Who Are The Worst Daily David Cooker Tweeters?

Who are the worst offenders in Cookdom? The ones that tweet good morning and good night or the ones that fill his twitter time line with random daily crap to try and catch his attention? Discuss..

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269 Comments on “Who Are The Worst Daily David Cooker Tweeters?”

    • nonna-muss Says:

      IloveDCyes, ladynsearch, celticsfaninNH (he @replied her once and now she tweets him constantly), NyCArole426, Jas5809, Kimmiechick, YoSwanny….too many tards, too little time. They all tweet him endlessly or talk about him and include the @thedavidcook, just to be sure he sees it. He probably can’t sleep at night without knowing that these old hags spend every free moment talking about him. *eyeroll*

      • MissyM Says:

        I forgot about celicsfaninNH yes ever since he @replied her she thinks they are best friends.

      • Nist Says:

        There really are too many guilty parties to list. Not even counting the ones who constantly tweet his bandmates, their girlfriends, members of any other band David’s ever been on tour with, his mother, brother, stepsister, and on and on.

        Oh and the guy touring with David who handles David’s VIP packages and takes the M&G pics has a twitter account. Or HAD a twitter account. He tweeted after a concert about available VIP packages using the @thedavidcook in the tweet. I instantly knew this was going to be a big mistake, and it was. His twitter followers (a small amount of people, probably people he actually knows, ha) must have doubled or tripled in the next day or two, and every single one was a DC tard. They started frequently tweeting him with comments like they do everyone associated with DC.

        So his account disappeared the other day. 🙂 Some tards have been tweeting asking where he went.

  1. MissyM Says:

    The worse offenders for tweeting him incisively over and over again. And insane crap at that would be NYCarole & LadyNSearch as well as that Kimmiechick. Then you got the ones that just tweet crazy stuff not only to him but about him. This honor again goes to NYCarole & LadyNSearch as well as Iluvdcyes,, Christine4david
    There are so many more. Not sure what these people have going on in their lives that they can do this all hours of the day and night.

  2. burt Says:

    I’d love to list them but it would mean looking at his timeline and this is not the day to be doing that with a sane mind. I can only imagine the comments about his new video and the meaning behind it/the song. Again. Am I the only one who wants to shout at them “HE DIDN’T FUCKING WRITE IT.”? (At least that was the impression I got when he was talking about it during the album launch. If I am wrong, I stand corrected.)

    As for Twitter, can anyone explain what’s up with the tweets with weird capitalization some people use? And all the “Au Prince, your rOses need watering” rubbish if he doesn’t tweet. I understand the roses reference but why is he their prince?

    This post is going to get interesting… 🙂

    • MissyM Says:

      The “Au Prince crap is a NYCarole crazy thing & I don’t get it would like for someone to explain it to me.

    • I always assumed the capitalization in rOses (and any other word with an o in it) was for the big “O” they get from him. And the watering? I don’t even want to go there.

    • nerdgirl Says:

      It seems to be a reference to the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry novella “The Little Prince”. There was a rose and the prince in it.

      • Burt Says:

        Thanks nerdgirl, so is there a connection to him and the novella? Sometimes things make less sense the more you know about them.

        And er, thanks smelledthecoffee. Nice images! 🙂

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Burt, are you talking about “Fade Into Me” not being written by David. It was written by David, Kevin Griffin (of Better Than Ezra) and Jamie Houston.

      As far as the frequent tweeters: I don’t follow them and almost never read his @replies. My sanity stays intact and irritation level way down 🙂

      • Burt Says:

        Yeah, I did mean “Fade Into Me” – he has a co-write credit but I’m sure he said it was submitted for his first album and didn’t fit so they looked at it again for this one (think it was a video on DCO but I don’t have time to look it up). If that is true, I doubt he wrote the lyrics. He has a co-write credit on a few tracks that weren’t written by him and are actually not very different to the originals. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, or that it’s wrong because it happens, I just hate seeing people pick apart lyrics to see what he was feeling if he didn’t even write them.

        Similarly, people picking apart lyrics he did write but has said are about something entirely different (see “Goodbye To The Girl”) annoys me. It’s just unnecessary to obsess over it which some people do.

  3. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Both parties are just as bad, mostly because they go hand in hand. They tweet him good morning, with a side of useless information that’s usually TMI

  4. 'NucksGal Says:

    I rarely look at his timeline because it’s filled with either weird “I love you”, “you’re so hot” tweets or 127 retweets of anything he, his band, his family/friends tweet.

    If I’m following whomever tweeted about him then I saw the original & don’t need to see it 127 more times. If I’m not following them (his mother for example?), then I don’t care & don’t need to see it.

    Though I have wondered if these mega-tweeters are why he tweets a lot less than he used to. Even though he’s on tour & so in “promo” mode, his band tweet more than he does about where they are performing etc.

    • MissyM Says:

      I could agree more with the retweets. Nothing more annoying then having him or one of his band members tweet something and to have someone retweet it right after. He knows what he tweeted, doesn’t need to see it in his @replies 100 times. And if you’re a fan then you’re following him so it doesn’t need retweeted at all.Or at least not over and over again. If I want to see something tweeted about him & missed it; I will just check his @replies or do a search.

      • Burt Says:

        OMG! The RTs! For the love of God, the RTs. Why do they do that? Not just his tweets but anything that mentions his name. They all seem to follow each other so they are RTing the same tweets amongst the same group of people (and of course to him). I doubt very few ever reach any new fans and if they do it’s because they searched so I wonder what they would make of the hundreds of RTs? Yep, they think OTT fans just like us.

        They are undoubtedly better than him or his team at “reporting” news and for that I’m thankful (to a degree) but like so much else, I wish they would calm down in doing it.

  5. JennPaz Says:

    So if I don’t tweet David “i love you,” “you’re so hot,” “good morning/afternoon/night,” “have a wonderful day,” etc. 100 times a day, does that make me a bad fan?! LOL

    I’m just constantly amazed at the length these “fans” go to. I had no idea it was this bad until I started reading this blog (and to the author of the blog: I thoroughly enjoy reading what you write, so don’t ever stop!)

    • nonna-muss Says:

      In some of their eyes this would make you a bad fan. Well, that may not be completely accurate. It would mean you are not as good a fan as they are. A bad fan would be someone who might not actually be in love with everything he does, sings, says. 😉

      • JennPaz Says:

        Guess I’m just not as “good” a fan as they are… ::hangs head in shame:: LOL I just hope David knows not all his fans are this way… some of us are actually just here for his music and nothing else.

    • Fluffy Says:

      Fan card. Hand it over. Now.

  6. Karen D Says:

    NYCarole426 (insane in every way and incredibly juvenile for someone in her 60s), Kimmiechick,(incredibly stupid and creepy. One of the people who kissed him at a meet and greet and got it added to the rules to not kiss, plus she tweets stupid shit at him all.the.time) Lizann49, (creepy troll who always has an avi that includes, him and her cat in some photoshop monstrosity), celticsfaninNH (who thinks he needs to read every tweet she sends because it’s about sports), Iluvdcyes (who I think may need mental help) and ladynsearch (for having to include @thedavidcook in almost every tweet she posts)

    There are many more, but this is just off the top of my head.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Isn’t Iluvdcyes old enough to be his grandmother??

      • Karen D Says:

        Yep, and she has pillowcases and a blanket with his picture on them so she can sleep with him. She’s frighteningly delusional.

      • JennPaz Says:


      • nonna-muss Says:

        And she has the lovely earrings with his picture on them.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Now I can see a 12-year old doing something like that for someone such as Justin Bieber… but for a 60+ year old woman to make earrings with David’s picture on them?! These “tards” completely blow my mind with the stuff they do. I didn’t realize it was THIS bad! LOL

      • Fluffy Says:

        That’s earrings lady? Is there a THE earrings lady or could caterwauling older woman standing on chair in VA Beach be ANOTHER earrings lady I wonder? 🙂

      • JennPaz Says:

        OMG, you mean there’s more than one earrings lady?! Sheesh!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        The only earring lady I know is the older thin as a stick one I saw in Charlottesville. She’s the same one I believe that stood on her chair in VA Beach and started caterwauling. Two earring ladys??? Damn, double the weirdness fun!

      • Fluffy Says:

        Yeah, MY earrings lady was a skinny thing looked to be 50? I don’t know, I’m 38 and she was a lot older than me. Or hasn’t aged so well.

        Wonder if she’ll be at the Falls Church show? I shall certainly report back if I see her or any other shenanigans. Though I’m not waiting in line for hours so I can be up front and I bet she’s more devoted than me… heh.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Fluffy you’re going to be at the Falls Church show? I’m not too far away and originally planned to go to scope out the crowd. If only it had been on a saturday I would have gone but friday night and I-66 traffic are a no go for me

      • Fluffy Says:

        FDC, yeah, I live very close to the Falls Church venue so planning to go. I’ll report my adventures (or not) when I get back lol.

    • nicole Says:

      @rascalete: @thedavidcook ☑Talented ☑A Musician ☑Artistic ☑ Songwriter ☑Creative ☑humble ☑Sensitive ☑Compassionate ☑Beautiful Voice ☑ #Thisloudtour

      what a cheeseball. if we were related, i’d be embarrassed as hell.

  7. Karen D Says:

    I forgot one of the latest to enter the race: tweetheart1982. David replied to her once so she sends tweets to him and bandmates incessantly with stupid comments/questions.

    • MissyM Says:

      Have you seen her latest, or at least from yesterday? She asked him if he found his soul mate yet. If he has, I’m sure he wouldn’t tell her.

  8. 'NucksGal Says:

    Another twitter pet peeve that seems to happen with DC as well as (more than?) other celebs… I hate the…

    Pleeeeze RT this, it’s my birthday/grad/fav Thursday of the year


    Please RT because I/my brother/sister/aunt/neighbour’s parakeet has cancer/heart disease/athlete’s foot

    Or the ever popular

    I’m sad/happy/dying/menstrating… Please follow me and it would make my day/year

    Etc etc blah blah

    (just as annoying are the celebs who actually DO retweet all of these, I Unfollow pretty fast if they do)

    • Burt Says:

      Yes! This is a pet peeve of mine too – with anyone. I just do not understand the reason for any of that crap, I’d much rather someone took the time to reply to a normal tweet. Also add to the list “RT if you love your fans in outer-space”, which someone innocently does and then follows 20 other RTs for other places just to keep them all happy.

      You know, I might think David doesn’t utilizes Twitter (although I imagine the replies here explain why) but at least he doesn’t get sucked into all that crap. I admire anyone who doesn’t.

  9. MissyM Says:

    And I think we have a winner. And that honor goes to NYCarole. Everyone of her tweets has his name in it in some way. And what the hell is are we making noise and links to his video? Again giving fans a bad name of being crazy and needing some help.

  10. nonna-muss Says:

    This just in from Kimmiechick (who incidentally is not the Kimberley that kissed him):

    @thedavidcook Have an Awesome Show tonight Sweetie,wish I was looking at your Swagger on Stage and that hot bod! #hero #Love

    Does she really think he enjoys those kind of tweets? Really? Ummm, no.

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      And lets not forget this wacko… Here is the latest from her:

      iluvDCyes Karen
      @thedavidcook A month from tomorrow I hope we will be goofy when the VIP pic is taken..I have a plan

      Now I think I know where he came up with the lyrics to Circadian – “Mayday somebody save me now” – it’s in his nightmares, trying to escape these megatards like Gramma Moses here…. But watch out DC – she’s coming to a theater near you SOOOOOOON!!!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        We commented at the same time. I hope he read that tweet so he can brace himself!

      • JennPaz Says:

        Uh oh, she has a plan?? I am now officially frightened for him!! lol

      • MissyM Says:

        I feel so bad for him.Isn’t she the one that cornered him on a street during the declaration tour, when he was walking with his old tour manager Art; then bragged to everyone about it? This is so un-cool. You don’t go up to someone in the public eye when they are on their alone time. Only stupid paparazzi does that. Not only shows me she is looney,also has no real respect for him. I’m so worried what’s she going to do when she gets near him. I wonder what her plan is?

      • JennPaz Says:

        Yeah, i think she “ran” into him in a store or something… and who knows what this crazy lady has in mind for her meet and greet. Isn’t she also obsessed with his legs? Seems like she’s always posting pics of his legs….. I’m thinking David might want to beef up his security on that day.

