Harrassing David Cook’s Management? That’s Smart, NOT!

Sassycatz and Angie, come on down, you are the next contests in the Tard Is Wrong contest.

Thanks to alisha in our comments we get to see this little gem from Cooktard extrodinare Sassycatz.

Sassycatz: I hope you all know that DAVID’S MANAGEMENT has a twitter account: https://t.co/E0y7oL1c

@debrakay23 We’ve been bothering RCA forever. Now’s XIX’s turn. They’ve not been doing their job.

Sassycatz: I didn’t know they had a twitter account but now that I do, watch out! They are on NOTICE!!!!!

Sassycatz: @ImperfectSong Sorry, expecting them to do their fucking jobs, which I have not noticed them doing at all.

Sassycatz: If anyone has a problem with that, stop following me right now because I am going to be on their tails.

So Sassycatz is harassing XIX Management, trying to get others to join in and freely admitting to having done this to RCA records? Some poor flunky is having to read her online repeated bullshit attempts to harass them. So so classy Sassycatz! Tard points for you!!!!

And how does Webster’s define “Harrass”?

Definition of HARASS
transitive verb
a : exhaust, fatigue b (1) : to annoy persistently (2) : to create an unpleasant or hostile situation for especially by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct
: to worry and impede by repeated raids
— ha·rass·er noun
— ha·rass·ment

Stay classy Sassy!

And on another off-note it seems that David Cook’s former guitarist and friend Neal Tiemann just got wind of Angie’s precious little book filled with photos of Cook and everyone surrounding him, including some of Neal and MWKs with their lyrics and other possibly copyrighted materials. Like the whole book isn’t intellectual theft of property and copyrights in the first place. He’s pissed and Angie has backed off by removing the materials related to MWKs and Neal in an attempt to appease him. Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing Neal lose it and take her to court over her obvious attempt to bleed the tards for money with other peoples copyrighted materials. Good luck with that. I sincerely hope no one is dumb enough to pay a dime for this ‘book’.

Who does Angie think she is? Pizza screaming book scamming tard Daina?

As usual send all your hate mail to me at the usual addy. See ya!

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9 Comments on “Harrassing David Cook’s Management? That’s Smart, NOT!”

  1. amusedbyfandom Says:

    *Sigh* Yeah, a few sane fans tried to point out to Sassy that tweeting nonsense to an intern isn’t going to get anywhere but she could care less. I think the old gal gets her drink on and likes to rant, lol.

    His management/RCA has certainly had some missteps but it always amuses me that fans like her, Scott, Likethis, etc. on DCO think they can manage David better than professionals. Wanting to have some say in his business life is taking obsession to another level of crazy.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I’m sure RCA/19 blocked her or at least ignored her. I guess now XIX will to. I can’t get over how the hardcore tards think they can run his career and make him a bigger star. Do they ever stop to think that perhaps David is perfectly happy with his representation? Has it occurred to them that he’s a big boy and if he’s not he’s quite capable of handling it his own way? The mothering that goes on in his fandom is ridiculous. He strikes me as a very bright guy that certainly doesn’t seem too shy to speak up for himself. We watched him be blunt with Simon on national TV. Some fans won’t be happy until he’s on a new talk show every day and has every song from his album released as a single.

      I’d love for Sassy to come here and let us know what David said about all of this. I mean, if she has no problem speaking up and out to his label and management surely she must have let him know at a meet and greet how dissatisfied she is. Did he respond that he is too and ask her to speak on his behalf? Somehow methinks she’s only brave online and never broached the subject.

      Oh and Sassy dear? If you feel like you are speaking for the fans, you are not. Please do not include me (or the majority of David’s fans) in any of your manifestos. Please let it be clear that you speak for no one but yourself and be sure to include a picture of yourself as you write them. I’m sure everyone at XIX and in David’s camp would LOVE to know who you are because we all know you’re really not a kitty.

      • AmyB Says:

        Don’t you know that they can run his career better then himself or his team can. They know what sells and what the public wants. David does know what he wants so why can’t the ones that are complaining just be happy with that.

  2. EyesWideOpen Says:

    it’s about time Angie got called out on her ill conceived attempt at taking other fan’s money so she can go on more stalking missions. What amazes me is that it took this long. Oh how the mighty fall. . . .

    • AmyB Says:

      Even though everyone knew who Neal was talking about. I still wish he would of called her out on it. I would never buy this book even if she was selling it for for Race For Hope campaing. If I am going to give I will give to David’s personal page to help his totals so up. Or to someone who is not her.

  3. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Expert frau is expert.

  4. Fluffy Says:

    Ranting tards make my eyes cross but your tags? I vastly enjoy your tags. Head Tard Olympics FTW!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Fluffy, that’s the fun of the tags, you can put all sorts of funny stuff there that the tards never catch. I used to do a once or twice a month funniest search engine terms. The search engine terms that bring people here are hysterical sometimes. Usually they are some variety of weird type of porn that I never knew existed or some variation on wanting to know if David has a wig or looking for some strange Idol pairings in slash fiction .

  5. burt Says:

    I wish it were just her with this attitude but I’ve seen conversations time and time again about how the fans do a better job than his management at promoting him. Often there is talk that they are there to serve David (like it’s a life mission) and that they should be paid for the work they do because they work harder than his team.

    It’s a joke. Which of them has the contacts with the press? Which of them has a contact at VH1, Idol, the various talk shows, the venues for concerts, radio etc? His team might not always do things we all agree with but really, as if any of us could do better or are in a position to know all the facts to make a real judgement. There’s a good reason an artist hands over money to his team and it’s not because they think they’re doing nothing. As a lot of people have said, David could well be happy with his career and how it’s being managed. Maybe he isn’t, but until I know that, I’m not going to run my mouth off about it (and actually I wouldn’t anyway because it’s his business not mine). It’s disrespectful and makes these people look like fools. It says a lot about how they see the person they claim to idolize. It seems there’s a fair sized group of fans who think he’s spineless and can’t stand up for himself or work out what is right for him. And once again, it shows the total lack of knowledge about David himself and what he actually seems to want from his career.

    Hey idiots, you don’t speak for me either! David is a grown man, it’s his life and career and you would do well to leave him to it like the rest of us. Just trust him to know what the fuck he’s doing. Maybe put that focus into your own lives and careers instead, just think what you could achieve!

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