David Cook: War of the Weeds & Roses

Some of you here have asked to see the posting that Anodyne Junkie/Jeri made about the Weeds versus the Roses fans. I warn you, it’s a cluster fuck of rambling words. Thought it might be the time to post it considering she’s very anxious about anyone seeing what she looks like or IDing her at the concert or M&G. She’s changed internet handles a couple of times since posting this…

Originally posted December 2010.

Bad Weed^^^^… Cannabis Sativa… which is really REALLY good weed, and the weed I’d much rather be.
(Be forewarned, this is long, as in short story long and I KNOW I should have stayed away from the ability tumblr would give me to spout off my opinions. I have a big mouth and even bigger fingers and never, EVER write small *shakes head*)
Oh, for the love of %*&$^&# Dave…
It seems I should never go to sleep, because when I do, I miss out on all the excitement. Damn. This fandom just gets more and more interesting day by day… and that’s saying a lot because right from the beginning it has been jam-packed with such soap-worthy drama it’s no wonder that The Guiding Light and As The World Turns, those old chestnuts of over the top realism, have gone by the wayside. It’s more fun to sit on twitter and watch the ridiculousness that occurs every waking hour in the time-line of one David Roland Cook.
There should be an award. Seriously.
Not to say that I don’t take part from time to time. The ‘crazy’ can be quite enjoyable, and if I am bored it can be a great way to pass the day away. But really, in all honesty? Some of it is BEYOND crazy. It’s the ‘I’m gonna die if he has a girlfriend, if I don’t tell him I love him three times a day, or quote him lines from a literary genius and he doesn’t respond I’ll throw myself down on an upright knife and commit seppuku” insane. And all from supposedly grown women, most of whom are old enough to be his mother or GRANDMOTHER even?
I mean, come on now… if they were young girls and had older men tweeting them these kind of messages, wouldn’t they think it was kind of skeevy? I know I would.Then again… maybe they wouldn’t.
And people wonder why he stays quiet. It’s because his TL is full of that kind of drivel on a daily basis. He doesn’t read it folks, sorry to disappoint you. Would YOU? He passes over it and looks for posts that make him laugh or ones from hot chicks that, you know, he might want to mate with, or at least carry on a meaningful conversation with at some time in the future. But those tweets are so drowned out by the ‘I want to be an angel so I can hover over you and watch you while you sleep’ commentary that even THAT is impossible for him.
So now we have what boils down to a modern day ‘War of the Roses’ (and I’m not talking about the Kathleen Turner/ Michael Douglas movie, so for those of you not historically educated it was a war that was fought for over more than a century between the houses of the Plantagenets, who were otherwise known as the Yorks and the Lancasters. It was all about the control of the throne of England and it’s empire, the Yorks wearing the badge of the White Rose and the Lancasters adopting the Red) In other words a ‘to the death’ situation in which the winner of said ‘war’ receives the keys to the fandom, and rules over all the lowly serfs, from here forward known as non-fans.
Nowhere in history though, was there a mention of an outlaw band wearing a badge from the ‘House of Weed’. Shame, that.
If it wasn’t so god-damned funny I would cry.
And honestly? You don’t want to get into a tussle with us weeds, because you might just lose. We kind of have a reputation for putting a choke hold on anything that gets in our way and strangling the life out of it.
We, as a whole, have been accused of so many crimes against the fandom that it is actually quite ludicrous… line cutting, cornering the boys and chasing Dave into a van, attaching crap to his bus, bullying, wearing bunny ears (no wait, wrong faction, that may fall in YOUR ballpark) doing dirty things to get into line, been called ugly names, accused of taking donations away from charities and accused of using said philanthropic endeavors for face time, been threatened with physical harm and talked about so much behind our backs by members of this same group that are calling foul that I find it really absurd that they are taking offense, when we actually are getting a little bit of our own back.
Besides, what are you doing following our time-lines, anyway, since we don’t follow yours? Is it so you can eavesdrop on our info, or take pictures and use them for whatever and post them with ridiculous commentary underneath? Inquiring minds would like to know.
What I hear and read as of today, is that we are being called Weeds, pathetic, life-less, unhappy, pre-teen girls who are vicious, ignorant and selfish by this group yet again. It’s even being insinuated that Dave knows we are not his true fans, I guess because we didn’t like Fred, or his hair sometimes, or when he wears too short pants with boots (repeat offender) or some songs that he sings. What a crock of bullshit.
I guess you have to be a mindless clone to be a fan… and I’m so thankful that we are NOT.
I think the fact that Dave and the boys actually knows who the majority of us are, most by face and some by name irritates you all beyond all measure. That’s the reason you feel you have to post all this crap in his TL, to try and get his attention, you know, because you NEED it. Can you not sleep at night if you haven’t been in his face at least a dozen times that day( I know I’m being charitable with my count here, it’s my downfall)
I wonder is how many of faction X actually have met and hung with each other as frequently as we all have? How many have shared as much wine, boys, song and motels rooms? Would they actually like each other if they met and hung for more than one concert? Hmmm, or would they in turn drive each other crazy.
Now to address some of the commentary that was made last night and this morning, as I feel the need to express my views. Those of you that know me are probably rolling your eyes as you read, saying ‘OMG, here she goes, pontificating yet again.’ But you know, I am never one to let sleeping dogs lie, especially when my intelligence and fan-worthiness, and that of my friends, is called into question.
First off, @rascalete’s comments of early this morning, ie:
“You Know Who You Are.
I have unfollowed only a very few peeps since I have been on here
Don’t whine if I have unfollow you, It is pathetic when your day consist of making fun of what other fans tweet, You really need a life. I have unfollowed only a very few peeps since I have been on here. It seems like there is a certain group that is not very happy with their lives and think by making fun of others on a public forum they will be happier.
It’s probably not going to happen. Why not look at yourselves first before you make fun of others and just so you know, you are acting like a bunch of pre-teen girls. Sorry if I offend anyone. I am just tired of reading it on my timeline. Rascalete”
Well, I happen to have a great life thank you, and am grateful for it every day… it’s full of a wonderful family, the love of an amazing husband, the greatest friends ever, philanthropic activities, travel, handsome boys from different bands, good food, better drink and totally kick-ass-awesome music. It’s exciting, full of adventure and I never know what’s going to happen from day to day. I guess that means because I find the idea of tweeting a 27 yr old guy love notes daily, or lines from literary geniuses funny that I am pathetic. I’ve been involved in ‘rock’ for a long time, and have never seen anything like this before in my life… except for all the fainting and screaming ‘I LOVE YOU’S’ that happened during the Beatles first trip to the US. I thought it was crap then and is crap now and I am tired of reading it on my time line let alone having to wade through it the few times that I have read his. It kills my brain cells and I dose myself with Choline and vitamin D right afterwards to replenish them.
The @NYCArole quite nicely put it:
”@Daina_91880 Sorry honey„ I dont stalk anyone.. I am a loyal REAL DEAL FAN …. obviously something you know nothing of! Dont judge me!”
Do you even have any idea that the girl you are slandering above put together the Declaration Tour photo book that raised over $3000.00 for the cause that is dearest to this boys heart, The Race for Hope? SO, in all honesty, STFU, and you leave my girls fan worthiness out of this equation.
Besides, what you do with your twitters on a daily basis isn’t stalking? *scratches head and looks up meaning in Miriam Websters tome of the English language, you know the D-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-R-Y?* Try using one from time to time, it’s quite enlightening.

