David Cook’s Charity Defrauding Tard – Sashapoodle

Cook’s fans, or one fan in particular, has been breaking the rules of polite society or perhaps even the law by doing a Ustream & MP3 file from a charity event this week. Sashapoodle went to the Ronald McDonald House Benefit last night that Cook was playing at and did just that.

Now the Ronald McDonald House is a great charity. I saw first hand when my youngest child was in and out of the hospital with a rare condition all the services they provided for families at the same facility that couldn’t drive home at the end of the night. I’m glad Cook is helping them out and I’m even glad that at least one of his over the top fans ponied up the $1,000 per head that was the entrance price.

What’s not so cool is Sashapoodle recording the live show and streaming it. At the very least this is tacky as hell, another tard trying to prove she’s the alpha tard over the others by doing something the rest of them cannot afford to do. At worst this is actually defrauding the charity, the Ronald McDonald House, by sharing the show that they were charging $1,000 a head for. Stealing is never cool, stealing from a charity is a new special circle of hell.

What adds the rancid cherry to this ice cream sundae of shame is that Lisa/FoolsApril64, moderator at DCO, tweeted the links to Sashas Ustream account. Lisa has done this before, tweeted links to Ustreams from private events and charities that David Cook performed at. With a mod like that you don’t need crazy fans because the mod is another version of the crazy fan. Tacky and just not right.

Will someone Ustream the Chris Evert tennis event this weekend and violate their copyright? I’m betting someone will. Only thing that matters in David Cook tarddom is being the Alpha Tard.

PS to Daina: Don’t think you can hide yourself beneath a hat and we’ll not recognize you…

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263 Comments on “David Cook’s Charity Defrauding Tard – Sashapoodle”

  1. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    I think its safe to say that some loon will indeed record the goings on this coming weekend at the Chris Evert tennis thing – they did last year so I am sure it will be no diff this time around, although unlike last time, I don’t think the entire madding crowd will be there – there’s no real need with him on tour otherwise; they all seem to be getting their fill of him that way complete with the M&Gs, so maybe some sanity will prevail.

    Secondly, about Lisa, while I think she does a decent job of modding his site, she does seem to have a few weird ideas about what is acceptable behaviour in there – I mean she/they/the site is fine with allowing the disgusting Fan Forum threads, i.e., “We R Busted” etc, but IIRC, it was HER who reminded RCA Ed that he should not provide a link to this site, as he so snarkily did in one of his posts – which was meant to be a CLEAR message to everyone in there just how BSC even the label thinks they all are and to chill out!! So that was a big no no by her standards, but tweeting info on private gigs is A-OK – ummm someone has their priorities confused here I think.

    As for Ustream, I kind of get why they are streaming the concerts – if you happen to be an overseas fan – this is all you’re ever gonna get, cuz I really don’t see him touring all over hell and gone; there’s just no market for him. Even if there was, I imagine it would be quite limited. So many of them will never see him live in this lifetime I don’t think.

    But streaming EVERY little thing he does. Uh no, it’s a big ix-nay on that one. This RMH thing was way OTT.

    I personally don’t bother with any of the Ustreaming/cellcast stuff cuz generally it’s just not that good and having seen him live, why bother? But, past that, just how many streams does one need to watch over and over night after night? Complete with mp3s with generally way too much bass and/or reverb, screaming tards talking over him singing (usually through the entire song), not to mention getting minor variations on the same song ad nauseam – I mean if you’ve heard it once, twice, three times… Eh…. anyway I read on DCO he did like 5 songs last night – all stuff he’s done like a million times before so, no, I really do not get this – totally unnecessary to record it, showing disrespect to both artist and charity – in other words, typical tard behaviour.

  2. just dont get it Says:

    I have heard he plans on touring in Europe early next year. i wonder how many tards will make the trip.

  3. Nist Says:

    Great post, FDC. I will say that from my understanding, sashapoodle herself did not make the mp3s from her livestream recording; that privilege belonged to another fan, imogenph, who took the sound from online and made the recording. Imogenph and her circle make most, if not all, of the mp3s of David’s performances. I guess the fact that it was a private charity show didn’t matter to them.

    The livestream and mp3s are being freely discussed on DCO now. I really don’t understand FoolsApril64’s thinking on this.

    I have no doubt now that if tards could have recorded the private show David did with Lee DeWyze last year or his NARM show this year, they would have. I know there was a flurry of effort trying to find out exactly where those shows were located and/or how to get someone in, but they weren’t successful.

    I don’t know what’s worse, people who are trying to be the alpha tards by providing this stuff (and there are plenty of those), or the people on twitter and DCO who constantly pressure those attending David’s events to capture EVERY moment of EVERY event via video and ustream. Just getting to chill out and enjoy the concert, forget it! And it’s not enough to take a video of one or two songs – no, they need to see the whole concert, with each song filmed by multiple videographers or ustreamers so they can get the best version…for posterity, I guess.

  4. Ali Says:

    Thanks for calling out FoolsLisa of DCO in this post FDC. I don’t go there, but know all about her from twitter. She’s just another tard with a title lol…no wonder she wanted to “shush” RCAEd from calling attention to this site. She was afraid she may see herself mentioned here lol…

    Both Lisa and Sashapoodle will surely burn in hell for this…or am I being too OTT haha?

  5. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Does anyone want to venture over to DCO with me and mention the fact that it’s slightly irritating and wrong to have streamed the charity event for reasons listed above? *evil laugh*

    • Ali Says:

      Do it I dare ya lol!! I’m not a member, can anyone comment or would I have to sign up…cause I don’t want to tread there.

    • SeenTheLight Says:

      Tread lightly if you do go over to DCO and post. Lisa has a habit of deleting or editing posts on there before sending said user a PM about their ‘bad behavior.’ Unless the opinion is the same as the one on the site, posts will be heavily moderated by her before she comes onto the thread and posts her infamous ‘let’s get back on track to discuss David and not bash other fans behaviors or actions’ mantra. Fans have complained, in the past, to RCA about her to no avail, because she is basically doing RCA’s job for free. The only reason she got the job was because she made a FAQ for users back when DCO first launched and RCAJosh rewarded her with the title of fan moderator.

      The person who made the MP3s was one of the Cookistas (fans in Asia) not SashaPoodle but now another fan, who also interviewed the Davids & Constantine and was there officially as part of the media, has posted videos from the event on her personal youtube channel for fans to gawk over.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        It’s a complete waste of time to try to post anything remotely objective or even slightly critical over at DCO. It really is a closed shop – nothing but rainbows and unicorns 24/7. Dissenting opinions are distinctly frowned upon, if not by the mod, then by the handful of hens who basically run the various threads – you can tell who’s who just by seeing who started which thread pretty much – they are all very territorial and if you don’t tow the party line, you are basically run out of Dodge and/or shunned. Pick em. Why do you think tards like me hang out in here? 😉

    • Nist Says:

      Well, someone did mention the streaming issue at DCO in the Daily Digest thread, so bravo to you, brave soul! (And someone else agreed with her!) Then another poster suggested the discussion be taken to the DWOP thread, which she did.

      And it has been ignored, so far…

  6. surry Says:

    Self awareness? Hold up the mirrors. You’re just as bad and obsessive as your targets if not worse. Worse because you don’t even give yourselves permission to enjoy the object of your obsession. If I had a nickel for everytime someone here excuses themselves for “tarding”.
    Now you go after the DCO mod. Why? Where your feelings hurt online? Or is it jealousy? You make fun of others for trying to get “in” with anyone associated with David, but then gloat that someone from his label mentioned your site as if it was an endorsement. You assume it’s a positive thing you were mentioned and will deny that his intentions could have been anything but. Just like any other fan would. But you make fun of them for that. How do you know Ed doesn’t consider you an embarassment? On the other hand, he has publicly praised the mod Lisa for all her help. Has he openly praised you for your “help?”
    You think you’re helping David by baiting his touring partner’s fans to anger? Do you think that harping on the few negative actions by fans and playing up the image that David’s fans are all fat housewives with cats helps him?
    You’re just as creepy, stalkery, and obsessive as your targets.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I’m sure Broward County Public Schools would love to know that one of their employees is sending nasty-grams right from their computer systems while they are supposed to be working. Good luck with that and your pararelationalism.

      • Ali Says:

        Lol, I love it FDC, so some of the tards have real jobs? They just don’t do them…too busy using school computers to comment here and on DCO probably all over twitter all day too…you should report her for wasting tax payers money lol!

      • undercooked Says:

        I only lurk here, so I don’t think my opinion carries much weight, but having said that, I agree with calling out bad fan behaviour, but I’m not sure that was cool to identify someone’s work place.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Undercooked: Under normal circumstances I might hesitate to do so except these ladies have called every place I work/worked at and complained that I’m a big old meanie poo poo head. Called the husband at work to tell him the same thing. Called my aged mother in law and other relatives to tell them the same thing. In all cases they were laughed at but that is crossing a big line in my mind and with them bandying about my home address on Twitter and other places this strips away any hesitation to not expose them. I even got a couple of death threats! Why? Because I’ve said certain things are so not done.

      • surry Says:

        The principal’s office is calling!
        I’ve never done any of those things to you, FDC. You’re basically saying it’s ok to stalk people if some crazies did nasty things to you. Sorry that people did those things to you. Their actions don’t change that people here are are acting just as crazy by stalking IP addresses, collecting information on others, saving photos, knowing exactly where to run for for fan fic.
        So either there’s a delusional thinking going on here that you’re doing these idols favors or you just enjoy obsessing about stupid people.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Oh, the drama… this place is better than a freakin’ soap opera!!

        I’m just gonna sit back and watch the fireworks 🙂

      • freedavidcook Says:

        It’s always high drama with the over involved. It is LIFE AND DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111eleventy!!

        Don’t believe me? Just trot on over to some of the Adam Lambert boards and read the garbage spewing forth from his tards in defense of him being sued for breach of contact by whoever held his contract before 19 E and American Idol. The tards are fabricating the ludicrous defenses and excuses. I understand the originator of the law suit has gotten a few death thread from Adam fans. Klassy kids..

        And somehow we’re the obsessed ones? Damn, there is so much more I could write about, including stuff about management but frankly I just don’t have that kind of time or interest. Tards, be happy I don’t post daily or your real names.

      • Hey FDC, always wanted to ask-what’s the meaning of eleventy? And/or !!!!!!111111?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Just a silly internet thing. Like people super excited online will press the ! key many times like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sometimes the finger slips and you get !!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111 like a bunch of elevens. Childish, I know but kinda funny. I always imagine people mashing the keyboard like drunken chimpanzees when I see something like “OMG HE IS SO CUTE DAVID IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111

      • Laughing so hard I scared the bejeezus out of my sleeping dog! Maybe the same reason NYCarole spazzes out and capitalizes all those O’s?

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      Surry –
      There’s a big difference between enjoying someone’s music, going to the occasional show, buying CDs and merch he/she offers, in other words a normal casual fan – to the opposite end of the spectrum where one obsesses 24/7 over said artist, perhaps tweeting him daily, often quite lewdly I might add, following him all over the countryside, going to umpteen M&Gs instead of just one, bombarding radiostations and websites – “gaming the system” as RCA Ed put it – P.S. I really don’t think Ed was referring to FDC when he threw his hissy fit a while back over that little fiasco – and you know perfectly well it was the same type of “tardish” behaviour that prompted that little outburst.

