David Cook Fans HATE Being Outed As Lunatics

I’m finally home for a few days after working twelve hour days at a seasonal job for piles of cash and I see my email box is filled with threats of lawsoots by some of the recently outed as not normal. Yes folks, it’s the threats of suing this big old meanie poo poo head for daring to copy over something from DCO. Threats of copyright violations and how RCA is gonna suuuue me!

Laughing so hard. I kind of hope a tard does sue me just so all of this nonsense can be exposed. Salivating imagining the legal fees said tards would have to cough up to go after someone that reposted their posting on a message board. I’ve seen what I posted reposted at other sites so it isn’t going anywhere.

Thanks for the holiday laughs! May Santa bring them customized straight jackets and cells at the loony bin with “This Loud Morning” piped in 24 hours a day! May Cook avoid those noids this holiday season as he’s out and about in his hometown. I can ask for nothing else because this is an awesome Christmas present.

Happy holidays everyone!

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59 Comments on “David Cook Fans HATE Being Outed As Lunatics”

  1. JennPaz Says:

    Well, I highly doubt any tards will actually sue you… because if they did, it would deplete their funds and then how would they afford to fly all over the country and see their beloved David in concert 20 times in one month?? 😉

  2. Jen Says:

    …they think their public posts on DCO are copyrighted?

  3. Mugsy Says:

    Yes, they apparently do! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Tsrd’s lawler will require a big retainer up front for that lawsuite! Did I spell em right?

  4. sansdelusions Says:

    Yeah, before departing for a long overdue break from the unreality of this fandom (and real life too) – thought I would just pop by to say thanks to FDC for creating this blog and to all who post in here with your pithy and to the point commentary on the crazier elements of this fandom, which, though yes I believe is only a small part – they are ridiculously vocal, loud and obnoxious in their neediness and wantiness of all things Cook – thereby coloring the entire fandom with the same brush – and the picture they paint aint pretty.

    Its sad really that this blog even NEEDS to exist, yet it does. They cannot understand this of course, because naturally its not THEM who are the problem. Sigh.

    My take on the reason why the lunatic fringe act so outrageously is due to herd mentality. Sheeple most of them. Once one or two of them start up, it quickly escalates to a game of oneupmanship with each person feeling the need to express her “love” for Cook more often or in more OTT ways than the next – we certainly saw this evidenced on the tour, with the multiple M&Gs, the ever more outrageous props and silly photos, endless videos and pics, etc. Then of course, we have to factor in the omnipresent Twitter. This little avenue of social media has certainly brought to the forefront the more unstable and sad amongst us, as we have seen with poor old iluvDCyes.

    I mean, who in their right mind tweets stuff like this?

    iluvDCyes Karen
    @thedavidcook Do you know how much you are loved? Do you?

    iluvDCyes Karen
    I am glad that @thedavidcook is almost in his very late 20’s

    iluvDCyes Karen
    @kimmiechick @thedavidcook Me too…lol want a davidcook for Christmas

    The answer is, no one. At its very least Twitter makes people stupid or at least it certainly makes them say stupid things.

    DCO? What can I say about that place? That place is a treasure trove of goofy over the top ridululata that NEEDS to be brought over here so we can marvel at the sheer lunacy of some of the comments – many of them again attributable to our very own IluvDCyes who just CANNOT contain herself…ever… she’s like an unattended teapot that’s constantly in boil mode, frantically bubbling and forever whistling away madly, unable to turn herself off. Skeery.

    One good thing that has come out of this blog is that, in fact, I do believe a FEW of the worst offenders have had the common sense now to take their Twitter accounts private, and that’s a good thing I guess – out of sight, out of mind and all that, but we still have many more looonies to get through to cuz judging by his T/L today – our work here is NOT done.

    Sighs again.

    Well, I am sure there will be lots more lunacy coming in 2012 – so just wanted to say, once again, thanks for the sanity that prevails in here! Merry Xmas and/or whatever it is you celebrate to one and all…. Cyas on the other side.

    • burt Says:

      “I am glad that @thedavidcook is almost in his very late 20′s”

      Why? Does that somehow make him closer to her age? Hasn’t he already been in his very late 20s for at least a year? Why *are* they so obsessed with his age anyway?

      Twitter brings out the crazy in people, especially where the famous are concerned. It’s like it holds a mirror up to people’s hidden thoughts and exposes them for the world to see. Most people understand boundaries on there but a minority get far too excited.

