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Sims David Cook – Happy Holidays!

December 29, 2011

There’s not much stirring in the tard world, not even a mouse, just Ladynsearch telling me she’s going to hit me with a law soot for posting her message board review from DCO of the Cook show she attended. It’s dead with the exception of the Lambert Sparkle Cows spinning and spinning over Adam’s recent drunken troubles.

In this time between Christmas and New Years Eve it’s not unusual to feel nostalgic and to revisit the past. In that spirit may I present The Sims version of David Cook made by some Tard a couple of years or so ago.

What is amusing, disgusting and guffaw-worthy of these Sims stills is the fact that she apparently made Neal Tiemann and David Cook fall deeply in love/lust with each other. The last time I heard both of these guys are strictly hetero. I love the black undies in the bed and all the girly cuddling by two men too…

I just don’t get it. Did you know one of the most frequent search engine terms people find this place with is “Neal Tiemann David Cook porn”? Ugh! Nightmares!

David Cook Fans HATE Being Outed As Lunatics

December 20, 2011

I’m finally home for a few days after working twelve hour days at a seasonal job for piles of cash and I see my email box is filled with threats of lawsoots by some of the recently outed as not normal. Yes folks, it’s the threats of suing this big old meanie poo poo head for daring to copy over something from DCO. Threats of copyright violations and how RCA is gonna suuuue me!

Laughing so hard. I kind of hope a tard does sue me just so all of this nonsense can be exposed. Salivating imagining the legal fees said tards would have to cough up to go after someone that reposted their posting on a message board. I’ve seen what I posted reposted at other sites so it isn’t going anywhere.

Thanks for the holiday laughs! May Santa bring them customized straight jackets and cells at the loony bin with “This Loud Morning” piped in 24 hours a day! May Cook avoid those noids this holiday season as he’s out and about in his hometown. I can ask for nothing else because this is an awesome Christmas present.

Happy holidays everyone!

David Cook’s NYC Concert & Assorted Tards.

December 6, 2011

Well it looks like Earring Lady – IloveDCYES – is having some sort to tard DTs – Delirious Tremors – after her M&G with Cook. She posted –

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Monday, December 5, 2011 – 04:12

Just woke up…with tears! The show Sat. was SO great, meeting whole band was a dream, and I miss them all so darnn much…especially David…it hurts! The way he affects his fans is the stuff to write a book about…missing him like this after a show is par for the course, and I only hope and pray that he will go overseas and give his fans all over the world what he has given us here in the USA! DAVID is so special, and so awesome,and there just are not words good enough to desribe him fully…tears are splashing on my keyboard….

I LOVE DAVID COOK, Andrew, and the band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is the best singer on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMO

Attention lady – I think big pharma makes a pill for that, possibly one with a sad blue bean hopping around or a black hole following a cartoon lady. Seriously.

Here’s her photo at the M&G. Makes me want to shout “Run Baldy RuN” or “It rubs the lotion into its skin or it gets the hose”

I see she’s changed her hair, grown it out, since the last tour. Notice how it seems her upper body is leaning towards Cook yet he looks like his body is recoiling from her while he wears his pasted on same in every photo smile. At least she’s not trying to lick the back of his knee I guess.

Beached.. er Becky/Bleed_into_you, she of the shit talking about Cook is neglecting his dog while on tour and says a whole bunch of negative almost hateful stuff about Cook and especially about Andrew his brother, also did take in a show and do a M&G.

Disgusting. The shit talker is snuggling up to him like they’re BFF instead of the trash she talks behind his back.

This weekend should be fun. Or at least the New York City show will be a hoot for us. Zander Bleck (same first name as L. Anne Carrington’s fake fiance) former model will also be on the bill. He looks a lot like human walking STD Constantine Maroulis from American Idol but not as greasy.

That Irving Plaza show is going to be a hoot because most of the VIP section and non-tards at the show are rumored to be Glamazon model-types. It’s one of their apparent hang outs. Battle of the 6 foot 100 pound women against the middle aged delusional plumpers. A night to remember! ha! If the tards complain it’s likely they’ll be booted instead of the C-list celeb models bringing in the drunk guys with Am Ex Gold cards to fund their drinking the expensive booze.

