Adam Lambert: Too Good For The Radio & Other Sparkle Cow Lies

Madam is clearly Fail Whaling and the herds have excuses, tons and tons of strange excuses. I don’t feel like I have to even say anything, just point and laugh. These posts say it all! They should be listed under “Delusional” in the Webster Dictionary. Read and learn.

(I think what’s printed on Adam’s shirt in this picture tells everyone just what his Sparkle Cow herd is good for!)

Cow Laurie Ellen is featured prominently since she’s obviously in competition with Katie J was Head of the Herd.

See if you can parse the moos since many of them are spelling deficient and speak in acronyms.



To add to the chart info noskerdycat provided: Looks like Adam fell to #11 on BB with sales of 23,507. Last week he had about 77,000 which does take him over the 100,000 mark. Still I have a hard time with this info. With all his followers (1.5 million on twitter alone) and all of the wonderful reviews, as well as the response from his awesome shows lately….it baffles me that he has dropped 70% according to the sales chart. Meanwhile, John Mayer sold 231,146 the first week and of course is #1. UGH! Adele and Carrie holding #2 and #3. Not trying to be a downer…but I don’t see this as a good thing? Am I missing something? I just don’t know what this man has to do to get ahead. Up and down. Do you think I am over-reacting, and that maybe things will change with regards to the video being released, as well as if NCOE gets airplay? I checked the Billboard hot 100 (skimmed over it briefly so may have missed it) but I didn’t see NCOE.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

torontoglambert: I was just posting some “down” news and then saw your “great start” and I had to smile to myself…maybe I’m just a bit disappointed with the drop (especially when I saw 70% drop) but overall, 100,000 is nothing to sneeze at, I realize that. Still, puzzled…Adele sold like 50,000 some last week even after being on the charts for like 60 weeks? What gives? Just don’t get it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~  ~

I don’t think all of his fans are buying his album. Adam’s Glamnation tour sold out in 105 shows and you would think that he would at least have sold over 900,000 copies of Trespassing…so I’m confused too. I also think that album sells effect radio play.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~

My post was about the single sales for NCOE. I haven’t seen any sales since the first week which was around 29,000? Even after he performed it on AI I didn’t see anything. After Adam sang WWFm on AI it sold over 100,000 and jumped to #10 on Billboard. What is the problem with NCOE? Wrong single again? Why isn’t it selling?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

@lovin lambertini – I do think this is a great start. It’s getting increasingly harder to sell full albums, especially with YouTube and illegal downloading, and artists like Adele and Carrie are truly the exception. I think this album has “legs”, and we’ll see steady sales as Adam continues to promote it. Radio play is also critical and we should see increased numbers as NCOE gets more spins. And it will, now that it has official adds and a critically acclaimed video to support it.
Two more points: Adam hasn’t toured yet. That will help. Also, he sells incredibly well internationally. He sold over 2 million copies of FYE, with less than half of that in the US. And the Queen performances will also boost his profile.
In two weeks, we’re 20% toward Gold status!
I think it’s a great start! And it will build.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~

Amberglow….Sorry I misunderstood and posted some info for the Trespassing sales. However, I understand your question about NCOE because I’m puzzled too…didn’t see it when I skimmed the bb top 100 this morning for the single…must admit it was a quick scan so may have missed it…but I don’t think so. I don’t get it either…for the single or the c.d. WHERE ARE THE FANS? Especially when some fans are buying multiple copies…a lady told me over the weekend she alone bought 40 copies herself of the c.d. to gift. Where are the fans?? He seems to have a very passionate, devoted fan base, why is he not getting the sales on both the c.d. and single??? What am I missing?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i have no opinion as to what’s happening or the future. no that’s incorrect: i think adam and trespassing’s future are extremely bright. he’s going to have a great career, IMH but biased O Eye-wink doing all sorts of cool things.
i admit to being surprised at the sales figures — even the first week’s — knowing full well that all sales of music are generally down, significantly. on that score, his 198k the first week 3 yrs ago, coming off idol, means less to me than the album’s downward trend — and the failure of NCOE to even make it on to the itunes chart (top 200, music). i’m not sure it ever made this chart — and yes, when you look at the performances, the write-ups, the promo — esp the promo at all the radio stations for weeks; the idea that radio had participated in the choosing of this single (perhaps incorrect, but i did read or see that/adam interview? somewhere), the BM association etc. — i don’t get it.
i’ve also been gifting the album/single — and can tell you that other than last sunday nite’s rush (before the BB debut), demand has been sluggish, to put it mildly.