      This has absolutely nothing to do with being fat/old with or without cats, it has to do with bad behavior – nothing more. If you took the time to read through the posts here maybe you would gain some enlightment in that department. As for the mod at DCO, I said before, I think she does a fairly decent job, but she has her areas where she could use some improvement – don’t we all? She should either a) not ‘help’ people by tweeting links to their illegal u-streams or b) post some sort of official statement from David and/or the label that they are fine about fans doing this. But right now she’s kind of treading in murky waters and it just doesn’t look good.

      And finally, as for RCA Ed – having had numerous PMs to and from him, which will remain confidential for obvious reasons, I will just say that NO ONE likes OTT behaviour, and again, if you were reading his public comments in DCO over the past few months that sentiment should come through loud and clear. If it didn’t – maybe you just need to read between the lines a bit more carefully – perhaps self-awareness may kick in….

      The whole point here, is that it is not “just a few negative actions” – if that were true, then, again, this site would have no purpose…but obviously it has struck a chord somewhere. I have said it before and I will say it again here, I am a huge fan of David Cook and I don’t care who knows it, but these behaviours that I have mentioned in this post – well, whenever I get a “tardish” urge – I stop myself and think okay, is this going to help him or hurt him – I sometimes need to remind myself that past buying his records, going to the occasional show, and maybe singing his praises to my friends and family in the vain hopes of ‘converting’ them – well that’s all I need do to be a good “fan.”

      Anything too far past that – well that’s why we are here….

    • Black Angel Says:

      Surry, you apparantly don’t know the first rule of the internet.

      Unless a site is private, there is a good chance that someone will find your silly fantarding posts, laugh and make fun of it. So, if your feelings are hurt, may I suggest you stay off the internet, make your fantarding sites private or do your fantarding in private and not on a public forum.

      Think of the internet as the newspaper. So in other words, you are putting your fantarding shit in the newspaper for anybody to read. There is absolutely nothing creepy, stalkery, or obsessive about this because you did this to yourself.

  7. Attention Tennis Fans!!

    David with a fan!
    David taking a practice shot! thanks to @magroupie (November 12, 2011 – 14:36)
    David watching a police dog demo http://lockerz.com/s/155601348
    David sitting (thanks @Joycee188) (November 12, 2011 – 14:58)
    David practicing! (@gottalovecookie) (November 12, 2011 – 15:09)
    BamaCookieFan Sue
    Warming up!! http://pic.twitter.com/iAeqAlJj
    Getting ready for a little tennis!! http://pic.twitter.com/ZEwjqION (November 12, 2011 – 15:12)
    Ready stance http://pic.twitter.com/26UTNmhT (November 12, 2011 – 15:20)
    Dave just signed and autograph for a little girl in the middle of the game.
    Serve with a smile! http://pic.twitter.com/fIRsuh05
    Dave is strumming his tennis racket (November 12, 2011 – 15:27)
    Dave wins! Does pushups on the court! (November 12, 2011 – 15:48)
    http://ow.ly/i/l9F9 David with fans now after the game (November 12, 2011 – 16:00)

    I was expecting there to be a sneaky pic of Dave at a urinal before the match — serious reporting here.

    Jeez. And then the match was only 28 minutes long.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      At least two people are there from New Jersey! For a tennis match!

    • OOOOOOHHHHHH! David SITTING?!?!?! Get OUT! He does that?

      Now Dave at a urinal, THAT I would get excited about lol.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Wow… that’s interesting…. lol

      • JennPaz Says:

        Oh my… a picture of David’s backside?? You know the tards are flipping out over that!!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        iLuvDCyes must be in her glory today! All the pictures of David’s legs! I don’t want to imagine what she’s been up to whilst ogling them.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Don’t worry everyone!!!11!!! NyCArole has the legs covered!

        Hey hey Tennis Dave!! Victory push-ups… does he have an ‘ever~ready” battery?! Lol .. And how how about those gorgeous muscular “thoroughbred” LEGS!! …with a thin ankle?! Im so lovin ALL that he iS!!!

    • Black Angel Says:

      What??? No reports on how many poops he took that day!! I’m disappointed. LOL!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        The mega tards like to keep some information to themselves so they can know things the average fan doesn’t. I’m sure the information you desire is floating around through PM’s and DM’s. (sorry, couldn’t help myself with that pun!)

      • That kind of photography is only for the Speshal Ones.

        Altho I have my money on two healthy ones.

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        Wait Nonn-muss… are you saying there’s a PM or DM about his BMs??


      • nonna-muss Says:

        Of course not ‘Nucks! Don’t you know that David doesn’t poop? He doesn’t have boogers either, nor does he ever give a pretty girl the high, hard one. He’s an angel that’s fallen right out of the heavens!!

      • There was some rumours about nose hair a few weeks back but I never saw any actual photographs.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        You take that back Karen P. Currie!!!!!!11!!!!! He would never have anything like nose hairs!!! He’s too perfect!!!

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        Oh right. Sorry, I guess in my excitement in finding out he bends over I plain forgot about his impending sainthood.

        (hey, shouldn’t they be spamming the Vatican about that? I can’t believe the Catholic Church spurned him like that…. bunch o’ haterz!!!)

      • Black Angel Says:

        What nose hairs??? Hater!

      • JennPaz Says:

        What? You mean David won’t be a virgin on our wedding night?! Bastard….

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        It must be so hard for him to keep his halo on straight and having to hide his angelic wings night after night from the non-believers/haters of the beautiful prince of the yards.
        JP, such a bastard he is. You mean, he won’t be a virgin for his harem who are already lining up to deflower him in more ways than one. Run, JP, run! Lol

      • This just in —–

        Tard-on-the-Spot, LIZ L.(@Eliza630) tweeted:

        “Quick Recap of Tennis today: Once again, Dave was in great spirits, they played Fade Into Me during introductions and he played w/JMG again. This time he was against Chris E. & Kevin McKidd. He played fantastic until he ran into a make-shift wall of plants while chasing a ball down. He cut his hand and was bleeding (I’m sure it was superficial). Jon Lovitz kept saying that David was bleeding to death and they had to finish the match quick because Dave didn’t have too much time left. He refused a bandaid and then Chris E. wanted Kevin McKidd (plays a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy?) to take a look at his ‘wound’. Chris E. talked to David throughout the match even though they were on apposing teams. As the match progressed, Lovitz scolded CE for taking advantage of the ‘one armed singer who was bleeding to death’ when she hit a great shot right past him.”


        (photography by Barb |ShookByCook)

        He could have been bleeding to death, people!!!!

        “Yeah, yeah..bleeding–guy was near death’s door– yeah, that’s the ticket” said in my best Jon Lovitz voice

      • JennPaz Says:

        OMG! David Cook… BLEEDS?!?! Noooooo!!!

  8. Jessie Says:

    FDC it’s in Florida.

  9. Ali Says:

    JP if they had donated all the money spent on airfar/hotels, then no one would have been there to report on Saint Dave’s, ummm, important goings on that saints do…such as…ummm, bending over?
    (p.s. FDC I posted this under another name that I was using commenting on another wordpress blog recently, so it’s awaiting moderation lol…just delete the duplicate, thanks lol)

  10. SeenTheLight Says:

    Las Vegas won’t know what hit them come December 10. A local radio station booked him for their Winter Wonderland concert at the Hard Rock Cafe. Many of the well-known fans (including the majority of the LA stalkers) will be in attendance and have gotten VIP access. With the wine tasting being held beforehand and their VIP ticket granting them side stage access at the show, poor David won’t know what hit him. Many of them not only bought VIP but also general admission tickets (in case GA gave them a better view) with VIP completely sold out. Why does one need more than one ticket for an hour-long (if even that) show when there might be casual fans who actually live in Vegas that might want to go but may not be able to?

    • JennPaz Says:

      Their greediness makes me sick. It’s not fair to other fans. And I’m sure since it’s a radio event, he’ll only do about four or five songs because I doubt he will be the only act. How many times can these tards see him do the same songs over and over? Don’t they get tired of it all?

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        Not if your name happens to be debrakay…She has already seen him (sorry I have lost track) hmmm I think something like 6 times (maybe 7 times) so far on the first part of this tour (not counting the several radio gigs she’s pushed her way into) and she is definitely going to both KC and some casino show the next night somewhere in Iowa on Thanksgiving Weekend – I mean, come on now, who wants to spend time with their family on TKsgiving when they can see Dave instead???

        Oh and before I forget, she’s doing the LV gig as well… and she is kicking herself now that she didn’t make the mecca to South Fl this weekend to kiss David’s little owie all better no doubt. Talk about cringe inducing – who can top this one?

      • Karen D Says:

        Tracy143DC has been to the most shows so far. She’s been going all over the country. She’s obnoxious, loud, and apparently has money to burn. I think she’s been to about 10 shows. Not sure how many VIP she’s done but it’s been quite a few. She is buddies with drunken Kristen.

      • JennPaz Says:

        I need to find out what these ladies do for a living. Because whatever it is, they obviously get paid really, really well and are able to take lots and lots of time off to fly around the country going to multiple shows… Heck, David just played in my area a couple of weeks ago. Did I go? Nope, had to work and couldn’t take the night off!!

      • Nist Says:

        cmt1978 has gone to a bunch of shows, probably 6 – Cali, St. Louis, Texas, maybe Idaho and Tulsa? I’m sure she’ll be going to the shows in the upper midwest soon. However, I do have to say she’s done it quietly, unlike the last tour – I guess she’s toned it down some since her buddies in bad behavior krunkjess, stacey, etc. aren’t there with her. Don’t know that she’s done any VIPs.

        airhead jordan took a bus around the western side of the US to attend 5 or 6 shows, now she’s on the east coast (via greyhound) planning on several more. She’s done some VIPs as well.

    • Nist Says:

      One interesting thing about the Las Vegas show is that a woman named Rachel is the opener (or one of the openers – she’s the only one confirmed so far.). She’s the musician who was in Sweden recording next door to David when he was there and the tards went insane because she tweeted him a couple of times. Did I mention she is blonde, young and pretty? (Are you shocked by this???) I think she ended up deleting a tweet or two because of the reaction, and I doubt she’s ever tweeted him (publicly) again.

      I’ll be waiting to see the bitchy passive-aggressive comments towards her performance when it becomes widely known she will be there. I’ve already seen one fan tweeting her dismay. The tards always have a complaint about the women who either duet with David or perform on the same bill with David (Carrie, Colbie C. Alexandra Burke, etc.) – they’re never talented enough to hang with David or they try to “overpower” him, apparently.

      Yet all the MALE openers for David end up being adored and followed by the tards. Even that guy Canaan who opened up a couple of shows recently. They were all talking about what a “cutie” he is and were getting his autograph and pics.

