Separated At Birth? Adam Lambert & Bill O’Reilly

There used to be a wonderful magazine around years ago called Spy Magazine.  I could not wait for it to come out each month because they had some of the funniest clever twisted humor around. A picture of Donald Trump as a tantruming baby for their “Cavalcade of Crybabies” issue and Hillary Clinton in bondage gear in the Oval Office.

One of my favorite features was “Separated At Birth” where they had photos of random celebs and peoples, animals or objects they resembled in some slight way.

This afternoon as I was reading through the political sites about the upholding of our nation’s Healthcare laws by the Supreme Court I stumbled across an article showing tv news people and their high school yearbook photos. This one of Fox News headliner Bill O’Reilly  made me laugh out loud.

Doesn’t he bear more than a passing resemblance to Adam Lambert?

Compare side by side. No Adam is chunkier but they both look like they came off the same gene pool. Since I’m not fond of either one will somebody please add some Clorox to that gene pool…

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11 Comments on “Separated At Birth? Adam Lambert & Bill O’Reilly”

  1. Tess Tickle Says:

    I actually thought that black and white picture was Tom Hanks (sorry, Tom 😦 )! Glambarf looks like he had A LOT of work done, plus the 24/7 ginger coverage. Whatever you do, DO NOT LET ANY GINGER SHOW!! Also, what kind of tool wears a tux to a highschool yearbook picture?

  2. Tess Tickle Says:

    ps, I actually still have that Hillary Clinton Spy mag! One of my favorite publications EVER.

  3. Tess Tickle Says:

    OMG, I just realized I totally didn’t get this until just now! I thought for sure that high school pic was of Adam (or Tom Hanks, lol), it looks just like him! Now I see why he was wearing a tux, that’s how they rolled back then in douchebag O’Reilly’s day. Wow, the similarities are uncanny!

  4. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Wow do they both have Sharpied eyebrows?

  5. nonna-muss Says:

    At least Bill O’Reilly embraces his inner ginger.

  6. muppet2171 Says:

    Well, now we know what Madam will look like in about…oh, at the rate he’s going…about 5 years.

  7. nerdgirl Says:

    Wow, I totally thought that the black and white one was Lambert. Maybe they are related and Madam himself fed the compromising photos to Bill O’Reily when it became clear that he wouldn’t win, so he could blame his loss on “homephobia”

  8. Jason Says:

    No hilarious Cow behavior emerging from the european Queen shows yet?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      The only hilarity I’ve heard about so far is that the herd actually thought Madam was good. The Queen fans seem to have a very different opinion though.

      • Jason Says:

        I watched a little of it on youtube. Adam doesn’t sound right for Queen. Some old dude came out at about the 40 minite mark and sounded a lot better than Lambert.

  9. ggdoorsfan Says:

    The Queen fans go in HARD on Lambert, lol… if you went by the way they carry on about Adam’s performance on MJ’s, you’d think he was Mercury resurrected.

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