David Cook Tards: Fightin’ For A Space In The Front Row

Back in the stone ages when I was a mere 15 I used to be totally insanely mad about a band called Mott The Hoople. A very virile and masculine-looking bunch in high boots, glittery makeup and a lead singer that made Bob Dylan’s tunelessness seem like crystalline pure notes. I was so insane for them I hitchhiked up to big old bad NYC at 15 to see Mott and lure Peter Overend Watts into my hotel bed. Didn’t happen but he’s still a sexy devil even at his age. Lord Ove, hit me up sometime. I’d even let you fish for the carp in my 250 gallon rain water container. And other things.

But I digress remembering my ancient days of tarding even if Overend makes me want to tard hard again…

There used to be an old Mott the Hoople song I loved…

….and it included the lyric –

“Everybody hazy, shell-shocked and crazy
Screaming for the face at the window
Jeans for the genies, dresses for the dreamies
Fighting for a place in the Front row”

It’s that “Fighting for a place in the front row” that concerns me tonight. We’ve had a few Gavin Degraw fans visit here to recount their non-tardness but claim that they are always in the front row and will fight for that. This bodes ill because there are a number of Cook Tards that are expert front row obnoxicons. They’ve been known to step on feet, curse out, push, shove, elbow, sneer, insult, cry, yell and other tactical maneuvers trying to get near that young peen on the stage. How else do they get the fifty million crotch shots needed to squee over at DCO and the departed lair of Mary Ann Holly Sockpuppets DCU? Oh, won’t someone think of the droolers needing their millioneth happy snap of David Cook’s unpointing pants!

I’m not sure the Cook Tards are aware of it yet but tickets for the shows are already on sale at a special pay Gavin fan site, so it’s likely if it’s not a general admission show that the front rows will have already been snapped up. The Gavin fantards are getting them first, not Cook’s herd. Oh, the huge manatee!!

Has to be karma again considering how Ladynsearch, RoseC and others were busy whining to his brother, Andrew Cook, that Andrew wasn’t playing Cook songs. Andrew was in KC and was DJing over at KCRadio.com, where he used to DJ when he lived in the area. The Cooktards were busy twittering and tweeting him their outrage over his betrayal of the bro by his music selections. As usual lots of ugly bashing of Andrew but at least he will tell them when they’re all behaving like See You Next Tuesdays. He told them off. None of them picked up on the fact that he did play a song that Cook had written for another band.

Add in the disgusting fetishisticness about everything to do with Cook’s appearance singing the National Anthem at yesterday’s Chief’s game and their silly belief that they got RCAEd fired (he’s not, dumbasses) and you have enough bad behavior to make bad karma take notice of the bunch.

PS to Lord Ove – I’m kidding (No I’m not!)

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175 Comments on “David Cook Tards: Fightin’ For A Space In The Front Row”

  1. Karen D Says:

    The tickets aren’t on pre-sale yet. I think it said the 16th in the email the fan club members got.

  2. Karen D Says:

    Make that the 14th.

  3. Karen D Says:

    The presale for fan club members starts on the 14th.

    “As a member of the Gavin DeGraw Fan Club, we’re giving you first access to presale tickets for a select number dates starting this WEDNESDAY, September 14th, 2011 at 12PM LOCAL venue time. Presales will be offered via Ticketmaster (requiring a coupon code) OR fan club ticketing as noted below. In addition to regular presale tickets, there will also be VIP packages available at the time of purchase via this fan club presale:”

    Someone posted this on twitter today from their email.

  4. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    LOL at the Gavtards in the other thread who are ALWAYS front row and have seen Gavin multiple times already this year. Look in the mirror ladies. You see that person staring back at you. That is a tard. Tarding for Gavin does not make you any better than someone tarding for David or any other artist.

    Pre-sale tickets links are going to be posted on Gavin’s site and according to DCO, pre-sale code will be in a email newsletter coming up. Of course some couldn’t just wait like normal fans and forked over 10 bucks to Gavin’s fan club site to get the jump on everyone.

    If you want an eyerolling experience, check David’s @replies on twitter. The complaining is in full force. “Why aren’t you coming to my (fill in the blank) city, town. You’re in my city but I’m working, you should play on the weekends”. It goes on and on. Even through David already said in a interview that he’s touring after the tour with Gavin so more dates will be added.

    So far nothing near me but I can more than wait to see if something shows up later.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      David just tweeted “more dates/info to come”. Maybe the bitching can take a break for a minute or two.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Just wait till the hard core tards get wind of the pre-pre-sale of the tickets through the pay for access Gavin site.. *rubs hands together and laughs her evil laugh*

      • MK Says:

        “Maybe the bitching can take a break for a minute or two.”

        Ha. What planet are you living on and can I join you? They NEVER stop bitching to David. EVER. He could come to each and every one of their houses, personally sing to them in their living rooms, take pictures, sign every single item they own, tweet to his followers how much he loves xxxperson, follow them on twitter, wish them happy birthday, make a special video just for them, and they would still find something to bitch about. Nothing that man does is good enough.

        I can not believe how many of them are bitching to David about the tour. Like he personally books the tour. I guarantee they’d get pissed if customers came into the McDonald’s they work at and whined about the damn McRib and demanding that they personally bring it back.

        I could never be a celebrity. I’d call out the loons by name and tell them to fuck off.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      The problem with DCO is the newsletters are always a day late and a dollar short. Most of the Cook fans I’ve seen have paid and signed up for Gavin’s fan club to get the same benefits as Gavin’s fans. This tour has disaster written all over it. Not from David or Gavin’s perspective, but out in the fandom. It’s been my experience that pre-sale does not necessarily mean ‘best seats’. Wait until they get mezzanine only to find others without pre-sale got front row. Hopefully most shows will be general admission, that usually stops the scalpers from buying up all the tickets. It also makes for sleeping on sidewalks and pushing and shoving by the tards.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        So true with pre-sale not being the best seats. If they come to my area I’ll just take my chances with ticketbastard since I don’t need or want to be up front ( sound is much better further back).

        From the venues posted so far, most seem to be seated, not GA. If there’s a show near me that’s GA, you won’t see me in line early. I don’t think I’d sleep on the sidewalk for my momma much less Cook,
        even through I am a semi-tard, lol. I’ll show up my usual 20 min before showtime and breeze on in. πŸ™‚

  5. Ali Says:

    Lol FDC, I think my dad was a Mott the Hoopel fan. Were they the ones that did “all the young dude’s” or something like that title? I heard it lots growing up. Love those new wave British bands, like The Smiths, The Church, Flock of Seagulls..I don’t know much about Gavin…and is Adam Levine gay? Not that there’s anything wrong with that lol!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Yes indeed Mott did do “All The Young Dudes”. I loved them and I loved the British New Wave bands that came later. Did you know that the members of the Clash were MtH tards that followed them all over the UK on their tours? MtH was pre-punk rock and influenced some of the biggies in punk rock.

      I don’t know if Levin or Gavin is gay. I do know they are rumored to be and Gavin had an incident recently where he was beaten to a pulp & ended up in the hospital. The part of town he was in and the statement he gave the police sounds like he might have been cruising for a partner. The whole think just sounded hinky to me, like he was trying to hide something.

  6. nicole Says:

    you now the only way for these two fandumbs to make friends is if they co-write a slash story.

    and then they can print it and hand copies over to gavin and david in one of their shows.

  7. Burt Says:

    Today is a good day for Twitter comments – it’s that rare day when a new David Cook single has been announced! It’s Fade In To Me – the disagreements have begun and the comments are hilarious.

    According to some it shows “ambitious Dave” – erm, really? Wouldn’t “ambitious Dave” be releasing a heavier, more rock type track? And let’s not forgot, he’s said he doesn’t care about singles and he probably had little say over it.

    They are also peeing themselves at the prospect of the video based of the lyrics. I hope he just gets actors to do it, it’ll be unbearable to see the reaction if he does a love scene. Could you imagine?

    The obsession with the lyrics is just weird: “he’ll have to keep explaining that it’s not about sex”. Jesus! Just because they’re obsessed with it, doesn’t mean it’s what the lyrics refer to. They might do but he’s said he sees it as something more innocent so why can’t it just be a “two become one” kind of thing? Regardless, I thought he didn’t actually write it – didn’t he say it was submitted for the first album but suited this one so they used it. He has a writing credit but I got the impression it was mostly written by others. In which case, can’t they just move past the “DAVE WRITES ABOUT SEX” thing? It’s just odd and probably not true.

    Why do certain fans want his music to be pushed to country so hard? Is it to get success in any genre he possibly can? It’s never been done so why would he try now? Why would he want to if it’s not his area? Again, I was certain I saw an interview where he said he wouldn’t go into country. If I know all this random stuff as a bit-more-than-casual-but-not-a-tard fan (who doesn’t watch all interviews) why don’t these over-invested fans know it too?

