American Idol Chow-Chow: David Cook Tards, Adam Lambert Award? & Taylor Hicks Has 2 Tards.

Can you tell I’ve been canning the abundance of summer vegetables? The only thing I could think of that’s a mixture of lots of weird stuff was Chow-Chow. Today’s post is a weird mixture, like what’s left in my garden. Warning: this is going to be long, like my endless canning this week.

    David Cook’s Tards Go Psycho…Again

Let’s see, first updates on the Xavier/RoyalsPhenom fiasco of trying to get Cook’s song “We Believe” used during various 9/11 ceremonies this September. After contacting people like the mayor of NYC, Dick Vitale and a cast of hundreds with his tacky scheme to blanket the nation with this song now he has been utterly silent for nearly two days. What happened? Did RCA slap him with a cease and desist? Did he fall face first into a bucket of self-awareness? Or is he just at a series of Royals games without internet? Doesn’t matter. It’s all good.

WeHoScott also seems to be silent, only posting on his locked twitter that he is nose to the grindstone at work. Good. That’s what he needs to be doing.

But other tards have not been. Sassycatz issued this thinly veiled threat towards David Cook: “Sassycatz twitter. com/#!/Sassycatz
@thedavidcook we want to help you, but we can’t help you when we are ignorant. In fact, we can hurt you. Can you throw us a bone some time?”

Whoa, “we can hurt you.” sounds like a threat to me, even if it’s just a promise to stop their silly attempts to make the world think he’s king of music. But “we are ignorant” jumped out at me more. No truer words have been posted in the fandom. They are ignorant, ignorant of the business, ignorant of Cook’s real wishes and career plans, ignorant of what most fans do.

Usually being a fan of someone’s music works like this: You hear the music, you buy the CD. You go to the gigs, you buy the merch. THAT is what helps your musical idol, NOT endlessly tweeting belligerent demands for updates, not constantly disparaging their management and record label, not endlessly speculating on front potato or rumors or woulda shoulda couldas, not plotting to meet him, put a tracker on their tour bus (more on this later), ignoring your family to blow what little money you have to stalk them. Take a deep breath, step back from crazyland before you end up like this.

ljrTR twitter. com/#!/ljrTR

Lack of dc news is curing my twitter addiction

E that glammie gets mor p.r. tha dc & dc is the one w the new cd right now

Wonder if this was a productive week DC? (why do i still care?)

Is there any reason to check for DC news anymore?

nt sure my fave singer has ny career to follow any more

I joined twitter to follow wonderful singer David Cook. now i follow wonderful liberal bloggers

wait 4 almost 2 yrs 4 cd;it’s great but flops;no tour to promote said great cd; only 1 poss single which flops. FRUSTRATION

I’m passionate. I’m patient. I’m also sad and discouraged

I want the best for DC but am so discouraged

agreed. new management, something

I think somewhere a mental facility has empty rooms awaiting if you go into that territory of emotional involvement. It’s just not healthy for anyone.

    Adam Lambert Wins Best Gay In LA?

I don’t care if Adam is gay, straight, omni-sexual or whatever. I really don’t. But someone tweeted me this link and I am left asking why? They say because he’s a gay role model but really, I wish they would have given the award to one of the activists on the front lines of the fight for repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” or working with bullied LGBT youth to prevent suicide, or one of the many tireless workers trying to make sure that LGBT people can marry. They are the real heros. Lambert has been notoriously uninvolved in the causes to advance society acceptance of LGBT people as just people, not evil. Looks like he got the award because he’s gay and he’s famous.

    Taylor Hicks Last 2 Tards Tard Hard For Upcoming Gig

I have been laughing my ass off this week watching the comments over on the Facebook page of Perdido Key’s Florabama Lounge and Liquor Store. I’ve been following Florabama on Facebook for eons because when I was growing up we had a family beach house in Orange Beach, Alabama, spitting distance from the Florabama. Good times, many days/nights at the Florabama eating pizza. I’ve played music with my ex husband at the Florabama, saw Jimmy Buffett perform at the Florabama before he was famous. The place holds lots of memories for me.

So I was highly amused to see that Taylor Hicks and a couple of bands he was connected to are booked to play at the Florabama in September. He’s also played there before he was on Idol. Pretty much anyone ever in the music business South of the Mason-Dixon has played at the Florabama.

