Sparkle Cow Meltdown In Adam Lambert Herd

Someone forwarded me a link last night about one of the mods on the many Adam Lambert boards posting her swan song. She’s outta there like lettuce through a Colitis sufferer. Plus she’s calling out the bad behavior on the way out of the pen.

UlliAdamFan (@Glam_Ulli)

Posted Tuesday 24th January 2012 from Twitlonger

This twitlonger will make some of you very happy. Letting you all know that I just resigned from ALF.

I will also delete my twitter account in the morning. To the ones I have gotten so close with, pls DM me your email and I will stay in touch.

I just feel too old to put up with this kindergarten mess anymore.Twitter was so much fun in the beginning when we were all happy for Adam

Now its a big competition who is the biggest fan.
Not to mention the entitlement of some of them.

I should have known how evil some of the fans were when my Dad died and I received a tweet that it was Karma that he passed away:(

To Barb , I remember what started your hate for me, you were upset that I was tired of looking at all your pics all the time. I unfollowed you when you know who forwarded the email to me where you were so upset that we didn’t get you a M&G through DonorsChoose. Talk about entitlement.

You can twist things and lie but it is what it is.
I’m tired of everyone switching things around to suit them best.

And yes some of the crazy bitches gang, have really earned that title..why anyone would call themselves this, is beyond me.

One last time, I did not become a Mod because I threw thousands of dollars at donorschoose, some of you need to get your story straight.

Also I never bought a M&G so this is all rumor as well.

To Tommy’s tour mom, I hope some day Tommy and Dia will find out how you got to be so called “friends” with them. Yes I remember Fantasy Springs.

Sorry for being so vocal and getting some of your feathers ruffled.

I was here for Adam and to support him nonstop.
I will always support Adam and his charities .

To my buddies , I will sure miss you crazy guys, love you bunches.

I will sign off now before my head explodes.

To the haters, I will see you around at concerts

Ulli xoxo

It’s every bit as bad as I expected because these same things happen in every single Tard Town. You get a hard core cadre that loves acting completely without restraint and ruins it for the ones that aren’t that way. They also chase off any new fans or people even slightly interested in the tard target.

Good luck Ulli. They’ll talk shit about you for years and blame you for the sins of the world. With each retelling they’ll add stupid crappy lies until you surpass Hitler in evilness. Expect to get snubbed at concerts and fan gatherings or to have people suck up to you only to spread with an evil twist anything you’ve said.

PS: To the Sparkle Cows trying to post comments here today. Cool yer jets. I will eventually approve your comments once I’m finished at work. Some of us cannot sit around online masturbating all damn day.

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7 Comments on “Sparkle Cow Meltdown In Adam Lambert Herd”

  1. Tess Tickle Says:

    Holy shit, tarding is SUPER SERIOUS BUSINESS, isn’t it? I don’t know, I have a husband, kids, pets, a house and friends that keep me busy most of the day. Don’t these women have that? From what I’ve seen, these women do nothing all day but stay online and obsess and try to out-tard each other. It’s pretty strange, but also quite sad that these women spend their days online fawning over some screechy gay guy who wouldn’t cross the street to piss on them if they were on fire. How they’ve elevated him to god-like status is mind blowing.

  2. Black Angel Says:

    This is why nobody should ever visit Tard Town, except to laugh at them, of course.

    • Tess Tickle Says:

      And the laughs never stop in tard town. From the claymates to the soul patrol to the whatever the Cook fans are called to the glamberts. Each of these groups of extremely overly invested women think that they’re different, that their group is exclusive and special and their karaoke show contestant is greater than your karaoke show contestant. Sorry to say, you’re all the same. Crazy.

  3. Rubber Ducky Says:

    UlliAdamFan, you should tell us more about this wretched mess. Unlike the cows, we’re not trying to be alpha tards here. We just like exposing tard messes and trainwrecks. Sounds like you got the short end of the stick during your time as mod.

  4. Amusedbyfandom Says:

    I can’t find the her name now ( it was posted on MJs) but the glamtards went on a rampage on twitter against a program director who dared to tell them that Adam’s new single just wasn’t any good and she didn’t see it going anywhere. A few of them got pretty nasty. Damn wish I could find it again, that shit was beyond funny. šŸ˜€

  5. YoTaylor Says:

    Adam turns 30 today. I can only imagine the cakes that will be made.

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