Adam Lambert Plastic Surgery?

According to someone in the comments here they believe Adam Lambert has had plastic surgery since the end of Idol. I tend to think not because no plastic surgeon worth his salt would do nips and tucks on Madam without dealing with his heavily pitted skin first. Spackle and sandpaper that stuff. It needs it.

Compare for yourself and please vote below. I’m curious as to how many believe he’s been playing “Oops I Ruined My Face.”

Looks to me like he’s gained weight and has a different hair style. His nose could really use some definition of the bridge and narrowing of the bridge because it looks like he got hit with a football right on the bridge. Oh Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.. oh my nose!

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62 Comments on “Adam Lambert Plastic Surgery?”

  1. Mysterioso Says:

    He’s at least had a nose job or two. Even before Idol.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      If you look at his photos through the years it looks like he had a nose job straight out of high school. Surgeon did a crummy job.

  2. nerdgirl Says:

    He just looks bloated from drugs and alcohol. No surgery can fix this face.

  3. beetlejoos Says:

    He has that early-alcoholic look–bloated face and dead fish eyes. No plastic surgery that I can see. How can some women find him attractive? Ugh.

  4. sansdelusions Says:

    I think in the “before” picture Glam at least looked kind of cute if you can get past his rough complexion – the hair was working well for him at least! But in this “after” pic – ummm, something is NOT right there at all. Dude looks like something the cat dragged in for sure and I notice he has this plastered on and pasty look in all his pics of late (no -I’m not looking for them but they do pop up to terrify me from time to time).

    OTOH, despite Cook’s neverending hair issues – he is looking just fine these days – hair or no hair….

  5. MmmmBop Says:

    FDC, congratulations on acquiring herd of caos from Flop Idol (sorry, Top Idol).
    It’s about time to trash Lambert. Your Cookie threads became painfully boring, and since he flopped big time, there is nothing to read about.

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Is Adam’s new song doing anything on radio? Doesn’t seem to be making any impact on HAC or CHR. His appearance on Leno didn’t move the song on iTunes at all.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        I don’t know if it’s been released to radio yet, but yeah I saw it hasn’t budged on iTunes. I watched his performance on Leno, he seemed extremely nervous and looked very stiff. I didn’t think his band sounded very tight either. Why was that one guy (was it the bass player?) playing in a crouched down position?

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Nope. Barely moved from 1000 to 300. Still not much.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Lol, that was a guy?!?!? Thought is was a female guitarist about to take a dump on the stage. Just weird to be on the floor like that for most of the song.

  6. YoTaylor Says:

    I don’t think he’s had work, but he looks a little stoned & bloated in the “now” pic.

  7. Dani Says:

    He sadly reminds me of Michael Jackson, with the odd nose, dried out lips and pale skin.

  8. nonna-muss Says:

    I’m trying to figure out what FDC has against us! For a week we had to look at Claylene’s bloated face when we came here, now Madam’s??? How much puffy plastic surgery faces will she subject us to? I cry Uncle!! We promise we’ll be good boys and girls FDC, no more scary faces!


    • MmmmBop Says:

      If I have to look at Cookies hair plugs one more time and his scruffy bland look I’m gonna scream. Kudus to FDC for a providing us with a little change.
      BTW , FDC knows how to find the worst pictures. Took some schooling at VFTW.

      • sansdelusions Says:

        At least Cook still looks like a normal (good-looking) adult male – not like the love child of Freddy Krueger and Joan Rivers 😉

        I’m looking at you Madam!!!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Not Joan Rivers….Liza Minnelli!

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Actually Lambert looks pretty normal lately. Your info is based on crap FDC brings here.

  9. sansdelusions Says:

    Oooh you are so right Nonna – a much better match! My bad 🙂

    I see our lone resident Sparkle Cow is here to defend her man(?) Oh goodie!!!!

  10. sansdelusions Says:

    As does yours SC….as does yours 🙂

    • Amusedbyfandom Says:

      Heh, yeah, Lambert’s song gets national attention on the highest rated night time talk show and it “skyrockets” from 1000 to 300 on iTunes. Color me unimpressed.

      Nonna, I could be wrong but I think Lambert’s song was released to radio before Christmas, radio stations can add and play the song before the upcoming official adds day (they seem to have no problem doing this for Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, GaGa: aka, true superstars, lol). It seems not many have.