      • Karen D Says:

        Yes, I meant Kimmiechick. But read her tweets, she randomly capitalizes words in every tweet.

      • Ali Says:

        Hahaha Grandma moses 😀

    • Maria Says:

      Reading that made me gag. I wonder what he did if he read it? God I hope he didn’t. I really don’t think he reads the drivel from the crazed fans. Sure it just looks right over it, when if he does read his @replies when he has time. Not like he has time to check twitter all day long.

    • Karen D Says:

      Oh, she definitely kissed him. Tweeted about kissing him on the neck and leaving lipstick. Also notice her random word capitalization. Why? Just why? She also tries to constantly get him to follow Martha Byrne (from As the World Turns) and her to follow him.

      • MissyM Says:

        Actually I think Kimmiechick was the one who kissed him. And wants him to follow the person from that soap, Sorry I don’t watch them. And NYCarole is the one with the random work capitalization. Why just why is right.

      • MissyM Says:

        She’s just in a special category all by herself.

  11. nonna-muss Says:

    Oh and doesn’t this give us something to look forward to:

    @thedavidcook A month from tomorrow I hope we will be goofy when the VIP pic is taken..I have a plan

    At least she gave him fair warning.

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      Yes nonna, great minds think alike here… *snerk* ;)T
      This one though has got to be at the top of the leaderboard in terms of outright wackadoodle… Although the case can be made for NYCarOLe, kimmiechick and the always terrifying Debrakay as strong contenders as well…just for starters that is.

      • MissyM Says:

        I still give the top of the leaderboard to NYCarOle. Her tweets to and about him are just strange and very irritating. I want to shake her and go What the F is your problem. He can’t tweet something without her using it in her tweets for the next month or so. & if she calls him her babee or rock star one more time, I might have to scream.

  12. MissyM Says:

    Your right JenPaz. I forgot about the leg thing. Yea I think she wants to dry hump it. At her age I’m sure that’s all she can do. Sure no moister there anymore. Sorry that was terrible.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Terrible, but funny…. and true!!

      • MissyM Says:

        Have you seen her latest?. He’s in her room ready to sing her to sleep. I actually think she believes he is there. And that makes me sad for her. I never even had an imaginary friend when I was little, so no way in hell do I think someone is there when they are not. Isn’t that a sign of some mental illness, especially when your an adult.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Yeah… I’m thinking she ain’t right in the head… And I think she’s doing a meet and greet in the near future. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for THAT!!

  13. 'NucksGal Says:

    This post & the comments prompted me to check his timeline again.

    A DJ tweeted that she will be playing his single tonight. In just 3 scrolls of the old iPhone screen I counted at least 27 retweets of the exact same tweet.


  14. JennPaz Says:

    Did anybody see this from that chursy person:

    his people know him better then any fandom knows their artist. we love and respect and he loves and respects. #love

    So is she saying the tards are better than other artists’ fans? Seriously?? And what’s even funnier is I just read an interview with David saying how the first thing he looks for in a woman is a lack of pretense. Her statement is pretty pretentious imo. Sorry, chursy… looks like you aren’t David’s type LOL

    • Ali Says:

      Lol not to mention that this chursy person is also a grandmother! She is one of the most disgusting tweeters and at times (maybe when she ran out of her meds lol?) she would go on sexual rampages on his twitter, @ replying how she wants to fuck him lmao! Yes, she has actually tweeted that! It was during a fan meltdown (yet again) some months ago, and she was criticized for it…begrudgingly cleaned up her twitter…temporarily. These women must be so lonely and they all have cats lol.

      • MissyM Says:

        That chursy person talks sexual not only to him also about him all the time. She’s probably one of the more disgusting people around.

      • JennPaz Says:

        No she didn’t!! She really tweeted (or whatever the word is) that she wants to fuck him??? At her age?? I’m surprised he hasn’t shut down his Twitter account… but then again he probably gets a good laugh from all their nonsense. I know I do!

      • Don’t go blaming these whack-jobs on cats!!!! LOL!*pats Biscuit & Tuukka and says “there there*

        I am off to the York, Pa. show tomorrow and all you Tards out there–I will be taking down names. HA!!!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        KarenD, you are a braver woman than I to go to the York show. All the northeast tards will be there. From what I hear the show is sold out and over 100 VIPs were sold. Take pictures! Hahaha!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I’ve already told the hubby he’s coming with me to be my bodyguard Saturday night at the Virginia date. It’s not very far from us….. tardwatching here I come..

      • nonna-muss Says:

        FDC, it’s Friday the 18th, don’t miss it! I can picture you and Mr. FDC tailgating for tard watching. 🙂

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I kept thinking it was Saturday. Friday is out of the question due to commitments plus Mr. FDC is seriously afraid of the tards now. So perhaps I won’t be showing up….. Fridays are tricky says she that just drove out of DC area for a work thingie..

  15. MissyM Says:

    I have a new entry JaimielovesDC Tweet she just sent him:
    Hearing your message on my phone totally made me smile. 🙂 I love You Hot stuff!!! Maybe I shouldn’t include her. Since by her avi she looks like she might be about 12 or13.

  16. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    This is the kind of stuff that really irritates me… Here are two tards discussing whether or not its cool to Tweet what the soundchecked songs EVEN after DC has specifically asked them NOT to (and incredibly) it seems in this instance its Debrakay who is (more or less) the voice of reason here:

    debrakay23 Debra
    @bleed_into_one you’re a good fan. I guess my feeling is it’s VIP so is kinda special, not just for general public.

    debrakay23 Debra
    @bleed_into_one also, he seems to do them in a show within a day or two so I don’t mind waiting. Jmo.:)

    bleed_into_one becky/becks
    I’m trying to decide if that makes me bad fan for not keeping it secret. I’m torn.

    bleed_into_one becky/becks
    My two cents (hrs after convo) is don’t expect me to keep soundcheck songs secret. As soon as I leave the room I’m tweeting. Sorry Dave lol

    And they wonder why the rules keep changing on them…

    • MissyM Says:

      This pisses me off to no end. When he specifically asked for something not to be done & someone does it anyway. No wonder why his fans have gotten such a bad rap from not only other musicians fans; also his own. Yes Debra is the voice of reason here.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Is bleed into one the former It’s Me Becky? I’ve seen her in action. An entitled tard who thinks she’s owed something by Cook and his band mates. She’s obnoxiously rude and unfortunately so are her chums. They make the concert going experience a nightmare for anyone unfortunate enough to be near them. They yell during banter, complain about the set list, bully other concert goers and complain to venue staff if things don’t work out the way they wish.

      The sense of entitlement astounds me more and more. The same people that don’t give a crap about his wishes are the same that are the loudest complainers if they don’t like the way things are going. People like her will eventually make it so there are no more VIP packages and after show meet and greets. Then they will be the most vocal about how David doesn’t care about his fans and how he’s ruining his career. And in the whole process ruin things for everyone else who has a little class and respect for not only themselves, but David, the band and other fans.

      • MissyM Says:

        Don’t know if that’s her or not. Just know that so many of them are rude and obnoxious at his shows. Yes they think they are entitled.

      • Jen Says:

        Yup, same person. I think she might be going to my show too. Awesome. I have screencaps of her talking shit about Andrew and Kira. There was also one time on the Declaration tour where she wanted to throw an entire bottle of Jack Daniels onto the stage for Neal. lol

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Yup, she’s going to my show too. She’s always been at my shows.

      • Ali Says:

        Yep that’s her nonna, Becky the literally huge, unattractive (inside and out) Nealtard, constantly attacking fans and the bands family/friends . She’s in the same pack as the other fanfic tard kimberly powell who was trolling this site attacking me for outing her lol. They are the leaders of there cow herd…and very nasty and entitled from my experience.

        You should hand over those screen caps to Dave Jenn, I’m sure it would be good evidence for the restraining order haha. As if they haven’t foolishly outed there criminal behavior online for all to see including David…yet they continue to think he “appreciates” them?

    • Pisses me off to no end too. Tonight’s soundcheck was Heroes and some song nobody could identity. Asking people for $75 and then cutting the number of songs in the VIP soundcheck (and doing more in a seperate one without the fans) all thanks to the ones who recorded and posted it, after him asking specifically not to. Really, Heroes? That’s all ya get? How many times have they played that? EVERY SHOW! In both tours. If I were him I’d just pack it in and call it a day for this career. Maybe do stand up for a while if he likes the road so much. Put the Terry wig on and just give it a go. JMO.

    • burt Says:

      I’ve seen a discussion on the whole sound check secrecy thing over the last couple of days. Of course they shouldn’t be recording stuff, although swearing them to secrecy over the song titles seems a bit strange. But whatever, it doesn’t bother me.

      What amazed me though (not really, but you know what I mean) was the sense of entitlement coming from people who are at the shows about how they want to do what he has asked. One of those people admits to having an MP3 of a “secret” performance though. Funny that.

      Great how they honor what he wants when it makes them feel good and they want to be on his good side but they will happily go against it all when it suits them. And I would bet anything that they ARE sharing the information and files (when they exist) but just between their friends.

      • Jen Says:

        Exactly. If he did something special and asked you not to say what it was then just don’t say anything at all. But you can’t be head tard if you don’t have something to hold over all the other tards’ heads.

  17. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    Okay I read on DCO that the M&G for tonight’s show was cancelled like not just today, but maybe even a couple of days ago – peeps were sent an e-mail about it but I do not think any explanation was given…And this is the first time that’s happened that I know of. So I don’t think it has anything to do with GDG being sick tonigh. Yeah no M&G for either guy tonight from what I am reading. But WTF, these soundchecks are getting shorter and surlier as the ‘tewer’ rolls on from what I can tell. Which really sucks…so thanks DC “fans” – NOT. Stupid cows.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      STC I hope that you get to get your M&G and tell us if any of the tards starts behaving like an assclown. You just know that they will..

    • JennPaz Says:

      You know now that the tards who had their M&G cancelled are the ones who are going to bitch and moan and say how David doesn’t love or care about his fans, blah blah blah… Well, newsflash: they are the ones who brought it on themselves by not respecting David’s wishes of not recording the soundcheck and posting it online. These tards’ sense of entitlement just astounds me to no end… And can someone please explain to me why they spell “tour” “tewer”? Don’t they realize they are making a short word longer? lol

      • The way he pronounces it sounds more like tewer with 2 syllables. The first few times it was cute. Now when they do it, it’s almost like they’re mocking it.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Yeah, why not raise the M&G price. The Who charged $350 a head a few years ago. Now I wouldn’t pay that but I don’t have a burning desire to meet much of anyone in the entertainment industry.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        STC, there should be lots of shenanigans at today’s show. All the northeast tards are going. Good luck!

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        I hate reading that the tour m&gs are getting cancelled, shortened, changed to keep the band’s secrets safe.

        And I don’t have a lot of money. I couldn’t even travel to Seattle to see the show.

        I’m a fan. I would love to honour David’s request that people don’t watch on YouTube & instead support live shows. Saw a great live show on Thursday night.

        If he tours near here, I’ll go gladly. I’ll pay $75 for a m&g. But if they’re $350, only the tards who can afford to follow him all over the country will ever get to go. We, the regular everyday fans, will be shut out.

        Again, the small group of crazies will destroy it for the majority of normal people. Really sad.

  18. nicole Says:

    i should sign up on twitter.

  19. JennPaz Says:

    If they were to jack up the price of the M&G, would the tards still go to them over and over again? My favorite artist is doing a similar VIP package and his is $395!!

  20. NakedSpoon Says:

    Ok, I’ve been reading here since this blog started and have wanted to comment on some of these people for so long, but didn’t want to be the one to out them. I signed up for twitter when David did, back when I was a very mild tard, and thus followed and am followed back by some fans. Most of them are normal, but one makes me want to puke, and as she was mentioned already, here goes: Lizann49. Old, obsessed, always trying to get his attention. For every tweet of his, she replies at least 3 or 4 times. Seems like a nice enough person, but delusional. She has blankets and pillows and photo books, so gross!

  21. Nist Says:

    Andrew Cook tweeted earlier this week to promote an Arrow to Athens show at a small venue in LA. Arrows to Athens is the new David Hodges band (former Evanescence guy who cowrites with DC quite a bit).