”@ladynsearch Yes they are vicious and ignorant.. Ive had about enuff of all of them! As I told u.. David can decipher his Roses and WEEDS!”
See my commentary above about who has been vicious in the past, and as far as roses and weeds? Well, a rose withers and dies, and most of them don’t even smell pretty anymore because they have been so overly cross pollinated to produce, but a weed? It gets you high and happy (oh wait, saints don’t smoke it, do they?) and helps glaucoma and chemo patients… hmmm. I know which one I would rather be. #lightsupANDinhalesdeeply
”@ladynsearch No one will ever judge me or my friends and our devotion to our Rock Star and the amazing person he is! Fuck them all!
Excuse me, but YOUR rock star? How did he become one of your possessions? Because you voted for him? I think Dave belongs to himself, quite frankly, it’s not a yours, mine or ours deal. You can’t own a person, the only thing you can own is a cd with his music on it. He’s not an object, he breathes, sweats and does fart on occasion.( I heard he even does number two and has SEX! OHMIGOD!!!!) Deal with the fact that the only person he will EVER belong to, in his life, will be the person he says ‘I do’, to. Get a grip on reality.
@ladynsearch I ignored them. til I couldn’t any longer! How dare them? I have no patience for vindictive loosers, who are hurting David! (LOL, spell check…)
@DRCRocksme Right they are the stalkers… let them butt the fuck out! They are turning a happy place into a SNAKEPIT! Not Fans~hate trolls”
Devotion does not = obsession, at least not in any math class I took. And hurting David? How is that possible, when between us we have fed him, housed him, clothed him, supported him, his band and his charities. We have promoted him, been at more shows than can be counted, cheered him on during some of the toughest moments of his life, gifted his music, gifted him with MANY things, a lot of which he wore( and were seen in his videos along with pictures and vids of many nights on the town or on the stage during his tour) plied him with drinks and chatted about things that were meaningful to him. We have made him laugh, given him gifts that have made him cry from the sheer emotion involved, (after giving him something from a group of in treatment-cycle children when he saw me again and found out I was the one who put it all together he told me he was honored to meet me, that’s right, dumb-ass non-fan me and hugged me so tight I thought my ribs would break) we have funded many charity events out of our own pockets, volunteered countless hours in his honor, helped organize donations to win auctions, started web pages supporting his friends… the list goes on and on. We wouldn’t follow him like we do if we didn’t think he and his band were pretty fucking amazing guys.
I guess all that doesn’t matter because we don’t spend our time manipulating images, rt’ing him one million times a day, making Saintly comments under his photos or spelling the word pants P-A-N-T-Z.
You dare to call us bad fans… tell us that we are hurting David.You have one hell of a nerve, and are hiding behind the safety net of the internet. Come on out and meet us face to face and say that. I will be more than happy to get a chance to tell you in person how I really feel.
And while we are at it, there is another thing that drives me insane… and I am standing here holding my palms out to be nailed to a cross with this remark…
I am tired of the way the term Rock Star is bandied about. Contrary to popular belief, David is NOT a rock star. Paul McCartney is a rock star, Mick Jagger is a Rock Star, Jon BonJovi, Bono, Johnny Depp (yep, movie stars can be rock stars, too) He has to EARN that moniker, through many years of blood, sweat, tears,rejection and MULTIPLE platinum records and number one singles. Quite honestly? I feel Dave is too nice a guy(at least now) to be a rock star and you know what they say about nice guys. I say that with all the affection and admiration I feel towards him, and I hope against hope that he proves the odds wrong.
I guess we are also bad fans because we don’t hound him 24-7 about when the new album will be done, the single released, the tour started. He’s not talking about it, folks. When he has any information he will be so excited he will be peeing himself with happiness and I am sure he will let us be the first to know the good news. Hounding him will not make him feel any better if he is having any difficulties with the record (2+2 still=4 in my math primer) If he’s all knowing, then we don’t have to bombard him with these questions and he will still know we care. When I talked to him alone and in person I didn’t even mention it, he brought it up to me. So if he wants to talk about it? He will do it without being nagged.
It mustn’t be enough to want him to take his time (even if it takes five years) to make the record he wants, to be patient enough to wait until he feels it’s ready to be heard, to have him be happy about what’s released so that maybe, JUST maybe he can put up that awards shelf that he could be so deserving of. Could be that most fans do have the attention span of a gnat…
Could he also have a personal life, god forbid, and actually he happy? Wow. Let’s let him sacrifice all that so he can tweet us everyday and let us know where he is, what he’s doing. And the constant need to bombard anyone that’s seen him with 2000 questions (the best one being ‘What does he smell like’) is something totally out of the Theater of the Absurd. And people wonder why he keeps to himself.
Maybe some peeps need to get in line behind the Scarecrow at the OZ brain factory. I heard they are handing them out for free.
I also take offense when certain fanatics say David doesn’t need the guys, that he won idol on his own. Yeah, sure, maybe he won the singing part… but you think he doesn’t need his best friends, that they mean NOTHING to him, and he can make music without them? If that’s the case, why did he want them there in the first place? *rollseyes* How stupid.
Before you criticize some of these girls and their observations, you should know that a few have worked in the industry. Some still do. Insiders points of view offer a really good perspective, and you should appreciate the fact that they share openly, in a public forum before you condemn them. How many of you have worked in the music biz before? Can we have a show of hands please?? And you should know that wack-a-doodle fans DO affect someones career, and the ability for the industry to take them seriously. Look at the dismal careers of a few other AI winners as a case in point.
I personally think certain fans need to get their estrogen doses in check. Do you not have husbands or boyfriends to lavish this attention on? A dog or a cat? Don’t any of you realize that David is a cheeky bastard, loves the snark that is thrown about and gets a huge kick out of good smart-ass commentary? When did he lose that part of his personality? Is it shoved in the safe with his boy parts? Last time I looked the boy still had a wicked sense of humor.
I apologize sincerely for the long-winded, self-delusional, over the top and selfishly boring commentary above. I also apologize if I have offended those who have read, as I am typically full of crap, don’t know my ass from a hole in the ground and am a bad, bad fan who consistently hurts the feelings of the good and true ones, and most of all hurts and offends our Princely Lord David, who I have not deified and put on a 5 mile high pedestal only to emasculate him, denying him of true and worthy love in the process. So I will take my troll like, terrible, old, fat, saggy, ugly and smelly self and jump into my freshly dug grave, only to die a thousand deaths at the hands of the ‘real deal’ fans.

*cries* Goodbye Dave… I have been ostracized from your kingdom, ridden out on a rail, tarred and feathered because I was deemed unworthy, and so were my friends. I liked you well, but not well enough it appears, to be a fan. I shall brand my forehead with a capitol BF (bad fan) and then self flagellation shall commence with my cat o nine tails firmly in hand until someone shoots me in the head and takes me out of my misery. And Jess, Daina, Keri or Chele? Please make sure ‘Where the Streets Have No Name’ (U2 ONLY version, please, incase Lee decides to mangle that one, too) is playing while I make my journey to hell, for I shall reside in its fiery flames alone until all my worthless bimbo friends come to join me. Thank You in advance <3, and I’ll be waiting for you:) At least I won’t be blowing rainbows out of my ass around the pedestal shoved up it and be spitting feathers out of my mouth surrounded by heavenly light.
(Did I cover all the bases, ladies?)
Oh, KARMA, she is a brutal bitch, just like we bad fans are. Be ready to meet her, for what does go around eventually comes right back to bite you in the good-fan ass.
Proud to be a weed since 12/01/2010. I am in such good company.
And I love all my friends(you KNOW who you are), more than you guys will ever know, adore the boys in the band more than anything, and if I lose followers? I’m not in this shit to win any popularity contests, so I rightly do not give a flying fuck. So there. Nanannypoopoo and all that jazz.
The END.
ps You can RT this, if you so choose, you know, spread around the joy

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187 Comments on “David Cook: War of the Weeds & Roses”

  1. nonna-muss Says:

    This is perfect FDC! Jeri/AnodyneJunkie/Whateverhernameisnow is at tonight’s show and going to VIP. I wonder if David’s management will honor her request not to have her picture posted. They’ll most likely tell her not to get her picture if she wants special treatment. She should be easy to pick out! She didn’t like the hub-bub over the Beatles when they arrived in the US in 1964!!! She had to at least be a teenager to have that strong an opinion about it and remember it!!!

  2. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    My jaw hung open the first time I read this and dropped wide open reading it again. Hard to believe anyone could be so arrogant, self serving, entitled and lacking all kinds of self awareness but there she is immortalized in writing…and a nasty bitch to boot. No redeeming qualities at all.

  3. Jen Says:

    It’s still ironic to me that she calls them out on being old enough to be his mother or grandmother when she twitpic’d her facelift scar. Here’s a tip: tweets might be private but twitpic is not.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      She got a facelift???? Recently??? I had no idea! The only thing I know is she’s a red head, at least she was, that could have changed.

      • Jen Says:

        She tweeted the pics in April 2010 from yet another account, jhcannon…

      • OMG that really IS a manifesto. “Plied” him with drinks. Really? This fandom is nuttier than a fruitcake. And those facelift pictures are quite disturbing.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Did anyone work out which one was her from last night’s VIP photos, facelift scars or not?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Karen D. said she wasn’t at last night’s show. She’s going to the York, PA show.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Wondered. None of the photos was a good match..

      • Ali Says:

        I couldn’t find her tumblr or twitpic under jhcannon?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Would not be surprised if she didn’t wipe those clean last night after discovering people poking around for the plastic surgery pics..
        Run the name in Google and Twitpic and Twitpicsy services show up. One of the photos is her hanging all over Anthony Bourdain. He looks less than impressed.

      • Ali Says:

        Ok, found the twitpic account FDC, but some disturbing things about it, before I even see the facelift lol (on her avi pic, in dark glasses, she’s wearing a wig lol), all the hypocrisy. In her little war of the roses rants, she rags on fans for using juvenile words like “pantz” and whatever, and objectifing David…then in the captions of some pics of her and the herd, she’s saying “tewer…his crinkled eyes, thud…bb foreva” Lmao! And she’s going on about how hot Jared Leto is, and has a pic of his tour buses, then in the crowd as he was crowd surfing lol…I’m pretty sure she was the only grandma in that pit, trying to grab onto Jared haha.

        And she goes on about being tempted by a 27 year old rock star. What Jeri?…that’s what you scolded the roses for? *scratches head* What a delusional hypocrite…

  4. burt Says:

    Now *that* is an essay. One I don’t have time to read. Though I did start and my mouth fell open at the criticism at the age of other fans. Funny stuff.

