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Entitlement Tard Is Entitled – David Cook Fan

November 29, 2011

So this link gets posted in the comments and I arrive at this horrible bit of fiction/whining/entitlement on DCO. Oh brother! This one needs someone to spell it out in giant dayglow letters and even then she’d probably think it read something else. Makes me feel extremely dyspeptic this evening..

talking the talk,but David doesnt walk the walk!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011 – 17:18
talking the talk,but David doesnt walk the walk!

I am so upset with Mr. Cook….Has he forgotten where he came from? Has he forgotten that alot of his fans are the ones that voted for him when he was on American Idol? You see I am a nurse, and I work for a young lady that has Cerbral Palsey. She has been following David since she first saw him on American Idol. She is one of many that constantly voted for him…What DAVID COOK doesn’t understand, is that his music has helped her deal with the loss of her Mother from Cancer and her Father 6mths later from Diabetes……DAVID…..,was appeareing at the Giloiz Theater, in Springfield, mo yesterday, and we were unable to get tickets because they sold out very quickly. She went to St. Louis last month to see him in concert, but was unable to meet him. So as not only her nurse, but her friend too….i thought maybe if we wailted outside by his motor coach he would take a few min. to shake her hand, take a quick picture with her and say hello to her…….We understand that he is a busy man…..but to DISS someone that is handicapped and in a wheelchair is just way WRONG in my book. we waited in the cold for 3hrs. 2ft from the door of his bus. I hollared his name as they unload belongings from the hotel onto the bus and was ignored….the same happened when he went in to do his sound check…and when he came back out, he was holding his nephew, to shield his face from us….I once again yelled his name. he went up 2 steps turned around towards us and all he could say was “Hi Guys”? First we are not guys, second he couldn’t even take off his sunglasses….this was at 5:25p.m. I could totally understand if there was a big crowd of peaple……BUT there wasn’t…..Just her and I…..Come on really, We waited a total of 6hrs. altogether yesterday…..For this? She was so distraught and disappointed, and cried all the way home……Somebody needs to remember how he got to where he is at, because at this rate he won’t keep his fans. I know one thing, I am going to give him maybe 2days to appologize, or I will got to the media, on top of everything else, she is also involved with the Salvation Army, and is a bell ringer……SHAME ON YOU DAVID COOK …..YOU REALLY COULDN’T TAKE 5 MIN. TO TALK TO LOLA? Somebody should inform Mr. Cook , that he needs to get ahold of me to make this right for what he did to her. DAVID COOK ….PUT YOURSELF IN HER CHAIR….HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF SOMEBODY THAT YOU THOUGHT WAS SO WONDERFUL AND HAD TO BE A VERY KIND PERSON……..DID THIS TO YOU?

On a happier note, I would like to say….loud and clear…..THANK YOU, THANK YOU…KYLE….this his drummer and not only did he take the time once to talk to us, but when he came back from sound check he spoke again…..What a true Gentleman you Are!!!!
Nov 26 2011 WHISKEY ROADHOUSE (Council Bluffs, IA) — tweets, live blogging, setlist, videos, photos, recaps/reviews, etc. ›

She can’t even spell the illness her supposed charge has. Doesn’t hold much hope that she’ll be much of a care taker. Making a palsy sufferer sit out in the cold all that time? Job fail.

But I don’t buy a word of this. The truth is she probably stood out by the bus like a demented stalker for hours on end and Cook decided not to reward bad behavior so hence the story of the long suffering fan she takes care of comes out. Hint: When you vote for someone on AI that does not make them ‘owe’ you anything. They entertained you, you voted – it’s known as a symbiotic relationship, not an open door to own them like they work for you and you are the company store.

She’s being attacked over at DCO for expressing a negative Dave opinion by the usual gang of idiots. I suspect the board mod will wipe out the thread soon since it is getting all those granny panties twisted up in nasty knots.

Repeat after me, David Cook owes you nothing. Nothing but pleasure or pain from his music when you’re listening to it. Lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat. Ugh.

