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Super Butt Hurt Clay Aiken Claymates

May 22, 2012

The words of the actual Claymates say way more than any smart assed commentary I could possibly add.  Enjoy. Pure comedy gold~!

First up is the Clack house




Now I never have to watch this again. The fix was in.

Clay never had a chance. There is NO WAY Arsenio deserved to win that.

I hate Donald Trump more than ever before. And that’s saying something. Another travesty. And guess what? I’m not even surprised. Just sickened.

Clay stay away from competition shows from now on. You are not meant to win them.

Arsenio was the chosen winner from day one.

Well – I said it yesterday – Does Donald Trump have the balls to let Clay Aiken beat Arsenio Hall? Nope

I am literally crying right now……..whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

So Clay now misses the media rounds this week. He gets to go home. Fuck.

I didn’t think this would piss me off but after what we saw tonight, Clay was superior. This should not have happened. I wil say what I have never posted ever…FUCK YOU Donald Trump.

Aresenio was the fucking Golden Boy the entire season! Never proved himself to be anything but a pushover. Trump knew who was winning this entire season. Clay worked his ass off, proved himself time and time again, brought in the most money in the end. I’m am baffled beyond belief!

Or, what Shady said…


Clay Aiken… loser forever.

I feel like I got hit with something very hard.

I can fill in the blanks. BULL SHIT!
Hubby said it too —– that he never even gave a freakin’ REASON – hell, there IS no reason!
And, I concur about Trump. I never liked the motherfucker anyway!

I’m actually thinking this may be best for Clay. He won’t be as tied to Trump, who has a tendency to bring the whacko and has articulated positions outside of the business realm that conflict with Clay’s views.

Yep, I’ve decided it’s going to be fine.

No, this was not best for Clay. He needed this. My God, I’m angry.

He raised twice as much money for his charity and put on a better, more tasteful event.

Backroom deal from the start, I’m guessing. Celebrity-business world is pretty cutthroat. Maybe Clay suspected.

I said I wasn’t going to cry.
I said I wasn’t going to let “this” get to me.
I said I “this show” didn’t matter.
I said I will FOREVER be proud of Clay Aiken no matter the outcome.

I lied about 3 of those things.

So, who’s gonna watch Arsenio’s late nightshow???

Not me, even if Clay is on. I’ll just download the Clay parts.

Wonder what kind of tweets DT is going to get for the next few days, huh?

What an asswipe…. my tears are dried, Clay is a better man…. and he will be fine. He was fine 9 years ago to the day, and he will be again. This time, more respect, and I love him!

Maybe Trump doesn’t have the balls to have a gay CApp.

The loss does sting but in the long run Trump likes Clay. He may find
private parties that Clay could sing at and also Clay is not tied to him.
Trump knows Clay is his own man, where Arsenio is a yes man.

We can also look at it this way: the second place title gives Clay another reason to enter still another tv competition, and we can see him on tv for another 10 weeks.

I cannot get over how pissed I am. I just am so upset for Clay. I don’t give a rat’s ass for Trump. Honestly, Clay makes more money for the National Inclusion Project at a gala. But I didn’t want him to be second again. It just sucks big balls.

O am so going to donate something to the National Inclusion Project this week in the name of being the real Capp winner. I think we all should. Even $10.

I will never sleep tonight.

After hearing about Magic Johnson’s new network I’m not as upset anymore. The fix was in from the start. Now we know why Arsenio was constantly name-dropping Magic’s name every episode.

Clay did very well. I think he gained a lot of respect from his appearance on this show. And his charity got a lot of exposure and a lot of money.

I’m more devastated that I thought I would be; I’ve got a huge pain in the center of my body. I know it’s silly to feel that way considering the real suffering that befalls so many human beings and animals. I could come up with a few really special words to describe Trump, but I’m going to let my husband do the talking:

“Trump can do a comb over with his hair, but he’ll never be able to do a comb over his barren soul.”