  5. Natasha Says:

    Burt, I’m thinking the same thing about the “length” of that dissertation. These people need to volunteer at their church and get off the computer.

  6. Jen Says:

    You know, I just accidentally found her tumblr too. She comments on some of the confessions on the davidcookconfessions tumblr and her username is the same as one of her twitter usernames but I didn’t realize it was her since it reads so much younger than she actually is…

  7. Beauxcefus Says:

    This is some of the ((( STUPIDEST ))) stuff I’ve read in a long time. Grown ass women acting like this – srsly??? Over a, let’s get real now, someone they don’t KNOW, a stranger they saw on TV and have glommed onto and become frighteningly over emotionally invested in to this degree??? Srsly??? I’m convinced there are some real mental issues and pathologies at play with these people. How else can supposedly grown ass women justify such IMMATURE, asinine, behavior without there being some real crazy at the core. It’s a worn out phrase, but these folk need to Get. A. Life.

    • Black Angel Says:

      Holy crap, that was a whole lot of crazy. All I can say is that woman needs meds. Scary to be that consumed over someone you don’t know.

  8. Ali Says:

    Many pictures of here from the last tour were public, so FDC should have some maybe? I’ve seen lots of pics from before she went total cuckoo. She’s probably in her sixties, has curly red hair, and though she was wearing ripped jeans, trying to be younger and hip I suppose, she still wore her reading glasses at the tip of her nose, like a regular granny lol. She likes to confuse people who don’t know her, by recalling her supposed youth as a groupie, and pretending those adventures with her “boys in the band” are actually happening now, as Jen mentioned lol.

    Her manifesto seems very passive-aggressive towards David…and did she really claim to have hung with him in private? Plieing him with liquor lmao!? The woman is delusional, can’t wait to see her new face on those vip’s lol.

  9. Dani Says:

    Go back a few pages for the scar pics


  10. Jen Says:

    Are we sure that withwordsunsaid is her too, on twitter and tumblr? Because if it is then she is purposely making it sound like it’s someone else (saying she’s new to the sites, etc.) and that is a pathology to a pretty scary degree.

    • Ali Says:

      Jen, withwordsunsaid (James Howe, wtf?), is the avi pic she used on her anodynejunkie account. She took her present day pic off after becoming famous on twitter and switched to her supposed young groupie pic lol. She claims to have been in the biz when the beatles were around? Whatever…so it’s weird she’s making up all these alter ego’s who are young again? I’m totally confused by her motives…and it says she’s on twitter to observe for her thesis haha…I just see her tweeting Dave and fans as usual.

    • Karen D Says:

      Definitely her.

    • Jen Says:

      It’s just SO WEIRD the way she tries to make it sound like it’s someone completely different.

  11. Jen Says:


    Do you really think he’s ever really going to say TO A FAN that he doesn’t like when people go to multiple concerts? That would be completely stupid and totally uncharacteristic of him too.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I don’t necessarily think going to multiple concerts (IF you can afford it and aren’t blowing the rent money or feeding your kids PB&J at every meal) is too scary. It’s the buying of the M&Gs over and over and over again that equals creepy stalker obsessive screws loose behavior.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        That’s it exactly FDC, you can go to 100 shows, if you don’t call attention to yourself, the performer will never know you’re there.

      • Jen Says:

        I agree to a certain extent but you know that’s not why she asked.

      • nicole Says:

        like her?

        she’s leading in my tally.

      • Fluffy Says:

        Yeah, I don’t think it matters how many shows you go to, if you aren’t living out of a car to afford them with your three starving children. But the M&G thing is unnerving. Why do you need to meet him time and time again unless somewhere in your crazy brain you think you have a relationship and/or a chance for something more than just being a fan? I don’t get it.

      • Black Angel Says:

        There’s no other reason to go to multiple meet and greets other than they want a relationship with their prey, whether it’s friendship, romance, or sex. I guess the other reason would be bragging rights so other tards can look up to them.

      • Wow Nicole, those smiles are THE most forced I have seen yet. Even Kyle, who usually looks somewhat sincere, appears to want to run screaming. Thankfully the new shows announced probably won’t have these VIP messes.

  12. Nist Says:

    Delurking to add my observations from this tour:

    I’m amazed (I shouldn’t be) at how brazen and disrespectful some fans can be to David at the VIP. Both kimmiechick on twitter and a woman named Martha on DCO admitted to kissing David at their VIP. kimmiechick seemed quite proud that she left lipstick on his neck (mentioned it in her timeline), and martha wrote that she “could not resist” kissing him on the cheek. Apparently David was very polite about it, but guess what? After their shows, a “no kissing the band members” was announced as a rule at the next gathering, the Tulsa VIP meet and greet. I hope they’re still announcing it as a rule at every show. Give people an inch, and they’ll take a mile…it’s sad that stuff like “no kissing David” needs to actually be spelled out.

    Some other stuff I’ve noticed:

    chursy is tweeting that she’s considering putting David into her will when she goes to change it. Based on her past tweets about David, I don’t think she’s kidding.

    cool_shades, the fan with the large Andy tattoo on her shoulder/back, is attending tonight’s show (Phoenix). She tweeted that she spent about $500 on two tickets at StubHub so she could get front row (the tickets for this state fair show cost about $15, I think). She said she is wearing a strapless dress because of the heat today – so her tattoo will be visible at VIP, which she also bought.

    The other thing that’s interesting to me about this tour is how people are getting very competitive about VIP and picture taking. They review all the VIP pics online and comment on them just like people got flak for doing at this site. They compare experiences to see who got the most “genuine” or “fun” experience, and who got the most hugs from David. One big thing now is people wanting to get a picture with David smiling with his teeth showing. Apparently a picture with David smiling with teeth is more prestigious than one taken with his normal smile (no teeth), so people are vying to get one. I guess they think it shows the others that he really likes them more, ha. Apparently a couple of VIPs have just come right out and asked him to smile with teeth – a “real smile” – before their pics are taken, and some are apparently planning on doing that (asking him to smile with teeth when it’s their turn). I hope he starts ignoring them. I mean, let the man smile the way he wants to when he has to take 50-100 pictures each day!

    The other competition is to get a “funny” pic at VIP. What happened is some of the cutest/funniest impromptu pictures at VIP so far have been David with non-tards – and that is just not acceptable in tardland. I have seen comments like “Who is that? Do we know her?” So some people are thinking about bringing props and/or costumes to their VIP (or in some cases, their next VIP, since they’ve already been to at least one) so that they hopefully can have a picture that people will ooh and ahh over. Honestly, I think a lot of these people would be better off with a normal pic than a funny pic – some of them look like they’re trying too hard now instead of it being spontaneous.

    Sigh. This fandom is always in search of being the person with the most “epicness” to come back and gloat about to someone else.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I’m glad you came out of lurkdom! I know someone who went to VIP (her only show and her first time meeting him) and they were told they could not kiss the band, could not ask to kiss the band and could not ask to be kissed.

      These tard competitions are fun for us, but must be so trying on David. Meet & greets are supposed to be fun, spontaneous moments, now the tards are scripting them? So strange. It’s just like how they turned the Mavid into a competition, gifting props to see whose would be used.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        They just ruin it for everyone else that might like to have a genuine nice easy encounter.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Actually, the genuine, nice, easy encounter mayd be much appreciated by the band after the tards turn their encounters into a circus. I’m still flabbergasted…costumes? Really?

      • burt Says:

        So, they do something (film something you shouldn’t, kiss him etc) then the next night that thing is banned. Yet they still cannot understand that David does NOT like it or the way they behave. Instead, they make their plans bigger and wilder? In the process, they not only annoy him more but ruin it for other fans – the very fans they claim he needs to become the star they all want. If ever proof was needed that they are full of shit, I think we have it. Proof sadly was never needed.

        I feel sorry for David and the band – they don’t deserve it after making themselves accessible despite the past. But if anything good will come out of it, it will be that they appreciate the normal fans more. It is probably too much to hope they start fucking up these pics and deliberately not smiling but inside, they have to be smiling. I mean, costumes. Who wouldn’t laugh when faced with that?

        And am I the only one thinking the rest of the band are there each night for a reason? I’m thinking he wanted safety in numbers in case one of the pack tried to pounce and drag him away.

    • Jen Says:

      All I can do it lol at the coolshades part. I knew she’d decided to go to the AZ show but man, that’s a lot of money. She has a job now at least. She was lamenting awhile ago that she wouldn’t be able to fly out to whatever show is on Andy’s birthday.

      re: the clamoring for a “real smile” – just look at the hoopla over Kelly’s (ninasfeet) pic. (She twitpic’d it – just google her name.) Everyone was complimenting her on how happy he looked. Whatever. And Jul something or other tweeted that she asked for a smile with teeth.

      The kissing thing is such a violation it makes me sick

      All they’re going to do is ruin it for everyone else, like usual. I wouldn’t be surprised if the VIPs eventually stop.

