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So this link gets posted in the comments and I arrive at this horrible bit of fiction/whining/entitlement on DCO. Oh brother! This one needs someone to spell it out in giant dayglow letters and even then she’d probably think it read something else. Makes me feel extremely dyspeptic this evening..

talking the talk,but David doesnt walk the walk!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011 – 17:18
talking the talk,but David doesnt walk the walk!

I am so upset with Mr. Cook….Has he forgotten where he came from? Has he forgotten that alot of his fans are the ones that voted for him when he was on American Idol? You see I am a nurse, and I work for a young lady that has Cerbral Palsey. She has been following David since she first saw him on American Idol. She is one of many that constantly voted for him…What DAVID COOK doesn’t understand, is that his music has helped her deal with the loss of her Mother from Cancer and her Father 6mths later from Diabetes……DAVID…..,was appeareing at the Giloiz Theater, in Springfield, mo yesterday, and we were unable to get tickets because they sold out very quickly. She went to St. Louis last month to see him in concert, but was unable to meet him. So as not only her nurse, but her friend too….i thought maybe if we wailted outside by his motor coach he would take a few min. to shake her hand, take a quick picture with her and say hello to her…….We understand that he is a busy man…..but to DISS someone that is handicapped and in a wheelchair is just way WRONG in my book. we waited in the cold for 3hrs. 2ft from the door of his bus. I hollared his name as they unload belongings from the hotel onto the bus and was ignored….the same happened when he went in to do his sound check…and when he came back out, he was holding his nephew, to shield his face from us….I once again yelled his name. he went up 2 steps turned around towards us and all he could say was “Hi Guys”? First we are not guys, second he couldn’t even take off his sunglasses….this was at 5:25p.m. I could totally understand if there was a big crowd of peaple……BUT there wasn’t…..Just her and I…..Come on really, We waited a total of 6hrs. altogether yesterday…..For this? She was so distraught and disappointed, and cried all the way home……Somebody needs to remember how he got to where he is at, because at this rate he won’t keep his fans. I know one thing, I am going to give him maybe 2days to appologize, or I will got to the media, on top of everything else, she is also involved with the Salvation Army, and is a bell ringer……SHAME ON YOU DAVID COOK …..YOU REALLY COULDN’T TAKE 5 MIN. TO TALK TO LOLA? Somebody should inform Mr. Cook , that he needs to get ahold of me to make this right for what he did to her. DAVID COOK ….PUT YOURSELF IN HER CHAIR….HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF SOMEBODY THAT YOU THOUGHT WAS SO WONDERFUL AND HAD TO BE A VERY KIND PERSON……..DID THIS TO YOU?

On a happier note, I would like to say….loud and clear…..THANK YOU, THANK YOU…KYLE….this his drummer and not only did he take the time once to talk to us, but when he came back from sound check he spoke again…..What a true Gentleman you Are!!!!
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She can’t even spell the illness her supposed charge has. Doesn’t hold much hope that she’ll be much of a care taker. Making a palsy sufferer sit out in the cold all that time? Job fail.

But I don’t buy a word of this. The truth is she probably stood out by the bus like a demented stalker for hours on end and Cook decided not to reward bad behavior so hence the story of the long suffering fan she takes care of comes out. Hint: When you vote for someone on AI that does not make them ‘owe’ you anything. They entertained you, you voted – it’s known as a symbiotic relationship, not an open door to own them like they work for you and you are the company store.

She’s being attacked over at DCO for expressing a negative Dave opinion by the usual gang of idiots. I suspect the board mod will wipe out the thread soon since it is getting all those granny panties twisted up in nasty knots.

Repeat after me, David Cook owes you nothing. Nothing but pleasure or pain from his music when you’re listening to it. Lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat. Ugh.

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52 Comments on “Entitlement Tard Is Entitled – David Cook Fan”

  1. nonna-muss Says:

    Hate to say it, but I agree with the replies to her at DCO. Why would you sit in the cold for hours with a handicapped girl? Do you expect David to carry his 3 year old nephew over to strangers that have stalked his bus for hours and are screaming at him? Tickets for the show went on sale a month ago, why wait until the last minute to expect to get some in his home state? Planned meet and greets were held before and after the show, why wait by the bus?