    Naturally, the LA people who normally track David wherever he goes showed up because of the Cook connection. That includes LiterateGal, wehoscott, ninasfeet, zoo2 and her husband, and yoyosassy (who seems to have an obsession with getting hugs from Andrew Cook). Today Literategal of course had to tweet Andy’s girlfriend about how good it was to see her at the show, and then tweet Neal and Kira – who didn’t attend – saying she missed seeing them at the show. These same fans tracked down Neal, Kira, Andrew, etc. at David’s recent Cali shows. Don’t they realize that maybe Andrew and Co would like to hang out and hear music from their friends without having David’s fans around tweeting about seeing them or having a “conversation”? This is a 140 seat venue; the tards can’t be avoided in that small a space.

    Andrew has about 11000 followers; I wonder if he was hoping his tweet would reach out beyond the circle of his brother’s tards. I also wonder how these “friends of David” feel about their concerts being attended by these fans. It seems like it happens to every band/musician David is associated with or mentions. David has an unusual (I mean OLD) fanbase; I’m not sure that’s what many of these other musicians in their 20s and early 30s are looking for.

  22. Shenanigan Says:

    I have been thinking about whether to write here or not, but here goes.

    Why do you all have it out for David Cook? Do you really want to completely destroy his career?

    What do you think happens when you put out the opinion, over and over again that all fans of David Cook are fat, old housewives? Do you think the people who do not fit that demographic want to be known as a David Cook fan? And you just can’t let it go while claiming to be “normal” fans yourselves, like a normal fan would spend hours on the internet bashing a musician’s fans. And other sites pick it up, other lone crazies echo the meme over and over. Pretty soon no one will want to be anywhere near him because they might be taken for a fan.

    You guys are either foolish or just glory in his destruction as if he is not a real person.

    Not all fans of David Cook are like that, some are, yes, but many are not. There are breathtakingly beautiful young girls who are fans, some edgy young guys who keep quiet, quite a number of men who are romantics under the gruff exterior. There are many fans of David Cook who are extremely accomplished therapists, attorneys, teachers, professionals in many fields. It was not an accident that he was Hillary’s favorite. However, it takes some strength to say one is a David Cook fan when you have labeled them all as disgusting “tards”, a word that is so offensive to all those with developmentally disabled family members.

    It is sad and sickening how people enjoy tearing down others, and I mean David Cook. He was so grateful to win American Idol originally, so naive in believing people wanted the best for him and would stand by him even if he poured out his grief and the truth of it in his music. I am so saddened by this site, the hatred, the ignorance, the determined destruction of his career.

    It is not the best of humanity.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Yes, I’m sure it’s the handful of bloggers here that are ruining his career.

      It COULDN’T be the crazies that spam every article and youtube video comment section with the over the top sentiments about how seck-say or hawt he is and how his pantz fit, or that he’s an angel with a voice from on high.

      It COULDN’T possibly be the fans that push and shove their way to the front of the venues without a care about who they step on to be near him.

      It certainly COULDN’T be the fans that tweet him night and day telling him all sorts of crazy things from their dog being sick to that fact that they enjoy the way he struts his sexy butt on stage.

      It COULDN’T be the fact that his fans set up camp in front of every venue he plays in (general admission) overnight or at least from the early morning hours until doors open.

      It COULDN’T be that at his OFFICIAL site there are threads about his leg, his neck, his lips or that there are photoshopped pictures made by grown women gladly wanting him to paddle them for being naughty.

      Thank you SO much for enlightening us and letting us know that we are terrible fans. What would we have ever done without you leading us down the right path?

      *note to self, in the future skip Shenanigans posts—yawn*

    • nerdgirl Says:

      Who is Hillary?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Hillary Clinton is a huge fan of David’s. While campaigning for President she would ask her friends to vote for him if she was not able to. He also was asked to sing to her at a special ceremony at Carnegie Hall being held in her honor, it was a surprise to her and he sang her favorite song to her.

      • nerdgirl Says:

        I see. Another older woman…

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Everyone please ignore Shenanigan. She’s a well known Cooktard from Cali, one of the group there that goes to every freaking envelope opening inconsequential thing he does. She has zero self awareness and clearly misunderstands every post here. I don’t block her because occasionally we get an amusing hissy fit from her calling everyone else a meanie poo poo head.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        Please don’t block her FDC!!! If we can just get through to even ONE of these loonies on this blog it will be more than worth it… although judging from her last response, it’s not gonna be this one…The lack of insight here is truly frightening.

      • Shenanigan Says:

        Oh FDC, I am most certainly not a well known Cook fan. And I have never been to an envelope opening (awards show?).

      • freedavidcook Says:

        But…I have proof that you are. Do you want me to lay out all the links and your real name?

        Keep talking, you’re digging yourself a huge hole..

    • Fluffy Says:

      Maybe next time I catch a show I will find some of these romantic-under-gruff-exterior guys to hang out with. They sound fun.

      The whole “you meanie pants are trying to destroy pure beautiful David who stands in his innocent truth” is… interesting. I’m thinking if anything is going to hurt his career it’s the behavior of the merry band of loons rather than anything said here. Though, hell, if we can singlehandedly destroy someone let’s pick a worthy target and use our superpowers!

    • Ali Says:

      Ummm, again, those accomplished people are not sending tweets daily or online to notice they are in a fandom of tards haha…they probably don’t even know anything about it…busy doing brain surgery and saving the world, with there David Cook cd as back ground music 🙂

    • rascalete Says:

      I agree, Just as many fans think they are as crazy as the fans they make fun of. Unfortunately when PPl think they are the only ones that are allowed to judge, it goes to deaf ears. So sad!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        You might actually have a point if, say, anyone here was actually doing the insane stalkery things the tards are doing. You forget that you and your bunch actually take actions that most of society would frown upon. Disapproving of your actions is not the same thing is what you guys are doing at all, not even on the same scale. Actually, it’s sad we’ve had to resort to shaming you lot just to make all of you take it down a few notches. Look at yourself and see if perhaps you’re ready for a padded cell.

  23. Shenanigan Says:

    Oh and furthermore, overweight, older, sad housewives are allowed to love music too and crush on celebrities. It is not for you to judge.

  24. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    Shenanigan –

    As a self-professed cooktard (read my handle) maybe I can explain (again) the motivation (and fascination) for this site. First and foremost, I am pretty sure that A LOT of peeps inhabiting this forum whether they are lurking or posting or a combination thereof, are actual true-blue David Cook fans, the silent majority if you will, the ‘unsung’ unknown variety (read: the ones whose names you or I do NOT know on sight – cuz I am one of “those” and have been now heading towards the 4 year mark with no light at the end of the tunnel as yet.

    But this is a very very difficult “fandom” to be involved in – for me it’s a constant series of checks and balances, trying to determine how one can be a “good fan” versus a destructive one.

    The people you find in here complaining about the lunatic fringe are not those who are constantly tweeting him, spamming radio stations or other websites, attending multiple M&Gs or stalking him and his friends during their off times – nope, we merely call out those that do. This does not make US bad, evil, or even cruel – it makes us people who are fed up with the way he is objectified and drooled over by – in many cases women who are more than twice his age – Like how often do you see us in here pointing fingers at the “young gorgeous ones” you allude to, or even any guy fans he may have? The answer is you won’t (unless these types are acting blatantly stupidly that is) – why would we? This site as far as I can tell is dedicated to pointing out the ridiculousness of a certain faction of Cook’s fandom – nothing more. And you know very well, as do we all, that Cook’s fandom is NOT unique, I am sure the Bieber tards and no doubt Glamberts, or heck, well, just name any male singer between the age of say 15-50 and you are going to have that element of wacked out fans in their demographic.

    I wouldn’t take the term ‘tard’ so literally, it’s just a word Shenanigan – no different really from gimpy, nerd or geek – they all fit here. No offense is meant – its just part of the vernacular.

    Oh and FWIW, if I was reading in here and the convo turned to dissing Cook on any sort of consistent basis (yes I know there are a few ‘haters’ who occasionally bitch him out) – then I would be long gone, never to return. I adore him. There I said it. It’s true too, but what I do not adore is the way that some – and I don’t really even believe it’s THAT many – in his fandom – think is acceptable behaviour.

    For myself, even though yes, I consider myself a “TARD” – I know I don’t even scratch the surface as to what most would consider to be tardish behaviour – yet for me it’s a constant weighing of what is / is not acceptable behaviour – not just in a fandom, but in real life for heaven’s sake! Twitter! Now does anyone in real life send out 100 tweets a day to some dude she’s never going to know and who most likely will never even see said tweets – how is that normal, Shenanigan? How does THAT help his career? Can you please explain how that – or literally bombarding radio stations with requests helps his career??? I really need to know the answer to this one.

    What about the ones who go to great lengths and no doubt to pretty hefty expense to take in as MANY concerts (which are all more or less the same) as possible – complete with M&Gs for each? Sure the argument can be made that going to multiple concerts doesn’t ‘hurt’ him any – more money in his pocket, yeah, I get that but do you seriously believe that any artist – not just Cook – but anyone is really overjoyed to see the same faces crop up over and over and over again – no matter how many times she’s lining his pockets? Nuh-uh. They don’t. Trust me. Know it from the horse’s mouth shall we say.

    You seem to have the notion that it’s this site that’s responsible for ruining Cook’s career? Really? All anyone in here ever does is point out what the REAL career destroyers are doing badly, all in the futile hopes that even just one or two of them will read here and say, “Wow, that does sound like me” maybe I should dial it back a notch? Can you imagine what would happen if even a small percentage of these peeps was able to gain even the tiniest bit of insight from reading here how others view them?

    Do you think it was just a random act that RCA ED – a representative of Cook’s label even found it necessary to reference this site when several kooks on DCO were getting out of hand over there a few months back? THE LABEL knows about this place Shenanigan…and in some small way, thinks it is/was doing some service.

    Oh, and this has NOTHING really to do with being old and/or fat. It has to do with behaving in a batshit crazy manner that does not do one thing to benefit an artist’s career.

    One of the saddest examples is how so many of them – and I don’t know now if it’s the weeds/roses or what have you have continued to FLOCK to see David run in the Marathon of Hope – some traveling all across the country or beyond – for NO other reason than to catch a glimpse of him…Imagine if they took all the money they spent on airfare, hotels, Twinkies, you name it and instead said, you know what David – I’m just gonna stay home and donate $100 or $200 or $500 to your charity (or how about a charity in their OWN city) instead of frittering it away on the off chance of seeing you?

    But NO. That won’t ever happen because in the end Shenanigan – it’s never about the artist or what is best for the artist, is it? No it’s always about MEEEEEEEEEEE! The uber-fan, the “bestest” fan – the one who can get the most pics with him, who can be front and center at each and every concert – who can coax that megawatt smile out of him at the umpteenth M&G they have been to or corners him in his favourite restaurant or on the street or wherever…

    Frack I could go on and on but this is familiar territory – every day is exactly the same in this fandom isn’t it?

    We do not hate people as individuals – we hate bad behaviour – that is all. And you know what? The best way to shut FDC down for good? Just behave in a semi-normal fashion – that is all that is required and this site will just shrivel up and die…it’s that simple, really.

  25. Shenanigan Says:

    Running out the door to a completely different concert, but briefly, I don’t think this site is responsible for the difficulties in the music industry and the difficulties David Cook is having. I do think it hurts him, by reinforcing the myth that he is only appealing to a certain kind of undesirable person. It makes him an object of ridicule, scorn. His achievements are discounted because it is assumed he is being shored up by all the crazy fans you constantly complain of. In truth, how many “crazy” fans are there, maybe twenty? Yet you harp and harp and harp upon it. It only makes those of you who participate feel superior. No one knows everyone else’s story, no one is all that superior.

    Again, I am quite sure it does his career no good at all, anymore than VFTW is good for anyone’s career. It perpetuates a meme that is very destructive to him, radiates out into the culture.

    I just wish everyone would think carefully about what harm is caused.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Enjoy the million Cook concert you’ve been to. I’ve seen your postings online admitting to having seen at least 15 concerts during his last tour Shenanigan. That sounds pretty like hard core insane overinvolved dangerous fan from here.

