Congratulations to Jennie Nye & Andy Skib…

….and sorry about the freakin’ clueless fans obsessing over getting the happy couple a wedding gift. I would not be surprised if the crazier/bolder don’t try to crash the wedding. I hope that on Saturday everything goes smoothly and stalker-free. May the girl with the bad tattoo stay far away.

Turns out over at a certain Facebook page – Skiblets – – they are having drama over this wedding gift idea. Apparently the bridal registry wasn’t publicly posted for the fans but you know how some seem to have superior Googling without Probable Cause skillz and found the Macy’s registry.  Some think, and rightly so, that since Andy didn’t include the fan base in announcing the wedding registry it is not appropriate to send a gift. Typically the same ones that usually trample all over the rules of society think they have every right to send a gift and anyone that thinks otherwise is a hater. Drama has ensued.

I am just happy that a few members of Skiblets have enough common sense to realize that sending a wedding gift from the registry isn’t such a good idea. Be happy for them instead of sending any gift. Love is getting rarer in our world it seems and they’ve been lucky enough to find it in each other.

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28 Comments on “Congratulations to Jennie Nye & Andy Skib…”

  1. nonna-muss Says:

    I’m giving them a gift, the same gift I think every fan should give them. PRIVACY. I’m glad there were at least a few sane people at the Skiblets site. Will all of this over-the-top behavior ever stop? What makes these crazies think they deserve to be any part of Andy and Jen’s special day?

    I find it very scary that some of them posted that even though they scoured the interwebz to find their registry, at LEAST they are not crashing the wedding or finding out where they live. Also, (paraphrasing) “If Andy didn’t want us to find the registry he would have made it private from the start.” Why should he have to? The way they justify themselves is bizarre. Freaks!

  2. Rubber Ducky Says:

    F R E A K S.

    What a pack of psychos. I hope Andy passes their names to the police.

  3. just don't get it Says:

    hey, if Andy can get some extra gifts out of it – so be it!!! i think it’s completely insane, but whatever……

    • freedavidcook Says:

      I think the fact that the couple password protected the registry after fans found it speaks volumes. Fans would be clearly overstepping the boundaries of appropriateness and bat shit craziness to send something after that.

  4. Nist Says:

    I didn’t know about this registry – I really hope they don’t send a gift. (Actually I’ve never heard of the “Skiblets” and I’m glad about that.)

    I wouldn’t have known about the actual wedding either, except some people tweeted the exact date and city a couple of weeks ago. From what I can tell this morning, no crashers, just the hope that a pic of David’s girlfriend will emerge from the wedding.

    The girl/woman (I think she’s about 30 years old) with the bad Andy tattoo did stay away. What a difference a year or two makes, I bet you anything she would’ve shown up maybe even just a year ago. She seems to have prepped herself for Andy’s marriage by recently transitioning her obsession from Andy to the actor Jeremy Renner as his character in the movie Avengers. Maybe she can get her tattoo reworked with Jeremy’s face instead of Andy’s. 😉

    • songkat7 Says:

      Apparently, they did send the gift. :/

      I also found it eye-rolling worthy that someone in the comments on one of the pictures asked Andy who his best man was. Fishing, fishing…

  5. Nan Says:

    What young couple getting married doesn’t want as many gifts as possible from well-wishers? There are no strings attached and no expectation of recognition. And their registry is NOT password-protected. (Perhaps they do have a wedding website that is protected??? I have not looked, but that would make sense.) I don’t think it is insane to give a gift when you aren’t invited to a wedding. I’ve done that many many times.

    • freedavidcook Says:

      It’s not acceptable etiquette to send wedding gifts when you are not invited to the wedding. It’s presumptuous, hints at a relationship that is not there. It would have been different if Andy had tweeted those registry links or sent everyone an invitation but to just send a wedding gift out from a fan to a celebrity or someone you don’t have a family relationship or close friendship with is pushy. Feeling sorry for Jennie having to put up with the pushy tards surrounding her wedding.

    • nicole Says:

      [i] I don’t think it is insane to give a gift when you aren’t invited to a wedding. I’ve done that many many times.[/i]

      oh my god, you’re crazy.

      • Nan Says:

        I’ve given gifts to co-workers, neighbors, children of friends & cousins, friends of my children … Weddings are expensive and it costs the couple over $100 for each guest they invite, a cost seldom recouped in the gifts they receive. No one can afford to invite every friend or acquaintance or relative to their wedding. Nor do they want to. But they are usually glad to receive gifts from well-wishers, especially when it’s money or something they’ve registered.

        But maybe the etiquette has changed in the last 10 years, and I just haven’t heard about it …?

    • Rubber Ducky Says:


  6. Nonna-muss Says:

    But Andy and Jennie are none of the things listed to the fans that sent the gift. I believe THAT is the point.

  7. riley Says:

    Fans are not a co-worker, a neighbor children of friends or cousins. Those you actually have a real type a relationship. May not be a close one but it acceptable. Would you still be ok with it if it was a fan of a mega star like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, P. Diddy or Leonardo DiCaprio …. NO. That is a one way ticket to restraining order. It’s the same thing now. Only difference is that Andy is a very minor celebrity if he is one at all. Sorry but if I am him, when I get the gift I send it back saying return to sender person unknown.

