David Cook & Sig O – A Cautionary Tale..

Turns out some poor soul on Twitter by the name of Gradilea ran into Cook & Co. at LAX. He was kind enough to stop and talk for around fifteen minutes, holding hands and being all kissy with his gf while talking to Gradilea.

That is all well and good. Sounds to me like Cook is doing what people start doing at his age, having serious relationships that have a future with the gender of their choice. Nothing wrong with that. Good for him.

The problem is that poor Gradilea posted her tale on Twitter and a butt-load deluge of his wack-pack fandom immediately started twittering Gradilea about her Dave encounter and friending her. She has no idea that she’s fed the freaks, they don’t give a flying frink about her and they’ll just keep pumping her for info before dropping off once she has nothing more to say about the encounter. Some of them might even turn weird or threatening. It’s happened again and again in this wack job fandom.

She posted this:

Just talked to @thedavidcook at LAX. Seriously made my year. Even got a new picture!

That’s cool! But this started happening…..

@Gradilea I am BEYOND jealous. But extremely happy for you at the same time! @thedavidcook is amazing

Gradilea was kind enough to reply:

@WordNerd4Life it was surreal! He was so polite and so was his girlfriend. He sat and talked to me for a good 15 mins.

Which brought this question of course:

@Gradilea So…..did the g/f introduce herself?

Translation for the Tard Language Impaired: How do you know it was his girlfriend??? Did she say it??? Who is this cunt passing herself off as Baldy’s girlfriend??? What is her name so we can stalk her????

And the reply:

@Hi_ImSus not really. But they kissed and were all coupley

A familiar person that claims to not be over the top, stalking him or inappropriate sends her a message too~ she’s so popular now~

@Gradilea I would like to DM you, could you follow me. thanks

Our very own Rascalete who posts here to tell us we’re so wrong about the fandom. Gee, I wonder what she wanted to talk about in DM? What he was wearing, how he smelled, etc, etc..

Just the tip of the dirty iceberg….


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20 Comments on “David Cook & Sig O – A Cautionary Tale..”

  1. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Wow I bet Rascalrider has worn out her vibrator in excitement at being so close virtually to the rug wearer. That poor Gradilea has no idea what she/he is in for now that the old women have found her/him.

  2. Ali Says:

    So does any of the diehards like daina pizza screamer or debrakay, jerri etc sound as if they may be letting go of the delusion finally?

  3. Black Angel Says:

    I’m surprised that the fandom doesn’t know who she is. It looks like he’s doing his best to keep his personal life private. Unfortunately, it won’t last, sooner or later, she will get outed. Especiallly with Twitter, it seems like privacy is a thing of the past.

  4. rascalete Says:

    I will tell you what I told @mysticpurz2 & @gsob it’s no ones business what I DM her about. It has nothing to do with David ‘s GF and I don’t give a f$%# whether you believe me or not. But I will promise this: If Gradilea decides to tell me anything you will never find out from me what it is
    #jealouspansies hahaha

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Whatever, Rascalrider, Whatever

    • Lady Nemo Says:

      You say you’re not one of the crazytard nation but you find it so easy to prove otherwise. Seriously, you’re so obvious- just look at what you said.

      You protest too much, methinks. Just admit it – realizing you have a serious problem is the first step to recovery! 🙂

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      😆 Yes we is jellis of you, granny. 😆

    • gsob Says:

      gee, guess I really got to you, though…one question from me and you unfriend me from twitter. Thank goodness, my timeline is freed up now!!! And by the way, @gradilea friended me. Probably to thank me for calling you out! The once in a very great while that I go on Twitter, and all I catch is drama. And as far as Dave’s gf, I couldn’t care less. He deserves down time and someone to live real life with, he has worked hard enough the last 4 years. Yes, I follow him… for his music and his good deeds. SOME people really need to stop fantasizing and realize they are a little too old to be “in love” with him.

      • gsob Hahaha I remember you at Virginia Beach, 1. you patroled the boardwalk the full 2 days you were there looking for David to the point that your husband got very mad at you 2. You pushed your way to the front of the ticket line so you could be at front stage. As I said before what I talk to anyone about on DM is my business. You keep looking just like the a$$ you are.

  5. squeaky c Says:

    *eyeroll* admit it…You guys were hoping for some drama in the Crazy Cook Camp and you didn’t get it. The crazies are our 1%, most of us are happily married moms just glad our guy is living his life.
    Maybe when he breeds;) Happy 4th;)

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      😆 suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure you are

      • squeaky c Says:

        Admittedly, I stay on the outskirts of the fandom, but I haven’t seen one mean word about “new girl.”
        This makes me very happy after the way the 1% treated Lana, who is just lovely and Kim, who is none of our business.
        I hope his career gets back on track and he lives happily ever after…and my dear husband keeps financing music, shows, merch;)

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        the 1% treated Lana, who is just lovely and Kim, who is none of our business.

        Huh? So you stalked Lana and not Kim, is that what you’re saying?

  6. squeaky c Says:

    Actually, I was trying to state that the photos I’ve seen of Lana are gorgeous, Kim…not so much. Of course, David doesn’t text me for my opinions, so they’re irrelevant…just like yours. Looking at something on the internet makes me a stalker? So you’ve never seen pics of Lana or Kim? Why so hateful?

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      I don’t give a rats ass who he’s boning. I’m normal, unlike you, you obsessed tard.

      • squeaky c Says:

        Yes! Perfectly normal to attack someone you’ve never had any contact with over an artist you don’t like very much. Bwahaha. So bitter. I’m done with this. I was trying to have a legit dialogue, but you dumbed it down to an insult fest. Enjoy your life…I know I will;)

      • Rubber Ducky Says:

        Just kill yourself. The world needs the oxygen.

  7. nonna-muss Says:

    Guess who was at the 5K race in Kansas City today!! Why it was DebraKay23, taking pictures and generally stalking. It must freak him the fuck out that she shows up everywhere. She also tweeted that she got a sweaty hug and told him it was for Anodyne Junkie. He must have been thrilled. * insert eye roll*

    I suppose DebraKay got her 8,429,641st picture with him today.


    • Ali Says:

      Wow, it seems by her twitter that lots of the regs are still hanging on…following him to a race in his home town, and a baseball game? Really?

      • Lady Nemo Says:

        Really. I don’t think they’ll ever quit. It’ll be a sign that Armageddon has come if they ever do!

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