David Cook Relocates

…and the stalkers are already planning on moving to Nashville or visiting to ‘bump’ into him. ‘Bump into him’ is tard-talk for ‘Stalk’

Yeah, Nashville, home of the Grand Ole Opry, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge and the Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival. But whenever I think of Nashville I think of this great classic film and my ex.

Apparently Cook was spotted by a Cooktard shopping in a Target store in the vicinity. He wasn’t alone. He was with the mystery girlfriend.

This caused some sort of meltdown last night in Cooktardlandia. Once it came out he’s with someone the tards went nuts. How nuts? Apparently one of the saner ones had to actually verbalize this to shut some of them up.


PSA To My Timeline: If you were a fan of David Cook before it became known he has a girlfriend, and you no longer are a fan, please do us both a favor and unfollow me. I really enjoy talking to genuine fans of David Cook and refuse to watch so-called “fans” throw away his cds, talk bad about him, etc just because he has a girlfriend. Those people who are doing this, either were never really a fan or live in a completely different world than I do, where they think he is owned by he fans, and I don’t want to be part of your reality. Get a life!!!

If any of my followers don’t see my side of things, and you unfollow me,that’s fine. I understand. I am here as a DAVID COOK fan and enjoy my time here. I refuse to let it be ruined by haters or fans who believe a fellow human being like David shouldn’t have a life outside of his music career. He’s a human like everyone else on this planet!!! He’s allowed to have a private life regardless of what you “fans” think or feel. As a whole, we are a wonderful fanbase and I love you guys but I will not allow the haters/attention getters get in my way of staying a lifelong fan of David Cook!!!!

Some smarts for a change.

Perhaps we all should chip in or host a bake sale to get Cook’s sig-o a body guard and printed ‘Whos Who’ of tards with photos.

Wonder how many tards are making plans to move to Nashville? Are Coolshades and Wehoscott shopping for real estate in Nashville now?

I have been waiting for this moment with baited breath for some time. Stay safe mystery gf.


Did everyone see that some random tard called Andrew Cook an ‘asshole’?Β  LOL

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94 Comments on “David Cook Relocates”

  1. nonna-muss Says:

    Dear Lordy, what are they up to now? Leave the poor man alone or if the tards MUST discuss it (for going on 24 hours now) don’t do it where the world can see it. Ever heard of this new fangled thing called email?

    Freak #1 can’t stop talking about it. You know, the one who calls him fancy face? Check out her timeline. http://twitter.com/#!/chursy

    Does everyone take butter and salt on their popcorn? πŸ˜€

    • freedavidcook Says:

      yes, butter and salt.. I’ll provide the lemonade and rootbeer. No booze because we must be sharp witted to catch all the fallout dramaz of GF2012 Alpopacalypse

  2. Rubber Ducky Says:

    These people are unhinged. I hope he’s got all their names and photos for security. And the restraining orders.

  3. Ali Says:

    That chursy’s tweets are insane. One minute saying how the fandom should allow him a private life, the next saying how the fandom has stalkers who are threatening to go after the girl in Nashville and she pleads with them to back down lol,,,she tweets if it can’t be here (and also tweets about her grandchildren lol) then let the young uns be πŸ˜€

  4. Lady Nemo Says:

    If the tards stalk him and his lady in Nashville, they will lose his goodwill forever. In the end, I dont think he’s going to sacrifice his personal happiness to placate a bunch of jealous psycho fraus. At least, if he’s smart he won’t. And hopefully the lady in question is patient and understanding enough to stick with him through this.

    I really hope this won’t become as big a problem as Im thinking it might become. He’s a decent guy – he deserves to be happy same as anybody.

  5. (@rascalete) Says:

    If you had read more of the timeline then you did, It was not a big deal. There are like only 2 fans that seemed upset. Majority of David’ s fans already knew about girlfriend and were happy for him.
    Love the way you make DRAMA on here. haha Thanks for the entertainment

    • freedavidcook Says:

      If no dramaz then why did so many Cook fans suddenly friend the Target cashier and pump her for info? I saw every line of that. She should be frightened, not talking to the loonies

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Wasn’t RascalRider one of them questioning the cashier? Had to laugh when the cashier said it was his GF and a tard asked how she knew that. As we all know, if David didn’t say it it can’t be trooooooo!

        You and your buddies (don’t pretend they’re not your buddies Rascal) asked this girl questions like:

        which target? <<<—-why does anyone need to know that?

        So you checked him the Mr David Cook of Idol out and he said that Nashville is his new Res? <<<—-why does anyone need to know this?

        Was he alone? <<<—- no one's business but his

        That is Awesome are you in Brentwood we were passing through there on a Fam Vacay to Destin Fla! Stopped for Lunch there!? <<<—-like this cashier gives a flying fuck

        Was the Target in Brentwood Tenn?! <<<—-again, no one's business

        Here's where AveMarie has since locked her twitter, but asked how the cashier knows it's his GF and various nosy ass questions <<<—-ABSOLUTELY no one's business but his

        What did his GF say she does? So he revealed that he was moving in with this girl? I guess an engagement soon? <<<—-These questions makes me feel so sorry for him and GF. Get a fucking life tards!

        This is when a fan gifted David's music to the cashier.