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Tracy143’s tweets make it sound like she actually thinks she is friends with David. Her tweets border on the line of desperation (basically they say David, tweet me; David, it’s not really my birthday but tweet me happy birthday anyway) And she was tweeting the other day toMBenz01 how David and her were watching some video she sent to Tracy and about conversations she has had with him.
        Karen, I think it’s at least 10 shows she’s been to but it’s not counting the radio events she has gotten into. Kristen and their other friend Jules can’t be too far behind her in the amount of shows they’ve all gone to.
        Nist, they don’t like the females because it’s competition for them in terms of getting David’s attention. Why would he go for the pretty young things like Carrie or Rachel when he can have them instead? Because, you know, he squeezed their hand or winked at them or gave them an extra long hug to feel their boobs against him and that automatically means he has a thing for them. They build up relationships with him in their minds and actually think there is something there.

      • Black Angel Says:

        That’s when it gets scary, when fans think they have a relationship with their obsession. Can you say delusional?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Who is this Tracy person? Is she a granny? Why have I not heard of her? Anyone with a link to her VIP picture(s)?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Thanks STL, kinda sorry I asked.

  11. Natasha Says:

    David is making a big mistake by not unveiling the girlfriend already. He could be escaping some of these looney tunes if he takes Nike’s advice – just do it!

    • Cooks_FUFL Says:

      No, he is not making a big mistake, IMO. His life, his gf’s life, his family’s life, his gf’s family’s life, his friends’ life, his gf’s friends’ life, his kindergarten teacher’s life, his gf’s kindergarten teacher’s life…well, you get the picture. He will not escape the looney toons, and they could (and WOULD) make that poor girl go through hell for dating him. Hell, he and Kim C dated for 6 months, and people NEVER let up on her. Plus, look at the posts above about women he sings with, or who are on the stage before him–they are scorned and ridiculed, too!

      I do have to ask though: a while back, Karen D posted such inside knowledge (lol) that he had a long term gf, and it would all be out in the open soon, because it had gotten into the ‘wrong’ hands on twitter. I never heard another thing about such a gf! Did anyone else? I must not follow the ‘insiders’ on twitter! 😉

      I am going to a show this weekend, so I will be more than happy to provide updates on the OTT tards, like Kristen, Jules, etc during the festivities. Stay tuned! 🙂

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I believe FDC said no discussing or outing of the alleged girlfriend here. I think FDC is right. She’s not about exposing his private relationships, only exposing BSC tard behavior.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        yep, that gf discussion is one we don’t need to have here. outing her would only make the crazy even crazier and I’m not about to inflict that tsunami of loons on any poor woman.

        I don’t know why the crazy insist he lives like a monk with no nookie. Hell, he has probably seen more ass as a bartender/bar bander than a toilet seat. Can someone explain the need to transmogrify him into Saint David? I don’t get it.

      • JennPaz Says:

        IMO, David doesn’t need to be tied down with a serious girlfriend at this moment. Heck, he’s young, good-looking and a rock star for crying out loud! Let him enjoy it and all the perks that come with it! Most guys would probably love to be in his shoes. Marriage and a relationship can come when he’s in his 40s! lol That way, the crazy tards will be too old to give a crap!!

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        ^ Still think you’re in with a chance huh. 😆

      • JennPaz Says:

        Who, me? Heck yeah!! LOL Just kidding… I’m pretty sure I’m not his type (ie, young and pretty and blonde)

  12. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    I didn’t mean that any alleged gf should be outed, here or anywhere else. I was just referring to Karen D’s post some time back that she was “in the know” about a gf, and that it was soon going to be all over twitter. I was questioning the point of Karen D’s post, that’s all. I agree that any gf should stay in the background right now–that is why I disagreed with Natasha’s POV.

    Now, off to get ready for the big show! If I am lucky, David will look at me, squeeze my hands, then fall magically in love with me and make me cry when he sings FIM, and I will clutch my DC pillow and he will fly me away on his angel wings! Not too much to hope for, correct???

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I think it will happen!! He’s bound to lock eyes with you from the stage and whisk you away! Have fun!

    • JennPaz Says:

      LMAO!!! That’s great!

      Are you doing a M&G too or just the show? Either way, you need to come back here and give us a full report!!

    • Karen D Says:

      He is still with the long term girlfriend. It’s been at least a year and a half now. I’m actually really surprised that it hasn’t come out. People know about her but aren’t discussing it publicly. Maybe respecting his wishes? (I know, unheard of, but why else?)

      • Jen Says:

        Well, how do people know about her? Seen them together or something? For that matter, how do you know? I don’t want to know anything about her, and I mean no offense, but anyone can come in here and say stuff that can’t be proven. Which is why I tend to only bring stuff that I can link to if need be. Of course, I don’t have any insider knowledge in the first place. lol

        (Ha, I probably sound like a tard but it’s one of my pet peeves in life when someone plays the I know something you don’t know game.. Don’t mind me lol)

      • Black Angel Says:

        Where is your proof? Not that I really care about his personal life, but I hate when people make statements and don’t back them up.

      • Black Angel Says:

        BTW, I’ve seen plenty of crap with Taylor Hicks tards. Tards pretending they are in the know and as it turned out, they didn’t know shit.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Well, if he does have a long-term girlfriend, then kudos to him for keeping it under wraps for a year and a half! Although I find it kind of hard to believe that someone would be able to keep something like that out of the press for that long in this day and age…

        Guess that explains all the sappy love songs on TLM, huh?

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Black Angel, I see where you’re coming from but I also don’t think it’s fair to make Karen reveal how she knows unless she wants to do it in her own time down the line. She is actually the only one I do know in the DC fandom that really does know what she is talking about having talked to her in the past. I admit, people are leery when others claim to have inside information-I’ve been hurt in the past by people who lied and made up stories and am just now finding out just how deep their lies went.
        Fans just put two and two together in terms of her identity but have been keeping it underground to act like they have knowledge other fans may not have or because they are in denial and really don’t believe he is dating anyone because he’s waiting for them or because they haven’t been spotted out as a couple that the relationship isn’t real.

      • Jen Says:

        But that’s what I’m wondering – what two and two are they putting together in the first place? Especially if they haven’t been spotted out together. It’s like when they all thought his “out living life!” tweet was an admission of having a gf. I call that crazypants.

      • Black Angel Says:

        This is the internet and people can say whatever they want to. Unless there is proof, not buying it.

      • just dont get it Says:

        I actually feel sorry for this girl if she exists. Imagine dating someone that long and have never been out in public? I realize there is a downside for her, but after this long she’s probably starting to feel like he’s ashamed of her or something, even if he isn’t. I can’t see how it could be a normal relationship.

      • Karen D Says:

        You don’t have to “buy it”. There was more than one photo floating around and other information which was posted (which is now gone) that confirms it. I’m not posting a link or the info out of respect for her/his privacy. FDC has said not to post the information, therefore, I’m not. (and yes, I do know of a number of crazies that know the information. I’m really surprised they have kept it in their group and not public)

        I really don’t care if you believe me or not. Not sure why I’d pretend to know he has a girlfriend. What would be the point? I don’t know any of you so it’s not like that gives me any perceived “power”. It is what it is. Take it or leave it. I don’t feel any obligation to prove it.

      • Jen Says:

        For the record, I didn’t want you to post the info – I was just curious where people were getting the idea from. You say photos so okay. I’m assuming the crazies who have them are distributing them amongst themselves privately and not posting them on their public flickr streams so whatever lol.

  13. Ali Says:

    All those commenting about the tards lifestyle that they can travel, take so much time of work etc…well most are middle aged and have worked all there lives, so they are now re-living there lost youths and blowing there retirement funds lol. Maybe taking long leaves from jobs they’ve built up lots of vacation time on, because they obviously had no lives before there Dave obsession!

    And the few younger ones seem to travel cheaply, such as on greyhound, and bunk 12 to a seedy hotel room lol…probably collecting unemployment by now, so we all are paying for there “stalking tewer”, which is kind of sad since, most here are responsible enough to work, pay bills, and maybe be able to afford a GA show (not even vip for most) in our areas. We’re horrible fans!

    • Black Angel Says:

      What about the ones that are married and have a family at home? They don’t mind that wife/mom is out stalking a singer on tour? I don’t get it, cause if my mom was doing something like that I would think that she was completely nuts.

      • Ali Says:

        I think if they are that crazy to do this, then the family is probably greatful to have a reprieve and have them out of the house for a while lol. The ones with husband’s must be earning there own money…or the husband’s are having affairs lmao!

      • Black Angel Says:

        Seriously, think of the problems these nutcases have created within their families (spending money reserved for retirement, vacations, college money for their children) and I wonder how many divorces have occurred because on their crazy obsession.

  14. nonna-muss Says:

    Hopefully their families have documented their activities well. Shouldn’t be so hard to admit Granny to the nursing home now, should it? Bwahahaha!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I have heard of cases where the crazy Idol fan has a) opened secret credit card accounts to finance the following of the tour, b) other have raided savings accounts & family retirement accounts behind the backs of family members and c) some that have told the hubby they were paying the mortgage, electric bill, etc and used that money to finance some stalking before the truth comes out.

      • Ali Says:

        FDC who was the tard that used her inheritance money left to her when her father died right before the idol tour? I think she was in the original herd with krunkjess…and speaking of kj, where has she been? Did she get a lawler job with her brand new law degree from the Univ. of Barbados, online college lmao?

      • JennPaz Says:

        I’m no psychologist, but I’m pretty sure those are the signs of a mental illness. Gamblers do similar things when they have a gambling problem.

      • songkat7 Says:

        Ali – that’s Serena, the same one who stopped the DC tour mid-way through, took up with Ryan Star’s tour, and now works for his record company/accompanies him to all his shows.

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        Actually, it was Cat (aka “Tewer” on twitter–yep, that is her twitter name) who inherited all the money and went on tour stalking David and the boys during the Declaration tour. She paid for Serena to go too, and that’s how Serena met Ryan Star.

        There were 2 stories floating around about Cat and her mother. One story stated she put her in a nursing home while she and Serena travelled across country, and the other story stated she had private duty nurses come in to care for her mom during that time. Either way, she left her sick mother to follow David. Classy girl, huh?

      • songkat7 Says:

        Ahh, okay.

      • Ali Says:

        Thanks cooks_FUFL and songkat. I know Serena works (doing what? scrapbooking lol?) for Ryan now. Someone said her father passed away and wanted her to live her dream (of what, being a groupie minus the sex lol?). Maybe Ryan felt sorry for her. Whatever. I heard she was one of the front row meanies on David’s first tour. A friend of krunkjess. I don’t know Cat (tewer) but I’m sure if I saw a picture of her I would. Too many tards and twitter handles to keep track off!

        Either way, blowing your inheritance on stalking is nuts! I wonder if she got a cushy record company job too lol? And if not is she still friends with the employed Serena haha…As the “tard” world turns 🙂

  15. Natasha Says:

    Sigh, JennPaz is right. Stalkers will keep right on stalking, as it’s a sickness that cannot be cured, even if they know that their object of obsession may no longer be available from a relationship standpoint. The only hope is good psychological help for the extremists.

  16. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Lol! Iluvdcyes just tweeted “I love @thedavidcook”. Wow, what a shocker! No wonder he does not read his timeline too much anymore. All stuff like “come to Asia/South America/ Europe” and so much buzz (pun intended) about his possible buzz cut on VH1 in early December. The fandom freaks out over his hair, and folks want him to reveal his gf????

