Clay Aiken – Dude Looks Like A Lady & David Cook & Adam Lambert Fans

Last night someone pointed out to me that there is a new competition between David Cooktards and Adam Lambertards. Something called “American Idol Smackdown” on radio station 98.7 out of Tampa, Florida. They are asking fans to rate if Lambert’s new single or Cook’s is better. So far the comments are pretty tame but I have a feeling this has the potential to turn into Crazy Cakes Land soon enough. That’s when the Glamcows stop rushing all over the interwebs trying to rationalize and defend the Glittery One over his recent alcohol fueled slapfest.

Some wag that sounds almost like Kerry Kolsch suggested that the two people voting that they disliked both singles must be people that voted for Kris Allen and David Archuletta. Hey, at least Archuletta got a big honking Christmas special this year on PBS. Did Adam or David get a Christmas eggstravaganza anywhere on teevee? Oh hells naw.

Plus, Allen and Archuelette fans seem a tad more, I don’t know, sane and rational than Cooktards or GlitteryBovines.

The other amusing fan delusional behavior this week has been the angry angry Clay Aiken Grannies, the Claymates, trying to pretend that Claylene hasn’t had something new done to his face. Photos were released this week of Clay posing for his upcoming turn on “Celebrity Apprentice”

Judge for yourself….

Depends are twisting all over Granny Fannys as the Clay Fantards rush to say that he’s not had anything done at all beyond a TMJ jaw fix. Bullshit. He’s as stitched, pulled, stuffed as a cheap carnival stuffed animal prize. There’s more filler in that face than a bargain hotdog made of hooves and assholes.

One plastic surgery website had an interesting theory back in 2009 as to way Clay is dabbling in such heavy plastic surgery.

What genius in Clay Aiken’s entourage decided that plumper lips would make him look more masculine? Whomever they are, they should be fired. Clay looked more manly when he started out than he does now. The shag haircut, the glass, heavy layer of foundation, and plumped up lips make him look like someone testing the waters before they decide to get a sex change.

Damn, he’d make one very ugly woman. I hope this is not why he’s been indulging in facial enhancement.

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30 Comments on “Clay Aiken – Dude Looks Like A Lady & David Cook & Adam Lambert Fans”

  1. sansdelusions Says:

    Okay about these senseless polls and crazy voting. Don’t these tards realize that it’s just the website’s way of luring them over there in the first place – to attract traffic – WTF do they think these endless popularity contests pitting one Idol against another MEAN anyway? Besides sweet fuck all!!! Yet the sheeples invariably go batshit with voting (and YES I did in fact take a peek at the aforementioned Glam vs Cook poll to see what I was missing (ha!) and was kind of surprised to see Cook ahead of the Glamboy (I always thought the SparkleCows were the loonier of the two fandoms actually), until I discovered this little gem over at DCO that explained the disparity:

    Friday, January 13, 2012 – 17:43


    Need help voting on this one – and voting repeatedly – if anyone wants some hints – PM me

    So, umm, if again they are finding ways of what RCA Ed called “gaming the system” – not that this one matters one iota – then it completely nullifies the (meaningless) results either way.

    (Pulling hair out in exasperation now) Why oh why do I even bother torturing myself with this crap! Tard! Dumbasses!!!!

    So now turning my Sunday morning (s)troll to something I find much more amusing, I offer my fellow FDCers that chilling little loonie tunes, YoYoSassy, who was apparently tearing up her T/L last night after her most thrilling and exciting evening at the Anaheim HOB with Ryan Star, Andy Grammar, Rachel Platten – and, most importantly with the OH SO HOPED for surprise sighting (no performance) of GUESS who:

    Yoyo ~ Sweet & Sassy @YoyoSassy 9h
    @debrakay23 Your welcome. I wanted to get one, but he was kind of overwhelmed and gracious. Didn’t want to take away from Andy Grammer.

    @MrAndrewCook Thx for being willing… #SandwichPic…. I totally understand. Love ya. I have total respect for you guys. Nice to see you.

    @tweetheart1982 I didn’t get my @RyanStar hug. Guess I’ll have to go to another show. Darn

    Such an amazing show tonight at HOB! Me and the ever so handsome @RyanStar : )

    I know you all want to see the hair. I did not get a pic w/ Dave, but here’s David w/ Ryan & Rachel

    Anytime! RT @michelle_rox: Disneyland, Ryan Star, and the Cook Brothers. Best Saturday night ever. Thanks @YoyoSassy

    So Yes…. now that the cat is out of he bag. David freaking Cook is here. And I may have seen hos amazingly sexy hair. OMG : O

    @Christine4David You know, I don’t remember what pants he was wearing, but he was wearing a leather jacket

    Got some pretty amazing pictures of @ryanstar. He is so sexy. I may have gotten some arm porn. Yep 🙂

    @TheDavidCook Good night. So wonderful to see you tonight. Hope we weren’t to intrusive. Much love and respect. Sweet dreams : )

    Of course there is a lot more of this drivel, but you get the drift. Seems that Nina’s Feet, Scott, Zoo, etc (I guess the usual cohort ) were in attendance – gee what a surprise!
    So I guess it’s the same old, same old in Cooktardlandia for 2012.
    Can’t comment on Clay – cuz honestly I really don’t recognize him at all…I recall him as a geeky little bespectacled guy from whatever Season he was on, and don’t see much resemblance if any to the weird looking creature in this pic posted here on FDC at all!!! Skeery!

    • Dani Says:

      If you have to mention being intrusive, then you absolutely WERE. He should have stayed in the family/friends VIP area like he did at the Terminal 5 show Ryan did with the Script in late 2009. Or maybe he’s missing the attention of fans of any sort?