      • MmmmBop Says:

        Amused, you forgot to add Bruno Mars and Bieber to your list.
        FYI bass player guitar strap broke and she wasn’t able to hold guitar, hence her strange position (crouched down).
        Your butthurt of Cookie fan shows big time.

      • Amusedbyfandom Says:

        Thanks for the bass player info MmmmBop, but don’t you think an adult woman could use a more sophisticated word than “butthurt”? I guess that part of the human anatomy is a big focus for Lambert fans, huh? 😀

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Oh, the strap broke. I couldn’t figure out why someone would play crouched down, it didn’t look comfortable at all.

        We’ll see how Madam does when his album is released. I wouldn’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. 😀

  11. Rubber Ducky Says:

    I smell beef.

  12. Tess Tickle Says:

    Holy crap, are you sure that’s not a wax figure from Madame Tussauds? I’m afraid if he gets too close to an open flame he’ll melt. He really is freakish looking, and not in a “look at me, I’m a freaky rawk star” kind of way. Every picture I’ve seen of him lately he looks dead eyed, bloated and pasty, almost like he’s filled with embalming fluid. No wonder he goes home, gets drunk and drugged then slaps his boytoy twink around. I would too if I looked like that. Truly vomit worthy.

  13. sansdelusions Says:

    Been reading back a few posts (including some of my own,alas) – and it seems to me some of us (read:me for one) are getting off track as to what this site is really all about.

    I think we can all agree that none of our ‘favorites’ are perfect specimens of male pulchritude – but in the real world is anyone just naturally born “perfect” ? Uhhh, doubtful.

    As for what most celebs are willing and even expected to go through to enhance their appearance – can we blame them? No, rather we expect them to be PERFECT – perfect smiles, perfect complexions, perfect physiques…That’s what WE want from them.

    So these dudes are in the public eye basically 24/7 – their every move – every miniscule change in weight, hair style, or zit scrutinized and picked apart by (mostly) the lunatic fandom they are trying to appeal to. Mistakes are gonna be made and noticed – it happens.

    But these Idol boys (and girls) are not unique – they are just playing the game – hey,even FDC’s fave – Crystal Bowersox – had her teeth replaced once she could afford to – does anyone have a problem with that?

    My point (I think I may have one) – Is that US coming in here and tearing down each others’ preferred Idol just seems really counterproductive to me, and in fact, makes us no better than those we are trying to get through to as Over the Top/BSC loons – jeesh, we are starting to sound just as loopy as those we are in here to mock.

    Anyhoo, y’all are certainly welcome to continue on poking fun at Glammy, Cook, Clay, or whoever else doesn’t fit your own vision of perfection and as for me, I’ll be back when this site gets back to doing what it does best – outing bad fan behaviour…Cuz right now, I just feel I am sitting on the wrong side of the fence.

  14. Black Angel Says:

    Off topic, but one of Taylor Hicks nutty fans wrote this on how to meet him. This is scary shit.

  15. songkat7 Says:

    Howling at this:

    Things You’ll Need
    Breath mints( if you are going to make your move)

    What move do they intend to make, pray tell?

  16. YoTaylor Says:

    As stupid as that is I would still prefer that over the cow that attacked Taylor’s new girlfriend on twitter until she tweeted this:
    “StealingAngels Stealing Angels
    @meekowl If you wanted to hurt my feelings, job well done. Yay you. Isnt that enough? Let’s please stop the nonsense. -Jen”

    The tard deleted all her harrassment tweets, but retweeted Jen’s tweet like it was a fucking trophy. Disgusting.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Why do tards do that? One of the Cook tards was harassing Neal’s girlfriend Kira the last few days too. In case anyone is keeping score, Chursy is the one who calls David Fancy Face. There are too many tweets to copy and paste.!/chursy

      Kira did respond.

      @chursy What are you talking about? I don’t understand.

      If you read Chursy’s timeline you’ll understand why Kira was confused. Chursy was rambling on about something and was quite unintelligible.

      • songkat7 Says:

        That is one scary, disturbed, unbalanced person. Truly sad.

