RCA Drops David Cook!

About an hour ago David announced that that he no longer had a recording contract with RCA. David Cook was from their pool of official artists. He no longer has a contract with RCA at all plus he has left 19 Entertainment management.

There’s no official word from RCA yet but it’s just a matter of time. This rumor has been buzzing since shortly after This Loud Morning was released and ended up with less than stellar sales numbers. The unofficial word was that this would be announced shortly after Cook’s “American Idol” gig tonight. Just didn’t anticipate that Cook himself would release the news before the official talking heads at RCA.

Well what next? Looking for another label and performing more new songs on television shows? This could be either a really good thing or terribly bad. Will certainly be interesting to watch and see where Cook goes from here.

Once thing is for certain, once David Cook Official goes dark his frauen will have to put up a soooper seakret board on a free boards site and move their twaddle there. Sucks to be them.

Speaking of which one of them hacked Cook’s momma’s Twitter account for a day or so. I don’t know what was said or who did it but apparently Beth Foraker is pretty pissed off I’ve been told. I would be too. So not called for at all, particularly on the week of Mothers Day.  Sounds like something Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets of the defunct David Cook Uncensored might do..

Happy Muthas Day whoever did that..

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9 Comments on “RCA Drops David Cook!”

  1. Ali Says:

    Wow it’s nice to see this blog is back lol…and so I had to check out the usual suspects on twitter…Scotthole is going on about archiving all the threads on DCO lmao! Really why? Does the library of congress need to keep all the body part threads of David Cook for all the future generations to know of his physical epicness lol? Yeah right, rock history should always be preserved for the future…”eye roll”.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      This made me lol. We must not forget the thread where they call him Master and wish to have him paddle their fat asses. Ugh.

      Hope the indie route works out for him and if he’s smart (which I firmly believe he is) he will shut down DCO. If he can’t do that, I implore him to drop the “O”. Keeping that as his ‘official’ site makes him look like a joke to any newbie that might stumble upon it. How seriously can he be taken with threads devoted to his neck, right leg and arm porn?

      • Ali Says:

        Hi Nonna. I’m thinking that the site belongs to RCA not David, so it seems they would shut it down, maybe soon?

  2. Rubber Ducky Says:

    😆 failure.

  3. joolie Says:

    I am so happy that you are back FDC! This blog is my favorite and even though I rarely post (I am no where near as funny and witty as you and the other posters) I love reading this blog! It always makes me laugh and the observations made couldn’t be more true.

  4. Black Angel Says:

    Not surprised by this news. His last cd was not good.

  5. Jesse Says:

    This guy is a good singer but he is crap as a songwriter. That’s the problem. You can be the greatest singer on Earth, but if your material is crap it really doesn’t matter. He stubbornly continues to put out ballad after ballad along with plodding mid-tempo numbers. His 15 minutes are up. You’ll see him on the “where are they now” program in a few years. He has a pretty hardcore fanbase but they are small and he has added no new fans since Idol, and has in fact lost his original Idol fans. Cook is cooked. Sorry. The Cook hardcore fans are great at spinning everything as a positive for him but don’t believe it. The guy could fart into a microphone for three minutes and they would think it was the greatest thing since the Beatles. Truth is he is a great vocalist who sucks as a songwriter.

    • Ali Says:

      The hardcores that think he shits strawberries and cream always gave him wild praises for his songwriting, along with references to he and his ex guitar player Neal as the next Paul and John…Beatles reborn lol. I remember how they were so against him opening for anyone other than U2 or Bruce Springsteen. I thought he would gain new fans to play in support of some of the bands who opened for him on his first tour, some of which have become pretty big since then…The Script, Hot Chelle Rae (I think thats the spelling?), Green River Ordinance and some others that I’m sure would return the favor and bring him on..but yeah, he’s too big to open for anyone…

      • Beauxcefus Says:

        Bwahhhh, I bet WeePoleScott is choking on that “too big to open for anyone’ pronouncement… fans like him are what make me mock Cook and his fans – they were that delusional not that long ago, and I’m sure if you called them out on their BS right now they would be backtracking like a mofo – or hiding out like those pretentious windbags like Incipit – the *snerk* queen, lol… gonna be fun to see how many of those rats will be deserting the sinking Cook ship now that those bigger than Elvis dreams have been crushed.

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