Double Delusion: David Cook Fans & Adam Lambert’s CD Release

Oh, how we see but through a glass darkly.

Cooktards are busy over at David Cook Official speculating on the possibility DCO will disappear with their Googleplex of drool postings.  Newsflash – This probably wasn’t a Dave driven decision, it was just business. He wasn’t giving RCA the return on investment. They dropped him. It’s business, not personal or soul searching or anything mystically retarded like that…

Some amusing samples.

A bit behind the times; just looked at Idol Hangover. I appreciate all of the posts here. My 1 cent; to me, it sounds like he undertook a life evaluation as he proceeds to the big 3-0 (as many have done). I think he decided what he wanted out of life personally and definitely professionally as how he wanted that to play out(e.g., the songwriting). I always thought of Nashville as only country, but have learned through you all it is quite a vibrant and creative general music community. I suspect it will suit him better. It also sounded like he wanted to put down roots in the community and already has several key connections. So, I am zen with it all (not that he asked me lol). I never much angsted re: his career; I save that stuff for my kids. But, I do really think he will continue to have career in music and will never live hand to mouth again. Certainly the cost of living in Nashville must be a lot less expensive than L.A. So, I see only positives here. He was so relaxed in this interview- he’s good; I think we can all be good IMHO.

don’t think Monty is living in LA now. Is he? It doesn’t matter. People can live anywhere and still collaborate.

D looks happy but also quite peaceful. So great to see. Nashville is not superclose to kcmo but it is only 260 miles to Terre haute, so he will be close to the cook side of the family. I am sure it will be great for them all, especially Adam’s kids, to have him around more often

Proper capitalization is your friend.

coolshades, Yes, bandmates can live all over the place, but I thought that usually happened more with big long-established acts who have their sound and process down. New bands I think benefit from proximity, just for logistics sake, if nothing else. Do any of Dave’s current bandmates live in the Nashville vicinity? I know Andy lives in LA but I’m not sure where the others call home. Sure, now that we have Skype and relatively secure digital means of sharing, more is definitely possible. But hopping over to the other’s house to crank out a demo will be tougher. Given that I’ve said all along that Dave’s band is a fluid thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes through further changes with a move to Nashville.

Now that he’s no longer with RCA and time has passed from his Idol days, this is a great time for him to solidify a new band identity and sound, if he is so inclined. The pressures against that coming off of the Idol win have greatly dissipated. This is a new day. Anything is possible

Yeah, right, mostly a lot of begging for Kickstarter funds to record the third or fourth David Cook CD. Dig deep in your pockets you idiots.

I would think it would be kind of tough for all 4 band members to coordinate side jobs (they’ve still got to pay rent) with potential studio work/tours/gigs that might last days or weeks, especially when they’re far away from each other. It wouldn’t surprise me if the current band dissipates, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see DC form a new band in N’ville. Options are pretty open, I would think.
This seems like a much more comfortable fit for him. Never did understand why it’s supposedly important for a musician to live in H’wood. And, apologies to Scott and the California contingent, but he’s well out of owning property in a state that seems pretty certainly headed into a financial/budgetary tsunami.

WeepoleScott is at it again!! Eleventy!!!!!!!!!!11111111

WeHo Scott:

No apologies needed AT. But “headed?” Our state is already there, sad to say. I just hope Dave can get that house sold ASAP without taking a hit.

There is absolutely no reason for David to live in LA at this juncture. We’ll miss him but he’s got to make pragmatic decisions to support his art. I think Monty will likely end up on Austin with Phil Marshall and Daniel James, or head back to Tulsa. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t tour with David. Too many unknowns right now. Much will depend on how much down time vs band time David will have over the next year.

Hey, no one’s discussed David pretty much hating the whole WGWG thing. You can see it in his face & body language. IMO he doesn’t just think it’s dismissive, looks like some pissed off resentment there. No surprise he would hate labels as much as “boxes.”

Dumbass, they’re called ‘white guys with guitars’ because a)they are all white, b)they all have guitars. No racism in that.

Scott – I only wish that David was not as polite as he was about the wgwg thing. Hell – rock music is wgswgs historically, and by putting that down, the media and others are dismissing the whole history of rock n roll since Elvis (that is not to say I am ignoring R & B and the blues and all that Elvis took from the African American musicians he emulated). It is taking all of rock and shoving into the corner.

