David Cook Tour 2: Where Are The Fuc Bunnies?

Back two years ago, close to the beginning of this blog, I had a number of posts about those nasty pests the Fuc Bunnies. They made a large part of the last tour very miserable for anyone behind them and behaved most obnoxiously with their signs begging for actions deemed illegal in some states.

Those posts are gone now because a number of the Bunnies complained to WordPress I’d violated their copyrights or some such nonsense. WordPress folded faster than Superman chugging espressos on laundry day. I’m sorry I didn’t save any of those photos and links because it was just so unbelievable, like something a sicko would make up for fiction. Sadly it’s all true.

I’m curious as it if they will reappear. They were shamed into silence by certain blogs and bloggers midway during the first tour. Top Idol wrote about them, I did and a number of others exposed their lair, a invision board with the odd name “Illusions of Cook”. Their videos are gone from YouTube. Deep bunny hiding in a burrow I guess.

Their specialty was showing up en masse to sit together right up front everyone wearing light up pink bunny ears. They would hold up signs that went from bordering on bad taste to outright obscene. Signs were spotted reading things like “We Masturbate” or “Play Fuck Her Gently” or offering various sexual services. Like this one for Neal –

I’m not going to show any of the other signs because they are pretty sick over all. Here’s a few fan comments about the Bunnies.

I also understand the idiots with the flashing bunny ears were holding up letter/signs that spelled out something objectionable, though I haven’t heard what it was yet.

And someone on DCO says that although the crowd was mostly fine, she did spot at least one pink puffy-painted ‘David Cook’ shirt, blech.

Don’t think I saw it posted but the same people who held up the DC fuc bunnies signs had a big one that said “We Masterbate” last night. I. Don’t. Get. It. No idea what they are trying to accomplish.

I was near the bunny ears on Friday. If any of the members of that group are members of our site, this is NOT the place that plan was hatched. DC’s fuck bunnies is indeed what their sign said. Other signs I saw from that section were “Master Cook” (which morphed to Master-bate on the dance floor at the club David was at Saturday night) and a giant Magnum condom. From my vantage, David did NOT look pleased with these signs. In fact, after the giant condom, he made a long exasperated sigh/grunt into the microphone (it was between songs).

I just saw that, too, and I don’t think it even needs to be said how very sad it is that he needed to post it, but WTF does it mean about attaching things to his bus? My first thought was some sort of GPS device, but that can’t be right, can it? Please tell me no one went that far.

on my cell but had to respond… it was bad.. they were in my section in the three rows ahead of me.. i have a pic of some of the ears lit up but have decided not to acknowledge them.. they were rude to everyone around them and acted like cookie was theirs.. and yes the sign spelled out fu*k.. andy was dying on stage horrified but laughing they were right in front of him.. seriously there were fans doing this who were old enoug to be his grandmother..

You’re right but there were two sets of signs. I didn’t post about the first set. I believe the first set just said “We say Master you say Cook” or something like that (something more SANE? Or maybe not but I couldn’t see that one as clearly since it was bigger and I was watching DAVID). He sort of acknowledged that one with an “oookkkkaaayyy?” but then later they reused the signs for the “We masterbate” which is why masturbate is spelled incorrectly. Or maybe they just think that is how it is spelled. I saw it with my own two eyes as did my husband as we were directly behind them (but several rows back).

Yes, yes Sanjayas#1fan, I did take these from Melinda’s Top Idol Blog. But I’m reposting them here so that those unfamiliar with the Fuc Bunny madness back in 2008/2009 can get the story since WordPress took down the *coughcoughUthie-Ray Loane-Saycoughcough* posting (damn, my pig latin is rusty) Props to Melinda for her awesome gathering. She posted about the Bunnies too.

The sickest moment in Bunny history is what I chronicled nearly two years ago that was deleted. There was a certain Bunny living in Ohio that was featured in either “Womans Day” or “Family Circle” magazine in an article about how the economy was affecting the average American. Miss Bunny and her husband complained in the piece about their fall from happy middle class with both of them employed to complete joblessness and hand to mouth existence. They claimed to be subsisting on Food Stamps, food bank charities, family members, government stipends and other things without any job possibilities on the horizon. What she didn’t say is that while they were undergoing this poverty she was following David Cook around the country from concert to concert with the other Bunnies. She even got one of her kids in on the act by having her hold one of the nasty F-worded signs. A kid, a six year old pre adolescent kid who shouldn’t even know what that word means. No financial support and she was blowing the few dollars they had on stalking an American Idol winner. Classy.

So… keep your eyes open this fall for pink bunny ear wearing women with crass signs even if the bunnies all seem skinned & fricasseed by now.

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155 Comments on “David Cook Tour 2: Where Are The Fuc Bunnies?”

  1. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    No offense FDC, I’m all for exposing the minority of cray cray that paint all normal fans as tards but the fuck bunny thing is 3 years old. These ladies, and I use that term loosely, were shamed and driven away or regained their senses. There’s been no evidence of their existence for the last 2 years and David has had quite a few performances in that time where they could have made themselves known.

  2. just dont get it Says:

    i have personally never seen them and have no idea who they are -I have to agree, i think the bunnies have been buried.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I think the bunnies have been buried too. I only posted it because there are times when I’ve referred to the bunnies and people don’t have a clue what I’m talking about at all. Merely revisiting ancient history. I don’t think it’s likely they will reappear. Noticed that all my my bunnies posts had been removed by WordPress and decided to recreate without incriminating names or photos like I posted. Merely reposting ancient history.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Fair enough FDC, but as you said ancient history. Guess the Glamberts haven’t provided us with any new material……yet, lol.

  3. Black Angel Says:

    I remember the Fuc Bunnies. Why a grown woman would do such things is really beyond me.

    I don’t think the Fuc Bunnies have completely gone away, although I’m hopeful that most of them have regained their senses. They either went underground or they now bash David Cook because they failed in their attempts to get his attention or they lost interest and moved on to other Idols.

    One thing I’ve noticed about Idol fans, they are fickle. If an Idol has not lived up to their expectations, they move on to the next Idol.

  4. Black Angel Says:

    Another thing I’ve noticed about Idol fanbases is that many of them form their very own subgroups of their special brand of crazy.

    The Fuc Bunnies came out of the Word Nerds and I remember when I was a Soul Patrol tard there were subgroups that called themselves The Jail Patrol and The Leggies and a few others that were equally as nutty. Of course, all these subgroups are all vying for alpha tard status, hence the fanwars. It’s all so funny!