Also the pre-show camping out by tards is going to be funny too. They’re likely to be pestered all the live long day by the local dope heads because the Irving Plaza venue is very very near the 14th Street Methadone clinic. It has all the earmarks of a greased goat rodeo even if model-boinker Constantine doesn’t show up. I wish I was going to be a fly on the wall of this confloption! Good times!

Ladynsearch Sees David Cook

December 1, 2011

….at the Chicago House of Blues.

Her review from DCO

I had the perfect night at the David Cook House of Blues Chicago Show.
Just amazing! Just perfect! I could not have asked for a better David Cook show experience.

First there was a great vibe while waiting for the VIP experience. It was fun talking with other fans. And Andrew really did a great job!

The soundcheck was so much fun. Got to hear “Take Me As I Am” finally and he did “b****”. lol.

Then I got to meet the man and the band. At the point where I was in line they were speeding it up. But, I was determined to get my hug this time. Lol. I had rehearsed my intro to him at home. And while in line was formulating how it would go when I got to him.

While I was in line talked with Andrew and introduced myself as Vicki ladynsearch and he was funny and gave a kinda whoop or woo hoo. Lol I asked if this was his job now. He said yes and I asked what happened with the internship, he said he quit because they didn’t want to pay him enough or something like that. I also met David’s dad briefly and said “Nice to meet you.”

When I got there, I first put down the presents (early birthday for him) and identified each bag briefly. Then I said I am Vicki ladynsearch. He seemed to recognize with kinda like a raised eyebrow and like oh okay type look. Very pleasant. I then said “Can I have a hug?” And so got one. YES! It was a nice strong one too! Then he put his arm around me for the pic. Somewhere in there I asked for everyone to autograph my “This Quiet Night” CD booklet and they did. And I shook hands with the whole band after the pic and even David.

Then the show!!! As soon as David and the band came on, wow you could feel the power, the intensity. Throughout the show, you knew it was a ROCK SHOW and David was a true ROCKSTAR as were each of the band members. Besides loving watching and listening to David perform, I also really enjoyed watching Devin. And he licked his guitar once. He was amazing. And Kyle did just an amazing extremely long drum solo at the end of the Zeppelin Rock and Roll cover. The crowd begging for more so he gave more. The crowd was like that throughout the show, really “whooing” throughout showing David the love and the band as well.

The show was just a blast! They truly rocked Chicago’s House of Blues! It was extremely clear you were at a ROCK SHOW!

I was so glad David performed Right Here With You (asked for it at soundcheck but they did not do it then). I love that song, one of my favorites on This Loud Morning. And I really hoped for Life On The Moon (shouted out to play it during show, not sure they even heard me) and then later they performed it. I cried throughout that performance. It is my favorite live.

The only drawback to the show was my feet were killing me so finally took my shoes off and stood on my coat for cushioning. Lol

There were a few mishaps like some were throwing things on the stage. And one item hit Kyle’s drum set. David remarked something like: so now you are throwing makeup. What do think this is a “rave”? Lol David finally told them to knock off throwing stuff on stage, forcefully and with tact and so they stopped.

The other thing that happened is a guy had to be removed from the front of the stage interrupting the end of Life On The Moon so I never got to hear that nice high note he does at the end.

Also Carolina Liar did not perform because Chad’s wife’s water broke.
But then later during the show everyone but Chad came on stage with champagne and David took a swig. He then had champagne burps later stressing them. lol

I was so happy, I should say thrilled, to have been to this show. They did 22 songs! Wow! And the crowd went wild for them. Chicago really showed David and the band the love. I screamed and whooed throughout. Lol I and some others started chanting David when they left the stage and they came back and did 4 more songs for the encore!

To sum it up it was the best night ever. And IMO the best show on this tour! But then I was there. 

p.s. Thank you David and guys! I will cherish this forever!

Vicki aka ladynsearch

Andrew recognized her and it sounds like Cook did too.. Ha! I wonder how many scrapbooks were in all her bags and what garbage bin they’re resting in now? Delusional.