    I’ve been under the assumption this tour that these planned meet and greets were to stop the bus stalking and were also for David’s safety. This woman expected special treatment because she was standing next to someone in a wheelchair. Then to threaten to go to the press if she doesn’t get her demanded apology?

    If this story is true, I’d have to side with David and the DCO grannies on this one.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Hey, I agree too! Shocking, I never thought I would agree with the DCOs on anything but she’s just too ridiculous. I hope her ignorant ass DOES go to the media just to spotlight the problem that the male American Idols have to deal with, lunatics like her.

      • nicole Says:

        i’m also hoping that she go to press with this.
        i mean it’s not like it’s gonna get picked up but you know, she needs to hear it from an outsider that she’s nuts.

  2. Fluffy Says:

    I think my favorite part was “PUT YOURSELF IN HER CHAIR!”

    Shame on you, David Cook, for not enabling creepers who are standing outside your bus (purportedly) for three hours “hollaring” at you.

    And WTF kind of nurse would keep her patient in the cold all those hours?

    I call bullshit. If it isn’t bullshit, I agree with the herd. Oh dear Lord.

  3. JennPaz Says:

    Was there a M&G for this show? Because if there was… why didn’t this lady herself do something nice and wonderful for her patient and BUY one? I mean, $75 for a M&G is a pretty good deal imo.

    • Karen D Says:

      There wasn’t but she claimed in the diatribe that she was also at the St. Louis show where there was a VIP (pre) and post meet and greet so no excuse.

  4. sansdelusions Says:

    This kind of crap infuriates me. Okay if this “Sandy” is really telling the truth then WHY on earth couldn’t “Lola” have met him in St. Louis last month since nursey claims she was there – where’s the explanation for that? There is none. And interestingly the distance from Springfield to St. Louis is like 280 miles and so Lola was able to make that trek (3.5 hours drive) no prob I guess…. Yet its only 166 miles from Springfield to Kansas City – so why didn’t she go to that show then?? None of these venues sold out and I am pretty sure there were VIPs at two, if not three of them….Not to mention AFTER the show M&Gs which were cheap relatively speaking! I mean dontcha think a “fan” would figure these angles out?

    Lastly, David does not “owe” any fan anything – wheelchair or not. What a load of bulls**&t. If he responded to every single fan who has any sort of handicap, visible or otherwise – he would be out-sainting Mother Teresa (well he probably can now that she’s gone) – but he is not required to! Doesn’t he do enough with charities as it is? A lot more than many other celebs I think…. Ooooooh I am so PO’d I was ALMOST tempted to comment over on that dreary hellhole of DCO but fortunately I see they’ve locked the thread. Whew close call for me! They should just delete the whole ugly thing.

    If “Lola” is truly a fan of Cook I am sure she would not be wanting “nursey” to be behaving in this childish and petulant fashion. Entitlement! Does everyone think they own a piece of this man? Arghghghghgh! 😦

    • JennPaz Says:

      Well, we do know that iluvdcyes owns his right leg!

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Wait until next week when he’s in the Northeast, land of the entitled tards.

      • Karen D Says:

        Yeah, he gets to see mysunshyne1967 again so she can give him a gift that she’s terribly excited about and talk to him (it’s very important) before her surgery. She even asked Andrew if she could get the gift to him and asked him to DM her.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        David just did a two hour show, 22 songs. The entitlement is already starting. “He’d better do this for my show”, “It’s not fair!”, “I hate the Chicago people!”

        He will not do this again. He was making up for the fact that Carolina Liar couldn’t open tonight because Chad’s wife is having a baby. David didn’t have to do what he did tonight, he just did it. He doesn’t owe anyone at any future shows a longer set because of tonight. He did it to be nice, why do tards have to ruin everything?