sorry amberglow, just a POV of the moment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The 100,000 mark is not a bad start. This is only the US number of sales. Adam’s album has had good sales other countries as well. In my neck of the woods (near Jacksonville, FL) the album was sold out at the end of last week. I will check tomorrow to see if they have restocked. If we do not make sure that they keep the album in stock sales will suffer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I believe that in these days of piracy in the music business Adam Lambert has a more difficult time than most other artist. Because the haters do not want him to succeed they make his music even more available for illegal downloads. I just googled and the result was not good. Adam’s music is for free all over the place. People like us, who understand that free downloading is stealing, seem to be in the minority. I just wish there was a way for an artist to go after these creeps. In the meantime I have my shopping list for relatives and friends who need gifts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

According to Billboard Trespassing is #12. Phil Phillips sold more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Are there only 100,000 fans able to spend $12 to buy Adam’s wonderful CD? Where are the other Facebook followers located?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Airplay, Airplay, Airplay. We need to request, request, request. That’s the secret.
Without airplay we will eventually lose Adam……sad but true. I can’t let this happen……so I’m going to spend a LOT of time requesting NCOE!! Who’s with me?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~

His core fans (us) are dedicated to his success. Believe me, I’ve been around since “Hello,” and it’s been a LOT of work. I (and many of us) will continue to work hard until he doesn’t need it any more. But not everybody will do that, nor do they need to. What he needs to capture is the regular fan, the general music-listening public, the passive fan who doesn’t necessarily know what size shoe he wears, but who would certainly enjoy his music (and buy it) if they even knew he existed any more. The best and broadest way to get exposure, to get to these future fans is RADIO. It is so very critical that we get this song moving up the charts, that Adam himself has asked for help three times now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~

While this is discouraging, I want to look at the big picture, i guess… now it’s really important to get the single played – and it’s had alot of adds today and yesterday – it was just played on WPLJ less than an hour ago. Once the big stations add it, it’s up to us to request vote, whatever we have to do.

I am disappointed it fell so much, but maybe if we can hold it steady where it is, it will move up…. through new fans, casual fans, etc.
We helped to get this to #1… but the more it is played on radio, the more people will buy the album…. so this seems to be a layered process, and it’s what we have to do, it’s what Adam is asking us to do, right?
We have to get this played.

I’m a ‘see the glass half full’ kind of person, so I’m going to remain hopeful, with the new adds this past week, and the video, I’m gonna remain hopeful that the album will hold steady, and start rising again.
i know virtually nothing about the recording industry – this is just how I think, I am probably wrong, but I want something to hold on to right now….)
(Please Universe – help!!)

Ok, I’m off to Chicago Mix to get it a spin there!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Personally, I believe that the time of the year an album is released has a whole lot to do with where it will sit on the charts. The type of album and genre has a major impact on sales also. This is a pop, funk, dance album +, and I would believe that by the time the teenboppers and college students settle in back at home for the summer, that Trespassing will climb to the top again. I think the first spike was due majorily to fans.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

i just don’t understand how he can be ignored when his album and video are getting such great critical acclaim. The Glamberts are not just blinded by hysteria; the music experts can see (and hear) how awesome Trespassing is. Adam is doing promo nonstop, but I don’t think he’s on the radar of most casual listeners yet. I’ve had a couple friends who were like, “oh, its that guy from Idol? He was really good – I didn’t know he had album out.” I post links on facebook for my friends, but they’ll just click when they get around to it. I think a lot of people are like that; they like if they hear it, but unlike Glamberts, they don’t feel a particular responsibility to take up the cause and support his career. There will always be haters, but it’s the passive listeners we have to reach – and we need regular radio rotation to keep people interested. I can only preach the Glambert gospel so much before my friends tune out. Rolling Stone said this will be the “summer of Adam Lambert” and that he is ready for “total domination.” Apparently the radio PD’s didn’t get the memo.

argh…I’ve got myself all worked up again! Time to light some scented candles and take a bubble bath…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~

My FB post about Adam and corporate homophobia

Hello Glamberts. I just posted this on FB. I don’t have a lot of FB friends, but I’m hoping they will help spread it around. I thought other Glamberts might want to read this and tailor this for their own local stations and post it to FB.