    Definitely fun times ahead. Watching the fan reaction to promotion for this single could be immense – they might all explode if they imagine him singing it to them. Add to that the tour which is sounding epic and it’s going to get very interesting. πŸ™‚

    • Jen Says:

      I haven’t had time to delve into the single speak today but what’s particularly annoying me right now is certain fans who have tour stops near them that they will certainly go to making fun of those who are handwringing because there’s no date near them. You know those people making fun would be just as upset and making plans to fly somewhere instead if they didn’t have convenient shows. No it’s not David’s fault of course. But people have a right to be upset if a tour they want to see ends up not coming near enough to them for them to go, be it Foo Fighters, Anberlin, David or whoever. (Yes, I’m still pissed the Anberlin tour isn’t coming that close to me. lol)

      • songkat7 Says:

        I agree people have the right to be a little concerned if they can’t get a show near them…unless they’re from New York. No offense to any NY’ers here, but I’m going to scream if I hear one more NY’er bitch and moan about no tour dates near them. He just did a slew of NY and near NY appearances for the album release, and even that wasn’t good enough for a few of them. Of all places to complain, NY, Ohio and NJ have no excuse.

      • just dont get it Says:

        being from the tri-state area, I have to agree, we are spoiled! There is a show about 3 hours away in York Pa that should be enough for now, but i’ve seen sooo many tweets about how many hours some are going to drive!!!

      • Jen Says:

        As someone from New England, I’d like an NYC show at the least, because I can’t do the extra three hours to York. lol

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Awww come on Jen. Let’s all the East Coasters meet up in York just to point and laugh from the back of the venue. It could be fun. I’m up for York. Not that far from DC.

      • Jen Says:

        Lol it would be fun but even I, as a semi-tard, don’t want to drive 6-7 hours for a show. And isn’t it at a college? I’m David’s age and I’d still feel weird about that. haha

      • just dont get it Says:

        I’ll see ya there fdc!

      • Burt Says:

        The fans will never be happy – the ones that get their way gloat and the ones that don’t complain. The tables change and they can’t see it’s just a role reversal so they bicker. Everyone has the right to be pissed about it and to comment but not to him when he has no real control over it, and not to go on and on like your life depends on it. I’ve been pissed if I can’t see someone but it’s just life – you either travel to a show or get over it and miss it.

        What I don’t understand is why anyone is getting worked up when this is only the first leg of his tour. And as for the complaints from anyone in the NY area – that’s just dumb.

        More Cook fans are signing up for the DeGraw pre-sale. As has been said, pre-sale tickets are often shit but why the rush anyway? There surely won’t be that much of a rush on the general release date? Oh yeah, it’s all about getting the best seats, isn’t it? Just being there in support isn’t enough. Maybe these fans should have swap the front row depending on who’s on stage. Novel concept of co-operation there. I’m also smiling at people suggesting they will leave right after Cook if he’s on before DeGraw – I wonder why that could be? Nothing to do with getting to bus at all, right?

        Maybe someone can answer this – I used to wonder, with the rush for front row at just Cook shows – surely they’re not all so big, and there are not so many of the hardcore that they couldn’t all fit in front row? Is the fight normally for front and center? Or Front and Neal/Andy? Or was it just “front”?

        More on the single talk… now people are hoping and predicting success on the kind of scale of Time Of My Life. Realistic as always! Bearing in mind he wasn’t keen to perform that (understatement) and rarely performed Avalanche or Permanent, I wonder how he feels about being saddled with a ballad as a single?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Burt, they mainly tried for front and center or front Neal. There were enough hard-cores that they could take the entire front row depending on stage size. I remember one show I went to that they took up the entire front row, could others have squeezed in? Yes, but they made sure you couldn’t. A great majority of that group seems to no longer go to his shows any more. I’m sure there will be more to take over in their absence.

        I’m disappointed in the single choice, but I’m not losing sleep over it. lol

        Conceivably I could go to the York show, but I won’t. It is going to be a zoo since it’s the closest show in the northeast. As someone stated it’s at a college and I did one college show on the last tour (it was open to the public) and I felt uncomfortable. I’m not old enough to be his mother or grandmother, but I’m older than he is.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I might go to York. We’ll all have to swap stories. Though we might not get the best intel if we’re not fighting for the front πŸ™‚

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        You’ve gotta fight! For your right! To tarrrrrrrding!

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        I’m disappointed he’s not coming here but I wouldn’t bi*ch to others who can go. You can get a free presale code to the Seattle Shobox show if you’re on their email list from previous concerts (no, not DC)

        I guess the complaining isn’t just to David but the whole band cuz Andy tweeted the fans contact…

        “@andyskib You know, the people from the “Tour Booking Office”. They must be in The Book.
        Twitter for iPhone β€’ 11-09-12 7:54 PM”

        Poor guys…

        Northeast (US & Canada) are really lucky with concerts, northwest gets screwed often. But heck, if I hate it so much I could move to TO or Montreal. Even Hell or Highwater just played there (not that I’d go, not my style)

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        About the Seattle Showbox, forgot to add they’re GA tix. Why would you presage GA? All tix are the same, right?

        Makes me not so sad I’m not going. I hate lineups, even short ones.

    • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

      Ugh really? Maybe it’s JMO but if it’s true the 4 singles so far (or 5 if counting BBS) are at the bottom of my list.

  8. Burt Says:

    Oh and also, was there really a bit of a fan war a few days ago because someone dared to say his hair looked like a lego man’s hair? Seriously? Maybe I’m wrong, but he does have a sense of humor and I think he’d laugh at that and move on, not get offended and want people to defend him or start arguments.

  9. just dont get it Says:

    just realized i put this in the wrong place – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2EXExg8LKQ
    do these people resemble Cooktards to you????

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Oh my, this tour is going to be speshul. That vid could have David’s face photochopped right over Gavin’s and no one would think twice. Same old, same old. Maybe I’m happy the tour isn’t coming near me. lol

    • Fluffy Says:

      But… but… Gavin has no tards!

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Oh, suddenly I’m speaking in big, sweeping generalization???
        Every post here and on Top Idol (where most of you ladies come from) is describing Cook/Lambert/Hicks/(insert name) fans as fat, old, bored inferior human beings. You bring pictures, vids, tell the stories just to prove your point.
        And I’m the rude one???

      • nonna-muss Says:

        You said ALL Americans are fat. I can assure you, we are not.

      • Fluffy Says:

        Yes, when you call all American women fat, you are speaking in a sweeping generalization.

        BTW, never once have I posted pictures of anyone, and I would not mock people for their weight, looks, or any of those things. Their behavior, however, is fair game. I don’t care if tards are skinny, fat, hot or ugly. If you act like an idiot, you act like an idiot. There are actually several of the super tards who are not fat, at all, and many of them are pretty young.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        @Nonna-muss, where did I say that ALL women are fat? Could you point to that word in my original post? I said that what strucks
        almost every visitor from abroad is how many women are FAT, or even worse ; obese.
        @Fluffy, I don’t follow every post to see who brought pictures and who didn’t. But many of you did. Many of you made derogatory comments about people just because their behaviour didn’t follow YOUR Book of Rules.
        More tolerance, please.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        MmmmBop, you do have a valid point about how many Americans are obese. I suspect it’s all the processed foods we eat here that aren’t eaten in other parts of the world. When I lived in Europe it was much easier to eat healthy, even when going out than it is here. Here it’s costly, time consuming and requires forethought and planning to eat well, which is beyond the average American most of the time. Not saying this to excuse it but there is a big difference. Plus nutrition science/home economics isn’t being taught in the schools. You have generations of people here that want the cheap, quick and easiest way to eat. Wide screen tvs and sedentary lifestyles here also play into that. Used to be kids played outside and grownups spent some of their weekend working outside or playing sports. Now people sit in the air conditioning with too much food and watch others play sports on their 60 inch televisions. It’s a cultural shift that’s killing the country.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        FDC, I agree with you 100%. When I drive early in the morning I can’t believe the lines in a front of all fast-junk-food places. Is this the equivalent of healthy breakfeast?? The processed food is killing this nation, I don’t know what is being added to it, but I remember gaining 18 (eighteen) pounds in 2 months after arriving here from Europe. Luckily I was really skinny so actually I benefitted from it, but it gave me something to think about.
        I still retain good eating habits from my home country , don’t touch any artificial diet crap (sugarless, fatless and tasteless) and somehow I don’t gain weight anymore.
        Walking is the best and cheapest exercise.
        Excessive tarding burns calories as well… πŸ™‚

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Yep, you may be right, tarding might burn extra calories. It’s just I’ve seen some of the tard packs make it part of touring to go to the worst places to eat in America, order a grease, salt, sugar cornucopia, take pictures of them & their food and blog about it. That they make that part of the concert experience is kinda off putting.

        Here’s a better explanation as to how America got so fat – http://www.trutv.com/conspiracy/in-the-shadows/fat/intro.html

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Once we were driving from LA to Phoenix, AZ. We decided to stop for some food half way thru. I swear , there was no place to eat except junk food places, not even one to serve regular food.
        While I was eating some quadruple fried junk, I was watching peeps eating greasy burgers with DIET coke.
        Do you know, that none of my friends from old country has cellulite? No matter how sedentary lives they lead, it’s not there.
        I firmly believe that the main culprit is the FOOD served here, look at some young girls on the beach.
        There also should be an immediate death penalty if you wear spandex leggins on your 300 pounds frame.(kidding, KIDDING!!)

    • MmmmBop Says:

      Why american women are so fat? I have never seen so many obese people in my life. It’s the first thing visitors from abroad notice. Is it the food? Even the young ones are FAT.

    • Karen P. Currie Says:

      I got half way thru that GavTard video and I had seen enough.

      Let the tarding begin!!