  17. Natasha Says:

    Ha ha, Cooks_FUFL, I guess I have too much faith in mankind (or womankind in this case) that some of these crazies may eventually come to their senses.

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      Come to their sensese you say? Not likely anytime soon judging by this one:


      Have to say I love his legs! OMG, his legs knock me out! I have waited for almost 4 yrs to see the back of his knees! http://i690.photobucket.com/albums/vv263/ithud4dc/DavidGoof2-1.png
      and how could you not love this goof? http://i690.photobucket.com/albums/vv263/ithud4dc/DavidGoofy-1.png

      I am just melting here!

      I have to say this kind of comment really grosses me out – so completely inappropriate and posted on his own website no less – well at least most people there ignore her – and no, there is no point in me calling her out on it, cuz that will cause the mod to edit ME….unbelievable but true.

      And just for the record, on gossiping about David’s private life on this particular blog, ummm, can we just agree NOT to? When we comment or speculate over anything personal such as whether or not he has a GF etc., it kind of brings us down to the level of OTT BSC tard crowd IMHO, thereby really defeating the purpose of FDC.

      Unless I am missing something here, this site is not supposed to be about him per se, rather the loonies that inhabit his (and other Idols) fandom.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Clapping ferociously. I couldn’t agree more. Talking about his personal life takes us to the level of *gasp* the dearly departed crazy days of DCU. We’re here to call out the crazy, not act like the crazy.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Lol. She’s waited four years to see the backs of his knees?! Yeah because that is such a sexy body part…

        Oh Grandma Tard, you slay me sometimes

      • Agreed Agreed!

        But can I just say that Dave has calves like a girl. Slim and apparently hairless, There I said it.

        Leave the private stuff private!!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Perhaps the leg fetishist has a thing for Bakers Cysts…

      • JennPaz Says:

        Uh oh Karen P! Don’t let Iluvdcyes hear you say his calves are girly! She’ll hit you with her DC pillow…

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Thanks for my first laugh of the day JennPaz!

  18. Natasha Says:

    Not a problem, cooktardx10sansdelusions. I was just hoping that David could find a better way to survive some of he crazies, but it sounds like he and I may be better off working on world peace instead.

    IloveDCYES is a classic, all right.

  19. Nist Says:

    Hmmm. There’s a conversation at DCO spurred by a new poster giving a critique of the Athens, GA concert. Since the critique wasn’t 100 percent positive, the tard defense lines formed to inform him/her that David is GREAT(of course!) and being true to himself (of course!). And they wouldn’t have it ANY OTHER WAY!

    IloveDCYES was the first to respond, I believe. Then came Lavinia P who tries to shut down all negative DC conversations, and a poster named Incipit, who I believe is 70 years old and seems to think it’s her job to go around to various Idol boards and defend David, in the most sarcastic, condescending manner possible. (Someone finally told her off on TWOP a few months back and it was a thing of beauty – the moderator must have agreed because the poster who told her off didn’t get banned or edited, and Incipit backed off.) Then another newish poster said David concerts are “just OK” – and the claws have really come out for that person. Even if David did get new fans from this tour, if they looked him up on DCO they’ll probably run far, far, away.

    And closeyoureyes just posted that she doesn’t want David to be more commercially successful than he is now. She’s happy where he is. (This is a person who recently flew in from South Africa for six concerts and five VIP meet and greets). OK, well I guess it’s OK that David hasn’t yet sold out the 500 seat capacity venue he’s playing a week from Saturday on his new solo tour? Or that the show in his hometown a week from Friday hasn’t even sold out the floor of the venue (they haven’t opened the balcony yet; they’re waiting to sell the floor)? OK then. I’m sure David is thrilled that you’re happy with that level of “success” for him. I’m sure he’d much rather be in his current situation rather than a hometown show that sold out in six minutes, as it did two years ago. *eyeroll*

    • just dont get it Says:

      I have heard that quite of the few Gavin/Dave shows did not sell out either. David is very much “off the radar” of popular music these days if you ask me, not to mention that folks aren’t spending extra money on concerts right now.

    • Beauxcefus Says:

      Those bats are hilarious aren’t they? Now they’re saying David did Gavin DeGraw a favor by coheadlining w/him? WTF?? Can they not sense that, and I’m just being real here, that rock music is dead, passe, relegated to the scrap heap at present. David Cook and his brand of it is fighting basically a losing battle to gain acceptance in the mainstream media, on radio, in sales and on the charts. Sadly, he relegated himself and his fans halfway to mainstream irrelevancy by proclaiming that he was not disposed to chasing commercial success by making music that appeals to anyone outside the shrinking base he already has. Thus the disappointing sales of TLM and the failure of his singles on radio – and the indifference of every mainstream media and hi powered music outlet, except those who still follow him from Idol, and Idol blogs. DeGraw may not be the golden pop/rock boy he was 6-7 years ago, but he made it into the club w/a huge, huge Top 40 hit that people to this day still remember and know the words to. When that song plays, people know/remember Gavin DeGraw, and that will be the case for a long time. Cook ain’t got it like that just yet, regardless how much these loons do the things they do to artificially create a buzz and interest that just isn’t there – like jack up the video views on FIM to over 1m, when the song is nowhere to be found on Itunes or the radio… come on folks. It’s reaching a ridiculous level of desperation fueled crazy that is equal parts hilarious, and sad.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      This is the point where more tards drop off the wagon. They regain their senses, realize that the career is dead, they’ve blown a lot of money on nothing and the music is shit. It’s also the point where the hardcore nuts really circle the wagons and get all the more paranoid, militant, violent and delusional. This is his future now; no new fans just lunatics stalking his every move for the next few years. Punctuated by self funded album releases sporadically to no acclaim, a few thousand sold each time. The cycle of Idol contestants continues. He’ll be begging to be allowed to headline at Branson within six months.

    • sodagrape Says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who cannot stand Incipit/Iniziare. Her writing style has this bizarre lecturing tone to it, not to mention her whole *snerk* *snerk @myself* schtick.

      • Beauxcefus Says:

        No Sodagrape, you’re not alone. The incessant ‘IMO, of course’, ‘snerks’ etc. in her posts are silly and annoying. There is an arrogant tone permeating her writing style that can’t endear Cook to anyone (not already a fan) reading what he/she has to say. If they spoke like real people, w/o all the pretentious and condescending bullshit, people might be inclined to listen w/some respect to what they had to say.

        IMO,of course, and oh yeah, *SNERK*! (*raise right arm, with index finger pointing up, and shake it – a la the nutty professor shouting ‘Science’!! in Thomas Dolby’s video, ‘She Blinded Me With Science’)

  20. Natasha Says:

    Is there any way to find out how much the album has sold to date? Last time I checked Wikipedia, the tally stopped around the end of August, which is probably when he fell off he BB 200.

    • Nist Says:

      No, once the CD fell out of the top 200, the USA TODAY Idol guy who provides the numbers can only get them by special request. I think the people at DCO in the chart thread plan to ask him to get numbers at the end of the year, so they don’t bother him by asking all the time. I’ve actually seen a couple of fans go ahead and tweet him asking for the sales numbers on their own, but I suppose he hasn’t answered since I’ve seen no discussion of it.

      My guess is that he’s sold somewhere between 100,000-115,000 since he was almost at 90,000 at the end of August.

      • Ali Says:

        From platinum to maybe 100,000 so far? Maybe sadly his style of rock is dead…and the music industry is ailing…and not many idol alum’s do so great, in the mainstream it seems, even the ones who have done great commercially aren’t selling like in the past. That’s just the business as it is…blame the economy and Al Gore’s evil internet lol.

        That being said, successful rock acts like Daughtry, don’t mind being commercial and sticking to a “format” they are known for. Daughtry was touring in Europe with the other commercial rockers Nickelback recently. His second album also was number 1 and platinum, and new music is still being released, before his third is due out. It’s no where near the 5 million sold on his first album, and neither is the queen of country Carrie Underwood. But they lead the pack in the idustry. I guess you have to play the game, or just be indy and broke lol.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        There’s only so many ears and dollars for schmaltz.

    • JennPaz Says:

      I’m pretty sure he has more Twitter followers than TLM album sales…

  21. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    Is it any wonder that he doesn’t read his time line when this is kind of crap is tweeted all day?

    Karen I love @theDavidCook…voice, talent, heart and legs

    Ugh. Just stop lady. Please.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Ok, so am I the only one who’s looking forward to seeing her M&G pic? (I believe she’s doing one in December). I envision her wrapping herself tightly around David’s leg, and he’ll be standing there with a “WTF, Grandma?!” look on his face!

  22. Hey guys! Proof that David Cook poops!


  23. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    I know this is off topic and I am late to the party on this, but I really do wish Andy and Jennye all the happiness in the world! He truly is a very nice guy, and she seems to be a total sweetheart. I hope they have a wonderful, long life together! 🙂

    • JennPaz Says:

      I wonder how his #1 tard, cool_shades, is handling the news! LOL

      • Cooks_FUFL Says:

        She posted on his sister’s blog, congratulating them, so I hope she is doing ok! 😉

      • She seems like a sweet person, but I think she made a mistake when playing Andy’s music in her classroom, and telling the students he got engaged, Some parent is gonna get wind of that and it won’t look good for her. Wonder if she showed them the tattoo? On that note, I fully expected her to show up here:


      • Ali Says:

        Yikes she got hired as a teacher?! Well maybe it’ll keep her far from Andy. Imagine if she showed up at the nuptials! As for the ugly tat, no words…where is everyone hearing this news, Andy sister’s blog? And the stalker post on it? Too much tardness to keep up with!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Karen P. Currie, you are eeeeviiiilllllllll. 😀

      • OMG. Did someone put her on that blog? I can’t see it. I feel terrible now. Just thought the ones there already were funny. Unless it was there the whole time and I just didn’t see it?

      • smelledthecoffee–There was a comment section at the end of the story and several people added links for similarly bad tattoos.

        I do not know coolshades beyond what I see her post on DCO, and I mean her no disrespect but there is no question in my mind that the tattoo of Andy that she has is sooooo far over the line of good taste that it makes me shudder every time I see a pic of it or hear someone mention it.

        A bad tat is a bad tat. Period.

      • Oh yeah, that is really not attractive. I forgot how bad it was. Way too much ink IMO. It ruined the whole thing. If not, it might actually look like a person’s face.

  24. Cooks_FUFL Says:

    Andy stated on FB he is engaged now, and he and his sister are very close, so it’s hardly tarding to have read the blog. It was actually a great story about how Andy and Jennye met, and how they are so in love. Like I said, he is a great guy and I am happy for them both, that’s all. Please feel free to resume ripping people apart now.

    • Ali Says:

      I didn’t rip anyone apart Cooks_FUFL. This is the first I heard of his engagement is all. By the post I thought his sister mentioned it. But if Andy did on his FB then it’s obviously not tarding. And the stalker I was talking about who posted on the sisters blog, was cool_shades, not anyone here…btw thanks for clearing up who blew there inheritance on stalking, I replied back just now.

