pas lol.

  9. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Last night Scott went of on same one on twitter named Pandora, who posted Scott was an asshole and she was glad other people were finally figuring that out. Scott actually retweeted her comment about him, called her a bitch and said he would unfollow any one who was following her.

    A few of his twitter buds pointed out to him that “bitch” was in insult to ALL women not just Pandora. Off course he deleted everything.

    As far as DWOP, I have never had a problem with posters that want to have honest discussions about the music or even the role that 19/RCA plays. The problem is the constant nitpicking about hair/clothes and my favorite he shouldn’t play the guitar so much so that he can dance around. Not to mention the bullshit music industry “experts” and all their asstalkers who think it’s their job to correct 19/RCA .

    Should a fan site be all happy all the time…No…but it sure as hell shouldn’t spend post after post tearing down it’s artist or his label and management

    • Fluffy Says:

      OK, I can’t lie, the thought of him dancing around just made me giggle. Hee.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Well, I think the man can dance or least move his ass with the beat and I wouldn’t be opposed to watching him shake it….but there’s a time and place. LOL

      • Fluffy Says:

        His songs aren’t exactly… dance-y, though. Unless there’s a super special dance to “Mayyyydayyyy…”

      • burt Says:

        Ha! That made me laugh too. There’s nothing quite like trying to get someone to totally change so you they fulfill your fantasy.

        I’m with everyone else, I don’t understand the constant criticisms and assessments of everything. You know, when I like a singer/band I rarely give the behind the scenes stuff a second thought beyond maybe “that’s an odd single choice” (and no, I don’t mean LO, CBTM or TLfuckingG all of which I have no issue with) or “why aren’t they touring near me/why are they playing x venue” – I just don’t think about it even though the music industry does interest me. While I might have thoughts about someone’s appearance, clothes etc (human nature) I don’t feel the need to discuss them at length or even share the thoughts – why would I? To be doing it under the noses of the people you’re criticizing though is just wrong. There’s no respect and I hate the assumption that anyone else could do better.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Thanks for the scoop! Yay for Pandora!

      I didn’t mean that the site should be happy all of the time, but for the reasons you stated it was a refreshing change. I never understood the constant tearing down of RCA/19 on a site that they monitor.

    • Jen Says:

      Ahhh that’s what I was wondering about! Thanks! Do we have a mole within his locked gates? lol

  10. Fluffy Says:

    I like a good discussion but the angsty nitpicking and the asstalking about what RCA should do when NOBODY on there is in the know in any way made me stay away. Well, that and Scott. And his puffed up-ed-ness and whining. I hate whining. I have little kids. I don’t need whining from grownups too 😉

  11. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    To clarify, I do like the more positive direction of DWOP. Why do some, especially Scott engage in the hypercriticism : Because as Scott has said on many blowhard posts, it’s because the honeymoon is over and David wants them to be honest with him so that he (David) can improve.

    Can you believe that shit?!? IF you don’t like what an artist sings, how he sings it, how he dresses or grooms himself or how he performs, go find someone you fucking like and good luck trying to control that person.

    And yes, those posters don’t know a damn thing about what happens behind the scenes and when the facts become known their pontificating is always proven wrong

    • burt Says:

      WAIT! Did Scott really say that? More to the point, has David ever said that? I’m struggling to believe a man who is nearly 30 and has been a musician all his adult life suddenly needs to hear detailed criticisms from fans to improve.

      I’m only guessing but I think the criticisms on hair and clothes are part of this whole perceived notion that it’s not really “him” and he should go back to how he was. I kinda see part of it (i.e. if he had his choice I suspect he would dress down more to perform) but who really believes there’s a couple of people behind the scenes dressing him and doing his hair then forcing him to go out wearing stuff he doesn’t like? No, me either. It’s surely more him (and his team) creating more of an image and to look smarter at appearances. Sometimes I wish he would relax things a little but aside from the odd comment on here in discussions I see no need to go online specifically to rant or give him direct criticism. Why? Because it doesn’t stop me enjoying his music and I understand that it’s for stage because that’s just what people sometimes do – it is “him” but it’s the stage side of him. Just because he doesn’t dress the same on and off stage doesn’t mean he’s not being himself. The same applies to a lot of performers. I mean if we all went to work in the clothes we wear at home it might not be appropriate and his job is no different in certain circumstances.

      Sorry, had to get that out there. It’s one of the criticisms that really pisses me off because that alone shows a total lack of understanding of the music industry.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        No David has never said he wants fans on his official website to critique that shit out of him. It’s Scott’s and some other posters idea of keeping it real, lol

      • Fluffy Says:

        They whined last tour because he wore a beanie and t-shirts and jeans… this time they’re whining because he is all dressed up and they can’t see arm porn (puke). And hair-wise… well, hell. The guy just has bad hair and it takes some serious stylist help to make it look good. Too bad he’s not a country singer, then he could just wear a cowboy hat everywhere. I didn’t realize that Tim McGraw was bald as shit for years…

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Fluffy, to answer your question about the whining. Like someone said yesterday on the last post: even if Cook personally came to their houses and fucked everyone of them, they’d tell him he was doing it wrong. There is that group of fans that will never, ever be happy.

    • Fluffy Says:

      I get a kick out of the amount of ego (or delusion) needed to defend your criticism/armchair quarterbacking/nitpicking by saying that David needs you to do it so you can help him… I mean, I’ll snark on the guy now and then, and I like discussing the music business because it’s interesting, but I know nothing and know I know nothing and not for a moment does any of my snark and/or discussion happen because I need to help poor David 🙂 I buy his records (because I like them, of course, and only one copy, thanks) and I catch his tour when he comes through town. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you’re a fan of music?!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Here’s a question for everyone. After this little episode by Scott, what does everyone think his reception will be at DCO when he strolls back over there like nothing happened??? I’m guessing he may not be welcomed with open arms this time. I think he’s burying himself deeper and deeper in the shit pile everyday. Sure, he has his little group that hangs on his every word, but people are sick of them too.

