David Cook Tard Art

Some of these aren’t too bad. Some actually look like him. Some are just pathetic. All drawn by the obsessional and overinvolved…

Ol’ Peanut Head has that early Cook far back hairline. Pre-weave/implants.

This Loud-Assed Pencil

Some shiftless hillbilly labeled as “Cook”

Same hillbilly thinking about moonshine and rebuilding his truck engine again.

Umm, someone is seriously constipated again.

Someone woke up Wino Bob from his Ripple-induced sleep behind the 7-11 again to fill out a mug shot round up.

Cook’s ‘Specshul’ cousin. Kink in the family tree.

and for those Lambert Lovers out there..

Specshul supah powers!

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26 Comments on “David Cook Tard Art”

  1. Ali Says:

    Oh god this is so wrong! Like I commented on the last post…these talented artist must be all of 12 years old right? Yep, that’s it…

  2. Fluffy Says:

    Hahahahaha, I might pee. I don’t know what I love more, the art or the captions. Tard art! Yay!

    That first one is actually really good… if I could draw that well I would for SURE make some brand new tard art. I’d incorporate macaroni, though.

  3. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    The first one reveals some real talent, the rest are art therapy time at the asylum. Why post this crap online for all to see?

  4. Piiia Says:

    Nobody has to see those if they don’t want to. I understand your need to laugh at people if they do something overly stupid. But what is wrong with drawing some pictures? Drawing can be a nice hobby even if you are not that good.

    • Piiia Says:

      Sorry, I read last thread only after posting my comment. You are obviously thinking its valid to bring these little pictures here. Personally I think its being a bit too obsessive over somebody else obsession but I don’t HAVE to visit this site, so don’t mind me (as if you ever would :-)).

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Piia, as an artist I wasn’t going to do a ‘Tard Art’ thing ever. But…. it’s August and the therapists are out of town..

  5. burt Says:

    I was actually expecting worse! I can’t draw for shit so I’m in no position to criticize their work but I don’t understand the need to draw him. I hope Piiia is right that these are part of a hobby not fans obsessively drawing him.

    This has reminded me of a tweet from a while back – of all the rubbish this stuck with me – “That awkward moment when you are drawing David Cook and you get to his crotch.” (Or something like that, don’t remember the exact wording and I think they might have used his @ name.)

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I used to think that too but keep in mind one of the artists has drawn him HUNDREDS of times and named some of those drawings some pretty over the top things….

      • burt Says:

        Why does that not come as a shock? I’ll add it to my “just don’t get it” list – very weird. I’m sure he loves the thought of grown woman sitting around drawing him over and over again.

        Do they ever give the pictures to him – either in person or to a fanmail address (I assume he has one) – or do they just share them online?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        There is an entire series of drawings of him and his band up on deviantart.com that are signed by him and his band… so yes, he’s seen them.

        Nonna! I agree. Kitten-faced Claylene in the moonlight is the greatest of Tard Art!

      • burt Says:

        Oh. They must all be very practiced in keeping the laughter at bay.

    • Karen D Says:

      Yeah Burt, that would have been Daina when she was doing her drawings.

  6. Black Angel Says:

    I know that some of these artists try to sell this crap on eBay to other tards. But, other than that, what is the purpose of tard art? I guess it’s to get attention from your obsession because he might see it and then crown you the “bestest” fan. Yeah, right.

  7. nonna-muss Says:

    My favorite piece of tard art has got to be the lovely Clay art that Dr. Lulzington uses as his/her avi here. The cat/Clay masterpiece. It is the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

  8. songkat7 Says:

    I admit I’ve done wallpapers and avis in the past, but I never sent them or wanted to send them to any artist/actor. I just did them to be creative with Photoshop and as a hobby. I also did ones of family members, scenery, etc. It wasn’t limited to celebrity crushes.

    And I definitely did NOT get gross or photoshop strange things into or onto the pieces I did. Or do ‘fantasy’ things like putting a photo of my face over the actor’s wife’s face (seen it), or remove said actor’s wedding ring in the photo to make him look single (seen that, too).

  9. YoTaylor Says:

    The first one is really, really good, the second is passable. The rest are various degrees of laughable. But if you are an artist–you always draw what inspires you–keep drawing tards!

  10. Ali Says:

    Speaking of tarding…I got a text saying call this number to hear a message from David. I forgot I signed up for such a service lol? Its been ages since I got a text (if ever?), anyhow I got excited thinking it may be the long awaited tour news! But no…just David’s very bored sounding voice thanking us for leaving him messages and keep them coming! Lmao, wtf? I see no reason for sending out that text of no info! Is it just to keep his tards yearning for him lol?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      No, they were complaining to RCA Ed that the last message was announcing the CD release and that David needed to update it, so he did. I’ve never called the number or listened, I may have to now just to hear the boredom in his voice.

      • Ali Says:

        Lol nonna. The message must have been just to appease the morons begging to hear him say what? No news, so why was it necessary to hear his voice? I’m sure they were hoping for juicy tidbits or if nothing else how much he “lurves” his tards haha. Well they didn’t get either 😀

      • Fluffy Says:

        I can’t believe I listened to that, lol. “Hi, it’s David. I don’t have anything to say but they made me leave a message so my tards will shut up. Leave me a message that I won’t ever listen to if it makes you feel better?”

        LOL. I still get to keep my tard card for even listening. #sheeple

      • burt Says:

        I’m constantly amazed by the power of the tards. I can only imagine the stuff he finds himself doing to keep them from going crazy (seemingly because they can’t be patient and wait for news).

        I can’t believe (well actually I can, that’s a phrase I should never use here!) that some of them think he listens to the messages regularly. Or that some were tweeting him saying “it was good to hear your voice”. 😀

      • Fluffy Says:

        I mean, let me say that if he’s going to have some phone line thing he probably *should* leave a message now and then but… well, there really was nothing to say so it seemed a bit pointless to me. What do I know. I just want to go to a show. Other than that, I’m not really listening.

  11. This just in–let the Tarding begin!!

    thedavidcookDavid Cook

    Excited to be heading out on a co-headlining tour with @GavinDegraw! Should have dates up on davidcookofficial.com in about a week or so!

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