        Tards that are now FOLLOWING A TARGET CASHIER BECAUSE SHE WAITED ON DAVID COOK. I put that in capital letters because I can't believe it. I also wanted to make sure it's understood, she's a cashier at Target. She waited on David. That's it.


        I hope this girl waits on him again and gives him this list so he can add give it to his security detail. Not that he's not familiar with these ones anyway, they fill up his timeline 24/7.

      • songkat Says:

        I’ve seen talk of mapping out golf courses near the Target, wondering if that’s where he’ll be playing golf. I can’t even imagine what else they’ve mapped out in the entire Nashville area, trying to speculate as to where his new hangouts will be.

        And saying you’re kidding about something like that? It’s not kidding. It’s just stupid.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        What fucking freaks.

      • Nist Says:

        Great compilation of the stalkerish tweeting to the Target cashier, nonna-muss. I was really surprised they asked so much – I shouldn’t be, but I was.

        Songkat I also saw two mentions where tards were google-mapping the Target store area and saw those golf courses. And yes, they wrote something like “I can’t believe I actually looked this up, but”… Someone else google mapped what she thought was David’s whole trip from LA to Nashville based on sightings from tweets along the way. “I can’t believe I did this but…”

        They just egg each other on and feed off the madness. Then get mad when he doesn’t tweet every day and tell them about his life.

        And as far as most of the fans knowing about the girlfriend, rascalete, not true. Some did and have known for a long while, but I believe they were the smaller group. What I saw this week was a lot of posturing “Of COURSE I knew about the girlfriend!!!” from a bunch of tards who didn’t want someone to be able to claim tard superiority over them, by knowing something they did not. πŸ™‚

      • songkat Says:

        Nist – thanks! I knew I wasn’t seeing things. LOL!

  6. amusedbyfandom Says:

    One idiot even asked the poor Target worker if she caught the gf’s name or what she does for a living. As if she was conducting an interview instead of just waiting on customers. Nut jobs!. Kind of loved that the cashier made it clear to the tards that they were clearly bf/gf by the way they talked to each other and the gf was very pretty. LOL, crazy tard hearts breaking all over the internet.

  7. ladymctech Says:

    Nonna-muss, just curious how many times you can find my Twitter name in David’s timeline for the past month.

  8. (@rascalete) Says:

    OMGosh >> nonna-muss Says: and you don’t think its creepy that you copied all of the tweets from the cashiers acc’t , went into her followers and copied all the new followers that are ONLY David Cook fans and then came over here and posted them. Then you tell us to get a life. You must be kidding hahahahahaha

    Oh and Songkat I don’t know who you follow but I have not seen any tweets about mapping out any golf courses on my TL. or anyone stalking, following or doing anything to his GF. Interesting!

    • Ali Says:

      Duh! Nonna was outing you creeps, with your twitter names…harassing a poor cashier…so who needs a life? And you, rascalete seem to be very invested in what we are saying here. So who needs a life again lol?

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Thanks Ali! Exactly. Tard poking is fun (and easy!) Ladymctech, are you trying to justify following a Target cashier by saying to don’t tweet him incessantly? Oh, okey dokey. That makes it all better now.

        Rascalrider, you can try to justify your and your friends’ behavior all you want, but you’re still creepy. I only did what I did, as Ali pointed out, in the hopes that you would see that what you’re doing is beyond normal. Why is it your business where he shops or who he shops with? Why is it anyone’s business where he lives or who he lives with? Maybe his momma’s, but not yours.

  9. LadyMcTech Says:

    Did you see my Twitter name attached to any of the tweets to the cashier? I don’t think that you did, because I did not tweet her. So, explain to me how I am harrassing her if I didn’t tweet her? If following somebody = harrassment, then whoever you follow is being harrassed by you, right? And the same with David. I don’t think you checked anything. You gathered a few twitter names and posted them here.

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I didn’t say you tweeted her, I said you followed her. I follow friends and some celebrities and some of the ‘joke’ accounts. I don’t follow strangers simply because they waited on someone else I follow or admire. Can you honestly say that you don’t see the difference? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a David Cook fan, no doubt. But there’s a line that should not be crossed IMO and following a clerk who until she waited on him was unknown to all of you is crossing the line. All it does is make him look foolish because (some) of his fans are idiots. I bet this girl, the cashier, and her friends are having a good laugh over it all. They’ve probably rolled their eyes out of their heads by now.

      • @mainedcfan1 Says:

        Sure sounds like she’s enjoying the extra followers & her 15 mins. of fame to me. She tweeted this on 6/15: “2 days later and I still believe I met @thedavidcook. What I can’t believe more is how
        strong his fanbase is. Blew my mentions up! Haha”

        And apparently, some of you don’t realize how Twitter works. You follow people, they follow you, you continue this if you have things in common or find them interesting or funny or they find you interesting or funny. You chat with each other on this thing called Twitter. You add and receive more followers. You block people you think are tards (which she could do if she has a problem with anyone, but I wonder if she has. I couldn’t tell you because I don’t feel the need to go study her list of followers or who she follows.) You even follow singers whom you admire as a person and a singer and find them interesting and love hearing news about them. I bet 99% of fans (of ANY celebrity) are curious and seek news about their fave celeb…that’s why there are so many celeb mags and sites. And, btw, the clerk you feel is so maligned by all this is an admitted fan of David’s & enjoying sharing this w/the fans asking about it.