      • Ali Says:

        I saw the pic…she’s laughing like a loon and he is just doing a regular smile as usual, oh wait I see teeth, so she must be his favorite tard of all lol!

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: To any of you multishow-going /multi M&G’ers lurking in here wanting the skinny on how to get David to flash his pearly whites during your fourth, fifth, or whatever number it is of a split-second “best moment of my entire life” photo-op with him – Just do what I did and tell him that this will be absolutely the very LAST time he will have to pretend to be happy to be manhandled and fawned over by YOU on this very short tour – I did – and it worked for me!:)

      Oh, and for the record, yeah, I went to two M&G’s; thoroughly enjoyed the first one, but felt pretty tardish at the second – never again!!

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:


      • nonna-muss Says:

        Considering the two shows you went to Sansdelusions I don’t blame you for hitting both. Not an area where he plays often. Now he’s got a bunch of northeast dates, if someone was to do VIP at all of those, where he plays frequently with multiple shows over a two week period, I’d say tard.

    • SeenTheLight Says:

      The Arizona VIP photos are such a clutterfuck. There are a few repeat fans who attended it like Kristen8108 and her friend Jules. (Jules has her fist against his face in her picture), props were produced and used during a few M&Gs and others who have met him numerous times before such as that ninasfeet look like she is trying just too hard to get the most ‘epic’ photo.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I looked at them too. The people that we don’t recognize have nice, normal pictures. The tards are all trying to out-do one another to be able to wear the coveted Queen Tard For a Day crown. This is only going to get better and better and better! Lots of tards at the next two shows. (San Diego and LA).

      • Burt Says:

        haha! They really used props! And yet, the guys all look happy to play along. Looking on the bright side, maybe it brightens up their day.

        This really is only going to get better. I kinda feel bad laughing but who wouldn’t? David and the guys have to be and like the online stream of that Best Buy CD signing, this is a glimpse into the sometimes mundane but surprisingly weird things they do as part of their jobs.

  13. Beauxcefus Says:

    Question, for real. Why is David having to use a teleprompter on this tour? Scanned DCO, where the use was being commented on. I’m going WTF?? He’s 28, right? His set list is coming from just 2 big label CD’s worth of material, a few songs from 2 earlier indie CD’s, 1 or 2 covers – is his memory that bad, or did he not have adequate time to learn all the songs? Is DeGraw, who’s older and has a larger body of material to draw from, using one? Did David use one on the last tour? I’m confuzzled, cause I associate their use with singers like Sinatra or Tony Bennett who legit, due to their age, need/needed them to remember their songs. I’m not quite understanding why he needs one.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      He recently did an interview where he said at one show on the last show he messed up the words to 13 out of 15 songs. Normally I don’t think there’s a problem with that, it makes the show unique. However, knowing his fans he was corrected and briefed on his failure after the show. He also had the “Rolling in the Deep” debacle (which no one would have noticed, but HE drew attention to it). I think he’s a perfectionist. He’s said he is anyway. I hope he doesn’t over use the teleprompter. It can make him look like a stiff on stage if he won’t move from it and relies to heavily on it.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        *please ignore my typos. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.

      • burt Says:

        Interesting. I wonder if he’s feeling the pressure more now – whether internal, record label or fan – he’s obviously more conscious of messing things up. Seems sad really.

        What “Rolling in the Deep” debacle, Nonna? Really, I’d not even be eligible to apply for a tard card – the gaps in my knowledge are too vast!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        He forgot the words to a whole verse. The band covered for him and he had the fans clap. Apparently the teleprompter failed so he walked side stage to tell one of the crew and at the end he threw his guitar pick or something to the back of the stage. Quite honestly, if he had stayed in place and just had the audience clap since Neal & Andy took right over to cover musically, no one would have noticed. It was still an awesome performance, don’t get me wrong. There’s one version of the vid where you can see Andy look at Neal like “Oh shit, Dave’s about to blow”. David’s whole body language, facial expression, everything changed. Like I said, in my opinion no one would have noticed if HE didn’t make it noticeable. Note to David: do not play poker, you do not have the face for it.

      • burt Says:

        I had no idea and I’ve watched it a few times – just didn’t notice it but watching again now I know, I see it. He must hate that it did the rounds online and still gets mentioned in the “best Adele covers” lists that keep appearing. You’re right, he needs to learn how to control it when something goes wrong and even if he does show it, just laugh and carry on. That’s what other people do. I don’t think he’s anywhere near as laid back as his often appears, professionally at least. I’ve heard him make a few comments with words to that effect but stuff like this kinda proves. Funny then that he can often seem so calm when dealing with the idiot fan brigade.

        I dunno, it just seems a little odd that he keeps forgetting lyrics. I thought he had lyrics on some of the radio performances and wondered why – he usually only played the same 4 or 5 tracks, most of them singles that he’s played hundreds of times. If it’s pressure then I hope he’s able to relax soon – it can’t be a good feeling and surely can’t make for a good experience for him on stage. If it’s not then maybe his team should be getting him some techniques for memory because it will only get worse as he releases more material. It’s good to have a back up but kinda worrying if he’s relying on it heavily.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Okay, the teleprompter thing isn’t that abnormal and yeah, it’s normal to sometimes just blank on your lyrics, even on songs you’ve written. You’d be surprised by the bands that use some sort of lyric prompt. It’s been going on for years in bands.

        Learning not to freak when these things happen will come with time. There’s just so much you cannot control that could happen it doesn’t help if you freak out each time. Once I was singing with a band at a big event and the electricity went out. It was daytime so light wasn’t an issue but the young gal next to me turns to me and started freaking out and wanting to know what to do. I told her to keep singing and singing louder. It is what it is and he’s going to have to learn to deal with those things.When you’re up there things can happen like some member of the band freak out and leave the stage while you have to carry on like it’s normal, equipment problems, sound system failures, rain, mud, flood, locusts, drunk promoters, crazy fans, diva singers,, you just muddle one as best you can and shake it off.

      • burt Says:

        I wasn’t saying it’s not normal just that there’s a big jump from not using it to always having a prompt – whether it’s on paper at a radio show or a teleprompter at a show.

        Having the back up is fine, and if he needs it then it’s good that he’s doing it I just hope he doesn’t rely on it – the video that Nonna posted sort of points to him relying on it. Maybe there was a good reason – only he and his team know that. I didn’t even know he was using one all the time and I’ve not noticed on the few videos I’ve watched anyway so.. meh I guess.

        Maybe he just has a terrible memory, god knows, I’m not one to argue in that area! It’s all fine unless it means he’s not connecting with the audience or not daring to move from it and I have no idea about that. I guess the tards won’t be complaining though, if he spends a lot of time looking down at it they get full eyelid views so that can only be good… right? 😉

    • nicole Says:

      there are ‘fans’ who actually notice each time he messes up a word, a line, a note, a chord?
      to his own songs? sheesh.

      but they get quiet when he does covers because they have no idea what the song is and who it is by and when they find out (thank you, youtube), of course david’s version is better. always better.

      it’s american idol all over again.

      mother fucking god.

    • Natasha Says:

      Beauxcefus, what thread at DCO discussed the teleprompter? I tried to look at a few this morning and couldn’t find anything, thanks!

  14. Beauxcefus Says:

    Thanks guys… Images of Sinatra and Glen Campbell flashed through my mind after reading that, for real… he’s not old, and early onset Alzheimer’s is out of the question, so I was and am still kinda puzzled. If he really needs one, no biggie. But it feels a little ~ weird ~ now knowing he’s singing lyrics to songs he wrote off a teleprompter… I hope he ditches it soon.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      I think Burt and Nonna are on the right track. Dude is a perfectionist.
      Since this is a co-tour, maybe he wants to make sure he makes a good impression on new fans. Eh…I don’t know. Casual/ normal fans wouldn’t even know if he flubbed a few words much less point it out to him.

      As far as Coolshades, I just always feel sad for her and her unrequited love for Andy. $500 huh? just to stare at a dude in a band, well at least she didn’t have her parents pay but still kinda of sad and that tattoo on her back is horrible.

      Pretty sure someone touching, kissing someone without their permission is a form of assault. Some of these heifers should be locked up, lol.

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        I’m sure it’s been said before, but if a 40 yr old man grabbed, kissed & posted disgusting porn about a 20-something female it would be cause for legal action.

        And I’m sure many of these women would be right on board condemning the dirty-old-man & his pathetic chasing/stalking young women.

        And they’d be right. The behavior is WRONG! Just because DC is a guy doesn’t make the behavior right. It behavior, not gender, that’s the issue here.

        I sure hope the don’t get the VIPs cancelled because I would still like to go to one, one day. But I don’t care if they ban kissing him, cuz I wouldn’t try in the 1st place.

      • burt Says:

        ‘NucksGal, that’s the point – “normal” fans would never think to do it, let alone actually try it. The fact that the VIPs are happening with a list of dos and don’ts only highlights to normal/casual fans that he has nut job fans. That’s the sad thing, in stopping the hardcore fans acting like idiots (which obviously should not be needed), they just make it clear to everyone else that *something* happened. I would actually find it a little insulting if I was going to meet someone and was given rules on how to behave and told not to try to kiss them. I mean really, I’m not 10 years old, I know what’s appropriate.