      • Shenanigan Says:

        Oh I would have loved to have seen 15 concerts. The Hammond concert where he played the whole first album, the Shawnee OK concert where he did “Man in the Box”, the Aspen concert at the Belly-up, and others too. I don’t know where you get your information though, way, way less concerts for me, unfortunately. Don’t you feel a little squicked out though, cyberstalking some random person?

      • Ali Says:

        Wow, FDC, talk about delusional…this has got to be wehoscott, or literategal perhaps? They write with that oh so condescending tone, you can just see there noses up in the air, as they scold us…and run out to have pancakes, because DC just tweeted he was headed there…or his brother, or dog…lmao! Tell us who shenanigans is FDC, the internet is public domain, they deserve to be called out.

        ps, How is simply googling (everyone does it) cyberstalking lol?

      • JennPaz Says:

        And maybe I’m just stupid… but what in the hell does “squicked out” mean? Is that even a real word?! lol

      • squick
        v. to disturb, unsettle, make uneasy; to cause disgust or revulsion; to gross (someone) out; to freak (someone) out. Also noun, something which causes disgust, revulsion, or uneasiness, or the disgust, revulsion, or uneasiness itself. Also squick (someone) out.

        Perhaps they should be called Squicktards?

      • Ali Says:

        Lmao Karen P…that has got to be literategal haha! Who the hell else talks like she’s performing Shakespeare, while commenting on a cooktard blog?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        The reason that David sounds better to many fans while performing cover songs is probably because pre-Idol he was in a bar band, just like a million other souls trying to make it ‘big’ in the music industry. Even back in my ancient bar band days when you play in a bar band you did mostly everyone elses songs. Once in a great while when everyone in the audience was wasted and it was late night you might play an original but not often. Idol might have thrust Cook out beyond his naturally developed abilities. Bar band material isn’t going to cut it long in the industry and might explain why he’s not accepted by the industry yet. He is perceived by them as just another karaoke singer. Hard to change the industry’s mind once they label you something. How many boy band ‘stars’ or teenybopper stars have crossed over to have successful adult music careers? Very few.

    • 'NucksGal Says:

      I wish the crazy “must-video”, “must-tweet”, “must-stalk” fans would cut it out before they ruin it for other non-crazy fans.

      Yup, my disgust about this IS all about me. My desire to enjoy the same experience ONCE that others have enjoyed many many times.

      If the bands are so fed up they cancel Soundcheck VIPs and m&gs then that will affect his career & this site has nothing to do with that. Nothing!!

      But I’m not even whining about it affecting his career. I’m whining because a small group of over-invested selfish greedy NUT CASES can ruin the experience for everyone else.

      Yup. All about me this time. I have taken another step in my journey towards tarddom.

      And shenanigans, I agree lonely fat old married skinny young men women with cats dogs & embroidered pillows are all allowed to enjoy music. They can all have hopes, crushes (my bf’s crush is jewel), fantasies, spend $ on multiple concerts etcetc. Goodness knows I’m not thin or pretty & I’m sure the only way I’d meet him is to pay for the chance. I’m not elbowing to get to the front,stalking the bus or bugging anyone backstage or on their time off. So my only shot is a m&g.

      But antisocial crazy stalking behavior is wrong! Wrong! Stupid! Selfish! Scary! That’s what FDC is about. It could be call free Bieber, free Leonardo DeCaprio, free anyone. It’s the behavior, not the target.

      Get it?

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      Shenanigan – I must be a glutton for punishment, but I will try once more to get through….

      It’s not US. It is YOU and your ilk who are damaging Cook’s career if indeed that is even happening seeing the state of industry in general.

      Okay, here’s yet another example of your typical OTT bad behaviour – Do you really think that PDs and/or DJs at all these radio gigs he does where the SAME OLD SAME OLD fans show up (and please spare me the denials, WE know who you are all, cuz, I for one have more pix of you on my computer now than my own family!) – And, in so doing, may I remind you, this effectively prevents any NEW, different and/or potential fans from attending said gigs – all because YOU and your cronies are hogging the space, cuz duh well you are entitled to that aren’t you?

      Now, Shenanigan what do you suppose said PD/DJ is thinking to him/herself when this happens? Hmmm, let’s see,… now, is it:

      a)“Eww, poor dude, this is exactly the same crowd that (insert call letters of sister radio stn here) got at his last gig in (insert town) yesterday”;


      b)“Wow, that FDC blog is really fucking up this guy’s career isn’t??”

      For the record, my money is on (a)….

      Again, let me refresh your memory back a couple of months when RCA Ed blew a gasket (for the umpteenth time) – over something about fans “working the system” (paraphrasing here) to David’s detriment with the radio stations –and he was right royally PISSED… Now, Shenanigan, let’s think here, do you suppose he was annoyed with FDC – OR… (concentrate now)…. Maybe he was peeved with certain OTT loons who may have been skewing the numbers on certain sites? Hmmm?

      Now can you please explain how FDC damaged Cook’s credibility in that instance, would love to hear the explanation…

      Try to focus here, Shenanigan – It is YOU and others just like you that damage his career… Not this little blog which is merely pointing out bad fan behaviour – it’s a public service – you should be grateful!

      As dear old dad used to say “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” I’d say this sums up you wackos in a nutshell…. YOU and those like you ARE the meme Shenanigan, and YOU and others just like you are ones responsible for this “culture” of lunatic fandom, not FDC – Can you please just listen, I am trying to help you – can you grasp this concept?

      No. Of course not. Your lack of insight here is, well, breathtaking…I just don’t know what else to say, other than…. Stop for a minute and think about the artist for once – you know, the one you all profess to “love” so much – cuz if this is how you show your love, I for one am very very sorry for him.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Very well said, cooktardsans!!

        I, too, am a David Cook fan. I voted for him every week on Idol (heck, I may have even shed a tear or two when he won), I have bought his albums and have seen him in concert. I wish nothing but the best for him. I want him to have a very long and successful career. But as a fan, I know my boundaries and am adult enough to know how to respect his. Am I going to put a tracking device on his bus and call hotels to find out where he’s staying? No. Am I going to accost him and grope him and kiss him at a M&G? No. Am I going to stand out in the cold for hours after a show just to get an autograph or picture? No. Am I going to tweet him twenty times a day with nonsense drivel? No. Do I think I’m best friends with him, his bandmates, mother, brother, stepsister, bandmates’ girlfriends, etc? No. Am I going to harass and bad mouth and show up at the job of a woman he’s rumored to be dating? No. Do I think David is going to fall madly in love with me and marry me? No (although I’m not gonna lie, that would be pretty nice! LOL) Am I going to spend my rent money and not pay my bills just so I can fly all over the country to see him? No. Am I going to shove and push people down just so I can be in the front row and be close to David? No.

        From what I gather, the majority of David’s fans aren’t like that. It seems to be a small group who constantly bring the crazy and who ruin it for the rest of us. I understand we all have celebrity crushes, and that’s fine… when it’s healthy. It’s when these certain fans cross that line between what’s real and what’s not. And when they do that, it’s a sign that something isn’t right in their own lives and they need some serious help.

        And for the record, as someone who has worked in radio for the last ten years, the constant calling and emailing of PDs and DJs really doesn’t do much good. All it does is annoy us and waste our time since the music that is played is already predetermined by a song’s position on the charts.

        Again, I’m a David Cook fan. It’s the behavior of some of his fans that I don’t like, and some of it is just downright scary.

    • Ali Says:

      Ummm, any normal/casual fan needing to get real info on David’s fans, need only search his twitter feed…and unfortunately though may be in a minority of people, but waayyy more than 20 uber, batshit crazy fans going to shows and online. If it was just twenty then this site wouldn’t be discussing David Cook fantards…the hard cores seem to be at least in the hundreds…like I said just do a twitter search…and the majority of his over 200,000 twitter followers get to see the bullshit they have to deal with at shows, and the embarrassment of being lumped into the same category as yourself and the other loons, shanigans. You are the one who has the tard power to change your behavior and your other tard friends, if you care about your David’s career lol.

  26. Natasha Says:

    JennPazz, you are so right on the money with the statement “But as a fan, I know my boundaries and am adult enough to know how to respect his.”

  27. Fluffy Says:

    Aw, now, come on. No thought police. What I/we/they judge is not for you to determine, after all.

  28. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Wow. Does anyone else here think that his career could be damaged by the fact(s) that:
    1-Only 2 Idol winners have gone on to have “success”, and they were both females??
    2-David took wayyyyyyy too ling to record this album, and in the fickle music industry world, people had just moved on.
    3-This album isn’t all that great. Too heavy, too much screaming instead of singing, 1st single nauseatingly pop crap, etc.

    People can play a blame game but the fact that his shows with GDG are not even consistently selling out shows that this guy is in trouble. He can paint a pretty picture in the few interviews he does now (most places are showing a total lack of interest), but the TRUTH is that David and TPTB are as much to blame as any of us meanie poo-poo heads.

    Also, does anyone else think that Shenanigan sounds like Cookphile? She annoys me as much as Cookphile used to on DCU.

  29. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Wow. Does anyone else here think that his career could be damaged by the fact(s) that:
    1-Only 2 Idol winners have gone on to have “success”, and they were both females??
    2-David took wayyyyyyy too ling to record this album, and in the fickle music industry world, people had just moved on.
    3-This album isn’t all that great. Too heavy, too much screaming instead of singing, 1st single nauseatingly pop crap, etc.

    People can play a blame game but the fact that his shows with GDG are not even consistently selling out shows that this guy is in trouble. He can paint a pretty picture in the few interviews he does now (most places are showing a total lack of interest), but the TRUTH is that David and TPTB are as much to blame as any of us meanie poo-poo heads.

    Also, does anyone else think that Shenanigan sounds like Cookphile? She annoys me as much as Cookphile used to on DCU.

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Oops. I meant to say “long” not “ling” in #2 above. Damn auto correct! Piece of shut! Maybe we should blame auto correct for the downfall, or…maybe it is LISA LING’s fault, and I subconsciously blamed her in the post! I really think it is all Kim Caldwell’s fault. Yeah, that’s it.

    • JennPaz Says:

      I totally agree. Three years between albums is a bit long. I know he wanted to take his time and make the best record he could, but like you said… fans are fickle and will move on. And “This Loud Morning” isn’t all that great (it’s not all that bad, either). In my opinion, it’s too “polished” and overly produced. He needs to go back to the rawness of “Analog Heart.”

      Plus, why did he wait so long to go on tour? That’s what I don’t understand. He should have been touring in the summer, the peak of concert season.

      But then again, what do I know about the music industry??

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        I have a ‘theory’ about this whole concert thing and why no summer tour materialized. Thinking about the DVD that came with the album. They had all these studio shots with the dates that things happened, like when they first went into the studio, when they laid down the voice tracks etc and although I didn’t notice it the first time I watched, the second time (and last- yikes I am slipping, may have to turn in my fan card ;( ) I noticed a date: March 24, 2011 with the caption – “tour rehearsal.” So that was March. Now I don’t think going over to Vietnam or whereever they did in early spring or even the Concert of Hope qualifies as “touring” – I could be wrong, but it seemed odd to me in retrospect. I actually believe that a tour was on tap for the summer, but in fact because the record did so poorly on its release (and I bet they saw it coming after TLG went nowhere) – that tour plans were put on hold. Maybe David couldnt get on with whoever he wanted to or didn’t like what was being offered to him at the time – if anything was…

        All I do know is that GDG got on some summer tour with Maroon 5 and Train but he was the third act – neither headliner or midliner – last man on the totem pole – and his current song (sorry cant remember the name) is apparently doing much better than TLG ever did – but oddly, I THINK when his album dropped in Sept it sold only $32K in its first week – a lot less than TLM.

        So, all of this tells me, is I know NOTHING about how this industry works. I just hope FIM will do a little better than TLG did. I don’t really believe Cook’s career is really down the drain, BTW. I mean unless you are some mega superstar with a long track record (or a Gaga/Bieber type), I think this is pretty typical for a lot of the ‘middle of the road’ musicians, which is where I would classify DC. I mean, everyone talks about what a ginormous superstar Kelly Clarkson is, but I think – again I could be wrong – but didn’t her latest album sell something like $166K its first week? Not exactly “superstar” numbers if you ask me.