The thing that makes him playing at the Florabama full of funny for me are the comments by the few Tay-Tay Tards versus the Regulars on Facebook.

Shannon R E gross why …
Nadine S I wish I were there to go! Taylor is an AWESOME performer!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan C No. It wont sell out if they had a year to set it up!!There will be plenty of seats , they only need about 50 !
Tony K L a m e ….take the soul patrol somewhere else
Darryl C I’d just as soon see Big Earl
Dan C He sucks!
Sherri C G That boy couldn’t sing his way out of a paper sack! I’d rather listen to nails on a chalkboard!!..YUCK!!!!!…​I’ll pass!….ROFL.
Lacey C P I love Taylor!!!! All of you haters prolly cant hum a tune. He has done and experienced things none of yall ever will. So hating on him only makes you look like asses. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR KEEP ON SINGING AND DOING YOUR THING!!!!! YOUR NUMBER 1FAN!!!!! SOUL PATROL !!!!!
Britton C Boy…he is a real popular act right now. Burning up the charts aint he?
Tony K Number 1 fan? Maybe his ONLY fan…
Lacey C P Like I said haters……he has been on one of the biggest shows American Idol and won it. Also doing broadway. What have any of you done lol . Downing people for their dreams is crappy. That is his dream and I think he has went for it and has done a good job. Congrats Taylor hopefully I can come cheer you on.
Lorraine S i was hoping someone better,ugh;/ will be there that weekend
Bob I Seriously? Taylor Hicks? Seriously? Seriously???? He sucks! Go soul patrol….LOL. Is Sanjaya his warm up act?
Dan C If parking was free , tickets free No cover charge , free beer, half price bushwhackers and I had a free day , I would go get a bushwhacker , and mow the lawn, again , in the rain I might add,

I left out some of the standard “You’re just a talentless jellus hater” comments by such outstanding Tay-Tay Tards as sweetsmoke1. Sweetsmoke loses it when anyone doesn’t appreciate Hicks and will go psychotic if anyone invokes the name of “Daughtry” around her or on her board. Very nasty. Plus I edited the names, reducing last names to initials because those poor folks do not need more wrath of Taylor’s two tard duo going insano on them in real life.

Of course this is happening on Labor Day Weekend, which is usually a big deal at the Florabama, so they are already taking a lot of guff from regulars unhappy with having the last few Soul Patrollers in town. I understand there are flights being planned and hotel rooms being booked by the tards. Being that it’s Labor Day weekend and 3/4s of all South Louisianians will be there I’m feeling pretty confident that hotel rooms are going to be very hard to come by. Plus flying in? To where? Mobile and rent a car? Lot of trouble to attend a concert at a dive bar. I’m sure it’s going to be very hard on the pace makers, walkers and oxygens of the remaining Soul Patrol. Have at it.

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72 Comments on “American Idol Chow-Chow: David Cook Tards, Adam Lambert Award? & Taylor Hicks Has 2 Tards.”

  1. Rubber Ducky Says:

    There’s still some live Soul Patrollers? Well color me surprised.

    I bet the Sparkle Cows spammed that award.

    • Beijing York Says:

      I was wonder about that too, Rubber Ducky. If anyone deserves the award, it’s Dan Savage or the organizers of the Trevor Project or Lt. Choi.

      • on the edge Says:

        Hell, “Glee” has probably done more to advance gay rights than Adam (though Ryan Murphy is still a douche). But their fans don’t spam like Sparkle Cows do!

        And damn it FDC, now I want chow-chow, nomnomnom…

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Waves to OTE.

      • on the edge Says:

        *waves back to Nonna*

        Sorry! Been so super-busy I haven’t had time to tard, anti-tard, or anything…darn “having a life” and all.

  2. Beijing York Says:

    The push to use David Cook’s song to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9-11 is probably the MOST INSANE move yet. Wow!

  3. burt Says:

    Apparently there’s no shortage of stupid tweets to David Cook right now so I’m going to add another:

    @thedavidcook When @nealfingtiemann tweets about touring with another band, it’s depressing to your fans. Can you at least give us a hint?

    Do they really think these kind of messages will achieve anything other than annoy him? He’s not *that* laid back. As I said earlier, I get the impression that the more they act like this, the more he digs his heels in about not tweeting as much or to give them hints or info. I could be totally wrong (there could be all sorts of reasons why his Twitter behavior has changed) but if I’m right, it’s a pity he’s letting them ruin it for the normal fans he has.