        I wish he and his team would cater to the “normal” fans more – deal with the hardcore quietly when needed (because let’s face it, not all of them act that way), don’t let everyone know about it, have some restrictions on M&Gs ,start responding to the “normal” fans on Twitter… all those kind of things. It just seems like they act according to the hardcore pack when they are actually such a small percentage of his fanbase and in giving them the attention I really think it just makes it worse.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        I have to disagree Burt, yes the hardcore nuts are being dealt with by having rules in place to guide their behavior but from what I understand from “normal” fans that have gone to the M&Gs, the no kissing thing is said with a great deal of humor. It’s not made a big deal of and it’s not like a press release was sent out to AP or CNN, lol. It’s easy to get focused on these particular nuts but it’s good to keep things in perspective.We all know that every artist has some nutjob fans.

        Various reports indicate that David makes an extra effort to engage with fans that haven’t been in his face every time he turns around. As far as twitter goes, when he’s had a rare twitter Q&A, he seems to have a knack for ignoring the hardcore tards. You can always tell because their the ones bitching that he never answers their questions, hahaha.

  15. Beauxcefus Says:


    Tweet from tonight’s show at Humphrey’s, San Diego…

    My sister is in shock on the age group that is here. “oh this is why he won”
    41 minutes ago

  16. Beauxcefus Says:

    First 5 rows on my side…..been sitting the whole time, not even clapping. Lol DC is like “right now u are stuck with us”
    13 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    “I know where the Gavin fans are bc y’all don’t stand up. He’ll be out soon.” – Cook 27 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

    These tweets kinda made me sad… I wonder if it really grates on him. Just my own speculations… he seems to be a competitive kinda guy. In spite of the ‘co-headlining’ thing, I think DeGraw has been overshadowing him. I like David, but I have to keep it real. I’m not liking the knowledge of a teleprompter being used by him either – at all. I dunno, there is just something so… inauthentic about it. I’d rather see him give a more organic performance – warts, flubbed lines, forgotten lyrics and all, than become so dependent on the tp this soon in his career… May not be the perfection the loon platoon seems to demand, but it would be ‘real’.

    • Loon Platoon! Genius, Beau.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Loon Platoon! I am so stealing and using that here! Awesome succinct description of them.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Well, there are also tweets tonight that a lot of people left after David performed, before Gavin started. So kinda hard to say who’s overshadowing whom. Anecdotal accounts are just that.

      As far as the teleprompter….mountain out of a molehill. Another thing like the hair, clothes, beard and whatever else shit uber fans choose to obsess over. BonJovi, Sting, Prince, U2, Springsteen and a ton of other artists use teleprompters also. There fans either don’t notice( probably no interest in petty nitpicking) or don’t give a crap.

  17. nerdgirl Says:

    Teleprompter controversy… Funny how everything comes full circle:


    …and Cook needs to check his blood pressure. High blood pressure may affect the memory.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      LOL, seriously?!?! Carry on guys. I’m done with this “controversy”

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Only ‘Idol’ fans would manufacturer controversy out of a standard music practice.. *slaps self in head* done with it too..

      • itsaname Says:

        It’s a non issue as far as I’m concerned. I haven’t been to a show this tour, but I’ve seen the videos. He still seems to be moving freely about the stage and connecting with the audience.

      • nerdgirl Says:

        Obviously, none of you clicked on the link. LOL

        Anyway, the controversy was that the teleprompter was used during Season 7 finale and it was speculated that it was done to benefit Archuleta who had a penchant for forgetting lyrics.

        Maybe, it was for the Cook’s benefit as well.

    • 'NucksGal Says:

      Maybe his memory is befuddled because he’s so sexually frustrated. I mean, a 28 virgin, surrounded by all these uber-willing cougar-devotees?? And he gets all those sexy stories they wrote to get him going, not to mention how excited performing seems to get him…

      No wonder he can’t focus on silly things like lyrics!!! No wonder his blood pressure could be high??

      Poor man, if only there were some fan, SOMEWHERE who could help him. But where? How? Who?

      Oh wait – maybe if they’ve been to enough m&g’s they’ll be on-the-spot when he Just. Can’t. Take. It. Anymore. !!!

      … sorry

      Btw- luv the loon platoon name & (must admit) a little bitter to read future m&g’s may be cancelled. Ah well, c’est la vie.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Beyond twitter talk (by some of the worst m&g offenders oddly enough), I haven’t seen anything about canceling future m&gs. If that’s true Nucksgal, I will jump on the bitter train with you. I’m sure I’ll feel more than a little awkward meeting David but soundcheck would be worth it to me.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        ‘NucksGal, thank you for the laugh!

  18. Natasha Says:

    Hi Beauxcefus, thanks so much for the link.

  19. EyesWideOpen Says:

    Ah the weeds and the roses. I had my first run in with Anodyne Junkie (or whatever she wants to call herself) in NYC. What a shock — she was with AngelAngieKC (oxymoron — emphasis on moron). AJ is clearly old enough to be Dave’s mom so I find this whole “taking to task” post entertaining. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black. And defending her “good” fan friends? What a joke — they are the same fans who take money under false pretenses and don’t hold up to their promises (e.g., see AngelAngieKC and her truly illegal selling of DC tour tapes, hats, and whatever else she can think of to continue to stalk DC). And Dana (crazy pizza Dana) yeah, she’s a real gem as well. I wonder just how many times DC will have to endure them through the VIP process? Paying to get face time — yep, they have to be Mr. Cook’s “favorites”.

    • Ali Says:

      I think they both are old enough to be his grandmother lol! At least they look it…especially with those god awful tats!

      • Alysia Says:

        Nothing wrong if your older & liking music from a younger person. It’s when it goes beyond liking the music, and obsessing over the person, or calling others out about it. That’s when it becomes a problem. Noting wrong with thinking he’s a good looking man. When they tweet him and others about how hot he is and what they want to do with and to him. Yes this gets very disturbing. The sad thing is I really don’t think some of them realize what they are doing, and how it makes them appear to others.

  20. Terribly off topic here, but seeing this event made me laugh. Can you imagine Dave and crew having something like this? And it actually advertises hugging these guys. Bet the tard pack for the soaps are a whole different brand of crazy.


  21. Karen D Says:

    And tonight, drunken Kristen8108 and her buddy Tracy143DC are at yet ANOTHER show with ANOTHER meet and greet. I think they may be ahead of Debrakay! At least David gets paid for having to see their faces time after time.

    • Yeah but Kristen does a ustream most nights, which is really appreciated by a semi-tard like me. So she gets a pass lol.

      • Karen D Says:

        It’s for attention. People praise her all over the place and she LOVES it.

      • Yeah I know that’s why most of the faithful spend time with cameras and/or phones in his face but I kinds feel hypocritical since I do listen to hers. She doesn’t bother me like some of the others, in person she seemed nice.

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Karen, don’t forget about Jules in that group–though I don’t know if she did the meet & greet today. There should be a lot of familiar faces from the show today and many of the tards will probably find a way to get their pictures taken with his brother, Andy’s girlfriend and anyone else known to have any association with him that is at the show tonight.

        Kristen and her friends thrive off of doing the ustreams–they’re the ones who have streamed the soundcheck, shows and a radio appearance they somehow got into in San Diego

      • At some point towards the end of tonights show, David did comment about those people who do ustream, then made a point to thank those who came out in person. I’ll have to go back and listen again but he didn’t sound too pleased. But really, it’s not like the people who listen in are not go to the shows as well. The very same people are spending wads of money to see him anyway.

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        I take it back, Jules was not at tonight’s show but was at the last two. I’ve never met Kristen or the rest of her group but have friends who have encountered them in person and have been told they would do anything to get David’s attention. Wasn’t she the one who got arrested before one of the shows then wanted David to know all about it or is that another fan? It’s hard to keep them all straight without some kind of encyclopedia.

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        Kristen is going to 8 shows SO FAR. That was her total before the new shows were added, so she will probably go to many more. I have been to some of the same shows as Kristen and her gang (boring as hell Jules and mini-me Nicole) have been. Kristen is a stuck up snob who is loving the attention she is getting because she used to be the typical insanely fat chick who never had any attention paid to her. She has done so many things to get David’s attention, from getting Dublin “clothes” (AFTER David said he would never dress his dog) to making sure he knew that she ended up in jail one night and missed his show in Canada, because she was so drunk. She is just another one of his pathetic followers; this whole fandom is so royally fucked up, it’s ridiculous. I wish his gf would come out in public, and I wish he would get engaged soon, so some of this shit would (hopefully) stop.

      • just dont get it Says:

        8 shows?! i think that beats Debra!

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        Yep, 8 shows so far scheduled. She was bitching that David is closing only one of those shows. Co-headlining my ass.

      • Jen Says:

        Kristen also had him sign her court summons or whatever and there’s a picture of her with him where he’s miming drinking.