  10. nicole Says:

    i can’t wait for the madness to start.
    i hope gavin has cow tards.
    to fight the cooktards, you have to be at least 250 lbs.

  11. MK Says:


    I don’t remember him ever performing Avalanche and I don’t know why he didn’t, nor do I care. He did, however, perform Permanent at almost every show (if not every show, I can’t remember) until the night he broke down while singing it, then announced that he was taking a couple of days off. It was about a month before Adam died. Assumptions are, when Adam took a turn for the worse, and it became painful for David to sing Permanent because the song was written about Adam. IIRC, he sang it only 2 more times after that, once on Idol for charity and once at a concert in LA in October, I believe it was.

    • songkat7 Says:

      He sang both songa at the Hammond show in November of 2009 (I was there, really amazing show), because he did the album in its entirety in order to celebrate the one year anniversary of the album’s release. He’d sung Avalanche a few times prior, but not often.

      I don’t think he’s sung Permanent since Hammond.

    • Fluffy Says:

      He played Avalanche a few times, I think. We were going to get it in Charlottesville if the Chiefs won but they lost so we didn’t lol.

    • burt Says:

      Yeah he did play Avalanche a few times – I remember seeing a few videos (with non-appropriate screeching to mark the rare event of course) – think I read that it was a difficult song to sing but he did it so rarely that I couldn’t help but wonder if there was another reason like him not wanting to do too many ballads. Totally get why he no longer plays Permanent with the story behind it.

      Wrong place but thanks Nonna for the front row info – did not realize there were so many to take up that space but I guess he was at smaller venues that doesn’t help. And poor Andy that they aimed for Dave or Neal. I’m sure he’s devastated!

  12. BotUMBee Says:

    LOLOL – The truth is the light, right? Tards, Cooktards just one of many tarddoms, seem to have some common traits, across the board. Fat is just one of the more visible commonalities. The others are histories of mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder and OCD, Which could explain a lot of the OTT and delusional obsessive behavior we lurve to mock, oui?

    The meme of the old, fat, bored, lonely housewife/ widow/cat lady single as tard is not far off the mark. Neither is the mentally ill, clinically depressed/manic depressive OCD types that seem to be drawn to these kind of tard-doms. I’m amazed at the actual pics of real Cook fans we see taken at gigs, radio shows, other appearances, as opposed to the image and smug arrogance many portray online, making one think they were much younger, prettier and thinner. That disconnect always cracks me up, cause when they show up to see him, there is no denying just who his fans really are *snerk*

    • A bit harsh, Bot.

      “The meme of the old (I’m 57–old to you maybe but not dead yet), fat (I could lose 10, yeah), bored (never), lonely (I prefer to think of myself as selective when it comes to friends) housewife (employed full-time)/ widow (on husband #3 and I didn’t kill off #1 or #2)/cat (I have 2, thanks for asking) lady (I am woman!) single ( I file my taxes as married, filing as single) as tard (went to 3 shows, ok???) is not far off the

      • And while you are at it…

        Neither is the mentally ill, clinically depressed/manic depressive OCD types that seem to be drawn to these kind of tard-doms.

        That is a generalization that I find incredibly offensive. I am treated for depression, myself.

        Stop making it sound like leprosy.

        Tarding is not an illness, by the way. It’s a choice. To tard or not to tard– that is the question.

    • Black Angel Says:

      BotUMBee, I would have to agree with you. I think most (not all) Idol tards are probably depressed and have OCD issues and are trying to escape their own dull lives.

      Most of them are older, and perhaps married young, and realized they didn’t get to lead the exciting life they thought they would, so now is there chance to relive their youth and perhaps, in their mind, even attract a young, handsome guy. I think many of these fraus are going through a mid-life crisis the same way a man would leave his wife for a younger, attractive woman.

      Most of them are harmless and some of them do snap out of it and come back to real life. However, I have come across some Idol tards who I think are psychotic, dangerous, delusional and are capable of harming someone. I really do think most of the Idols know who these people are and keep a close eye on them.

  13. SeenTheLight Says:

    This was just sent out to the Cook fans:

    David Cook will also be offering VIP packages for the upcoming tour. VIP packages include a meet and greet with David, the opportunity to watch David perform at soundcheck and much more. VIPs can be found at davidcooktix.com.

    This is the VIP package for $75.00 which does not include price of a ticket to the show:

    Watch David Cook perform at soundcheck
    Meeet and Greet with David Cook
    David Cook guitar pick tin
    Limited Edition VIP only T-shirt
    10% off your purchase at David Cook’s official online merchandise store
    1 photo with David Cook taken by a professional photographer
    Souvneir tour laminate

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Ya know that’s a nice package and price isn’t bad. Some artist actually charge upwards of $500 for the same thing. The tards who were so inpatient and signed up for Gavin’s fan club for pre-sale access are getting what they deserve. They spent money on a club they have no interest in and according to some twitter complaints got lousy seats and no perks. Now they’ll have to spend more money for David’s VIP package. Idiots!

      • nicole Says:

        “spent money on a club they have no interest in and according to some twitter complaints got lousy seats and no perks.”


      • nonna-muss Says:

        That’s funny because those that waited and bought tickets through David’s pre-sale/VIP package site all seemed to get 1st through 5th row. Cook’s people really did right by his fans! I know someone who got first row center and the VIP package. She’s excited because she’s never met him, although she did go to a couple of shows on the last tour.

        Unfortunately I also saw some of the uber tards bought VIP to multiple venues. Why??? How many times can they see him? It’s going to creep him out to see the same faces at every stop again.

    • Black Angel Says:

      That’s a great package at a great price. I remember when Taylor Hicks was doing these meet and greet VIP packages during Grease and he was charging $100 for only a meet and greet and photo. Of course, only the truly crazy were buying these.

    • burt Says:

      Not a bad package for the price – the one thing I can say for sure about David is that he doesn’t seem to want rip fans off – good for him.

      Did many people go for it? You know, I see this as another sign that he’s not as scared by the hardcore as we all think he is/should be. He had the choice not to do it yet he did and the offer went out to all the fans signed up to his mailing list. What will be interesting is what his security is like and how long he spends talking to them – I won’t see it personally but I’m sure there will be complaints. There have to be complaints!

      I was thinking today, with the news that the Daughtry album is out soon and a single available, Adam Lambert’s promo and a David Cook tour on the horizon could the Idol world explode? So much tarding to look out for.

      • Jen Says:

        In addition, it seems you can buy more than one for a show, like if you’re buying for your entire party, but only the person who bought them has to show ID. So all they’d have to do is swap who buys them and they can go to as many as they want, right? That’s what it looks like anyway. People were already telling Kelly that people should be able to get as many VIP packages as they can afford – afterall, he does know her by name. How does no one see that knowing them by name isn’t necessarily a good thing? And explain to me why people like Kelly and Jeannine and Debra need another chance to meet him anyway! I think it’s horseshit. Anyone want to ask RCAed (he popped into his old thread briefly) or the new people about it, maybe via PM? I don’t have an account over there.

        The other thing is that maybe he won’t do the bus thing anymore instead because of these M&G’s.

      • Ali Says:

        Yeah Jen, I would be surprised if he comes out to sign at the buses anymore. Why would he want to lol?

  14. Ali Says:

    Lol that’s pretty cheap. Daughtry vip’s for most of that same stuff is sometimes up to 300. I like how they get 1 picture done by a pro lol…maybe this will prevent the bus tard stalking? Or not…

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      I’d go with “or not”, lol. Some will always want more, more, more. Because they’re special like that. How can David go to sleep without seeing them one last time.

  15. Karen D Says:

    Jen, I have no idea why Debra, Kelly, and Jeannine have to go to a meet and greet. Debra has about 500 pics with him. Jeannine and Kelly seem to think they are friends, but yet will pay to get a photo with them. Some of them definitely bought multiple VIP packages. Poor poor David.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Kelly’s the one with the tour bus design tattoo, right? lolol. Jeannine’s (@Zoo2) interest in David is a puzzle for me. She seems to be very passive aggressive towards him. She always makes little snide comments about him on her twitter and even on DCO and thinks every band/artist is better than him. To her, he’s good but others deserve more attention. Tonight on her twitter she said she gets frustrated that fans focus so much on David when their are so many other musicians they could be supporting also. Why in the world does she give a shit what other people listen to and why take that out on David. She’s seen him tons of times and has probably meet him or “run” into him God know how many times. Why bother with a M&G. The psychology of some of these people is fascinating to me.

      • Jen Says:

        It sounded like she’d gotten two of them – for Tulsa and for San Diego. Why bother if you think everyone else is better than him and if you’ve already met him a million times? How is that fair to him and to every other fan who wants a chance? There should be restrictions and it pisses me off that it looks like there aren’t.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        So, do you mean Zoo2 got two VIP’s? Really, that’s kind of odd (sarcasm) since she wrote this at DCO:

        http://www.davidcookofficial.com/us/content/official-feedbackmoderation-thread?page=4 About half way down the page.

        Gaining new ears and, ultimately, new CD purchasers should be the main goal for this tour, IMO…even if it means we take a back seat at shows.


        Really zoo?? You’re taking a back seat? You’re letting new fans into the fold?? You’re taking up valuable and limited space at meet & greets that others would have been grateful to have and were disappointed not to get because the regulars bought them up.