    • Fluffy Says:

      I just don’t get that. Even if you are disgruntled, just discuss amongst yourselves, children. Don’t tweet it at him. And then wonder why he doesn’t care much for Twitter.

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:


        I wish they realized that he can’t announce anything until dates, times, costs, arrangements, etc are FINALIZED. ADVANCED. And I wish they realized the implications/legal costs if he DID indeed slip a little something to them (because Lord knows they can’t keep their mouths shut).

  4. nonna-muss Says:

    First and foremost: FDC, I’m seriously a jelly hatur after reading about all your veggies. We didn’t have a garden this year and I’m missing it greatly.

    Xavier’s been quiet today too. Very strange. Scary almost.

    The Cooktards and the gloom and doom. Maybe if they looked at other artists who recently released records they’d see that what’s happening in their little world is commonplace. No wonder the man doesn’t go on twitter. There was a minor meltdown today when Neal tweeted that he’s leaving to tour with Hell Or Highwater next week. That was pretty funny. A little panic set in with some of the die hards. To me it meant Neal is touring until the middle of October with another band.

    That Madam thingy had to be a vote that got spammed. There are so many other great gay/lesbian artists out there who have done much more than Adam.

    So, are we taking bets on whether the Florabama cancels Tay-Tay and books a local cover band instead?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I doubt seriously they will cancel. It’s one of Florabama’s biggest weekends of the year. Plus they like Hicks and used to book him pre-Idol. But I’m betting the Soul Patrol is a tiny bunch by now.. there’s still enough to do there that you could avoid them pretty neatly.

  5. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    I remember some one on DCO did a study comparing how often David tweeted per/week in comparison to other musicians and lo and behold his tweeting was on par with others. I don’t think his twitter habits have changed. He tends to tweet when he actually has info or something funny to share. I just don’t think he thinks it’s his job to entertain fans 24/7 via twitter. I know I’ve unfollowed more than one celeb with twitter diarrhea. LOL.

    The Lambert award is a joke. To acknowledge someone who’s made it a point to say he doesn’t think it’s his job to be involved in gay issues or be a poster boy for gay rights has to be offensive to people actually fighting on the front lines. But good job snagging an award for your boy Glamberts!

    • burt Says:

      lol that someone would do a study.

      There has been a discussion on here sometime in the past so I won’t repeat everything but I’ve followed him since he joined (because I was already on there, not because I joined because he had!) and his is definitely different now. He tweets far less (used to tweet at least once a day), used to answer more questions, there was more banter with his friends and he was open about where he was and what he was doing. I’m not blaming him and it’s not my business to know all that stuff but I do kinda miss that early Twitter side I saw, it seemed much more relaxed and open. For whatever reason he has backed off a bit seems more distant and guarded. He will have reasons, I’m guessing partly because of the hassle he gets and any privacy/security issues and I do understand but if that’s the reason it’s sad for the large percentage of his followers who are “normal”. The change may be because he’s been so busy and had “stuff” going on that he doesn’t want to share but (without sounding like one of them) I just have a feeling it’s more than that. I do wonder if it was adding to the pressure he felt around the time he got off the road and starting writing/recording so it was something he changed to improve his life. I’m speculating now! I don’t know but something, somewhere, has changed. And for clarity, I’m not judging, I don’t think he owes anyone tweets, I’m just saying. πŸ™‚

      I do agree with what some say that he could be using it more with to connect with fans and promote himself but if he’s not comfortable with it then it’s his choice. I respect that he doesn’t want to bombard everyone with crap though, God knows too many other users do it! The only problem is that if someone on Twitter wants news about him, they have to go hunting and that’s how they will encounter the idiots and see a new side to his fans that they didn’t realize was there…

  6. Ali Says:

    More twitter absurdity from the Davidtards lmao! I hadn’t looked at his timeline in ages! Sadly not much has changed:

    Eternalreturn14 Amy
    @thedavidcook RT @sassycatz @nealfingtiemann Good luck with your new band. Sorry I won’t be seeing you with David anymore. Enjoyed your work

    And let us not forget the war of the weeds and roses hahahaha! This is priceless!
    NyCArole426 NyCArole
    @mycircle – @thedavidcook “Au Prince” … yOu have watered yOur “Roses” and nurtured them… they are special ~ b

  7. nonna-muss Says:

    Well, Cook has finally tweeted something to ease the swell of negativity. We’ll see how long this will keep them happy for. Should we wager??? LOL.