  5. just dont get it Says:

    that’s so bizarre, isn’t it? do other “non American Idol” singers have these too? i wonder

    • Black Angel Says:

      Oh yes, it’s very bizarre. These are not tweens or teens, these are adult women who are acting immature and nutty. Why is anybodies guess. It’s probably boredom and their husbands don’t pay them any attention anymore.

      I don’t know of any “non American Idol” singers that have these subgroups of fans, but I’m sure some of them exist.

      Oh, I forgot about Hicks Chicks, another crazy subgroup of the Soul Patrol. No wonder this fanbase fell apart. There was just too many crazies with their own agendas.

      • YoTaylor Says:

        MFOYAs were far & away the craziest group in soul patrol land. They are the ones who were on the blog about the Lyders “fake” girlfriend deal.

        No sexual SP signs that I can remember–but I do remember someone holding up a sign at the Biloxi coliseum right in front of me for half the show, which said “I Like Fried Chicken” finally, Taylor said “I like fried chicken too” and they put it down–bizarre, haha.

      • Black Angel Says:

        The Jail Patrol skanks were also very bizarre. They would photoshop Taylor as a policeman handcuffing women. I guess they were into that weird bondage sex. How they got this from a musician from the south, is way beyond me. I’ll bet these are the same women who kept saying he should pose in Playgirl. They also rejected women who wanted to join their Myspace, if they were fat or old because they thought they were so hot. Excuse me, but being a blonde skank with big boobs does not make you hot, you still a skank! They were also stalkers, even following him California to stalk him.

        Then the head Jail Patrol skank bragged on one of fansites that she and her group of skanks partied with the band, minus Taylor, of course because he wouldn’t be caught dead with those hoes. She also said she had sex with a band member. Thank God, this group of crazy hoes seems to have disappeared.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Could be worse. The Fuc Bunnies used to post scads of rape fiction where Cook was pillaging, raping and killing with a smile his fans. It was some pretty sick stuff. Why would you want to imagine your crush raping and killing you? It wasn’t just one random nut doing this either, it was many of them.

      • Black Angel Says:

        It’s all bad. The photshopping, the slash fanfiction. Taylor has had some sick fanfiction written about him too. You really have to wonder what kind of sick mind would write this stuff.

        The worst to me is the actual stalking and threatening of girlfriends, or anybody they think might be a love interest. That is the most scariest to me. Twitter is the devil, too. I have seen tweets from crazies threatening women they think might be a love interest.

  6. just dont get it Says:

    when you think about it, the male AI contestants have, for the most part, not done nearly as well post-Idol as the females have. The only exception I can think of is Daughtry, and he’s married. Any coincedence? I seriously think this nonsense hurts their careers!

  7. Guest Says:

    I found your site because a friend told me to google my name and the word “fantard.”

    I have never been to DC to attend the Race for Hope. A year and a half ago I donated to that organization in memory of a loved one who died of brain cancer. I did so after I was approach by someone who was soliciting donations for the David Cook Team.

    Now that I find my name among those who have questionable hobbies (chasing men half their age) I regret my laziness in not searching more thoroughly those connected with that team.

    Freedavidcook, I wish you would have been thorough, and made sure your list of those chasing after this man was accurate. How many others have innocently found themselves on that list labeled in an undesirable way on a website talking about undesirable behavior?

    None the less, for me, you have proven your point, when normal people like myself have been thrown into the same group as those you call fantards we are quick to distance ourselves as far as we can from the source of such odd behavior. Any chance of me ever supporting another charity associated with the name David Cook will definitely not happen again. Thank goodness there are many other charitable avenues for cancer research.

    I would appreciate it if you would check my email address, find my last name and erase my full name off your May 2010 post.

    Thank you

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I never said everyone on that list was one of his stalker-fans, just that I recognized some of the names. The list came directly from the Run for the Cure site. However I did remove it as you have requested.

    • 'NucksGal Says:

      Am I the only one who finds this statement really sad?

      ” Any chance of me ever supporting another charity associated with the name David Cook will definitely not happen again. Thank goodness there are many other charitable avenues for cancer research.”

      I completely understand why “guest” poster feels this way. It’s bad enough when the nutcases risk losing any singer/performer new fans, but to read that people are actually afraid of donating to such an important charity for fear of being labelled with “those” fans? And by important I mean they do vital, important research… not important because a celebrity says so.

    • Fluffy Says:

      That’s bizarre to me. You wouldn’t support a David Cook-related charity because your name ended up on the internet? “Screw you, brain tumor charity, I got embarassed so you’re out.” Why don’t you participate but not on Team Cook? Or why don’t you be like me and not give a shit if your name is on there or not because it just.doesn’t.matter? I was there for all the right reasons, raised quite a bit of money, and am grateful that my fantard-ed-ness led me to a very worthy thing that I can do every year, David Cook or not, to make a difference. I know a family affected by brain cancer and I’m glad I can do it to do my tiny little part to help find a cure so other families don’t have to go through that.

  8. EyesWideOpen Says:

    I have to admit that if it were not for RCA Ed’s drive by post on DCO (rest in peace Ed — deleted shortly after it was posted), I would have never heard of this site, or half of the things spoken of here. I am continually amazed at the depths to which people will go to push themselves on Mr. Cook. I have witnessed this myself on more than a few occasions at concerts over the last few years. The slap in the face wake-up call for me was the NYC release party. The ways in which some of the fans speak of others in the fandom, the attempts at currying favor with David or any of his band members, the back-biting, pushing, shoving, and just general stupidity of some of these women have nearly sworn me off of DC and his band for good. It’s amazing to what depths some people will stoop to live out their sick fantasies. Thanks for the wake-up call.

  9. Guest Says:

    Thank you for such a quick response. It is much appreciated.

  10. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Ruthie Sloane, what a lying skank.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      The sad thing about Ruthie is that she got all the negative stuff about her online erased clean so now the only googlable thing about her online is her whining to the nation how poor she is, not that she blew her unemployment dollars stalking an American Idol while wearing bunny ears and holding obscene signs.

      Yeah, I agree, someone that will stop giving to a charity because they are afraid of being lumped with the crazy is a sad situation. The charity suffers for no fault of its own. Tarding has an ugly backlash consequence for the artist and those surrounding him/her.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Sorry Guest but me thinks someone thinks a little too much of themselves. Interesting that your friend would tell you to combine your name and fantard to find this blog. Something about your story isnt meeting the smell test for me but whatever. FDC is just one blog in a sea of millions of blogs. If this one affects your life maybe you should rethink priorities. Charities do accept anonymous donations.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Interestingly enough if you Google without Probable Cause the phrase “Ruthie Sloane Columbus OH” one of the first entries is a bankruptcy lawyer list. Hmmm.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I personally think it is more sad to be so self-conscious that you would stop doing a good thing because you’re afraid someone might make fun of you. If you don’t act like an idiot, if you’re not there to stalk David but actually want to meet up with your friends and do a good thing… what is there to be ashamed of?

