Craziest David Cook Fan Art

I’d forgotten about this gem. Tried to go to the blog to get the full frontal nudity version but sadly it has been taken down. Damn. It was the stuff of nightmares.

The head and the body, such a disconnect in reality. I know Cook works out but this is just improbable except in the mind of a horny frau.

Still disappointed the full nude one was gone because I’m sure it featured that frau assumption for all Idol males.

Horse peen! That looks emm, painful.

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50 Comments on “Craziest David Cook Fan Art”

  1. Black Angel Says:

    OH. MY. GOD.

  2. Fluffy Says:

    Ah! Ah! Ouch! My eyes!

    What the hell? Why would you WANT him to look like that first picture, first of all? And second of all WTF on the second one, it looks like there’s a tumor…

    (What comes to mind now is that stupid song “There’s a monster in my pants…”)

  3. Fluffy Says:

    Still whimpering here, by the way. Ha!

  4. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    I’m at a loss for words. This stuff is right up there with fanfic for me…I just don’t get it. Ugh.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Tard art is bad, fanfic is worse (sickening actually) but a combination of tard art and fanfic? There are no words.

  5. burt Says:

    I’m starting to think that visiting this blog is a health hazard! My poor eyes.

    The top one shows how unrealistic their view of him is. Or at least that their fantasies are very off. So are there two extremes in these fans – some obsessed with him having a belly and some wanting him muscled up?

    This reminds me of the person on Twitter who often posts a photo of the back of his knees. I wish I was making that up.

    As for giant penis-gate… there are no words. I find all that so strange. I didn’t realize all Idol males were subjected to that talk.

  6. Black Angel Says:

    Burt, yes, all male Idols are subjected to this and it’s almost like making fun of them. It’s like they were on this cheesy show, so it’s OK to photoshop them and make them look stupid. VFTW also photoshops alot, but they don’t claim to be fans (or are they??). I just don’t get it.

    • burt Says:

      I would pay good money to see these guys group together and announce a special “thank you to the fans” show then midway through start a striptease. It would not take much to get the fans baying for their flesh. Then they should all pull a pair of socks from their pants. The show would be filmed (crowd side only, the guys have had enough embarrassment), put online and sent to all friends and family of the fans. It’s what these fuckwits deserve. That or a lesson in acting like a normal person who doesn’t objectify men they like.

  7. Nothing compares to the Glambulge!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Are you sure the Glambulge isn’t merely a balled up pair of dirty sweat socks or a giant grasshopper trying to hump a squishy old banana or a link of bratwurst?

      • Oh, no. I got a hold of The Glambulge at the GlamNation tour. Remember that picture of the fingerless, bedazzled gloved hand in the audience reaching up to touch The Glambulge? That was MY gloved hand!!! I haven’t washed that glove, nor that hand, since!! Let me tell you, that Glambulge was ALL meat, and I’m not talking bratwurst, sister.

    • songkat Says:

      Ewwww, nothing I’d be proud of.

      • Oh, I’m proud of it!! I think you’re just jealous!!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Wow, I guess they don’t call you swanky for nothing.

      • songkat7 Says:

        Jealous? Of mauling a gay man? Sorry, I don’t need or want trash. I don’t see the appeal. Never have.

        Less is more.

        Oh, you tards need a new word. “jellus” is so overused. LOL

      • songkat7 Says:

        And by trash, I didn’t mean because he’s gay. I could care less. I just don’t see why you’d go after someone clearly not interested in you.

        Anyone who shoves his junk in a crowd’s face to allow them to paw all over him is trash in my opinion.

      • Songkat, I grabbed ahold of heaven when I grabbed ahold of the Glambulge.

        Perhaps you should read my online Glamdiary. It goes into detail of my love for all things Adam, especially my love for BB’s Beautiful Glambulge. Read it from the bottom entry up. It should open your eyes to the Light and Love of Adam and the unrivaled beauty of The Glambulge. I haven’t posted any new entries in awhile as I’ve been on a whirlwind summer long cross country Lesbian Adventure. Once everything settles down and the nights get colder and longer, I shall once again write my thoughts and feelings down in my Glamdiary.

        Open your eyes and your soul and feel the overwhelming joy that The Glambulge brings!!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        There are no words after reading your diary…

      • nonna-muss Says:

        SwankyCarol, I read your Glamdiary. FDC is right, there are no words.

      • songkat7 Says:

        Carol, your very posts here disgust me. Why would I want to read your blog? No, thank you. Scuse me while I hurl now.

      • Karen D Says:

        Why would a lesbian WANT to grab a guys package? Or glorify it? Thought lesbians really had no use for those…LOL

        This out tards even the biggest tard.

    • MmmmBop Says:

      Dearest Carol, didn’t you peddle your Glamdiary before on TopIdol blog?

    • YoTaylor Says:

      Swanky Carol, I read your blog & have had an epiphany. No more Taylorgasms for me, I now know the Adamgasm is the ultimate & hopefully one day I will be able to achieve one *praying*. I am also ready to throw all my husband’s finances to buy as many FYE Cds as I can, so the most fabulous international superstar ever can achieve platinum status! You are right–the entire world revolves around Adam!

    • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

      One question-who the F is Tab Hunter and did he have a tard pack too?

  8. Karen D Says:

    WTF is up with his eyes in that “photo”? I just don’t get it. Apparently they don’t like him for who he actually is, but who they want him to be.

    Burt….the backs of his knees? Really? I need to know who that is. LOL

  9. SmelledTheCoffee Says:

    At the risk of sounded disgusting, you’d think they would at least get the “side” right in the second photo. If memory serves, I think he favors his right. Or is that supposed to be someone else and not a photoshopped Cook? Unless I’m seeing that picture wrong. Oh who the hell knows, it’s repulsive looking either way.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Second photo is definitely someone else photoshopped .Unlike some of the more crass and crazy fans, David seems to be modest about his body and has personal boundaries, at least in public . Don’t think he’d ever pose with his shirt off, even through he’s in better shape now. I wonder how many wasted hours are put in to this “art”, including the writing and reading of fanfic. Imagine how great our economy could be if all tards of ALL idols ( saw some Beyonce tard activity the other day that would curl your hair, lol) could harness this creativity into something useful.

  10. Photoshopped Cook…..

    Thank god that wasn’t a typo!!


  11. songkat Says:

    There are no words for the people who make those. Lunatics.

  12. Rubber Ducky Says:

    😆 you should post some of the slash; according to the frauen he’s fucked every dude who was on his season as well as all his bandmates.

  13. on the edge Says:


    *pours bleach and sulfuric acid into eyes*

    That second one…I thought it was someone’s BUTT, or a really bad case of hemorhoids. That frau obviously has NEVER seen a penis. EVER.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I’ll pour it your eyes if you’ll pour it in mine OTE. You’d think by now we’d be too smart to click on links.

  14. Emerson. Says:

    I am guessing that the second picture is suppose to be Adam Lambert? He wish, hahaha

  15. Hey!!! Who stole the peen pic?????

    • Whew– it’s back in it’s rightful place. That had me worried for a second. The pic was gone and I thought that I heard Tards doing that weird turkey-gobbling sound that they do during a show.

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