    • JennPaz Says:

      It was a sweet story about how they met and I gather they’ve been together for awhile now. Best of luck to them! By the way, since I obviously know almost nothing about the band… did Neal date Andy’s sister back in the day? That’s what I got from reading her story…

  25. Jen Says:

    So apparently Andrew is the new VIP and merch coordinator. I don’t know for how many shows on this leg but of course the usual suspects are already talking shit. He’s not qualified to run VIP? How hard could it be? lol

    • Nist Says:

      Oops, Jen, I also wrote about Andrew below. I had the reply window open forever and you must have posted during that time. Yes, this Andrew thing will be interesting, for sure.

  26. Nist Says:

    So today zoo2 found out who the opening act for David is for the Las Vegas concert (Rachel P.) Her predictable reaction:

    –thanks for the warning, Jane. So we get this girl in LV? Oh boy.
    –not a huge fan of female voices with a few exceptions. This girl sounds like an annoying insect to me on that song on her site

    I never ever heard the “I don’t like female voices” claim until I started watching Idol. Since then, I’ve heard it a LOT from fans of male Idols. It’s the weirdest thing ever. You don’t like music made by an entire gender, because of their gender???

    Also lots of talk about David’s new male opening act for a portion of his tour, some guy named Zander. For the first time I can recall, people are not excited about a male opener – because he is too good-looking. Theories are that David’s management is trying to either attract young girls to the show (thus, the tards are insulted) or that the guy was chosen for his looks to appeal to the middle-aged crowd (thus, the tards are insulted).

    And Andrew Cook is on the road with David. Someone attending VIP today tweeted that Andrew is now handling the VIP meet and greets and handling merchandise. Expect lots of tard tweets sucking up to Andrew or bragging about “hanging out” with Andrew during the next month. Even if they still talk behind his back. 🙂

    • JennPaz Says:

      I have a feeling things are about to get very interesting in the fandom! LOL

      And Andrew’s handling the VIP M&Gs?!? Poor guy!! 🙂 And you’re right… the tards are going to be sucking up to him BIG TIME. Good thing is that Andrew will call them out on Twitter if they start getting too out of hand!

    • Ali Says:

      Lol, most of the die hard tards hate Andrew because he tells it like it is…like “yeah, grandma’s get a clue, we like girls our age and we like to have sex, and are creeped out by fans our mom’s and grandma’s age telling us in public (twitter public lol) how you want to fuck us”…I love Andrew haha.

    • Nist Says:

      I would love to see Andrew call them out!

      Also, yet another “anti-female opening act for David” opinion was just posted on DCO: (from jayelgee1)

      “I can offer no opinion about the female singers due to my problem with not liking any female on the current music scene. I figure that that is just generational – being my age and all, I can’t relate any longer to the problems and angst of 20-30 somethings and their emotional struggles, or at least the way they express them. I seem able to relate more easily to males of any age singing about similar issues. Go figure.”

      And jayelgee1 is a singer herself. SHE is a singer (who apparently used to be in a band when she was younger). Shaking my head…

      • JennPaz Says:

        That makes absolutely no sense! When you’re a female, how can you relate better to a male?! I don’t get it…

        Yeah, I’m a 33 year old woman… that means I’m suppose to relate more to Tony Bennett than Pink?!?! Whatever, crazy tard… LOL

        And question… how did they react when David sang “Go Your Own Way” with Carrie that one time? Did they all flip their lids and call her horrible names?

      • Nist Says:

        I don’t remember *horrible* name-calling for Carrie – She probably got the best reception out of all of the women he’s been associated with, at least with some fans.

        But I do remember many complaints of her “drowning him out”. On the other hand, a lot of people were saying they didn’t want another duet between them, – because they thought David wasn’t singing to his full abilities so he wouldn’t overshadow Carrie. Because David is a gentleman didn’t ya know? 🙂 And that Carrie girl really can’t sing a lick, right? 😉

        Some tards admitted that they didn’t want Carrie near David simply because they suspected he had a crush on her…unacceptable! 🙂

    • 'NucksGal Says:

      Is Rachel P the singer Rachel Platten? I’ve heard her stuff & it’s pretty good. She’s on twitter & talks a lot about her husband so if it’s her then the tards may find that out and calm down??

      But I hope she & her friends/family have thick skins if the claws stay out.

      I’d see her show (not in Vegas but if it was near my home) even if it wasn’t opening for David.

      Guess I’m still miles away from getting that card eh? I’ve never even once wondered what the back of his knees looked like … ;(

      Bad Fan! No ticket!!

      • Nist Says:

        Yes, it’s Rachel Platten who is the singer opening for David in LV. Her current single is actually higher on the HAC (Hot Adult Contemporary) charts now than David’s Fade Into Me.

  27. WilcoisAwesome Says:

    Actually, being a merchie is a lot of work. It’s not just selling T-Shirts and CDs.

    But, it will be interesting to see how fans treat Andrew in the coming weeks.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      There are those that will forever consider Andrew (a college graduate who has worked since moving to LA) a leech. I think Andrew is hysterical and he seems like a great guy. The ones who don’t care for him should remember that when David was asked who he relies on the most in life he said Andrew. He said Andrew is his backbone. Andrew runs David’s personal affairs while he’s on the road, keeps David’s house and cares for Dublin, all while working. But …..what the hell do I know? We all know who the fans are who seem to know everything and know what’s best for David. They know more than his mom, dad, management and David himself combined and have no problem pontificating on all forms of social media about it endlessly.

      I think Andrew has a pretty firm grasp of who’s who in the fandom. This is going to be interesting–please make it interesting Andrew! Those who incessantly criticize him publicly will get to see him face to face and will no doubt be licking his ass up one side and down the other. Of course once they get back to twitter they’ll be calling him a douche bag again (Their word for him, not mine!) 😀

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        IIRC one of our faves, Anodyne (who else?) specifically referred to Andrew as being a “douche” – this in reference to some Shadow Buddies benefit last year that David was allegedly supposed to attend.

        AngiefruitcakeKC (sorry may have muddled her handle) got herself involved in that through David’s mom as some registrar and she and Anodyne were both in attendance at said event – of course, David did NOT show – but Andrew was there, and I guess (heresay only) that words were spoken. But yeah if he is taking over the VIP should be lots of fun to watch cuz I don’t think he takes too much crap from the tards cuz, unlike big brother, he doesn’t have to… Oh and this just in….

        From our pal Gramma moses after watching the Ustream tonight I guess…

        iluvDCyes: @nannylovesidol: that leg is so darn exciting to me….

        iluvDCyes: I kid you not,that leg is very important..very very important…..

        I’m sure there’s more but I have to go barf now, sorry…:(

      • Jen Says:

        It will definitely be interesting. Some of them will even be at my show… (I might be a little bit thrilled that Andrew is on this leg. lol)

      • CTx10,SD: Thanks for that visual. Gak. If Dave walks in with shorts, I see her salivating like a male dog in heat would at a leg he’s about to hump.

        Very, VERY important? A leg? Does this woman have a family, or anyone in her life that cares about her? 5150 for sure.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Yes, David’s leg is very important… he needs it to walk, just like i need mine to walk! Seriously, what is it with her and his legs?!

        And how can these tards call themselves fans when they talk shit about Andrew behind his back? It’s his brother for cryin’ out loud! Just because Andrew won’t take any of their crap that makes him a douchebag? Whatever… someone needs to stand up to the middle-aged crazies!! And like somebody else mentioned, Andrew can do that because he really has nothing to lose!

  28. Ali Says:

    Yep, wehoscott also disses Andrew endlessly yet kisses his ass to his face…remember Andrew came here when the Queen tard made some nasty tweets that Andrew got wind of lol! Andrew said something about being “sorry to disappoint middle aged gentlemen that unemployed moocher didn’t say hello”, maybe not exact but that was the gist, when Scott was pissed Andrew didn’t acknowledge him at some L.A event the stalkers attended.

    Earlier in the year on twitter when Andrew started following (and tweeting sexually suggestively) some of his young, pretty followers who he met in L.A. the usual suspects were outraged, and made it known of there disgust…how dare he follow girls his age, and flirt with them online lol!

    • 'NucksGal Says:

      Well heck, at least somebody’s getting laid out of all this, even if poor David has to save himself…

      Good for Andrew.

      • fluffy Says:

        Heh, Andrew was hanging out with some very pretty girls at the Falls Church show and I was thinking… “Go ‘head, little brother.”

        I don’t get the complete lack of logic that would make someone think that being nasty about the object of your affection’s brother would be a good thing?

        I don’t actually have anything exciting to report about the show last night… unless I just missed it, I didn’t see any nonsense. Good mixed crowd, with young girls, guys, whatever and didn’t see any of the front row people from the good old days – did they peel off and start following Neal around?

        Of course I wouldn’t recognize any of the roses or weeds or whatever so might just be that I was out of the loop so long I don’t know how to recognize Tardpack, 2011 version 🙂

      • One of our favorite roses, Rascalette, is at tonights show. I think this show was like Penn State where the tickets were not on the DC tickets presale site. Maybe that’s why it appears the crowd is sort of thin. In number, not actual size lol.

      • Fluffy Says:

        I need to pick up my copy of the Tardtionary so I know who to look for, lol. I’m just not up to date on these things!

    • Black Angel Says:

      How dare a young guy follow and flirt with pretty, young girls when he can have a fat grandma! LMAO!

    • songkat7 Says:

      Here is what I find hilarious about the “moocher Andrew” allegations by the tards. David had said often that in his bartending, poorer days, he “mooched”/got financial help from his family, including from Andrew (who put David’s name on tags for gifts he was giving to people when David didn’t have the $$ to contribute towards the gift).

      Why is it okay for David to have been a “moocher”, but not Andrew?

      First of all, this is no one’s business but the family’s. Secondly, we have no idea how much Andrew does or doesn’t contribute. Third, true love among family means not keeping a tally. Fourth, David is clannish, absolutely loves his family, and I would imagine (just a hunch) that he’s thrilled he can do for them now.

      So, the tards? Are just pissed that their plan to use Andrew to get closer to David backfired. They kissed up to Andrew, and he saw right through them. Who knows but that Andrew states openly what David (who must pay the piper/record company) cannot? I know for a fact (thanks to friends who personally witnessed said behavior) that certain of the fans were royally pissed/hurt/whatever and began the “douche” comments about Andrew as a direct result of not getting their way with him (to get to David).

      What they fail to realize, in their absolute stupidity, is that they are not endearing themselves to David in any way, shape or form. If anything, their comments and treatment of Andrew must make David truly disgusted.

      Blood is thicker than water, tards. You will NEVER approach meaning anything to David that his family and friends do.

      And remember, tards, there is a difference between a fan and a friend. You are the former, not the latter. Accept that and maybe your life will be a little more fulfilled.

      Aww, hell, who am I kidding?

      • JennPaz Says:

        Well said, songkat!

        Plus, do the tards forget that if not for Andrew, David wouldn’t have been at that Idol audition??

        Seems like they should be thanking little brother, not bashing him.

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        Haha JennPaz, you’re right. I’d never even considered that.

