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Adam Lambert – Sparkle Cows Create More Excuses

June 8, 2012

It must be a busy paranoid obsessional place online where the herd hangs out because they have come up with some gems since I posted a few days ago.

It ain’t easy, not even for the established….

Now, before you read what’s in the link, and I want ya to really pay attention to what’s being said, I want to give you serious food for thought.

We HAVE to trust that RCA KNOWS what they are doing with Adam as they have been in a somewhat similar situation MANY times. If you look back on their record, they have had some of the most talented, controversial, out of the box artists of all time. And made huge, LIFE LONG ICON’s out of all of them. And it didn’t happen overnight. All have encountered walls they had to climb. Anyone who has followed my posts have seen the statistics posted many, MANY times, the uphill battle most artists have to climb before hitting ‘The Big Time’. Even those that seem to have been overnight sensations have paid some serious, serious dues that so many of Adam’s fans seem to neglect to see.

That said, I post this link, not to stir up the forum, but to show that EVEN the Bieb’s has trouble with radio right now. In the next breath, I plead—please understand that what Bieb’s team did, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for Adam.


I’ve always gone on the belief that the label knows what it’s doing better than the fans do. So, no surprise at what I see in that article. Bieber is in a bit of a predicament as a teen heartthrob who’s starting to grow up, and he needs to become a more solid talent to maintain his position, which can’t be easy on him, and obviously his label is recognizing that and putting its engines behind him. I don’t listen to his music so I don’t know what his chances are, but I get your point. Short-term mega-success doesn’t necessarily ensure long-term success. With that in mind, I would much rather see Adam with a slow rise initially that moves ever upward over time.

I just wish there wasn’t such a sense of frenetic desperation sometimes in Adam’s fanbase. I can’t maintain my balance when there is so much of that flying around. There does need to be more trust placed in the process, I think. I won’t repeat what I’ve said many times in the past. There have been some very good threads here today about staying postive and exercising some patience in our expectations. I know everybody just wants the best for Adam.


I’m not making any judgments or second guessing RCA or Adam who probably has input into this. I’m a logical person and think logically and this is not logical to me. But I know what you mean..I stated in another post that upon thinking about it I have not heard the Beibs new song or Kris Allen’s or any of the top charters recently on any of my local stations and they are not on their playlists, even Carrie. I don’t even hear Cook or Daughtry (who I love) hardly anymore, but they are playing Goyte. But I have seen a lot of the Biebs on magazine covers of all sorts in the stores. And I either hear buble gum pop, hip hop or the old good rock songs. Something weird seems to be going on in radioland and nobody is fessing up or explaining or can explain. Seems like everybody is fighting for a piece of the radio pie. IMHO

I am being patient also and feel this is a learning experience for all of us.


Why can’t Adam’s management get him performing on the Award shows, this is where he can get major visibility. I can be patient, in fact I think they gave up too quickly on BTIKM. I think the label felt that NCOE would do better because they could play off the fact that Bruno Mars wrote it. Whatever, I will keep requesting both songs.


Yep Adam is doing very well and I think that Justin is getting into a bit of a predicament because he is now 18 and still sings teenybopper song material. As he gets older that has to change for his career to continue but I don’t think he has the singing talent to do that. His young fans aren’t looking at talent they like him because he’s cute. I have said this before but I think as his fans tastes grow up they will leave justin behind because they will realize he’s not that talented as a vocalist and the cutie pie stuff will grow tired. Look at Lady Ga Ga’s rise to superstardom it took several years before she was even on the radar of many music lovers. She was considered strange, eccentric and in a league of her own. She was enormously talented yet it also took years before she won a Grammy. With a couple of exceptions most of the big stars were around for a while before they were household names and it has been that way for decades. There is literally no such thing as overnight success in the literal sense for most artists. Patience is what we need right now. it will happen just not when some fans would like that’s all

Those poor poor soldiers in Afghanistan! The other scheme is to push the numbers up by buying and donating the CDs everywhere. But that’s an old frau tactic first emerging from the original insane fans, the Claymates. Gifting Trespassing to fellow fans & to Charities

If you need a copy of Trespassing and can’t afford it pleaseDM me @lindajean139 or @adamstormhits or @giftadamsmusic on twitter. Please contact the above if you can be the one who gifts. – Thanks

The following is a list of organizations that welcome CD donations:
Musicians On Call
“Sometimes a dose of music is just what the doctor ordered. That’s why Musicians on Call provides hospitals with CD Pharmacies: Complete CD libraries and accompanying disc players for patient use.

