Reaction To David Cook’s Departure From RCA

I’d been expecting some great wailing and gnashing of teeth among the unwashed masses that comprise the David Cook fandom. And boards, splinter boards popping up like dandelions after a rain storm. To my surprise there hasn’t been much of this yet, either in Twitter feeds or at DCO.

So what has the reaction been among the tards?

Mostly delusional. That this being dropped by RCA is the best thing that could happen to him because it gives him a chance to be the hawt indie rawk god they think he is or that perhaps XIX & Simon Fuller will get him a better deal with more publicity than RCA could pull off.

But the tard contingent always says this when an Idol gets booted from the label. They always act like it was the artist decision, not the company cutting a two-note, one single wonder who’s not earning back what they’ve invested in him initially. Money talks, bullshit walks.. that’s the real reason labels drop artists, because they can no longer turn a profit. It’s simply business, good business practices.

And yet again WeePoleScott, the greasy go-fer at the LA television station is holding forth as the elder statesman of tard land. He’s copying threads to archive from DCO and making statements filled with deep disconnect from the truth. He’s pontificating in his own blowhard manner all over the internets right now.

Others have started to stupidly street team, tweeting places like Atlantic Records and other labels that the companies need to snap up David right now before anyone else does it.

But the truly interesting thing is that the Adam Lambert Sparkle Cows have been watching what’s going on and speculating about it. I suggest they get used to it because when Adam’s much delayed CD finally comes out and lays there like a giant glittery turd he’ll be next on the contractual chopping block. It’s really all about making money for the stockholders of the corporation. Sad that it’s come to that but it is.

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5 Comments on “Reaction To David Cook’s Departure From RCA”

  1. Beauxcefus Says:

    Bwahhhh, I hope WeePoleScott is choking on that “too big to open for anyone’ pronouncement… fans like him are what make me mock Cook and his fans. If you called them out on their BS right now they would be backtracking like a mofo – or hiding out like those pretentious windbags like Incipit – the *snerk* queen, lol… gonna be fun to see how many of those rats will be deserting the sinking Cook ship now that those bigger than Elvis dreams have been crushed.

  2. Dani Says:

    Like this guy? Scott Jr.?

    Xavier ‏ @RoyalsPhenom
    If DC is going to put out his own music, Nashville is ideal for expanding his base, a grassroots appeal, & networking with other artists.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    2h Xavier ‏ @RoyalsPhenom
    His style is perfect for the numerous music halls & open bars that artists frequent. His vocals & personality will make him a favorite.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    2h Xavier ‏ @RoyalsPhenom
    DC will not only be able to soak in the sounds & influences, he could quickly become a household name with his acoustic acumen.
    Reply Retweet Favorite
    2h Xavier ‏ @RoyalsPhenom
    Nashville is actually a musical melting pot of Americana. Countless artists, like Bon Jovi, frequent its stages or have second homes there.
    Reply Retweet Favorite


  3. Beauxcefus Says:

    The media is not reporting much on Cook’s shitcan. Is that because he’s become like WHO? Does anybody care about him beyond Shirley Halperin at THR and MJ’s? There is something worse than bad press — that’s indifference and NO press. If the big boys don’t think an Idol Winner getting fired is enough story to cover then you need to be concerned. Or maybe they too like some fans are hiding from shame and embarrassment for backing him… he’s in the same company as Hicks and Dewyze, and that’s gotta sting.

  4. Thorazine Says:

    Whassup ya’ll!! 🙂

    Had to drop by after enough time had passed, like I said I would, to see if my predictions re Cook came to pass. Looks like they did. What will the tards do now? No need to stay tuned anymore – Cook is yesterday’s news, so it’s on to see if the next WGWG winner will last the year before the hook comes for him. Toodles!

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