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Clay Aiken Claymates Reactive to Clay Bitch Mode

March 11, 2012

I’m sure you know by now that Claylene is on Donald Trump’s show, “Celebrity Apprentice”  So far we’ve seen Clay talking on his cell phone, giving bitchy asides in the confessional cam, explaining he’s not the type of gay man that knows about ladies shoes or fashion (just really horribly bad plastic surgery it seems), talking down to others like George Takei, He’s been snide, he’s used very disrespectful tones when talking to others, particularly with gentle senior citizen George Takei in the episode filmed at Medieval Times (or as Gotti likes to spell it Mid Evil Times) Clay barked at George during rehearsals. That voice~! So damned whiny most of the time. Even whiny in his recaps sometimes..

His behavior certainly isn’t winning new fans over, that’s for sure. Lumpen bumpen waxen snotty entitled bitchy prissy pissy. He should take his behavior clues from Penn Jillette,  or perhaps even George Takei or the Trump brothers, all men who seem to comport themselves with great class and grace instead of catty remarks.

I don’t know perhaps that that Restylane in his face is painful and making him Kranken.

But the comical thing about Claylene besides the horrific mess he made of his face is the defense of him by the few Claymates that haven’t died off from age or infirmity. They are claiming the bad blood between Clay and George is due to George probably hitting on Claylene and being rejected. As if! I guess in Clayland he’s just so zexzy that every gay man, even those in long term committed relationships cannot RESIST Wax Figure Clay.

I opine that George may have hit on Clay early on and Clay turned him down. What do they say about a woman scorned?

I still think he had the hots for Clay and Clay was not interested. For heaven sake, he is older than his mother by a long shot but he sure comes off as sour grapes to me. Not listening. Sick of it. He got fired. End of discussion.

Don’t forget, George T is bff’s with Howard Stern, the original and most virulent Clay hater out there.

Could be, but just because someone is getting married, doesn’t preclude a wondering eye. Or hand. I think the gentleman doth protest too much. I’m probably wrong.

My thoughts too. Slow to process, word finding difficulties, memory issues (having to read the script at Medieval Times). I also noticed that when Clay made the joke about George going to school with Betty White that others laughed but George did not. The people I work with are at least 20 years younger than I and they never ever make jokes about my age – even though I do. I know Clay was going for the laugh but he would never take this approach for a young person with cognitive deficits and I was a little uncomfortable hearing him to this to an older person.

Finally! A glimmer of common sense. Rare as young fresh skin in Clayland.

And I chuckled. I thought it was the perfect line and anybody with a half a sense of humor at the receiving end would have chuckled too, IMO. He didn’t say he went to school with a feeble, old person who drools on themselves. Betty White is known for being old but ageless.

and Clay gets accused of ‘bitchiness’

Regarding Clay – – he has come off as a pissy little bitch to me. Maybe if he demonstrated as much ability on his tasks as he does on pointing the finger, I would feel differently.

Cluck-cluck clueless Claymates to the resqueeeeeeeeee! Playin’ that homophobe card. Sweethearts, all homos aren’t acting like Clay has on the show. If the Manolo fits, cram that fucker on your foot.

Clay has shown that he is extremely capable and that he gets the job done. He suggested calling Ivanka for help and was shot down. He suggested inviting both Ivanka and Ivana to model in their windows and was shot down. He was the one that found 3 sets of twins who would cheerfully model for free. He was in there getting the models ready and steaming the girls shirt moments before show time.

Reading his blog recap on gives a very thorough recap of the show and includes juicy bits of what went on behind the scenes that were left on the cutting room floor.

Maybe if he weren’t gay the words pissy and bitch would not be chosen. Actually calling a 6’1″ man “little” is a bit odd unless it is meant to diminish and degrade. All the other guys, except Michael the Invisible, are crafty and cunning and smart but the gay man is a pissy little bitch.

Someone sounds rather butthurt? Clean up, aisle one!