PLEASE READ THIS AND HELP ME FIGHT CORPORATE HOMOPHOBIA. Radio station 98PXY is refusing to play an out gay artist. This has nothing to do with my being a melodramatic fan. Here are the facts:

Adam Lambert’s album Trespassing was released 2 weeks ago. According to 98PXY’s online 24/7 real-time playlist, his single Never Close Our Eyes has never been played.

Many other artists are being played 4 or more times a day.

Trespassing debuted at #1 and has fallen to #11 – but his album is still HIGHER on the Billboard chart than EVERY artist that 98PXY currently plays, except Adele and One Direction. (His single is not on the chart yet – not surprising since it’s not on the radio and new listeners won’t request it or buy it if they’ve never heard it.)

Trespassing and the single Never Close Our Eyes are at the top of the charts overseas and in Canada. Music critics everywhere are giving Trespassing high praise. Yet US radio stations – which are mostly owned by only 6 conglomerates – are giving Adam little or no airplay. Why is that?

Adam Lambert is openly gay. Unlike popular gay artists in the past, Adam Lambert did not wait for established fame and popularity before coming out of the closet. Adam Lambert’s career is being torpedoed by radio executives and program directors who are either homophobic or assume all their listeners are homophobic. I’ve tried requesting Never Close Our Eyes on 98PXY’s website to no avail. (feel free to join me in requesting at

It’s time for real pressure! It doesn’t matter whether or not you listen to 98PXY or like Adam’s music. We need to let the program director and DJ’s know that their homophobic practices are not acceptable. Please call and tell them they appear glaringly homophobic and why (refer to facts above.) You can leave a voicemail if no one answers.

98PXY Program Director Mike Danger: (585) 423-2900
select option to dial by name. type in Danger
or email him at

98PXY Studio Line: (585) 222-9800

Thanks for reading!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Is Adam TOO Good for TOP 40 Radio?

Well, yes, I think so!
but most of you have heard all my yadda yadda about radio…
can’t guarantee you won’t hear more either.

I am posting a link to ‘our own’ Lauriellens’ latest blog post.
CANDYLAND vs. CHESS: Is Adam Lambert too good for Pop Radio

I think it is well said, and I am actually surprised to see some early comments that agree with the author.

I feel the key points to the topic include
#1 the fact that Trespassing hit #1 with little or no radio play
#2 the strong support in the review articles that often refer to Adam’s songs as ‘better’ than the usual radio ‘fodder’
#3 and more than a handful of side comments from DJs and a variety of media commenters that the WHOLE album is strong and some actually questioning why Tres. and other songs aren’t the first singles.