        Thoughts anyone?

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        The use of the term “arm porn” is vom worthy but…..the arms are very nice and the hair is better and easier to style when it’s shorter. That concludes my shallow post of the day 🙂

  12. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Oops, hit the post button too soon. If I could go to work in my jammies or sweats I would be thrilled…fired…but thrilled. I don’t know why some of those people want so-called grunge Dave. He’s a 28yr old man….why does he need to dress like a 19 yr old frat boy. People grow up, they make a little bit (or a lot in David’s case) more money and they dress better. Even off stage now he wears $200 jeans and nicely made (ie: not cheap) shirts.

    It would probably be less of an angst ridden existence for them if they just listen to the music, see a show if one comes to their area and leave the mans career to him and his team.

  13. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Hmm…interesting question Nonna.

    I think he’ll probably be treated like nothing happened, just as before. People who know he’s a bullshitter will just take anything he says with a grain of salt and the rest will continue to treat his every utterance as the God’s truth. Same old same, lol

    • Ali Says:

      Until he finally goes off the tard deep end and gets banned for good. I’m thinking Dave and friends are tired off the whole pack of em and hope they continue to infight and eventually implode…right out of the front row lol!

    • WilcoisAwesome Says:

      Depends, I think….I saw that most, or a few, of his sheep would follow suit and boycott the website until Scott was welcomed back, so we shall see.

  14. nonna-muss Says:

    So today Xavier has tweeted his idea to Governor Cuomo, The 9/11 Museum, NYFD, and the 9/11 Freedom Rally. He follows instructions well, doesn’t he??

    • Rubber Ducky Says:


      Damn I am running out of popcorn

    • songkat7 Says:

      Seriously? What’s wrong with that guy?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        His momma must have dropped him on his head one too many times. That just ain’t normal.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Ugh, *facepalm* Dude is fucked up

    • burt Says:

      I just posted about this on the original post. There has to be something someone can do to put him in his place. It’s none of my business but I hate that someone is shopping such a disrespectful idea around and blatantly ignoring the feedback he’s been given. It’s so out of line, it goes far beyond what most of these tards do because of it’s 9/11 link.

  15. Karen D Says:

    Not that it changes the ridiculousness of the whole situation, but “the weeds” have had nothing to do with this plan with Xavier. Most of them avoid DCO like the plague.

    I may be wrong on this, but I thought that Scott was AGAINST Xavier’s idea.

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      I believe Scott was actually more or less for X’s delusional plan but wisely never spoke up one way or another on the DCO thread devoted to that topic. In any case most of the minority who were originally onboard with the ultimate scheme to Cookify the planet have jumped ship pretty much. X does have a few cling-ons still judging from his TL. All of them inhabit Planet Delusia though. This tweet though in particular amused me: RoyalsPhenom Xavier
      @YoyoSassy @soweetbrew @renee470 @Emily_Rentz @rascalete @MBenz01 Actually I sent that WB video to several NY 9/11 groups. They loved it

      Really X? Where’s your proof of that pray tell? Show us the money nutbar!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Has he never, ever watched the ceremony at Ground Zero to see how completely wrong We Believe is for that ceremony? Infuriating.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Sorry Karen D but you are mistaken. Scott never commented on DCO. Scott has deleted all of his twitter convo with Xavier but he was very much supportive of his idea and agreed with Xavier that it was a great way to get David “out there” since of course in their minds 19/RCA is doing nothing for David. Scott most definitely agreed that he couldn’t understand why some were so upset with the idea.

  16. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    ….And what the fuck is a “weed”? LOL

  17. burt Says:

    A thought occurred to me when I was commenting on the other post:

    Scott was mysteriously banned from DCO and nobody knows why. Xavier is running wild on Twitter with an idea he’s been told to not progress and one that could have serious consequences for someone’s career, yet he’s not been banned from DCO? According to his timeline he’s not posting there now but it’s by choice because of the “negativity”.

    So is he lying and he was banned? Or is RCA too soft or inconsistent? Does RCA not want to rile him (but it was OK to rile Scott)? Can we assume that what Scott did was worse than what Xavier is doing?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I don’t think DCO can ban Xavier for something he’s doing on twitter. If he’d done something at DCO they could.

      • burt Says:

        Hmm I wondered about that. It makes them look so powerless when it’s clearly the same person and it is linked to something he was told on DCO. It probably wouldn’t make a difference anyway but it would be a way for them to show him (and a chance to explain) that they’re not happy about it. Shame.

    • Ali Says:

      I think Scott has claimed to have spoken to RCAed in dm’s on DCO so maybe he stepped over his bounds (big shock lol) in a dm, or threatened to do something they (RCA) wouldn’t want…such as what X is doing on twitter. But who knows?

  18. songkat7 Says:

    I have a feeling he’s going to show up back on DCO soon enough. Which would be unfortunate.

  19. just dont get it Says:

    i have been a member of the DC “fandom” since the beginning and throughout it all I have never felt as disgusted by it as I do right now – i’m just totally sick of the nonsense. I wish David would just announce even one show to get all the crazies back in a positive direction!! they all seems so nuts to me – i’m startin to think maybe I’M the CRAZY ONE!!!