Did you know that since the show started the biggest search engine terms barging into this place have been:

  • “Clay Aiken plastic surgery nightmare”
  • “Was Clay Aiken a woman before Idol”
  • “Is Clay Aiken getting male to female gender reassignment surgery”

You can tell Claylene is doing a bang-up job impressing the American television watching public when all anyone can Google about is the travesty that is his face now.
Have heard rumors that a Penn Jillette and Clay Aiken throw down is going to go down at some point very soon on the show. I cannot wait. Perhaps Lou Ferrigno will snap his waxy little self in two pieces and back to Madame Tussards he’ll go for repair. You never know. Stay tuned folks.

ETA: Speculation on Clay’s surgery from

Celebrity Bad Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery 24

David Cook – So So Wrong

March 7, 2012

WeHoScott or as certain wags I know like to call him, WeePoleScott got his chance again to pose with David Cook and get that much closer to his dirty dreams when Cook was at his place of employment CBS LA today.

You remember WeHo don’t you? He was one of the ones instrumental in trying to get one of Cook’s songs used for the 10th anniversary 9/11 tribute, is a card carrying member of the Weeds versus Roses war and likes to pretend he has inside info all the while drooling over Cook.

Today he posed with David. Or so he says. There are a number of people saying that the photo is clearly photoshopped because of the big weird blob on the side of David’s face. I can’t tell but it does look so weird on that side, very uneven like a bad photoshop. Maybe. Because you know WeHoScott was not gonna let Cook out the door without a photo op.

What do you think? Shopped or not?

On one hand WeHoScott and Cook were in the same building at the same time. On the other hand it is said that Cook would not let WeHo near him with a hundred foot pole and WeHoScott has been known to make up all sorts of interesting fictions and lies in a pathetic attempt to seem like an ‘insider’

Moobs. Lots and lots of moobs. Thank the Flying Spagetti Monster that the picture is from the waist up as I have no desire to see any evidence of Scott’s probably pointing pants while in the vicinity of Cook.

Oh, what an artist must suffer for his art! Oh, the huge manatee!

Adam Lambert Sparkle Cow Says Queen Fans Are “Tards”

March 3, 2012

I got a comment on the other post positing that Queen fans are also ‘Tards’ from a Sparkle Cow. Here it is..

Whats the term you are using here a lot about David Cook “tards”: entitled fans or something like that? Seems to me there is suddenly many entitled Queen fans telling Brian May what to do with his band. A bit funny, that.

I had to answer them because they still don’t get it. But why am I surprised since they are stuck in a delusion they have been trying to rationalize away for three years now. It’s really about the music.


No, there is a difference. Queen fantards do not do the crazy things that Idol fans seem to do. I’ve yet to hear of a flat Freddie or Brian May being toted around, birthday parties being set up with decorated cakes, trackers stuffed under buses, tattoos of band members or lyrics on someone’s feet or back. Granted there are always tards in most every fan pack, but I am just not seeing the same percentage or level of crazy that Idol fans bring.

Thinking the difference is that Idol contestants are on television for weeks on end, allowing those that aren’t real music fans to feel ‘connected’ to the Idol because of the tv exposure, hence the crazy overconnection i.e. pararelationalism that occurs. People who’s primary concern is the actual music would never act like that, just the ones that see something pretty and sparkly on tv and project all their desires upon, like the Sparkle Cows.

Basically most of the Idol contestants and some (many) of the winners are nothing more than televised karaoke singers. Daughtry isn’t. Bowersox isn’t. and there aren’t too many more than aren’t.. Nicki McKibbin has potential.

And it isn’t always their own fault. Guys like Cook hone their stagecraft by years of playing other peoples music in cover bands in bars throughout the country. Taylor did that. I can’t explain Clay Aiken, there is no explanation except to say the site is getting an unusual number of hits asking if he’s had plastic surgery, or did he do the female to male surgery pre Idol or is he doing the male to female surgery now. All very puzzling.

But it really does all go back to the music, which is what all you tards forget, falling in love with some guy you see on tv and listening to any stupid dreck he might record.


In the comments below the Sparkle Cow someone pointed out that Queen is not Brian May’s personal band to do what he wants with. He was part of it, not the main part of it. Queen started out as four separate dudes with the same stake in the band.