(@LE – I have no idea how the mods are gonna take to your participation in this discussion – I am posting the link because I think it is a GOOD article and worth discussing – it is relevant – and judging from the early comments on the article – there are others asking the same thing in their minds. )
(Personally I will be disappointed if AO sees a need to disallow a discussion simply because I have linked to an article written by an active fan on this forum)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We’ve been inundated with mediocre (a few artists,excepted) for far too long —- ridiculous lyrics,weak vocals — that to many,it’s the norm. Along comes the ‘thinking persons’ artist and it’s really hard to place him because his music,lyrics and videos are sophisticated……not the usual ‘dumbing-down’ that has obvious appeal to the non-discerning listeners!! Instant gratification vs. thought provoking. Perhaps Adam’s music and talent IS too deep for many!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Take a look at bieber’s fanbase young girls who probably only like him because he’s cute! His bland one octave range appeals to them because they don’t appreciate real talent. For that matter most of the singers who have gone really far are really mediocre at best including Katy Perry who comes to mind lady Ga Ga is a step above talent wise because of her stage presence and writing ability and her voice is above average but again does not campare to Adam’s ability. I think the pop fans have become used to so many so so singers that they aren’t used to hearing phenomenol talent like Adam’s. This is a reason why in my view he has so many fans 30 to 60 and more because those of us who are in our 40 – 60’s especially remember David Bowey, Freddy Mercury, Meatloaf and others who were huge in the 60’s -80’s early 90’s and were phenonenol talents like Adam. I definitely agree with BonBon re the dumbing down that is prevalent in the pop world again I keep going back to Bieber as an example. He is treated like he’s the second coming so talented so amazing yada yada yada. His songs are juvenile and the lyrics are repetative and his voice is not that amazing! But he has a great label who market him to be so big. His fans will grow older and he will still be mediocre and his fans will realize that he’s not that talented. As he ages it won’t be so cute anymore. He is 18 and he still seems like he’s younger because of his voice and songs. Adam has the ability to be aroung for a long time because of his amazing talent and it is frustrating that he is not as big as those others yet. I also agree that it also may be due to certain single choice

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Adam has a real intellectual quality. He comes off really smart when he speaks, and he actually uses big words and proper grammar. What a difference between him and so many other popular singers! I have often thought of him as a singer for people with a brain. I think that’s also why he appeals to the more mature demographic. He doesn’t come off like a silly teen. He has had life experiences, toured the world at an early age. He holds his own when speaking to more serious interviewers on NPR, etc. They see him as someone they can speak intelligently with. I think that he just isn’t simple enough for some people. People like simple. It’s easy and non-threatening. His music is not mindless. Even the sillier songs are complex in structure and are vocally pretty demanding. I know this may come off as sounding elitist, but I think it’s true. I agree that he just may be too good for what Top 40 radio has to offer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Was just looking at itunes. I get annoyed everytime so not sure why I do! Looked up singles, albums and videos. I realize this is just itunes and doesn’t count for overall sales.. however, what I saw was this: Adam wasn’t even on the top 100 for singles (NCOE or any others). He was number 65 for Trespassing album. And the video wasn’t even on the top 100. (Perhaps it isn’t out for purchase yet??) But I get so annoyed. I just don’t get it. Beiber has several in each category. Katy Perry is all over the place. EVen that bland Phillip Phillips from Idol. And LMFAO….they had more than one in each…I just don’t get it. Yeah that Goyte has a catchy song, but I don’t get the attraction and personally don’t see the “talent”. I guess I’m spoiled with Adam. Adele, she’s all over the place, and with her hour special last night at the Royal Albert Hall on t.v., I’m sure she’ll be around for a long time to come. (I like Adele, but it’s been 60 weeks on the chart and she’s still number 2??) Ok, off my rant now. What does it take for Adam to get sales? Where are the 1.5 million fans that claim to support him on twitter? Many of the “sales” are from Glamberts who have purchased several copies of the different c.d. sets that were offerred. Frankly we are getting tapped out. What does he have to do to get new fans??? I thought this new video would be on VH1 countdown over the weekend, but not even a mention of a new video. So, maybe he IS too good for top 40 radio.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yes !!!!!! However, it does not mean that he won’t exceed on Top 40. We just need the right song. NCOE and BTIKM are great songs, but IMPO they belong on Adult Contemporary, and Hot AC stations. Unfortunately, many only play the top hits of HAC and AC. That limits one to hear them. Another thing…Adam’s videos of these songs, definitely are too good and deep for Top 40, Mainstream POP. They are not literal, and have a completely different message one may not even think about. Some may not want to think about the meaning at all especially if they are younger. They’d rather have literal videos of boys and girls with universal love themes. WWFM was really a guy type of song, and was very universal. His message was “What do you want from me? I’m a freak, but thanks for loving me. I’m still working it out, so don’t give up on me.” The video was also literal. Some groups may try to undermine his thunder. They don’t want defiance. There are a lot of kids and teeney boppers on there. That’s why you’ll find the bubble gum pop Justin Bieber and the likes more popular. Parents do watch out for the kids. Adam’s lyrics, as @LE ‘s blog denotes, though not too explicit, are too mature for top 40. Songs like Kickin in, Pop that Lock, Shady even Cuckoo are of this content. Also, some parents may feel that even Underneath, and Outlaws of Love may be also. Homophobic America puts a real damper on his being heard. If America is having gay marriage equality rights problems in this country we will have problems regarding being heard on the radio. People just don’t want to deal with it right now. That’s why I think the song Trespassing is, to me, the best intro about this whole problem. “Hey folks, I’m a human being here, and I’m not trespassing. I’m just like you. I can’t change, because I’ve been created a little differently. So get with it, and accept me.” That’s the literal message with this album. He’s basically kicking the door in. I also think a nice literal cute video will make it better understood. I vote for Trespassing as the next single. Let them dance, and sing plus think. A fan made a video with this song, and used that Snoopy cartoon, about dogs not allowed in places. Something juvenile like that will appeal to all the masses and send a message to the heart. We can win the war, and not just the battle.