If rappers were winning Idol, I wonder what the acronym might be. It is wrong to discriminate against anyone. Since when has musical expression with guitars and guys (and girls) of any background been something to demean?

And if one were to apply that to Country music, then the whole industry might as well pack up and leave.

Perhaps the young divas being touted on Idol are not all that good. Or they are too young to be magnetic and compelling?

So, yeah, I am with David and his (barely suppressed) anger at this ridiculous put down of multi-talented young men who happen to be white.

Well, I think Dave is more aware than anyone of the demographics of those who are avid voters on Idol. It is what it is. AI is designed with a structure that helps create this dynamic in the first place. So of course Dave is not happy with the dismissiveness towards the contestants. They’re all like family – talented and mostly deserving to be on that stage. At the same time, I’m sure he would love to see more diversity in the winners. I know he felt that many in his season were better singers than he was. What can a politic guy like Dave do but shrug and say stringing out WGWG as the culprits is wrong?

he’s doing it right. I’d like it a whole lot better if AI didn’t have that idiotic “we eat our young” mentality so every year’s contestants have to be “the best ever” and every good performance is “the best ever” — with the corollary that everything that came before was inferior. Dave is right: The similarities between him and subesequent winners are only superficial. Very different styles.

I am “over” AI (I was not ever into it to begin with, Dave was a FLUKE for me, sigh) — only, it is stupid to be “over” it as long as it is a way to get D’s music in front of millions. I would imagine he will ride that pony till it falls over, and really, that is the only smart thing to do at this point. Take the good that can result, and just mentally chuck all the silliness that goes with the scene.

“Save the manatees,” indeed. lol.

Re the band? Lots of possibilities there. Devin’s always struck me as a kind of a free agent anyhow; Nick’s too new for me to know what to think; Monty, well, Monty, I think, will be in Nashville when he needs to, if that is the deal. Andy’s plans after he gets married are anybody’s guess, but … I’m pretty fond of Andy, and the music Dave and Andy make together. I’d hate to see them split up. I hope somehow it can still work out for them to keep making music together. I think Nashville could actually be really good for Andy but there are two people in a couple and multiple jobs to consider. i am sure that all the angles have been hashed out and will continue to be hashed out as the months unfold…..

minstrel, from what I’ve seen AI has been great to David and this week has been a case in point. I readily admit that I was wrong to think he should distance himself from the show. They do support him. The “best season evah” schtick is just tv.
The WGWG meme bothers me too since, like he said, it’s dismissive and these guys are very different from eachother in style. Unfortunately the media has a short attention span and generalizes… and it’s cynical. I don’t see AI doing that themselves though, they gain nothing from it.

People I know who are casual fans around here have been saying that he looks different… calm and happy like he’s in a good place. Perhaps this new development is something that will truly be good for him on many levels.

Uh,, scary obsessive ladies talking endlessly about minutia? Cook is still owned by the company store. Idol owns his ass in a contract so stiff and hardcore that the devil is jealous his lawyers in hell can’t come up with that type of unbreakable bs.

Hi there everyone. I really cannot set DC aside and fully concentrate on RL, especially RL paperwork which is never fun.

I’m relieved that David and RCA have agreed to part ways with dignity. I always expect dignity from David. I’m on “record” here as one of those who suspected that TLM was a difficult process based on what David said about his own mind set and also the references he made in the Making Of video to the musical identity diffusion he experienced and that he had to fight thru.

I never thought that David wanted or should try to alienate from Idol. How would that be with Simon Fuller XIX as management? I wonder what XIX is planning for David. I hope that David releases FHTZ as another Buzz single in coordination with a samba performance on SYTYCD.

So glad to hear that the band will finally be heading out of N. America, even for a few concerts. The timing of the announcements, or rumors, is interesting since David said that everything would depend on how well TLS goes. Maybe they’ve already seen enough to give a green light? That thought brings a smile to my face for sure.

As far as the move to Nashville is concerned, I think it is a wise move, for personal lifestyle, family, and professional reasons. I’m pretty sure he’ll have some base of operations in LA too if his band members stay there. If Andrew stays there, maybe David will be able to crash with his younger bro, lol role reversal. Andy has his MWK connections in LA. Nick has his other gigs as does Devin.