  11. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Well in other news, Neal tweeted that he will be on tour with HOH through December. So at least his most rabid tards won’t be “neal side” as they call it, lol. One Neal fan said paths have diverged and she’s choosing Neal. Slowly but surely the most obnoxious fans are falling away.

    • just dont get it Says:

      like my name says, why in the world would anyone choose Neal????

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Neal is kinda fug, which is why I never could blame him when the stories of blowjobs in bushes started circulating. He’s just so unfortunate looking, he’s got to take what he can get.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I’ve been around plenty of ugly ass musicians who get laid constantly because there’s something attractive to a whole lot of women (or men I guess lol) about a dude in a band. That’s never been my thing (where would it get me? probably a disease) but it happens all the time and Neal isn’t as fugly as some of the ones I’ve known… and he’s more “famous” than many of them, too.

    • Fluffy Says:

      Good riddance, the Nealtards are some of the very worst.

    • MK Says:

      “choose Neal”, because in tardland, you can’t like more than one musician. *rolls eyes*

      I’ve seen comments about the new guy like “He’s going to feel like an outsider” and “Is he hot?”. Do these people not realize that the performers in the background band come and go? Hell, even in actual bands, like KISS, members come and go. Casual fans don’t even give a shit about who’s in the band, because the performer being billed is DAVID COOK.

      As for “is he hot?” well, that just proves it’s not about the music at all.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        “He’s going to feel like an outsider” Hahaha. Are these people for real? An outsider to who? (or is it whom?. Never remember the proper usage, lol) David and the band? The guys he’s been tweeting and rehearsing with for a while now. They can’t possibly mean to them, the holy fandom. Because that would mean they actually consider themselves David’s friends or have a place in his life outside of being just fans who go to shows to listen to live music. They can’t think that, nah-uh

        Haven’t seen the “is he hot?” That must be from the Neal tards hiding behind locked twitters, lol…but yes, agree that these people don’t give a shit about music.

    • Jen Says:

      Huh. I didn’t know there were Nealtards bigger than Becky. Unless she’s who you’re talking about. lol

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Yes Jen, there are bigger tards than Becky. Many of them have gone to see HOH just to watch and chat up Neal. A couple have admitted they don’t like HOH’s music, they just missed Neal and loved that he was wearing his hair down. Because wearing his hair in that ridiculous granny knot was RCA suppressing his hard rock badass-ness 😉

      • Jen Says:

        Huh really. I thought she was queen of the Nealtards. lol. And damn, why go if you don’t like the music? And really, why admit you don’t like the music and went anyway?

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Jen, your questions are logical, tards are not. 🙂

    • songkat7 Says:

      I don’t get either why there has to be a “choice”. Either you like someone’s music or you don’t. No need to choose just because two friends are possibly going separate ways in their careers for whatever length of time it may be.

      I love Neal’s guitar playing and I’m a big fan of MWK’s music. But I also love David’s music. I am not one who thinks I have to “split loyalty” or anything like that, nor do I believe in the speculation that there’s trouble between David and Neal. They’ve been friends for over a decade, and I don’t see evidence that there is a split in friendship or partnership, not that it’s any of my business anyway.

      The lengths people go to for angst is interesting. Why willingly participate in something that causes stress in one’s life? Geez…

  12. just dont get it Says:

    just heard that the State College show is part of Penn State’s homecoming dance but is open to the public – i live kind of far from there, but i would love to be a fly on the wall for this one!

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Looks like tickets are only being sold at the venue. $5 for students $15 for public If any left after students have 1st dibs.

      Don’t get the Neal thing either , he’s good but other guitarist are just as good and even better. I’m sure I’ll have tomatoes tossed my way,lol, but I think John Myer and Keith Urban for example could play circles around Neal.

      • just dont get it Says:

        no tomatoes from me! I never really got the facination with Neal.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Just saw on the Penn State twitter that there will be no online sales and tickets on sale to the public are general admission for the bleachers only. Student ID will be required entering the venue for the floor. So no front row crew. Nice way for David to start the tour imo.

  13. Ali Says:

    Neal is a dime a dozen…there are soooo many rock guitarist always looking for a gig. They come and go, but like everything else with the Davetards, they over invest themselves, even with the band members.

    Jen I forget, but is Becky the very “biggest” literaly nealtard who is always tweeting how she wants his babies lol? I remember a few of them, but they all look kinda alike haha!

    • Jen Says:

      She’s a big one for sure. I’m not sure if she tweets about wanting his babies though lol. Her account is locked now.

    • 'NucksGal Says:

      I recently saw a RT from Casey Abrams, it was a tweet from a fan asking him to impregnate them.

      And I was worried about tweeting a concert/city request???

      Sincerely, Obviously-Still-Learning…

  14. Ali Says:

    So I haven’t checked the tour dates, but I know he’s not coming close enough to me to go. Is the tour just a couple months or is this just the first leg? Is it over by the end of the year? Or into next year, 2012?

    • songkat7 Says:

      David has said in several interviews, one quite recently, that he will stay out on the road after the Gavin tour is over, to keep on touring. So I’m considering this leg 1 of David’s tour.

  15. Ali Says:

    Thanks songkat. I was curious how long he was on the road. I know the HOH tour with Neal goes from the uproar to another mini tour with some obscure metal bands, so maybe David will hop on another tour after Gavin? And speaking of Neal, I meant to mention to the poster who commented on the tards believing Neal being forced to conform to RCA standards and not wear his hair down lol…well I think the granny knot was his attempt to copy his idol from sons of anarchy, the character Opie who is also a ginger, looks a lot like Neal…and wears a granny knot lol! As far as I know Neal isn’t a biker, but wants to be 😀

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Hmmm, interesting theory Ali, I’ve never watched Sons of Anarchy, Opie huh? Well it’s as good a theory as any that the Neal tards have come up with, lol. Is HOH headlining this mini tour or are they lower on the bill?