  2. Rubber Ducky Says:

    His face looks like its now made out of marshmallows. Claylene is going to make one butch chick. Maybe then she’ll finally get some respect in the industry 😆 Or do a cover of “I am woman”.

  3. nonna-muss Says:

    I just went and looked at the poll between Cook and Madam. Cook is winning. I was surprised to see the Glambert’s hadn’t totally spammed it. I guess they’re busy raising bail money in case Madam goes out drinking again.

    As for Claylene, I can’t imagine the melt down if he went female. Remembering how that Claymates steadfastly denied he was gay in the first place, this would surely send them over the edge.

    **Please note: I am not a homophobian. Please don’t call me a big meanie poo poo head. Thank you.

  4. Black Angel Says:

    What is Clay thinking? His face looks so weird.

    So what happened to the Claymates? They were even nuttier than the Glamberts.

    • nerdgirl Says:

      Nobody is nuttier than the Glamberts. Compared to to Glamberts Claymates are tame and classy.

      • Black Angel Says:

        I don’t know about that. Pretend wedding, complete with veil, to flat Clay Aiken, who everyone in the world says he’s gay, except his clueless fanbase.

        Doesn’t get any nuttier than that.

  5. Me Says:

    Guess you guys missed the non stop tweets from Sparkle Clowns begging and Threatening AL fans to vote because after all he (Adam) was their hero and explaining on open TL to them on how to vote multiple times!

    I’m surprised you seem to spend more time on Cooktards. I find the Glambys far funnier!

    Care On!

  6. Me Says:

    Carry On not Care On but both work!

  7. Melissa Says:

    First of all, you should change the title, the kids are running from Idol, the trends over. I know this, I have a teenager.
    You don’t have to call me a lunatic, my family’s done that, are you laughing at a computer screen, you may look like one.
    A change to “The Two-Faced” come on in, to the title perhaps.
    I don’t care about his ass or his hair, leave him alone, he’s a hardworker.
    If you have a problem with someone tell it their face, that’s not entertainment.
    David if you are reading this, *Go Pats*

  8. rascalete Says:

    It is interesting that you are making sarcastic comments about Clay Aiken getting plastic surgery but have not posted about the ‘weird’ plastic surgery that Adam Lambert had done.

    Also interesting that you missed the twitlonger, one of Adam L glamhoos posted giving the ‘instructions’ to all of the glamhoo fans How to cheat.

    I am always going to do whatever I can as a fan to help David Cook’s career. If that means voting on polls, going to concert, buying CD’s etc. that is what I will do.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      You posted this exact same post on another entry.

      Again, the only plastic surgery I am aware that Lambert has has is a nose job around 18. It was poorly done and the tip of his nose looks very overdone. Unaware of any further plastic surgeries he has had. Read on several plastic surgery sites that doctors could not detect any additional surgery beyond the early botched nose job. If he was rushing around having plastic surgery you’d think the first thing he’d take care of are the pits and acne scars on his face. He’s still got ’em and still spackles over them with makeup.

      Didn’t Cook get a piece of his scalp brought from the back of his head to the forehead?

      It’s not like there’s no instructions on how to spam polls, etc.. on DCO. There’s an entire thread devoted just to that. But spamming a poll doesn’t do anything good for your Idol’s career, it just shows the poll originator how eager crazy fans are to game the polls and create a false victory for their guy. It’s not a fair and honest measurement of actual interest in the subject. It has no affect on his career so why be over the top about it?

      • rascalete Says:

        You have pretty much answered my question about why there is never criticism of Adam Lambert. That is OK I now understand this site a lot more. I was only wondering why most of the replies from here were.never directed about him and his fans. It is what it is!

      • rascalete Says:

        Since there is no delete button nothering I could do but repost here. I f you don’t think that Adam had a lot of plastic surgery I have some ‘swamp land’ to sell you and no I don’t have letters or bills from the PS, neither does anyone else on here making comments. Just look at his face before and after. What other proof do you need. hahaha

        Where on DCO (exactly) does it tell anyone how to spam a poll?

      • Me Says:

        Wow! lmfao you seem to know alot about Glamby! Are you a secret Sparkle Clown?

  9. sansdelusions Says:


    If what you say about Glam’s plastic surgery is in fact “true” – then please explain why they didn’t bother to fix his horribly pock-marked face with dermabrasion? That would be the FIRST thing any sensible plastic surgeon would and should do for the poor guy. The heavily pancaked look he favors went out at around the same time as Boy George….

  10. Me Says:

    My last comment is directed at freedavidcook! Please tell me more information about Adam and his problems etc….

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Uhhh no, I find Madam quite repellant. I only know about his because his stupid Sparkle Cows shout it to the world. I had to research the plastic surgery after Rascalette brought it up. He’s only had a bad bad nose job so far but I’m sure he’s going to go into the “OOops I messed up my face” territory soon enough.

      The only Idol whose music I buy/listen to/like is Crystal Bowersox. All those Idol penis possessors are lame as hell with music that is derivative of someone else. Not an original one in the entire lot. But they are the ones with the drooling middle aged hordes acting like they are all of 12 and crushing on Justin Beiber.

  11. rascalete Says:

    Here is what I am talking about. Don’t tell me that AL only had one plastic surgery precedure

    He is the 4 of 24

    • Karen D Says:

      He doesn’t look physically altered to me at all. Only his hair is different.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      He looks much fatter in the ‘after’ but there’s been no change to his face other than he has on more makeup than the entire cast of “Rupauls Drag Race”

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