        And Rascalete is right, only 2 fans were upset about the gf. The majority is happy for David. Yes, there was discussion….you don’t say! Refer back to my definition of “Twitter.”

      • freedavidcook Says:

        Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, is it? Muuuhahah!

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Yes mainedcfan, please give all of us evul haterz lessons on how twitter works. Perhaps since we only tweet friends that we actually know and not celebrities we’re not doing it right. We’re such a sorry bunch, we don’t know how to annoy people properly. I guess you’re the authority on twitter, how many times a day do you tweet David? Do you really think he reads all that crap? My guess is no. He’s out living his life, playing sports, making music, and ya know…having a life that is not based around what a celebrity is doing on any given day or revolving around social internet sites.

  10. LadyMcTech Says:

    Nonna-muss, it’s an individual’s business as to why he/she decides to follow someone on twitter. I clicked the follow button so I could find the tweets easily for a few days. It’s old news now, no one is talking about it anymore or cares about it but you. You actully took the time to go through the cashier’s follower list and copy and paste names. So think about that for a while. I don’t think David would be any more proud of you as a fan. And if the cashier knew about what you’ve done? Maybe that would also cause a few eye rolls along the way as something that is “not normal.”

    • nerdgirl Says:

      Why would you need to find these tweets for a few days? What is the reason for that?

      • LadyMcTech Says:

        People read other people’s tweets on twitter…just the same as the people who post here are doing..and then at times copying and pasting what they find.

      • freedavidcook Says:

        LadyMcTech, I would say 99% of the time I need not do anything because some ‘fan’ eager to expose others so that they can be ‘SUPERFAN’ gives me the crap I post here.

        When I see familiar names of ones I know to be crazy I know it’s all for real. Even if they delete their original tweet or posting to the person.

  11. LadyMcTech Says:

    Freedavidcook, yes, guilty as charged here, I did follow the cashier for a few days as stated when friends of mine were discussing David & his friend at the Target store. The story was no longer of interest to me, so I have since unfollowed her. What has upset me is the accusation above about littering his timeline 24/7, or tweeting the cashier. Following her does not equate harrassment, and if it did, we may as well just get rid of Twitter. I know only one of the other people mentioned in that list, and I don’t honestly care what she or the rest do…if they tweet incessantly to him or anyone in contact with him, it sure isn’t taking money from my bank account and that’s all I care about. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not following David’s every move — I didn’t even see him last tour, though he played at least three venues within decent commuting distance of me. I hope the facts are straight now. Thank you…and carry on…

  12. Ali Says:

    Because she wanted to know about David’s girlfriend obviously! That’s insane LadyM..I know no one who follows a random store clerk just because they rang up a person’s merchandise who you happen to be obsessed with. U and all the ones who followed her, his friends, his favorite bands (who are now your fav bands of course), his sports teams (though u never followed any of them before) his mother, his teachers, his real estate agent, his plumber, his dry cleaner…are “tards” lol. End of story.

  13. LadyMcTech Says:

    You are completely wrong about me, Ali, sorry. Laugh all you want, but you have no proof that I follow or like the folks you mentioned. Too bad labeling people you don’t know makes you happy.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:


    • freedavidcook Says:

      • nonna-muss Says:

        Thanks FDC! That was hilarious. The best comment on the video:

        “To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, better not to leave a comment on youtube and be thought a cnut than to leave a comment and remove all doubt.

        Andο»Ώ yes, I fully appreciate the irony of my words

        Anyone who rhymes “cinematic vision” with “wanking like a gibbon” is worthy of respect.”

        I only wish she used the phrase “big meanie poo-poo heads”. πŸ˜€

  14. Nist Says:

    Oooh, some of the hardcores are going to for sure drop away (fade away?) now. David should rejoice about that actually.

    Example, mainedcfan, who has raved about the ultimate perfection of David Cook as a man and his music on DCO forever (and IIRC semi-stalked him while he was relaxing at an amusement park after a show – along with flying halfway from Maine to Iowa by herself to see yet another one of his shows), doesn’t like David’s song “From Here to Zero”. Why? Because it’s probably about his girlfriend (based on what he said about the song at his recent charity event). She wrote on DCO:
    FHTZ has too much falsetto for me and it actually makes me a little uncomfortable A little hard to explain, but I think it’s because he’s always sung about past relationships and FHTZ I would say may be about a more recent girlfriend. I’m not sure why that bothers me…a little too personal for me maybe (just because it’s current and an impassioned statement of commitment). I am happy for him…just need to clarify that.
    Oh noes! A songwriter writes lyrics about being happy with an actual person he loves? How….original! I don’t know if that’s ever happened before. πŸ™‚ Plus I didn’t know a songwriter making an “impassioned statement of commitment” was a reason to dislike a song – but now I know! LOL

    I guess David can only write depressing/sad songs about being used and abused by exes so these fans can feel assured that he’s continuing to live a semi-miserable, celibate (that’s key) life. Guess songs like that and songs about his brother aren’t too personal?

    I love how those particular tards who I predict will fall away soon keep insisting they’re “happy for him”. No, tards, you’re not. You’re really not.