    • Fluffy Says:

      It’s definitely louder than it ever has been. But you know, some of these folks are also probably the same ones who were completely sure he was going to debut with 250,000 albums no matter how the signs pointed (loudly) to something different. I don’t see how you can put that much anxiety into something that should give you pleasure. Music for me is my therapy, my mood-changer… I don’t want it to be so stressful and miserable. I got a little wrapped up in the sales and worries and stepped back and said hoolllld on there. When have you ever worried about the sales or fame of the artists you love? I could not tell you how the Indigo Girls or New Order or the Sundays or Erasure or Toad the Wet Sprocket sold and they were my favorite groups for YEARS. No clue, just love their music. If the artists I love keep making music I love for a long time then yay. That’s about the end of it for me 🙂

      • burt Says:

        I really don’t understand how some of them even get so negative about things. I know the tour is taking longer than *they* would like but it’s not like anyone is saying it won’t happen. He sold well, is still selling and getting some radio attention with hardly any promo. They have music to listen to and he’s around (a bit) on Twitter saying stuff is coming up. What did they do before Twitter anyway? I saw there was angst yesterday about whether a tweet was sent by him because it didn’t sound like him. No it didn’t, it sounded like it was copied and pasted from the promo details he was sent. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t him that pushed “tweet” and that you would never hear from him again.

        I’m with you Fluffy, music for me isn’t about all the stuff they focus on. It’s about the actual music. I’d hate to live without it but I couldn’t handle worrying about the careers of all the people I like. Not enough time. As long as I know they’re alive and well and are releasing and making a living then I’m happy. A lot of what I know about him I only really know because of the tweets and coming here. Even that makes me feel I know too much about the guy’s career and it’s a fraction of what they know.

        Thing is, we’re not the hardcore group for any one person and that’s why we’re not so bothered about all the stuff they are and so struggle to understand their obsession with it. I do think everyone has a group of fans like that and maybe everyone needs that group, I dunno.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I don’t have *time* to worry so much about the artists I like. I have other stuff to worry about like kids and work and, well, real life… Maybe that’s the problem with some of the truly deluded/hardcore folks – they just don’t have anything else to do. And if that’s the case, I’m sad for them. And urge them to go find a hobby, even if it’s just taking a walk?

  20. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Some of these people need to get a hobby that is NOT named David Cook. In a way the time in between records, which was not all that abnormal, may be a blessing. The true wackjobs have moved on to other obsessions (Ryan Star, Lee dewyze, etc.). If Neal actually leaves permanently for Hell or Highwater, he’ll take his crazy tards who thinks he’s a god among guitar players with him. The ones that are left have calmed down or revealed themselves to the rest of the fandom as people to avoid.

    A lot of these folks still have idol competition on the brain where sales are some sort of sudden death. You sell gold or platinum first week or your career is over. These folks have paid no mind to the radical shifts in the music industry and radio just in the last 3 yrs. Like Fluffy there are tons of artist I love that don’t sell shit. The keep making music, yes on major labels, so I keep buying.

    I like David as a person, not as a saint, not as my pretend boyfriend. Just a dude who’s music I enjoy. Beyond his first week sales I haven’t bothered to follow David’s sales because I don’t care, lol. I don’t need my personal taste validated in out of this world sales that few artists are ever going to reach again.

    • Ali Says:

      These fans are clueless…no one buys music much anymore. Especially young people. That’s just the way the industry has gone, it’s dead for sales, but merch and touring makes some money for artist and labels. The big labels raped consumers for years, and now cry because they are broke…well they actually just diversify lol…and yes, most big label artist are not selling much, but doesn’t mean they get dropped. It’s just a different industry now. And who cares…I’m sure David will be around even if not with RCA and his music for those who want to hear it.

      Lol, poor Neal 🙂

      • burt Says:

        Your last sentence (not about Neal! :D) is the key in me not worrying. I feel like he’s good enough and enjoys making/playing music enough (for the right reasons) to be around regardless of what happens with this record. I wouldn’t want to see anyone loose their deal (unless it’s what they want) but it happens and people usually move on and keep going. I just feel like he’ll carry on even if not on the same scale. I’m not interested in the scale of his exposure just that he’s making music I can buy and touring so I have the chance to see him play if I want to. Same as with anyone I like.

        I’m not sure why the hardcore fans (the ones who claim to be his biggest supporters) don’t feel the same. I guess they just want to help him keep the current deal and do well?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        They want him to be a supah-stah!!!11!!! Eleventy.

        The thing is, how are they so sure that’s what he wants.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        That wanting him to be a supah stah seems self defeating. If he becomes this huge super star then their access to him is severely limited. Shooting themselves in the foot again.

      • itsaname Says:

        They don’t care what he wants. They truly believe that he should leave his label because the only reason he isn’t a super star is their lack of the right promotion. They either don’t care of can’t remember that David has said numerous times he’s not all that interested in sales; he just wants to make an album he can be proud of.

        David seems to be very realistic about his sales numbers, his career and the state of the music business. He comes across as a smart man. I’m sure he knows that his type of music is not what is popular right now. I doubt he’s willing to compromise his musical integrity to add a song to his next album about shaking your booty in da club.

        There is a handful of fans who believe that if only they could be his management team, they would get his music out there and David could take over the world. Anyone on DCO who has dared to challenge that by saying that perhaps he prefers his current level of success with a tiny bit of private life left is told that they are jealous haters who want to see him fail. Of course those are the same people who believe that David is too big to open for another band and that he can heal the world.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I don’t think he’d be so intensely private and avoid most “being seen” opportunities like the plague if he wanted to be a SUPAHSTAH RAWK GOD… I mean, I don’t know him, but sometimes I think if he didn’t like performing so much he’d be happier just being a songwriter.