      • JennPaz Says:

        cooktardsans: Your theory sounds rather plausible. And I agree. A tour was probably planned for the summer and something happened and those plans fell through. Otherwise, I just don’t understand how one can release an album and wait four months to support it. But, David’s on tour now and that’s all that matters!

    • Karen Says:

      I totally agree. It took way too long to release the cd, not to mention the final product isn’t all that great. Does every song have to be about a relationship? I get where he’s going with the ‘concept album’ idea, but it’s all the same subject, all the same tempo, basically the whole thing sounds like the same song over and over.

      Until he comes up with something a little more interesting, a little more original and alot more exciting, I won’t be all that interested in his career, what little of it there is left.

      • Beauxcefus Says:

        I know next to nothing about how lots of things work in this industry, but I’ve observed some things over the years. Kelly C. ‘made her bones’ in the pop mainstream, establishing herself for close to 10 years now as a pretty consistent seller of some pretty good pop singles. She may not have the same kind of momentum she had when the industry was in better shape, but she has established herself as a pop superstar, an HAC staple, and has become one of the few winners who doesn’t require marketing as ‘American Idol Winner’ Kelly Clarkson. She wisely, in hindsight, began to breakaway (no pun intended) from a lot of Idol branding early in her career. Many thought she was being ungrateful and arrogant, but IMO it helped her begin establishing a different identity, and helped her music be heard and accepted by many fans outside the Idol bubble.

        It’s kind of funny in pop /CHR music. Big success there, even w/just one song, or one album, regardless whether you repeat the same kind of success again, will still put you ‘in da club’, so to speak… DeGraw I think is benefitting from that now, will continue to reap the benefits… he may never top the roaring success of ‘I Don’t Wanna Be’, but he has that success on record, and people remember that, and it gives him a kind of ‘leg up’ on David, even though David’s CD this go round has outsold his. The pop and mainstream press are funny that way. David hasn’t yet entered ‘da club’ with a smash hit on pop, or one from another genre that crossed over onto it – nor had the kind of smash sales yet that will put him there… I could be ass talking big time, but if some perceive GDG as being the bigger draw on this tour, they may not be that far off the mark. Success in the pop world, as fleeting and hard as it is to duplicate or sustain, is still the benchmark many look at to see if you’ve ‘made it’, or if you can join the arbitrary ‘club’.

      • JennPaz Says:

        I read a comment from somebody from somewhere in regards to his cover of “Here I Go Again” saying how they enjoy his covers more than his original material. I find that interesting, albeit somewhat true…

  30. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Also, to FDC–I screwed up my email addy the first time I tried to post the above note. That is why you will see it twice. Sorry for the mistake, but us big bad bullies just screw everything up!! 🙂

  31. everlong Says:

    Cooksansdelusions: I get your point. I have read you lots!

    Just want to point out that you posted this on the internet:
    “WE know who you are all, cuz, I for one have more pix of you on my computer now than my own family!)

    Regardless of your fan allegiance, this is really kinda creepy lol

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      Heh, I was being facetious here Everlong – but I do get your point and yes it IS creepy!!!! (Rushes off to delete-delete-delete)….

      • Ali Says:

        Hahaha, I’m glad you laugh at it…but I always figure one day FDC could make a coffee table picture book of the David Cooktards, and we can take bets on which ones end up in the looney bin, or jail lol.

  32. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    If you want a chuckle, read the twitter account of Mandamosxo. She was at VIP tonight and asked Monty to move so she could have a “Dave and Andy sammich.” She was proud enough of that fact to tweet it! Classy, eh? Well, what else would you expect from a BFF of Krunkjess who stalked the guys’ bus on the last tour from Niagara Falls to somewhere down South. Yes, they followed the bus the whole way down.

    Becky troublemaker is there tonight, too, as is fainter Eve, Lizann49, and Kristen8108.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I just read her tweets (Mandamosxo). Totally delusional. She got a hand squeeze? Big fucking deal. He does that all the time. I’ve heard that from so many people it’s not even funny. Does it mean he wants to do naughty things to you? No. It means he squeezed your hand. Jeez.

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        Exactly, Nonna. He squeezed her hand, but “more about that later ;)” (her statement on twitter). You know, I bet he looked at her too. Dam, it must be love!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I bet they breathed the same air too! ZOMG!!!!!!!eleventy!!!11!!!!

    • Ali Says:

      Can’t wait to hear yet again how these tards continue to harass, stalk, and abuse David and his casual fans there to see a show. And this blog is ruining his career? Yeah, all-righty then…

  33. This was from the chat on the ustream tonight, from ladynsearch, when he was singing fade into me

    Wow can feel this all through if you know what I mean lol
    8 minutes ago – Reply

    Dry heaves commencing.

    • Ali Says:

      Oh lord, can she not masturb…fantasize in private for god’s sake!

    • Ali Says:

      below comment meant for here lol…

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      I have a little stomach bug as it is, so that Ladynsearch comment just did me in for the night! *HURL*

    • Nist Says:

      You don’t want to know the things she typed when he sang “The Hand That Feeds” by Nine Inch Nails on an earlier ustream chat. Let’s just say she made multiple, uh, sassy comments about the lyric “Will you stay down on your knees…”

      There’s another person who goes by the name of nevermind who was right down in the gutter with ladynsearch on that chat. I’ve been noticing her posts on DCO’s DWOP recently and IMO they skirt the line of tastelessness when it comes to her um, appreciation of David.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Can you imagine what the reaction would be if he ever covered NIN’s “Closer?” Might give some of those grandma fans a heart attack!!

  34. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    Still waiting to hear back from our OTT gal (?)-pal Shenanigan…and whatever happened to Frannie Rascalete??? Hmmm, seems while they love to come in here to point fingers at us being the “meanies” (gag) but when we call them out – they go “poof”???

    Oh come on lunatic fringe, give us some Rebuttal if you have any… But whining and mewling doesn’t count…just the facts please on how this particular blog is ruining Cook’s career, cuz there’s just no way it could be Your fault, right?

  35. Notallfansaretards Says:

    It’s all about the oneupsmanship….he looked at me a certain way, he gave his toothy smile, he gave me x number of hugs…they all remind me of kindergarten kids vying for attention…

    • Black Angel Says:

      They all want the queen tard crown. This is just silly, immature behavior. It all comes down to poor self-esteem.

  36. nonna-muss Says:

    I’m taking a small poll: Who else wants to puke every time they read how seck-see ‘Bossy Dave’ is? Why all of a sudden is ‘Bossy Dave’ the new catch phrase?

    • Ali Says:

      I think it’s because he gets mad at fans at times and tells them in his kind way to back off? Instead of being aware enough to change there bad behavior, they think he’s sexy for being “bossy” to them lol…poor guy is doomed.

      • Something I did notice at the York show (forgot my “wide-angle lens” so no pics)was that during the last couple of songs, Dave seemed to be making a conscious effort to look out into the room and not down at the panting, bleach-blonde camera-toting sequined-topped hoard that was standing shoulder-to-shoulder at his feet, as tight as a can of Sardine-tards could possibly stand.

        Watching them all standing there,in front of the stage, clutching their point-and-shoots aimed heavenward, feverishly hoping for a wink, a smile or a lingering glance in their direction from their Man was quite bizarre.

        The show was very good. As far as being sold out that might have been true but once DeGraw was done, there was a good sized exodus to the exits. At least it allowed those of us farther back to move up several rows and bask in the glow of all that is Tard.

        I showered when I got back to the hotel. Just in case…

      • Karen, it didn’t seem to me that a lot of people left after Gavin. It did sound louder for David though. I heard the upper level didn’t stand for him, as much as he tried to get ’em up. I couldn’t see myself though.

      • Karen D Says:

        There was no mass exodus after Gavin. That place was still packed when David came on stage. I have a photo of the crowd during one song and it’s still full. The crowd was WAY more intense for David than it was for Gavin (though I thought Gavin was very good and energetic) There were also MANY people in the pit that I have never seen before. Sure, there were a couple of regular crazies there, but most were not. YMMV but I say the description was an exaggeration.

      • I was in Row W in Sec 6 at the start –after a few songs from David most of the three rows in front of me were empty so we moved down–couple more and we moved up to the first tier of the orchestra seats probably three rows in and those were about two-thirds full –by the final three songs I walked down to stand behind the three rows of The Chosen Ones with no problem at all.

        Looking behind, indeed there were alot of people there but Full? Ummm no. The venue may have been sold out but I saw people leaving during david’s set. That was fine by me —better to see the stage.

        I did not mean to imply there was a “mass exodus”

      • Karen D Says:

        I’ll post the photo I took. It was pretty much full IMO, and it was taken pretty far into his set.

    • Back last tour it was “angry Dave” that got them all hot. Guess they like it rough.

      • Never said it was a “mass exodus” but in a venue that is that size when 3-6 rows in a 15 row section ahead of me open up nicely, I consider that is a good number. I would get it if they left before David came on–just DeGraw fans that left after their boy was done. But most of the ones I saw leaving were during Dave’s set.

        My friend mentioned she thought it was loud but I thought it was great. Ummm..rock shows ARE loud. Hello?

        I had never heard DeGraw before and found I was happier sitting and listening to him than watching the stage. It was pretty obvious that he wasn’t feeling all that great and I wasn’t all that keen on his stage prescence but I did leave a fan of his music which was a nice surprise.

  37. just dont get it Says:

    Morning all! Went to the York show, including m&g. I’m sure there are questions out there – ask away!
    I hate to disappoint, but I didn’t see anything OTT crazy, but I did do a bunch of eyerolls throughout the day.

    • Ali Says:

      I heard a lot of crazies would be there. Maybe we need to check out the vip pics to see the who’s who…Jeri is never satisfied because she doesn’t get the attention from Dave she thinks he owes her *eye roll*. I’m sure he’s greatful for having a better life now, but he’s got to be disappointed on some level, dealing with these type of people, isn’t exactly the life of a rocker lol.

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Just flipping through the York VIP gallery, there definitely were some of the crazies there that have been mentioned on this site. I saw Angelangiekc, Jeri, Daina (pizza screamer), Roxybella (who also boasted about shoving him at the after M&G when she was talking to Gavin) as well as a few of the Word Nerds Home moderators. In the Cleveland photos, that Becky went to another M&G wearing a shirt about a fanclub for Monty.

        As to the question JennPaz posed about if he ever did Closer, it’s hard to say their reactions. I just find it funny that every single cover he does, it’s apparently one of the fans favorite artists and OMG, they can’t believe he’s doing their favorite Whitesnake or NIN song. Same goes for any artist he posts about. It’s all of a sudden, their favorite artist (aside from him, of course) and how he just has the best taste in the world in music. I’d love for him to tweet or cover a song by some random obscure artist (or even make up an act) no one knows about just to see how many of them tweet back at him how they’ve been listening to __ for years and how much it means to them that he knows about that artist.

        This is just my opinion but I think a lot of the reason why fans are in such a fuss about this site is because RCAEd posted about it on DCO. Logic would dictate that if Ed knows about this “god-awful, hurtful site,” then their object of obsession might know about it, too, either through the hoopla Ed’s post caused or by previously being aware of it through others. The crazies are afraid of this site, not because we’re ruining David’s career by posting about the insane behaviors exhibited but because their behaviors might be read or seen by him & actions might start being taken against them (not that he probably didn’t already know what was going on since they broadcast every little thing on their twitters, on fan boards, DCO and anywhere else he’s ever mentioned about their encounters/love for him.) That’s just my opinion, though.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Someone actually boasted about shoving him?? Although I’m sure in her mind it was a “playful” shove. It amazes me how these crazies keep disrespecting his boundaries and then tweeting about it. Heck, if I ever meet David, I’d probably be too scared to even ask for a hug for fear I’d be invading his personal space!

        And SeenTheLight… you bring up a good point about how if David mentions he likes a certain artist, then all of sudden that artist is also a favorite of the crazies. Same goes with sports teams. Seriously, you’re going to like the Chiefs, Royals and Celtics just because he does?? Good grief, get a mind of your own, people!

        And something tells me that if RCA Ed knows about this site, then David might know about it, too. Just sayin’…

      • Ali Says:

        Must have been a real freak show seenthelight lol. I thought Daina swore off doing any m&g’s after she was treated like a cow in a herd during the cd release. Back then she was on twitter about how she was going to quit Dave, if things were going to be so impersonal now, not like the first tour she claims. I guess she just can’t quit him lol.