    @thedavidcook Working on finalizing tour dates! Oh so close to being able to announce. Can’t wait to get back on the road!

    His timeline must be exploding right now. Anyone brave enough to look?

    • Fluffy Says:

      It might make them go even crazier if he goes silent again for a while, which would be kinda fun to watch.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I just looked at his timeline briefly. They’re telling where to tour. Come to my city!!! Someone said that they’d given up, someone said they hope it’s more organized than the last tour. Can’t they just be happy?

      • Fluffy Says:

        Heh. Some don’t believe him, some are overjoyed… I don’t see how overinvested fans can be upset about the last tour. He had 42 zillion shows for them to choose from, shouldn’t that make them happy? πŸ™‚

      • nonna-muss Says:

        They’re going to be in for a rude awakening this tour. If he’s opening or mid-lining access will be limited not to mention tour dates and tickets will be limited as well. Especially if he gets added to a tour that’s already in full swing. This is going to get interesting.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      I guess these nuts have no idea he doesn’t actually plan the tour dates or book venues, especially if he’s opening for others. Seen a few tweets from people who think he should start the tour in the midwest, since they missed out on the release party. Of course it’s all about them.

      This tour is gonna to be a wake up call for entitled idiots

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        I love how they said the last tour was “disorganized”. Disorganized how? Were they David Cook’s tour manager? The Script’s tour manager? Were they working merch for all those dates to lend credence to its disorganization?

        People are SO dumb!

        I also love when people say ‘COME TO CHICAGO!!’ ‘COME TO THE NORTHEAST!!’. Like, no. He’s not going to come to the 3rd larges radio market in the nation. And no, he’s going to avoid New York and the East coast. DUH! Of course he will come there or close to you at some point dumbass!

  8. Black Angel Says:

    The soul patrol is indeed a tiny bunch. Most of them left and now call themselves Glamberts or they were driven away by the batshit crazy granny who calls herself Sweetsmoke. Ahh, I remember the good ole days when the Tay Tards could out-crazy anybody with their fan wars and conspiracy theories. That was truly the best entertainment.

  9. itsaname Says:

    Wow, just wow.

    1. I joined a vegetable co-op this Summer. I’ve eaten so much kale, Swiss chard and zucchini that I’m surprised I haven’t turned green.

    2. Adam Lambert has done nothing that I have heard about to deserve that award. It’s complete BS and I’m sure he knows it.

    3. Cook’s album came out a month and a half ago. Fans are giving up on there ever being a tour? I’ve waited years for some of my favorite bands to tour anywhere near me.

    4. Do they expect David to tell Neal that he shouldn’t tweet because it upsets his fans?

    5. Taylor Hicks has tards? Who knew lol.

  10. SmelledTheCoffee Says:

    I shudder to think that he will look out into the crowd at shows not knowing which are the faces of the psychos that come up with things like this:

    • Sosueme Says:

      Jesus Fuck. That is just so strange. Why would she tweet that to him? Go ahead and have your creepy little fantasies lady. Pretend he is your little saintly boy who says his prayers to you every night. Even share it with your creepy cronies. BUT DO NOT SEND HIM THIS SHIT!

      • Fluffy Says:

        Who do they think he’s praying to, exactly? Am I remembering correctly that is he (or was, he never talks about it) agnostic?

    • Fluffy Says:

      Oh, wow. That’s… unnerving.

  11. SmelledTheCoffee Says:

    I am so convinced that Xavier has got to be a woman in disguise. He also sounds like Scott’s twin. I mean, what guy uses a picture like that on his twitter? He’s been busy with the weeds tonight. Or are they the roses? Shit, why do we even give a f**k?

  12. burt Says:

    Ahhhh, so much to say! Damn, I love Twitter!

    First, David is so obviously reading certain fan’s tweets – he has to be. Once again, he waited for them to all go a bit batshit crazy and then tweeted something sorta vague to distract them – except this time it wound them up even more. It seems to make them all happy that he’s seeing their thoughts – think they need to reverse that thinking! If he chooses to do that though I’m thinking he has to get a kick out of it – why else would you do it?

    Is it me or is what he tweeted really not that different to what Ed has been saying for weeks? Yeah he used the word soon and said he wanted to tour but the essence is “we are working on dates”. I love how it’s great to hear it from David but when Ed says it, it’s a negative thing.

