David Cook In Love, Danny Gokey In Greed

I’m backkkkkkkkkk… like a bad penny popping up again I decided that a stinking pile of human crap one of either a David Cook or Adam Lambert fan left with a nasty note under a tree in my back yard isn’t going to stop me from talking about the foolishness of fandom. Or even the foolishness of the American Idols. Plus now I’ve filed a police report AND put up motion triggered lights with cameras on the back and front of my house. Even if a fantard never poops in my yard enough I want to catch one of the Bumpass kids throwing rocks in my Koi pond again. They like to try and scare the fish.

So did everyone miss me? I bet you did. I’ve been busy.

I thought I was done with all this fan foolishness and writing about any of it but I kept being drug kicking and screaming back by various things I just have to comment upon.

First, it looks very much like “Celebrity Apprentice” just might come down to a Redhead versus Redhead finale. Clay Aiken and Aubrey O’Day seem like they’re both playing the wonderful backstabbing gaslighting game till it’s just the two evil gingerkids standing. I find Clay less annoying than I did early in the season but this is not exactly how I’d anticipated it might play out.  I wish Trump would make them mud wrestle for the final win but alas that’s just not to be.

The thing that poked me into coming back here to post was one very unintentional Danny Gokey sighting with zero Gokeytards around. Horrible tale…

Okay, so there was this ‘event’ in DC that my friends gave me tickets to that was rescheduled till last Sunday afternoon. It turned out to be a Joel Osteen conference. I’m not particularly in like with Osteen but my better half has a huge Jesus hardon for everything coming out of Osteen’s mouth.

So there I sat, semi bored in the sunshine of National Stadium when they announced a boy that had SEEN THE LIGHT and was now an AWARD WINNING CHRISTIAN ARTIST after the degradation of Rock n Roll and Country, out popped  Danny Gokey onto the stage. Ugh,, he started to sing songs from his new Christian cd.. Ugh Imagine the Gokey doucheface on huge screens around the stadium.

See the crappy picture I took with my craptastic new cell phone…

…..what followed was simply HORRIFYING, worse than Osteen’s huge chomper sparkling teeth, THE DANNY GOKEY STORY with photos of him and Sofia, his confession he fell into a horrible depression after AI because he’d lost his way from the LORD and went places he wasn’t supposed to go before finding Jesus, happiness and his new wife. Huge photos of all this shit flashed on the screens before he made an appeal for people to donate to some new charity he has healing homeless families with music…..

Mercifully it was over quickly. Gokey received a very tepid reception and I spotted no one behaving like a Gokeyfantard.

Heard a short time ago that during David Cook’s gig tonight for the post-Race For The Cure that he announced from the stage that he had found someone that made him happy, like forever happy and was in love..

Good for him. I heard that the fans reacted positively, which I do have a hard time believing considering how anyone he was ever even slightly interested in always got loads of stupid and hateful from his frauen. I predict before the weekend is out there will be much hand wringing and crying in fan land. This is one of those times I pray I’m wrong, it would be awesome if his fans accepted his news graciously and were as happy for him as they are reputed to be tonight.



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35 Comments on “David Cook In Love, Danny Gokey In Greed”

  1. felicia Says:

    Danny started his charity before he went on American Idol (with insurance money from a policy Sophia had). He has given out eight college scholarships, funded music and arts programs in Wisconsin and Nashville, and aided victims of the flood in Nashville.

    At his homeless shelter in Nashville (almost 80,000 square feet), he currently has 9 families. Two families have graduated. (Families are in his program for six months and receive job training and classes in how to manage money. When they graduate, they move on to independent living.)

    The song he sang, My Best Days Are Ahead of Me, is not from a new Christian cd. (He doesn’t have a new Christian cd.) It is from his first album.

    The day before the Joel event, Danny ran in the Nashville marathon. $10,000 was raised for his foundation. He also raises money for his foundation when he accepts speaking invitations.

    Danny has had two previous appearances with Joel at Lakewood Church in Houston.

