Origin of David Cook’s ‘Weeds’ & ‘Roses’

So this last week and the week before the Twitter drums were being beaten to a bloody pulp by the Cooktards demanding he tweet. His tweeting twittering has fallen off and now it seems that his tweets are usually about things like upcoming shows and merchandise. Some claim it’s not him tweeting but someone in his camp.

Has that stopped them from tweeting him good morning, good night and happy pooping? Nope.

But someone in management must have put the screws to his nuts and done a hard turn because at the height of the whining and obsessing by the over involved he finally tweeted and it sounds like him. Poor guy. Too bad he cannot tweet without being spammed relentlessly.

I received some interesting info on the origins of the whole stupid ‘Weeds’ and ‘Roses’ split. It had something to do with Ladynsearch and her scrapbooks. She put one together labeled –“The D.C.O Cookie Cutter Scrapbook – This Is The David Cook Official Online Scrapbook Dedicated To All Things David Roland Cook” I have screencaps of this monstrosity and I would post them here but I don’t want to provoke a heart attack or apoplexy in Scrapbook Granny.

The Scrapbook started it all. Apparently the maker used a lot of fan photos of David Cook in this scrapbook, fan taken photos of Cook that she didn’t get permission to use. She violated various peoples copyrights to put together this online scrapbook. Some who ended up having their photos lifted, photoshopped, cropped and used without their express permission got so angry that this whole Weeds and Roses split began in fandom.

The comical goodness of this scrapbook is reams of very questionable poetry written to Cook from Ladynsearch. She’s competing with the Vogons for worst poetry ever.

Her poetry reminds me of this clip at about 3:31 in…

Actually I think I would rather hear the Vogon poetry and Gruntos poetry than anything in that scrapbook.

But if you’re a horrible glutton for torture almost as bad as water boarding here’s her site complete with bad bad poetry – Ladynsearch

Ladynsearch Twitpic Account twitpic.com/photos/ladynsearch with lots of uh…’borrowed’ photos someone else, many someone elses own copyright
Ladynsearch MySpace http://www.myspace.com/ladynsearch
Ladynsearch Twitter Account twitter.com/ladynsearch with an obscene number of tweets
Ladynsearch YouTube Account http://www.youtube.com/user/ladynsearch
Ladynsearch Flicker Account http://www.flickr.com/photos/32083790@N02/ filled with purloined photos

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44 Comments on “Origin of David Cook’s ‘Weeds’ & ‘Roses’”

  1. Rubber Ducky Says:

    I don’t think granny has an original bone in her body. Check out all the photos she’s taken from other people and butchered:


    That crapbook is so hideous my retinas burned just looking at it.

  2. Dani Says:

    Just as I was about to gag, I clicked on one of her pics and found this. Now I consider myself a pretty serious (ex)tard and this is total news to me! Where the hell was I when this surfaced?

    • Ali Says:

      WTF?! I turn in my ex-tard card for burning now lol…never heard of this song…and I think I was watching the world series?

      • songkat7 Says:

        I think this was a few years ago. David did a guest spot on Sports Center during the baseball season that year.

      • Dani Says:

        OK I remember him on during (I think) football season and giving his picks for that day’s games. Yankee fans here and my son has that channel on constantly so I’m surprised I didn’t hear it. He isn’t a David fan so maybe he just never mentioned it to me.

  3. rascalete Says:

    I really enjoy the ScrapeBook. I can’t even imagine how much work it took her to do. I have a link that does not have to be downloaded. If you don’t want anyone using your pics DO NOT PUT ON THE INTERNET. If you want credit PUT YOUR NAME ON THE PICTURE>

    • AmyB Says:


      All photos are copyrighted no matter if you put your name on them on not. Once you take that picture you are the sole owner of said photo. And no one should post it or share it anywhere without the permission of the owner first. With everyone posting everything on the internet now, kind of hard to make this happen sometimes. If someone had the means to do so and wanted to sue someone for posting their pictures withouth their concent they could do so.
      When you see a share site it does not mean share other people pictures it means share your own. I’d have no issue if other people were posting information there, she is posting and altering them in weird ways and not giving credit where credit is due for the most part. I also don’t need to see 50 million pictures of David Cook I know what he looks like.