Loving Post RCA David Cookdom.

blah, blah, blah…

one of my “gifts” of the last song on thursday was to my ds living in wichita. he hadn’t gotten around to listening to it till today. “that’s a really good song. i like it.” grins.

this whole wgwg thing…dave said in some interview around tlm release that he had a chip on his shoulder about it and it pissed him off. pisses me off too. not just for his sake, cuz i like kris’s music too. it also disses about 40 years of rock n roll. i may be mistaken, but isn’t eric clapton a wgwg? how about pete townsend? “tense is important” lol

How dare you mention the great Eric Clapton or one of the greatest guitarist in one of the best bands in the world like they are mere karaoke singers like wgwg. I’d cower in case the Lord Almighty sends a bolt of lightening up your ass.

I’ll go on record here as saying it will come as NO surprise to me if Dave signs a record deal with Island Records/Universal Music real soon.

…and you might start peeing hundred dollar bills too.. Riighttt

and of the one more delusional tards, Minstrel, slaughtering innocent reams of forum pixels with her blathering..

I do want to say here — a couple things. Or, really, a moderate amount about one thing. Because I am pretty sure Dave reads this thread, or someone close to him does. Too much circumstantial evidence for it not to be so. Back in the day the traffic was such that it was hard to keep up but it is not like that now.

And what I would say, if i knew D was reading, would be this: You’re going to have to steer the fan-ship now. Because there is a lot of passionate emotion directed toward the viability of your career, and that can be good for you, but in some respects it can also be not so good if it is not well-coordinated or at least guided by some clarity about what you want/need.

A good percentage of hardcores (not all, but not a negligible number) come out of a world that loves to vote to save their faves, you know? And now that you are indie — at least for the moment — and you have asked for help? There is a lot of dedicated activity directed at helping. All very good. But it is easy for stuff to get chaotic if there is not guidance. Particularly in terms of a radio strategy, stateside and elsewhere: Street team ideas that might work great in the Phillippines or Indonesia are not necessarily going to work great in the US of A, and vice versa. People are determined to do as much as they can to help you flourish, because we want this so much for you, Dave. But we need to know what is helpful, beyond buying multiple copies and talking to people we know in our lives and sharing via normal social media channels.

So Dave, I dunno — you might consider going back to the blogging or the vlogging or find some designated other ways of letting us know the strategy you would like us to pursue. Support needs to be effectively channeled now, or I think we could end up doing some harm along with all the good. There are smart people out here, hard workers, dedicated — but emotions are also running fairly high, you know? Excited for you and concerned for you. For good or ill, that’s how we roll, I guess. In the absence of info, the general assumption is sometimes that there is a gap in planning, and people will try to fill the perceived vacuum. Sometimes that could be ok, but sometimes, not so much. So just give us some direction. New strategies for your brave new world.

That is what I would say. If I knew Dave were listening.

Carry on.

Yeah, yeah, you old nannas keep street teaming for Dave. I’m going to bed. Adam and his release will have to wait till tomorrow. But I’m sure his Sparkle Cows are secretly shitting cow-bricks knowing that if this so-so CD doesn’t sell it will be Adam’s sparkling ass on the label chopping block. History does have a way or repeating itself with those that never learn the lesson in the first place.


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21 Comments on “Double Delusion: David Cook Fans & Adam Lambert’s CD Release”

  1. Ali Says:

    I missed the whole wgwg thing? And why are they all going on about “Dave’s next move” and “how can we help? We need more details, what do we do, oh dear?” Lmao! I’m sure if he needed the biddies he would give them a shout out from twitter, or Blog/vlog lol!