    Oh, and debrakay23 changed her twitter avi -which has FOREVER been one of the million photos with David she’s taken at the million meet and greets she’s flown everywhere in this United States for. She changed it from her and David to a pic of her and Ryan Star the night the girlfriend news circulated. Coincidence? πŸ˜‰ She was going to a Ryan concert later this week but it’s over and she’s hasn’t changed her avi back to David.

    There’s gonna be some culling of the herd in the next few months…I’ll be grabbing some of that popcorn mentioned upthread. I’m partial to chili powder on mine. πŸ™‚

    • @mainedcfan1 Says:

      Just for the record, I love David’s music and will never stop buying it and going to his concerts. That’s what true fans do. It’s not stalking to go to a couple concerts….it’s supporting the artist. And I’m done here…I won’t be back because I’ve never seen such horrible nastiness on a site. David is a wonderful person and would be ashamed of the behavior of most of the people on this site. Enjoy your miserable hatefulness. I’m outta here.

  15. (@rascalete) Says:

    nonna-muss and your David Cook Police Force.

    Sorry you can’t convince me that you are not any better then me and the rest of David Cook fans. If you think that we are ‘stalking’ David then you are ‘stalking’ us. That’s OK because I get as much fun from this site as you do from us. “That’s entertinment” Thanks

    • nonna-muss Says:

      No need to “stalk” you or many of the others we talk about. You are all everywhere. His timeline is filled with the likes of you, Kimmiechick, NYCarOle, maineDCfan and others. DCO is filled with most of you too. We don’t have to look too far. You’re in his face and anyone else who reads his timeline or message board.

      I’m not one to usually read his timeline but I have been as of late because I enjoy seeing the excitement of his Asian fans. No big whoop, right? There are a lot of tweets from them and rightfully so, they’re excited and deserve to be. Then of course there are the good ol’ regulars praying for him, wishing him a good day (every day), sending him links to youtube vids, online articles and anything else that might get some attention from him. So yeah, no need to stalk, you put yourselves in everyone’s line of vision on a daily basis. I’m sure he needs to know when you listen to his songs or are taking your dog to the vets and request his prayers.

      So, like I said, no need to stalk. We just talk about it here, but you find it entertaining as do we, so what’s the problem?

      • songkat Says:

        Thank you, Nonna! Yes, we don’t need to follow certain people to see their tweets. His timeline says it all. I don’t follow the fans who tweet like that, but his timeline tells an interesting story. And the freakishness is sort of like a bad accident – hard to look away sometimes.

    • @mainedcfan1 Says:

      Amen to that, rascalete.

  16. (@rascalete) Says:

    I do find you very entertaining but I don’t make fun of ppl that are not on here. The cashier thinks his fandom is great and does not think she is being stalked. I guess you are more sensitive about others being stalked then they are. Keep it coming. #Entertainment

  17. Ali Says:

    I wonder how much fans like debrakay will now regret spending there childrens/grandchildrens inheritance and retirements on the David obsession? Could they have really deluded themselves into believing he would be single forever? And did they really follow him not for the music but romantic yearnings? LMAO!

    • amusedbyfandom Says:

      Yes, Ali, David single forever or lusting after one if them (yuk) is actually what some of these old biddies wished for. Some tards on another fan site even stated that they don’t like David’s new songs because they’re “happy” songs. They prefer when he was in bad relationships so he can write antsy bitter emo songs about love. In other words, they can only relate if he’s just as unhappy with his life as they are with theirs. Some even want him to write with Neal again ( instead of Andy) because Neal is of course the king of depressing, suicidal lyrics, lol.

      I can’t wait until he’s ready to photographed with his lady and the old broads like debrakay can see that 29 year old man is interested in a attractive woman his own age not his mom’s age. The sooner he does the sooner those deluded fans who pine for a “relationship” with him will move on.

  18. songkat Says:

    I think one of the funniest things I saw months ago came when a legitimate video was published of David recording an acoustic version of “Fade Into Me” for a charity. The video was done in a recording studio and there were people in the background. Speculation was rampant on Twitter that one of the girls in the background was his GF.

    The funny comment I saw was someone saying (I’m paraphrasing), “I wonder if that’s her? Well, it can’t be – she’s on her cellphone, not even listening to him sing. How could she NOT be paying attention to him when he sings? I would!”

    Yeah, because every time the man sings, everyone in his life must stop their world, sit at his feet, and bask in the glow of his wonder. I’m sure all of you with husbands/SOs/whomever in your life stop and bow in reverence every time they speak/sing/burp/whatever.

    How far is the gulf between fantasy and reality…

    • amusedbyfandom Says:

      Funnier than that was the utter refusal to believe that a gf existed unless the info came directly from David’s mouth or maybe certified mail to each fan πŸ˜€

  19. rageandzephyr Says:

    now with frauen out of the picture the guy might actually have a shot at attracting new and decent fans. grannies scare the hell out me anytime anywhere – sucks to be them now.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Rascalette and MaineDC – You’ve both been exposed as being inappropriately emotionally involved yet you’re still somehow justifying it? Unbelievable. You know there’s a name for that straight out of the DSM for your type of obsessive love for Cook. It’s called pararelationalism –

      from a recent article in a magazine geared towards counselors and social workers…

      “The intense personal connection a fan feels for a celebrity is called a parasocial relationship: A voyeuristic one-way relationship in which one person knows a lot about another, but the other does not have the same knowledge. These relationships, actually, nonrelationships, are based purely on the illusions of interaction and intimacy, such as those created by reality programs, talks shows and the internet. On the internet fans can fuel each others obsess by focusing entirely on the celebrity, emotionally whipping each other into a frenzy, the cycle becomes almost reassuring, creating a sense of a shared mission.