Scotty McCreery Fail

November 25, 2011

Did everyone get enough to eat? Was the turkey good? Did you catch McCreery’s epic fail during one of the Thanksgiving Day parades? TMZ has it up now on their website

Poor kid. But what I wonder is if his tards, if he has tards, are taking to the internet to attack anyone pointing this out and behaving idiotically? Does anyone know? A couple of old nanna type tards did comment defending McCreery in over the top fashion but it’s a drop in the bucket of crazy compared to the way Adam Lambert and David Cook over invested pararelational tards behave.

Speaking of Cook fantards. Special message for those that follow me on Twitter. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by following me because I will immediately look at your profile and laugh my ass off at things like this you openly do. Just say no. No matter what you guys say it reminds me of that classic Duke Robillard song – “Sayin’ Don’t Make It So”, saying one thing and the reality is the opposite..

Real music, tards.

My teenybopper granddaughter was busy sporting an Adam Lambert t-shirt yesterday at our Turkey day dinner but that’s expected. She hasn’t experienced anything beyond the world of Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber. It’s normal for kids in that age range to develop these obsessive one sided love for crap celebrities but… aren’t you grown ladies supposed to be over that stage of development? I don’t get it. Someone please explain it as rationally as you can.

Not The David Cook

November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve got a lot to be thankful for today, not the least of all is the best commenters online and people that make me laugh so hard I spit diet coke out of my nose, like NotTheDavidCook on twitter. Read and laugh.

It’s time to put some of these bat shit crazy fans in their place. @thedavidcook may not say it out loud, but I will!

@sassycatz Why don’t you just shut the hell up once and for all? Boycott the AMA’s? Get pissed at girls who met DC 4 free? LOL!!!!

@davidrocksdana How old ARE you? Why are you acting like a teenager? David doesn’t want to sleep with you, & he never will!

@iluvDCyes You will do nothing but embarass yourself when you meet David. You are the epitome of an insane fan!

People need to leave David Cook alone. Let him have sex with hot young women, let him drink and cuss and stop kissing his ass!

@NyCArole426 For God’s sake, loser, leave David Cook out of your inane, incessant tweets! You are so fucking pathetic! Try getting laid!

@ladynsearch Why do you need to tweet David Cook constantly? You are a nasty, scary piece of work & he does not want anything to do with u!

@bleed_into_one Who are you to judge David Cook as a pet owner, you pathetic cow? You are one of his most disgusting fans! Ugly in & out!

@bleed_into_one 2 VIPs & one after show M&G? You are damn right he will get sick of you. He already is sick of you! You disgust everyone!

@celticsfaninNH You know what? You are not a friend of David’s, you never will be, & how can you “love” someone you don’t know????

@m0d3rnNinja: David Cook fandom has some of the most gracious people in the world.”//And some of the craziest, too.

@NyCArole426: @NotTheDavidCook How disappointed are you that you are NOT @thedavidcook?!”//So happy that I don’t have to see your crap!

@brian_mayer: Dear groupies that are old enough to be @thedavidcook’s grandmother. You’re funny.”//And gross.

@rascalete: #Please sign the Birthday card for David Cook // ht // BAHAHAHA! Nice card, grannies!

@m0d3rnNinja Y me no join you? Cuz me no likey people who make a jokey out of a talented guy’s career. Y u obsess with a guy u not know?

Alright, I got a gift card to McDonald’s! I can feed the hungry masses now!

I don’t know who you are but you just brightened my turkey day up considerably! I’ll be laughing thinking about this while candying my yams and glazing the turkey.

PS to the tards that read here and drive up the stats to insane heights – It ain’t me no matter how you might want to fantasize it’s me and you’ll tattle to David and he’ll spank me.

Everyone have a safe and blessed holiday. Wonder how many of the cray-cray will find a way to work Cook into their holiday to the disgust of their family and cats?

David Cook – Tard Into You

November 21, 2011

The usuals are doing the usual thing, which is going to every meet and greet, moaning about anyone that gets even one tiny scintilla of more attention from Dale..oops, David than them, spam-tweeting the Grammys about Cook, tearing apart anyone younger, more attractive or half way normal that expresses interest in Cook and lastly, bashing the crap out of David’s brother Andrew Cook.