    As for the reaction… well that just proves they’re never happy. The ridiculous amount of discussion about something so vague is just odd. The requesting of cities is just dumb – he would have little control anyway but if he’s touring with someone else then what is he meant to do? And then there’s whoever he tours with – it’s bound to not be the “right” fit in their eyes.

    I’ve said it many times before, this part of the tour (if he is supporting) is going to be fun to watch from the sidelines. There’s no way they will have the same experience. And here’s another thought… what if the supporting gig doesn’t make him king of the world? Ryan Star did an opening slot for Bon Jovi if I remember rightly – doesn’t seem like he’s become a massive star off the back of it. Obviously that may suit David well (pick up some new fans/don’t want to win them all over kinda thing) but how will the pack take it? And if he is supporting, how long do we give it before they’re demanding he does a solo headlining tour? (Part of me wants the announcement to be a solo headlining tour option just so I can see the split in reaction.)

    And then there was the constant flow of photos, the prayer etc from last night… Why? Can someone please tell me why?!

    The Neal tweets are just funny. Like someone said, they’ve known for week/months it was happening. I guess Neal and David will say something if/when they need to and I kinda get asking the question once but be polite about it! Also, some people last night seemed to think that Neal leaving had to equal David getting a whole new band. Why?

    • burt Says:

      Oh and I meant to say that if he is supporting, we will soon see how welcoming the hardcore fans are of new fans. I think we can guess but it will be interesting to see them turn away the very people they’ve been moaning that he needs to become a superstar while then moaning that he doesn’t have the support he “should” have.

  13. itsaname Says:

    The over analyzing and angst always show up when there is nothing concrete to discuss. The album has been out for six weeks or so. They are done picking apart the lyrics and his vocals. The initial flurry of promo is finished. So there are no new interviews, videos or performances to analyze to death.

    David has been quiet. Probably because he doesn’t have any news to share yet. The only thing left for the over invested fans is to worry. Their over active imaginations and paranoia go into over drive when they have nothing new to discuss or drool over. My guess is that a lot of them have adult children who have moved across the country, or possibly to other countries to get away from helicopter moms.

    To the person who mentioned that Xavier might possibly be a woman. I think he really is a man. If you google him there is an old article about his writing efforts with a photo included. It’s the same person in his twitter avi. The twitter avi pic looks like a much younger version of Xavier than the pic from the article, and the article is about 5 years old.

  14. YoTaylor Says:

    Dave, seriously, I like you. DO NOT not take the route as opener. Worst. Deal. Ever. Everyone is just sitting around wishing the set will end so the main attraction will come on. To add insult to injury, an artist usually has to pay for the privilege to open for a major act. That’s right folks. Think about it. The major act doesn’t need the opener, the opener needs the major act. As bad a deal as it would be for Dave, it would be even worse for the Cooksters (Daveheads? Whatever it is yall call yourselves). Bad seats, sky high ticket prices, and short sets. He’s better off in the smaller clubs, although like Taylor, he’ll get a lot of hater shit for playing them. He can deal. Those Cooksters whose egos can deal with the downgrade will be rewarded with cheap, plentiful gigs.
    Oh well we all have our crosses to bear. Hell I’m an old Soul Patroller, but I was too young to get in the Florabama back when Jimmy Buffett wasn’t famous. So I’m looking forward to Labor Day weekend. The regulars can stay home & mow & bitch. The SP can stay in the front and take video while Tay-Tay gazes over them into the audience of his dreams,those who probably ended up there by accident or last resort, or maybe as an excuse to tweet ironically: “We’re at a Taylor Hicks show..FML!” Once in, he can seal the deal.
    The SP see your future, Daveheads. Let us guide the way.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Have to disagree there YoTaylor. If you look at any act touring now you see that there are multiple acts. Cooks not opening for the reunion of Zeppelin. He’s more likely to open for a Bruno Mars, Gavin Rossdale, Three Doors Down act. He’s not going to be opening for an arena act. There are not many of those left. Most tours these days play festivals and smaller venues. Not at all worried about him going Tay’s Way. He’s already had a successful sold out tour that he headlined.

      • Black Angel Says:

        Taylor Hicks plays outdated music that nobody like. There’s no way David Cook is going to follow in his footsteps.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Cook plays trite crap that’s a clone of a million other bands and so far no one bar his herd of stalkers is interested.

