Law Soots

Today I received a very interesting comment for the site awaiting moderation, one from Ms. Kerry Kolsch. It was interesting and it made me laugh. See below.

I am advising you that you have published lies about me on the Internet that are actionable:

“Practicing Lawyer in Florida, but she never mentioned her mother and her were both involved in a real estate scam deal that resulted in her mother’s disbarment in 2004 and according to this filed legal paperwork Kerry notarized a Deed that was proven later to have a fraudulent signature on it. You can see the document if you scroll down to the bottom. it is ‘Exhibit D”

My mother never had a trial and nothing was ever “proven.” She had a medical condition that kept her from participating in her defense and when the Florida Bar would not give her a continuance, she walked out of a hearing. She was a pro bono attorney for twenty years helping the poor and the elderly. The only thing she was guilty of was poor record keeping because she used volunteer help. The Florida Bar never asked me about the notarized Deed nor did they question the witnesses on the Deed. If they did, we all would have conferred that it was authentic. The truth is that my record with the Florida Bar is 100% unblemished. Never have I had a complaint made against me. Never has the Florida Bar accused me of any wrong doing or questioned me about the so called “fraudulent Deed”. The Deed was in fact a legally and properly executed Deed. The transfer of that property has never been set aside. I suggest that you have a legal responsibility here. You can make fun of my Lambert writing all you want, but I will not tolerate you defaming me professionally as a writer or as an attorney.

“However, clearly once a website operator is notified by a victim of defamation or by the victim’s internet lawyer,
that defamatory material has been published on one of their websites,
they can no longer claim they did not know or that they did not have
reason to believe. They are now under an obligation to take reasonable
steps to remove the material.”
There is therefore a very powerful argument to conclude that every website operator that has received a written notification by a victim of defamation or their internet lawyer, automatically becomes liable for defamation unless the material is being removed immediately.

Oh Kerry, I love that you used the bottom third of  someone elses writing without attribution. Those words aren’t your own, they came from this EZine article – written by the same lawyers in London that you posted a link to.

First of all, I stated it was my opinion that your writing was banal and trite, that’s just my opinion. But it’s an opinion that is echoed on just about every online blog/site/article I’ve seen involving your writing. Even you have to admit there are quite a few misspellings at the very least in many things you’ve written and posted. When did having an opinion become against the First Amendment of the United States of America.

Second, the information I listed about your mother losing her license and you being the notary on the transaction were all taken from court documents on file with the State of Florida. I didn’t make that up, it exists, and you cannot sue someone for stating something that can be proven by filed documents in a court of law. I didn’t rule that the signatory was forged, the courts of Florida did. It’s available online for anyone with a few seconds of time to Google. It’s freely available to anyone access the Florida Supreme Court document briefs –

Personally I don’t know if you’re a good or a crappy lawyer, it’s not like writing where you see with your own eyes and make your own review or judgement. Good you’ve not had a complaint because I know those that Google about you have never turned up paperwork or any hint that you’ve done anything wrong.

I suspect what has happened is you have tried frantically to get WordPress to remove what I’ve said and they’ve refused so now you think you’ll bully me into it. Not happening. Now I have been asked nicely to remove things and I have but since you’ve chosen to take a hostile approach well….

Good luck with that law soot and be sure to tell that internet lawyer how you took something one of them had written and tried to fob it off as your own writing.

Sorry, Adam Lambert still sucks and he is more of a flop with each passing day…


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10 Comments on “Law Soots”

  1. Rubber Ducky Says:

    Is she a plagiarist too? 😆 Oh Kerry you failure you. I see you have failed to provide actual proof as requested some time ago too; the photo of you and the cow with today’s newspaper to prove you actually have one let alone a farm? 😆

    Liar liar pants on fire….

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    So let me get this straight, Kerry is sooing you on the grounds that you’re a big, meanie poo-poo head? What court wouldn’t love to waste their time on another case of the butt-hurts?

  3. Kerry Kolsch Says:

    You can give your opinion of my writing, all you want, but do not claim I took part in a fraudulent transaction. I did not. I was never formally or informally accused of anything and I was never questioned about the Deed. The Deed in question was not and never will be invalidated. You are so clever, check, Dade County property records. Not all people who are accused of things are guilty. My mother never had the day in court that she was entitled to. The Florida Bar proceeded with a dog and pony show while she was sick and unable to attend. If she did attend with her witnesses, she would not have been found guilty of anything but poor record keeping. Her twenty years of pro bono service to the poor and elderly was done on a limited budget, without professional secretaries.

    Did you happen to notice that I directed you to a web site? The page I directed you to is no longer there, but the law firm site is there with other relevant material. I copied their legal language. I did not use their language without referencing the contribution. Did you notice the quotation marks?

    I did not go to WordPress to tell on you. I came to you.

    I take this as an acceptable retraction:

    “Personally I don’t know if you’re a good or a crappy lawyer, it’s not like writing where you see with your own eyes and make your own review or judgement. Good you’ve not had a complaint because I know those that Google about you have never turned up paperwork or any hint that you’ve done anything wrong.”

    Thank you.

  4. Jason Says:

    Typical sparkle cow response. Finding something positive where there is none to be found. He didn’t apologize or retract, and he fucking won’t.

    Just like Adam Lambert being #18 on the Ivory Coast Charts for 20 minutes doesn’t mean he is not a colossal flop.

    Yup, I just used a double negative. Lousy English just for you Kolsch.

  5. Black Angel Says:

    Kerry Kolsch, don’t you think it’s time to let go of this stupid obsession you have? Trust me, nobody cares about this and people are laughing at you.

  6. Melissa Says:

    I wouldn’t want to see any one get sued over free speech, I would however like to see the person who took a crap in your back yard freedavidcook take a crap and hand deliver it to your mailbox. btw, you all sound like a bunch of morons, get a life what?

    • freedavidcook Says:

      The next person to crap anywhere in my yard or go on my yard front or back will be on Candid Camera and I’ll post that video all over the place. We put up digital cameras front and back now. I would have no compunction having the local cop shop prosecute the person…and btw I’d been cranky too if I lived as far north as you do..

      • freedavidcook Says:

        and add to that fact that the moment you touch someone’s mail box the charges become federal… yeah go ahead and attack my mail box and yard so I can make you the laughing stock of the year with a nice viral video..

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      😆 wow so it’s ok to harass someone for voicing an opinion? Nice, when did you move to North Korea? You fucking psychopath.

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