      For those people already disposed towards attention-seeking behavior, the celebrity industrial complex makes it drastically easier and more alluring for them to act out their grandiose fantasies online and in public.

      Those who are most vulnerable to this particular subtype of Narcissism are those whose early childhoods involved traumatic damage to their self worth, whether because of devastating causes such as sexual abuse or alcoholic or drug addicted parents, or due to less dramatic but still traumatizing feelings of abandonment during those crucial childhood years.”

      • Nist Says:

        FDC, that is really interesting and sounds just like the whole Idol-male worship craze in a nutshell. Especially the whipping each other into a frenzy and because of that, their obsession becomes reassuring part. They’re all in it together.

        Scary. And most likely damaging to their Idol’s career.

      • (@rascalete) Says:

        Oh, I admit that I am a BIG David Cook fan , I go to his concerts, buy his music, vote for him on the polls, look at videos and pics of him, read his twitters and you can analyize it anyway you want. I have always said that I am a Fan. I am guessing that you are a Psychologist that deals with ppl that just love a particular singer. (David Cook. Thanks for the free analysis.

  20. Nist Says:

    mainedcfan wrote: “It’s not stalking to go to a couple concerts….it’s supporting the artist.”

    So based on your recap of your meet and greet before a concert last fall, does the following behavior go along with “supporting” an artist? And maybe especially when one is XX years older than the artist, not a silly young-acting teenager?
    David was talking to the photographer, then stepped back in the line & reached for my waist so I stepped in for the pic, putting both arms around him for it. The photographer said “is that good?” to David & before David could answer, I said “NO, you need to take at least 5 more pics to get it right” (jokingly) and laughed. I think David probably laughed but I don’t remember (I hope he did – lol). As I was saying that, I gave his chest a light pat then rubbed it….OMG, I felt his chest hair!! (I told the girls that after, freaking out, and they were laughing at me! lol) As I was finally letting go of David, I said “I guess I have to let go of you now, huh?” and he looked down at his feet and said something like “conceivably'” or “feasibly”.

    Boundaries, people. B-O-U-N-D-A-R-I-E-S.

    debrakay must have been alerted to her mention here; she’s changed her avi back to another pic of her and David. *waves to debrakay*

  21. rageandzephyr Says:

    oh, lord, i’m dying of embarrassment just reading that. why don’t they put these sickofans on tv sort of like hoarders or my secret obsession or something ’cause they need help like yesterday.

  22. sogosueme Says:

    Since we are on the topic of psychotic/entitled fans, you all might find this month old comment by the notorious Greeneyed Lady (Rickey.Org regarding Cook getting dropped by RCA) interesting/disturbing/hilarious. I have no words…


    “I will probably get bashed here but don’t care. I love David’s voice his mannerism everything about him but he did this to himself. First he took to long to release TLM then the tour for it was a joke he needed to promote it more. Now we know he has a girlfriend and that answers a lot of questions for me. It’s obvious she is standing in the way he seems to be more into her then the music he so badly wanted to do. I see this relationship as the beginning to the end of his dreams. I am not saying he shouldn’t find love he deserves it but he’s young has plenty of time for that he needs to concentrate on his dream getting established in the business first. I have every cd he’s done from his Axium days to Anlog Heart in all of those he was himself gorgeous vocals, then came Idol which turned him into Pop no this man is all they way Rock. If I could get an honest answer of how much it cost to back him I would probably do it but it would be the way he was not what he is today. I will always back him no matter what but honestly don’t think you will hear much from him he better rethink what he’s done and learn from the mistake, if she loved him she would be helping not hindering.”


    It is worth noting that dear friend and patron of this site, LadyMcTech, tried to talk some sense into her. i`m feeling inclined to cut her a little slack now. LOL

    • nonna-muss Says:

      According to that…whatever it is…. it seems David’s GF should be called Yoko Ono, Jr. I suppose she’s not only ruined his career but probably caused Neal and Kyle to leave the band. She’s probably working on Andy and Monty next with her evil ways and has brainwashed all of them! Bwahahahaha!

      These “fans” are idiots and seem to think they know everything about him, what he thinks, what he should and should not do, etc. In reality they know 1% of what he’s really like, what he thinks and what he should/shouldn’t do. Oh, and she’s planning to be his financial backer? Get real.

      Thanks for the post SoGoSueMe.

      • amusedbyfandom Says:

        So bizarre. So the only way greeneyedlady can be a fan of a musician is if he forgoes all personal happiness and lives a lonely monk like existence. I noticed from her twitter, she’s married with kid(s). Maybe she should divorce her husband and disown her kids so that she can be a fan 24/7. See how idiotic that sounds? Jesus, these people are unbelievable.