        I listened in on one of Andrews radio shows a while back when he was in KC (first time I’d heard of them) and he was quite funny. He seemed pretty tongue-in-cheek when he was referring (obliquely) to his brother & that in itself was proof that he doesn’t bow to the tard’s commands.

        I think he’d be a fun guy to go for a beer with (& no, not in a romantic/date/tard way).

  29. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:


    Actually, that story about how David came to audition in Omaha for the first time is a bit of an ‘urban legend’ shall we say? The real story is that both David and Andrew were planning (and did in fact) sing that fateful day in August 2007 in Omaha. Apparently Beth drove them both up there and she even had some kind of sign/placard (sorry cant’ recall the exact wording) but something to the effect that BOTH her boys were there to audition for AI. This always seemed more plausible to me and I suspect the story that David was “plucked’ out of obscurity by some producer who “saw something in him” and asked him to sing out of the blue, is just a load of manure. OTOH I also think that this ‘background’ story was the one offered up for use when the actual live show began vs having David’s ailing brother mentioned – because David did NOT want that story brought out (unlike the infamous Danny Gokey milking his poor dead wife the following year on Season 8) – DC did not want to play the pity card and so good for him…and as we all know, a lot of what happens on these reality shows is dependent on how invested the audience gets on the contestant’s backstories. Anyway, FWIW this is (allegedly) what REALLY happened.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      And you know this how Cooktardx10? Just curious because I know the uber/over-analyzing tards have stated it couldn’t have possibly happened the way Cook, his brother and his mother all describe it happening. David nor his family have ever said anything different, only fans have.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        Someone (from Omaha) had told me all about this (as well as the fact that he never worked at the Blank Slate either) so long ago (shortly after Idol ended) that I am sorry to say I have forgotten most of the deets, mainly cuz I just wasn’t even surprised about it, to be honest. .

        And I wouldn’t call David a liar about it either – its just part of the “show” you know, and who knows ? Maybe originally he wasn’t planning to try out, but by the time they got to Omaha all that had changed – I am pretty sure it was Beth who wanted them both to audition in any case.. I didn’t mean to stir up controversy here either, I mean this is old news.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Oh, thanks Cooktardx10. I’d only ever heard the usuals hypothesize as they love to do.

    • Still, I always wonder why David had his guitar with him if he was only there for “support” of Andrew.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        It’s not a stretch for a musician to carry an acoustic on a road trip. My son plays only for enjoyment and brings his acoustic on vacations, etc. I wouldn’t necessarily read into that too much. I bet he brings it everywhere.

    • nicole Says:

      I’ve never heard that version, but I would not be surprised. He’s never worked at the Blank Slate.

      Anyway, so David lies. Big deal. He’s human, not some demigod or messi —

      oh, right.

      • JennPaz Says:

        Saint David does not lie! You take that back!! 🙂 j/k

        Yeah, I hadn’t heard that story before. I just thought he showed up to the audition to support Andrew…. but who knows?

        And Nucksgal, you’re right. I think it would be fun to go have a drink with Andrew. He has wicked sense of humor, imo. I haven’t listened to any of his radio shows, but I do remember the crazy tards attacked him last time he did it because he didn’t play anything off TLM. He told some of them via Twitter to basically calm the f*** down! I love when he does that!!

      • Fluffy Says:

        You take that back! BB would NEVER lie! His shining knee-backs glow with his goodness. No man with shining knee-backs can be anything but pure. *Hugs Cook-face pillow soothingly*

      • JennPaz Says:

        Uh, fluffy… Are you really iluvdcyes in disguise? Lol

      • Fluffy Says:

        No. I’m iluvdcsknees.

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        The radio show was good. He played some decent music, promoted a lot if his (& David’s) friend’s new stuff. He & the other guy even joked about refusing to say David’s name… referring to him as (I’m guessing, can’t remember exactly) Derrick or something like that?

        He also tweeted back to the idiots who were giving him heck about not supporting his brother. He said he was supporting people who were very close & “like brothers” to him and “Derrick”. He included Andy & Neal (MWK & THH) and David Hodges new band (Arrows to Athens) to just name a few. The A2A stuff is really fantastic & I wouldn’t have heard it if it wasn’t for the radio show.

        P.S. “ILuvDCKnees” BWA-HAHAHA. Best laugh I’ve had in days!!!!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        If I remember correctly Andrew told David’s fans that they all already owned his CD, he was trying to play music they haven’t heard. Another point for Andrew in my book.

      • SeenTheLight Says:

        Andrew and Kelly (the radio guy who does KCRadio) referred to David as Dale. David came on Andrew’s show once but not as himself. He came on as Terry the guy who did the lights on the tour.

      • saywhat Says:

        Interesting. My understanding is that he did at one time bartend at the Blank Slate, but that he had been fired (for unknown, but wildly speculated upon reasons, and on pretty friendly terms) prior to his AI audition. That clip of him behind the bar that they showed on AI was done as a favor by the bar.

        But who cares? its not like AI is actually a true, uncscripted, organic talent show. Probably 75% of the auditions are carefully set-up ahead of time by TPTB. Anybody else find it weird that Cook had pre-idol connections to both Kevin Griffin and Zac Malloy, 2 song-writers in the AI stable?

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        “Dale”!! That’s what it was. Don’t know where I got Derrick from but hey, it’s a “D” name & I was guessing.

        I remember the “you own the cd” comment too now.


      • freedavidcook Says:

        Guess it’s time to out Becky as a super loony toonz…

  30. itsaname Says:

    Reality tv is about as real as a bubble gum machine ring. There is a dj in or near KC who once told the story on air that Beth sent a letter mentioning both boys were going to try out for Idol. Forgive me, I can’t remember the name of the dj or the station. I know it was a station that had supported his pre idol music, and it wasn’t that Kelly guy.

    I’m sure his back story was scripted and handed to him, just like that stupid pirate joke. David admitted in an interview that the joke was staged, not spontaneous.

  31. Jen Says:

    So someone asked Andrew when the VIP pictures will be up and he said tomorrow hopefully because of technical difficulties but of course Becky has decided they’re not up because he’s just not doing his job. Of course.

    • Jen Says:

      And she continues…

      @cookienerd0006 @FallBackIntoMe I can’t stand him so I’ll have no problem. I won’t suck up. Just give me my lanyard and gtfo my way lol

      @sandypat66 @cookienerd0006 he doesn’t know anything about being vip coordinator either but he is

      Now tell me, how exactly does she know the details of his work history? He did work for a record label.

      • Fluffy Says:

        Why on earth would you need any sort of experience to herd VIP fans through the door and pass out lanyards and hurry them back OUT the door after they get their picture?

      • songkat7 Says:

        It seems not even “Dave” is immune from her wrath:

        “bleed_into_one becky/becks @
        @cookienerd0006 I’ll tell you when I see you about my cleveland vip experience that should tell you how I feel about rude peeps even Dave

      • nonna-muss Says:

        She is nothing but a bitch anyway. Yeah, I said it. I’ve seen her and her fat ass friends at shows doing nothing but complain about everything from his clothes to his set lists. It’s a wonder Cook didn’t punch her in her ugly face for all the nasty things she’s said about him.

        I wonder if he has the microphones at the edge of the stage again to hear the audience on this tour. She’s part of the group that used to purposely talk into them and swear and tell him which songs he should play. Daina screaming pizza tard was another one that used to brag about doing that. If these tards don’t think he’s aware of who is who and who says what, they’re sorely mistaken. But they don’t care!!!11!! He needs to know the troof!!!11!!!

      • Jen Says:

        Yeah it’s kind of amazing how people will bend over backwards to defend Neal but won’t even give the benefit of the doubt to David most of the time.

      • Fluffy Says:

        What did people expect out of VIP anyway? I did it because I can (ha) and it was nice enough I guess… wouldn’t do it again. Wanted to catch soundcheck and that was cool except overly demanding chicken-like old lady who wouldn’t STFU. Meet & greet was just hi, nice to meet you, picture, bye. What do people expect out of it? Candlelight dinner in the corner? You DID get moved along if you took too long by the photographer pestering you to take the pic (this did not happen to me, I’m Speedy McSpeederson) and then Andrew would tell you “Time to go” if you took too long. So maybe entitled fanwankers take exception to being moved along too quickly for their liking?

        Mystifying. And really really really mystifying why you’d want to do that more than once.

  32. Ali Says:

    Tards! WTF kind of experience do you need to milk folks for money to take pics with a guy who could care less about them! It’s his job folks, and Andrew is his bro…so who is winner here? Bro or over- invested fan?…yeah, I see why they would be pissed lmao!

    • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

      Does anyone have a visual (ie pic) on this bleed_into_one tard (becky/becks) – not sure that I have had the pleasure of seeing this one… or maybe I have and it’s been mercifully blocked from my memory, if only, if only….

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I hope you haven’t eaten recently, if you have…my sympathies because it’s about to violently come right back out. And sorry, I’m fresh out of eye and brain bleach.


      • Fluffy Says:

        Ohhh, I saw that one at a Ryan Star show… I thought David had shed her and she’d peeled off with Ryan. Guess not lol.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        Whew! Wow that pic of bleed_into_one…Yeah, thankfully I haven’t got around to eating anything today, but the dry heaves I’m having are bad enough so, ah thanks, I guess 😉 Note to Self: Be careful what you wish for! Is she STILL stampeding around to yet more shows? I see that Debrakay – one of my faves – has 3 more VIPs coming up to add to her 6 or so in the can already this tour….I hope David et al are at least laffing all the way to the bank…

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Hey, you asked for it Cooktardx10.

        Fluffy, Cook couldn’t be lucky enough to get rid of her. She’s a huge (literally and figuratively) Neal tard. She’s made it clear from way back that she doesn’t like Cook (I’d love to know what he actually did to set her off, because it’s him personally she doesn’t like, not the music), yet she’s going to show after show. She’s one of the freaks who expects more than he’s willing to offer, i.e., he won’t kiss her big, fat ass. She’s one of those special tards with the ‘entitlement’ issues we’ve discussed. No surprise she’s friends with many of the ones who have the same mental defect.

      • cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

        Why is it that the biggest and fattest tards (followed by oldest) always seem to be the most vocal and/or verbal (a la twitter) in Cook’s fandom? This is really just rhetorical question, cuz we all know the answer to that don’t we?

        In the case of the younger heifers, he is their dream lover, I mean judging by the size of them, attending these M&Gs getting a hug from David is about as close as they are likely to get to a real, live, regular type guy, so I kind of get the motivation there, and the hostility that some of them have to him, well that’s cuz deep down they know its a lost cause and there must be something wrong with HIM that it isn’t love at first sight on his part.

        But a lot of really old ones (who I know in many cases have run off on their SOs to go to these shows) – well is this their middle aged crisis then? Seems like the hubbies are happy to let them run hither and yon all over the countryside, and judging by appearances, I guess the menfolk are glad to be free of them for a while.

        I realize that all these good looking male singers have their share of this type of fan, but do ANY of them have such a high concentration of this particular demographic as David? I wonder what the Glamberts look like in concert mode – same thing? Morbidly obese and mouthy? Does anyone know? Just curious.