  38. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Did anyone else seem to notice that in some of the more recent M&G photos, David’s smile seems to be getting smaller? In other words, it seems like he is getting more of a stone face (NOT stoned face…LOL) when meeting his fans.

    • JennPaz Says:

      I know that doing these M&Gs come with the territory, but still… It has to be somewhat overwhelming meeting 50 to 100 fans each night, signing your name and having your pic taken over and over and over. It’s got to be a bit tiresome. Plus, think about… here is David walking into a room full of people he doesn’t know, yet they know pretty much everything about him. That’s got to be a little intimidating, right?

      And I just don’t get why people do multiple M&Gs. By the fifth one, what on earth could you say to David that you haven’t already said? LOL And why do you need more than one pic with him? I’d be happy with my one and move on. It’s like these tards are trying to become his best friends…. sorry, not gonna happen. And the only thing he owes us as fans is to live a happy life and make good music!! That’s it!

    • Haha a stoned face is what the man needs to get thru these VIPs! They all need that. Maybe instead of the assorted props they are forced to wear, someone should bring the guys a couple blunts for their amusement behind that big privacy curtain.

  39. just dont get it Says:

    I have to be honest, he genuinely seemed to be enjoying the m&g on Saturday, or at least with the people I was with. It was the largest one yet we were told, about 125, which you would think would make him even more unhappy to have to deal with so many to see, but i did not sense any “oh god i hate doing this” attitude at all.

    • Jen Says:

      I haven’t done one yet but I don’t think he hates his life or he wouldn’t be doing them. Seems Jeri wasn’t pleased with the M&G, though I don’t know why since no one else seemed to have anything bad to say.

  40. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    Sooo….what’s the scoop on the head weed, Jeri. Anyone know why out of 125 people she was the only one bitching about her m&g experience? Other than her well developed sense of entitlement.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Yeah, something’s got to be wrong with HER if she was the ONLY one who had a miserable time and was bitching about it. Hell, she should be happy she got to meet him at all!! But I guess you just can’t please everybody all the time…

  41. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    Maybe Head Weed (pictured below from York M&G) was upset cuz she didn’t get the tongue bathing she felt entitled to on meeting up with the guy who, according to her delusional Weeds v Roses rant – “we fed, clothed, housed” etc. Instead it appears to be just his standard fare here, as in the trademark smirk, thanks for coming look. I dunno, some people are never satisfied with anything…He’s not going to boink you grandma! Get over it!


    • Jen Says:

      That’s Jeri? I was looking for her but couldn’t find anyone that resembled the other pics of her we’ve seen.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        I have been told by someone who actually “knows” her that yes that’s her. I never met Queen Weeda so I can’t say for sure – but my source is pretty reliable.

      • Ali Says:

        Yep Jen, that’s the top weed lol…remember she got a facelift, her hair is straightened and lightened maybe? But the granny glasses usually worn at the tip of her nose are on her head haha.

        I’m sure she was upset that she was treated like any other fan who purchased a vip…despite the fact that she and her weeds are single handedly supporting Dave lol.

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah you guys are right. I looked again at the other pics. I’m still curious what her gripe was. Ah well.

      • Wow she knows how to smile? I have seen her numerous times at different things and NEVER has she had anything but a nasty, pissed off at something look on her face. Most of his fans are very very nice people but that is one chick (loosely used here) I would not want to meet in a dark alley.

  42. MK Says:

    This sounds like this chick grabbed his ass. http://twitter.com/#!/nattifan/status/133702371736956928

    What the hell? Isn’t that assault? Unwanted sexual advances? Something that’s illegal. I bet she’d scream to high heaven if some strange guy came up and grabbed her ass.

    • Ali Says:

      Oh good god ladies, have some self respect! Check out the other tard who tweeted her that she called him babe…someone named muffintackles (cheryl). Check out her avi with Dave and GDG lol.

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      Lisa (nattifan) is just another obnoxious cougar who thinks she is hot shit. She probably copped a feel, I am sure. Bet her husband loves that! Oh, she IS a grandmother, BTW. Another classy fan, huh? The list just keeps growing and growing.

      Why, in God’s name, do these people feel the need to tweet their behavior(s) to others? I just don’t get it.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Fantastic, now that she’s grabbed him their will be another warning issued upon entrance. By the time he makes it to my show he’ll be The Boy in The Plastic Bubble and I’ll get to wave at him through a window.

      What is wrong with these women? I’m so angry (and sad for him) right now. To all of you who that have manhandled, kissed or fondled him in any way—he is not your toy! He is a human being who has feelings and has the right not to be groped by strangers. If you have no respect for yourself, have respect for him.

  43. nicole Says:

    you guys weren’t kidding when you referred to these people as cows.
    they’re HUGE!

    but you know, studies show that when you’re morbidly obese, fat pockets form around the brain so maybe that’s why they’re behaving like that? brain is working in a diminished capacity?

    (i’m just trying to be logical here, because honestly, i cannot fathom how grown women can act so stupidly.)

    • Ali Says:

      Lol, I recognize so many of the bsc regs in the york vip’s. Did anyone notice the pic of that nut Roxybella? She’s wearing a snug fitting grey sweater dress and tights and hanging all over David, and the band is all up on her ass, lol. I gotta admit for being younger and semi not too ugly, she may feel like she has the advantage over the other tards to get close (or at least cop a feel haha) to David…maybe if he see’s her enough he’ll ask her out? Ummm…nah…And she always claim to have a boyfriend, or just broke up with the love of her life? What…when does she have the time. I’m thinking it’s imaginary bf’s or the real ones find out she’s cuckoo and make a run for it? Why else the obsessions with the idols at her age?

      Crazy is crazy, she also falls in loves and follows all the male winners or runner ups on tour, Lee was another fav obsesssion, tweets them incessantly about her life as if speaking to real life friends, follows the band members to there gigs, and to bars where they party…and on twitter has cried about her heart being broken when they don’t give her attention, or are busy with other fans…it all started with David and all the idols being so accessible to these fans when they win, and the crazies expect them to always be there bff’s or at least treat them as the “special” ones…yeah they’re special all right (says the church lady lol). Nutbags!

      • Jen Says:

        What’s particularly ironic about Amanda is that she’s one of the people who doesn’t like David’s dressed up look and crows about how his wearing jeans and t-shirts on this tour is him going back to the “pre-Idol” days that they all salivate over even though they know nothing about it. So it’s kinda funny that she’s now the one all dressed up.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        What I remember about Amanda is when Cherry Lane Publishing was having a private party/concert in NYC and she was tweeting her plans about how to sneak in. Another Cook fan was disturbed and contacted RCA/19. Whoever it was came here and said that RCA/19 replied and said they were fully aware of Amanda and she was already on the “list”. By the way, they did NOT mean the list to get into the private party. The icing on the cake was that Cook wasn’t even attending the event!

      • JennPaz Says:

        There’s a “list?” LOL Now that’s awesome!!!

      • Jen Says:

        There’s always talk of a list in here and yet they all meet him 35405944 times anyway. idk

      • Ali, reading your comments made me immediately think that maybe this was modeled after her

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Yes, but it’s all very controlled now. I think the VIP and after show meet and greets are stopping the bus stalking. I haven’t been to a show on this tour yet, but if it’s anything like the CD release he’s not relying simply on rent a cop venue security anymore. He’s got people around him watching.

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah I haven’t seen any talk of meeting him outside of the official M&Gs.

      • Nist Says:

        Controlled is the right word. I was just thinking about the lack of bus stalking this tour, and I’m thinking maybe the reason David is being so easygoing at the VIPs and after-show meet and greets is that he now knows that people won’t be hanging out by his bus before the show – staring at him play football or whatever. They also won’t be “bumping into him” as he walks around, hoping to chat with him. And he doesn’t have to deal with the hordes of people waiting by the bus for him to come out after the show either.

        For the band, who also had the superfans to deal with, it’s even better. They only have to go to the VIP meet and greet before the show, and can do what they want after the show while David and Gavin meet with fans. No more being pressured for bus signing for them either.

        I can only hope people leave them alone when David starts his solo leg of the tour. I know he’s doing pre-show VIP for the solo dates, but he should probably do the after-show too – even if he’s by himself – to avoid the lines at the bus. If people start hanging at the bus, he needs to squash that -quickly.

      • JennPaz Says:

        I’ve never quite understood the point of hanging out by the buses after a show. I mean, sometimes you wait for a few hours… in the cold. Usually after a concert, I’m tired and sweaty and not looking my best so all I want to do is go home! Who cares about an autograph and a photo??

    • Ali Says:

      Lmao smellsthecoffee, this vid reminded me of Amanda for sure lol! Really there have got to be so many red flags for a “real” guy she falls for because they seem to run the other way real fast haha…Down the thread someone said she’s tweeting her love of the vip guy who works for Dave now, obviously hoping for a connection to get closer to him. She’s a pathetic looser.

  44. Nist Says:

    You know what? These people never cease to amaze me.

    I just got home to see all the tweets that Sashapoodle went to the Ronald McDonald House benefit where David was performing tonight – I guess she paid the $1,000 ticket price? (Wow.) Anyway, with tons of tweets egging her on, she apparently ustreamed and recorded David’s set live to the hardcores. I say apparently because I’m not going to watch that ustream, sorry. I have watched a couple of the concert ones (which David seems to know about), but this seems…tacky to me. The event was private. However, I see all the tweets from fans who are absolutely thrilled that Sashapoodle did this and don’t see a thing wrong with it. Can people not go ONE NIGHT without hearing David sing? Why is everyone so afraid they’ll miss something “epic”?

    If sashapoodle paid the ticket price to go, then fine. Let her enjoy the show… but to sit there and broadcast a private show live…

    Do the organizers of the charity know that live ustreaming of their event is going on? Isn’t the whole point of a private event to be private so people will pay the ticket prices for something they can’t see elsewhere?

    Workingmanders (didn’t she use to do cellcasts during the Declaration tour? I think that might be her) tweeted that she thought it was wrong to ustream a charity event. Good for her. Of course mysticpurz (from her public account) and Jeri/Anodynejunkie (using her public account) tweeted that since sashapoodle paid for the ticket she can “share” live video with everyone all she wants. Are they kidding me? *rolls eyes*

    I hope David sees workingmanders tweet (she @ replied him) and says something. He needs to draw a line somewhere. There were fans who ustreamed Phil Marshall’s set in Austin on Halloween when they thought David was going to perform a secret show after Phil. So they were prepared to stream David’s set had there been one. Then there was a David fan who ustreamed the Arrows to Athens show last weekend – I think this is ridiculous.

    I guess I should be prepared for a ustream from the Chris Evert charity event this weekend. *rolls eyes again*

    • nonna-muss Says:

      How disgusting they are. Workingmanders is right (wow, never thought I’d hear myself say that!). This was a very expensive ticket to have. Ustreaming is tacky and goes way beyond. Like we always say, just when you think you’ve seen it all, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        We have to remember the type of “fans” we are dealing with here – we all know the WHY for the constant ever-present intrusion and ‘surveillance’ for want of a better word into every public, and in this case, private move he makes… It’s to “prove” who is the best, who has the “in”, who can “one-up” the next one…

        If ANY of these creepazoids ever did give a flying fuck for David or his best interests at one time, this has long gone out the window…they don’t care – even when he himself is aware of them overstepping boundaries and asks them not to – they ignore him- And why not? Who is he, after all? Nobody of importance, I guess cuz it ‘s all about them now and their status in the “fandom” – absolutely nothing to do anymore with the artist they profess to love…what a joke.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Reading about this literally made me sick to my stomach. What is wrong with these people?!?! And I have no idea what the law is, but there has to be some kind of legal ramification for doing this, right? I mean, it was a corporation’s private charity event… and for some idiot to stream it online without any official consent. That to me seems like some kind of law has been broken… but then again, what do I know?

      • JennPaz Says:

        And if doing something like this isn’t breaking the law… what about just having morals and doing the right, conscionable thing??