We currently have CD Pharmacies throughout all 50 states and Washington D.C., as well as Puerto Rico and Ireland.

Do you have CD’s to donate to our CD Pharmacy Program?” Donation Instructions


Music Can Cure

2900 Slater Rd
Salem, Oh 44460
Attn: Angie Persello
Tel: 234-567-3220

Music Can Cure collects and donates music CDs to teenagers in hospitals who are suffering from terminal diseases.

Sister Soldier Project, LLC

P.O. Box 1311
Grover Beach, CA 93483
Attn: Myraline Morris Whitaker
Phone # for shipping purposes: 805-284-1337

You might also send Myraline an email letting her know that you contributed to Sister Soldier Project, along with a note to include with the CD. Myraline’s e-mail address is

Sister Soldier Packing Party:…
Project! @1n10

Linda Elliott, Executive Director
Suite 2011
2700 N. 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Tel No.: 602-400-2601

Supports gay youth/gift FYE CDs; they’re on @adamlambert bandwagon! 1n10 would be thrilled if we could gift FYE CD’s for the youth. I volunteer with 1n10 and they are phenomenal. Please enclose a note to the kids such as “it gets better because we support and appreciate you!” Send FYE CDs to:


CDs can be sent to them at:


P.O. Box 2008
Cleveland, TN 37320

Discs For Dogs

No matter what’s on the disc, it’s sold for a dollar or less from a “Used and Abused” bin in a western New York CD store. The pet-friendly philanthropists will reimburse donors for shipping costs for all CD contributions, then pass all proceeds on to the local chapter of the ASPCA.

Phone: 716-447-9786

Housing Works

If you’ve already burned your entire music collection onto an MP3 player the size of a thumbtack, clear your shelves by handing off the used CDs (but no cassettes, ’80s children) to one of NYC’s prominent charity stores. It funds HIV/AIDS assistance programs with the proceeds from its 50 boutiques and program spots throughout the five boroughs.

126 Crosby St between E Houston and Prince Sts

Phone: 212-334-3324

Hello fellow Glamberts! Once again I’m asking for some gifting help – for individuals as well as charity.

Like myself, almost all of my friends are low income (students, unemployed, disabled) so buying music is often an unaffordable luxury. I was overwhelmed when responded to my first request and immediately sent me 5 cd’s. I gave them to my friends who were already interested in Adam, and they were thrilled and very touched by Glambert generosity. I have more friends (and friends of friends) who’ve finally expressed curiosity now that others (besides me, the crazy Glambert) are singing Adam’s praises. I’d love to give Trespassing to them as well. Many don’t have computers or iPhones so cd’s are preferable. I should be able to find happy homes for 5-10 more cd’s. Smiling

The Gay Alliance of the Genessee Valley is the gay community center here in Rochester, NY (w They have many programs and services, including youth outreach. I haven’t contacted them yet – I wanted to guage your interest first. Once I’ve heard from a few Glamberts, I can contact the GAGV to see if they’re interested and to get an idea of how many cd’s they might need since I have no idea how many folks regularly use their services. If the cd’s were sent to me first instead of directly to the GAGV, I thought I could tape a note to each one that said something like:

“This cd was donated by fans committed to supporting Adam Lambert, who is an incredibly talented artist and also openly gay. We want Adam’s music to be heard, so if you like it, please tell all your friends and send requests for the single Never Close Our Eyes to Rochester’s Top 40 radio station, 98 PXY. We want to support Adam’s career, so please don’t make illegal copies; if you’re financially able, consider purchasing an album (or single) for a friend. We hope you enjoy Trespassing!”

So how bout it Glamberts? Please reply here if you’re interested, and then we can work out the details. I also have a twitter account now: @RhaChaCha.

Many thanks to all who can help! – LSF Smiling

Haven’t most of those recipients suffered enough? I guess you think you have to pile it on…

Clay Aiken Loses Again

May 21, 2012

Okay, it just has to be said…

*Nelson Munce voice* – HA HA!