I love my husband who stayed up late to console me if Clay lost or to celebrate with me if he won, even though he has to get up very early tomorrow to go to work. And I love Clay Aiken. I should have known that Trump has no integrity and no shame.

Going to the Inclusion website to give a donation.

feel better now that I made my donation. I did it “in honor of: Clay Aiken” and wrote that we know the fix was in and that Face the Nation is all the win we need.

Shiness, Clay will make jokes about it, because that’s how he’s learned to survive the put downs and the insults. And, frankly, that’s the best way for him to react in public.

Edited to say that I was really tempted to go stuff my face with crap, but I decided that my body didn’t deserve to be punished because Trump is the devil’s minion.

I am trying very hard to think of the positives. Lots of much needed exposure for the National Inclusion Project. People, not just us, getting to get to know Clay and see what a funny, hardworking, talented in many areas leader he can be. The new-found respect he is receiving from many. That wonderful duet. The fact that he was on my tv for 13 straight weeks. I am trying, but mostly I am just pissed and hurting for Clay. He deserved to win, again.

My heart hurts, by head hurts, my stomach hurts, I threw up and now I’m going to bed.

I hope Clay is strong and happy tonight. Im sure he will rise again. The national exposure brought to the National Inclusion Project is good.

Perhaps his stint on FTN and CApp will jump start his career in a different direction. His talents are limitless.

MHO: Arse Hall did little all season long, flew right under the radar.

I’m more devastated that I thought I would be; I’ve got a huge pain in the center of my body.

I know it’s silly to feel that way considering the real suffering that befalls so many human beings and animals. I could come up with a few really special words to describe Trump, but I’m going to let my husband do the talking:

“Trump can do a comb over with his hair, but he’ll never be able to do a comb over his barren soul.”

There were also a lot of angry threatening twitter rants directed at Donald Trump and at Donald Trump Jr. Donald Trump Jr. called the cries of a fixed predetermined result bullshit.

There is oodles more insane butthurtness on many different other boards but they all read just about like the stuff above. Here’s a place where there’s more whining than you can shake a stick at ––Proud—Clay-Donate–NIP–Celeb?page=14

Just substitute the name “Donald Trump” for “Simon Cowell” and “Arsenio” for “Ruben” and it’s just like nine years ago when Clay lost Idol.


Clay Aiken Loses Again

May 21, 2012

Okay, it just has to be said…

*Nelson Munce voice* – HA HA!

Clay lost “Celebrity Apprentice” tonight to Arsenio Hall. I’m convinced that he lost for the same reason lots of celebs have lost this competition. Because you cannot be a back stabbing unpleasant fight-picking game-playing person and win. Notice how the majority of CA winners have been nice people that went out of their way to a) work with others, b) not take offense at others and most importantly c) be a decent NICE person to everyone.

The ancient Claymates are so incredibly butt hurt of this that they are issuing huge Fuck Yous to Donald Trump. Newsflash Claymates, Mr. Donald Trump is laughing all the way to the bank at your silly threats and obscenities because he got you to watch and got the advertising dollars. He is the real winner.

Gee, this is just about like when Clay was on Idol. He lost that too. Big loser.

David Cook In Love, Danny Gokey In Greed

May 5, 2012

I’m backkkkkkkkkk… like a bad penny popping up again I decided that a stinking pile of human crap one of either a David Cook or Adam Lambert fan left with a nasty note under a tree in my back yard isn’t going to stop me from talking about the foolishness of fandom. Or even the foolishness of the American Idols. Plus now I’ve filed a police report AND put up motion triggered lights with cameras on the back and front of my house. Even if a fantard never poops in my yard enough I want to catch one of the Bumpass kids throwing rocks in my Koi pond again. They like to try and scare the fish.

So did everyone miss me? I bet you did. I’ve been busy.

I thought I was done with all this fan foolishness and writing about any of it but I kept being drug kicking and screaming back by various things I just have to comment upon.