        I remember when I read this a few days ago I laughed and said to myself “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Zoo did not disappoint, nor did DebraKay23 who I heard bought VIP for 3 or 4 different venues. So sad for David.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        PS-VIP for 4 venues totals $300. Fine if you have the money, great! I’m sure he’d rather you went to ONE VIP and donated the other $225 to ABC2 and he got to meet 3 different fans at the other stops. But hey, who am I to apply logic?

      • Jen Says:

        It sounded like that’s what Zoo did because she talked about having a Cains ticket and then getting a M&G a couple days before the SD show was on pre-sale and then mentioned her and her husband doing VIP instead of a dinner thing for SD. So yeah, everything she’s ever said about new ears is horseshit. Anything ANY of them has ever said about new ears is horseshit. Kelly was applauding Ed for calling out the crazies and yet…

        Not one of these people is taking a back seat in order to help newbies. I really wish someone who ask Ed about the restrictions he mentioned because you know he had someone like Debra in mind when he mentioned people meeting David tens of times. She went to two back to back radio promo shows AND stopped him in the parking lot for ANOTHER picture.

        I don’t know why this bothers me so much but it does.

      • songkat7 Says:

        Is this the same Zoo that stalks David and the band around LA with her buddy Scott.

        Yeah, I laugh at her posts, too. She’s full of shit.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        So Debra went to 2 back to back radio promos and stalked the poor man in a parking lot for another picture. Good grief. When is enough, enough for her. When does some shame or self respect kick in.

        I went to one show, never occurred to me to hang around to meet him. If he comes my way, I’ll buy one and only one VIP because I’d love to watch soundcheck and meet him in a relaxed (for him) environment. After one meeting, what the hell else would I have to say to him, lol. I’m just a fan, not his friend.

        I’m not sure the regs consider David their friend because he keeps a distance from them especially the LA crew but some of them sure see the band, Andy and Neal in particular, that way. Wonder how the interaction with the new lead guitarist will go.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Where is all the ‘new lead guitarist’ stuff coming from? Was it announced somewhere? I see so many people saying that.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Nothing official and I don’t think there needs to be a official announcement but Neal is touring with HOH until end November, I think and David’s tour starts in October….so, somebody has to be filling in, whether temporary or permanent. Check the tweets of @therealdevinb. He’s a pretty accomplished guitarist that appears to be rehearsing with David and the band.

      • marilaf Says:

        Have seen Jeannine’s(@zoo2) strange behavior before. She used to follow Bo Bice around the country also, but when DC came along she dropped Bo and starting following DC. She also made snide remarks about BBice before she left his fandom. I used to follow Bo also, but the type of music he is recording now does not interest me. Now she talks about following other performers beside DC. Maybe she will drop DC soon(sarcasm)! Think she just goes to DC concerts to be with friends. I find these fan’s behavior so bizarre that it entertains me. It’s like they are trying to outdo each other. Personally, I go to DC concerts(when he’s in my area), buy his album, but really have no desire to meet him. Enjoy his music and his shows. Also enjoy many other musicians,(Gavin DeGraw has been a favorite of mine for a long time). Now I can see both. Plan to go to ACL-Austin. Discovered this site a few weeks and am enjoying reading here.

      • sodagrape Says:


        Just replace Bice with Cook in zoo’s comments and it’s pretty much same shit, different idol.

        Didn’t she also tard for Clay Aiken at some point?

        This tour is going to be comedy gold.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Sodagrape, All I can say after reading that article is wow, good God. The pathology runs deep. Somebody better warn James Durbin.

      • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

        Just wow on the Zoo/Bo thing. Good find Sodagrape! And a Curves “technician”? Is she a trainer or does she fix the equipment lol?

        FTR, I am an admitted CookTard, but have never tarded before and will never again. Too much material right here to last a lifetime lol πŸ™‚

      • marilaf Says:

        That article about Bice was proof that @zoo2 has been tarding for a long time. Have we found a professional tarder? Don’t understand why you go to 3 DC concerts and plus Meet and Greets for someone that you really don’t like and think there are many other band/artists that are much better. Why waste the time and your money.

  16. songkat7 Says:

    Aren’t the M&Gs sort of rushed anyway? I haven’t been to one, but got the impression that it’s a very quick photo op and move on because there’s someone next in line.

    If he comes near my area (which he’s not so far), I’ll pay for 1 VIP, but no more. I already met him a few years ago once and got a photo, but I’d like to meet the band and like the other aspects of the package – the soundcheck, etc. I don’t need multiple meetings, though, because honestly, what more would there be to say? I’d feel weird. “Hi, it’s me again…”

    • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

      Songkat I agree-what do you say to him the second, third, fourth time? I got my one lousy ticket, no VIP, and I’ll have to be happy with that. Looking forward to the tard pack confrontation more than anything really.

  17. just dont get it Says:

    I have my ticket & VIP pass for the York show – I will have to take notes for a full report here!!

    • nicole Says:

      take pictures or better yet, videos of tard activity.
      or or, how about bring a toy mic and put an FDC logo around it like how all those local news channels do and talk to the camera while describing the tard activity. interview other inconvenienced fans and let them air their complaints. these people need shamed.

      of course, if it’s gonna put your life in danger, don’t.

      could be really fun though. just a thought.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Her life would definitely be in danger. It’s hard to even get pics or vids because they are on alert for that. The show she’s going to will be the MOST tard infested show of all (the only rival will be Tulsa). The entire northeast is attending, ‘just dont get it’ is going to get an eye full for sure.

    • nicole Says:

      @nonna-muss @ just dont get it

      if that’s the case, just dont get it maybe you can play the damsel in distress? if you get pushed, say ‘hey, you’re hurting me!’ but not to the tards’ direction but to david’s and the band maybe?

      oh just make them look really bad.

      they do already

      sorry, i’m out of ideas.
      have fun, just dont get it. we want you alive for the blow by blow.
      take names πŸ˜‰

  18. just dont get it Says:

    i’ve only met him once briefly at the buses back during the AI tour! seemed worth it just to see the circus that it is gonna be!!! Maybe i will become “friends” with him!! LOL

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Congrats just dont get it! York was a tough ticket to get. Take it from someone who met him at a radio show over the summer for the first time since barely meeting him on the AI tour, he’ll be thrilled to meet you. A new face! And it shows in his face too. Take note while there of his reaction to regulars vs. new faces. (I hope he doesn’t play poker often, he doesn’t have the eyes for it…they give him away every time!)

      • just dont get it Says:

        it may help that i am not collecting social security and i weigh under 200lbs!
        i know i’m gonna get yelled at now, but that’s what it seems like to me.

      • songkat7 Says:

        It’s true about the new faces – my friend watched him pass over the regs and spend more time with new folks (like me) at my first show, which is the only time I’ve met him.

  19. Ali Says:

    You’re right, “just don’t get it”. If you’re under two hundred lbs, and not in his mom’s/grandma’s demographic it will be easier for him to spot you as a “new face” lol! And I noticed how he is very blaise with the regs, but excited and happy (even seems happy to show how happy he is with new fans, in front of the regs for there benefit) with new fans. Of course the regs/tards/weeds/roses (or just bsc delusionals) are like puppy dogs on his scent, they just don’t get it sadly enough…or if they do, they don’t care because they have no life without there man lol.

  20. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Got my VIP pass and 4th row tickets for a Midwest show. Looks like some “interesting” (stalker) fans will be there too. Should be a fun time! Lol. Speaking of crazy stalker fans, Ladynsearch is taking a “break” from the fandom, per her twitter account. She is too upset with other fans and she is fed up with the lack if sales/airplay for TLM. Scott hasn’t been back on DCO–anyone know if he will attend the same shows as his BFF Zoo??

  21. MK Says:

    ladynsearch: “I feel overwhelmed by the things I cannot control or fix for David.”

    What exactly do you need to control or fix for David? I think he’s got things under control just fine. *rolls eyes* Control YOUR life you crazy bat.

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Lol! Her timeline makes me laugh!

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Really!?!? Is ladynsearch bff with ljrTR, the other nut who thinks David is doomed, doomed I tell ya and it’s just to painful to be a fan anymore, lol.

      David seems to have a firm grasp on the realities of the current music industry. He’s been talking co-tour for months and even before the record dropped he commented on his music not exactly being top 40 material. Man has his shit together. Here’s hoping some of these crazies take a permanent break from David. Jeez Louise!

  22. Jen Says:

    Debra momentarily locked her twitter and entertained the idea of selling her tickets and not doing the tour at all because of the “nasties” – presumably us. Um, last I checked people have to come here to read this stuff; it doesn’t seem like anyone is bothering her on twitter or anything (which I wouldn’t condone). So if you don’t like what people are saying, well don’t come here then. And really, if you feel like you have to be ashamed of what you’re doing or saying that you have to lock your twitter then maybe you should think about what you’re doing in the first place.

    And let me reiterate again for those reading (including Andrew – lol FDC I saw him reply to you on twitter), many of us are fans here. There are a few comments already about people getting VIP passes. So it’s not all “haters” – unless of course you mean hating entitled fans who makes things difficult for other fans and for the artists themselves.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I think the “nasties” aren’t only us. A lot of Cooktardlandia were less than thrilled by the number of VIP tickets she bought. If you consider that some who never met him couldn’t get VIP only to find that the same old same olds got multiples, there were lots of nasties.