        2015 the Idol Winners tour, headlining at Branson. Taylor, Baldy, Ruben, Lee etc all begging for change. They’re all on the same washed up attention whore pile, making crap music together.

      • YoTaylor Says:

        I hate to break it to you nona-muss, but coming off idol Taylor had the same size headlining tour as David did. When he headlines, Dave will probably be hitting the same size venues Taylor has been playing recently: Rams head, Anthology, Highline, Birchmere. I have to laugh at the condescending attitude the various idol fanbases have about Taylor. Most from Idol would get run off the Flora-Bama stage. The wouldn’t be asked to headline the Telluride Jazz Fest, and they wouldn’t be an invited jam cruise artist. This is not your idol crowd he’s playing to here. Y’all shouldn’t worry about him ending up like Taylor, you should hope.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I could see Cook playing at Florabama just like the Birchmere. However I don’t think the Birchmere is that picky anymore. I live in that area and some of the people they have playing there make me laugh, old timer acts, hell, they even let Adam Lambert play there.

      • Black Angel Says:

        YoTaylor, what are you talking about? David Cook has a ton more popularity than Taylor Hicks. There is no comparison.

      • Black Angel Says:

        One thing I will say about Taylor Hicks, he knows how to play his small group of dumb fuck fans. For the past couple of years, he’s been bragging about acting gigs. Of course, he can’t talk about the acting gigs because it’s all a big secret. In the meantime, we’re still waiting on those acting gigs. Something tells me we’ll be seeing him in those acting gigs when hell freezes over. Me thinks Taylor went into the restaurant because he sees the writing on the wall. Something his fans are too dumb to see. Carry on.

      • Black Angel Says:

        That should say “restaurant business”.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        cuz I’m guessing that pack thinks they are all sauve and deboner…

        On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 2:18 PM, wrote:

        > What I would like to see is the full out Glamnation tour make a stop at the > Flora Bama. Now that would be comic gold. Taylor’s fans are still busy > calling out those that are less than thrilled with the concert jellus haters > with no couth, refinement, or manners. Didn’t realize that having different > tastes than a tard pack = uncouthness. > >

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Sorry to sound condescending YoTaylor, not my intention. My point was that comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges, no? Cook has already had a 9 month, 154 show tour that he headlined and played in most of the venues you mentioned. Some of his opening acts were Ryan Star, Need to Breathe, The Script, Hot Chelle Rae and Tonic. What we are discussing is his upcoming (second) tour supporting his just released (second) post-Idol album and that he’s said he would like to be the opening act this go-round.

        I liked Taylor on AI. I wanted him to win. I don’t think their career paths have taken the same turns though. Kudos to Taylor on his successes, but again to me, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

      • yahyahyahyahhay Says:

        “I could see Cook playing at Florabama just like the Birchmere. However I don’t think the Birchmere is that picky anymore. I live in that area and some of the people they have playing there make me laugh, old timer acts, hell, they even let Adam Lambert play there.”

        While David played the Birchmere, Adam never did.

    • burt Says:

      I see your point YoTaylor but I’m hoping Nonna is right about him opening for an act who plays smaller venues. Overseas though even smaller acts can play arena shows so internationally he could end up in arenas. I think I’ve heard him say he prefers smaller venues and having an intimacy with the crowd so I doubt he would want to play big, half empty arenas. Also as an act signed to a major label I’m sure he would prefer to headline a tour so I wonder if that will come next year. He’s said he wants to do hundreds of shows and there are only so many tours he can join to open for. The plan could be spend some months opening, pick up some sales and new fans, release a new single or two (maybe at the time of those support slots) and then do his own tour.

      I have mixed feelings about the opening act thing, mainly because I’ve never seen him and selfishly I’d rather see him headlining in a smaller venue doing a full set. But it’s not about me, it’s about him and his career and he needs new people to buy the music so he has a chance to eventually do his own thing. He wants to go the opening act route right now so it’s his decision. I’m also not keen on the fan’s plan for him to become a megastar because I hate when people are overexposed and everywhere you turn is the music you love – I’m not explaining that well and it’s not that I don’t want him to do well, I do, but I guess I like having music in my life that not everyone is listening to because that’s a sure fire way for me to get bored of it. Another reason why I also don’t like the arena/massive act support theory. But regardless, as I was saying earlier, I can’t see his fans welcoming new fans and if playing at bigger places pisses of the current hardcore fans as well it’s difficult to see how his life will be made any easier/better. It’s going to be an interesting time for him I think.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Your quite conflicted aren’t you Burt, lol. It’s ok. I think ultimately, opening for others at this stage is a good business decision. He gets exposure with another artists fans and lessen the cost of touring. Nonna is right in that the trend now is for even big acts to co-headline at medium size venues. That’s the state of the music industry now.