      • Ali Says:

        Neal tweets about SOA a lot, and some tards were the ones saying how he looks like Opie…or he said people tell him that…anyhow HOH is not headlining. I don’t know these bands, not my music, but they seem pretty obscure. One is a female fronted band, touring Europe (its the World War 3 tour, I got all this info off twitter lol) and another band, and HOH will join them on the U.S. dates.

        I don’t think Neal is getting fame or fortune from this band, he probably just likes to work, and I’m sure its a nice change for him to be in his element with metal people…though it seems some tards stalk him even in HOH…Why I ask?

  16. burt Says:

    I looked at the Twitter timeline of the new guitarist and it got me wondering… is he going to bring out the “real” swearing, drinking, hell-raising, rock star David, or is is going to corrupt innocent, monk-like David? Have the hardcore pack decided yet?

    I assume he’s already been on the receiving end of their stupidity. I saw that after saying something like “morning monsters” (in reference to Gaga fans), he tweeted later that it was just a joke. I remember seeing a tweet to him that said something like “we’re cookies not monsters”. Sickening. I swear these people say things for the sake of saying *something* sometimes.

  17. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    I think his name is Devin Bronson, and his twitter name is TheRealDevinB.

  18. Just saw this off the new guy’s Twitter:

    “My engineer just asked me what he should do if he wins the lottery. My answer:”two chicks at the same time” Office Space taught me something”

    Real classy guy. Get Neal back. At least he doesn’t look like Cook on a bad day.

    Please Note: I am not a Neal-tard.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I thought his two chicks tweet was hysterical! I find it odd that David’s fans want him to be a rock star, but if anyone (heaven forbid) acts or talks like a rock star the pearl clutching commences.

      They are 20 something year old men that play music for a living. They drink, they swear and they get laid on a regular basis. (YES! David Cook has sex!!! What is the world coming to?) They’re living the life and I hope they’re having a ball. Since when are musicians supposed to be using etiquette lessons they learned from Miss Manners?? I’d love to see more!! Bring it on Devin! (if he’s really with the band, it’s all fan speculation at this point)

      • No pearl clutching here, sorry. I have 2 sons in their twenties, grew up with three brothers (one a musician) so I am well aware of the mind-set of 20 something year old men. Just didn’t find Devin Bronson’s remark funny, I guess.

        I never mentioned David. Or etiquette. I checked.

        Never said I thought Neal was classy, either. He isn’t. Bragging about getting shitfaced vs thinking two chicks at once is cool?

        That’s not being a 20 something rockstar having fun.

        That’s being an asshole.

      • Fluffy Says:

        What’s wrong with two chicks at once? If everyone is consenting… go, go, go! What guy *doesn’t* fantasize about that (or girl, if that’s how you roll)? I like these guys a little less PC. I’d like ol’ Cook to be able to let loose a little and not always be the politician. I bet there’s a whole lot of snark living in PC Dave.

      • burt Says:

        I think you’re right Fluffy – as a sarcastic person (for my sins!) I pick up a lot of snark/sarcasm in his comments, especially on stage, but people – even here – take it at face value. I also wish he could be less PC and I think that’s why I miss (in the vaguest sense of the word) his early time on Twitter – he hadn’t yet realized the pitfalls and I appreciated the snarky humor. It must be tiring editing yourself (if that’s what he/they do now).

        The other thing about this is so what if this “new” guy turns out to be into booze, threesomes and anything else certain people don’t agree with? It doesn’t mean David will pick up on any supposed “bad” traits, he is a grown man with his own mind so what’s the big deal?

    • burt Says:

      I didn’t find it hysterical but I’m not offended either – I don’t care either way, it’s just a guy being a guy who isn’t editing himself on Twitter. I don’t know anything about the “new guy” so I’m not judging. I do wonder at what point in new relationships (not just with women) David has to have a conversation about the fans and warns them to be careful? He has a good life but I feel sorry for him in that way, it’s gotta be awkward (although I’m sure anyone in the music industry has come across these kind of fans).

      As for the covers tweet – what’s the big deal? As Nonna said, bands do covers and anyway, he’s always done them, even going way back. It’s nothing to be concerned about – he’s not going to play a full set of covers. If he didn’t bother to learn new songs people would be moaning that he’s always doing the same covers.

      Some fans have thought about the potentially shorter set time – I’ve seen conversation on Twitter and they seemed sensible about it and the idea that he might not be the last act to play. Time will tell if they react the same way if it happens.

  19. Ali Says:

    Lol Karen he just sounds like a young guy having fun. And he’s already calling out the tards. Why would you think Neal has more class? I remember when all Neal tweeted about was getting shit faced lol. Is that the class you speak of?

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Where did he call anyone out?

      • Ali Says:

        I saw on his twitter, after I was sent there from this blog lol…someone posted, too lazy to look up the comments thread…that he called the fans little monsters, and when he got disapproving replies from the tards he said something about them not being able to take a joke.

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        I assumed that was a joke about Lady Gaga, as her followers are referred to as ‘monsters’. He even stated that in a later tweet. To me, that had nothing to do with David or his fans. Whatever.

      • Ali Says:

        cooks_fufl I assumed that’s what people here were meaning he was replying to the tards who didn’t get his humor. No biggie though. And he’s just a guitar player so why should anyone care what he chooses to tweet?

      • burt Says:

        His original tweet was a joke about Gaga. I’m not saying he called anyone out but I saw at least one person reply to say “we’re not monsters we’re cookies” (or something similar). I don’t know how many others replied or what was said but his second tweet made me think he must have had at least a few similar comments – why else would he need to explain it was a joke? Of course it could have been aimed at friends not fans, and even if for fans, it could have been meant in a nice way. *shrug*

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        You are probably right Ali…didn’t think like a tard reading his timeline! Just ignore me if I am bitchy for a while guys…trying to quit smoking and I am in the early stages of withdrawal! Lol. Speaking of withdrawal, looks like Ladynsearch only lasted a very (VERY) short time before she started tweeting to/about David again. Why, oh why do people like her, NyCarole and Lizann49 feel the need to put the @ before his name every damn time??? I know it’s a tard way to think they are getting his attention, but as a former tard who is craving a cigarette, it drives me CRAZY!!! 😉

      • Ali Says:

        Its cool Cooks_Fufl and good luck with the not smoking thing lol. Been there myself! As for the tarding thing on twitter…it’s like they are so lonely and in need of validation (from a complete stranger they are in love with!) that they can not quit him no matter how much they want to. They have to know they are not “normal” in this behavior. I myself found myself feeling a little chumy with celebs who may follow me or tweet a reply to me, it feels like you do know them…but then I realize it’s only social media and I dont know them and never will. I have my own friends, hobbies, life to bring me down to reality.