~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

@Nosk- Thanks for posting my blog. We post all kinds of blogs and articles and discuss them. I think the problem is when I actually post them myself. I also think that in the beginning I wrote about stuff other than Adam. Now it seems Adam consumes my world, so 99% of the blog reflects that.

Now that I read some of the comments, I think that some think we should just abandon Top 40 radio. I don’t think that. But I think RCA may take a different approach to picking singles. To go to radio execs and ask what they think of a song is like going to a Kindergarten teacher and asking what her kids would like. If you want to really know what the kids would like, ask the kids. Perhaps a focus group would be good. I watched the show “Platinum Hit” and one of the challenges took the contestants and their song to a dance club where they played the songs, watched their reactions and then had them vote.

I know that we, the obsessed, want to launch Adam’s career. I don’t have a problem with people in my demographic requesting a song once per day. But I also think we should be honest. Don’t lie about your age when you request and don’t lie about how often you listen to a station. Radio makes money from advertising and advertisers want to spend their precious ad dollars to target a certain demographic. I don’t think it helps anyone to lie.

Both singles are supported by videos that make people think. Most of those in the Top 40 radio target demographic don’t want to think. We spent hours discussing and dissecting every detail of Adam’s videos that have layer upon layer of symbolism. I propose to do a video of SHADY and just show people doing a crazy ass dance to it like the one on YouTube. It should have people of ALL ages, sizes and colors as that is Adam’s ultimate message, that all humans are capable and deserving of love and happiness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

sastenio, I love how you said that Adam is bigger on the inside than he appears on the ouside. How true! This whole issue is a question of–do we want a more successful Adam who has to dumb himself down, or do we want an Adam who maybe isn’t always at the top, but who hasn’t compromised his integrity and his intellect? It’s a dilemma. I don’t think Adam is much of a compromiser.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The person that forwarded that stuff to me, that and more, some of which I’d seen, also gave her opinion on what the Adam trouble is. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly.

Madam is not making an impact on Top 40 radio for the simple reason that horny frauen is not the sought-after demographic. To be played on top 40, you have to have a young fanbase. Madam does not, and nor do the other Idols who end up crashing and burning. Kelly and Carrie have a lot of young female fans. Daughtry was the first of the WGWGs (even though he didn’t win), and managed to grab a young fanbase while they were still watching Idol. It’s over now.

Madam’s shit isn’t necessarily better or worse than some of the other crap on radio (Bieber, Ke$ha, etc.), but they have young fans. DJs take them seriously when they make requests. They’re not taking the 50 Shades of Shit-loving obsessive frauen seriously at all. Way back with Claylene, this demo became a joke in regard to radio.

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11 Comments on “Adam Lambert: Too Good For The Radio & Other Sparkle Cow Lies”

  1. Tess Tickle Says:

    Excuses from cows :
    -Adam is just doing a “slow burn”
    -America doesn’t “get” Adam
    -At least he’s big in Whogivesacrapistan!
    -People don’t know good music!
    -The radio stations are run by HOMOPHOBES! HOMOPHOBES!!
    -The CD “hasn’t gotten its legs yet” (makes me want to stab a cow when I hear that, When it “gets its legs”, it’ll walk right to the toilet and flush itself)

    The reality:
    Glambarf is a tool, a screaming, screeching, conceited overrated tool who can’t sing for shit and his music is CRAP CRAP CRAP. I think he knows who is fan base is now, though, which cracks me the hell up. He wanted a club full of 20-something twinks, but he got an audutorium of smelly, polyester wearing middle aged cows. Oh, the hugemanatee. L O freaking L.