Andrew came on the tour recently to run the VIP events and merch tables. The hard core Cooktard pack hates Andrew. Hmm, could it be because he seems to clearly see what variety of disgusting nutballs they are? Or is it because he doesn’t take any thing off them, he’ll tell them off. Someone needs to. He also seems to have a great sense of humor and levity to him that his big brother doesn’t quite manage. But then I too would be cranky if that crowd was drooling over my knees and legs the say Earring Granny and the others seem to be fond of.

Really. Back of the knees?? When did this turn into an erogenous zone? Was it something mentioned in some weird HBO series on extremely weird sex? I’m clueless because I do NOT fathom the why of the knees. Seriously Earring Granny tweeted “OH! I love the back of his knees! “ and other droolings.

But the winner of stupid crazy irrational tour stalker title this week is awarded to Becky. Becky aka Bleed_Into_One on twitter has been chumming the waters in the sea of stupid again because she’s been having a fit over so many things this week.

You know Becky, she’s the one that always sucks up to Neal but talks trash about Neal’s girlfriend Kira behind Kira and Neal’s back.

Currently she’s engaged in harassing two college girls who got into a M & G for free. She’s been posting that it’s obvious that they must have given Andrew Cook sexual favors, i.e. handjobs or blowjobs for the privilege. She’s ignoring the fact that the girls say it was a lady that brought them in. Imagine that, young attractive fans. I know that has to be driving her around the bend.

Here’s what Becky said on twitter –

bleed_into_one becky/becks @
@Mysticpurz @AheadofStraight andrew probably gave it to her after she did him a “favor”

More Becky about Andrew

@cookienerd0006 @FallBackIntoMe I can’t stand him so I’ll have no problem. I won’t suck up. Just give me my lanyard and gtfo my way lol

@sandypat66 @cookienerd0006 he doesn’t know anything about being vip coordinator either but he is

And she’s upset about what happened at one of her million VIP packages. What happened? Did David mention he’s seen her more than he’s seen cousins this year?

“bleed_into_one becky/becks @
@cookienerd0006 I’ll tell you when I see you about my cleveland vip experience that should tell you how I feel about rude peeps even Dave

Becks is stamping her little feet over this like a two year old screaming “ITSNOTFAIRITSNOTFAIR!!!!!!!111111eleventy” with all her brainless stalker pals.

bleed_into_one becky/becks @
@NinasFeet her blog cracks me up. She REALLY likes run on sentences and that “making dreams come true” shit? I call BS.

That’s her words about the blog of one of the college girls.

When it came out that one of the young college gals had talked to David and he mentioned that he had two new dogs it suddenly became the business of Becky. She was speculating that David was a ‘bad’ pet owner and he couldn’t possibly be having a girlfriend, friend or relative looking after his critters because Andrew was on the road with him. Becky has made it her mission to find out about if he did get new dogs.

@DCisMyIcing that actually really aggravates me. Who’s watching them? His imaginary girlfriend? He is on tour he doesn’t have time.

–erynmarie07 Eryn Marie
by bleed_into_one
David said he can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that he has new dogs.

What David should tell Becky and pals is that he can neither confirm nor deny that this is any of their f*cking business. It’s really not. Why does it matter so much to Becky in the first place? She doesn’t own him.

And Sassycatz is the Top Tard Runner Up with her desperate tweets to Bruce Springsteen begging him to add Cook as his opening act. Silly rabbit, Springsteen oh so rarely ever has an opening act. The Boss doesn’t need one. Tweeting hims is a futile naive gesture. Her tweets..

–Bruce!!!!!! Make David Cook your opener on your European tour. He’s more than worthy of your trust!

–David is an earnest young rocker who deserves his consideration as a rising star who can carry the torch.

–If Bruce Springsteen is going overseas, @thedavidcook should be going with him. He is worthy of that honor.