First, it looks very much like “Celebrity Apprentice” just might come down to a Redhead versus Redhead finale. Clay Aiken and Aubrey O’Day seem like they’re both playing the wonderful backstabbing gaslighting game till it’s just the two evil gingerkids standing. I find Clay less annoying than I did early in the season but this is not exactly how I’d anticipated it might play out.  I wish Trump would make them mud wrestle for the final win but alas that’s just not to be.

The thing that poked me into coming back here to post was one very unintentional Danny Gokey sighting with zero Gokeytards around. Horrible tale…

Okay, so there was this ‘event’ in DC that my friends gave me tickets to that was rescheduled till last Sunday afternoon. It turned out to be a Joel Osteen conference. I’m not particularly in like with Osteen but my better half has a huge Jesus hardon for everything coming out of Osteen’s mouth.

So there I sat, semi bored in the sunshine of National Stadium when they announced a boy that had SEEN THE LIGHT and was now an AWARD WINNING CHRISTIAN ARTIST after the degradation of Rock n Roll and Country, out popped  Danny Gokey onto the stage. Ugh,, he started to sing songs from his new Christian cd.. Ugh Imagine the Gokey doucheface on huge screens around the stadium.

See the crappy picture I took with my craptastic new cell phone…

…..what followed was simply HORRIFYING, worse than Osteen’s huge chomper sparkling teeth, THE DANNY GOKEY STORY with photos of him and Sofia, his confession he fell into a horrible depression after AI because he’d lost his way from the LORD and went places he wasn’t supposed to go before finding Jesus, happiness and his new wife. Huge photos of all this shit flashed on the screens before he made an appeal for people to donate to some new charity he has healing homeless families with music…..

Mercifully it was over quickly. Gokey received a very tepid reception and I spotted no one behaving like a Gokeyfantard.

Heard a short time ago that during David Cook’s gig tonight for the post-Race For The Cure that he announced from the stage that he had found someone that made him happy, like forever happy and was in love..

Good for him. I heard that the fans reacted positively, which I do have a hard time believing considering how anyone he was ever even slightly interested in always got loads of stupid and hateful from his frauen. I predict before the weekend is out there will be much hand wringing and crying in fan land. This is one of those times I pray I’m wrong, it would be awesome if his fans accepted his news graciously and were as happy for him as they are reputed to be tonight.



Clay Aiken Claymates Reactive to Clay Bitch Mode

March 11, 2012

I’m sure you know by now that Claylene is on Donald Trump’s show, “Celebrity Apprentice”  So far we’ve seen Clay talking on his cell phone, giving bitchy asides in the confessional cam, explaining he’s not the type of gay man that knows about ladies shoes or fashion (just really horribly bad plastic surgery it seems), talking down to others like George Takei, He’s been snide, he’s used very disrespectful tones when talking to others, particularly with gentle senior citizen George Takei in the episode filmed at Medieval Times (or as Gotti likes to spell it Mid Evil Times) Clay barked at George during rehearsals. That voice~! So damned whiny most of the time. Even whiny in his recaps sometimes..

His behavior certainly isn’t winning new fans over, that’s for sure. Lumpen bumpen waxen snotty entitled bitchy prissy pissy. He should take his behavior clues from Penn Jillette,  or perhaps even George Takei or the Trump brothers, all men who seem to comport themselves with great class and grace instead of catty remarks.

I don’t know perhaps that that Restylane in his face is painful and making him Kranken.

But the comical thing about Claylene besides the horrific mess he made of his face is the defense of him by the few Claymates that haven’t died off from age or infirmity. They are claiming the bad blood between Clay and George is due to George probably hitting on Claylene and being rejected. As if! I guess in Clayland he’s just so zexzy that every gay man, even those in long term committed relationships cannot RESIST Wax Figure Clay.

I opine that George may have hit on Clay early on and Clay turned him down. What do they say about a woman scorned?