  22. Somewhere after Light On (just adorable with Kyle’s son coming out and playing guitar on stage) around the 1 hour mark, he says with YT and ustream it’s easy to just catch the shows via the internet, and thanks for coming out and supporting live music. Gotta love him for getting his subtle dig in.


    • 'NucksGal Says:

      I really hate defending any tard-like action but last night I watched my first of Kristin’s ustreams (that is the name of the one who does them right?). I didn’t watch live but found it after & watched the 1st 40 min.

      The sound sucked & it was blurry & jumped all over. BUT as a fan who can’t afford one concert (let alone 8 w/m&g), I really appreciated it being there.

      I see now (even with crap vid quality) what everyone was saying about the live show energy & it makes me want to see it live even more.

      So thanks whoever-you-tard for giving us non-traveling wanna-bes a shot at watching the show.

      I’m off to tweet Dave to puh-leeeeeze come to my hometown. (when will my tard card come in the mail & gosh do ya think he’d sign it if I went to see his tewer???)


      It’s Contagious!! Somebody help me!!! 😉

  23. Beauxcefus Says:

    It will sail (as normal) right over the heads of those he intended to hear it. Too many blind spots about David in the fandom. Those blind spots are helping to keep him stuck on an endless AI centric hamster wheel. It’s enough to keep him playing his music, making a living – but to smaller and smaller audiences of the same old same old fans. Tour w/Gavin is 1/2 over, and I’m getting a little *yawn* bored. Same old people, gushing the same old stuff – ”David rocked!!” show after show. Hearing some NEW fans and their comments would be great. How those same folk go to show after show after show and not be bored seeing the same damn thing, hearing the same thing night after night goes over my head, so I guess in some warped uni that makes us even.

    • Alysia Says:

      They’ll think it’s a great thing and he approves of it. They’ll be like see David knows about the youstreams and likes them. He wants us to see them or something like that. The one’s I’ve seen have been grainy and nasty sound. & I feel cheep and dirty watching them. Like I’m taking money from his pocket.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        They used to prosecute people that took unauthorized recordings at concerts in the past but plainly that has gone by the wayside. It is a theft of intellectual property and actual theft of concert material. Breaks international law as well.I guess they don’t prosecute when no money is charged to view it.

    • SeenTheLight Says:

      Fans have basically taken the stance that since David has mentioned the ustreams at least twice during two of his shows that he has given his verbal authorization to keep doing the streams and that RCA/19 are fine with the fan streams. I know of at least one fan who has asked him at the VIP meet & greets about the usteams and her claim that he said he did not mind fans ustreaming his shows because the quality of it isn’t crystal clear so people can’t profit off of him.

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        ok, you guys are right about the ustream. I didn’t think of it as intellectual-property theft as I wasn’t downloading anything. I pay for albums/songs on iTunes & don’t pirate movies so I guess this falls into the same category.

        I’ll just have to see if he ever comes to somewhere that I can afford to see the show at. Oh well, could have much bigger problems (like unable to pay my bills cuz I flew all over the country to see 8 shows I couldn’t afford haha).

        Thanks for the wake-up call, guess even non-tards (& wanna-be?) can learn stuff on this site?

    • burt Says:

      In fairness, if he was bothered about them, he could get them stopped. He and his team have been asked in the past about streaming the shows themselves but he presumably isn’t interested in it. Until he makes moves to either outright stop cameras (which would be a dumb move IMO because of annoying the casual fans), to properly comment on it and ask them to stop, or do the streaming himself, it will continue. In a way it’s a missed opportunity, all those fans that have to watch night after night would happily pay to watch the broadcasts they WANT to throw money at him and he would be able to do a better quality stream which would be appreciated by the more casual fans that want to watch occasionally. Maybe it’s that perfectionist streak again. Or maybe he just doesn’t care about it or it would cost too much or he’s worried about it affecting concert attendance.

      I very occasionally watch the fan streams (usually if it’s a one-off show or I know he’ll be playing new material), in that situation I appreciate them and think it’s good in a way (but worrying in others!) that fans that can’t be there can be included. But the sound is often so bad I wonder why I bother and I have no idea how anyone can sit through them night after night. I find the idea that anyone would want to a little… odd.

  24. Natasha Says:

    I wonder what some of the extreme tards…young, old, whatever demographic…will do the day that David settles down and gets married? Will they still have the same interest level in him? Yeah, I guess they will, but will just bash the newbie bride to pieces with ugly comments online.

    • Nist Says:

      I don’t think they’ll have the same level of interest in David at all (and yeah they will still bash the girl), and I don’t think it will take marriage to do it. Just a serious girlfriend who is seen regularly in public or maybe an engagement. That’s why he really needs to expand his musical fanbase to include a lot more guys, plus girls who might be curious about who he’s dating – but not enough to obsess over the details! You know, they’d be interested in a People magazine kind of way, but be more interested in David b/c they like his music and want to see a concert.

      He’s got some fans like that now, but he needs more. Because that type of fan will need to replace the ones who spend a ton of money on him at the moment. No way some of them are going to do that if there is a woman permanently in the picture. Some will, but many will move on, IMO. Idol fans already have short attention spans when it comes to male idols, and a girlfriend/wife will make that attention span even shorter for some lol.

    • Alysia Says:

      I often wonder what would of happened if he was married from the beginning, or at least let everyone know he was in a relationship, Wonder how many of them would fawn all over him then. I don’t think some of them can make a smart normal comment about his career without saying something sexual about him. If you strip away everything and just kept the music, would most of them still make a big deal over him? They say they still would but for most of them I think not.

      • Nist Says:

        That’s a good question. I do think there would still be obsessed fans, but I think there would be less of them. But Bo Bice was married and still had some very crazed fans (so did Michael Johns), so I’m not sure.

        I do think David has also been a bit unlucky because the past two seasons of Idol haven’t produced a male idol who a portion of his obsessed fans would transition their “love” to. A good number of David fans lost interest in him once Adam, Kris, and Danny Gokey came along in season 8. (I remember a tard who wrote long posts detailing her obsession with David but dropped him to become Danny’s #1 supertard. Can’t remember her name now, she was featured on Idletard a few times.)

        But there was no one in season 9 or 10 who paralleled the fantarding transition for the typical male idol (maybe Casey James a little bit), so David has kept an unusual number of tards for an Idol, IMO. (Adam has as well.) I thought Paul McDonald would siphon off some tards this year, and it looked like there was a groundswell of interest in him at the beginning of season 10, but he didn’t last long on the show and then quickly got engaged and married.

        So I guess David can hope that some “hot” guy/guys will come along in season 11 this January and steal some of his more hardcore fans.

      • burt Says:

        I’m not convinced a girlfriend, fiance or wife will make much difference – they are too invested and have been for too long. Did they back off when when he was dating Kim Caldwell? (Genuine question, I have no idea but I’m guessing not from the stories I’ve read.) Someone said here a while ago that his current relationship had become widely known amongst a particular group of tards (and so would be exposed to more casual fans/the world) and that most others already knew about it – now assuming that is true and it happened, has it stopped them acting crazy? No, of course not. I don’t think seeing him parading a girl round or even marrying someone will affect them, aside from giving them something extra to talk about or obsess over. Even if this isn’t true, most of the hardcore pack know deep down that there have been women in his life – it’s just normal and to be expected.

        Just to clarify, I’m not part of any fan groups to know what is and isn’t true – just retelling what I read here. I’m totally in the dark about the whole thing so if it were true those tards must be better at keeping secrets than people give them credit for because it obviously hasn’t filtered down too far. And yes, I feel dirty talking about it.

      • Nist Says:

        From what I recall, David did lose some fans over Kim, but that was immediately after Idol – so those fans, though very hardcore, weren’t invested that long. There is a whole other segment of fans who continued to follow David but bashed Kim the entire time they were dating – some of those are still around. They were waiting/hoping for a breakup, though. I think if it looks like he’s not going to break up with someone he’s dating, then there will be another exodus, even among the “invested”.

        I remember that some fans stopped “loving” David after he invited several (cute) waitresses to a show on the last tour. Some fans with Google alerts found out after one of the waitresses posted on her blog, which showed a pic taken from sidestage while the band was performing.

        Big blowup over that on some of the DC boards, about David’s shallowness in inviting good-looking women his age to hang out at his show and his “bad taste” in women in general. (The horror!) I recall one dejected fan referring to David as “nothing but white trash” over that one. That kinda shocked me. So yeah, some take these things personally enough to stop being fans…

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I think the fans he lost over Kim weren’t because he was dating, it was because they didn’t care for her personally. If he were to come out with a girlfriend now, sure they’d judge….hell, they spend hours talking about his jewelry and clothing choices, but I can’t see him losing too many fans over it. Not to mention, would they be fans he’d really want to keep anyway? It’s supposed to be about the music, his music/voice won’t change and any fan that was a fan for truly the right reasons wouldn’t care if he dated a goat, as long as he made the music and performed live. I know that’s how I feel.