She also twitter bitch-slapped other Cook fans for daring to watch the Cook-less AMA awards. Her tweets

–David has a new album out and a new single that is gaining traction. He should be on an awards show about music. He isn’t. Do not watch it.

–I don’t understand why David fans would watch a show that will never have him on as a guest or feature his music. Why would you support it?!

–I won’t watch but he should because I want him to be mad that they won’t support his music & that of other rockers!

–@thedavidcook watch the AMAs and ask your friends why a prominent awards show will not support up and coming rock and roll, like you!

Complaining about the lack of Cook on teevee.

Sassycatz Sassycatz
I mean, David actually has a new single to promote. Some people would see that as reason to show up on TV shows that help to promote artists

Becky and Sassy – busy harassing newer more casual fans, trying to back set drive micromanaging Cook’s career, so jealous it’s sad, talking trash about Cook’s brother, spamming the Grammys. I salute you – Bad Tards of the Week…

To the two college ladies that got into the meet and greet for free you are welcome here anytime you like. Ignore the crazy jealous old ladies losing it because someone was nice to you.

Even Crystal Bowersox Has Crazies

November 11, 2011

I don’t know any of the deets but yesterday a series of Facebook statuses came from my personal favorite AI alumni. I always figured Crystal didn’t get the crazy fans because a) she’s not a guy and Idol Tards seem to only obsess over the guys and b) she’s a little left of center, especially for white bread middle America Idol fans.

Her Facebook statuses –

Overstepping boundaries… It’s weirding me out… you know who you are. That’s all I’m gonna say for now.

I love my fans, but there are some things that are just inappropriate. I’m deeply troubled by it.

Love the fact that Crystal has the cojones to call it out right then to whoever is doing whatever that’s freaking her out. Too bad none of the male Idols have stones enough to tell the crazy to back off. I hope this works for her and her crazies start behaving or perhaps move along to another Idol, like Lee DeWyse. Who, you ask. You know the guy that beat Crystal who seems to have vanished into thin air.

David Cook once posted on his blog asking people to step back and he was eviscerated by the media for doing it so he backed off. Biggest mistake of his career because now the crazy has ramped up to all new levels.

David Cook’s Charity Defrauding Tard – Sashapoodle

November 9, 2011

Cook’s fans, or one fan in particular, has been breaking the rules of polite society or perhaps even the law by doing a Ustream & MP3 file from a charity event this week. Sashapoodle went to the Ronald McDonald House Benefit last night that Cook was playing at and did just that.

Now the Ronald McDonald House is a great charity. I saw first hand when my youngest child was in and out of the hospital with a rare condition all the services they provided for families at the same facility that couldn’t drive home at the end of the night. I’m glad Cook is helping them out and I’m even glad that at least one of his over the top fans ponied up the $1,000 per head that was the entrance price.

What’s not so cool is Sashapoodle recording the live show and streaming it. At the very least this is tacky as hell, another tard trying to prove she’s the alpha tard over the others by doing something the rest of them cannot afford to do. At worst this is actually defrauding the charity, the Ronald McDonald House, by sharing the show that they were charging $1,000 a head for. Stealing is never cool, stealing from a charity is a new special circle of hell.

What adds the rancid cherry to this ice cream sundae of shame is that Lisa/FoolsApril64, moderator at DCO, tweeted the links to Sashas Ustream account. Lisa has done this before, tweeted links to Ustreams from private events and charities that David Cook performed at. With a mod like that you don’t need crazy fans because the mod is another version of the crazy fan. Tacky and just not right.

Will someone Ustream the Chris Evert tennis event this weekend and violate their copyright? I’m betting someone will. Only thing that matters in David Cook tarddom is being the Alpha Tard.

PS to Daina: Don’t think you can hide yourself beneath a hat and we’ll not recognize you…

Who Are The Worst Daily David Cooker Tweeters?

November 1, 2011

Who are the worst offenders in Cookdom? The ones that tweet good morning and good night or the ones that fill his twitter time line with random daily crap to try and catch his attention? Discuss..