      • JennPaz Says:

        This is totally off topic…. but I know that my favorite band also has a bunch of fans in the Northeast and it seems David does as well. What is up with that?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        More condensed population = more crazy per capita! 😀

      • songkat7 Says:

        I just got home from the Chicago show. Absolutely fucking amazing, I have to say. There were family and friends all around the venue, as David mentioned to the crowd. No m/g after the show, but for the 22 song set we got, I’d rather have the music.

        Some fans were throwing things onstage; the things looked like strings of beads of some sort. The roadies had to keep clearing them off the stage so the guys didn’t slip. One of them was thrown with such force that it hit one of Kyle’s cymbals. At first David made a joke that “this isn’t a rave”.

        Then some guy in the front row fainted and had to be taken out. David said, “hydrate, people!” Then he took the opportunity to tell people to stop throwing things. I believe his exact words were, “stop throwing shit onstage, coz if one of us gets hit in the face, I’m gonna be pissed, stop throwing fucking things onstage.”

        Mad cheers from the crowd. I understand from someone that it was a group of young girls. But it was still awesome to see him declare things so adamantly. I’m just waiting for the day he calls out the crazies. I actually thought I’d witnessed it tonight.

        Oh, forgot to mention that at the beginning of the show, someone threw a stuffed doll of some sort onstage. David looked at it and promptly pushed it right off the stage with his foot, without much other reaction. I loved it. I mean, seriously, what does a nearly 29 year old man want with a doll??

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Don’t you know anything? That doll was a replica of its maker. One good look and Baldy will fall instantly in love, rush off the stage, fuck her from one end of the tour bus to another then drive to Vegas to marry her. My god have you people learned NOTHING?

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Good for David, the people on stage on stage can’t see that far out into the audience, so they don’t know an object is heading their way until it hits them. Stupid and dangerous.

        Nonna, the bitching about the set list length is an ongoing irritation to me. Why do these people always bring up Bruce Springsteen and his 3 hour shows? Correct me if I’m wrong but Bruce has been around for 30 effing years to David’s three. 20+ song set lengths would be great but it’s not the norm for someone with only 2 major label CDs under his belt . But , the entitled want what they want.

      • songkat7 Says:

        Just found out the “young girls” who threw their jewelry onstage were old enough to be drunk at a bar (which they were), so they were old enough to not get any sort of sympathy from me. Idiots.

      • Nist Says:

        Songkat, thanks so much for the info. It’s nice to hear that David is being more assertive with fans. Hope it continues.

  5. sansdelusions Says:

    Since this thread refers to Entitlement and we have just been (faintly) praising DCOers for having some sensibilities – (sigh) Time for a reality check. I happened across this post from “Martha” – who I believe (tell if I’m wrong) was one of the two tards who just “had to kiss David” and did just that at some show back early on in the tour….This post below describes her “having dinner with David in Springfield!” Read on:

    “My concert experience began with dinner with David. Before all of you have a stroke, let me explain. We had dinner reservations at a restaurant across the street from the Gillioz. I had stopped at the ticket window to pick up my tickets. I found out from Andrew, who was inside the ticket office, that there would be no after show M & G. (sad face). As I left to walk up to the street to the restaurant, I was met by my daughter. Her first words to me were something like, “Now, I want you to remain calm and show some decorum.” I thought the restaurant had really screwed up our reservations or something. Then she said, ” David is sitting at the table next to ours.” I swear I had heart palpitations! Walked in and sat down, shaking all the while. He was eating with his mom, dad, and nephew, Marshall. I had brought a couple of tee shirts to give him at the M & G. Since that wasn’t happening, I did approach him and give him the bag. Apologized for bothering him while he was with his family. Told him if the shirts didn’t fit or he hated them, he could give them to Dublin to sleep on. He thanked me (very kindly). I told him how happy we were that he had come to Springfield and he thanked us for coming out. I don’t even remember eating my meal! He was so cute interacting with his nephew!”

    Uh huh. So here is this guy,on his own private time, not even with his bandmates but his actual FAMILY and still she feels entitled to barge in on his meal. Classy!

