American Idol Significant Others (David Cook, Taylor Hicks, Adam Lambert)

We’ve been talking in the comments on the probability that David Cook hasn’t been leading a lonely celibate life. I’m sure the Weeds and the Roses love to picture him wearing a human hair shirt and monks robe subsisting on saltpeter mixed with manna to preserve the purity of his instrument and to save himself for them.

Charming picturesque vision that it might be to some (ugh, it creeps me out!) I’m sure it’s not true. He’s a man, a healthy young male, so I’m sure he has suitable female companionship just like I’m sure it’s none of our business. He is entitled to his privacy if he so desires.

Unfortunately some of the Twitter brigade have started tweeting him begging for a date or rudely inquiring about the state of his love life, neither of which are appropriate behavior or their business. Just like that stupid dating survey they posted at DCO ages ago, filled out and presented to him. LOL-worthy. I loved the video of the presentation because Cook looks so much like he’s on the verge of bursting out in big braying laughs. I often wonder how much of a laugh does he and the guys in the band get over the more ridiculous tard behavior.

And thanks to YoTaylor in the comments I got to see that the tard hazards of dating an American Idol aren’t just something Cook has had to deal with. Taylor Hicks fans got ridiculously out of the box harassing and speculating when he was dating news lady Caroline Lyders. Looking around at the uber bitching online about how Caroline is the devil to Hicks fans I’m laughing. This is so typical,. the harassment and lies invented by the emotionally overinvested. I still don’t get the big honking deal it was that Hicks was spotted with a different blonde in Hawaii. He could be dating more than one person at a time. It is possible and it doesn’t mean that Lyders is some sort of beard like the worst of the Taylor Tards tries to say.

I would love it if Lyders would show up here and let us know about the harassment she suffered from at the hands of Hicks idiot pack. I’m sure she has tales to tell that rival Lana Jade’s.

That’s one big advantage that Adam Lambert has over Taylor Hicks or David Cook. Being that he’s gay his crazy ott fans seem to adore his boyfriends, from Cheeks to present. Unless of course you point out that their hair looks suspiciously like those guys on Dragonball Z. Then they go all creamed crap on crackers. The comments are priceless and crazy.

I wonder what would happen if Adam decided he wanted to date a woman and be bi. How crazy would his herd get?

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23 Comments on “American Idol Significant Others (David Cook, Taylor Hicks, Adam Lambert)”

  1. Dani Says:

    What’s this about a dating survey on DCO? And someone actually presented this thing to him? Please fill me in, I have no idea of the depths of insanity that places descends into.

    • SeenTheLight Says:

      I posted this in the last thread.

      The girlfriend application video is cringe-worthy as it is but if you really want a good laugh, you should see the actual responses from the fans who actually filled the application out on the WNH website and their headshot to go with their application. Some are just plain stupid but others like Pizza Screamer is about how much she wants to have sex with him and how her favorite word is fuck (any variation of that word will also do.)

      The girlfriend applications are more than two years old but it still is enough to be cringe-worthy.

      • Fluffy Says:

        This is something I might have done for my pretend boyfriend John Taylor when I was in 6th grade but I’m assuming (since I refuse to look) that these are all grown women? Sigh.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Oops. I posted this in the comment section on the last blog. I’ll put it here too. Sawwy.

        I put the first video up and within minutes it was ‘private’ and then the entire account removed. I guess FDC has a lot more readers than she might have assumed. I swear, it was removed within 15 minutes of me posting it.

        Hey tards, it sucks when others see your freaky behavior and perhaps in turn you see it yourself. I’ll give the person the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe her behavior in the two years since that was taped have changed. Maybe she’s seen what asses she and her 27 other friends looked like to the normal world, which included David.

      • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

        Good stuff. Is there a link for the WNH apps?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Out of sheer terror I have never looked for one.

  2. MysteriosoMan Says:

    Seeing as how Madam’s current Twink boy toy looks like a butch lesbian, he is technically dating a “woman”.

  3. Black Angel Says:

    I hope David Cook learns from the Taylor Hicks situation. If David Cook has a girlfriend, keep her out of the public eye, no matter what.