      I wonder what it would be like for David to go to a meet and greet and see all new faces? Heaven probably.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I think he’d demand to know what happened after fainting in shock from all the new faces. Seems like it might be a dream come true knowing how whiny and entitled the Front Row Crew usually is.

      • Jen Says:

        Oh yeah? They don’t bitch at her though, do they? I looked at her replies but didn’t see anything funky. I’d like to see that drama. lol

      • songkat7 Says:

        My sister and I took my niece to see The Script last night. She’s 14, is a huge fan of their music, and met them last year after their show and had a great time doing so. She asked last night if we were going to try to meet them again, and we told her, “no, you can’t possibly improve on how awesome last year was, and it’s time to give someone else a chance”.

        Think she’s being raised right? πŸ˜‰ She was actually okay with this, and upon hearing a few stories about crazy fandoms, she agreed that there is such a thing as going too far. Smart girl.

  23. Ali Says:

    Jen and FDC I think they all stab each other in the back through dm’s. The fans who feel more entitled get pissed when they caan only get 10 vips as opposed to the 20 they wanted cos of debra buying up the whole shabang haha! So what happened with Andrew on twitter?

    I think I vaguely recall a blog from Debra years back about her asking her 25 year old daughter if it was ok to “love” (translation, “stalk”) David lol! The woman is a sicko!

  24. Rubber Ducky Says:

    How cute. Debra wants to be Alpha frau. She better enjoy her tiny moment; the others are already tearing her to shreds.

    Debra, you can’t buy long term friendship in tardland. Only animosity and stalking. And possibly being charged with stalking yourself. Take a step and ask yourself why you’ve devoted this many years to following strangers across the country.

  25. Imoverit Says:

    I used to be one of the batshit crazy frauen. Bad, bad case of temporary insanity. I’ve been reformed and now realize the craziness of most of this tard behavior. I can’t believe I couldn’t see it 2,3 years ago. So I’m thanking this site for helping me see the error of my ways and go back to focusing on the things in life that really matter. It’s given me a lot of laughs too.

    Ladynsearch is one of the worst. I know her well. She is truly insane. Does she really think David is going to be at all interested in a post-menopausal nutcase?

    The Cooktards are getting crazier all the time. They get on my last nerves and I had to block most of them on my twitter account. I can’t believe I used to be one of the crazies. Thank God I finally woke up from the nightmare.

    Tarding over a celebrity in general is just so stupid, though in small doses I suppose it’s harmless and kinda fun. I still have my tard moments but I try to keep it real.

    One thing I never stooped to, even at my nuttiest, was stalking the idols. It was that sort of behavior that started to turn me off from the fandom, not to mention the rudeness and childishness of the hardcore front row groupies.

    There is hope for tards, no matter how crazy . I was one. This site (and other like it) are a public service. You have helped some of us. Thanks!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Nice to hear you came out if.

      I think a lot of us here have tarded over someone at one time. I did. I feel pretty ashamed of it now. It wasn’t an Idol, which I’m glad because it seems more intense and like it would easy to get sucked into that without meaning to.

    • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

      What she said. Almost word for word. Made a lot of great friends through this tarding~most of which I still have, one or two who turned out to be not so nice and made me feel like it was high school all over again. Learned a lot about people and life. It really is a fascinating phenomenon, this tard behavior. As Imoverit said, 3 years is an awfully long time to keep it up with such intensity. When I started imagining the band laughing at us, it pretty much stopped me in my tracks. Still enjoy the music and an occasional dirty thought/comment now and then, but in private, not on Twitter for the world to see! And yes, this is a public service. David and other idols should thank FDC for thinning the herd, so to speak πŸ™‚

    • burt Says:

      Imoverit – Glad you are over it. It’s good to know people can come out of the other side when they get trapped in that kind of behavior.

      Your post should be a cut and past response whenever any of the hardcore tards come here and tell us we are being mean to them and bullying.

  26. Ali Says:

    Hi imoverit. Like yourself I’m concerned about the tards who are on there 3rd year of stalking David and seem to know they have gone too far (such as locking there twitters and vowing to stop being involved in fandom, if not being able to “quit” Dave lol) They are just so sad and scary. Ladynsearch is one of the strangest for sure, she’s shameless! And I agree this site has shamed many tards straight lol!

  27. Black Angel Says:

    Imoverit, good for you! Can you imagine tarding after someone for five years? Some of the Soul Patrol tards cannot stop harrassing this guy.

    You should read Taylor’s Twitter timeline. The tards tweet him the most ridiculous things ever to get his attention. Even if they were the most beautiful women on earth (which they are not), he still would not be interested in an obsessed, needy tard.

    Yet, I can’t help feeling sorry for them because it’s obvious they are very, very lonely women and I think some of them think they have a connection to him, but the internet is not real life. If he sees your face in the audience, this means nothing to him. You are a fan and that is it.

  28. Imoverit Says:

    I overcame my Cook obsession in a little over a year. I can’t imagine how these ladies can still be so obsessed after 3 1/2 years, and they still think he is going to be this huge “rawk star.” When I tried to give Ladynsearch a reality check, she blocked me. Good riddance if you ask me. She (and so many others) are shameless. Leave the guy alone already, and maybe he’ll actually sell more. I bet these tards are running off people who just like his music and might attend his shows if it weren’t for them.

    It makes me laugh to see how they go on and on on DCO about his “guns” or his eyes or his TEETH, for Chrissakes. It’s just disgusting really. I don’t even think he’s particularly attractive anymore, but that’s just me.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      I honestly don’t think a minority of fans on twitter or DCO are preventing anyone from buying music they enjoy or attending concerts that come to their area. I’m a big fan of other artist, everyone from Beyonce to Maxwell to The Decemberists and Airborne Toxic Event, to mention a few. I follow none of these artists or their fans on twitter or go to their official or even unofficial websites. I know they have their own tards ( even saw front row tards at the last Maxwell’s concert I went to, painted shirts and all, lol). These people don’t turn me off to a artist I enjoy because it’s not about them, it’s about me and what I enjoy and I don’t allow losers to take that away from me.

      The biggest problem in the music industry today is getting people to buy period instead of illegally downloading. The overseas market is overrun with businesses who simply press their own CDs and sell them without the record label or artist seeing a dime.

      It’s always good to step away and get some perspective, if some of the nutty behavior highlighted here on FDC causes people to take a good look at themselves and calm down and act like a normal fan then that will be good for them and David.

    • burt Says:

      It surprises me that they have kept the obsession up for so long, especially when I read that other Idol’s fans move on relatively quickly. Must be something about him that keeps them hooked. I’m a fan of his so I get that but as he’s not encouraging the behavior I can’t work out what.

      The discussions over his body parts are just weird – mostly because, and I mean this in the best possible way, there’s nothing special about them. He has arms, legs, eyes like everyone else – so what? I’ve not ventured to DCO to read about them but I see enough on Twitter to make me cringe. They like the most random of things – knees and eyelids spring to mind.

      It is all very fascinating. I don’t understand how people become so obsessed for so long. I know that in some cases it’s loneliness and escaping real life but even that doesn’t excuse all the behavior. I suppose I don’t get it because it’s not natural to me to behave that way – shit, I barely have an interest in meeting him (always been very much “listen to the music, see the show, follow their career from a distance” with anyone and I’m very aware of being respectful and seeing how these people view tarding). The whole thing is just alien to me, even after reading so much here.

      I think a lot of people won’t be put off Cook because of the tards. With most people I like I have no idea if they have tards or not – I buy the music, go to shows but rarely go to the front and plenty of people will do the same with him. Hopefully anyone that does encounter them will just overlook it – he’s not alone in having these kind of fans after all.

    • Ali Says:

      Lol, I was thinking the same thing…I kind of got swept up in the idol win, because he was a very different kind of contestant on the show, and I thought he could do great things in the music industry…I thought he was attractive back then, but after being exposed to the tards online, disecting his every body part, it kind of made me see him in a new light…lol, a normal light, he’s not much more than average haha. I guess, it was all about the music for me. I was a very bad tard lol. And now his music really doesn’t grab me, but I like the guy and want him to do as well as he wants to do…I’m just here for the laughs at the tards expense, because they pissed me and my friends off at the few shows I attended.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Well, I’ll let my semi-tard flag for a sec….I think he’s attractive, lol. Nice bone structure, very nice lips. That’s as about as far as I’m going to go. Music comes first. That applies to David and everyone else. After all who the hell stares at a picture while playing music, you listen with your ears. Tards are no different than any other irritation in life. Like racist or sexist,they exist but I refuse to let it have any effect on me.

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:


      As one not quite reformed tard to another (former)tard, I am very very happy to hear you are “over” him – and have been for what is it you said, like two years now! I unfortunately am still a tard, fading yes; I don’t twitter, didn’t go to many shows the first time around, not interested in his looks or harboring fantasies of boinking him, and in general trying (sometimes not successfully) to stay away from the OTT fandom and like you, have found this place to be a haven, away from the lunatic fringe, especially the constant tongue bathing and slavish OTT love for everything DC that goes on in DCO – yeah, I realize it’s his own website, but jeesh, he’s not the second coming of Christ people.