        But it seems these ladies only have each other, so its all codependency. Many tards who have seen the light say this very thing. They needed friends, and found them online tarding. Sorry for the long post, but I rarely see the tweets now except when I read stuff here. I just get too aggravated with the delusional ones and feel bad for David.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Congrats Cooks_FUFL! I’ve been there too. Just get yourself through the first couple of weeks and it’s smooth sailing. Bitch away! We can take it. 😀

      • Burt Says:

        Good luck with it Cooks_FUFL – at least the hardcore tards provide a good target for your aggression! Don’t get me started on their Twitter behavior, I’ll sound like I’m coming off a 1000 cigarette a day habit. I do not know why behave like that – there’s no need to send him all those tweets. I wonder if it’s to flood his timeline so messages from other people can’t be easily seen?

        Twitter is a weird thing, it causes people to behave very strangely. It is easy to get carried away and think people are your friends if they interact but he’s *not* interacting with them, and in some cases never has which makes it even weirder. We can all see that what they do is counterproductive but obviously they cannot.

  20. Saw this tweet from Cook this morning:

    thedavidcookDavid Cook
    Having a post-rehearsal beverage with @montyanderson, talking about the new batch of covers. Nice! (said in Borat voice)

    More covers????? Yeesh.

    I wonder if the Tards have figured it out yet that with two acts on the bill, Cook will probably play an even shorter set than the last tour. They can say all they want about shared billing, but working on “a new batch of covers” screams to me. warm-up act

    And that means a 45 minute opening set., usually.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      First of all, Carolina Liar is the opening act. Secondly, lots of acts do covers, it’s not unusual and doesn’t it doesn’t say anything about the act. Hell, I’ve seen Springsteen do covers!

    • just dont get it Says:

      45 minutes isn’t all that less than before! i definitely think that Gavin will be the last act – he actually had a hit song! Anyone disagree?

      • sodagrape Says:

        I’ve seen co-headlining tours where they alternate which act plays last, so it’s possible that could happen here.

        If Gavin plays last, I’m curious to see how many of the tards will leave after David’s set.

    • Jen Says:

      Eh, I don’t think it means anything except that they won’t be doing the same covers they did last tour. Anybody expecting them to play for longer than probably an hour is dumb though. Setlist length is a common gripe across fandoms though – Anberlin played for about an hour on their last headlining tour and I laughed to see the same complaints about them too.

      • Fluffy Says:

        That’s what I got out of it. “Hey, guys, working on some new covers for you!” I enjoy a cool cover, especially when it’s something I didn’t expect. I’ve been to plenty of other shows where the artists performed cover songs, too – it would be probably be more unusual *not* to do them. It’s a good way to rope in some of the folks who are new and might not know your own songs and get them into the show, plus they are probably fun to play.

    • Wilcoisawesome Says:

      Actually, it’s a coheadlining tour which means 1 of 2 things- they will switch off who plays last with one having a slightly longer set or they will get the same amount of time to play. As for the covers, David isn’t the only artist in the world that’s ever done a cover either as a headliner or a coheadliner/opening act. Sara Bareilles does it. Colbie Caillet does it. Local bands do it. David does it. The fact that they’re learning a batch of songs to do indicates that they won’t be doing all covers each show; rather, they’re learning the songs now/figuring out arrangements so they can play one different cover at each show/rotate out. There won’t be time/rehearsal space to learn the covers on the road hence why they’re doing it now.

  21. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Karen P Currie, I totally agree with your recent posts. Just wanted you to know not everyone twists words or implies/assumes on here.

  22. TN Whiskey Says:

    Late to the party regarding the fuc bunnies, but I hope some of the bunny grandmas have entered assisted living by now………

  23. Ali Says:

    This blog is dead lately lol…so maybe this is good news? No tard bad behavior to report…or is it that FDC is like myself now, just can’t bother treading through the social network sites to laugh at the crazy lol! I think nothing surprises me with this fandom anymore, so I’m loosing interest…maybe I need to catch a DC show now lol.

    • songkat7 Says:

      I did find one thing interesting – a fan went to see Hell or Highwater, Neal’s new band, and chatted briefly with him after the show. Asked him if he would ever play with “Dave’s” band again, and his reply was absolutely, if he had a break with his other bands and could play with them, he definitely would.

      So that sorta shoots down the theories that there are problems between David and Neal, eh?

  24. just dont get it Says:

    no worries tour (or should i say “tewer” – i really hate that!) starts Sunday – i predict lots of crazy behavior coming our way!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Real life is super busy right now, working for a start up and working on a new business I started at the same time. Mix in medical tests, kids, husband, assorted animals, band, church and picking a fuckton of veggies from my garden and I haven’t had the time to tard watch, poke L Anne for her bad stolen books or even post parts of the Clay Aiken old scandal where he seduced and boffed some guy from a gay dating site. Apparently Clay also advertised to “date” (Craigslist translation: Gang-Bang) an entire basketball team. His crazier Claytards never realized that there were all sorts of strange Clay dating tales on the gay blogsphere. – http://prettyontheoutside.typepad.com/gilmore/clay_aiken/ I love the drawing of him sitting at the computer…

      But…. as just don’t get it said, the tewer starts on Sunday and I’m sure the crazy will ramp up to all new levels. Gavin Tards will battle Cook Tards while we eat popcorn on the sidelines and giggle and point.

      I will say this for Cook’s fans. At least no one has pretended to have a baby by him in an attempt to be Alpha Tard. Yeah, it happened a couple of times back in Clay Tard history. What made it deliciously funny is that he’s obviously gayer than a box of drag queens dressed up like Paula Abdul. If you’re going to go to the trouble to fake a baby at least make sure the imaginary father is actually capable of sex with the opposite sex.

      • Ali Says:

        Lol, yeah FDC I think Clay would actually kill himself before submitting to hetero sex haha! Especially with any of those tards lol.

        Songkat, I agree that I doubt the friendship between Dave and Neal, that started when they were teens, would go sour over there careers. As usual the tards making drama where there most likely is none. Musicians move from band to band, nothing at all to do with friendship usually. I know quite a few of them, and it’s business…friends want the best for each other, but the tards don’t seem to have friends outside the fandom, so they wouldn’t know this truth lol.

        Just dont get it, thanks for the “tewer” update lol! This Sunday? Oh my, let me get to walmart to stock up on popcorn and vodka haha!