I still think he had the hots for Clay and Clay was not interested. For heaven sake, he is older than his mother by a long shot but he sure comes off as sour grapes to me. Not listening. Sick of it. He got fired. End of discussion.

Don’t forget, George T is bff’s with Howard Stern, the original and most virulent Clay hater out there.

Could be, but just because someone is getting married, doesn’t preclude a wondering eye. Or hand. I think the gentleman doth protest too much. I’m probably wrong.

My thoughts too. Slow to process, word finding difficulties, memory issues (having to read the script at Medieval Times). I also noticed that when Clay made the joke about George going to school with Betty White that others laughed but George did not. The people I work with are at least 20 years younger than I and they never ever make jokes about my age – even though I do. I know Clay was going for the laugh but he would never take this approach for a young person with cognitive deficits and I was a little uncomfortable hearing him to this to an older person.

Finally! A glimmer of common sense. Rare as young fresh skin in Clayland.

And I chuckled. I thought it was the perfect line and anybody with a half a sense of humor at the receiving end would have chuckled too, IMO. He didn’t say he went to school with a feeble, old person who drools on themselves. Betty White is known for being old but ageless.

and Clay gets accused of ‘bitchiness’

Regarding Clay – – he has come off as a pissy little bitch to me. Maybe if he demonstrated as much ability on his tasks as he does on pointing the finger, I would feel differently.

Cluck-cluck clueless Claymates to the resqueeeeeeeeee! Playin’ that homophobe card. Sweethearts, all homos aren’t acting like Clay has on the show. If the Manolo fits, cram that fucker on your foot.

Clay has shown that he is extremely capable and that he gets the job done. He suggested calling Ivanka for help and was shot down. He suggested inviting both Ivanka and Ivana to model in their windows and was shot down. He was the one that found 3 sets of twins who would cheerfully model for free. He was in there getting the models ready and steaming the girls shirt moments before show time.

Reading his blog recap on gives a very thorough recap of the show and includes juicy bits of what went on behind the scenes that were left on the cutting room floor.

Maybe if he weren’t gay the words pissy and bitch would not be chosen. Actually calling a 6’1″ man “little” is a bit odd unless it is meant to diminish and degrade. All the other guys, except Michael the Invisible, are crafty and cunning and smart but the gay man is a pissy little bitch.

Someone sounds rather butthurt? Clean up, aisle one!

Did you know that since the show started the biggest search engine terms barging into this place have been:

  • “Clay Aiken plastic surgery nightmare”
  • “Was Clay Aiken a woman before Idol”
  • “Is Clay Aiken getting male to female gender reassignment surgery”

You can tell Claylene is doing a bang-up job impressing the American television watching public when all anyone can Google about is the travesty that is his face now.
Have heard rumors that a Penn Jillette and Clay Aiken throw down is going to go down at some point very soon on the show. I cannot wait. Perhaps Lou Ferrigno will snap his waxy little self in two pieces and back to Madame Tussards he’ll go for repair. You never know. Stay tuned folks.

ETA: Speculation on Clay’s surgery from

Celebrity Bad Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery 24

Adam Lambert Sparkle Cow Says Queen Fans Are “Tards”

March 3, 2012

I got a comment on the other post positing that Queen fans are also ‘Tards’ from a Sparkle Cow. Here it is..

Whats the term you are using here a lot about David Cook “tards”: entitled fans or something like that? Seems to me there is suddenly many entitled Queen fans telling Brian May what to do with his band. A bit funny, that.

I had to answer them because they still don’t get it. But why am I surprised since they are stuck in a delusion they have been trying to rationalize away for three years now. It’s really about the music.


No, there is a difference. Queen fantards do not do the crazy things that Idol fans seem to do. I’ve yet to hear of a flat Freddie or Brian May being toted around, birthday parties being set up with decorated cakes, trackers stuffed under buses, tattoos of band members or lyrics on someone’s feet or back. Granted there are always tards in most every fan pack, but I am just not seeing the same percentage or level of crazy that Idol fans bring.

