Adam Lambert Coloring Book

Yesterday some kind soul dropped this link into my lap –

The Adam Lambert Coloring Book

Hhhhhahahahhahahahhahahahahhaha!!! A COLORING book!  What are Sparkle Cows, like five years old?

The only way I can see actually buying and scribbling this coloring book is a) you’re intellectually challenged and like Adam or b) you are one of his 12 year old fans. Maybe if you are stuck in bed with a bad illness that requires serious narcotics and you need something simple to do to keep still in bed. Anything else is just pathetic.

This is the point in the crazy American Idol fandoms where the super crazy is released. There’s nothing much really happening with the artist, the second CD is a huge flop, there is no news, some fans drop off and the rest start conspiracy theories so complex they would be envied by tin hat wearers.

Next comes the dropping by RCA of Adam, cancelling the contract. No more CDs with RCA. The fans will spin this that now Madam will be free to pursue his ‘own original perfect’ music. That’s where the Cooktards are right now. More on them later.

And to the artist: That photo is linked to from Amazon. I’m not violating your ‘copyright’. Did you know that the image of Adam is intellectual property that belongs to his record company. Are you going to be paying them their cut of your sales?
Muuahahahahhaha! *insert evil laugh here*

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9 Comments on “Adam Lambert Coloring Book”

  1. Rubber Ducky Says:

    😆 That is some tacky crap. Typical cow.

  2. nonna-muss Says:

    You know they’re going to draw pee-pees on Madam *huge ones of course* and draw Sauli in there performing oral on him. You know they will.

  3. Beauxcefus Says:

    *In Barney Fife voice*

    ”This beats everythang I ever seen”


    I’m getting soft, cause I’m feeling the slightest twing of embarrassment for him, having what must be the silliest, stupidest fans out there… they really have no shame or sense… my, how the mighty have fallen… Adam Lambert – Queen of the Comics!

    • BYork Says:

      They’ve been embarrassing all along. Remember the glam-bulge birthday cakes?

      I think the worst of it was some of the fan fiction. There was one so OTT about Gokey being jealous of “Kradam” that the glam one basically raped him to appease his jealousy. His core fans have always been free falling somewhere between Planet Fierce and earth.

  4. nerdgirl Says:

    Glamberts are gross.

  5. cornflake_especially Says:

    Did you see the comments under the “news” (ha) that Lambert or management had supposedly insured his voice for 40 plus million?? Really rich stuff… The poor deluded gals were claiming his voice was “PRICELESS”, and that the amount was not nearly enough. Out of their minds….

  6. cornflake_especially Says:

    Oh, and yes, the coloringbook is yet another manifestation of the “cultmembers” immaturity. They have been trying to buy up, and “gift” his latest single to everyone and their dog to no avail. Speaking of dogs, did you know they actually have a twitter account where you can “gift” his c.d. etc. to PETS? There will be a whole lotta howlin’ goin on! Animal abuse….ha

  7. Beauxcefus Says:

    What they gwine do now over at DCO? The domain name expired, there is no website, lololol… DCO went POOF! Oh, the huge manatee!

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