  25. just dont get it Says:

    what makes this show on Sunday even more special to me is that it is part of Penn State’s Homecoming dance!! a mixture of prom queens and tards???????? it’s almost a dream come true!

  26. Jen Says:

    Seems Debra thinks that VIP should also get you early entry to the venue. Because you definitely need to have front row AND meet the band. Sigh. (It’s on the old RCAed thread.)

    • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

      Wasn’t it Debra that was at that tennis shindig in Florida last year that he’s planning again? It’s beyond me how these people can afford this flying to shows all over. And for what, maybe 10 songs at best? A chance to see him in a pair of shorts swinging a racquet or running by you in 2.7 seconds? What a shame. Donate your airfare/hotel to whatever cause he’s supporting, call it a day, and he won’t have to look at the same old faces and hold back the laughter and/or nausea.

      • Jen Says:

        Of course she was and she probably will be this year too. And she’s from Seattle so it’s not like it’s close. Wonder if she’ll show up at the LA Marathon.

      • songkat7 Says:

        She was there, plus I’d heard she was pretty pissed that the ticket she purchased for the reception got her into the meet/greet reception, but not the more exclusive reception that those who paid higher (and the other celebs and their VIPs) attended. Because watching him play the match, the meet/greet after the match, and the m/g reception wasn’t enough – she just HAD to hobnob with him afterwards, but wasn’t able to. Watch for her to pay the highest amount possible if it gets her onto the exclusive reception.

        Except with his tour schedule, I don’t even imagine he’ll be able to stick around for evening festivities. He’s probably going to have to leave right after his match to get to a gig.

        If that’s the case, she’ll probably just try to accost him in the parking lot again. Coz that’s how she rolls.

  27. burt Says:

    What I want to know is how much the usual suspects will be donating to David’s LA marathon team to try to win the incentives he’s offering. I noticed some of the usual names had won the signed photos from the first “contest”. Good that they’re donating but makes me wonder how many other non-regulars lost out and again whether that could have been a way to draw in some of the lesser committed fans. They must have donated with the intent of winning because he mentioned a specific amount to donate. I predict the donations are going to be very high from some of them once it’s all said and done!

    • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

      I see that you can enter the guitar contest with no donation necessary, but when i tried to do it the email keeps coming back as undeliverable. Scam. I would be ashamed to get VIP now even if I wanted to. Don’t want to be grouped in with the asylum dwellers.

      • Lmao @ “asylum dwellers”!!!

        Penn State will hopefully be honoring their visiting Tard Tewer University guests in an appropriate fashion this weekend. A crowning of the Tard Queen at the very least should be in order.

  28. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    Well she’s going to Tulsa along with that loopy Zoo person. I mean really all the way to Tulsa ladies? That town is going to be overrun with the postmenopausal geriatric set for sure… Now, you’d think that there’d be enough West Coast shows to satisfy these old bats but nooooooo. I am pretty sure they are stocking up on the VIPs at each and every gig they go to – cuz Gawd knows, as DCs “people” they are entitled aren’t they?? Poor David..I am sure he will be thrilled to see “his people” popping up like bad pennies all over the country…

    • Black Angel Says:

      You would think that at some point some of these old bats would wake up and realize how irrational they are acting.

      Didn’t David Cook say at one time that he likes “cougars”. Idols should never say something like that because the Idol audience is naive enough to believe every word that comes out of an Idol’s mouth because Idols never lie. Ha.

  29. nonna-muss Says:

    Did anyone see the mini-meltdown the other night on twitter? Penn State tweeted that those with VIP meet & greet passes had to leave the venue after m&g and go to the back of the line for entrance into the concert? That’s probably what got Debra worrying.

    The sense of entitlement is beyond. It’s especially sickening when it’s people that have seen him dozens of times. It certainly doesn’t endear them to fans that have never had the opportunity to meet him or even go to a concert. They wonder why other fans dislike them so. Oh, that’s right! It’s because everyone is jealous of them. Ha.

    • Black Angel Says:

      The sense of entitlement comes because they voted for him on Idol. They own him.

    • on the edge Says:

      Big fucking whoop…VIPs get a meet and greet AND practically get a private show in the soundcheck. But of COURSE they want in the front row too. Hey, when I meet him should I whisper to him “bet you’d give anything to be back bartending in Tulsa, wouldn’t you?”

      I’ll have my happy ass at the back of the venue…sound will be better and it’s closer to the bar.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        You’ve got the right idea OTE. Sound is better, drinks don’t get spilled and it’s not as hot in the back. Makes for a much more enjoyable show.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Tard watching is much more fun from the back too. Stay out of the range of elbows, twunty comments and heifers..

      • songkat7 Says:

        Judging from the poor sound of the live stream last night, sound was crap in the front row. I got lucky with good sound at the one show where I was up there (2nd row), but the sound is definitely much better in the back.

        It’s not about good sound, it’s about being “seen” by the band. So, when is it about the music?

        Yeah, I thought so…

        p.s. – the band tends to overlook some of the worst tards when they’re in the front row, anyway – I’ve witnessed that several times.

      • Black Angel Says:

        This is true. The band never makes eye contact with the stalker tards in the front row.

  30. Ali Says:

    Lmao at all the comments about the usual tards scampering to be closer and queen tard to there majesty the King haha…when turning to twitter for the crazy, I just hit up literategal or wehoscott and usually get the gist of what new tard drama may be ensuing lol. As usual the LA stalkers, went to Kira’s strip show (literategal with her husband lol and I think Kelly, ninasfeet) and they are all planning an outing this Sunday to see Neal in HOH at the Uproar tour lmao! And the concert is in San Deigo, so quite a trek just to stalk there bestie Neal…

    I’ve been to the last few years of the Uproar tour when they come to my area. I’m an Avenged Sevenfold fan and they have headlined the last two tours…also this year my other favs Sevendust are playing, and 3Days Grace, great live band…but can you imagine these misfits showing up for HOH? Really? At least they will stick out like sore thumbs, and be easy for Neal to pick out in the crowd…and make a run for it!

    There are all ages at these shows, even families. But they are mostly metalheads, young and old alike haha….I don’t see Zoo, as metal mama (grandmama lol)? Do they even know the music or the other bands they are paying good money to see?

  31. just dont get it Says:

    just saw this about last night’s show on a psu website and i had to laugh:

    David Cook followed Carolina Liar, and the crowd went insane! By that, I mean that many of the older women in the bleachers went slightly more crazy than their college-aged counterparts. It was quite entertaining to see many of the middle-aged women dance and shake their hips as if they were in college again.

