Adam Lambert’s Sparkle Cows Piss on Queen Fans

So now the gig is up and done and it’s provided those of us that don’t care for Madam Lambert’s voice but do find his appearance giggle-worthy lots of fodder. Like this photo with Elmo photoshopped in to coordinate with the jacket/shag rug Adam is wearing.

That’s just dead sex-say isn’t it? About as sexy as Brian May’s truss I guess.
To the Queen fans: Did I not warn you that the Adam Lambert fans, the Sparkle Cows, were some of the pushiest, nastiest, over the top, deludenoids on the planet? Tell me, what has happened on the Queen message boards since the concerts?  That’s right, you’ve all been attacked, word pistol whipped, subjected to vats of verbal vomit if you do not proclaim that Adam is worthy to stand in the mighty big shoes of one Freddie Mercury. They insanely foaming at the mouth over at Queen Official I’ve seen. For days. Pure insanity. Well, you were warned and didn’t take it seriously. Good luck getting rid of those ancient biddies now.

Also noticed that one of Sanjaya’s biggest fans, Mithra, has been jumping into the fray under one of her usual names, stirring the pot. You poor bastards!

I could post reams of their idiocy but I’m not going to. I’m just going to post what a friend of mine who is a long time Queen fan like myself had to say of the difference between Queen fans and shrieky Madam’s Sparkle Cows.

The thing that’s so pathetic at this point is the poor, unsuspecting Queen fans, and the Cows blasting them just because they’re QUEEN fans and not MADAM fans. Some of them seem okay with Madam, some not, and woe be unto anyone who doesn’t proclaim Madam the greatest supahstah in the history of ever.

Some of these folks have been following Queen for a long, long time. Not because they want to bonk any of the members, but because they like Queen’s music. So here comes this screeching tool that most of them have never heard of. Not all of them like it, others are just happy to see Queen onstage in whatever incarnation they can get at this point. Then the Cows come along and rip them all a new asshole. And you know they’ve all got to be wondering what the hell is provoking these lunatics. Hell if the Queen fans thought Brian or Roger sucked, they’d say so. But God forbid anyone give Madam anything less than a glowing review every time he so much as takes a shit.

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16 Comments on “Adam Lambert’s Sparkle Cows Piss on Queen Fans”

  1. Tess Says:

    Oh, this is udderly hilarious! The old cows infiltrated a Queen board, probably full of people who have been fans of Queen and Freddie for decades. How many times has “homophobe” been bandied about by the insane cows? You fans of Queen are such HOMOPHOBES because you don’t adore Adam!. Also, WTF is up with that hideous muppet jacket? I’m assuming that Lambarf tanked as a stand in for the one and only Freddie, right? How could ANYONE compare the two? Uggg, this makes me dislike him even more. Oh well, at least from what I’ve heard that crappy second album of his is tanking so I’m sure he’ll be getting dropped soon. So much for “the stratosphere”, lol.

  2. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Madam really looks like a clown 😆

    What a surprise. The herd are pissing off another group of fans. Just like the Claymates before them, they are a predictably offensive pack. Madam better learn to kiss cow ass because he’s going nowhere fast and only has them left to bankroll his failed career.

  3. BYork Says:

    I had to check out the comments at Queenzone and laugh. This one Glambert went into excruciating detail about the hive mentality and how proud she is to be part of the delusion:

    “someonewholikesadam wrote:
    Very interesting data GF. I don’t study it like you do. I just know what I know from being in the fandom and a frequenter of a few fan sites. I disagree that the fan dynamic is “somehow rooted in television.” I never even watched American Idol before Adam. My mom told me to tune in one night and happened to catch Adam’s performance. I was instantly hooked and tuned in every week just to see him, started googling and was enthralled with all his pre-Idol work. Then I started watching every interview that he gave and fell even more in love. Many fans I know have similar stories. Many did not watch AI but upon discovering him, rewatched the AI performances. It has nothing to do with TV and all to do with Adam, the performer and the man. There is a book entitled, “The Meaning of Adam Lambert” that may shed some light. Also, I found this article soon after I thought I was the only middle-aged loony googling a 29 yr old gay guy.