  2. Jason Says:

    First off, LOVED I love this guy’s post at the end; but this part I don’t really agree with: “Madam’s shit isn’t necessarily better or worse than some of the other crap on radio (Bieber, Ke$ha, etc.),”

    It’s worse. Much worse. I don’t really like Ke$ha and I cant stand little Beiber, but these 2 are getting songwriters best stuff. Listen to the production on a Ke$ha hit with your 14-year-old-girl ears (if you have em.. I am personally blessed). That is Dr. Luke’s ‘A’ material. Good beat.. catchy melody…. Lambert (like most idol failures) gets leftover shit from the back of Dr. Luke’s sock drawer. Same with Cook and that bland song Ryan Tedder gave him. Those guys are in the songwriting business.. if they have a hot song, they’re giving it to Katy Perry or Kelly Clarkson or Beyonce… someone who has young fans and who will have a hit with it.

    Then they throw these idol scrubs a bone with their worst songs. They’ve seen the numbers….they know the herd will buy enough copies of the CD to make it worth the 30 seconds they spend uncrumpling the paper it was written on.

    • Lynn Says:

      I think Jason is right but Adam has made a lot of missteps of his own. He could have overcome the AMA residue with album #2 but he previewed the totally wrong song (Outlaws of Love). Too much stuff from the album was out there before it was released–BTIKM. There was no “fresh” interest by the time it hit the shelves. Nothing wrong with mature fans but the majority of young SWFs aren’t into a guy that they can’t even hope to get in their fantasies. He’s too in your face with his sexuality. All of this is why his CD didn’t sell. It was always going to be a bit rough for him but poor business decisions made it a lot rougher.

  3. Rubber Ducky Says:

    The cows are going to stampede in here and call you a homerphibe again! 😆

    His album is shit. He can only afford duds from former hit writers who haven’t had a hit in some time so are working for less and they’re still only selling him the duds they know won’t be a hit. As Jason pointed out; they want to sell the potential big hits to actual successes.

    Meanwhile Madam hangs out with rickety old fart, Brian May and sings songs a far better performer made famous twenty plus years ago 😆

  4. cuddles Says:

    The album is filled with third rate songs that aren’t repped because his record company won’t spend the money. The Madam experiment is a complete failure. Time to go be in the chorus of the 5 billionth revival of Cats.

  5. Sydney Says:

    Is this one of the “cows” you are talking about?

  6. BYork Says:

    He certainly had a good run while on Idol because he had a decade of being in the business under his belt. But the fact that he needed AI to propel him to the next level speaks volumes – he didn’t have the right stuff to be a success before the competition. I was always amazed that his glamberts thought he was the best voice and performer in the land and still didn’t get that he never rose beyond chorus boy on a Broadway stage. And you can’t blame that on homophibian producers.

    I thought this in particular was deluded:

    Along comes the ‘thinking persons’ artist and it’s really hard to place him because his music,lyrics and videos are sophisticated……not the usual ‘dumbing-down’ that has obvious appeal to the non-discerning listeners!! Instant gratification vs. thought provoking. Perhaps Adam’s music and talent IS too deep for many!!

    I haven’t heard every song on either album but the ones that were selected for videos are not particularly sophisticated or targeted to any “thinking person”. The lyrics are trite and the videos far less than intriguing or intelligent. As for the music, the closest he came to a catchy tune was “What Do You Want from Me”.

  7. Tess Tickle Says:

    The cows are getting desperate, they’re now talking of buying multiple copies of GasPassing to gift to unsuspecting victims. They’re also spamming radio stations but to no avail. I guess radio people know crap when they hear it. LOL, I love watching this kind of stuff. Normally, I couldn’t care less about things like this, but my loathing of Lambert and his obnoxious fans make this all just so much fun to watch.

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