  2. SoOverIt Says:

    So glad you’re back! David’s fans are always postive to his face, but the cray are already acting out on twitter. Oh hum, so what, so the guy found love……big deal.

    You missed the fandom wringing their hands over the news Baldy is selling his L.A. house. Hopefully Baldy is tired of being stalked by Scott and is moving far, far away from the L.A. cray.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Details please. Who is reacting poorly? As if I couldn’t guess, but the ones I’d assume would react poorly are most likely the ones like ol’ April down below.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I saw/heard the hand wringing and speculation over the house sale and looked at the photographs. Mmehh, people move, buy and sell houses, bfd. I’m sure his monthly mortgage payment was a big ‘un.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      He just needs the money because RCA dropped his failing ass.

  3. April Says:

    Could be wrong, but I don’t think he actually said he had found someone he’s fallen in love with. I think he was explaining the idea behind the new song “From Here to Zero” and someone misconstrued what he meant.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      April, no he didn’t come out and say “I’M IN LOVE!!!eleventy!!!11!! “, it was implied and by his reaction to the fans reaction of “awwws” and cheering I’d say it seems true. Of course those who still think they actually have a shot with him didn’t catch on but from the reactions I saw most did. Some fans need to pull their fucking heads out of the sand and realize that David isn’t a Gawd or Saint and concede to the fact that he could actually be dating or in a serious relationship. There are those that will melt-down and those that will deny because “Dave” would have said something by now :eye roll:. Well, he said something last night, as much as he will probably ever say about it.

      He’s a grown man and deserves to be happy and as someone said if the fans ‘flove’ him so much they’ll accept it and not dwell on it or ask him about it.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Oh! I forgot to say welcome back FDC! I missed you and this place. 🙂

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Nonna, at least now that I’m back if someone vandalizes my backyard again I’ll have an amusing video to post here of a tard with their pants down. We all can laugh and point.

  4. Lady Nemo Says:

    I hope so too – about David, I mean. He deserves to be happy, just like anyone else. If these people really care anything about him like they proclaim so loudly they do, they should just leave it be and find someone else to harass. Someone not so nice maybe lol

  5. Karen P. Currie Says:

    Welcome back, FDC!

    And good one, Cook. Announcing this news as the Tards were swooning at his feet, hoping to hear their name in the same breath as “forever love” must have been priceless.

  6. BYork Says:

    Good to see you posting again, FDC. Gokey always struck me as a grifter, but not an especially smart one. So how exactly did he stray?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Gokey is a grifter and a guy that’s been using his sad story of the death of his first wife to milk the frauen. I am surprised that Osteen keeps allowing someone with a morally squishy background to perform on his platform. How about that new wife of his? Heard talk that he lost a number of fans and lots of contributions to his ‘charities’ when he married this model. Whole thing reeks of smarmy user hypocrisy.

      • nonna-muss Says:

        He still looks creepy and like someone that if he talked to me in a bar I’d be grossed out and have the bouncer walk me to my car out of fear.

  7. cuddles Says:

    DWD is completely full of fail. I’m happy for Cook. I hope when you get film of the mad pooper, you spare us any frames of her bare fupa. 😯

  8. Beauxcefus Says:

    Rumor has it that Cook has been shitcanned by RCA… Saw this coming last year when the single and CD flopped like a fish on a New York sidewalk in July. Dang, how do you go from being an Idol winner to dropped after 2 albums? Listened to a snip of a self released single (code for DROPPED from major label) on MJ’s… Zzzzzzzz – Another boring, Tedder sounding POS. Cook just can’t write or sing anything half as exciting after Idol as he sang on it. Said it b4 – Idol was his musical peak – may his career RIP.

    Welcome back FDC 🙂

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      It’s no rumor. They just can’t announce it yet because Idol is still on. Once the season is over it will be quietly mentioned. Can’t have the winner knowing how short your shelf life is before the finale!