    Let’s talk images. A snake. A butterfly. A young man with his shirt unbuttoned to his waist, pouting at the camera. Lots of chest stubble. Alone, each image is rather boring. Put them together, and what you have is a hotter-than-Johnny Depp new Rolling Stone cover of American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. The 27-year-old dude who made guyliner fashionable again gave an interview to the magazine confirming—big surprise—that he’s gay. What’s really surprising: I can’t stop thinking about him. And neither can any of my cougar-aged friends. We love Adam, truly, madly, deeply, in a kind of weirdly Mrs. Robinson sexual way. And the reason doesn’t just have to do with our past lives as professional groupies. It also has something to do with biology.
    Just a few short months ago, most of my female friends and I were clueless about Adam Lambert. We’re busy, professional women, some of us with demanding families and children, all of us with demanding jobs. We never spent our Tuesday nights in front of the TV. Yet this year, for slightly more than two months, phone calls went unanswered and any type of social or familial interactions were put on hold on so we could plop ourselves in front of our sets at 8 p.m. to watch American Idol, the No. 1 rated show on TV, which none of us had ever bothered with before. It started innocently enough: A friend, waylaid by a flu bug, was channel-surfing from the comfort of her couch one Tuesday evening and saw a bejeweled young thing singing a scorching rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” She left us phone messages and tweets, saying, and I quote, “ohmygawdyouhavetoseethisemoglambowielovechildonAmericanIdol.” We went, “Huh,” but we tuned in the following week. And then we were gone.
    My seemingly well-adjusted posse, myself included, morphed into archetypal Adam Lambert fangirls. We became Glamberts, besotted with the leather and rhinestones, the perfectly smudgy guyliner, the emo coal-colored coif and, oh, yeah, the preternatural vocal range. When we got together, we no longer talked about good books, North Korea or the recession. We talked about all things Lambert. We became the thing that we normally despise: a cougar court that fell into a gentle loin lust with a man young enough to be our son. And a gay one, to boot.
    In terms of biology, Adam Lambert’s attractiveness is kind of bizarre. Some research shows that women like square jaws and deep brows—iconic masculine traits—when they’re looking for a fling. But we like more feminine traits when we’re looking for The One, the long-term mate. Lambert has a little bit of both going on for him, as anyone who saw his version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” can attest.
    When we aren’t laughing at our patheticness (because, let’s get real, even if Lambert were straight or gave in to some bi-curiosity, he would never be interested in us), we are actually ruminative enough to wonder what it is about this fellow that turned us into such loons. One thing we know for sure is that we are not alone. There are thousands of women of a certain age out there who are just one Adam Lambert Google search away from crashing their computers…”

    There’s more, too much more (especially talk about orgasms):

    And nothing he does including this Queen + AL outing can pull his sales out of the toilet. Of course the glamberts have moved on to the next shiny distraction, AL on AI.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      Biggest pile of bullshit of all time! Thanks for bringing that over BYork. Sparkle Cows aren’t well adjusted and Madam isn’t that talented.

      • BYork Says:

        That’s just it – the glamberts just can’t let go of the fact that he is not the superstar they feel he deserves to be. They clutch on to their new found awareness of LGBT issues and accuse everyone/anyone who criticizes him of being homophibians 🙂 Their emotional and FINANCIAL investment is just too bizarre to comprehend.

        There’s no doubt that he can sing but his voice lacks character and he is overly dependent on using vibrato on the high notes. His performance style is so over-the-top theatrical (something that he definitely toned down for AI) that it’s hard not to laugh at his performances. And thrusting your pelvis does not make one a good dancer.