        The day that a person I don’t know takes the place of my amazing family and friends and life…that’s the day you can all commit me. Seriously, I can’t fathom these fans who say David (or whatever celeb) is their entire life. They are strangers! They are not part of our lives!

        It’s just pathetic.

      • songkat7 Says:

        And if that person is distressed at what Kira posts?

        Unfollow. It’s easy as a click.

    • Black Angel Says:

      Didn’t the Stealing Angels and their fans attack that girl? That’s just as bad. I thought the Stealing Angels were good Christian girls quoting the bible? Yeah right!! These girls are so desperate for fans, they’ll even take Taylor’s granny fans. Anyway, if that lady doesn’t like Stealing Angels, she has every right to her opinion. The Stealing Angels chicks attacking her just shows how unprofessional and immature they are.

      Taylor’s nutty fans always tweeting Jen Wayne, wanting to be friends with her, are just as crazy and those are the ones you have to look out for. I’m just glad I’m not involved and just watch the madness from the sidelines. Great entertainment.

  17. Black Angel Says:

    The Stealing Angels are a three lady country group. Their Twitter accounts are full of bible thumping christian crap. Supposingly, Taylor Hicks is dating one of them and her name is Jen Wayne. She is also John Wayne’s granddaughter, so wow, I’m so impressed by that. *sarcasm*. Taylor is always tweeting about Stealing Angels, pushing them on his fans, because he knows how stupid they are and they will buy anything he says to buy. I listened to a couple of Stealing Angels songs and they suck really bad.

    It’s pretty funny watching fantards licking Jen Wayne’s ass, a person they don’t even know. She even follows some of these nutty women. Someone should warn her that these women are batshit crazy. Wow, hard to believe that someone is that naive.

  18. Black Angel Says:

    YoTaylor, go back to your cave. Why are you defending Taylor Dickhead and his blonde hot mess? People you don’t even know. Who’s the crazy one now?

  19. YoTaylor Says:

    Black Angel, you don’t know her any more than I do. This much is fact—Jennifer Wayne is a beautiful girl, a college graduate, ranked tennis player, and a reasonably talented singer/songwriter. The majority of Taylor’s fans are happy he has found a gal with that much going for her, but there are a few unstable tards that have once again gone over the deep end. Meekowl and a few of her cohorts went after Jen and Taylor with everything they could think of after they started spending time together publicly. There were tweets to Taylor “warning” him that Jennifer was a gold digger., immature, stupid, a hypocrite, a peroxide blonde, criticizing her school, her dogs, her earrings, yes you read that right, her earrings—I am not making this shit up. You know good and well Jen’s friends didn’t just decide to randomly attack a Taylor Hicks fan, Meekowl was talking shit to Jen and Stealing Angels and they were defending her. Fan behavior at its worst.

  20. Black Angel Says:

    YoTaylor, you are barking up the wrong tree. I don’t like Jen Wayne or Stealing Angels and I could care less about them. Bottom line, these girls can’t sing and their songs suck. I also don’t give a rat’s ass who Taylor Hicks dates, but it confirms my suspicions that he has bad taste in women.

    I would suggest that Jen and her Stealing Angels friends get much thicker skin if they want to be famous. I laughed when she said she got “her feelings hurt”. OMG, this chick is really naive. If she is that sensitive, she needs to find another career because she will definitely not make it. Everybody knows that if you are in the entertainment business, there is going to be tons of people that don’t like you. Her and her friends attacking that lady calling her lonely, and fat is mean and unprofessional, especially when they claim they are bible toting christians. In which bible did it say it was OK to call someone awful names? These girls are nothing more than hypocrites, trying to con Taylor’s grannie fans into buying their awful music. They are red neck bitches. The end.

    • YoTaylor Says:

      You are way, way too passionate in your opinion of a girl that Taylor Hicks is dating. Just Saying. Wow.

      • Black Angel Says:

        You should talk, YoTaylor. You are one the grannies who’s already picking out the china pattern for people you don’t know, just like the newscaster lady. Get a life.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        I hope the SP frauen go as crazy over this as they did the “fake” girlfriend some years ago. Those were some fun times.

  21. sanadepth Says:

    As a plastic surgeon that cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic surgery such as Botox and facial fillers can improve a person’s appearance and make them feel more confident. Adam Lambert look nice after that surgery.

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