      • burt Says:

        I think all of you are spot on and actually, this is something I’ve seen Scott say (wow, we agree with Scott! Worrying!). It seems they want David to be a bigger star than he wants to be. Good for him (it’s not all about the fame for everyone and that’s a good thing in my eyes), bad for them that they can’t realize it and just support what he has now. I feel for him, if they keep pushing and achieve what they want, will it be good for him? He likes the privacy he has and I can’t see that continuing, at least not without a lot more pressure. That can’t be good yet they all claim to care so much. We’re all far removed in terms of obsessing over his welfare so how can we see it but those that are so obsessed with it, miss the point? Maybe I missed the interviews where he said he wanted to be a superstar.

        And yes, FDC , I’ve been saying that for a long time: if they want the access etc then they shouldn’t be pushing for the fame. I mean, they shouldn’t anyway (not their job or decision) but it’s such a glaring contradiction that it makes no sense. Why oh why can’t they just support him now, at the level of fame he has, and stick with him no matter what happens? What makes them decide they have to do otherwise?

        Oh and has anyone seen the posts on Ed’s part of DCO today? Someone tried defending the worrying and constant questioning by saying how much they care and worry about him and how protective his fans are. I was so pleased to see someone reply saying that it’s actually not what all fans think and some are happy to leave the adults and experts to run his career. I tell you, there’s a glimmer of hope shining through on DCO this week. 😀

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I saw that too Burt. I was please. A few people actually said that. Others are agreeing that a tour takes time and they are in no rush. Could it be that without Scott and gang there people are finally speaking up?

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        Burt, I agree. I love Graham Colton – who was also signed to a major at one point, but is now independent. And while I’m sure he doesn’t make much, if anything, touring, he still puts out music and sells really well whatever venue he plays. It helps that he’s a tremendous talent, of course, but he enjoys what he does and it shows in show attendance.

    • Fluffy Says:

      I had to remove myself from the Idol bubble before my brain rotted. That’s an unhealthy thing, the constant pissing contest. It makes for perpetual unhappiness (unless, I guess, you’re a Carrie fan, ha).

  21. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Hmmm….I actually get a different vibe from the hardest of the hardcores, lol. They want him to get dropped by RCA so that he can go indie and be the hard rocker that RCA is supposedly suppressing. This despite the fact that pre-idol Analog Heart is alt rock, maybe pop/rock but not hard rock. They want him to be who they want no matter what he says or more obvious the music he makes.

    The little group who think they can do a better job than his management team are always good for a laugh. When Lambert announced he was leaving 19M, twitter was full of management “experts” telling DC he needed to part ways also. Like that would be a smart move just a month after the album dropped and promo is still ongoing and a tour is being mapped out. Idiots!

    Fluffy, I agree about the songwriting thing. He has said repeatedly that he took co-writing with Raine Maida, Johnny Rzeznick, Kevin Griffin, Claude Kelly etc. as a learning experience for the future. Of course the hardcores only care that he write with Neal and Andy because that’s what they want, the hell with his needs and growth as an artist. (Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of MWK or Neal’s pretentious songwriting)

    • burt Says:

      When I posted earlier, I removed a line because it seemed ridiculous but it’s on the same lines as what you’ve said Amusedbyfandom, sort of. Is it possible that the hardcores want him to crash one way or another (I was originally thinking more of him becoming huge and not coping) so that they can then help build him up again? I hope not, that’s just depressing.

      From some of them I do also get a feeling they won’t be happy til he’s not with RCA so he can be “real”.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        I don’t have any concerns for Cook’s mental health, dude seems to have his shit together…some fans, well, that’s a different story, lol. I think your last sentence is closer to the truth. Some of these nuts think RCA is holding back David from being the “real” David.
        Their fantasy grunge/hard rock boy. Which is pretty insulting when you think about it, that near 30 yr old man doesn’t know who he is or how to present his ideas to and collaborate with his management team and label.

      • burt Says:

        Just to clarify, I don’t have concerns for his mental health as such (not like he would have a breakdown or anything), I meant more him getting massively worldwide famous and not being happy with less privacy and all that kind of thing. You’re right, he seems grounded with good people around him, just as well really.

    • WilcoisAwesome Says:

      They also don’t realize that if David gets dropped and goes the indie route, all that he’s left with, promotion wise, are his own devices; all of the industry contacts and repertoire that comes with having management and a label goes away, and I’m sure if he got dropped he’d have to sign some sort of non-compete agreement that says he can’t solicit the services/contacts that he made while with RCA or anything affiliated with RCA, which is all of Sony, you know, THE BIGGEST FUCKING UMBRELLA GROUP EVER.

    • Ali Says:

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who thinks Neal is a pretentious SOB. He writes like a metal, Taylor Swift with all the angst! Gimme a break! David is a much better song writer…and he’s “real”. Though not the grunge teenage real that some of these cougars seem to want him to remain. He’s a grown up now…too bad his fantards refuse to do the same.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        LMAO. A metal Taylor Swift is a perfect description. As far as David goes, yes…people grow up. They change and progress or a least they should. Arrested development is not attractive

  22. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Scott talks out of both sides of his ass, usually within the same post, lol. When Scott has posted about maybe David doesn’t want to be a big star and the fans should except that it’s always after arguing that IF David wants to be big he needs to go to places in Hollywood to be photographed out and about and tweet 24/7 to promote himself more and keep the fans engaged. It’s an underhanded put down.