      But see, over the years as I struggle to ‘free’ myself of this little obsession, along the way I have managed to lose interest in virtually every website devoted to him, or heck, that even mentioned him, to the point now I have whittled my way down to two – DCO and FDC – and hopefully (no offense FDC)soon, soon, I won’t even need to come to either any more – that’s my ultimate goal! So imoverit when I read your post above, I am a bit disconcerted – if you really are so “over it” – why are you here? I mean, why would you even care? Wouldn’t you just um, have moved on? I am not critiquing you, BTW, I am merely curious actually. This is kind of worrying me, cuz I really am hoping that when my stupid infatuation with this singer ends, it will be OVAH, and I won’t still need to be lurking around on sites like this (which again I HAVE needed to help me see the light so to speak) – I just want my old life, sans EVERYTHING David Cook back…Can you explain why you are still interested enough in this fandom to even be around here to post? Again, I am not questioning your motives per se, I just wonder why you even care?

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        I have a question for you Cooktardx10, lol. You stated you “just want my old life, sans EVERTHING David Cook back”. I’m confused. What’s preventing this? If you don’t care for his music, that’s cool and easy to ignore just like any other act one has no interest in. If you do enjoy the music or his concerts, how hard us it to act like a normal fan? Why is it an all or nothing thing? Of course assuming the music and/ performances still interest you. Not attacking, just curious about the psychology.

      • burt Says:

        I’m curious about the “all or nothing” mentality too – it seems very prevalent and I don’t understand it. Why can nobody go from uber-tard to listening to music, following a career from a distance and visiting the odd site? Like just being a interested, casual, fan. That’s just normal. As is finding people attractive, again it’s not a sign or tarding but it seems like to admit you find Cook attractive is a massive confession and is somehow a sign of tarding.

        Again, just curious. Trying to understand. It almost seems like embarrassment – someone realizes they’ve acted stupid and so have to totally remove themselves so they don’t get reminded of it. I also don’t understand anyone having to wean themselves off David Cook if they are actively aware their behavior is wrong – is it really an addiction the same as with a drug, alcohol etc?

        To clarify yesterday’s post, I was not say he was ugly by the way, or that I do (or don’t) find him attractive, just that I find it odd to obsess over someone’s body parts when they are just normal.

  29. Black Angel Says:

    Want a good laugh? Read this person’s tweets to Taylor Hicks. OMG, this person is insane. FYI, she’s a 60+ grandma! Sorry, but I really want to punch this person. I don’t care how old she is. Gross!


    • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

      Treasure your Pleasure. Sept.25 12 days til @TaylorRHicks turns 35. Pleasure your Treasure, Taylor And ALWAYS Treasure Your Pleasures!!!!!!

      WTF??? Pleasure your treasure?

      • Black Angel Says:

        What makes someone post mumbo jumbo crap to a total stranger? This person needs mental help and I hope she gets it. Where is her family members? They must know she is nuts.

    • YoTaylor Says:

      Oddly, I don’t mind Seor so much. Most of her tweets are inside jokes . The ones that get on my nerves are those who have to comment on everything he says whether they know anything about the subject, or put his name in conversations that have nothing to do w/ him and flood his timeline. Look at his @ timeline & you will see who I’m talking about,–T has a pretty funny way of telling his followers they are out of line when needed, but some just don’t get it. I’m sure it’s pretty much the same with Dave, does he ever tell them off?

      • Black Angel Says:

        Why is this women who most likely in her 60’s sending sexual tweets to a man half her age? Delusional much? This woman is creepy, scary, and senile. This is what happens when a singer tries to get famous on TV, rather than on the radio. You attract all kinds of nuts.

        I refuse to tweet Taylor. I don’t want to be associated with his fanbase because of nuts like Seor.

      • YoTaylor Says:

        Oh Seor is harmless– at least compared to THIS crazy tweeting him today: http://yfrog.com/keqa8sjj (look at comments below)

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Holy shit!!! She’s insane! I looked at her twitter timeline too and she is beyond obsessed. And Greystone?? That is (was) a scary, scary place. It’s well known in the Northeast and just hearing the word will give anyone familiar with it a shudder.

      • Black Angel Says:

        This person is suffering from mental illness and delusions. I also read her Twitter and she thinks Taylor Hicks is reading her Twitter and actually thinks Taylor Hicks is going to meet with her?!?! She also says she inherited her grandmother’s mental illness, so she knows she’s crazy. Huh???

        It really is very scary and the only thing a celeb can do is to be on guard and use security measures to guard against the batshit crazy of the world. Very scary!

      • YoTaylor Says:

        Taylor was feeling his oats today–

        Seor: @TaylorRHicks Has the (Shirt) become ur new 06, 07 wrist band? Lol! Glad u enjoyed the Bowl. Are u flying somewhere 2day?
        Taylor: @seor its a different embroidery. Get a grip.
        Seor: @TaylorRHicks RT Get a grip. Sounds like a plan! When and Where?
        Taylor: @seor keep dreaming. Ha.

        Lots of other funny snarky comments to the regulars–he was in a happy, don’t give a fuck mood for some reason

      • Black Angel Says:

        Lol, Taylor is subtly trying to tell Seor to fuck off. Of course, she doesn’t get it. So pathetic. His fans don’t have an ounce of self-respect.

  30. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    Amused By Fandom:

    That is a good question, one to which I don’t really have a good answer. I still wonder how I managed to fall down the rabbit hole in the first place. See, I liked him on Idol okay, never voted him though, not even once, didn’t even watch the Finale (I hate those long overblown productions) – except for the last 5 minutes when Seacrest announced the winner. Then somethiing happened. I have no explanation to this day. If he hadn’t have won would things be different now – who knows?? Until he won I had never even been to a fansite – I just had no clue. I went from being a “normal” person one minute, not even a “fan” so to speak, to OTT tard in an instant and now 3-1/2 years later I am still trying to get past it. I do like (don’t love) his music, it is not my preferred genre really, alt is more my thing…but I loved AH so there was that and there are a couple of songs on TLM that really work for me and as a performer? Yeah I like him. But I also like Vampire Weekend, Arcade Fire, Black Keys, Deathcab for cutie, so what’s the difference? I certainly never obsessed about any of those groups – other than buying their stuff if I like it and going to see them if and when they come to town – that’s it.

    So, for me, its been a weaning process – I am a lot less tardish than I was 2 yrs ago but still not out of the weeds (and no I am neither a weed nor a rose!) so when I read about Imoverit saying she’d been over him for 2-3 years, but is still HERE, I just wondered if that is my fate too, still lurking around his fandom 2-3 years down the road when I should have moved on. That’s what I’m worried about…If I am NOT a tard anymore, then why am I here?

    • burt Says:

      I posted my reply before I saw yours. Interesting reading.

      Your point about not tarding on everyone could be a time factor maybe? I often wonder if people find the time to tard on more than one person or band. Never seems like it and I don’t see how anyone can have the time.

      To answer your last line, you don’t have to be a tard to be here but I imagine that if you’ve been caught up in it then it’s interesting to come here to see what everyone is up to. Just a guess.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Thanks for answering Cooktardx10.

      I have to say I still don’t get where you’re coming from. If you can be a normal fan for other artists you like, don’t see why David should be different for you especially when you weren’t that big of a fan during his Idol run. In my best Cartman voice “It.Does.Not.Make.Sense”, lol.

      I like David very much, follow his career and seen him once. If he comes my way, I’ll try to see him again but definitely won’t travel. I don’t do it for anyone else, so won’t do it for David either. I chat with some David fans on twitter. People I consider normal type fans who discuss things that normal fans talk about, i.e: the music and who have been to shows and conduct themselves appropriately.

      I guess I don’t understand being consumed by any particular interest. I don’t have an obsessive/addictive personality. Not saying that you do, of course, so apologies if I offend you. There are things I love, music being one and other hobbies but those are in addition to my life not as a substitute for something else. IDK, to tell you the truth prior to Season 7 of Idol, I’d never heard of blogs like MJs Big Blog or the now gone Idoltard. I checked them out along with DC.org and the Word nerd home of course but overall not enough time in the day to obsess over any of them or make them a daily read.

      Don’t know what else to say, other than wish you luck with your Cook detox, LOL. πŸ™‚

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        Amused by Fandom:

        No you don’t offend me, not at all. I do have OCD traits but until now they have manifested fairly benignly and don’t interfere with my life except in positive ways generally. But for whatever reason, I seem to be fixated on this guy and if I could just stop doing so, well I would have. Years ago.

        But see it’s all in what the individual considers “tard” vs “fan” parameters. For myself, I think discussing an artist ad nauseaum on Twitter with complete strangers is not “normal” – hence I don’t do that. But obviously it works for many peeps, so I say knock yourselves out, but when I happen to see women who I KNOW are like of grandmother-age discussing his boy-parts etc in a public timeline – well that’s just too much. That’s just sick and not in a good way.

        Now, I have traveled to see him, but I won’t go hither and yon to EVERY possible venue imaginable (especially when he’s not even performing but merely appearing somewhere) and the thought of “meeting” him over and over like Groundhog Day gone mad as many OTT-types seem to get their jollies doing – well again, sorry I think that is well, stupid. Sure, as a tard I might like to meet him once or twice but past that – I would become nothing more than another stalker. I know for a fact that while artists may proclaim they “love their fans” – they don’t want to see them popping up in their face over and over and over again. Believe me. They do not.