Thinking the difference is that Idol contestants are on television for weeks on end, allowing those that aren’t real music fans to feel ‘connected’ to the Idol because of the tv exposure, hence the crazy overconnection i.e. pararelationalism that occurs. People who’s primary concern is the actual music would never act like that, just the ones that see something pretty and sparkly on tv and project all their desires upon, like the Sparkle Cows.

Basically most of the Idol contestants and some (many) of the winners are nothing more than televised karaoke singers. Daughtry isn’t. Bowersox isn’t. and there aren’t too many more than aren’t.. Nicki McKibbin has potential.

And it isn’t always their own fault. Guys like Cook hone their stagecraft by years of playing other peoples music in cover bands in bars throughout the country. Taylor did that. I can’t explain Clay Aiken, there is no explanation except to say the site is getting an unusual number of hits asking if he’s had plastic surgery, or did he do the female to male surgery pre Idol or is he doing the male to female surgery now. All very puzzling.

But it really does all go back to the music, which is what all you tards forget, falling in love with some guy you see on tv and listening to any stupid dreck he might record.


In the comments below the Sparkle Cow someone pointed out that Queen is not Brian May’s personal band to do what he wants with. He was part of it, not the main part of it. Queen started out as four separate dudes with the same stake in the band.

Clay Aiken – Dude Looks Like A Lady & David Cook & Adam Lambert Fans

January 15, 2012

Last night someone pointed out to me that there is a new competition between David Cooktards and Adam Lambertards. Something called “American Idol Smackdown” on radio station 98.7 out of Tampa, Florida. They are asking fans to rate if Lambert’s new single or Cook’s is better. So far the comments are pretty tame but I have a feeling this has the potential to turn into Crazy Cakes Land soon enough. That’s when the Glamcows stop rushing all over the interwebs trying to rationalize and defend the Glittery One over his recent alcohol fueled slapfest.

Some wag that sounds almost like Kerry Kolsch suggested that the two people voting that they disliked both singles must be people that voted for Kris Allen and David Archuletta. Hey, at least Archuletta got a big honking Christmas special this year on PBS. Did Adam or David get a Christmas eggstravaganza anywhere on teevee? Oh hells naw.

Plus, Allen and Archuelette fans seem a tad more, I don’t know, sane and rational than Cooktards or GlitteryBovines.

The other amusing fan delusional behavior this week has been the angry angry Clay Aiken Grannies, the Claymates, trying to pretend that Claylene hasn’t had something new done to his face. Photos were released this week of Clay posing for his upcoming turn on “Celebrity Apprentice”

Judge for yourself….

Depends are twisting all over Granny Fannys as the Clay Fantards rush to say that he’s not had anything done at all beyond a TMJ jaw fix. Bullshit. He’s as stitched, pulled, stuffed as a cheap carnival stuffed animal prize. There’s more filler in that face than a bargain hotdog made of hooves and assholes.

One plastic surgery website had an interesting theory back in 2009 as to way Clay is dabbling in such heavy plastic surgery.

What genius in Clay Aiken’s entourage decided that plumper lips would make him look more masculine? Whomever they are, they should be fired. Clay looked more manly when he started out than he does now. The shag haircut, the glass, heavy layer of foundation, and plumped up lips make him look like someone testing the waters before they decide to get a sex change.

Damn, he’d make one very ugly woman. I hope this is not why he’s been indulging in facial enhancement.

Clay Aiken Crazy Tard Art

August 24, 2011

More Clay skerry art. Unfortunately none of them come close to yesterdays “Kitten Clay Out Too Late”

….and she seriously did not pick up on the fact that he was gay? Really?

The rest of these just look like Clay’s special needs cousins on a day out of the facility…

This one might be a little more special needs than the rest..

That is one nasty looking fudgecicle he looks ready to chow down on..