    • Ali Says:

      LMAO, I didn’t get a chance to even get online Sunday as I’m busy living real life, with real life friends and family and didn’t give David’s new “tewer” a thought until just now lol.

      I ran over to twitter, but didn’t search the usual suspects, just literategal and friends as I was curious if she became an Avenged 7X fan…of course she tweeted that they didn’t stay for the remainder of the bands (Neal’s band plays first on the outside stage), and admitted most concert goers were 16-22 lmao! She also posted a pic of her and Neal, with Kira making a weird face in the background (picking her nose) lol…I thought that was awesome of her to ruin the pic but like all these tards, she didn’t get that.

      Does driving to a music festival over 2 hours away, paying good money to see a list of bands, and only staying for the opener (claims she had to be home early for the sitter lol), not seem like extremely obsessed (stalkerish) behavior to these freaks?

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        I saw the picture LiterateGal took with Neal and Kira in the background. To me, it looked more like Kira was making a pig nose but still was pretty awesome to do in the picture.

        The “tewer” (oh, how I hate that word) is underway. The crazy has only just begun and honestly can’t wait to see what happens next. Fans have gotten their panties in a bunch over David ripping the seams of his pants last night after he went into the audience and was grabbed, not by the college students, but by his crazy fans in the bleachers. Davidrocksdana is taking all the credit for being the reason his pants ripped and posted a photo of her and her group on twitter pulling him up from the ledge he was standing on.

        And now in addition to the $75 VIP pre-show Meet & Greet, if you spend $45 at the merch tables, you can also get a meet & greet after the show with both David and Gavin. So, not only will David see many of the same fans who have met him countless times before at the VIP events, now those same people are also spending money to get another picture taken with him after the shows.

        It does look like the VIP site is planning on uploading all the fan photos onto their site at http://davidcooktix.com/media/photos/14903 That Becky who is a huge Nealtard as well as Danarocksdavid were both there.

      • SmelledTheCoffee Says:

        What, one hot chick? Maybe two? And the fan that gave him the rose, doesn’t she kinda look like she could be Daina pizza screamer’s mom?

    • Beauxcefus Says:


      The link… I LMFAO reading this. I can see those old biddies trying to act all hip and cool, looking probably like a bunch of fools. This tour is not selling well, and I hope there are more reviews like this to amuse the shyte out of me.

  32. Beauxcefus Says:


    OMG, some of the fans in these photos – WHATTA FREAKSHOW, lolololol

    Hope Cook and DeGraw brought their own personal POA or groupies on tour with them. If they had to rely on getting ass from what appears to be showing up in the audience to hear them – yikes!

    • Ali Says:

      I didn’t see Daina, or Becky tards in these photo galleries but I think the fat, blueberry (wearing a purple tent) Neal tard Kimberleymp may be the one in photo 38 looking like she’s on the verge off an orgasm lmao!

      I’m pretty sure Dave is ready to turn gay lol! And yeah, he looks like he’s seen better days, not even going to comment on his hair, but he only smiles sincerely in pics with children or hot coeds lol.

  33. Beauxcefus Says:

    LMFAO at the VIP pix. He looks kinda rough, and his facial expression is much like those others taken during the radio promo for the CD. Like, ‘Kill me now. Hurry’. This is shaping up to be the tewer from hell for him in a lot of ways, lol.

    • Black Angel Says:

      I just looked at some of the VIP pictures. Other than a few women, these are some really unattractive women. The band looks like they are in pain. I almost feel sorry for them.

  34. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    OH.MY.GAWD. I simply cannot believe how disgusting some of his fans are in both the pictures from last night and today. I mean, I am no skinny supermodel, but Cheez n Rice, these women (I use that term loosely) are just NASTY. And Dana is nothing but an old skanky cougar. SO HAPPY for her that she is proud she may have ripped his pants!
    I was just checking out some tweets with links to videos from last night, and if anyone knows another cow, Kristen8108, she is going to EIGHT (yes, I said EIGHT) shows on this tour. She was upset that David is only closing 1 of her 8 shows. I thought this was a co-headlining tour???
    I also have to laugh when all the cult members (known as his fans) tell him how good he looks now. Really, folks, really? His hair is a fucking joke, cuz he looks like a bad Donald Trump with a scraggly beard. This guy’s career is going down the toilet so bad. It’s sad, because he does have some talent, but this last cd is crap compared to AH, and even some songs on DCTR. Even his cover of the shitty Billy Joel song “Movin Out” screams pathetic. I amy not see him this “tewer” after all, because it’s just.not.worth.it.

  35. Ali Says:

    Lol, seenthelight, I was wondering what the hell Kira was doing lol…but it screamed of sarcasm, lets fuck up this tard’s umpteenth photo with my boyfriend haha! I gotta love the balls on the stripper. That’s why she and Andrew are so close I think. They don’t give a shit about making fun of these freaks.

    Hmmm, I’m wondering if I should click on the links to the Penn show lol…I mean I just had my dinner lol…

  36. Beauxcefus Says:


    VIP pix from Today, in Columbus, OH

    These some fugly folk, lolol

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      I haven’t really gone through and counted…too busy pouring Clorox into my eyes…but does anyone want to venture a guess as to how many of these fans are below 40? I have only seen a couple who look under the age of 30, possibly. This is just so BAD.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      Not one guy fan in the pack. Only housewives and porkers. Wow. What a rock star.

      • Oh the weirdo guys come out for the Columbus VIP, trust me–I couldn’t sleep last night so I had a wander thru those pics. The Mantards are out there in force for this tewer.


  37. Ali Says:

    Lol the purple tent, orgasmic face tard was in fact the tard previously known as kimberleymp…now reincarnated on twitter as SomberStitches lmao! She tweeted how she just happened to win tixs to the private show lol, though she had tickets already…dumb fatass tard! She even made fun of some “fat chick” trying to steal her place in line…do these cows even own a mirror, or look at there horrible concert pics online?

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      I thought that was Kim Powell! She is looking lovely as ever! 🙂

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      Is she still trying to pretend to be a lesbian?