      • nicole Says:

        “Does that somehow make him closer to her age? ”

        but she’ll age, too! ugh. 67. i’m totally creeped out. she’s more than twice my age!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Yes, him being 29 and her being 66 is totally in the realm of possibility that he’d do her. There’s no way a 28 year old would do a 66 year old. Right?

      • burt Says:

        Right. Those few months would make all the difference to him.

        It’s so fucking freaky. If she liked him in a motherly way I could understand it more but the public lusting she does just gives me the creeps. More so now I know her age. I wish people would learn some respect – and I mean for themselves.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Happy Holidays to you too Sans. We know our work is not done. The crazy is sure to come out when there is a lull in new news, shows, etc.

      I WILL say this for his fans though. Yesterday he tweeted a link to the LA Marathon charity drive. At that point he had only a little over $200 raised. Today it is at over $9,000. Maybe for the holidays we can definitely look at the positive in that.

      After the holidays, however, they’re fair game! 😀

    • Fluffy Says:

      Does it somehow become less icky to lust after someone 40 years younger than you once he hits 30?

      Sigh. I feel old and I’m 38. Though I’m not tweeting him that I love him. I should get on that. It’s his left ankle bone that I like. Yum.

      • burt Says:

        Damn you Fluffy! I had my eye on his left ankle but you declared your love for it publicly first so I guess I’ll just have to settle for lusting after the right ankle bone instead. It’s not quite as sexy but I guess it’ll have to do. I’m going to find some screen caps to drool over – if I don’t return send help, I may have drowned. I’ve never seen an ankle like it. THUD.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Get your own ankle bone Fluffy, I already called the left one! 😉

      • nicole Says:

        i have an unnatural love for the 64 lash of his left eye.
        i will DIE if that falls off!!!!!

      • Fluffy Says:

        Wait what nooooo you can’t have my BBs left ankle bone! It’s MINE!

        Fine. Right pinky finger. Mine. I’m getting pictures of it on earrings so none of y’all bitches best try to claim that thing. MINE.

    • AmyB Says:

      The real issue is, even if you try to let one of them know that what they are doing seems a little on the crazy side, they just think you are being a hater and trying to cause trouble. No were trying to make them seem how stupid what they tweet not only looks to people that look at it. But more important how they appear to David.

  5. riley Says:

    Apparently the tards are not aware that if you post anything on the internet and you don’t go through the legal process to get it copyrighted, it’s public record. And message boards are not and never will be copyrighted. Hell what I type here can be posted everywhere and I can’t do a thing about it.

    So tards, Happy Holidays, Hope Santa brings you the sanity we all asked him for. And Happy Holidays to all the posters here. Thanks for all the laughs this year.

  6. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Oh noes a lawl suite! What’s next, a petition?

  7. burt Says:

    The lawsoot threats are hilarious. I wish they would try just to see their crazy outed. I have a funny image in my head of them in their Dave t-shirts (homemade because they are classier) being laughed out of a lawyer’s office.

    Anyway, happy holidays everyone! I love this place, it shows me I’m not alone in my WTF moments and we all need that in our lives!

  8. joolie Says:

    The posts here all crack me up! I used to go to DCO when I first became a fan and it didn’ttake long to realize that some of those posters there are really delusional and obsessive in their infatuation for DC. I found thi site by accident and LOVE reading all your postings, they are not only so true, but hilarious on top of it!

    But I’ve not seen any comments regarding a DC poster at DCO who goes by the name of pweller. That old chick is ALL over that webiste and it sounds like she travels all over the countryside to go to his concerts.

    Happy Holidays everyone! And thanks for this blog…it definitely helped me realize that I’m not imagining the lunacy of some of those DCO fans!

  9. JennPaz Says:

    Don’t ya’ll mean Happy HoliDAVE instead?!

    (that’s another thing the tards do that I don’t get…. they say things like “happy monDAVE” really??)

    • burt Says:

      Oh yes, that is really quite strange. I wouldn’t even think to do it!

      So yes, JennPaz is right – Happy HolliDAVE to you all.

    • nicole Says:

      back up a bit, it’s happy birthDAVE first!

      • JennPaz Says:

        20 babies?? Now, would those be real or imaginary??

      • Jen Says:

        Aren’t they cats? She’s the one with the tat of David’s name in a heart on her arm.