      • Beauxcefus Says:

        Feels like these WGWG winners are slowly being phased out… DeWyze down, Cook down —> Kris is looking like he may be next, lol… Scoty better be on point w/his sales, or the shitcan will be waiting for him too. Idol and RCA ain’t being shy about milking these duds for all they’re worth, then buh-byeeee! I feel some 2nd hand embarrassment for Cook and some of his more delusional fans. Remember those rather arrogant and grandiose utterings of Grammy’s, making albums like U2, WeeHoleScott proclaiming Cook was too BIG to ever open for anyone, that Cook had a lot of say and influence at the label to make the kind of albums he wanted, that Cook’s last CD TLM would definitely go gold… bwahhhhh… it may…. many, many, many years down the road. Lotsa servings of crow will be served up to these idiotas soon… hope it tastes as well going down as it did when they were dishing it out ever so smugly. Karma… she is one bad mammajamma.

  9. karma police Says:

    welcome back, yeah i don’t know what to make about the remark of a special someone in david’s life, however his song on idol was a good one i wonder if that was meant for someone,

  10. Beauxcefus Says:

    It’s official – the shitcan strikes again!

    ‘American Idol’s’ David Cook and RCA Records Part Ways
    “I’m currently without a record deal,” the season 7 winner tells THR.


    • freedavidcook Says:

      I’d heard a while ago that RCA dropping Cook was a done deal, not to announced till after he played Idol. They really wasted no time did they considering he sang tonight on Idol. Speed o’ light…

      • Beauxcefus Says:

        They sure didn’t waste any time did they, lolol… feels like a bums rush, truth be told… I expected it when Rubber Ducky said – after the season ended… just shows you that the label and big business ain’t got no love for you when they’re done with you…

    • Rubber Ducky Says:


  11. Beauxcefus Says:

    Cook only had a deal for 2 albums? The contract ended w/the release of TLM? That’s hilarious in hindsight right now… Archuleta’s contract when he had one is looking like the better one – he did release 3… Oh my, I think when the deets start to come out Cook is gonna look like the biggest chump for playing along w/RCA’s jive as long as he did… he should have pulled a Kelly and asserted his artistic voice before they cut his rock balls off… it may have earned him a little respect if nothing else… now they’ve saddled him with this MOR smaltz rock singer image that is gonna be next to impossible to shake.. also… when he was talking about ‘next album’, the non existent overseas tour…. he was just shining everyone on, or in other words, telling a bunch of lies? HAHAHA
    Where will all the tards go DCO gets the kibosh? Batten the hatches down FDC, they may be coming for you!

    • freedavidcook Says:

      They’ve already tried to come for me by contacting relatives, coworkers and friends plus the back yard incident. Ain’t too much more than can do to me. What next? A driveby?

      DCO folks will make their own shitty board on a freebie site and just continue over there. I bet they even copy their huge asseds posts from DCO to put on a new board. Losers..

  12. Beauxcefus Says:

    That was some lowdown disgusting shit (no pun intended) whoever did that to you FDC. If I ever caught a creep in my yard doing that… I don’t want to go on, cause I don’t want to end up in jail for saying what I’d do, HEH… be careful, and safe – and don’t let those cowards and bastards stop you from doing what you do!

  13. hasalife Says:

    You have the nerve to insult other people? How pathetic of all of you to have nothing better to do but talk about other people. GET A LIFE! Cray cray is someone starting a site to talk about others people. No one needs your twisted help or opinions. So why don’t u all get a life and spend your time doing something positive not insane. First and last time on this insane train of a site.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      ….and I think I have Backyard Shitter Suspect #1

    • nonna-muss Says:

      You so fun-neeeeee. Glad you took time out of YOUR busy day of stalking Idols around the web to actually find this place and post. This one is a true tard with all the boxes being ticked.
      GET A LIFE!–check.
      Cray Cray–check
      Various spelling errors due to RAAAAEEEEGGG!!!11!!!–check
      I will never post here again!–check

      How long until she comes back to call us big meanie poo-poo heads again?

      • Karen P. Currie Says:

        Probably the next time she’s looking to take a crap in someone’s back yard, I suspect.Then she’d be a big meany backyard poo-poo head.

  14. I was at the Concert for Hope and David did not announce that he had a girlfriend. I hope he does!

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