  33. Nist Says:

    Sassycatz, one of the fans who seems like she would like to very much like to manage David’s career, is on a bit of a tweeting frenzy tonight. She is very upset with people in her timeline watching the American Music Awards. Apparently since David isn’t on the show, it should be boycotted. Even the people who tweeted they just wanted to watch Adele or Kelly Clarkson or Chris D. and then turn it off – no!!! Shouldn’t do that!

    Some tweets:
    –David has a new album out and a new single that is gaining traction. He should be on an awards show about music. He isn’t. Do not watch it.

    –I don’t understand why David fans would watch a show that will never have him on as a guest or feature his music. Why would you support it?!

    –I won’t watch but he should because I want him to be mad that they won’t support his music & that of other rockers!

    –@thedavidcook watch the AMAs and ask your friends why a prominent awards show will not support up and coming rock and roll, like you!

    Then Sassycatz heard that Bruce Springsteen is going on tour next year- so she wants David to open for him. Some people who are fans of Springsteen tried to gently tell her that he doesn’t have opening acts. She’s not listening.

    –Bruce!!!!!! Make David Cook your opener on your European tour. He’s more than worthy of your trust!

    –David is an earnest young rocker who deserves his consideration as a rising star who can carry the torch.

    –If Bruce Springsteen is going overseas, @thedavidcook should be going with him. He is worthy of that honor.

    Why does she have to @reply David on this stuff?

    • Fluffy Says:

      The blathering on and on is annoying (and stupid enough). But when you @ reply David in on your blathering, you’re just an attention seeking weirdo. Bleh.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t he on the pre-show to the AMAs back in ’08?

      And I hate to burst this BSC tard’s bubble, but right now, rock is dead. Look at the charts, listen to radio…. it’s all pop at the moment, so therefore, those are the kinds of acts we’re gonna see on these award shows. So until the music industry swings back to a more rock sound, we won’t be seeing David on these shows for awhile!

      It just astounds me more and more everyday how these tards are all “experts” on the industry and know what’s best for David. What happened to just sitting back and enjoying the music?! Why must one overanalyze every little thing about his career? Like he would ever take their advice in the first place.

      And David opening for the Boss?! Yeah, right…. lol

      • 'NucksGal Says:

        I wasted 3 hrs watching the AMAs. Awful music Atrocities????

        Bad fan again!!

        I really like Daughtry’s song (& um, isn’t that rock?) but it sounded like cr*p on the show. The whole show sounded like cr*p.

        So they should be happy he wasn’t on there.

        Almost turned it off during JLo (her 1st performance ?? She got 2 ??!!) when I saw the Fiat actually onstage with her.

        Wish I had turned it off.

        Interesting tweet from Neal (or RT maybe) about best “rock” album nominees were Bieber, Bruno Mars & Pitbull. There’s the state of today’s music industry right there.

      • WilcoisAwesome Says:

        And also, the AMA’s are based off of Mediabase charts, so…if you aren’t charting on radio, then you’re not going to get nominated on the AMA’s. Simple as that. It doesn’t matter how great your album is. No spins. No AMA nod.

        People are so dumb! I don’t understand why they don’t research this shit before they run their mouths?!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Yeah, Springsteen doesn’t have or need an opening act and I hardly seeing him making an exception. Anyway, don’t the tards think David already has a Springsteen connection? Steven is one of his best friends, duh. I don’t think he needs tard help for this.

      This is exactly the kind of shit RCAEd was directing them not to do on his behalf.

    • Jen Says:

      As soon as I saw that Springsteen was touring next year I knew they would jump on that. I didn’t realize he doesn’t have opening acts though.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Me thinks more than a few cocktails were involved 😉

    • Jen Says:

      Holy shit, I didn’t realize she was actually specifically calling people out and telling them to turn it off! Like, who the fuck do you think you are?!

      • Nist Says:

        Yep, she tweeted directly to them about watching the AMAs, even if she doesn’t know them. I guess she sees them in David’s timeline. At one of the earlier shows on this tour, a girl who was a Kris Allen fan as well as a David fan gave David some kind of bracelet with a saying about Kris on it at VIP meet and greet. It was clearly a joke and David took it as such.

        But Sassycatz tweeted the girl and said she shouldn’t have given it to David because *Sassycatz* did not want David and Kris to be associated (AI stigma, I suppose). The girl, who was at the concert at that time, was understandably bewildered by this stranger tweeting her and politely tried to explain that it was a joke and she is fans of them both, but Sassycatz wasn’t having it.

        The funny thing is that the girl’s friends at the concert (they all seemed fairly young) got on twitter and pretty much cursed Sassycatz out (with some profanity – I guess they decided the polite route wasn’t going to work). Told her to mind her own business, asked if she was David’s manager and the public just didn’t know about it, etc. It was quite amusing. I don’t think Sassycatz is used to people arguing with her, especially young women who aren’t intimidated by some random tard tweeter.

        Amused by Fandom, you may be right about the cocktails. Didn’t think about that. 🙂

  34. Someone tweeted a link to an article about lighting for the tour. Here is the title:

    Gavin DeGraw and David Cook take a grandMA2 light on US Tour


  35. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    I’ve also seen some of these “fans” sending tweets to the Grammy people – Insisting TLM be nominated (oh and WIN) in every category. Talk about cringeworthy! This kind of mindless crap does not help David or give him any cred at all. It just makes said tweeters look even more moronic than they already are. TLM was neither a commercial or critical success and it’s chances of garnering ANY sort of attention are just ever so slightly higher than you-know-who falling madly in love with said loon(finally) at her umpteenth M&G with him, uhhh not gonna happen!!!!

    Oh, and another treat (gag) coming up here from Gramma Moses who is starting to really lose her marbles now that she’s about to meet with the man – complete with her “big surprise for him” is just around the corner:

    iluvDCyes Karen
    @MYSUNSHYNE1967 @thedavidcook not bad what was in the pants too THUD

    iluvDCyes Karen
    @Taylor_Sue look at the size of David’s pedal board! (live at http://ustre.am/dpId)

    Gee color me naïve, but why do I think “pedal board” is a euphemism for some other body part?

    Who wants to bet whatever her “surprise” is involves his “right” leg….. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

    • JennPaz Says:

      Nope, not going to take that bet because I know I’ll lose!! Can’t WAIT to see her M&G pic!! lol

      And seriously, the tards tweeting the Grammy people are just wasting their time…

  36. saywhat Says:

    So yeah, I think I may have found the smoking gun re. how Cook, or at least his posse, REALLY feels about his fanbase.

    A young college student was hired on campus to manage the Merch table for Carolina Liar last night. Was not an avid fan of either band prior to this. Appears to have gotten quite chummy with CL over the course of the day. Last night she tweeted this:

    @darthbaderx Hhaahahha so half of the fans tonight were in their 40s that travel around everywhere David Cook goes. Beyond creepy….

    Now as someone who is totally unfamiliar with Cook, how could she have discovered that Truth about his fanbase in such a short time? Not that they are middle-aged (she has eyes afterall) but that they creepily follow him across the country.Very amusing.

    • Jen Says:

      Well Andrew did tweet to some girl that it was good working with her or something so if it’s the same girl… lol

    • Ali Says:

      Lmao, I’ve seen a few tweets like that this tour, and some from the Declaration tour, that was supposed to be for “college kids” lol! Most of the kids steered clear of the show, and went to school sporting events instead. Not cool seeing your mom’s aged friends at a college rock concert I suppose?

  37. Jen Says:

    Keri (lobsters1), Amanda, and John all added to the Andrew bashing last night with comments about Andy’s twitvid but I’m too lazy to cut and paste. lol

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Why do these people care so much? Andrew is living his life and apparently having a damn good time and he was very professional and engaging at the show I went to recently. Maybe they should learn to enjoy their lives instead of being miserable bitches (that includes John, btw, lol) on twitter 24-7.

      As far as Becky, hasn’t she gone to several m&gs already, had convos and multiple pics with David and the band. How often does she need to be in his face? I would love for Andrew to put her and a few others in their place.

      • Jen Says:

        Oh of course she has. Pretty sure she’s doing VIP and the after show M&G on the 2nd and then VIP again on the 3rd too, in addition to the ones she’s already done.

      • songkat7 Says:

        Who knows why they hate on him so much, other than they and their tard friends didn’t get their way with David, thanks to Andrew seeing them exactly for what they area. Pathetic and hilarious at the same time.

        Andrew has what they never will, and it galls them.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Songkat, I think you’re right. Andrew has proximity to David and has his ear, but he’s his brother so of course. I guess some of these people will never understand when David says fans are like a “family” he doesn’t really mean his family, lol, or for them to take it so literally.

  38. l Says:

    Ahh, I was totally going to post about Sassycatz yesterday. Maybe it wasn’t just alcohol talking, because she’s at it again today

    Sassycatz Sassycatz
    NEEDTOBREATHE tonight on Letterman!! Don’t miss it. // Well, that’s great. Now, when is David Cook going to be on Letterman?

    Sassycatz Sassycatz
    I mean, David actually has a new single to promote. Some people would see that as reason to show up on TV shows that help to promote artists

    Why is it that all these people feel the need to manage his career? Sigh.

    • Nist Says:

      She’s at it again this afternoon. Apparently two college-age girls got to meet and greet with David for free after a recent concert, courtesy of a woman who worked at the venue, I guess. Both of them blogged about their experience, and their blogs have their pics with David. They didn’t seem to be bragging, they were very excited – they didn’t ask to go to the meet and greet, they were sitting outside the venue.

      Sassycatz is rampaging right now! She’s very upset that someone may have gotten something for free that others paid for. Especially if those people are young and/or cute. (See the post from me this afternoon above about her twitter war with some young girls a few weeks back. Must be some residual anger over that.)

      Rascalete, cookienookie, and becky/bleed into one are very upset about this too. It’s just not FAIR!

      Also, prepare yourselves. One of those girls blogged that David told her he has two new dogs (they were talking about her college class on animals). People are freaking trying to figure out if it’s true. I have no idea if it is or not, nor do I care. They want to know who’s taking care of the dogs since Andrew isn’t there (and they don’t want to hear it’s a girlfriend). Plus bleed into one and dcismyicing don’t think David takes good enough care of his one dog, so he really shouldn’t get anymore. Isn’t this MAN about to turn 29 years old soon? Does he really need all of this advice? Sigh.

      • Nist Says:

        Ha, I ended my post with a sigh just like “I” did. I guess we do a lot of sighing around here. 🙂

        I leave you with this tweet from CookieNookie – when someone said it was sweet of David’s people to let those girls in and they might become lifelong fans, Cookie Nookie said:

        –New, broke fans will do NOTHING for his career, IMHO.

        Snobbery at its best…P.S. There are a couple of hardcore fans who go to a LOT of concerts/VIPS who are getting upset with the complainers. They are saying he needs young fans. Maybe those fans will come over to the dark, FDC side. 🙂 One wrote:

        –Geez, guys. If the staff wants to bring in a couple of kids to meet David, so what? Yay to new fans! We should be pushing the new younguns

        –The blog made me happy, new fans, newly smitten, glad of them. If we want him to play to 300 devoted and no one else, keep him isolated.

        –Because we need to put his success first or NO ONE is going to be going to anything. Not great attendance lately, NEED new fans

        Good for her!