        I just think what’s bothering ME is even the minor tarding I do seem to engage in is too much – I don’t read/write/post/chat about other artists, or actors, or TV shows I like; I don’t really give a second thought to any of my other interests most days. But him, I dunno, for whatever (unexplainable reason) I feel differently.

        Reading this back, I realize it explains nothing, but that’s the whole point. I myself cannot explain my own tard behaviour and the situation is just nothing but depressing. But, thks for listening!

  31. Shenanigan Says:


    Why is it depressing? Perhaps his particular voice, expression, story touch something within you. Many other people are touched by different musicians, artists, actors, poets, etc.

    Sometimes I despair when cultures are so work obsessed and driven, so puritanical. If we are not spending every moment doing something we deem with our thoughts to be productive, we quickly get out the birch switches and beat ourselves. There are things unexplained, connections that make no apparent sense yet are very important to our understanding and humanity. There are things to be learned in this.

    If I were you, I think I would try to lean into the “disturbance” and learn about it and myself. What is the nature of it, why this particular person, this singer? What is it about him, about you, what is the nature of the feelings?

    Throughout all known history people have been completely captivated by art and music and the people who make them. I am so grateful for the beauty, insight, meaning that art and music give our lives and I am certainly not ashamed of it. I think if any one artist resonates to the point of obsession then something important is happening there and I am not sure what the virtue is in trying to eliminate those feelings just because they are so strong.

    I feel like a lot of this website is devoted to trying to insist people have grey little lives, devoted to duty and conformity. Are we all supposed to just be Stepford wives and/or corporate drones marching in lockstep, so frightened of appearing foolish we waste our lives? Of course it is important to be responsible, but what about adventure, joy, soulful exploration of oneself through music? Why are these values considered too frivolous? Are we not allowed to dream, to play, to grow, ever? And what is more foolish than wasting one’s life in fear and bitterness?

    I suspect the way David Cook sings, or even the story of his life, somehow gets past the deadening defenses. Of course the defenses want to return, the pattern wants to repeat, so we see great energy in trying to exorcise the “obsession”, the feelings around him and his music. It can hurt to go from being sort of comfortably numb to not and that is why some people are so threatened by it. Just a guess.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Oh I have to dispute that conformity thing Shenanigan. I don’t insist they lead so-called ‘normal’ lives, just that the scaries stop acting scary. Appreciating an artist, going to their concerts, looking them up online, even going to a meet and great isn’t a bad thing. Putting a tracker on the bus, bankrupting your family to follow the tour from venue to venue, obsessing for hours and hours and hours online about every unknown aspect of his body and personal life, ignoring kids, attacking online anyone you suspect might have the slightest connection to the artist, tweeting the artist a million times a day crosses the line into crazytown. That’s what I’m saying, not everyone get corporate careers, wear suits, listen to opera, drive a Prius, live in a McMansion, be an average American. I am more the Miss Manners of Tarddom..

  32. Chris Says:

    Hey, Lurker here coming out because I can relate to Davidcookx10 post. I’d like to tell my story and I’d appreciate if you guys would be honest with me and let me know if I am as crazy as these other tards I hear you speak of. First of all I don;t consider myself to be the obsessive type. I’ve only been “obsessed” for this length of time at two other times in my life. One was a sports figure, the other a tv show. I had never watched a single episode of Idol ever and only tuned in because of the writers’ strike the year David was on. Something about him drew my interest from the beginning and I didn’t even think he was cute. But here I am 3 years later and I can’t quit him. I check the boards daily but do not post. I don’t look at the body parts threads, fantasize about him, or tweet him. I just love his voice, the lyrics in his older stuff and I prefer darker, angsty music and husky male voices. I think he is incredibly talented. Depending on what he is singing he reminds me of other singers that I enjoy. I can hear Steve Perry or Eddie Vedder or my other favorite singer at the moment, Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace. I went to a couple of shows on the first tour but the furthest was only 90 miles away. I am now questioning my behavior because of an argument I had with my husband the other night. I told him I got tickets and vip for a show. I will be taking my 14 year old daughter. He accused me of being totally obsessed because this has been going on too long and I am always checking for news online. He doesn’t think a vip is necessary, I am acting like a 20 year old and not setting a good example for my daughter, teaching her how to be a groupie. He thinks just because I saw him 2 years ago I shouldn’t want to see him again. He feels this way about any artist that we have already seen. What do you guys think? Am I out of control and a total tard?

    • Rubber Ducky Says:


      If you think this schmoe’s voice is dark and angsty then you need to turn off your crappy radio station and go look up some real music. You have really sucktastic taste.

      I pity your child. She is laughing at you.

    • Jen Says:

      You sound fine to me. If you were a dude and you swapped David for a sports team no one would bat an eye. Assuming you’re not talking about David incessantly to your husband, I don’t see what the problem is. I’m betting it has to do with David’s age – would it be a problem if the person you were meeting was closer to your age (I’m presuming you’re older since you have a 14yo). I’ve never understood the idea that you can only see an artist once as if they don’t put out different music all the time.

      I love David’s voice and I don’t give a shit what people think about that.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I love his voice, totally get that some people don’t and could give a shit since I’m selfish and all that matters is I like it πŸ™‚

        What I have never understood is the need for people to say “Your taste sucks if you like him” – and that’s about any artist – that, to me, is supremely arrogant. “Only MY tastes are good, if you like someone I don’t, you suck.”

    • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

      Chris, pay no attention to some rude people. You sound perfectly sane to me. Tard-sane, but that’s OK. Most of us here are or were at some point for someone. I think what sends people over the edge is finding like-minded people on the fan boards, which makes them seem to feel safe sharing publicly certain things that, IMO, should (as you have done) be kept in your own head. Then it just turns into a colossal train wreck. YouTube, FB and Twitter make it impossible to NOT be tempted to see what he’s up to. My kids mocked me incessantly for my obsession after he first won AI (the cellcasts were what they laughed at the most) but I let it roll right off. My advice is to just downplay it as much as humanly possible around hubby, don’t tell him any more than he needs to know. Unless you’re spending the rent/food/college fund, you should be able to enjoy what you want in this life-cause it’s all over way too soon. Enjoy your VIP experience. Which show are you going to BTW?

    • Black Angel Says:

      Yes, you are somewhat obsessed. Why do you check the boards everyday? Why is there a need to check his every move? When I was a tard, I also did this and it was sort of fun for a while, but then it got boring. It was always the same crap from the same crappy people, who in real life, I would have nothing to do with. I actually stopped cold turkey and never went back.

      Are you getting on a plane to see him? Maybe getting on a plane or traveling a long distance to see someone you like, once or twice is OK, but anymore than that is tard behavior. He’s not U2 or Dave Mathews (but, really following anybody on the road is tard behavior). If he’s playing in your hometown, then it’s fine. Go out with your daughter and have a good time. You also bought VIP tickets, but have you met him before? If you have met him before, don’t you think once is enough?

    • Black Angel Says:

      Chris, don’t want to be mean to you, but you have to ask yourself why you are wasting so much time on David Cook.

      • Fluffy Says:

        Eh, you waste time on David Cook, you waste time on baseball, you waste time on football, you waste time sitting at home watching TV. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being into something, whatever your interest might be, as long as it doesn’t become obsessive/stalker-y. The VIP packages are pretty cool; if I wasn’t a bit impoverished I’d probably do it once to watch soundcheck more than anything, quite honestly. Never met anyone more obsessive than some of the football fans I know. I think it’s when you try to have a personal relationship – which is usually a bit deluded – that you stray into worrisome behavior. Go to the shows. Do one VIP. Buy the music. But if you start trying to meet him, stalk him, talk about his body parts on websites or twitter, try to make friends with his brother so you can make friends with David… then you have a problem. Being a fan of someone/something can be this cool, collegial bonding experience and I think that’s a big attraction. I used to go to football games with my siblings and we’d get all geared up in team colors, tailgate for hours before the game, yell our heads off at the game… but it ended there. We didn’t wait around trying to meet the players, we didn’t try to befriend them, we enjoyed the *product* that they put out there… With concerts, I like going with my fellow fans, hanging out, having dinner, enjoying the show, and then that’s it.

  33. just dont get it Says:

    Using the guidelines i’m reading around here, I am probably a borderline tard. i don’t follow any DC boards, just here & twitter. I flew once to see him, but it was Florida & i wanted to go there anyway. I have driven as far as 4/5 hours for a show or two, but not alone, with friends. I did meet him once briefly, and have a VIP pass for one of these upcoming shows, which is only about 2 hours away. He’s no Brad Pitt in my eyes, but i do think he’s cute and seems like a great guy. so what?? does that make me a psycho or something?? I am not a grandmother, not married even, and i am within 5 years of DC’s age, maybe that makes a difference. I don’t agree with alot of the behavior of the older folks, but if they are respectful and don’t tweet him every 5 seconds i’m ok with it and am friends with many of them. I have been in the front row a few times but never experienced any bad fan behavior, but I am not surprised by the stories. I think i just don’t take all this stuff that seriously, life is too short and I just want to enjoy it.

    ok – feel free to crucify me now! LOL

  34. Black Angel Says:

    Fluffy, following baseball, football, sports, a TV show are things. It’s not following a specific person.