    • Ali Says:

      What a rude bitch! What did she expect David to do…not like he could just tell her to take her crappy shirts and fuck off! Oh wait…he could, but he’s a nice guy. I would be so embarrassed to approach his dinner table with his family there, at least wait until he gets up to leave if she must give him her gift (no clue why tards buy him dumb shit like clothes?), then he would have already enjoyed his family meal without interruption and feeling awkward knowing tards are eating at the next table lol!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Entitlement. Entitlement. Entitlement.

        Leave him the fuck alone! He gives you enough of his time. He sees most of these freaks more than he sees his own family. They piss me off to no end.

      • Black Angel Says:

        He can afford to buy his own damn shirts. How stupid!

      • Fluffy Says:

        Why do people buy gifts for him? I don’t get it. I’m not buying him gifts. He makes a shitload more money than I ever will 🙂

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I don’t get how you can buy gifts for someone you don’t even know! Shit, I have enough trouble with the Secret Santa at work and I know those people at least a little.

      • sansdelusions Says:

        This type of mindless tweet really gets me scratching my head:

        Taylor_Sue Sue
        @thedavidcook Would you prefer a T-shirt or a baseball hat?

        a) He would prefer Neither – He can shop for this kind of stuff for himself;
        b) The chances of him seeing and/or answering you are somewhat south of ZERO percent and no doubt you know it: Ergo,
        c) She is just tweeting this to draw attention to herself and to let other tards know that she ‘cares’ about him more than they do.

        d) He doesn’t need/want your crappy offerings – he has more money than any of you will ever see in your lifetimes! Wake up!!!

      • Nist Says:

        sansdeulsions, Taylor_Sue is very interesting. At her last meet and greet (which she was quite upset by because she felt rushed and didn’t get her money’s worth, whatever that is), she gave David something “secret”. She wouldn’t tell her tweeting buddies what it was, though of course she mentioned it frequently, and maintained it was only for David to see.

        IIRC, she was upset because Devin or Andy was standing so close at the M&G that he might have gotten a peek at the gift, and she @replied David telling him the gift was for him and only him to look at. As if! I bet he showed it to everybody including the bus driver after that, if he even kept it 😉

        So I wonder why she’s gifting him again…???

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I’m almost embarrassed to be going to VIP.He must be starting to think all of his fans are crazy! I’m going to go up, say hi and get my picture. That’s it!

      • songkat7 Says:

        Nonna – I heard that yesterday’s VIP was pretty rushed. I wonder if the rest will all be that way?

        Come to think of it, do other bands who have VIP meet/greets allow time for the fans to chat with the band before their picture? I wonder.

    • Nist Says:

      Yep you’re right – that’s Kissing Martha. She’s just clueless. I’m sure he had some interesting things to say about her to his family once she left. Notice that her own (grown) daughter had to warn her to “show some decorum”.

      As far as the gifts things, I hate to say it, but IMO David does in some way encourage it by wearing some of the gifts – and I’m sure he and the guys drink the liquor and wine that is being gifted so frequently on this tour. (I would!) For instance, I know he’s worn the “I Love Boobies” bracelet (for breast cancer charity, I believe) a fan gave him in Texas quite a bit.

      And the shirt he wore last night? Tweetheart1982, one of the crazy tweeters, claims she gave it to him at the concert the night before and she hasn’t stopped talking about it. While I hope it’s not true and he just bought the shirt on a whim (it’s a Kum & Go convenience store shirt), it does look fishy that he wore one the night after she claimed to give him one. I have to guess he doesn’t connect the woman at the M&Gs with the actual crazed tweeter that she is. BTW, she’s changed her twitter description to –♥ DC&TA ♥ KUM and GO :)–

      There are probably other gifts he’s worn, too. I can understand how he might have gotten used to the culture of accepting gifts on the Idol tour because there were so many , and he was adjusting from being a broke musician LOL, but now maybe he should just give them away. Except the liquor. 😉

      • Nist Says:

        One other thing, if he did wear tweetheart1982’s shirt, I kind of blame Tracy143dc (the woman who’s been going to all the shows, Kristen and Jules’ friend). Apparently she also gave him a new shirt yesterday afternoon and mentioned that some fans were tired of the denim shirt he’s been wearing most concerts. Doesn’t sound like he reacted too happily.