  8. Peg Says:

    Thanks for this post. I am the one who originally brought this up in the group. When me and a couple of others were lambasted for saying something, I decided it best to delete the post and remove myself from the group. If they can’t listen to a fellow fan to try and reason with them to show it’s inappropriate, who will they listen to?

  9. deedee Says:

    Hi everyone. I read here every now and then because fans of Idol sometimes do the most embarrassing things, and it’s fun to roll your eyes at them.

    Having said that, I’m not sure sending a wedding gift to a “celebrity” is all that insane. Sure, if the fan hand-delivers it at the reception, or expects a personalized “thank you” note on wedding stationary – that’s crossing a few lines. But fans send gifts to their favourite stars all the time. If Lady Gaga or P.Diddy had to slap a restraining order on every fan that mailed them something (for whatever occasion or reason), then the courts would have no time for anything else.

    • sansdelusions Says:

      Sigh. I really thought things were calming down in this fandom. After all this time. Apparently not. Sighs again.

      Riley – first of all – ummm, Andy Skib is not a “celebrity” in any sense of the word – I am not even sure after all this time that Cook even qualifies for that handle – at this point, er… perhaps he’s a “personality?” Sure, whatever….

      That said, it is pretty clear that the sad sad folk who do feel compelled to gift their “pseudo-celeb-cum-personality-cum- some dude close to their flavor of the month” with some unsolicited and most assuredly unwelcomed wedding gift – really do not have any better way to spend their (I am assuming) hard earned bucks (not to mention their TIME) –

      Oh,and yeah, this DOES in fact make me question my OWN sanity as well – like who gives a flying F? Really? The point is – Andy is not your friend – he’s not your acquaintance- he’s not yr SO – FRACK! He’s NOT even the OBJECT of your desire! He’s just another interchangeable band member!!! Get over it already people.

      • deedee Says:

        I think you were replying to me, not Riley. Anyway, I agree – Andy is not really a celebrity, and arguably, neither is Cook anymore. BUT they are celebrity-ish to the people who have been following them closely for years — living and breathing all things Cook-related, so buying gifts is just an extension of that long-standing fanaticism.

        Is it creepy? Mmmm, I dunno. I guess all obsessive fandom is creepy. But, honestly, the gift thing doesn’t even register on my loon-o-meter because we’ve seen so much REAL craziness in Idolfanlandia in the past.

  10. Peg Says:

    People may send gifts to celebrities all the time, but do the scope out their registry through Google to find it? The registry wasn’t published anywhere. Some fan found it. That crosses the lin.

    • Natasha Says:

      If the said fan is who I think it is, she tried to rally the troops at another site to buy a gift, but the members there were sane enough to shoot down the idea. I’ll give her an “A” for persistence, but it is creepy.

  11. Beauxcefus Says:

    David has old freaks that worship his right leg – BWAHHHHH!! ILOVEDCYes on DC must be developmentally delayed, because who says they love someone’s RIGHT leg???? This is what is left of his fanbase. I think he is really trying to dump the remnants of his Idol fans like her by being as incommunicado with them as he can about his life and plans for his career after being dumped by RCA. DCO is like a ghost town, a lot of false bravado and panic masquerading as ‘patience’ blah blah… He’s totally off the radar, no buzz at all about him, he’s doing the charity and Asian circuit, which is like 3rd tier exposure in terms of have a real thriving career. And there are still idiots out there trying to still weasel their way into the lives of his bandmates? Pitiful, pitiful. The cone of so called silence from David is there for a reason – he just ain’t that into his fanbase anymore.

  12. BOTR Says:

    Just saw someone post this on Entertainment Tonight’s Facebook page:

    “A fun-filled coloring book for Adam Lambert fans, filled with line art drawings suitable for framing, coloring or glamorizing. Notable Adam-ism quotes are shared throughout the book. It’s time to do some “trespassing”. Allow your fabulously creative, inner-Glambert to emerge! Glamorize! Lambert-ize! Put on your favorite Adam music, grab some crayons or colored pencils. Don’t be skerred. Go ahead and pop that lock!”

    I feel sorry for any kid that gets this for Christmas.

  13. Beauxcefus Says:

    Lambert’s career is in the shitter too – it’s come down to getting 3rd rate promo being immortalized in ghetto coloring books on Amazon? – he has fallen off HARD. His fans are deserting him in droves, he can’t give his shitty outdated dance/disco/doodoo music away, nobody on radio will play him, the media could give 2 shits about him, Idol gave him their ass to kiss regarding being a judge – all he’s got left is living off the nostalgic fumes of Freddie Mercury’s glory fronting Queen – another Idol like Cook who couldn’t make it in the mainstream with their own material – their best days and career highlights were on the Idol stage, singing someone’s else’s hits. Lambert gets to carry on the karoake success a bit longer by fronting Queen. I expect the announcement from RCA that this turkey will be served for Thanksgiving, or soon after.

    • Rubber Ducky Says:

      Even Brian May doesn’t want him; as soon as those European Queen dates were done all mention of Madam was moved to archives on the Queen site 😆

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