    It kinda amuses me that just because the LA crew don’t see him out and about with their own stalker eyes must be because he sits in the house staring at the four walls. I have a feeling he lives a much more fuller social life than they do, he just has good friends that aren’t tweeting his whereabouts all the time.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      David’s said he’s a homebody. I’ve seen friends of his tweet pictures of him on a Friday night playing ping-pong, cards or even Monopoly with a group of pals. He’s said he prefers to have friends over instead of going out and that he’s always been like that. Of course the fans don’t believe it because of all the pre-Idol pictures of him in bars. My thought is, ummmmm…he was a bartender and played in a bar band. He’s probably sick of the bar/social scene. I know a lot of former bartenders who feel that way.

      I also get the feeling that a lot of fans have the “we can make you or break you” mentality.

    • burt Says:

      Yeah I’m not doubting that Scott spouts a load of crap, just saying that I have seen him say it so it’s not just us thinking that maybe David doesn’t want the fame some of the full-on fans want him to have. He may have been justifying another thought but the basic understanding is there, I think. If only he could use his “power” to convince more of them.

      David obviously does leave his house, the same as most people in LA – that’s why I found all the “out and about living life” hysteria funny. He presumably is careful about where he goes but I’m with Nonna, I don’t think he really is living the LA life much, if at all Any signs I’ve seen (which aren’t extensive admittedly!) point to him being the kind of person who hangs at home or at friend’s homes. I’ve heard him describe himself as a homebody more than once and I doubt he’s lying so he can sneak out to bars or clubs. And with being in bars pre-Idol aside from what Nonna said, don’t most people do that more when they’re younger?

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Oh I agree with both of you, Nonna and Burt. I didn’t mean he was out clubbing/partying secretly. I think he got that out of his system when he was younger (as most of of us do) and pre-idol. Just meant I think he enjoys his life hanging with friends without having to put it on display for the masses for cheap publicity.

        As far as how big David wants to be vs. what some fans want. As someone said earlier, I think David has a good understanding of where he stands in the current music industry and I think as long as he making music, superstardom is not that much of a goal for him. It’s certainly not a requirement for me to like an artist and go to their shows if they play in my area

  23. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Damn… That’s *accept* not *except*, lol

  24. Ali Says:

    Agree with all…He just wants to make a living making music. As for the OTTs they are hypocrites. They act like he should be a star so that they don’t look like a fool for following a looser, like they want to have validation for “discovering” the next Elvis lol. But I’m sure they would love him to fall flat on his face…then come begging them to save his career…and hang out with him, and his friends on the tour bus lol!

    • Fluffy Says:

      This is kinda case in point that I found on another board from a fan ~

      “I find it extremely difficult to believe that it is so difficult to book a club or state fair or acoustic coffeehouse show that it takes months and months to get it done. The longer this goes on, the more I’m just going to have to conclude that Cook does not feel like it anymore.

      I used to be the biggest Cook fan there was. But I feel like I’ve put up with a lot being his fan, and it doesn’t seem to do much good to keep supporting a career he doesn’t seem to want to have.”

      Put up with a lot being his fan? Put up with WHAT?

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Angsting and ass talking 24/7 is hard work. Don’t get these people at all. What the hell did they do just 10 years age. There was no twitter or 24 hr social media. Artists put out a record, you brought it, couple months later you hear about a tour stop near you, you go to the show have a good time and live your life.

        The fact that that person thinks Cook is actually doing something to her personally is sick and twisted.

      • ryder Says:

        Nice to see that they have so much faith in the guy that they figure he’s just thrown in the towel already.

        (Thorazine posts notwithstanding, in which case they’d gleefully watch him slit his wrists on the altar of an RCA boardroom …)

        I don’t follow the stats, especially when it’s an AI thing. There’s a reason IDGAF about MJs when so many fans still do. Live in that bubble all you want but I just can’t .. too insidious, and I can’t stand the fanwar dramas.

        I do think DC is doing what he wants. I don’t care if it’s not popular opinion. That’s for AI fans to gloat and brag and obsess over anyways.

      • burt Says:

        I often wonder that Amusedbyfandom – before the internet in general even, what did people who think this way do? Sure there were fanclubs and actual letters but they didn’t know what their favorite people were doing 24/7 or even on a weekly basis. Obviously proper stalkers are an exception but I wonder if sites like Twitter and FaceBook somehow deter physical stalking because you can now follow someone closely online? I also wonder if all these people found each other before the internet – did those Twitter conversations used to happen in writing or over the phone, or not at all because the people never connected?

        With David, even going back three years he wasn’t on Twitter but they coped then without a daily glimpse into his mind/life. Now they get worked up if they don’t hear from him for a few days. He used to tweet daily and it seems like something has changed with his Twitter habits (maybe he’s avoiding people, maybe he got fed up of controversy and having to think carefully about anything he says, maybe privacy became an issue, or maybe, just maybe, the novelty wore off) but isn’t it good that he does it at all?

        Twitter is a funny thing. I’m happy if anyone I like decides to share part of themselves, especially if they take the time to engage. I see it almost as a privilege (for want of a better word), not because they’re special or different but because nobody has to do it. I do miss when my favorite tweeters go quiet, but I don’t go and whinge at them for more updates because they don’t owe me anything. I just carry on with life.