        –@Tracy143DC Did you ask him about the shirt?

        –I gave him my shirt. Told him some talk about his wearing the same shirt and he really doesn’t care

        –he loves that shirt and he doesn’t care who doesn’t like it. Angry Dave is fun

        So he may have been feeling self-conscious before the show and decided to wear another shirt – and perhaps tweetheart1982’s was at the top of the pile. Poor David. 😦

      • sansdelusions Says:

        Liquor is impersonal and disposable and can be shared – so yeah I bet even if he doesn’t drink the stuff, someone on that bus is getting buzzed pretty regularly 🙂

        I think he used to wear certain gifts a lot more 2 yrs ago than he does now…but yeah, prolly not a great idea, as the entitled ones will just up the gloat factor even more – just like those who are occasionally ‘gifted’ with one of his tweets – few and far between, and rightly so. Which makes me wonder at this kisser “Martha” – she was so quick to share her story about “dinner with David” – I mean she is PROUD of what she did – so does this give her added status in Cooktardlandia – is that what its about?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Wait just a minute. “Angry Dave is fun”???????? Don’t tell me they are turned on by Angry Dave the same way they all cream their granny pannies over Bossy Dave. If this is the case they will all try to outdo each other by pissing him off. They treat him like a fucking show pony and I’m sick of it and by all appearances he is too. I’m sure he appreciates the liquor. He must tie a good one on each night to forget the shit they put him through. My blood is boiling. How could someone gloat about making someone they supposedly care about angry. I’m dumbfounded.

      • WilcoIsAwesome Says:

        It’s difficult and time consuming to do laundry on tour. I absolutely don’t blame him for wearing shirts that people give him. I don’t necessarily see it as him condoning what they’re doing. Personally, I think it’s weird to buy clothing, a hat, etc to bring to someone on tour that you don’t personally know (I used to make “care packages” for my friends when they went on tour, but they also made much less money than he does and needed it, plus I KNOW them!), but to each their own.
        I think it gets weird if you’re buying him underwear and cookies with tracking devices inside them so you know where he’s at at all times.

      • WilcoIsAwesome Says:

        Do these people realize they are ruining the experience for others? (rhetorical question I guess, since we know the answer is no). On one hand, he shouldn’t let some bitch’s comments piss him off, thus reflecting very obviously in his performance and attitude. But on the other, I really cannot blame him. It’s such a delicate balance and I cannot imagine having to deal with these people on a daily basis and keep a smile on my face and give my all each night. I actually feel really badly for him because he’s extremely talented, he’s just got this sect of crazy that prevents him from growing. And also, his promotion sucks. He needs a grassroots movement among people who actually go to shows other than his/any band that he mentions/likes/is associated with.

      • Nist Says:

        Unfortunately, four years into this David has got to be aware of the ownership issues his fans have with him, that put him in a position different from his peer musicians (he has more in common with former Idols in that manner). So in this case, I do think it’s unwise for him to wear things they give him.

        Plus he said in an interview before tour that he packed one suitcase that was only filled with enough t-shirts for a month and a half, plus suitcases for the a month and a half of other clothing. That was specifically to avoid the laundry problem. Honestly he seemed like he solved the laundry problem by alternating those denim shirts, but of course tards are bitching about those (“how are we going to be able to tell which concert was which in our 5,000 photos if he wears the same shirt????”).

        If he wears gifts, he just needs to understand that his fans are going to take that ball and run with it. It will be seen as condoning and encouraging for some (many!). It is what it is.

  6. WilcoIsAwesome Says:

    SongKat – I had no idea you went to the Chicago show. I was there as well!

    And yes, he did say “Stop throwing shit on stage”.

    It was an interesting mix of people. A lot of the front row people (at least on my side/Devin side) were just standing there and/or had their cameras up the whole time and weren’t really rocking out which pissed me off. It was my first show and would have loved to be up front, but I was close enough.