        As far as hardcore fans being welcoming to new fans, it might be good to remember that the obnoxious jerks are a tiny minority and if he opens for someone with a huge fan base of their own, those nuts might not even get good tickets, much less front row. I kinda consider myself a hardcore. I follow him on twitter, post on DCO here and there and I would probably buy whatever music he puts out. If he comes to my area I’ll try to get tickets (but I won’t travel-got to draw the line somewhere). I wouldn’t think of being rude or nasty to a non fan and think the majority of David’s fans are like me.

        I wish I could comment on Taylor Hicks and his fans but I honestly don’t know anything about him or his music after Idol. I gather it’s more of an old school jazz/blues thing?

      • burt Says:

        lol! It’s not so much that I’m conflicted, more that I can see things from both sides – I sometimes wish I was a tard with one set opinion, at least that way you can just believe what you want no matter how unfounded it is! I guess as a fan I know how it is to see people in those big, nondescript arenas compared to smaller venues and the affect it can have on a show. I’ve seen support play to virtually nobody and have no buzz which I hate seeing for anyone, let alone someone who headlined their last tour. I also know what it’s like to have people you like become huge and suddenly you can’t get tickets, their music is everywhere and they’re playing much bigger venues and you have crap seats. BUT, I also see the business side and what they’re trying to achieve so I do understand it. Thankfully, for me and any fans that like those smaller shows and people who aren’t everywhere you turn (which in theory excludes all those fans screaming he should be a super star but in practice I think they’ll change their tune) I don’t think it will happen with him.

        As for the fans, I was more thinking of the bitching that can happen on Twitter. I don’t venture onto DCO much so don’t really know what it’s like for welcoming newbies but Twitter certainly isn’t nice at times. I experienced it when I dared send him a message someone didn’t like – didn’t bother me because I know what they’re like but other people will be put off. Although the obnoxious fans are a minority, they are often the most seen because they’re so vocal (at shows and online) and involved – they are real hardcore because they have no limits at all. Most of his fans are like you the ones here in that we have limits in one or another and can see the craziness for what it is (in fact, a lot of his fans won’t even know about the madness) but my point is that we’re also less visible in a lot of ways because we don’t bombard places with messages and spam, amongst other stuff. And no, we wouldn’t be nasty to new fans but that’s most likely because we’re nice people who wouldn’t be nasty to anyone for no reason. πŸ˜‰

        But yes, hopefully at shows the pushy front row crowd will be put in their place!

      • Fluffy Says:

        There really is just a small nasty segment – I’ve only run across them once, though that might be because I don’t even bother to try to get in the front row. Most of the fans I’ve met are really nice. But, of course, the nasty segment is the loudest so that’s what people notice πŸ™‚

      • Black Angel Says:

        Oh dear, I’ve pissed off a Soul Patrol tard (one of the few left). Let’s just say I keep a close eye on all the Idols, but I avoid tard message boards like the plague.

      • YoTaylor Says:

        LOL If there are two remaining Taylor Hicks tards, I guess one of them is now on this blog. I think I’ll be hanging out & commenting about what to expect from here on out. Sometimes hindsight is just as good as a crystal ball.Lesson 1: America turns on their male idol winners at the first sign of weakness. It’s hard if not impossible to recover.

    • Fluffy Says:

      All those fantard group names make my teeth hurt, lol. I prefer to just be a fan of David Cook, thanks. I like Taylor, but when someone calls him Tay-Tay I feel a little pukey.

      But considering that Taylor and David are two different people, with different musical styles… and considering that none of us have a working crystal ball (or if you do quit being silent about it and let me borrow the damn thing)… it just seems like a pointless exercise in conjecture to soothsay what’s going to happen to David Cook. Or maybe I’m just super pissy today and fled other Idol-related boards because I was tired of Idol vs. Idol pissing contests, heh.