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Ha, Nist I was just about to post about Becky bitching about the supposed new dogs. She’s on quite a rant. To quote her “Who’s watching them? His imaginary girlfriend? He’s on tour, he doesn’t have time”.

        First off, she doesn’t even know if the story is true but hey if it’s on the internet, must be true right? LOL. Note the disdain for any thought of a girlfriend…and people wonder why if he does have a gf, he keeps her out of the limelight and away from these nuts. Plenty of musicians have pets and tour the world. Does she stop to think, a family member or friend could be staying in the LA house with the pet(s).

        I’m going to start praying with the King James bible and a Koran, on my knees and pointing to mecca for good measure right now, that Andrew has a blow up with Becky and tells her crazy ass off for good.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        When I read those blogs I knew a shit storm would start. I’d like the tards to riddle me this. If you fat old grannies are buying up the VIP AND the after show meet and greets, how is anyone who is a casual or new fan supposed to get to meet him? There was one show (York?) where ALL of the after show meet and greets were gobbled up by the same crowd that were at VIP. Someone told me that two high school/college aged girls stood there crying because that was their only chance and it was ruined by all the people he had already so graciously spent 2 1/2 hours meeting.

        They disgust me. Truly. Do they not realize that these girls will go back to their classes, dorm rooms and sororities and talk him up? They’ll tell their friends they had a great time and how nice he was and perhaps drum up some more new fans. Oh yes, silly me. We want new fans, so long at they’re not someone he might actually want to rub nasties with.

      • Black Angel Says:

        I can’t stand these entitled old biddies that think David owes them something. The only thing David owes a fan is a good show – PERIOD.

      • SeenTheLight Says:


        I was just coming on here to see if anyone had heard what was going on. The fans just need to settle down and the most vocal at the moment are some of the worst offenders in the fandom. If it was one of them, one of their fandom friends or someone related to one of them, the same ones bitching up a storm right now would be gloating and spilling every single detail about how they got into the M&G. Because, you know, they are David’s favorites and he just loves them so much that he wants to see them all the time.

        So what if two college students got to meet David after a concert. I read one of the blogs and she stated that she was almost broke, not doing well in her classes and was upset she wasn’t going to see David in concert. Her mom got her tickets for the show and she went with her cousin. I don’t care what anyone else says but because of a random act of kindness from a venue employee, this is something this girl is going to remember for a long time. Who knows, maybe this will in turn spur her to pay it forward to someone else in some way and start a chain of nice things happening for people. David took a few pictures with her and her cousin and had a brief conversation with them. It’s not like he immediately ran away with either one of them or made out with them. This sense of entitlement with the fans is getting extremely out of control.

        Becky is a real piece of work. She’s the one who has a thing for Neal and badmouths his girlfriend Kira every chance she gets. She is also the one who tried to start rumors by claiming Andy was cheating on Jennie with another girl just because Andy was seen walking to the buses with a female. Becky is now on her twitter claiming she doesn’t believe the girls’ stories until she hears it from the source or until the full story is told. Others are agreeing with her. Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? They only hear parts of conversations they have with David and aren’t really listening but then report back to the fandom with stories full of half-truths or backhanded comments David has made about things asked to him by fans and justify their behaviors and actions because they think David told them it was okay to do or how much he really does love them.

        bleed_into_one becky/becks @
        @Mysticpurz @AheadofStraight andrew probably gave it to her after she did him a “favor”

        bleed_into_one becky/becks @
        @NinasFeet her blog cracks me up. She REALLY likes run on sentences and that “making dreams come true” shit? I call BS.

        @DCisMyIcing that actually really aggravates me. Who’s watching them? His imaginary girlfriend? He is on tour he doesn’t have time.

  39. l Says:

    OH did anyone else see the comment (I think it was Becky but I was clicking through timelines really fast so not sure) that those girls /must/ have given Andrew a sexual favor to get into the M&G for free. Sick.

    Blech. Sassy is just as bad. She tweeted a clever little analogy about going to the grocery store and how she wasn’t expecting them to give her food for free, LOL forever.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      That was Becky, with the BJ insinuations. What a nasty pig. In a
      funny response to Sassycatz, someone tweeted they hope the fans enjoy the free ustream of the concert tonight. LOL.

      If she thinks a couple kids getting free m&g is a sin, then watching an entire concert for free has to be wrong also, right? 😉

      Nonna that sucks about the York show, if you do the 1st m&g, why is it necessary to talk to him again after the show. Do they think he misses them? He’s all heated up from the show and now he’ll fall madly in love with them? I’m sure the whole idea of the after m&g is to lure in the casual fans that enjoyed the show and are now motivated to meet him..oh well, best laid plans and all that.

      • When I was at the York show I heard one apparently “frequent flyer” brag that she had been to a M&G at a recent show and then went to the after show where she was “so surprised that David recognised” her. Hard to forget someone who was pressing the flesh, so to speak, just a few hours before. I wanted to ask “Are you sure he didn’t say Oh, it’s you again” but I restrained myself.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        “Pressing the flesh”, gee…could that be the bleached blond cougar who claims responsibility for ripping his pants?

    • Jen Says:

      Didn’t the girl in the blog say a woman told them to come in? The hell? They’re going to run off any other fans that they don’t know, tard and casual alike. I’m definitely over-invested and even I am starting to want to throw the towel in.

    • Nist Says:

      Well, Becky tweeted someone at tonight’s M&G asking her to ask David about the dogs. (The woman said she would do it. Never mind if she actually wanted to talk to David about something else. Gotta support the fandom!)

      –erynmarie07 Eryn Marie
      by bleed_into_one
      David said he can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that he has new dogs.

      So the craziness will continue! You all have brought up some really good points and good info. Nonna-muss, that is really sad about the younger fans getting shut out of the after show meet and greets. I know there are a bunch of fans who have been to those multiple times, in addition to going to the ones before the show. They like the after-show ones because they feel like they can really “talk” to David. Because they are friends!

      Amusedbyfandom, you are probably right that the after show M&Gs are probably designed for the casual fan who enjoyed the show. Hadn’t thought about that. Seenthelight, I can only imagine the bragging if some of the tards had gotten in free to something! Yep, they wouldn’t be upset about it at all if that had been the case.

  40. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Those poor kids. Now the frauen will hunt them down, stalk and harass them and make their lives hell. All for attending a gig.

    End result? They will end up hating Cook because of the harassment & abuse campaign.

  41. Jen Says:

    Lol someone on twitter brought up that time Krunk et al really did crash a M&G, got asked to leave, and then pitched a fit until he gave in and took a picture. And they hadn’t been invited by someone either on his team or venue staff like it seems like those girls were.

  42. Karen D Says:

    I don’t think that the after show meet and greets are selling out, for the most part. The York show was chock full o’ crazy so it was almost a given. I’m not aware of any others selling out.

    I think York was also the only VIP that sold out.

    • Nist Says:

      I think you’re right that York was the only sold-out VIP, but I believe a few of the after-show ones sold out. I saw a tweet from someone the night of the Cleveland show who said the woman in front of her in line got the last wristband for after show M&G. I also saw a tweet from someone who mentioned that only three or four people in line behind her got wristbands before they shut it down at another show- I don’t remember which show, though.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Yes, the after show only allows 50 people. The VIP is up to 100 or 125 people. The December 9th show at Irving Plaza sold out of VIP. Dollars to donuts that at least 3/4’s of them were at York too.

  43. cooktardx10sansdelusions Says:

    I totally get what everyone is saying in the comments here about how the “usual suspects” are whining and complaining that God Forbid – two newbie girls got a M&G with David without paying through the nose umpteen billion times like they had to – and yes, its great that these were younger actual “college aged types” – which is exactly the demographic he needs and wants….so yay!!!! BUT OTOH…

    No one (apparently) in DCs camp has bothered to put a limit on how many times MamaCougarGrammaFatsoTard is allowed to buy said M&Gs – meaning the sky’s the limit. Sooooo. From that POV, I really can’t blame the UberTards from cornering the market wherever possible – as painful as it is for me to say. I mean they do LOVE him the most and bestest, so they are entitled are they not? 😉

    I will say though – (with firsthand knowledge too) that unless you are a frequent flier fan on DCO or Twitter even, that the more casual (as in UNobervested) DC fan would NOT be aware that the VIP option was even available. I encountered this very type of fan at the 2nd of the two shows I attended – a young (very pretty) blonde girl spotted me at the bar before the show with the VIP’y thing around my neck and was astounded – as in “How did you score that???” I explained how I “acquired it” and that the VIP/soundcheck had come and gone, but then ended up giving her ALL my stuff, pass, T-shirt, pic case, signed picture etc, as well as directed her to the merch table so she could still meet him after the show – she was thrilled! So was I!!! Share the love! She later emailed me a pic of the two of them at the after show M&G -both looking happy!!! Hehehe – and THAT is the type of fan Cook needs, but just isnt getting enough of…because of (see opening paragraph above ^^^^^^^

    • Nist Says:

      Awww, that’s a nice story about you and the casual fan. 🙂

      Interesting viewpoint about the unlimited M&Gs. You’re right that no actual rules are in place limiting anything as some other artists do.

      As far as the casual fan not knowing about the VIPs, I wondered about that at the beginning of the tour. Unlike Gavin’s VIP packages, David’s M&Gs were not sold on Ticketmaster along with the concert tickets. Only on davidcooktix. One theory I had was perhaps they were limiting publicizing the VIP because they were unsure how many people they would get. They may have wanted a smaller amount of people during this tour to gauge how tired David would be and how strained his voice would be with adding the M&Gs. After this tour, they may have a good idea of how much he can handle, and perhaps the VIP will be better publicized and limits might be placed as well. But yep, right now the tards aren’t breaking any official rules.

      Except of good taste. 😉

  44. MK Says:

    Someone should tell her “It’s none of your fucking business”.

    These bitches need to get lives of their own and stop fucking worrying about David’s.

  45. Ali Says:

    Wow, I don’t even have the stomach to wade through twitter but someone (*coughs* FDC) should alert Andrew and David to the complainers lol…I’m thinking Andrew will be the one to go off on them once that final straw has been broken! And hopefully Becky will be one of the tards at the show when Andrew’s shit hits the fan(dom) haha…

    And someone really should alert the bloggers about ignoring the crazy, because they may be clueless about the harassment. Has anyone noticed if the tards actually made mean comments on the girls blogs/twitter or just to one another?

  46. JennPaz Says:

    Wow, I step away from the computer for a few hours, and look at all the drama I missed! I’m just sitting here, reading all these posts and am totally flabbergasted by these tards’ latest behavior.

    And seriously, what is up with this Becky chick? From what I gather she doesn’t even like David so why does she continually fork over money for M&Gs?? I don’t get it at all… I’m starting to think David and his people need to take out a restraining order against her. I just hope she doesn’t snap one day and do something drastic, if you know what I mean…. She is crazy with a capital C!!

    Plus, I have a feeling that after this leg of the tour some things are going to change. Either the M&Gs will be done away with or they will be limited as to how many a person can do.

    These tards are a complete embarrassment to the rest of us sane David Cook fans. I just hope he knows that there are more of us than them…

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