  2. Thorazine Says:

    The Cooktards are so shellshocked and have sunk so low in despair that they are !!!!!!#@$!squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing!!!! over hear that new POS song being played in elevators and department stores, hahahaha… From RAWK GOD to MUZAK KING. They are actually calling and requesting that turd on radio – snowball chance in HALE a self released song by Cook w/no label back ever gets a radio spin. don’t think they realize yet that Cook was essentially manufactured and propped up by RCA for 4 years, w/no real intention on their part to help his career – they were gonna milk him and them for just 2 CD’s, then byeeee. He’s ass out as far as the industry is concerned, nobody besides them care about him anymore, as evidenced by the very obvious lack of interest in the mainstream press and TV about his boot. They were all over Archuleta’s split from Jive, but for Cook they could care less, lolol… Not good for someone who supposedly was well liked and loved by the media to be this forgotten just 4 years out.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I find it interesting that RCA announced Archie and Lee’s booting formally, yet RCA has made no statement about Cook. He’s still listed as an artist on their website. I’ve seen at least a dozen online talk about his new song and only two online articles saying he was dropped and they were word for word the same (and similar in wording to something posted at Rickey dot org. Why hasn’t RCA said anything as they usually do when an artist is dropped?

    • Nist Says:

      Ha! It does show some desperation when hearing a song at a department store gets people, like, WAY excited. The whole thing about David being a “rawk god” is funny. As one (sane) fan pointed out, some tards have been saying for years that RCA has been holding David back from his true alt-rocker/hard rock potential by releasing the wrong singles and by making him write with famous writers.

      Yet what are the first two new songs David has cowritten with his friends and sung in public on his own, post RCA. They are the midtempo “From Here to Zero” and the power ballad “The Last Song”. Both songs are straight-up HAC/AC all the way. I’m not saying they’re bad songs, but are they rock the way some of these tards insisted the creative genius songwriter David would surely rock when freed from RCA bondage? Not even. I wonder what they’re going to do if he doesn’t rock to sufficient levels 🙂 on any new releases he has in the future. Who can they blame then?

      • freedavidcook Says:

        I always find it amusing with the Cookistans and the Lambert Sparkle Cows throw rocks at Kris Allen for not being ‘good’ enough or a ‘winner’. Allen on the verge of releasing his 3rd CD post Idol when the other two struggled to even get a second one out. It’s about making great music, making money for the label. For all the whining about Kris and Lambertards claiming he’s a failure just the opposite is true. 3 CDs looks like a win from here.

      • nerdgirl Says:

        Just a second CD for Kris, just like for Lambert.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Yeah, so I’ve been told now. I stand corrected… let’s see who gets dropped from their contract by the recording company first..

  3. Tess Tickle Says:

    Listen, Adam fans! When you purchase your 50+ copies of his new CD, be sure to take pictures of your collection and put it on the internet for all the other fans to see, because normal people enjoy seeing crazy, too! Don’t forget to get yourself in that picture, either! Look at me, I bought ELEVENTY HUNDRED copies of Adam’s crappy CD! I am the BEST FAN EVER! When Adam is done being gay, he’s going to sleep with ME! I MADE HIM A SUPERSTAR with my husband’s credit card! I’m going to put on my best stretch pants and XXXXL sequined Adam shirt and get ready for him!! LOOK AT ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nist Says:

    Been watching some of the twitter conversation about David – excuse me, “Dave” – in the last 24-48 hours. In addition to the “He’s so much better off without RCA” party line, some bitterness is starting to be expressed. The talk of an RCA boycott is hilarious. (Somehow I don’t think the people who run RCA’s Twitter care too much about “fans” who tweet to them: “No David Cook, no RCA!. Unfollow!”) Some of them are getting increasingly angry that Adam Lambert’s release appears to be headed toward a fairly good debut week. They’re mad about Adam’s fans buying multiple copies – hello, what about those “gifting” programs for David’s new single? Buying multiples for anyone is equally stupid. David’s new song only sold 15,000 copies, which isn’t horrible I suppose but isn’t all that great either.

    Some crazies want people to boycott Kris Allen’s upcoming release, trying to guilt other fans on twitter who happen to like Kris Allen – because buying Kris’s music is putting money in RCA’s pockets and is therefore disloyal to David. *eyeroll*.

    Eh, they’re lashing out at everybody. Ryan Star, David’s former guitarist Neil, Carrie Underwood, any other musician David knows – sounds like they didn’t tweet about David’s new single and so now they are disloyal horrible friends who are not worthy of David’s benevolent presence. I’m seeing all these “I never liked R Star anyway, I just pretended I did. So there!” tweets. These people are like children, which is extra tragic since most of them are 50-70 years old.