      • YoTaylor Says:

        LOL Black Angel it seems you have been paying pretty close attention to Taylor’s interviews in the past couple of years, knowing about his restaurant & potential acting roles. Could you perhaps be a closet fan or confused admirer? Hmm. But yes I agree i wish Taylor would quit talking about those acting roles and that song on hold for a major country artist until he actually has something concrete to announce

  15. Black Angel Says:

    Poor Taylor Hicks. His audience ruined him.

  16. just dont get it Says:

    Cook may have a similiar fate.

  17. just dont get it Says:

    fyi – just checked our buddy Xavier’s twitter – he is at it again…..

    • burt Says:

      Jesus! What does it take to get him to stop? I just don’t understand. But I’m glad I don’t.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        He’s covering every avenue that is sports or 9/11 related so that if it’s ever used he can take credit. It’s already been used at LA Dodgers games, so it’s not unknown. Xavier is trying to prove that he’s a genius. It seems that even his closest twitter buddies are no longer talking about it with him.

        I wonder if SansDelusion has heard back from RCAEd yet.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Here’s a scary thought for those fans that think they can manage Cook’s career better than RCA. If RCA drops him they would almost certainly dismantle DCO. Where would the scary tards go then?

  18. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Why, they’ll create a Forum Motion board, much like DCU!

    • burt Says:

      Depends if he gets picked up by another big label FDC. Assuming you think he wouldn’t, I think he’d have an official site with no little or no fan areas (costly to monitor and maintain unless he has people he trusts to play mod).

      As Wilco says the fans will create their own forum (or plural so the weed/roses war can continue) and I guarantee one will use the words “official fan forum” even though it won’t be. But he’ll be aware of it and stuff so that will do. Just imagine the self-moderated discussions!

      As long as they back everything up on DCO I doubt they would mourn the loss too much. They’re more concerned with “news from the source” and vlogs etc and they can get that wherever he is.

  19. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    Hey nonna-muss – yep here i am checking in. Yes, heard back from RCA Ed. All he would/could say was that Xavier has been “permanently banned from DCO” supposedly for that one remark he made in his tweet, something about “I will pass along your condolences to David” – meaning by passing himself off as a member of Cook’s management or whatever – he crossed some line. Now, what being banned from the site means, I have no clue – I guess maybe he can’t post anymore? Dunno. Past that, Ed said he would alert some person at ESPN about X as well, but other than that, not much they can/will do.

    PS: This is my A@@ talking but I would be very surprised if RCA and Cook were planning to part ways anytime soon. Whether or not TLM is a success or not (jury still out) – the guy is a mad talent and they would be nuts to ditch him – just an opinion from an admitted Cooktard though! Heh.

  20. nonna-muss Says:

    Thanks for the update SansDelusions. All I can say is…wow. RCA must have contacted him to tell him he was permanently banned, yet he still was tweeting ESPN today. Although I noticed he leaves David’s name out of the tweets now and only directs them to the video made by his friend Serenity. You’d think Xavier would realize that David must be aware of the situation as well. Personally, I’d be mortified if I where X.

    I agree about RCA and David.

  21. burt Says:

    Thanks for letting us know sansdelusions – interesting! I’m pleased they’ve done what they can, sounds like it’s what has made him remove David’s name from the tweets which I guess is something. Can’t believe he’s still going with his plan – he’s obviously very thick skinned or just stupid. Like Nonna says, David has to know so to carry on shows a total disregard for what he actually wants. What a fan Xavier is proving to be. I guess he’s also now on the infamous “list” come tour time – wonder if that will affect the group of women he was talking about meeting on Twitter the other day?

    Me three on your RCA/David thoughts. In all the talk of sales people forget that record labels do want/need talent on their roster. It’s not always enough to “save” someone or to stop the artist looking elsewhere but it certainly makes a difference. Of course there are also a lot of people they hold on to who are talentless but that’s a whole other story!

    • 'NucksGal Says:

      When my nephews want attention, the sometimes resort to doing exactly what they’ve been told not to do. I think it’s called ” negative attention ” (I’m no psychiatrist but I’ve heard of something like that). Common in children.

      Perhaps “X” is soooo desperate for attention from his Idol that he’s not going to stop until David tells him to stop. That way he will know for he sure he had personal (albeit negative) attention directly from David himself.

      Just a thought.

  22. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    One could only hope they will put the nut cases X plans on meeting up with. They’re just as crazy as he is!

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