    • Fluffy Says:

      I don’t see followinga team as anything different than following your favorite and/artist if you’re following said band/artist in a sane way. I guess a better comparison to a solo artist then would be if you were a big fan of a tennis player or golfer or NASCAR dude since they are solo athletes (and don’t get me started on NASCAR fans – my father in law wouldn’t drive a Ford because Dale Earnhart drove a Chevy and Fords were bad guys’ cars).

      • Black Angel Says:

        It’s all a bit obsessive. But, it’s OK to have a mild facination as long as you keep it in perspective and not let it run your life and prevent you from forming other interests. I would rather be with people who are well-rounded and have many interests. But, to be interested in only one person, who doesn’t even know you, is not healthy or normal.

      • Fluffy Says:

        None of the Cook fans I know only are interested in Cook. I’ve gone to other concerts with many of them. Now granted I don’t want anything to do with the crazies, but I’d suspect that most people have other interests too, be it music or sports or whatever. But yes, if you’re only obsessed with this one guy… that’s worrisome πŸ™‚

  35. Chris Says:

    Ok, it seems I am getting some mixed responses here so I’ll give a little more info. Yes I do check DCO, pulse & MJ’s on a daily basis. I check in for news related to DC, how the single is doing, does he have an appearance coming up, I like to read people’s thoughts on the songs, how his career is going, what he should do in the future, etc. I am not friends with any of these people. I don’t tweet or go to shows with them. I don’t spend hours on the boards or u-tube. How is this any worse than my husband who checks his mopar board daily and goes to the same car shows every year? Is it because my interest is an actual person? I’m also a big Nascar (Jeff Gordon fan), have been for years. We usually go to one race a year and one year I went without him and he doesn’t have a problem with this.Also am a big Steelers fan. I did meet him once. I was new to this idol thing and decided to go to the idol tour. Heard that the idols would come out to meet the fans so I went up there early and got to meet him before the show. He signed my axium CD. Hubby was not pleased. He met me up there for the show. I try to include him but he doesn’t like David. Says that he sounds like a cat that got it’s tail stuck in a door. Meanwhile he likes Ozzy, ACDC, ZZ Top, TED Nugent, etc. I think he is just jealous and feels like I am cheating on him. And before you ask, our home life is fine, he is never deprived. So back to the current tour. I actually have money saved up for this show. I thought he would be touring by summer so I saved my Christmas tip money from last year. I know that is kinda pathetic but I wanted to make sure the cost wouldn’t be an issue. With the vip I am a little short. Will need gas and food money. Driving straight there and back. Going to Cleveland btw. Oh and I didn’t go to any of the one-off shows. Haven’t seen a show in over 2 years.

    • Black Angel Says:

      What if your husband had a crush on Britney Spears? Was going into her fanboards everyday and follows everything she does. Is going to her concerts without you. In other words, doing the same things you are doing. How would you feel about this?

    • Black Angel Says:

      You said you met David once, so what do you hope to gain from a second meeting?

      • just dont get it Says:

        why does there have to be something to gain? why not just because it would be fun? i only really see it as an issue if someone is planning on going to multiple shows this go-round, and bought multiple VIP’s – then it’s just excessive & silly. jmo

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I think Chris said because she’s taking her 14 y/o daughter who wants to go.

        Chris, I don’t think you are tarding. The farthest you’ve traveled is 90 miles? That’s normal for some areas to go to ANY show (my area included). A lot of regulars here have done the same things you have (and may still do it). I don’t see anything wrong with what you’ve done.

        I can’t give advice on your husband though. My husband and I were both married previously to people that limited our activities. He to a woman who thought they should have the same interests and me to an extremely jealous man who wondered what would take me so long at the grocery store. Since we’ve both ‘been there, done that and hated it’ we don’t do that to each other. He does his things that interest him and I do the same. We’ve NEVER told each other we couldn’t do something we wanted to do. Of course if it was something that was financially out of the question, that would be different. I don’t know but it sounds like your husband might be a little like my husband’s ex-wife. It’s ok if he shares the interest, not ok if he doesn’t. I can’t offer advice on that. Sorry.

      • Black Angel Says:

        I met Bono before a U2 concert. It was fun and cool, but I have no desire to meet him a second time. Fans who want to meet celebs multiple times are secretly thinking maybe if he sees my face enough times, he will fall in love with me. They won’t ever admit it, though.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      I do check DCO, pulse & MJ’s on a daily basis. I check in for news related to DC, how the single is doing, does he have an appearance coming up, I like to read people’s thoughts on the songs, how his career is going, what he should do in the future


  36. Chris Says:

    I met David once at the idol tour, 3 years ago. Shoved my CD thru the fence for an autograph. I’d like to shake his hand, tell him that I enjoy his music, lyrics and voice and express that I wish him the best in all his future indeavors. Is that so wrong? And I am going to one show. Hubby is invited to go with me but chooses not to. If hubby wanted to go see some female singer he loved I wouldn’t have a problem with it. He likes Shania Twain, saw her once , 3 rows back and touched her hand. I didn’t get all jealous over it. He didn’t have a problem with me following all the Jeff Gordon news for the past 15 years. Of course back then there wasn’t as much access to news like there is today with twitter, facebook, internet boards, etc. But I faithfully watched the races every week along with rpm tonight and checked out jayski’s for info. We also met him at Michigan once. Drove to Charlotte for a race when I was 8 months pregnant. So my feeling is that he believes now that we are older this kinda stuff is not appropriate. Well I’ve seen my parents and other people say when they retire, kids are grown etc they will be free to enjoy themselves. But when that time actually comes they are too old and tired to do anything. Now that my kids are older I want to enjoy myself a little while my health is still good. I want to take a vacation once a year, which is another thing he is getting tired of. Doesn’t like to spend the money even though we are not hurting in that department. He spends money on the things he enjoys ( cars and guns) shouldn’t I be able to do the same?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Go for it!

    • Fluffy Says:

      Are you my husband’s other secret wife?

      Just kidding, I know you’re not, mine would want you to be a Kyle Petty fan πŸ™‚

      There’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing. Go see the show, meet David, enjoy the VIP and have fun. It’s the folks who are going multiple times that are unnerving.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I agree Fluffy. The ones that are doing multiple VIP are also the same people that have already met him dozens of times (and proudly display pictures of every meeting). Example, one who met him at several acoustic shows over the summer, had her picture taken there and then ‘met’ him in the parking lot immediately after and needed yet another picture of herself with him.

        Chris, go and have fun.

    • Black Angel Says:

      It’s OK to go to a show, buy music you like, listen to music you like, but anything more than that is tard behavior. Sorry.

      • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

        Been to many shows, and admit his music does for some reason bring back a lot of good memories and emotions from my single years. Is it so wrong to have a little crush on the guy? As long as you keep it under wraps and not tweet him “good morning love”, or “goodnight sweetie”. Admitted tard here though. No apologies,

  37. Chris Says:

    Nonna-muss, thanks for the support. So it looks like I am a tard but not a totally crazy one, which is what I figured. As long as I don’t neglect other aspects of my life and as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else and I don’t do anything to creep out Dave or the band it should be alright. I guess the older I get I realize life is too short to sweat the small stuff. You can work your life away and plan for retirement but there is no guarantee that you will be around or in good enough health to enjoy it, so why not have some fun along the way. Hubby, on the other hand is so focused on the future that he can’t enjoy the present. He wasn’t this way when we married, we used to go out and have a good time.. Now when we go out I drink more than he does. If I request songs from the Dj, start singing along or acting playful I get the evil eye and told to settle down. Just because we’re not twenty anymore doesn’t mean we have to stop living. Thanks guys, having this conversation and thinking this through has made me realize that I need to have a serious conversation with my husband about several issues. His attitude toward the kids wanting to text, facebook, have sleepovers and play video games is unrealistic and is starting to cause some resentment. I’m beginning to think he is resistant to change and wants everything to remain like it was in the eighties when we were growing up. Thanks again, I feel like I just got a free therapy session.

    • Fluffy Says:

      Good luck, Chris πŸ™‚ I’ve been in the same boat – life’s too short to not enjoy it. I don’t have a big “entertainment budget” but I do try to catch a concert now and then. I’m 38, not dead πŸ™‚ ; I don’t think my right to go out and have fun expired sometime in my 20s. Granted there’s a certain level of maturity and decorum that I expect of myself at this point in my life and I have priorities with my kids, sports, whatever but if everything falls in line… it’s GOOD to go have some fun!

  38. Chris Says:

    SmelledTheCoffee, I think you hit the nail on the head. His music has an eighties vibe to me and I still love eighties rock. My first love was Motley Crue. I had tickets to a show when I was twelve or 13 but my parents wouldn’t let me go. Maybe that experience had a profound effect on me and that is why I am so determined to not let history repeat itself.

    Fluffy, do you have a favorite driver? I’m actually the one that got us involved in Nascar. At the time he only watched drag racing. Btw, Petty has been retired for almost 19 years now, tell your husband it is time to move on and pick a new driver.

    • Fluffy Says:

      Aw, yeah, he doesn’t watch much anymore, he was planning to be a fan of Kyle’s son and then when he died that kinda killed my husband’s NASCAR obsession. I was never super into it but when we were dating I started watching with him and decided I liked Jeff Gordon so I’d say I’m a casual fan. I’m a soccer tard… and football.

  39. Chris Says:

    Fluffy, whoops just realized you said Kyle not Richard. Still, time for a new driver.

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