      • rascalete Says:


        You are not serious, right? I am not a lawyer but I can’t imagine suing someone for using pictures that you posted on the internet. What kind of punishment should they receive 2 years in jail. I think you need to not take things so serious.

      • just don't get it Says:

        of course you can sue! What if you posted a photo on-line and you suddenly see it in, I don’t know, People magazine – wouldn’t you feel they were stealing from you? Or someone prints it on a tee shirt and starts selling it on Ebay?

      • rascalete Says:

        She made no money on the scrapbook! Now Daina and Angie That is a whole other case. I bought 2 videos from Angie and one did not even have all the songs from the concert on it. WTH! I learned my lesson from that.

      • just don't get it Says:

        Angie was selling videos? I can’t imagine ever buying one, there are so many on You-tube to see! But as long as she shot them, more power to her if she can make some money from it! Like they say “there is a sucker born every minute!”

    • JennPaz Says:

      what is a scrapebook? i’ve heard of scrapbooks… :p

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Everyone knows pictures get passed around the internet, especially in any type of fandom. I don’t think that’s one anyone had a problem with. The problem was the freakish photochopping that was done to said pictures.

      I also don’t get all the tards that send him pictures and videos of himself. Pretty sure he’s earned enough money to afford a mirror.

      • AmyB Says:

        I’ll never understand why some have to send him picutures and videos of himself. My only reason they could be doing this is to get his attention hoping for a response back. This has to be really strange to see. I remember Andrew saying once that it was strange seeing tweets to him with his brothers picture as the avi. And some threw a fit. So if Andrew was freaked out by it. I could only imagine how David feels about it.

    • Jen Says:

      I have to admit I’ve never understood the near constant drama about re-posting pictures but then I’m not a photographer either, so.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Have to agree with Jen….never understood the drama. There are a couple of people who are very good photographers in the fandom who tag their photos and have no problem sharing. I mean, come on if you don’t want others looking at or sharing the photos, you don’t place them on public accounts, right? I could be talking out of my ass ( in which case I’ll wave to DCO posters 😉 ), but, I think copywriting ones work involves a little more than saying “see this picture I put on a public site…That’s mine…don’t touch it or else!” Lol, at least watermark your pictures people.

        But…on the other hand I can see how some get upset with the weird photoshopping, lol. I would love to have the free time some of these people apparently have.

      • Karen D Says:

        I have seen some photos taken by fans being put on calendars/etc and sold on ebay. Sometimes, even just a printout of the photo. So yeah, totally illegal.

        Angie’s vids, totally illegal. Especially annoying since at least one set was sold for tour money, and she openly said so on the blog she posted it on.

        The photo book from Daina is up on Blurb.com and the money goes directly to the charity for any purchases. She’s not even middleman. I do believe that she posted totals at some point.

        Angie is doing another tour photo book from 2011 of just her own photos. Wonder how that will sell. I hope not at all. Seriously a little full of herself. LOL

      • freedavidcook Says:

        If SOPA passes it will stop all of that and shut down many many sites. It will slow the fan info and pictures to a mere trickle for fear of lawsoots..

      • MK Says:

        FDC, SOPA is a bad idea in general. Nothing good can come from letting the government decide what are appropriate websites for the public to view. If it passes, the internet may as well shut down. Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, even your site could be forced to shut down. Probably wordpress as a whole. You can’t trust the US government. All it’ll take is one government official deciding that a website hosts illegal content (and they decide what’s illegal) and down the site goes.