        As for those waitresses, it wasn’t because they were just young and cute, it was because they were Hooter’s girls and the faction that left because of that were the ones who thought he was a virgin anyway. (He must be right? He’s not married, so he must be a virgin!!!)

      • Ali Says:

        Oh course he’s a virgin Nonna lol…he has in the past invited young women his age to hang out, or come to a show (remember Lana lol?) like a normal musician on the road would do, especially one trying to make new fans his age (and maybe get laid haha), and sometimes the stalker fans find out and go all ape shit because he doesn’t love them enough to invite them to hang out lol. Well, he has a mom and grandmother…he just needs fans (and female interest) his own age. If he didn’t then he would be a freak. They just don’t get it. It’s jealousy, plain and simple.

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        ummm, if he dated a goat I may just reconsider being a fan…

        cuz… um… EWWW!!!

        Other than that, it’s the music I care about.

  25. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    About the co-headlining thing – GDG and DC are doing 23 shows together – GDG is the closer on 12 of those and DC got 11 – so maybe they tossed a coin to see who would get the extra. Why I even know this stuff is a mystery to me 😉

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      I was only referring to the first part of this tour, before the most recent dates were added. I guess David got to be the closer on more of the newer dates. Why the fuck do I even care anymore, because I am bored to death of this whole thing, including him and his music? *Sigh* Old habits die hard I guess.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Yeah, he was the closer right from the beginning of the tour on 11 out of 23 shows. For his new dates he is the headliner, Gavin is not part of it.

  26. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    See? This shows I don’t even know what I am talking about anymore when it comes to him and his tour. Time to call it a day, I think.
    So when is Adam Lambert’s new CD due out? Daughtry has new stuff out too, correct? Thank God for other Idols and their music! 🙂

    • 'NucksGal Says:

      Daughtry’s new album comes out in Nov. singles are out now. Crawling Back to You is great IMO, Renegade not so much. I think one was off a video game soundtrack.

      Does that make me a Daughtry tard? Does he have tards? I’m sure they all do. I wonder how they treat his wife.

      I’ve noticed the Glamberts all seem to luv AL’s bf. And what about Kris Allen’s wife, does she get cr*p from the fans too, or are they nice.

      Just idol curiosity…

      • Natasha Says:

        I think Kris was a bit safer from the tards as he was married when he won. And he wasn’t afraid to let people know about her from the get go. Remember when he talked about her in the semi-finals and Simon said that wasn’t such a good idea? You have to command respect from the start, married or just dating. David has let some of the tardiest of the tards push him around…big mistake.

        Both Kris and Chris D seem to have a more mixed fan base demographically. Any of their tards just don’t seem as obvious, I suppose, because there are more normal fans at any given venue.

        I do know some ladies went a little ape when Lee first starting dating his now fiancee, and started bashing her on Twitter. Interestingly, they have backed off since he has gotten engaged.

  27. Nist Says:

    New VIP meet and greets were announced along with the solo leg of David’s tour, so I suspect we’ll see a whole new group of repeat VIPs pretty soon.

    Still more people saying they asked for smiles from David “with teeth”. Of course, these are fans who already have multiple pics with David – but no teeth, awww! I’ll be interested to see the new VIP photos from Pomona and see if he complied with last night’s requests.

    As far as multiple shows, there are plenty of West Coast fans who attended four or more shows of this swing through the area, plus a few meet and greets. One fan bought a Greyhound bus pass and took the bus to five shows, and is planning to make some East Coast shows if she can. If David does a New Year’s Eve show as rumored, expect hysteria and mass travel to wherever that show is.

    zoo2, who – as noted here in other post’s comments – seems to dislike David, still managed to make three shows so far including flying to Tulsa from California, and pay for two VIP M&G photos with him.

  28. Ali Says:

    I was waiting for webhoscott to pop up in vip lol …


    • Ali Says:

      …and his partner in obsession john socal, who I don’t see as much in the freakdom anymore, but I guess they just can’t quit there boy lol?


      • I know these pictures are supposed to be funny on purpose (?) but if anyone gave me the finger and then said photo was up on the internet for the world to see, even jokingly, I couldn’t help but think there was some truth in it.

      • Sorry, that should read like this:

        I know these pictures are supposed to be funny on purpose (?) but if anyone gave me the finger, even jokingly, and then said photo was up on the internet for the world to see, I couldn’t help but think there was some truth in it.

    • Beauxcefus Says:

      What a pathetic little man, is he. He boasteth and braggeth soooo much about his ‘Good Life’ (tm Ryan Tedder) as a TV producer… what really happy and successful TV producer has the time and energy to stalk a reality show winner for 3 years, and does and says the immature and juvenile things he has about said winner and other fans on the boards and twitter? Why is he not on the ‘Do Not Let Anywhere Near David… EVER!’ list? They must be hard up for ticket sales and butts in seats on this tour if they are willing to let one of the Loon Supremes get this close to him. Here’s your proof that it’s ALL about the Benjamins – they are playing ‘Milk the Loons’, w/these the VIP photo ops one way to keep the money teats primed. Money does talks, and here’s your sign (tm Jeff Foxworthy) that they are willing to put up w/anything and body to get at that paper.

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        Isn’t “here’s your sign” a Bill Engvall tm?? 😉

      • Jen Says:

        With all this VIP bullshit I’m not convinced there’s a list at all. Except for maybe with Celine on it.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I love the fact that RCAed said they were trying to work it out so that you couldn’t get multiple VIP packages yet the same old stalkers are visiting Cook again and again and again. I wonder what Cook’s nightmares look like?

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Even though I don’t put much stock into a lot of what RCAEd has said in the past, I can’t put all the blame about the VIP screw ups and repeat fans attending completely on him, David and their team. Ground Ctrl, the company running the VIP, has a litany of complaints from fans of other artists in how they are run and fans not always getting what they have paid for. There’s even a page on Facebook called ‘ground (ctrl) complaints’ that highlights some of the problems. I don’t have any intention of doing VIP at one of David’s shows so I don’t know if you have to give each individual name for each pass or if just one person can order them & then hand them out to their friends/family once they pick them up at will call. If that’s indeed the case, even if there was a list, that could certainly explain why so many of the same fans are getting into multiple VIPs.
        I do feel bad for David and his bandmates who had to endure the M&G in Pomona with several of the southern ca. fans who show up at concerts, bars and burlesque shows just to run into one of them and act like they are friends with them. Ali, that LiterateGal, hasn’t said much about her experience at the show except to mention something about how Monty is interested in doing a fan club with her and that everything else was asked to be kept private. Beauxcefus, you’re spot on about him though I think it’s more how he views himself than anything else. He thinks he’s a bigger deal than he really is-prime example is his claim that he is the reason Carolina Liar is touring with David Cook because he sent a tweet to Carolina Liar saying David was in Sweden the same time CL was. And that the lead singer of CL kept thanking him for it at the shows he went to last week.

      • Ali Says:

        Seenthelight, it seems whenever they don’t get the response they want from David, they revert to being all super sekrit lol…but they are always (scott and literategal are the worst offenders) tweeting about every conversation they have with the guys, there girlfriends, mothers, dogs…whenever they just happen to run into them all over town lol. But suddenly now it’s private?

        Oh yeah, Scott single handidly got David booked with carolina liar. Damn why hasn’t David hired this man yet lol?!

  29. Karen D Says:

    Did you guys miss AnodyneJunkie aka LibertineLament’s complaints today? An article mentioned older women fans and the dreaded “cougar” word and she saw it today. Was really unhappy because older women can’t seem to be about the music. Anyone who knows her knows that it’s not about the music! She does nothing but talk about him in a sexual manner ALL THE TIME. She’s the prime example of a cougar, but god forbid you call her one. LOL

    • nicole Says:

      it’s not the first time she’s complained about the cougar reference. she’s said before that she does not like the predatory implications of the word.

      is that not what she is doing?

      no self-awareness at all, that woman.

  30. Karen D Says:

    Is it just me or is it now impossible to read this page because we ran out of white background?

  31. Beauxcefus Says:

    My Bad Cooks_FUFL – it is tm Bill Engvall 🙂

    I love those Blue Collar comedians… Here’s my entry for this tour name —> Ya Cain’t Fix Stupid! (tm Ron White)

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      I love Blue Collar comedy, too. After all, you might be a redneck (tm Jeff Foxworthy) if you know that “Here’s your sign” is a Bill Engvall tm! LOL
      Great name for the tour from Mr. Tater Salad himself! 😉 If all the craziness continues, I will probably drink Ron White under the table!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I love Ron White and his “They call me Tater Salad” schtick. If I ever did standup I’d have to parody the tards.. “Here’s Your Sign” does fit the tour well!

  32. Ali Says:

    Btw, I saw literate gal posted her vip pic (with her daughter) and was wondering if anyone heard anything about her asking David if it was cool for her to make bootleg merch lol? For charity of course…

  33. l Says:

    debrakay23 Debra
    Just watched that radio station interview and nw game. D was really cute n funny, but that interviewer needed to take it down a notch or 3.