  23. leet75 Says:

    Couldn’t stop reading this blog after it popped up on my Cook google alert recently. Have to say this is a decent study of the Cook fanbase once you get past the sarcasm. A couple times I had to stop reading-it can get harsh but when it’s serious it’s pretty educational.
    I’ve been reading Cook’s boards off and on for the past 4 years and I can’t remember it being as bad as it is right now. Emotions are running high.
    While board hopping tonight I came apon a highly charged discussion between two fans discussing Cook’s suppose gf. One described her as “beautiful” which ticked the other poster off into a long rant about the proper meaning of “beautiful” and how Cook’s gf didn’t fit her criteria of the word. Of course, like always, the other poster apologized-for what I don’t know. Actually typing the word “girlfriend”? Honestly,some fans give the impression they think he should just live to perform,write “spit and vinagar” and be a lovelorn eunich for the rest of his life..
    Seems now more than ever the DC boards are filling up with these emotional head cases who need to be talked off the ledge because he changed the focus of his career and life. They better learn to deal…it looks to be a bumpy road ahead.

    • amusedbyfandom Says:

      Can you give us a hint as to what fan board? Love to read crazy tard talk. πŸ™‚

      • leet75 Says:

        W-Nerd. Poster seems better today-she’s usually pretty sane but hey, when it come to Cook…There looks to be alot of changes a head-fans better get a grip and fast.

      • amusedbyfandom Says:

        Thanks, Leet75. That was the place I suspected. Such a tone of jilted ex-gf in realTVlover’s posts, and she wonders why David has kept this girl out of the spotlight of fans. Just weird, since everyone else who has seen David’s girlfriend describes her as beautiful or pretty. Even the target cashier (a total stranger to the “fandom”) described her as very pretty.

        Yep, David’s made it clear he’s going to live his life, fans who think they own him and his life should revolve around they’re whims and want they think he should be doing better adjust pronto.

  24. Black Angel Says:

    Everyone knows American Idol males cannot have girlfriends, especially if your last record flopped. And now supposedly he’s dating someone and off the market, there’s nothing for fan to look forward to, get excited about, or dream about. It won’t be long until fans interest in him wanes and fades away and they won’t be spending any of their money on him. Sad, but true.

  25. EB Says:

    Somewhat off topic but I wonder what the reaction of the remnant of the Soul Patrol will be to Hicks being on The Choice. I imagine it will be a mini apocolypse. Too bad it wasn’t Cook.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I’ll have to take a look at that and see if anyone’s heard the SP rumblings over it. There are still a few of them alive.

    • Black Angel Says:

      Most of the Soul Patrol have come realize that Taylor is not going to touch any of them with a 10 foot pole, although there are still some nuts out there. I think most are happy that he’s getting some TV face time after being missing in action for years.

      Taylor was dating someone called Jen Wayne, a country singer. They apparantly broke up. Most of the SP followed her on Twitter, tweeting her constantly and kissing her ass, which I thought was crazy and disturbing.

  26. burt Says:

    Every time I forget to visit here the shit hits the fan. This is hilarious. Keep going tards, keep going. I love your ability to make yourselves look stupid and the lack of self-awareness you have. Totally amazing.

    Although I didn’t dig about “the girlfriend”, I knew from the rumblings here of her rumored existence. What confuses me most is that they truly believe he wouldn’t have women in his life, at some point, that he’s serious about. It’s what people do at his age (and for the last few years, and for the next however many years). Wouldn’t it make him kinda weird if he didn’t have those kind of feelings? Why do you want to admire an emotional retard or robot. He’s normal. I thought you all liked normal? What would he write music about otherwise? Most of his songs are love songs after all.

    And as for his girlfriend’s attractiveness, did anyone really think he would have fallen for an ugly looking girl? I mean really now. It’s also funny that they claim they’ve known about her for months/years and even on here people have claimed to have photos of her and know who she is and yet now, people are desperate to know what she looks like and for Target employees to confirm that she does exist. Get your stories straight, people.

    It strikes me that their issue is that he has moved (presumably?) to be with her. It takes them out of their comfort zone of knowing where he lives, where he hangs out, who with etc. It obviously also shows he is committed to the relationship (again I presume, for all I know he was planning to move regardless and this fits in with him. Doubt it but I do hate making presumptions about his life!) and as it wasn’t confirmed or public before this is another change. People hate change, especially if they think it’s going to take away something they care a lot about. Also let’s not forget that despite their proclamations that “Dave will make an amazing dad some day”, that day is approaching, it just comes with age. Along with marriage. More changes. More things to take his attention away from music. At a time when he is without a label and they are no doubt already worrying about him releasing music (even if they say he’s not – he’s not exactly rushing music out or heavily promoting it is he?).

    Then there’s the fact that he keeps quiet about it all. By doing that they are excluded from it. If they can’t join in with that, if he has no US shows coming up and if there are no charity events like RFH what will they spend their time on? Real life would be an idea but it seems they spend a lot of time avoiding that.

    Also interesting will be if the girlfriend becomes widely known. How are they going to act? Will they befriend her? (Have they already?) Will they make it obvious they know so much about him or conveniently forget facts? I’ve said before about how freaky it is to know so much about someone when they don’t know you but just imagine what that would like as his girlfriend. There surely has to be a bit of a fear that the girlfriend won’t like or tolerate them either, like Andrew.