        As for the quoted fan post… I have no idea what you would have to put up with being a David Cook fan. It’s not like he’s been cancelling shows, being rude to people or taking 5 years to make a record. Even when he was writing and recording he was making sporadic appearances and playing shows. Yes, he probably could get those kind of shows arranged but for whatever reason, he obviously doesn’t want to or can’t. He is after all missing part of his band – his acoustic sets are always with Neal who is away. Ultimately It’s his choice and I’d rather go see someone who wants to play when they’re ready rather than someone forced to do it to shut fans up.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        The main thing that puzzles me about the over invested fans are that they seem to think he owes them something for being a fan, like they alone made him and can break him if they chose to. I wonder if this is something unique to AI fandoms because I can never remember seeing anything like this in other non-AI musicians fan groups. It’s like everything he does affects them personally and there’s some weird (imaginary I might add) symbiotic relationship going on. Is he sending them super secret (imaginary) thought rays or something I don’t get? .

      • burt Says:

        Yes, that puzzles me too – there does seem to be a sense that he owes them tweets, tours, singles etc. I can only think it is related to AI and that it’s a consequence of them voting. I imagine worry does go on in any group of fans but they seem to take it to extremes and you have summed it up perfectly – anything he does seems to affect them personally.

        They definitely think they can read other things into his tweets – I’ve seen comments like “that’s his way of saying x” or “that’s Dave-speak for x” as if they totally get some secret meaning and he’s only talking to them not the other 200,000 plus followers he has. I get that when you follow someone’s career that closely you learn how they talk, their personality (that they show) and all that but I don’t think it follows that you can read all sorts of meanings into 140 characters. Of course if they didn’t have that power they would have nothing to obsess over or get angry about.

        I wonder whether this is happening with other AI contestants, as well as other singing competitions around the world. I’d love to know if it’s a common theme but my brain might explode if I tried to find out!

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        Again, they think that you just pick and choose what venue you want to play, regardless if someone else is booked (you know because Cook is the only artist that matters).

  25. mon Says:

    Neal and Kyle are in a band called ‘Hell or Highwater’ now. According to this http://www.revolvermag.com/news/exclusive-interview-atreyus-brandon-saller-on-new-band-hell-or-highwater.html . It seems like they are going to be permanent members of that band.

  26. Mandy Says:

    Neal and Kyle are in a band called ‘Hell or Highwater’ now. According to the article from revolver magazine, it seems like they are going to be permanent members of that band.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Kyle Peek is not in Hell or Highwater, he was replaced by another drummer also named Kyle. I think Kyle P. actually tweeted about leaving HOH and he only played on 3 songs according to on of his his recent tweet. Kyle Peek’s wife is apparently due to deliver soon. Neal is going on tour I think from now until October. What he does after that, who knows. He could join David if he’s on tour by then or whatever.

      I really like all of David’s band members but there are certainly tons of musicians that are just as good if not better that can take their place if one choses to leave

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Sorry, all kinds of typos in that post, lol. That second sentence should be Kyle P only played on 3 songs on HOH new cd according to one of his recent tweets.

      • Fluffy Says:

        It might be fun to watch a fandom explosion if Neal *does* leave, though. That dude has his own little herd of creepy fantards. None of them are irreplaceable. I like the band lots the way it is now, but there are plenty of awesome musicians out there. I do have a big ol’ soft spot for Andy and, oddly enough, Monty, though, so would rather keep them. I’m not going to commit Dave-icide if they leave, however 🙂

  27. Mandy Says:

    @Amusedbyfandom Me too. I like all of David’s band members. But, like you say, there are lot of other musicians and many bands change band members all the time.

  28. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    I have an irrational love for Monty. He just seems so kind. I’m getting mushy, lol…I should go to bed.

    I’m not sure there would be a fan implosion if Neal leaves, his tards tend to think Neal is too good to be with David anyway. That he alone arranges their covers all by his lonesome and of course Goodbye to the Girl is mostly written by Neal with DC maybe having a little input on a word or two, lol.

    • Fluffy Says:

      Oh, that’s right, I forgot that David would be lost without his music director 🙂 Poor little puppet that he is. Heh.

    • sodagrape Says:

      On the topic of Neal leaving, was there any fandom drama about him moving out of David’s house?

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Don’t think so, a few (very few) people read in to it as some sort of trouble in their David and Neal’s relationship but most just assumed a 28 yr old dude in a serious relationship with his girlfriend would naturally move in with her

    • nonna-muss Says:

      That and having someone to take care of Mr. Sixx while he’s on the road was another thought. Maybe Dublin keeps Andrew busy enough! 😀

      • sodagrape Says:

        What? You mean it’s possible that Andrew actually has responsibilities and is not a total freeloader? 😉

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Don’t tell WeeHole Scott!!! It makes him feel superior to think that Andrew is a good for nothing freeloader.

  29. Dan Says:

    Ha! I think you guys are all spot on! Love it! David will always be around doing his thing that is all I care about. Period. Don’t care who is with him nor how much money he makes or does not make he is the Voice.

    Thank god for this blog site.

  30. Ali Says:

    Lol at all the band comments. All the fragmentation of the fantards with his bandmates are very limited. Dave has over 200 thousand followers while his bandmates have less than 5,000. And I think having his old friends from before AI keeps him grounded. I do think he wants them all to do whatever suits them and there careers.But there are lots of great musician’s who would love this gig.

    So no hard feelings for holier than thou Neal, and little Daddy Kyle for doing there own thing. I’m sure they will both miss the bucks they made being with Dave though lol. Metal bands, even the famous ones, are living broke and touring constantly to less than stellar crowds…so I guess Neal needs a babysitter for Sixx haha, and Andrew may be too busy freeloading…that leaves his gf, who at least can cook! (In the kitchen and bedroom it seems haha)

  31. Throwing in my two cents worth here…

    Whether you love Tiemann and Skib or not, you have to give them credit for at least putting a couple of CDs out over the last year, playing a few gigs whether as MWK or THH, and staying out there. Reworked versions of familiar songs was a treat for this fan.