    When those photos of the blonde in a skimpy black bikini showed on the internet, frolicking on the beach with Taylor Hicks, it was pretty much over for Taylor Hicks. Not to mention the insanity that followed with the fake girlfriend bullshit, which was started by batshit crazy fans. After that episode, Taylor Hicks career landed straight in the toilet, as the batshit fans dropped him like a hot potato, after they wrecked his career and bashed the hell out of him and Carolyn Lieders.

    Have to admit though, the meltdowns that followed after the girlfriend episode were hilarious. Best entertainment ever!

  4. YoTaylor Says:

    The Carolyn Lyders incident was the height of bizarro-behavior. I mean—forensics?? WTF . Those crazies seem to be gone now from the Soul Patrol and moved on to the next unfortunate victim—maybe some went to Dave haha. With a few exceptions the SP are a pretty mellow group now who are just enjoying his music & Clooneyish good looks in a pretty harmless way. Not that he doesn’t get some propositions on twitter now & then. But sadly–Taylor has never had a public girlfriend since then.

    Taylor and David are just going to have to find a special gal that can put up with these OTT fans.

  5. YoTaylor Says:

    Black Angel, I think that Clive banishing Taylor to the worst label on Sony and then refusing to promote his album to radio or VH1–along with American Idol trying to pretend he never existed may have done more harm to Taylor’s career than an isolated clutch of crazy fans on the internet could do–but thats just me.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      Only old ladies like his music; it was never going to chart. You really need to learn to accept that and let it go.

      • YoTaylor Says:

        Oh sure I have accepted that he’s not going to set the music world on fire. Just saying that a record label deeming him unmarketable–& thus not marketing him at all just made it a self-fullfilling prophecy. And if you are out of sight out of mind for too long, the public moves on–ESPECIALLY American Idol fans. That’s the main cause of fan exodus for Taylor & now Dave–not the cougar phenomenon which most people outside the idol bubble aren’t even paying attention to.

  6. Black Angel Says:

    YoTaylor, I agree with Rubber Ducky; his cd was never going to chart anyway. The cd sounded like old 70’s music with lots of boring songs. Daughtry’s cd was young and contemporary. There was no way Taylor was going to beat that and Rubber Ducky is right; Taylor’s fans need to accept this and let it go.

    The point I was trying to make was that Taylor was still popular coming off his AI win when the Carolyn Lyders thing happened. I think the incident soured the fans perception of him and the single, good-looking guy is off the market, his cd tanked, no singles were played on the radio, so there’s no reason for me to be a fan. Then the fake girlfriend craziness took over, which further destroyed him, in my opinion. Taylor should have spoken up and offered the fans some kind of explanation; defending himself and defending Carolyn Lyders. If you care about someone, you don’t let them take that kind of beating on a public forum. Keeping quiet about this was the worst thing he could have done.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I wonder if his CD was filled with sounds like old 70s music because of the southern venues he played with in his bar bands.. i.e. the Flora Bama. Seems to be the most common type requested in a lot of those places. Taylor has his place in music, I’m just not sure it’s as a Superstah..

      • Black Angel Says:

        I remember at the time after Taylor won AI, soul music was making a comeback with singers like Duffy and Amy Winehouse. Taylor should have jumped on the backwagon, but Taylor’s songs were just too bland. Yup, he’s stuck in the bar band category and I think his chance for Suparstar status has passed him by. American Idols have a short time to impress the public and his time is long gone.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I think he was kinda doomed from the start, at least as any sort of relevant super star. He looked old, his sound (at least on that album) was dated, he was an “unworthy” winner after Daughtry was “robbed” — I don’t think he had a chance. But hey, he’s a good musician and he’s still doing his thing so even though Idol pretends he doesn’t exist he’s still making a living making music. And that’s pretty cool.

  7. just don't get it Says:

    i kinda always thought he was a “bar-band” kinda guy
    although don’t get me wrong, i enjoyed him on Idol.

  8. Sosueme Says:

    I liked/like Taylor too. Sure he’s a bit of a spaz and a lot old-fashioned, but he’s a talented musician and a really good singer. I understand why he won Idol, but I also understand why he didn’t become a Supastah after Idol. Ultimately he’s making a living doing what he wants to do, which is probably more than can be said about many of us. I’m not going to mock the guy because he isn’t Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.

    • Fluffy Says:

      I like the guy, I think he’s a genuinely talented musician. Not everyone is going to be superstar. Being a niche artist is really where most like anyway.

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