    I wrote about it here before but these fans all enable each other to act like idiots and the justification that goes on is staggering. The tight knit fan group is that way because only those people will approve of the behaviour and encourage it further. They can’t see how other people see them, or if they can, they twist it in their mind. The cashier’s tweet could be taken many ways – they take it positively and all reinforce it to each other. I do find it all fascinating to watch and it all raises so many questions in my mind.

    • leet75 Says:

      Cook isn’t totally innocent through all this. He disappears until he needs something from the fanbase and then,poof, he’s gone again until the next single or charity. Now he’s trying to bleed a smaller fanbase of diehard fans to support his charities and indie effort until he disappears again. No wonder people go nuts.

      • Ali Says:

        People go nuts because they have no life…David has a life, and uses the diehards, when necessary to further his good causes, career etc…it’s good business on his part imho.

      • mon Says:

        Imho, that is what musicians do before twitter age. They would make music, advertise about their music when it is available for people to buy , advertise about concerts when they are ready to start playing live. They don’t have to tell fans every details about the contracts or studio process or what they are having for dinner.Concerning charities, I thought people donate because they are passionate about the cause not because someone ask them to do so.

      • amusedbyfandom Says:

        Huh? Isn’t that what most musicians do. Record cd, promote cd, tour with cd, then hunker down/ reconnect with everyday real life and write/record next cd. Rinse and repeat. No celebrity/musician is responsible for the 24/7 365 days a year entertainment of fans.

      • leet75 Says:

        I agree, Cook’s in business-he’d be stupid not to tap his hardcores-feed off their desperation just like every other musican.
        But like every other musican he’s going to have to be more visable. You’re right,Ali,he has a life but he won’t have much of a career if he doesn’t grow his fanbase and that means some visablity through out. He has to grow his tard base so sites like this can complain about them,right? Well,there’s always other Idols-this site will be fine.

      • amusedbyfandom Says:

        “But like every musician, he’s going to have to be more visible”

        When hardcores say this, I often wonder what they mean. Is it having his own reality show like the Kardashians? Showing up at the opening of every envelope in Hollywood? Calling up the tabloids to let them know where he’ll be shopping or dining on a given day? “Stolen” sex tape? LOL

        Is someone like Ray Lamontagne visible? He sure has a dedicated fan base without being a public celebrity or how about the members of any number of alternative rock bands you can think of. Fact is most musicians as opposed to outright celebrities, don’t seek out the press until they are in a new single/album/tour cycle phase. JMO of course.

      • Black Angel Says:

        Since when do Idol fans donate money because they are passionate about the cause? Most of them donate to be the “bestest” fan… “look at me”, “look at me”. If they were truly passionate, there would be no need to brag via the internet.

      • Black Angel Says:

        “Is someone like Ray Lamontagne visible?”

        Ray Lamontagne doesn’t need to be visible because he is recognized as a very talented singer-songwriter and David Cook is not. There are worlds of difference between Ray Lamontagne and David Cook.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Cook isn’t totally innocent

        LOL WUT? Lady you need a trip back to reality. He doesn’t owe you shit. Buy the music, continue with your life. That’s all. Stop obsessing.

      • burt Says:

        I don’t get the “isn’t innocent” comment either. Care to explain?

        I do sort of get where you are coming from with Twitter. He could be more visible on it and tweet more regularly. It would make business sense because he has a lot of followers so it would keep him in their minds but whether that relates to sales… well no, it doesn’t, we know that. Not sure how much it helps with charity.

        There have been discussions about this before – other people manage to use it without exposing their private lives was the main topic if I recall – and I can see that it does sometimes look a bit like he pops up when he wants something. But I understand that he has to do that. It has also been said that he doesn’t promote himself enough on there so really he can’t win. Maybe the novelty of Twitter wore off for him, he doesn’t have to tweet at all. I miss his funny tweets but the problem is that most fans miss the detail it gives them about his life. They also tweet such crap that they ruin it for themselves and everyone but as usual they can’t see that.

        I don’t know why the dedicated few also can’t seem to grasp that he will never be the guy that turns up to the opening of an envelope just to get his face in the press. If he doesn’t want to do that then it’s his choice. He knows the implications but it’s the route he’s taken. Personally I’d prefer to support someone choosing that life rather than someone doing all they can to desperately keep their name out there and stay relevant. Just support what he wants to do and live your lives, people!

    • SeenTheLight Says:

      It’s not the same girl as before. His latest girlfriend has only been around for a few months contrary to what is being said. This is neither of the two girls he was seeing last year and fans are probably assuming this girl is the one everyone knew about from last year. The speculation is quite interesting regardless of what the fans think they know about her or who she is.

      • sogosueme Says:


      • nonna-muss Says:

        I really don’t care who she is, his business, not ours.

      • Nist Says:

        For real. Whether she’s been his GF for 2 hours, 2 months, or 2 years is strictly his business. Not the fans’ business whatsoever, and somehow I highly doubt anyone other than David knows or will ever know the complete 411 on David’s personal life – though it never stops some from claiming to know and see all. Especially those who post anonymously on the Internet. πŸ˜‰

        I’ve seen this strategy/rationale before with the tards. Right now they are looking for anything – ANYTHING! – that they can use against a Cook girlfriend or even someone he’s talked to at a bar or whatever.