    Unlike Cook, who must still be bringing in the bucks from various sources, the rest of the band members still have to make a living and pay the bills.

    If he gets another band together, the tards are never going to notice anyway. It’s all about Dave and that is it, in their minds.

    But when it comes to performing live, it helps to have a tight group of musicians (and friends) backing you. You can be The Voice all you want but if you have The Crap playing in the back ground, nothing will save you from the critics, be they official or nut-jobs.

  32. burt Says:

    I don’t keep up with the rest of the band enough to have opinions. I know their names through David’s interviews and tweets and I’m vaguely aware of their music but the fans do seem to appreciate them, that being said, I’m sure they’ll get over any changes. It does seem like David enjoys having them in his band to keep grounded and have friends around – his making of DVD seems proof of that and I’d be surprised to see major changes for that reason. There’s also the fact that they did all play on most of the album and there was talk of that transferring well to live shows.

    But have I missed something? I thought Kyle and Neal were still in the band. Neal is touring but I thought that ends later this year so he could then join David (assuming he has a tour arranged by then). And Kyle is just waiting for the birth I thought? Isn’t all the “change in the band” talk a bit premature?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Yeah Burt. The band is staying the same. I don’t know where all this came from. The band is also in the process of making a new MWK record as well. They’re musicians, they want to play. They also have bills to pay and mouths to feed (be it children or pets, lol)and need to make an income too.

      • burt Says:

        Ah so I did understand right, good to know! Thanks for confirming Nonna and Amusedbyfandom. I guess time will tell with Neal then but I hope they stay together if they are happy so they all get to play the album live after they all played on it (well for the most part, I notice there’s fan angst about Neal and GTTG… I know nothing really so no comment!).

        It’s definitely good that they’re all able to go off and do other projects – good for them. Seens win-win for them. Truth be told, the unhappiest right now, in terms of playing, is probably David because there’s not much he can do until a tour – promotional or otherwise.

  33. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Sorry Karen, I don’t think anyone was putting band members down, just saying that if any chooses to leave there are many great musicians out they that can take their place. I really don’t think the band needs to be BFF’s in order to be “tight”. Hell, there are bands that are infighting and ready to implode and step out on stage and kick ass. It’s called being a professional.

    It’s interesting that you say fans of David are all about David…Duh?!!? As the lead vocalist and the one sighed to RCA, the one that takes the crap publicly for all kinds of shit….yes, it is rightfully about him. It’s funny how “band fans” always feel the need to put down David and the “so-called all about David fans” to support various band members, usually Neal tards.

    As I’ve said not a fan of MWK but it’s nice that they’ve put out a couple EP’s and done a few shows for a subset of David’s fans who are into them. I honestly don’t see any interest in them beyond that small group. Oh, and it was very nice of David to let Neal and Andy use his home studio to record their Sanctuary Sessions EP.

    Burt, Kyle is still with David, not HOH. As I said upthread, Kyle Peek was already replaced in HOH by another drummer named Kyle. Neal has made no statement about anything other than touring with HOH until October. So I personally don’t know if he’s staying with David or not. I was just making the obvious point that David’s not going to crawl in a whole and die if Neal chooses to leave. Joey was replaced by David’s good friend Monty, I would imagine that he may have another friend that’s just as good/better than guitar god Neal.

  34. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Sorry to be a post hoe, but wanted to clarify. I like the current band and have great respect for them as musicians and actually want them to stay with David on his next tour. I think it’s healthy for all to pursue different opportunities/interest. It makes them more well rounded as artist, but things change, that’s life. I just don’t like to be put down for having the nerve to have my main interest be David

  35. No put-down intended,Amusedbyfandom. My apologies. Sorry if it came off that way.
    I think the point I was trying to make was that Dave appears so much more at ease, more comfortable on stage when surrounded by musicians that he is familiar with. During the promo weeks when he was just appearing on his own or with Neal accompanying him, it seemed at times like he would rather be anywhere than in front of a camera being asked for the millionth time about AI and Simon Cowell. It really is time to stop reminding him that Idol, 19 and the fantards “created” his career and let him get on with making music.
    Hopefully with Neal, Andy, Monty and Kyle along for the ride.

    • burt Says:

      I thought he came across as very comfortable when it was just him and Neal doing the promo. In some ways, he seems much more laid back in that environment compared to just being interviewed.

      • Guess I saw him in a different light. I just wanted to say “Look like you are enjoying yourself!! Smile, dammit!!!” . He was earnest for sure but there was something missing for me.
        When he was out touring with the first album it was great to see him just take some of those songs and rip the shit right out of them, gritty one night, subdued another night but rarely sterile like the recorded version sounded.
        When doing the solo spots for the new album he seemed to stay pretty much within the confines of the recording. In my opinion, his true talent lies in his versatility to stir things up, not serve up what I can hear on the radio

      • burt Says:

        Well he was playing pretty much the same set (singles and a rotation of a few covers) and most shows were acoustic with only him and Neal so I’m not really sure how much he could “rip the shit out of them”. He was also playing to radio competition winners (well that was the theory) for the most part so he was aiming at newer fans rather than the people that paid to see him. His acoustic TLG is different from the album too so it’s not like he was totally within the confines of the album version.

        I saw a lot (but by no means all) of videos from those promos dates and he was joking about quite a bit. He came off as very laid back mostly and was messing around when answering questions, even when it was the same ones over and over. His personality shone through and he sang well too. Not sure what more he could have done?

        Seriously, the guy really can’t win can he?