    • songkat7 Says:

      There’s a reason I put my watermark on my photos. I used to put it across the middle of the photo but recently relaxed. However, maybe I should do it again, since there are some who steal photos and sell them as their own. Not only is it copyright infringement, but it also violates intellectual property laws to use someone’s image to make money for yourself or someone else (even if it’s a charity) without permission. *coughTourPhotoBookcough*

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Are Angie and Daina still running that scam with this last tour? Is Angie still making concert dvds from youtube vids and selling them to the gullible or non techie sorts who can’t figure out how to doit themselves?, lol and smh.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        *doit* is do it of course, two separate words.

      • MK Says:

        Not to sound like a tard, but, all the pictures used in the tour book were used with the permission of the photographer. I submitted a couple of my own pictures (don’t even know if they were used or not, but I wanted to help out) and I had to sign (electronically) an agreement saying that I took the photo, it belonged to me and I gave permission for it to be used in the book. If everyone else had to sign the same agreement, then technically there was no copyright infringement.

        The videos, on the other hand, that Angie was selling was 100% against the law. Even if she took the video, it was still David’s intellectual property and she had no right to make and sell those. It would make my day if David knew what she did and called her out, but he’s just too damn nice.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        I was aware that people had to give consent for their pictures to be used but my fraud radar was on alert about the money. I don’t recall any public accounting for how much money was raised (minus production costs, etc.) and what charity it was donated to, for the book or the dvds. Just seemed a little shady.

      • songkat7 Says:

        I know about the people signing forms for their own photos, but I do know of someone whose photos were set up to be in the book without their permission. Only after they contacted Daina was credit given to them for the book (prior to publishing).

        From what I understand about intellectual property laws, even if the money is going to a charity and the photos contributed were submitted by the photographers, they were still selling David’s image for profit, and without his consent, that’s illegal.

        I did try to bring that up to the parties involved via PM and was basically told to go to hell for my troubles, that “Dave” knew about the book, etc. My response was that “knowing” and “approving” are two different things, for which I was referred to as a “douche”.

        I know where were plans for another book or calendar for this latest tour, but I don’t think it ever went through. Or maybe it was done behind the scenes just for “the real fans”.

      • Jen Says:

        Now that I can understand. Being upset because someone reblogged your picture on tumblr or something like that I don’t really get.

  4. Black Angel Says:

    People, NEVER EVER give money to strangers on the internet. I recall in Taylor Hicks fandom in the early days, there were several con artists scamming money out of gullible old ladies. Hard to believe how easily people get taken. Also very sad that they have so little in their lives that they would give their money away so freely to strangers so that they can be the bestest fan.

  5. just don't get it Says:

    has anyone seen this? i just stumbled upon it. where do folks get the time?

  6. AmyB Says:

    I have nothing against people putting others photos on there twitter, Face Book ,
    Tumbler and other sites. My only issue with it is give the orginal person who took the photo credit. If you don’t know who took it, say credit goes to photographer of photo. There has been times I wanted to thank the person for taking such a nice picture or ask something about it, and did not know who took it. Because someone had posted to their site like they had taken it. And I certaiinly don’t want someone to come in and shut these sites down. For the most part I don’t see anything wrong or objectable with them. And if something is posted I either don’t see it or it is removed rather quickly.

  7. Dani Says:

    Is that zoo front and center? She looks like the chaperone.

  8. Karen D Says:

    Alert the media! She’s returned!

    • Dani Says:

      Ooh this looks good, never saw this before!

      • freedavidcook Says:

        This person is someone else entirely, not Mary Ann. Some shitstirrer not worth following.

    • Jen Says:

      ….the fuck? I don’t even understand lol. The idea that the rumors of his dating life which no one outside of the hardcore fans even know about have ruined his career is hilarious to me.

      • AmyB Says:

        … what the fuck is right. She goes from saying he’s dating someone to he should be seen with someone to people think he’s gay. She can’t even keep her tweets straight. I have no clue who he is or isn’t dating & I could care less on way or another. This is just a tard that should not even be followed or paided any attention to.

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