    It’s crap like the ladies above – interrupting him at dinner with his FAMILY, calling him out because he didn’t say hi to you, when he’s holding his NEPHEW and getting FAMILY time in – that make me ashamed to say I am a fan sometimes! It makes me respect him so much more though, to have relative decorum in situations like these, because if it were me, guaranteed I’d have a lot less fans.

    • songkat7 Says:

      Great show, huh? I was standing by the side bar so that I could be elevated a few steps to see over the heads of those in the pit.

      I had a nice chat with Andrew, who’s hilarious and kind all at once (he was really awesome with a friend of mine who was there, she got amazing news over the phone about a friend during one of the songs, and he overheard her telling me and told her he was happy for her news).

      Andrew also cracked me up…towards the end of the show, he told a guy next to him, “wait, he’s going to sing Billie Jean!”. I turned around, pointed at him and said, “I heard that!”, to which he laughed and pointed back. Later on he and his friend were shouting out for David to sing “Somber”, something he did in his Axium days.

      • WilcoIsAwesome Says:

        Oh nice! Which bar – the one on stage right? (There’s 2 haha). It really was a great show, despite noticing that he didn’t seem too happy with fan-itudes and whatnot. They’re a super tight band and even though I never saw them when Neal was in the band, Devin is a solid guitar player and seems to fit right in perfectly. Dude has got some amazing chops!

      • songkat7 Says:

        The bar on the right as you face the stage.

        I think that aside from his telling off the idiots throwing stuff, he was okay. It was a great vibe, I thought. I went to some shows last tour and am a big fan of Neal’s playing – I miss Neal a lot, but I do like Devin a lot and think he’s a great player. He fits in nicely with this band.

  7. Black Angel Says:

    This is reason Idols should never say they are dating someone. The entitlement factor goes way beyond what is rational.

    “I voted for you, so how dare you date someone when I own you? I will now secretly bash the person you are dating and make your lives miserable.”

  8. JennPaz Says:

    Good for David for telling those people to stop throwing shit onstage! Sounds like he took a page out of the Dave Grohl playbook!

    And I don’t understand the gifts either. I would think me buying a ticket to his show and buying his music would be enough of a gift for him. Seriously, why would he need a stuffed teddy bear or some other stupid thing?

    Oh, and don’t even get me started on that tard who had “dinner with David.” No wonder he claims to be such a homebody. Poor dude can’t even go out and enjoy a nice dinner with his family without some BSC OTT granny tard accosting him (and especially when he’s with his nephew, who probably doesn’t really understand any of this… he’s just “Uncle Dave” to him). I wouldn’t be surprised if David turns into Howard Hughes in 20 years!

    And lastly, to nonna-muss: when you do your M&G, you should introduce yourself and tell him you’re not a crazy tard who’s obsessed with any of his body parts 🙂

  9. JennPaz Says:

    Oh, and to songkat: I’ve done 3 M&Gs with my favorite band (mind you, they were over the course of 5 years! not 5 days). They were done through the band’s fanclub and were rather pricey, I’ll admit. I think they limited it to about 30 or 40 people. What they did was split us up into small groups. The band members would then go to each group for the picture. After taking the pictures, the members would split up themselves and each one would then work their way through the group and then move on to the next. It wasn’t rushed at all. Each member spent a few minutes with each person there, talking and autographing stuff. Every fan in the group was respectful of each person’s time and waited patiently until it was their turn. I must say that each time I did this, it was a very enjoyable, pleasant experience, and the band was totally nice and humble. I’m glad I did these M&Gs, and they’re always something I’ll remember fondly. I think the difference is that I paid way more than $75 (well, truthfully, my sister paid for them! lol) and I think in that case, the artist invests a little more time into the M&G.

    • songkat7 Says:

      Interesting, thanks for replying.

      • JennPaz Says:

        I also forgot to mention that these fan club M&Gs were only offered in a few cities on the tour, not in every city. Plus, you got a two-night hotel stay, tickets within the first five rows, transportation on a chartered bus to and from the show as well as some other goodies like a t-shirt. I did one M&G in Memphis and it also included a tour of Graceland! lol They were a lot of fun and I wish more fans could have that kind of experience with their favorite artists. Sadly though, this band changed fan club companies and now they don’t offer packages like that anymore.