  36. nonna-muss Says:

    To get back on topic, has anyone noticed that WeeHole has been very quiet??? He doesn’t even have @replies. Where is our mole?? Has Scottie boy gone deeper underground??

    • Hopefully he’s buried deep with only his “peen” to keep him company.

    • burt Says:

      I’ve not looked actually, hmmm wonder why he’s quiet?

      What I did notice is more worrying from ljrTR – who is that? She (presumably) seems to be perpetually worried about David’s career and on the brink. Almost makes me worry for these people.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Wow Burt. I just read her timeline. Why be fan? STFU and move on then, he doesn’t need someone like that. WTF? I honestly don’t get it.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Well it is a full moon and that is when the mentally ill seem to be at their worst….

      • burt Says:

        I wish it could be because of the moon FDC but unfortunately for her she’s like it most of the time. I’m with Nonna, why be a fan? If it causes so much stress just move on. No matter how much you think you “love” someone it can’t be worth all that worry. What is worse is that I’m sure I’ve seen her mention her kids. If that’s true what must they think? I wonder what any kids of the full on tards think of their mothers?

        Oh and I laughed today when I caught part of a discussion between some others about how “someone” needs new management. Yep, of course he does – they definitely seem to have failed him so far what with his OK success in a bad market. Ideal time I’d say. There’s not much promotion happening now but none of us know why or who is to blame. Why do they think his “people” and him are sabotaging his career? As it’s how they all make money it would make no sense at all.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Yeah, ljrTR is troubling. IIRC she tweeted David recently that she just couldn’t do it anymore and was going to have to let him go because she couldn’t help him and he was making her sad or something to that effect.

        She tweets often about financial difficulties in her life or one of her daughters being verbally/physically abusive towards her. A year ago, I suggested she reach out for help in her local area for professional counseling/support/protection. She unfollowed me, lol. I tried….

  37. Ali Says:

    Yeah burt, I think we can tell everyone who isn’t making as much money as David and his people to STFU!!! Alrighty then. And Good night lol!

    • burt Says:

      Huh? I meant that it’s *how* they make their money so it would make no sense for them to do a deliberately bad job which often seems to be what fans think. It’s not to do with how much they make just that it’s how they make a living so it’s in their best interests to do their jobs well. Doesn’t mean it always happens of course but that’s the theory. Everyone can have an opinion but for “his team” it’s their careers at stake. Same as for him – I hate the whole assumption that he is sabotaging his own career. Why would he choose to do that a month after releasing an album he worked so hard on?

      I guess I just hate all the assumptions the hardcore pack jump to that the pros are letting him down and don’t know what they’re doing just because there aren’t daily updates.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I knew what you meant Burt. I think most of us did.

      • burt Says:

        Good to know Nonna!

        On a similar point, I had to share a tweet from someone last night:

        @thedavidcook we want to help you, but we can’t help you when we are ignorant. In fact, we can hurt you. Can you throw us a bone some time?

        Hmmm. Truer than they realize about being ignorant. 😉

      • itsaname Says:

        I can’t even begin to figure out what that person meant by that tweet. How do they plan on helping him? Are they going to work out the logistics and book his tour? Do they think he’s in some type of emotional distress and if he only gave them the details of his life they could fix it for him?

        The only way for a fan to help an artist is to buy their album, merch and concert tickets. Requesting their music at their local radio station is helpful too. As long as they don’t do it in an obsessive, annoying way.

      • Ali Says:

        I was joking Burt lol. I get your drift…what I meant was David is making more money than lots of artist signed to labels so I don’t know why they are so worried…but they are hypocrites as I said before.

      • burt Says:

        Ah, sorry I missed your joke Ali! I’m an idiot, not always totally aware in the mornings! 🙂

        The tweet is confusing to me too, itsaname – no idea what they meant. Could also mean whether they should be promoting things or waiting maybe but my bet is it was just another way of saying “please tell us what your plans are”. Sometimes I wish he would be a little more forthcoming just to shut them up. Anyone else get the feeling he’s more than a little stubborn and this secrecy/Twitter withdrawal has partly become a thing of principle that he doesn’t want to back down on for some reason?

        I found the “we could hurt you” line interesting though – could that be a link to the We Believe saga? Imagine what David thinks reading those kind of messages!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I read back on her timeline and she’s one of the ones saying it’s time for new management. That should answer all questions about what she meant. Again, IMO, it’s the “we can make you or we can break you” attitude.

  38. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Scott has only tweeted that he’s working hard, nose to the grind stone and all that. Could be having some fierce DM convos, lol.

    What’s more interesting is the the response on DCO. The last time Scott committed boardicide or got the ban hammer the regular posters and some lurkers were asking “Where’s Scott? What happened to Scott? Is he ok? Anyone talk to him? We need you, come back Scott”. This time….nada, nothing, not one post that I’ve seen asking a damn thing about him.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I noticed a few people posted positively in RCAEd’s thread and it seems to have halted any negativity, at least for the past few days. Possibly those who followed Scott and Xavier and are boycotting DCO were the negative ones. Is it possible those positive posts have made others think twice about being negative?

      Thanks for the Scott update, I wondered why his timeline was so quiet. I also noticed Xavier didn’t tweet yesterday or last night. He hasn’t tweeted since the night before. Is it possible RCA got to him and told him to STFU? I guess we’ll see today.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Hmmm…interesting about Xavier. It would be great if RCA’s legal team put the smackdown on that nut.

  39. […] remember WeHo don’t you? He was one of the ones instrumental in trying to get one of Cook’s songs used for the 10th anniversary 9/11 tribute, is a card carrying member of the Weeds versus Roses war and likes to pretend he has inside info […]

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