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Now there’s an mp3 of the charily event. I really don’t understand mp3’s of ustreamed shows. The sound is awful, who would want that on their iPod? Don’t they have those songs on their devices dozens of times already? *scratches head*

  45. SeenTheLight Says:

    Bottom line is David has created a monster with the fans out-of-control behavior. Of course, he’s not 100% to blame but boundaries needed to be and should have been set during his Declaration tour when fans were already starting to get out of control and maybe things wouldn’t have gotten as far as they currently have. His label and management needed to have his back when he first posted that blog about their behaviors and stepped in to do something. Now, when things are sort of being done (rules amended daily during the VIP M&G because of fans crossing the line, checking for cameras or cellphones during the soundcheck) fans still do whatever they want and insist “Dave is just being bossy Dave and doesn’t really mean it” or consider Wade their new best friend. I saw a tweet earlier from Roxybella_manda who tweeted to groundcntrlvip: roxybella_manda: @groundctrlvip Wade was amazing on the @thedavidcook tour! Can’t wait to see who comes out and hangs with us next.

    Groundctrl is there to do the VIP M&Gs, not to make friends with the fans who then think they are one step closer to getting to David through whoever is working the VIPs.

    Honestly, Nist, I really wouldn’t be surprised if some fan did ustream the Chris Evert tennis event this weekend. They just don’t care about if it’s right or wrong–just as long as they get their “sexy Dave” or can gawk at his crotch. Even if David came out and condemned what they were doing, do you really think it would stop them? He’s already given his verbal permission to a fan supposely saying he was fine with his shows being ustreamed so in their minds, anything and everything he does, whether private or public, is open for fans to stream for others. They’ll do it regardless because it’s not about him, his family or friends. It’s all about them and always has been. I agree with what others have said on here about how wrong it was to ustream a private charity event but sadly, it will fall on deaf ears outside of this site because fans think it’s the best thing ever. But then again, it doesn’t surprise me when the fan moderator of David’s official site sends out a tweet about the livesteam (but quickly deletes it once the show is over with-Today’s tweet was @FoolsApril64: *psst* (Link to SashaPoodle’s ustream channel)) and because fans associate her with being the moderator on DCO, if she’s posting about it, then David must be okay with it. This isn’t the first time she’s tweeted about a private event that was streamed-Kristen and her friends streamed a private radio event a few weeks back in San Diego and Lisa tweeted (and later deleted) about it.

    • Ali Says:

      Yeah, Lisa is just a fan working for free to get closer to her obsession, no different than the other tards if she is tweeting about these private events. I guess she had connections to get her on DCO as moderator, but she needs to go.

  46. just dont get it Says:

    I have to agree about FoolsApril – she’s not helping this any!

  47. imoverit Says:

    My comment was put in moderation last night and then it disappeared, so I’m posting this again.

    I’ve been reading this blog for about 9 months and have posted a few times. I’m ready to admit something because I feel like I have to come clean and the cycle of madness won’t really be done until I fess up. Okay–I’m the tard who was obsessed with David to the point of near insanity and then “dropped” him for Gokey in season 8. I was somewhat infamous for it too. There. I admitted it. I tarded over Lee too but quickly lost interest once season 9 was over. In season 10 I tarded the most over….Haley Reinhart! I’m still a David fan, but (I think) a sane one today. I actually don’t care for most of David’s post Idol music (but that’s just me) though I do still love his voice. The crazies within his fanbase really started to disgust and anger me to the point I finally had to block quite a few of them on twitter because they annoyed me so with their constant fawning, spamming, and inane love tweets. As for myself, I started to question my own tardish behavior (though I never stooped to the point of stalking him, going to every concert, etc.). Then came the day when, to my horror, I found myself featured in places like Idletard, That was the turning point for me. Sure, I was outraged and embarrassed beyond belief, but….I started to see myself for what I had become: a batshit crazy tard. It was uncomfortable admitting how far off the deep end I had gone–but ultimately it was liberating. It was like looking in a mirror for the first time, and I could laugh at myself. I became so disgusted by my own behavior that the insanity finally stopped and I could focus on what was important again. Your blog may seem meanspirited to the unenlightened but for those with any insight–it really is a public service!

    Oh, and FWIW, Gokey tards are just as bad as Cooktards. There aren’t as many of them, but oh, I could tell you stories…mostly a bunch of rich middle aged married ladies who follow him to every concert and spend hours and hours voting on meaningless polls when they could be spending time with their kids or playing with their 53 cats or taking a cooking class….and don’t even get me started on MissLisa1970 on twitter and her dirty tweets to him. She must tweet him 100 times a day. Another bad one is upsnodowns–she’s just like ladynsearch (who I know well, unfortunately), constantly tweeting good morning, good night, etc. as if he really cares to read that crap. I had to block a bunch of his tards too, and I’m done with twitter. I haven’t used my account there in a year. It’s just sad, boring, and pointless the lengths these women will go to be noticed by a low-level celebrity who happened to be on a reality show. The time I spent acting like a retard on twitter now seems like a bad dream.

    Kris tards don’t seem to be as bad, probably because Kris is married. But I was never really part of his fanbase so what do I know? Anyway, I’ve been wanting to confess for a long time and finally got the courage to do it.

    I look at stuff I wrote 2, 3 years ago and it makes me cringe with shame. Oh yes, I was one of the batshit crazy ones, but fortunately it was fairly short lived. Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a FAN…but there’s a big difference between enjoying someone’s voice or music and being a TARD–or at least an insane tard (I still have my tard-ish moments though lol). So, thank you, FDC, for helping me see the light. Keep doing what you’re doing, and hopefully more people will come over to the light side.

    • Ali Says:

      I’m glad you’re over it imoverit lol. It seems this little blog has opened some eyes after all. We all look back at some of our past behavior in life and sometimes want to knock some sense in to that person’s head it seems lol, but we learn and move on. The lack of self awareness of some of these crazies who come on here to troll, and defend themselves is just scary. I suppose it really may be a mental illness. No other explanation for the OTT tard behavior

      • imoverit Says:

        I really do think it’s a form of mental illness. I remember about a year ago, I got into a huge argument with one of David’s tards because I dared to suggest maybe David’s career was not going so well. Well, she was LIVID! I never said anything bad about David (I do like him, after all), all I did was suggest maybe he wasn’t destined to be a “rawk supah-star” but you’d think I said David was three headed serial killer! She launched into a tirade about how I was a “traitor to David,” how I was a “hater,” etc. Talk about unstable! I blocked her after that, not that she cared any. There’s another tard (I forgot who) who asked me why I “turned on David” and didn’t I stop to think that was going to hurt his feelings. Hello? I doubt David ever saw any of my tweets or even if he did, that he’d gave a shit. If you try to call them out on their behavior, or don’t agree David is the second coming of Jesus himself. they will get all nasty and turn on you and call you a traitor. They are incapable of being embarrassed and incapable of enough insight to see how they appear to others, or see that their behavior is NOT helping David.

        I bet some of these ladies who act like overage groupies must annoy the crap out of him. It must get so boring and annoying to see the same faces at every concert, pushing and shoving, bullying for their spot in front of the stage, screaming “I LOVE YOU DAVID!” as if he’ll respond in kind. Most of these women are married, and it makes me wonder what their husbands think of their wives flying all over the country to follow a man young enough to be their son.

        All that being said, I have sympathy for Cooktards because I was one. I think there is hope for most, or at least those with one iota of self-awareness. It’s all too easy to be drawn in by a goodlooking young guy who’s been marketed to seem perfect and before you know it, you are falling down the slippery slope from fandom into insanity and delusion. What mystifies me is how some of these women can MAINTAIN that level of crazy. I mean, it’s been almost FOUR YEARS since he was on Idol, and some of them are still as obsessed and deluded as the day he won. How do they do that?

    • Black Angel Says:

      Congrats imoverit on getting over your fantard obsession. I was a lot like you at one time, wasting all my time on nonsense and realized I don’t want to be lumped in with the mentally ill. There is a big difference between being just a fan and being a batshit crazy tard. Basically, if you spent all your time fantasizing about your obsession, stalking him at ALL his concerts, and tweeting him inappropriate and stupid nonsense, there is something wrong with you and you should seek mental help. I think a lot of fantards have OCD symptoms.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Actually I’ve seen it listed as a type of narcissism in several mental health books recently. they were labeling it ‘pararelationalism’ which means forming an intense one-sided mostly-imaginary relationship with a celebrity. I would venture to say with the married ones they married young before they had a chance to really explore life, they now are trying to have a second young adulthood via their Idol choice. Look at the way they act. You normally only see that kind of obsession in pre-teen Bieber fans.

      • just dont get it Says:

        i’m a little envious of all of you recovered tards! i know i’m in way too deep, but maybe the first step is admitting you have a problem!

    • Rubber Ducky Says:


      Does this mean you no longer want to bottle Lee’s farts? Or fuck Gokey or Cook? No more rambling 100,000 word treatises on your delusions about their non existent growth? 😆

      You’re still BSC.

  48. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Former tard here, too, so I congratulate imoverit and all of the others who have seen the light, so to speak. I still know some women who are obsessed with him, and to be honest, our “friendships” have almost disappeared because (gasp) I have moved on and they have not. I still like the guy ok, but I don’t care for a lot of the songs on this new cd, and (gasp again) I am objective enough to see (and state) that he may not be the huge star that we at one time thought he would be. Even on here sometimes, if I make a statement that may be negative about him, people will rush to his rescue! Lol.

    The time spent on David was fun–at the time–but when I look back on it now, I also cringe at the silly things I did, and I think about all the money I spent on gifts for him, tix, hotels, etc–shit! Lol. Life is much nice with sanity and realism intact! I have had a couple shows close to me, and more coming up, but I haven’t gone. I won’t do GA, and given a choice of seeing David or my favorite band, I will take my band! :). Speaking of that band, they limit M&G per person to two times per year when they are on tour, and you do need to be a member of their “club.” Good way to avoid the stalkers!

    • Black Angel Says:

      I think the tards who come to the defense of their obsession are even nuttier. Why do they even care if someone doesn’t like someone you like? Everyone has different tastes.

      There is a soul patrol frau called Sweetsmoke on Twitter. That bitter old lady attacks anybody who has anything negative to say about Taylor Hicks. She also makes fake Twitter accounts to go after people and you can tell that it’s her. She also has an intense hatred for Daughtry. That frau is frightening.

    • It’s funny to know that some people writing on here about recovering were probably sitting next to you on line all day back when we were waaaay too deep in this.

  49. Nist Says:

    Quote from imoverit: “What mystifies me is how some of these women can MAINTAIN that level of crazy. I mean, it’s been almost FOUR YEARS since he was on Idol, and some of them are still as obsessed and deluded as the day he won. How do they do that?”

    This is what I wonder as well (and thank you for your honesty, imoverit!) This is why I will continue to maintain the opinion that once David comes out in the wide public eye with a serious girlfriend or gets engaged, there will be a mass exodus from the fandom. There is simply too much OTT obsession/lust/love (still) involved for the tards not to feel like they’ve been betrayed, especially if the woman is (gasp!) “not classy enough for David”. A good number of them will drift away when this GF thing happens in public. Bet on it. Deep down inside, there is a hope that David will notice them, in a romantic way. Why else are they so fixated now on the idea that “Fade Into Me” is a love song to his fans (never mind that David already said it was about finding a hypothetical soulmate). They would much rather the song be about them than “some girl”. So they’ve just determined that’s what it is. Who cares what the songwriter says it’s about? LOL.

    I mean, there have been posts on DCO in the past few days with a couple of people confessing that they’re not that interested in David’s music, they are much more interested in David as a PERSON. When I see this, I just want to shake my head. You really don’t like his music all that much, but you’ll spend a few thousand dollars on the dude to get in his face multiple times all over the country and tell him you’re such a big fan? Is that going to help his career in the long run? I think that’s an elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. That’s why I think he needs a new infusion of fans so desperately.

    • Ali Says:

      I agree with Nist…the best thing for him personally and career wise is to come out with a girlfriend, when he does meet a special one, if he hasn’t already. The OTT, who won’t admit they are pining for him, will thus feel betrayed, or that they will never have a chance now, as if they ever did lol. I just feel sorry for the poor girl, and what fans will put her through. But this too shall pass lol.