    I love tards. Constant entertainment.

    • Agree. She was fangirling at it’s best. Love how it always goes to the gutter immediately when some ladies talk to him, but as a semi-tard I can’t fault her. That first question was so suggestive.

  34. I’m Rascalete, the one I guess AJ was referring too. When someone tweeted me that she had posted this blog I was puzzeled because I had no idea who she was. After I read it I could not believe that anyone was stupid enough to write something so obnoxious and then put it on the computer. I had never heard of her and still don’t know who she is (nor do I give a shit) Thanks for letting other see what a pompous ass looks like.

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Hey Rascalete, can you answer a question for me? Why do people like you feel the need to tweet stupid, meaningless messages to David every morning, noon, and night? You yourself always say goodnight to him and you tell him that you love him. You are an older woman; why do you obsess over a guy who is half your age and whom you do not know at all? Can you honestly explain why you and your friends, especially fools like Ladynsearch, Iluvdcyes, and NYCarole, cyberstalk David? Please tell us what motivates you!

      • Maria Says:

        It doesn’t bother me when someone tweets David good morning or tells him that they love or care about him. Because I’m sure we all care about him in some way. If we didn’t we wouldn’t listen to his music or take an interest in him. It’s the ones that tweet stupid stuff to him all day, and the way they tweet it. Like NYCarole, and LadyNSearch. The crap they tweet to him and about him is enough to make you go mad. And what’s with how NYCarole tweets?, if she calls him BF or babeee one more time. I might scream. That Ladynsearch thinks she’s the reason why songs get played on the radio or he is doing a show. She act like she does so much promoting for him. And if someone doesn’t recognize her for it she gets upset. No lady all that you’re doing for him is making his fans look idiotic and crazy.
        Iluvdcyes is her own breed of stalker crazy. Can’t or don’t even want to begin to figure that one out.

      • Jen Says:

        Pretty sure iluvdcyes is going to be at the show I’ll be at. Kinda excited, not gonna lie… lol

    • Ali Says:

      OMG, you are sooooo gross! Really? Do you think David wants to hear how much a woman, his mothers age is lusting after him? And on his twitter for all to see? I’m so embarrassed for you…you and your cronies have no shame!

  35. Beauxcefus Says:

    OHHH YEAH – Rascalete… She’s the one that tweets all over the web about David being sooo sensitiiive (tm Blaine and Twan, from In Living Color) – HA! “He’s sooo sen-sa-tiiiive”, lol…

    The freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at nightttt 🙂

  36. Jen Says:

    The crowing that the LA crew is doing now after the Pomona show is getting on my last nerve.

    And pst FDC, think we can get a new post so we can have the white background back? lol

  37. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Maria–I hear what you are saying, but my point to Rascalete was that she tweets him EVERY DAY/EVENING with “I love you”, etc. Would you do that…every day/night? I doubt if he even talks to his mom every day, or twice a day. These women are older than his mom in some cases, and they both mother him and/or treat him like a sex object. It’s just freaky!!

    • Maria Says:

      Cooks_FUFL Says – Yes I know what you’re saying.
      And yes it’s very freaking how they treat him like a sex object. If a man would do that to a women they would say how prevented he was. And yes I know what you mean by her tweeting him everyday that she loves him. I was just saying that that doesn’t upset me as much as most of the crap tweeted to him

  38. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Oops, forgot to ask Jen–what crowing? I don’t follow those West Coasters. And are you the one who is doing the same show as Iliuvdcyes?? LMAO…record it! 😉

    • Jen Says:

      Oh just LIterateGal talking about Monty loving the idea of a fanclub for him, oh but all, oh everything was private though I can’t talk about it. And Scott acting like he hooked up Carolina Liar for this tour because he tweeted the lead single and David when they were both in Sweden. And Kelly (and her friends mostly) going on and on about some “epic” hug and gift bags she gave them and oh in this picture he’s smiling at us and blah blah blah. Typical SuperFan stuff.

      And lol yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re going to be at the same show. Is she the earring lady too?

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Isn’t Kelly the one that moved from Florida to Los Angeles without a job just to be closer to David and was one of the front row crew on his last tour?

        I saw her VIP picture with the gift bags she keeps going on and on about – http://davidcooktix.com/media/photos/15701/410171

        I saw that Phil Marshall, one of David’s friends, was doing a show last night and fans found out about it and went to it and that MBenz01 ustreamed the show once David and his friends went up on stage. I also saw David’s guitarist, Devin, tweet something about twitter pissing in his cereal around the same time that the ustream was tweeted about within the fandom.

      • Jen Says:

        I don’t know if that’s officially why she moved, lol, but yeah that’s her.

      • MissyM Says:

        Those bags look like something you’d give a three year old. Not grown men.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Apparently David was supposed to go on stage and sing with some old friends in a bar in Austin Tx, but it never happened. Phil Marshall played with Monty and Andy.
      David was asked about it at a M&G and he told a fan that the bar tweeted he would appear and that could be taken as an advertisement and would have caused him to violate his touring contract with promoters. So one of the rare times, it wasn’t fans that fucked something up. Devin was probably pissed at the bar for tweeting.

      • Jen Says:

        Ah I was wondering what had happened.

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Thanks for the clarification. I don’t follow closely the stuff that happens in the fandom & got the gist of the story secondhand. Still doesn’t excuse the fans who fight for #1 by livestreaming any little thing he might do or goes to.

  39. Not that this isn’t a wonderful event to contribute to, and God bless the Davids and Constantine for being part of it, but I’m wondering who will show up for this. Only $1,000 a person.


    • MissyM Says:

      Waiting for Debrakay, MBenze and that AngelaKC to rush and buy their tickets.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Not that I would go to this charity thing, but man would I love to have the disposable income of these people. I guess I’ll just have to keep entering those Publishers Clearing House things, lol

    • just dont get it Says:

      not sure how many fans would pay this (although i’m sure more than i think will!) but i bet there will be quite a few stalking the location that night!

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      Chester the child molester will go to the opening of an envelope for publicity.

  40. Imoverit Says:

    I read this blog regularly and have posted a few times. I’m also going to admit to something because I feel like I have to come clean and the cycle won’t really be done until I fess up. Okay–I’m the tard mentioned above who was obsessed with David to the point of near insanity and then “dropped” him for Gokey in season 8. There. I admitted it. I tarded over Lee too but quickly lost interest once season 9 was over. In season 10 I tarded the most over….Haley Reinhart! I never stopped being a David fan, but a tard I am no longer. I have seen the light. I actually don’t care for much of David’s post Idol music (but that’s just me) though I do still love his voice. The crazies within his fanbase really started to get on my last nerve after awhile and disgust and anger me to the point I had to block quite a few of them on twitter because they just annoyed me so with their constant fawning, spamming, and inane love notes to David. As for myself, I started to question my own tardish behavior (though I never stooped so low as to stalk him, go to every concert, etc.) and then when, much to my horror, I found myself featured in places like Idletard, I began to change my ways. Sure, I was enraged and embarrassed beyond belief, but….I started to see myself as the insane tard I had become. It was uncomfortable admitting how far off the deep end I had gone–but ultimately it was liberating. From then on I started to be able to first laugh at myself, and then finally become disgusted by my own behavior, and that made me stop the insanity. Your blog may seem meanspirited to the unenlightened but for those with any insight–it really is a public service!

    Oh, and FWIW, Gokey tards are just as bad as Cooktards. There aren’t as many of them, but oh, I could tell you stories…mostly a bunch of rich middle aged married ladies who follow him to every concert and spend hours and hours voting on meaningless polls when they could be spending time with their kids or playing with their 53 cats or taking a cooking class….and don’t even get me started on MissLisa1970 on twitter and her dirty tweets to him. She must tweet him 100 times a day. Another bad one is upsnodowns–she’s just like ladynsearch (who I know well, unfortunately), constantly tweeting good morning, good night, etc. as if he really cares to read that crap. I had to block a bunch of Gokey tards too, and I’m done with twitter. I haven’t used my account there in a year. It’s just sad, boring, and pointless the lengths these women will go to be noticed by a low-level celebrity who happened to be on a reality show.

    Kris tards don’t seem to be as bad, probably because Kris is married. But I was never really part of his fanbase so what do I know? Anyway, I’ve been wanting to confess for a long time and finally got the courage to do it.

    I look at stuff I wrote 2, 3 years ago and just want to gag with shame LOL. I was one of the batshit crazy ones, but fortunately it was fairly short lived. I’m still a FAN…but no longer a TARD–or at least not an insane tard (I do have my tard-ish moments though lol). So, thank you, FDC, for helping me see the light. Keep doing what you’re doing, and hopefully more people will come over to the light side.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Welcome to the light Imoverit. I once tarded for a celebrity too and now cringe over the things I said and did. It’s the reason I started this blog because I know what living in tardtown is like and it’s not a fun place. I look back at that time an realize how futile my actions were and how much time I wasted doing that. Really, that’s the goal here, make people think. I’m so glad you’re free of that now.

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