      • MK Says:

        TWENTY cats??? Eeesh. Can you imagine what her house smells like? *gag*

        How can they not see how creepy they sound? If some random guy said that to me, I’d be more than a little skeeved out.

      • songkat7 Says:

        That is truly disturbing.

      • nicole Says:

        what does she mean by ‘here?’ as in on twitter?
        um, yeah, coz he spends every waking moment of his life reading his timeline.

        such a sad life she must lead, to have an imaginary relationship with a person she saw on TV 😦

      • AmyB Says:

        All I wil say is this women is nuts. She not only has this imaginary relationship with David. She also thinks that stupid twitter account of the dog. Is really Dublin. She needs some serious meds.

  10. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Someone should sue her making awful Photoshops and posting them on the internet. Anyone could get eye cancer looking at them.

  11. Sogosueme Says:

    It just occurred to me, iluvDCyes could be David Cook’s Mother’s Mother. I wish I could inhabit his nightmares, just for one night. Better than a horror movie I’m sure.

  12. TN Whiskey Says:

    I ran across a post at DCO a looooooong time ago that still leaves me shaking my head about some of the fans. The poster wrote that she has conversations in her kitchen with David while she’s preparing morning coffee or what-not. I shit you not.

  13. Sogosueme Says:

    So I think that we are all in agreement that as far as IluvDCyes is concerned, there is some sort of dementia or mental illness in effect? Do we have a real name? Because I think that we should probably contact and inform her family/loved ones. Seriously. It’s not even creepy anymore – it’s tragic.

    • Piiia Says:

      Yes, and why not commit her to mental institution and put her into straitjacket while we are at it?

    • AmyB Says:

      I agee this is not creepy or funny anymore. It is really tragic. It’s one thing to goof around, because a lot of people have done it. She is beyond just goofing around. Almost like she doesn’t know where the fantasy ends and reality begins.

  14. rascalete Says:

    I love the way you guys obsess over ‘IluvDCyes’ I would rather talk about David. thanks hahaha

  15. Black Angel Says:

    rascalete, your obsession is scary. So boring and pointless to talk endlessly about someone you don’t even know.

  16. Dani Says:

    Merry Christmas to all 🙂 Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

  17. Twat Says:

    Ok what the hell happened to daina??? She was obsessed. She sent him that pissy tweet about being manhandled at the best buy record release. Now she barely speaks of him. Anyone know??

  18. twat Says:

    How can one go from david cook to Alan Rickman, he’s old!!! that’s her newest obsession

  19. rascalete Says:

    It is interesting that you are making sarcastic comments about Clay Aiken getting plastic surgery but have not posted about the ‘weird’ plastic surgery that Adam Lambert had done.

    Also interesting that you missed the twitlonger, one of Adam L glamhoos posted giving the ‘instructions’ to all of the glamhoo fans


    I am always going to do whatever I can as a fan to help David Cook’s career. If that means voting on polls, going to concert, buying CD’s etc. that is what I will do.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      The Sparkle Cows are a very scary bunch so I keep my posts about the Glittery One to a minimum. Do you have links or info about his plastic surgeries because I will post that if you have something. The Clay thing was all over the media last week, it’s timely, which is why I posted it. Clay’s career is clearly in its death throes if he’s appearing on Celebrity Apprentice.

      Nothing wrong with voting for those you like. My problem with the voting of the Cook fans and the Lambert fans is how they spam and game the system. Not much honesty in the poll if it’s done that way. What’s the purpose of trying to skew the results? Even if you manage to make your Idol ‘win’ it’s not going to help his career any, it just makes the spammers look delusional and stupid.

    • just don't get it Says:

      I go to more than my fair share of shows, but I NEVER vote in any polls! Just seems pretty pointless to me.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Madam had plastic surgery??!!?? I’d love to read about that!

      As for the polls, it’s not even the voting, it’s the comments section. Most of the comments do nothing to help the artist except make him/her look like they have a ton of batty fans. I don’t just mean David or Madam either. The Beliebers, the Potter Tards, etc. Nothing wrong with supporting an artist, but the OTT comments do nothing to help the artist in my opinion.

    • Karen D Says:

      Do you think Cook fans don’t tell others how to do this too? If you do think that, you’d be incorrect.

    • rascalete Says:

      I reposted on the right thread, this was posted here by by mistake. I f you don’t think that Adam had a lot of plastic surgery I have some swamp land to sell you and no I don’t have letters from the DRs. Just look at his face before and after. What other proof do yoiu need. hahaha

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