        If this particular “not the same girl” rationale spreads out in the tard atmosphere, the hardcore delusionals who were having trouble dealing with the idea of an actual real-life GF will now feel free to tell themselves that this woman doesn’t mean anything to David because she hasn’t been with him long enough (“how can she mean anything? he has us!”. They’ll tell themselves that if they’ve only been together a short while that’s “proof” she has trapped David into moving/living together and that she’s up to no good; and that it’s never going to last anyway because of these things. This line of thought will allow them to continue on in the tard manner to which they’ve become accustomed. πŸ™‚

        They are looking for a reason to decide she’s not “classy” enough. They are looking for a reason to pass (negative) judgement. LOL. Remember the “not classy enough for David” pronouncements that met any women he ever allegedly spoke to since 2008? This is the start of the same thing, just repackaged for 2012. πŸ™‚

      • Black Angel Says:

        God help her if the tards find out who she is. If she has a Twitter account, I hope she is smart enough to put it on private, otherwise the tards won’t leave her alone. They will either want to be best friends with her or they will send her nasty and threatening tweets.

      • burt Says:

        Indeed. Totally his business and if he shares it, fine. If he doesn’t, that’s up to him too.

        I agree with Nist, STL’s comment does sound like reasoning for why the supposed girlfriend isn’t going to be around long. Not that I’m saying it’s not true – I have no idea. But it’s something else I’ve said here, everyone (the tards) does automatically assume any girl he’s with is “the one” and that’s it. That’s his future wife, that’s his Yoko – the one they need to either be best friends with or find reasons to hate. She might be. She might not be. None of us know for sure and why should we really care but I wish the tards would lighten up and just accept that he has to live whatever his situation may be.

  27. Nist Says:

    leet75, I don’t agree that David has to grow his tard base. In fact, as others have said in the past, he may need to consider driving them away so he can get some new fans. I mean, there are enough hardcores to make life miserable for him right now, but how many of them are they really? 300? 500? I’m talking about the ones who – at varying levels of tardness – discuss him on Twitter 24/7, tweet him and track his whereabouts, post frequently on DCO and other boards, try and promote him, buy everything in multiples, fly and drive to everything he does. Those type of tards.

    In the long term it might make more financial sense to tell these people to F off, and make pitch for other fans without worries of offending the jealous tards. If he can get 2000 -3000 new fans who spend a reasonable amount of money on a download and a concert, that can make up for not having the financial largesse of the tards. One way to do that is by totally imploding DCO and taking strict control of a new site’s discussions forums.

    Having that site as an official site is just embarrassing, especially when you look at some of the threads still in the Fan section. (The legs thread, the arms thread, the lips thread, the BUSTED! thread are all still on the front page.) David does need to take responsibility for having that mess go on too long IMO. He should have completely redesigned the site last year but IIRC the tards raised such a fuss about losing their “archives” and “threads that show our history with David” that it was only partially redesigned for the TLM release.

    When I first started reading this FDC site, I read a bunch of the old posts. One that really stood out to me -then and now- was a guest post by a guy called Birdman (that’s right, a male fan not named wehoscott or royalsphenom LOL).


    I think he had mostly the right idea – though I don’t know if David being a total hard rock dude would drive away *all* of the tards; some would probably become even more tardish for their “rawk god” :-). But it’s eerie how the issues Birdman mentioned from almost three years ago are the same frau/tard issues now. In other words, David needs to blow this s%*# up. Soon.

    • Nist Says:

      ETA: As Birdman kinda hints at in that blog post, if David is going to get those 2000-3000 new fans I talked about and ditch the tards, his music/songs are probably going to have to be consistently better than they have been on his last two CDs, IMO. As someone on TWOP pointed out after attending one of his concerts for the first time: (paraphrases) “If you get more applause for your covers than you do for the songs you actually wrote, ur doing it wrong. “

      • nonna-muss Says:

        You know what I think he should do? Not be David Cook. Be a band. Make a good rock record under a band name. Lose the AI stigma and more people will listen. Also lose the hard cores, but how without telling them to fuck off? I don’t know.

      • burt Says:

        I don’t think he will ever lose the hard cores. I just don’t think there’s anything that will drive them away. Look how long they’ve been around, they’re in it for the long haul. Too much invested.

        Regardless, I’m convinced that there isn’t one performer who doesn’t have tard-like fans – it just comes with the territory. There are different levels and they come in different forms but trust me, they exist for even the little known people. It’s a weird thing.

        Whether it does him any harm, who knows? I think he needs any fans right now so can’t see him purposely telling them where to go. Not that he’ll encourage them either of course.

  28. Twat Says:

    I saw daina the previously obsessed cook fan wrote something like I see Andrew is being an asshole again!!!

  29. Twat Says:

    Cook is a happy guy now getting it all the time. Lol i would do him!!!!

  30. burt Says:

    It’s all started again on Twitter. Don’t have time to follow it all but have seen mention of a spotting of them together and lots of hyped tweets about it. Fun times ahead people! Take notes and give us busy people a run down.

    I’ll return with popcorn for all! πŸ™‚

    • nonna-muss Says:

      I heard he was spotted with the GF at an airport and the person that saw them tweeted that they were both very polite, nice and chatted with this person for about 15 minutes.

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        That person is going to deeply regret ever joining Twitter after the old hags have trampled them to death.

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