Clay Aiken – Strangest Tard Art EVER!!!

There are no words….

Don’t blame your nightmares on me…

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25 Comments on “Clay Aiken – Strangest Tard Art EVER!!!”

  1. songkat7 Says:

    This one still creeps me out.

  2. burt Says:

    Oh wow! Now *that* is the kind of art I was expecting.

    Do I want to know the story that goes with merging a cat and Clay Aiken? (I know very little about him or his fans so apologies if it’s really obvious.)

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I don’t know the story behind the ‘Kitty Clay’ just that it is rumored that Clay wants to play a gay werepig/wolf/whatever on True Blood. How about a ‘werekitty’?

      • burt Says:

        Ah! Well now it makes perfect sense! 😉

        (You OK after the earthquake FDC and anyone in the area?)

      • freedavidcook Says:

        No, I need a Valium or bottle of booze the size of Detroit. I was upstairs when it hit and everything started leaping off the walls and shelves. Lots of broken lamps, picture frames, etc and I have earthquake cracks from my upstairs doorframes to the ceilings. Downstairs very little damage. VCR/DVD players both goners, fell off tv stand. Cats & birds shook up but most everything else is aokay. Family okay, kids okay. Only real damage is my nerves, everything else can be fixed or replaced. Roof of Target 5 blocks away fallen in, schools damaged and lots of downtown buildings and streets sealed off because of structural damage. I live about 70 miles out of DC and this wasn’t too far away. I am worried about the North Anna Nuclear Reactor as it’s only about 40-30 minutes away, right at the epicenter. No one dead to my knowledge even if we kept seeing smoke and hearing sirens for 30 minutes afterward.

        Glad I’ve had Kitty Clay to laugh at because I’m feeling shaky right now.

      • just don't get it Says:

        wow!! so glad you are ok FDC!!!

      • Fluffy Says:

        I’m in Northern VA, it was scary. My nerves were shot, I was wishing I hadn’t drank the last of my Firefly vodka last night because I need it now. I don’t think I would’ve been as freaked out if I didn’t have little kids, I didn’t know what was going on so didn’t know how to keep them safe. FDC, glad you are ok. No more earthquakes, please.

      • songkat7 Says:

        Glad all you peeps are safe & sound!

  3. Fluffy Says:

    How did I miss that one? Haha. Awesome. Wow.

  4. MK Says:

    Is that???

  5. just don't get it Says:

    did anyone notice that after the quake someone asked David on Twitter if he was ok?? no, i am not making this up.

    • Fluffy Says:

      Hahaha, really? Maybe they were trying to get him to disclose his location 🙂

      That shit was scary, though. No more earthquakes, please, there are plenty of things that suck about Northern VA, don’t need to add earthquakes to the list.

    • burt Says:

      I saw that. I don’t know if it was genuine concern in case he was back in NYC, stupidity, or like Fluffy said trying to get him to say where he is. I hate to think what the reaction would be if there was a big disaster and they didn’t know where he is. For the last few days they’ve been able to guess but at those times he goes totally off the radar without Twitter updates, well, it would be interesting.

      Seems there’s something going on with a FB group and a picture some of them aren’t happy about but by speaking out they’ve been kicked out the group. Apparently he would be “heartbroken” if he saw the picture. Anyone know what that’s about? They seem pretty worked up!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        What group?? I don’t belong to anything besides DCO on facebook. Details Burt. Don’t drop the bomb and run. lol

      • burt Says:

        haha I’m still around, don’t worry! Can’t remember what the FB group was called – whatever it was, someone else looked and apparently couldn’t find it. The post has been removed now anyway as far as I can tell from the tweets. I also saw mention of RFH and there was bitching about someone and their tumbler was posted so I’m wondering if there was Photoshopping or something of a pic from RFH by a fan – one that they had been friends with. Honestly, these people!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Sigh. I know the weeds complain that the roses steal pictures and photochop them. I wonder if that’s what it was. Honestly, with everything going on in the world today that’s what they’re worried about?

  6. just don't get it Says:

    i agree – I felt it in NYC!!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Fluffy I’m in Culpecker, errr Culpeper, Va, just outside the real NoVa stuff. Lived in Manassas for a year and it just wasn’t for me. We’re under a ‘Code Red’ here but no one can tell us why or what we’re supposed to do. I think I need to hit the package liquor store and get a little voddy.

      Did you feel the two aftershocks?

      • Fluffy Says:

        Nope, haven’t felt aftershocks – I’m up here in Fairfax (I’d love to get out of here and somewhere a little more peaceful lol). Got a good shaking with the quake but you’re a whole lot closer! Vodka sounds good right about now. I could use some myself 🙂

  7. nonna-muss Says:

    FDC, I’m glad you are OK. I was out when it happened and felt it too. Nothing as bad as you got though.

    Clay-Kitty, my fave tard art of all time!

  8. burt Says:

    FDC & Fluffy – glad you’re both OK. Scary shit. 😦

  9. Rubber Ducky Says:

    The Claymate tard art devoted to his kid is also pretty hilarious stuff.

  10. Karen D Says:

    WTAF? I thought I’d seen it all…

  11. WilcoisAwesome Says:


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