        I find the whole hive mind fandom fascinating and usually don’t blame the AI contestant as much as AI itself. But there is something about Lambert that just reeks of opportunism. He really encourages that bizarre behaviour to the hilt and seems like the entertainment business’ equivalent of a con artist.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      😆 that is a hilarious post. It ticks every tard box, doesn’t it. 😆 I bet all these supposed ‘busy, professional’ women have alienated their relatives and colleagues, dribbling over Madam every day and trying to convert everyone around them. These people are as annoying as Jehovah’s Witnesses banging on your door early on Sunday morning trying to force The Word down your throat.

    • EB Says:

      I love that in five paragraphs she barely mentions the actual music the guy makes.

    • Black Angel Says:

      That post can apply to all the tard groups. They are all batshit crazy. I’m hoping American Idol gets cancelled soon. This insanity needs to stop. These people frighten me.

  4. Rubber Ducky Says:

    These bitches are completely nuts.

    I am beginning to see Adam as almost a modern-day Martin Luther King or a Nelson Mandela only in the area of discrimination based on sexual orientation rather than race. I for one remain ever more strongly for being true to himself. I also don’t think he was EVER going to be the idol for tweens like Bieber. He is VERY adult, and while in some aspects androgynous, more in the way that David Bowie was – still extremely sexually charged. But the 13 and 16 year old sisters I met on Saturday night at Fantasy Springs were huge fans and in fact there were quite a lot of younger fans there, especially for a casino show.

    • songkat Says:

      MLK? Nelson Mandela? Unreal…

      As far as I know, Lamebert doesn’t even speak up for gay rights, doesn’t claim to be a victim, etc. The cows are the only ones squawking about this stuff…

      • Jason Says:

        It’s such a sweet situation for all of us. Lambert fails miserably to build off of the momentum he had coming off idol. Flops big time in tying to fit in in pop or even adult pop radio. The downside of this would be that the sparkle cows die off and leave us no fodder to point and laugh.

        But the cows are a whole other kind of delusional and keep giving us gold. They will never understand that simply because a guy made their nasty boxes wet on a TV show (and due to extreme over-obsession continues to moisten that area) that in no way is justification for how incredible he is. 0.001% of boxes may say “Yes” to Lambert, but the rest world has over and over said “no Thanks”

  5. BYork Says:

    Phillip Phillips’ “Home” is doing super well and it’s driving the Glamberts mad. They just can’t get over the fact that AL is not the international superstar they hoped he would be. His current album is basically a flop.

    • Jason Says:

      Phillips is just another American Idol finalist with far more talent than Adam Lambert. Clarkson, Underwood, JHud…lots more…right on down to Taylor Hicks. Ha Ha the Cows would be FUMING at the idea of these people being better than Lambert. “But Adam can hit an F7##”.. and “Brian May thinks he’s great” and “he’s the gayest person ever to have a #1 album.”

      And yet no writer wants to give him a song with even a small chance of being a hit. They save those for the real artists.

  6. BOTR Says:

    Adam’s gone (bleach) blonde:

    Of course, all the negative comments are thumbed down to the point where you have to click on a link to see them.

    (Just discovered this blog and had a blast going through all the old entries and reading about all the crazy tard behavior, some of which
    was very familiar thanks to the couple years I spent on a now-defunct message board dedicated to the guy that won Rock Star: INXS a few years back.)

    • Ali Says:

      That’s funny! I haven’t been here for a while, seems like since David Cook got dropped, and now Adam is…well, whatever he is lol..Not much tard stuff going on for FDC to report. But it looks like another old tour mate of David’s, Ryan Star is the toast of twitter (and many cooktards, who are fans of his from the DC tour) because he has a new contract with Island records and will be on Jay Leno next week. I guess, if you are in the shadows of the AI winners, your career goes much better than the actual winners?

    • nonna-muss Says:

      Welcome , BOTR. At first the pictures were B&W and it was assumed he went blond. He actually went gray….as in Taylor Hicks gray. He looks like a bigger ass than he did with the black hair.

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