Even Crystal Bowersox Has Crazies

I don’t know any of the deets but yesterday a series of Facebook statuses came from my personal favorite AI alumni. I always figured Crystal didn’t get the crazy fans because a) she’s not a guy and Idol Tards seem to only obsess over the guys and b) she’s a little left of center, especially for white bread middle America Idol fans.

Her Facebook statuses –

Overstepping boundaries… It’s weirding me out… you know who you are. That’s all I’m gonna say for now.

I love my fans, but there are some things that are just inappropriate. I’m deeply troubled by it.

Love the fact that Crystal has the cojones to call it out right then to whoever is doing whatever that’s freaking her out. Too bad none of the male Idols have stones enough to tell the crazy to back off. I hope this works for her and her crazies start behaving or perhaps move along to another Idol, like Lee DeWyse. Who, you ask. You know the guy that beat Crystal who seems to have vanished into thin air.

David Cook once posted on his blog asking people to step back and he was eviscerated by the media for doing it so he backed off. Biggest mistake of his career because now the crazy has ramped up to all new levels.

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4 Comments on “Even Crystal Bowersox Has Crazies”

  1. Ali Says:

    Good for Crystal…David needs to post another blog imo. I think this time it will be praised, as we all know about the crazies he’s talking about now.

  2. Black Angel Says:

    I wish more Idols would speak up for themselves. It’s just so easy for the Idol fan to turn love into hate that most Idols don’t say anything cause if they do, they usually get crucified.

  3. YoTaylor Says:

    Crystal is a personal idol fave of mine as well. I follow her on twitter and caught that tweet. Made me want to put in a search for her @replies, but didn’t want to get that stalkerish. I think the difference is she’s a Mother and can take charge and be protective if/when she needs to be. Plus she doesn’t have the pressure of a record label telling her how to interact with fans anymore.

  4. Natasha Says:

    I knew there was a reason I like Crystal. She isn’t afraid to speak up. I hope whoever is bothering her takes the hint.

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