      • Ali Says:

        Yeah ducky I remember her saying how she was a lesbian, but also after being made fun of so much online about being “non sexual” haha, and probably a virgin, with all the obscene stuff she used to tweet to Neal and Dave, she was clueless to what men really found appealing (not 300lb lesbians lol)…anyhow she tweeted a pic of her and supposed ex (300lb redneck in camo cap and all lmao). The woman is confused…and yeah I know way too much about her, as she was one of the offending tards at one of the couple of shows I attended first time around, and was nearly crushed to death by Powell, leader of the cowtards. She was one of the most hated at those shows, and acted like a badass when she was with some of the other cows, but when she was in the ladies room, without friends, I over heard some girls laughing at her (probably didn’t know her…they were young girls, and laughing at the drunk fat chick is all I think) and she was quite, and a shrinking violet…I don’t approve of laughing at unfortunate people, but knowing her true character, and that if her friends were with her they would probably terrorize the girls…or use there fav threat, “we’re calling security to kick you young, hot chicks out!” lol…I joined in on the snickering…

        The Powell cow, also tweeted back during some fan meltdown during the slow release of cd drama, a longwinded apology to Dave for disrespecting him and viewing him as a sexual object…of course she continues tweeting her obscene fantasies to Dave, Neal, and even Kira lol, without tweeting there twitter handles. Pathetic, delusional cow. She looks old but I think she is in her thirties maybe…and by the looks of her (and her atrocious personality!) no doubt a virgin lol.

  38. songkat7 Says:

    So if anyone here goes to VIP and gets a picture, will they admit which one is them?

    • just dont get it Says:

      i have VIP for the York show – i will let people guess who i am…..

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        I have VIP for Boise – peeps can also guess who I am – heard that not too many going so should be easy 🙂

  39. Black Angel Says:

    I’m laughing my ass off at the VIP pictures. Their band’s expressions are hilarious. They either have a “shoot me now” or a “mocking half smile” expressions on their face. I think some of them are trying not to laugh out loud.

  40. SmelledTheCoffee Says:

    I’m sorry, that is not his hair. It can’t be. He’s fooling nobody.

    • Ali Says:

      That’s sweet…like I said before, the only sincere smile and happy expressions Dave (and bandmates) have is when it’s with children, or the few cute young things,taking vip pics…I notice at shows he also is happy to see NEW faces, and men…who are not trollish, or weirdo’s of course…just normal folks haha. Isn’t it weird how in these pics it’s like looking at walmart shoppers. Especially at the private show pics… I can’t recall any other shows, or events where the “normal” people are in the minority…well maybe the renaissance festival lol.

  41. Ali Says:

    That Penn state article was hilarious…read the comments lol…first the tards come on to attack the journalist for calling them old, then the students come in to make fun of the tards and are pissed of at Penn state for having “nobodies” for homecoming entertainment, saying that’s why no one was in the stands…so I suppose many students didn’t stay around for the show?

    Here is a comment that in my opinion is how lots of normal fans feel being associated as a David Cook fan,sad but true…but go read the comments for a good laugh!
    Earth to Cook Fans —-> Ur old azzes were outta place in the crowd last night. I was there, and couldn’t help but laugh at some of the old women trying to act like teenagers – pitiful. Made we wonder about Cook’s music. If old ladies groove of it, it ain’t for me.

    • Fluffy Says:

      My old azz avoids college shows (especially a homecoming show preceded by a dance off). That just seemed like a show best left to the youngsters.

      • Ali Says:

        We all made fun of old folks when we were in college (just because we were young)…and now I’m almost one of them lol…but I don’t remember any of them crashing my homecoming!

  42. Beauxcefus Says:

    This pic made me howwwwwwwl *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*

    The guy on the end, extending his hand – *howls*

    He knows how wickety-wack these fans are, and bet he’s wondering, ‘Where are all the hot chicks a rock musician is supposed to be scorin’?

    Wonder if Cook is catching hell from them for the endless parade of mooooo they’re stuck with on this tewer 🙂


    • Black Angel Says:

      LMAO at the guy with the hat. He’s thinking when is this hell going to end.

      • Beauxcefus Says:

        Black Angel, I am hurtin’, lol… So these are the mighty mighty Cooktards? Lawd Hammercy, I’d be a drinking fool if I were him, and had to see this every show – he’s effed 🙂

  43. Beauxcefus Says:




    I can’t wait to see tonight’s pix – laughing at these peeps is better than the concert!!

  44. just dont get it Says:

    these pictures really make me feel embarressed to be a Cook fan. It’s just one nightmare after another!

  45. Cooks_FUFL Says:


    Cool! Julia Sweeney from SNL went to the show, and dressed up like “Pat”! That–is–Pat–right? Right????? 😉

    • Beauxcefus Says:


      *commences howling*

      I don’t give a fig anymore about the real tour – keep these photos coming – The tard pics are priceless!

  46. Cooks_FUFL Says:


    “Dad? I know Mom went to that David Cook show tonight, but…I can’t find my gym socks. Mommy had them in her hands when she left the house, but where would she stash them when she gets that VIP picture taken?”

    LMAO at Monty trying to sneak a peek at her assets! Could she stick them out any more????

  47. Sosueme Says:

    Just saw these last few posts and Related VIP photos. I’m pretty familiar with the worst offending Tards in Cookland and none of these women look even remotely familiar. They are probably just fans, and possibly even just casual ones at that. Hardly makes them contemptible or worthy of public derision and mocking. Perhaps for your next comedy act you can mock soccer moms and their kids games and fat women at ww meetings? WTF?

    Somewhere along the way to exposing the bitches and freaks who cause tangible harm to David Cook and the normal fans we got lost.

    • burt Says:

      Totally agree. There is never a need to poke fun at someone based on appearance. Crazy behavior yes but not how someone looks, it’s just not right – no matter who it is and no matter what the poster looks like or if they admit they are overweight or whatever too.

      I wasn’t reading when the discussion happened so I’ll say it now – this kind of thing is as likely to put off any innocent new fans as the idiot fans who go to shows and cause problems. Some of these people will be innocent fans who just went to a meet and greet. They probably didn’t even know the photos would be online. Some will not have known about the crazy fan element so bringing them here for mean reasons looks bad on us, makes us look no better than “them” and highlights the batshit crazy fans. It also adds to the claims that this place is generally “mean and nasty” to all fans. I just don’t think it does this place any favors.

  48. joolie Says:

    I ran across this blog while doing a search and have been LMAO at the many hilarious posts!

    I am a David Cook fan, but I’m also a fan of other musicians as well and thank goodness I am not a “tard”, which is the 1st time I’ve heard that. But if I ever feel that I’m being pulled down in that direction I know where to come and draw inner strength from…here!

    I was surprised to not see any mention of a David Cook fan who is constantly posting at his website; she goes under the name of pweller. That name is everywhere!! I am thinking that is the most obessive David Cook fan out there. But please correct me if I’m wrong.

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