      • songkat7 Says:

        That’s quite a VIP experience! It sounds much like a radio station grand prize.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Hearing about sad stories like Cook being chased down in the middle of dinner by fraus reminds me of this Pink video – http://youtu.be/0ZTZtRZK_1s

  10. freedavidcook Says:

    Ladynsearch was there last night. Here’s her ‘review’ from DCO.


    I had the perfect night at the David Cook House of Blues Chicago Show.
    Just amazing! Just perfect! I could not have asked for a better David Cook show experience.


    Heeee! Andrew knew who she was!

    First there was a great vibe while waiting for the VIP experience. It was fun talking with other fans. And Andrew really did a great job!

    The soundcheck was so much fun. Got to hear “Take Me As I Am” finally and he did “b****”. lol.

    Then I got to meet the man and the band. At the point where I was in line they were speeding it up. But, I was determined to get my hug this time. Lol. I had rehearsed my intro to him at home. And while in line was formulating how it would go when I got to him.

    While I was in line talked with Andrew and introduced myself as Vicki ladynsearch and he was funny and gave a kinda whoop or woo hoo. Lol I asked if this was his job now. He said yes and I asked what happened with the internship, he said he quit because they didn’t want to pay him enough or something like that. I also met David’s dad briefly and said “Nice to meet you.”

    When I got there, I first put down the presents (early birthday for him) and identified each bag briefly. Then I said I am Vicki ladynsearch. He seemed to recognize with kinda like a raised eyebrow and like oh okay type look. Very pleasant. I then said “Can I have a hug?” And so got one. YES! It was a nice strong one too! Then he put his arm around me for the pic. Somewhere in there I asked for everyone to autograph my “This Quiet Night” CD booklet and they did. And I shook hands with the whole band after the pic and even David.

    Then the show!!! As soon as David and the band came on, wow you could feel the power, the intensity. Throughout the show, you knew it was a ROCK SHOW and David was a true ROCKSTAR as were each of the band members. Besides loving watching and listening to David perform, I also really enjoyed watching Devin. And he licked his guitar once. He was amazing. And Kyle did just an amazing extremely long drum solo at the end of the Zeppelin Rock and Roll cover. The crowd begging for more so he gave more. The crowd was like that throughout the show, really “whooing” throughout showing David the love and the band as well.

    The show was just a blast! They truly rocked Chicago’s House of Blues! It was extremely clear you were at a ROCK SHOW!

    I was so glad David performed Right Here With You (asked for it at soundcheck but they did not do it then). I love that song, one of my favorites on This Loud Morning. And I really hoped for Life On The Moon (shouted out to play it during show, not sure they even heard me) and then later they performed it. I cried throughout that performance. It is my favorite live.

    The only drawback to the show was my feet were killing me so finally took my shoes off and stood on my coat for cushioning. Lol

    There were a few mishaps like some were throwing things on the stage. And one item hit Kyle’s drum set. David remarked something like: so now you are throwing makeup. What do think this is a “rave”? Lol David finally told them to knock off throwing stuff on stage, forcefully and with tact and so they stopped.

    The other thing that happened is a guy had to be removed from the front of the stage interrupting the end of Life On The Moon so I never got to hear that nice high note he does at the end.

    Also Carolina Liar did not perform because Chad’s wife’s water broke.
    But then later during the show everyone but Chad came on stage with champagne and David took a swig. He then had champagne burps later stressing them. lol

    I was so happy, I should say thrilled, to have been to this show. They did 22 songs! Wow! And the crowd went wild for them. Chicago really showed David and the band the love. I screamed and whooed throughout. Lol I and some others started chanting David when they left the stage and they came back and did 4 more songs for the encore!

    To sum it up it was the best night ever. And IMO the best show on this tour! But then I was there. 

    p.s. Thank you David and guys! I will cherish this forever!

    Vicki aka ladynsearch

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