      • JennPaz Says:

        I get the feeling that David will never publicly admit to having a girlfriend/fiance. I think he learned with the whole Kimberly Caldwell situation that the best thing to do is keep that part of his life private. I can only imagine how the tards will react to the future Mrs. Cook… she’ll have to be one strong woman to put up with their crap and harassment!

        This tarddom reminds me of a cult. David is their chosen one who can do no wrong in their eyes…. and the tards are sad, lonely, desperate people clinging to him and every word he says. He’s the hope in their lives. Not to mention they pretty much follow him wherever he goes. I bet if David told them to drink the Kool-Aid they would!

  50. nonna-muss Says:

    They’d drink the Kool-Aid without question!! There would be no hesitation. That would be a good way to weed out the tards. Only the uber tards would gulp in down and ask for more!

  51. Mugsy Says:

    Imoverit, you fragrant flower, you! Seriously, if you’ve seen the light, and really have stopped fantasizing about Lee’s perspiration, Gokey’s privates, and Cook in general, maybe there is hope for you and your family. I certainly hope so. But, I’ll miss your long, rambling writings.

    • imoverit Says:

      I deleted them from my files. Of course they’re still floating around the web somewhere. Oh well. If there’s hope for me, there’s hope for anyone. LOL

  52. imoverit Says:

    One thing I never did was write slash fiction about Cook having another idol’s baby. I just saw the link for it in the fanfiction post and it made me want to hurl. Blargh.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      What are you? Who are you?
      This humble man oblivious to his magic
      No idea of the ways of the world
      No idea how cold and lonely it could be
      A man who loved his wife as deeply as anyone can
      purging frustrated love and pain
      with honesty and passion
      He digs deep inside the darkness within
      Rips out his heart to cradle in your hands
      and quietly bleed through clenched fingers

      Your voice broke my soul apart
      like shattered crystal
      You rudely grasped my heart with superhuman power even as I fought it

      Kill me, murder me tenderly
      softly, lovingly, with your voice the only weapon
      Do you see the magic, the light you have summoned from your despair?
      Can you see how much beauty can be wrought from something ugly?
      Do you feel the angels folding their wings softly around you?
      Can you gaze back on the murky horizon through these dirty windows
      and see heaven spread out before you?

      You slay me with your tears and smiles
      You destroy me with your voice
      The conduit through which your soul can bleed and dance
      I’m watching my heart swept along the rapids
      turning the whitecaps red and pink
      I don’t worry anymore because angels are all around us
      if we only choose to find them

      I laughed and tried to fight against this
      even as I knew I would fail
      I didn’t want to like you
      I didn’t want to feel what you did
      I never imagined I could love you.

      😆 you are so full of shit. And have you forgotten when you claimed the Cook/Gokey love child would look like Cook’s brother?

  53. imoverit Says:

    ugh. Please don’t repost that crap.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      Why not? You seemed to be obsessed with inflicting mountains of crap on the world. Whether anyone wanted it or not.

      Are you here because you’ve had so many fallings out with your tard pals you need a new audience?

  54. Beauxcefus Says:

    ‘Scuse me, but Why do fans going to the VIP meet/greets take David gifts? Why would fans buy or bring a WELL OFF off musician, one perfectly capable of buying whatever the heck he wanted, a gift? SMH. I think it’s silly, and if this ‘practice’ is still going on, or being carried over from the Idol tour days, David is really, really stuck in a time warp, and that’s one more thing that will keep him from gaining any real success outside this insular, inbred Idol created fan bubble. I mean, srsly? People spend/fritter away money on buying gazillion copies of his CD, tickets, hotels, plane tickets, VIP – then buy him gifts? SMH. He made over a milly last year – why bring a millionaire a cheap gift? SMH. David and Co. got a nice little thing going, lol. They are preying on/catering to/kissing the ass of those weak minded overinvested fans, and milking the absolute hell out of them. Real talk. I mean, he’s not acquiring any new fans outside the ones he’s got, so they need the ones they got to keep them afloat. I see buying 1 CD, going to a concert or 2 to support – maybe even buying a t-shirt as a memento… but buying David or any other singer a gift on top of that? U must be outta your mind.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      This is one of the great mysteries of our lifetime. How can you buy gifts for someone you don’t know, don’t know what their tastes are, don’t need anything from you, etc. I always wonder what he does with all of it. He’s on a bus with 8 other guys!!! Where does he put all of it?

      • just dont get it Says:

        i’ll tell you where he puts it – the garbage!

      • Ali Says:

        Like those childish tote bags with faces on them, that Kelly the bus swirl tattoo woman who moved to L.A. and hangs with that pack, gave him recently…does she really think the band will use those bags lol…they will as trash bags on the bus maybe lol.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Good to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t get why someone would give David (or any other artist) a gift!

  55. JennPaz Says:

    Thought this was very interesting: I was just on facebook and noticed that Crystal Bowersox made a couple of posts about how she’s taking a break from Twitter. She mentioned how some people were overstepping their boundaries and that it was weirding her out. Said she loves her fans but some things are just inappropriate.

    If she feels this way, imagine how David feels. I would suggest he do the same to put the overzealous tards in their place (again) but it would just fall on deaf ears (again).

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I was actually going to post tomorrow about poor Crystal. I saw her say that this morning on FB and sent her the link to here. I am glad she’s saying something about inappropriate fantarding.

      • Ali Says:

        Awesome FDC, I think I heard somewhere she is friends with David maybe, so she probably knows about this site, as well as most of the other idols I’m sure…word seems to spread like wildfire lol. I feel bad for her, but at least she has the balls to make a stand.

    • Ali Says:

      Yep JP they would just blame the label or some other scapegoat…David loves them and there OTT behavior just makes him all hot and horny right? *eye roll*

      • JennPaz Says:

        I hate saying this (because I am a David Cook fan), but seriously…. he needs to grow a pair and say something. Will he do that? Absolutely not. He’s too nice of a guy and doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. I just find it interesting that in recent interviews he’s been describing all of this as “theater of the absurd.” Absurd is right…

        Oh, and FDC… sorry about jumping the gun on your post for tomorrow 🙂

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        OK, so I took my little sis with me to a M&G a couple of weeks back. She is NOT a fan of his music even remotely (I had to pay for HER pass as well as my own! Some sister *snerk*) – But when it was time for the “hellos how are yous” – she popped right up there and just started chatting him up like he was her next door neighbor or something. Somehow the topic of twitter came up and he told her he almost NEVER ever reads his timeline and rarely tweets anymore simply because of…..drum roll….yeah the totally weird stuff they tweet him – incessantly. He does NOT like it at all (now seriously is this a surprise?), but yeah, he sure doesn’t seem inclined to say/do anything about it – just ignores it I guess.

      • JennPaz Says:

        So you mean David DIDN’T see my tweet proposing marriage?!?! Damn…….. I was wondering why I hadn’t received an answer…. Thanks for crushing my dream, cooktardsans…. LOL

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Wouldn’t be surprised if tards will come back from the latest M&Gs or from that tennis event this weekend and claim David said no such thing and in fact, swore to them his hatred of this site, that whoever said he doesn’t tweet anymore because of the OTT behavior from his fans who tweet him incessantly is a liar and that it never happened and that we are all just jealous hags because David doesn’t recognize us like he does them or any other reason they can come up with to justify their behavior. Because, you know, their precious ‘Dave’ just loves them so much and would never say that about any of his fans. His fans go overboard on Twitter insisting on putting his name everywhere in their tweets when they are talking to one another and any real tweets that might actually have interested him get buried by their crap. And the fans actually think he enjoys it or their hashtags about him or the band.
        Ali, thanks for the laugh but I really didn’t need the mental image of his overweight fans thinking they are making him hot & horny night after night. After all, they already snap pictures or zoom in while taking videos ad nauseum of his crotch and droll over any sign of his dick through his pants, thinking they are making him ‘happy’ on stage by seeing their faces he recognizes up near the front of the stage.

  56. JennPaz Says:

    Oh and don’t forget that after every show, he goes backstage and pleasures himself……

    • Ali Says:

      Uggg, STL and JP, how can we see how gross and embarrassing this is, but the tards are so oblivious. It’s beyond infuriating! I really don’t know how Dave can ignore them!

  57. Nist Says:

    Reason 5, 479 David needs new fans – Here’s two tweets from someone who has already attended several concerts and M&Gs and is attending some more soon:

    —“My coworkers daughter loves david and is going to the David show. I decided not to tell her about vip because the less people, the better.”

    —“More time for me. #selfish”

    Oh, and wehoscott is over on DCO claiming to be sick and tired of “involved” (his word) fans being described as intrusive or entitled.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Someone mentioned earlier how their favorite band limits their M&Gs to 2 per person per year… Maybe David’s people need to look into doing something similar..

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        I stated that, about my fave band. Yeah, they have a “fan club” that is $30/year to join, and only those members get to take a chance on a M&G. Everyone who is interested in doing the M&G for a particular show signs up for it, and then about 2 weeks before the show, there is a “lottery” and 20 names are picked. Those people (and those people ONLY–no guests, no transfers) then get the M&G with a picture. VIP packages are also available, but they are about $300 or so, for soundcheck, 1st 3 rows, etc. The band limits it to 2 times a year for tours, so that everyone gets a chance. I know, too, that the band members have had serious stalkers in the past (showing up at their homes!), so they try to limit accessibility to the band members. All of the guys in the group have twitter accounts, and the singer has told fans on more than one occasion that “if you don’t like what I say or what I do, then fuck off” or “you fans think you know me, but you only know what I am like in public. You don’t know the real me.” It may sound almost rude, but he has been around for 25 years in the music biz, and he doesn’t put up with any shit anymore. I laugh when he makes fun of the OTT people, because it’s so true!

        I actually tweeted to David that he should follow in this band’s footsteps (he knows them) and limit M&G opportunities, but now that I see he doesn’t read his timeline…*Wails in sadness and pain* *SNIFF*

    • Ali Says:

      I thought webhoscott had sworn off DCO the last time his queeness was banned over there lol.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Only proving that Scott reads here. Let’s all wave to Scott on the count of three, ready? 1…2….3….Hi Scott!!

    • Karen D Says:

      OMG who tweeted that?

    • I’ve read a lot of shit here, but those tweets about wanting “more time for me”, when this YOUNG girl wants to meet him is downright disgusting. He is doomed unless he somehow starts appealing to a younger audience. Maybe this change will have a new approach to things going forward:


      • Oops sorry, this was announced today but happened months ago. So any changes would already be in place I guess at the current time.

        Carry on.

      • On that note, I see Scotty boy’s head will be getting a little bigger, thanks to this facebook post:

        What are your thoughts about David leaving 19 Entertainment and going to Simon Fuller’s XIX? You seem to really understand the music biz so well that I thought you mght have some insight.
        Like · · See Friendship · about an hour ago ·
        Alison Carville likes this.

        Scott Gutman I think it’s great. Simon always seemed to have David’s best interests at heart when he ran 19m. Management has been lacking for David ever since Fuller left to form XIX. It’s a good move IMO.
        36 minutes ago · Like

        Sheri Hunter I thought so too. Thanks Scott.
        31 minutes ago · Like

      • Jen Says:

        Ugh it’s already big with the namedropping by Carolina Liar.

  58. OK, guess it’s rant night or I’m PMS-ing. Earring lady says “I am crying” on the ustream blog while he does fade into me.

    I read that so often. Really? How many times have you hear him sing it, 100? 200? Cry over the children raped by that satanic coach in Pa. Does the amount of (imaginary) tears shed over him make them better fans?

    Ugh. I gotta go take some motrin.

  59. LLC Says:

    This is a comment about the post up site about David not reading his timeline or tweeting much anymore. If this is really true, then I feel sorry for him. Yes there are a lot of strange people that tweet him constantly. There is also a lot who really care for him and only want the best for him. This includes his career and personal life. And some even tweet him some very useful information. It’s such a shame if he does feel this way. And really makes me sad to know that those doing it to him are not aware of what it is doing and stop doing it.

  60. AmyB Says:

    Does NyCarole426 have any other intrest besides David. She tweets to and about him 50 times a day or more. Bad enough she does it, she has to put his name in them some way to make him notice them if he’s checking. The way she tweets is so frustrating with all the weird capital letters. I’m sure she’s a real nice person. Just wish she would get a clue about what she’s doing.

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