    The funniest thing ever would be if David put up a new website someday with no message boards and made it his official website. I hope he has enough cojones to do it. An official site with the current frequent posters of DCO rattling about trying to “save” his career by being his #1 street team will look pretty dumb to anyone checking out his post-RCA career. The diehards need to find somewhere else to continue the delusion that “We are a family”, as someone posted the other day.

    • Thorazine Says:

      Our course none of those people are going to tweet support or be associated in the public eye w/Cook now. Nobody likes backing a loser, and Cook’s boot from label labels him a loser in many eyes. Folk are fickle and just THAT shallow. All those people mentioned are doing much better than David at the moment – even his ex guitarist Neal who managed to go on tour to Europe with his dinky unsigned obscure rock/metal band, lol… David has never toured outside the US, even when he had a label. Nobody over there gives two craps about him or his music either. They’re banking on Simon Fuller to use his touted ‘muscle’ to get Cook another contract, and resurrect Cook’s career from the dead – laughable. Where was Fuller last year when the CD was flopping, he couldn’t pay people to care about him or the CD on TV or the press, couldn’t buy his way onto any kind of summer or fall tour to support the CD- and most telling… why are there no labels beating down his door to sign him if he’s all that great? The party and the ride is over, the 15 minutes are up for him, and them. They’re just prolonging the agony with these desperate acts. His fans thought me and others who were speaking truth about him and that crap cd and his career were big meanie doodoo heads, but I just call em like I see em.

  5. Ali Says:

    Being drunk and bored tonight online, I ventured over to twitter…big mistake, I see Scott, Literate gal Bonnie (telling Kira she’s wearing a Bettie Page dress to Ryans show lol, wtf? and Kira told her they’re not going to Ryan’s show), and the usual LA suspects still fawning over Ryan Star being in town, and Neal and Kira? It seems they are probably happy that their obsessions are very limited in success so they feel they are friends with “local musicians”? I just don’t get this. I suppose they feel the same about Dave’s problems…now he may be more accessible to them in there delusional minds? Anyhow, its weird that now Neal and band friends are answering tweets lol. I guess they have to milk the last of the die hard Cook herd?

  6. Thorazine Says:

    Hicks and Cook at some gala last night in LA…

    Hicks : “Come on Cook, don’t cry – there’s still lotsa bars out here, and there’s always Branson! We can tour together as the new “Sole Patrol” – RCA wore theirs out kickin’ us to the curb, but we’ll show em”!!!

  7. Thorazine Says:

    The new Sole Patrol!!! Coming soon to your city, or crick or holler. Somebody out there has got to remember us! 🙂

    • Thorazine Says:

      So Cooktards have secret ‘funders’ who paypal money to people… in order to gift and buy music for Cook from Itunes? HAHAHAHAHA… That answers a question I’ve long suspected about these so called “bumps” or rises in sales on itunes for him… they would crow about them all the time… ‘ he rose from 900-500 – he’s reaching new ears’!! Then come sales reporting day, and he never sold enough to even chart, lol… They have a veritable ‘baghdad Bob’ over there on the numbers chart who thinks it’s cool to log that his cd is #50,546 on Amazon… everyday – yippeeeee! Pathetic

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Yeah, American fans gift them to foreign fans since they can’t buy them on iTunes. There was some kind of sign up list and then fans were matched with each other as buyer and receiver.

    • Karen P. Currie Says:

      Incredibly creepy. And awfully desperate sounding. Even for Tardland.

  8. miller Says:

    What is the matter with all of you? Fan wars,calling other artists and their fans names-have you all lost your minds? This is the music business. You sink or swim based on sales,it’s not the fault of another artist’s fans that your chosen does not sell. If it were anyone’s fault it would be the non-selling artist’s own fan base. I think it is just the times and the public’s tendancy to bore easily and move on to the next new thing. STOP with all the hate and if you need an outlet, get busy supporting your artist. What other artists and their fans do should be of no concern to you unless you are just a hating loser who would rather blame someone instead of yourself and shoot your mouth off instead of helping promote the artist you love. BTW WGWG is not a put down just a simple way to describe a white artist who plays a guitar. My what an insult?? You people must not have a real life to need all this drama where none exists.

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