Clay lost “Celebrity Apprentice” tonight to Arsenio Hall. I’m convinced that he lost for the same reason lots of celebs have lost this competition. Because you cannot be a back stabbing unpleasant fight-picking game-playing person and win. Notice how the majority of CA winners have been nice people that went out of their way to a) work with others, b) not take offense at others and most importantly c) be a decent NICE person to everyone.

The ancient Claymates are so incredibly butt hurt of this that they are issuing huge Fuck Yous to Donald Trump. Newsflash Claymates, Mr. Donald Trump is laughing all the way to the bank at your silly threats and obscenities because he got you to watch and got the advertising dollars. He is the real winner.

Gee, this is just about like when Clay was on Idol. He lost that too. Big loser.

Clay Aiken Claymates Reactive to Clay Bitch Mode

March 11, 2012

I’m sure you know by now that Claylene is on Donald Trump’s show, “Celebrity Apprentice”  So far we’ve seen Clay talking on his cell phone, giving bitchy asides in the confessional cam, explaining he’s not the type of gay man that knows about ladies shoes or fashion (just really horribly bad plastic surgery it seems), talking down to others like George Takei, He’s been snide, he’s used very disrespectful tones when talking to others, particularly with gentle senior citizen George Takei in the episode filmed at Medieval Times (or as Gotti likes to spell it Mid Evil Times) Clay barked at George during rehearsals. That voice~! So damned whiny most of the time. Even whiny in his recaps sometimes..

His behavior certainly isn’t winning new fans over, that’s for sure. Lumpen bumpen waxen snotty entitled bitchy prissy pissy. He should take his behavior clues from Penn Jillette,  or perhaps even George Takei or the Trump brothers, all men who seem to comport themselves with great class and grace instead of catty remarks.

I don’t know perhaps that that Restylane in his face is painful and making him Kranken.

But the comical thing about Claylene besides the horrific mess he made of his face is the defense of him by the few Claymates that haven’t died off from age or infirmity. They are claiming the bad blood between Clay and George is due to George probably hitting on Claylene and being rejected. As if! I guess in Clayland he’s just so zexzy that every gay man, even those in long term committed relationships cannot RESIST Wax Figure Clay.

I opine that George may have hit on Clay early on and Clay turned him down. What do they say about a woman scorned?

I still think he had the hots for Clay and Clay was not interested. For heaven sake, he is older than his mother by a long shot but he sure comes off as sour grapes to me. Not listening. Sick of it. He got fired. End of discussion.

Don’t forget, George T is bff’s with Howard Stern, the original and most virulent Clay hater out there.

Could be, but just because someone is getting married, doesn’t preclude a wondering eye. Or hand. I think the gentleman doth protest too much. I’m probably wrong.

My thoughts too. Slow to process, word finding difficulties, memory issues (having to read the script at Medieval Times). I also noticed that when Clay made the joke about George going to school with Betty White that others laughed but George did not. The people I work with are at least 20 years younger than I and they never ever make jokes about my age – even though I do. I know Clay was going for the laugh but he would never take this approach for a young person with cognitive deficits and I was a little uncomfortable hearing him to this to an older person.

Finally! A glimmer of common sense. Rare as young fresh skin in Clayland.

And I chuckled. I thought it was the perfect line and anybody with a half a sense of humor at the receiving end would have chuckled too, IMO. He didn’t say he went to school with a feeble, old person who drools on themselves. Betty White is known for being old but ageless.

and Clay gets accused of ‘bitchiness’

Regarding Clay – – he has come off as a pissy little bitch to me. Maybe if he demonstrated as much ability on his tasks as he does on pointing the finger, I would feel differently.

Cluck-cluck clueless Claymates to the resqueeeeeeeeee! Playin’ that homophobe card. Sweethearts, all homos aren’t acting like Clay has on the show. If the Manolo fits, cram that fucker on your foot.

Clay has shown that he is extremely capable and that he gets the job done. He suggested calling Ivanka for help and was shot down. He suggested inviting both Ivanka and Ivana to model in their windows and was shot down. He was the one that found 3 sets of twins who would cheerfully model for free. He was in there getting the models ready and steaming the girls shirt moments before show time.

Reading his blog recap on gives a very thorough recap of the show and includes juicy bits of what went on behind the scenes that were left on the cutting room floor.

Maybe if he weren’t gay the words pissy and bitch would not be chosen. Actually calling a 6’1″ man “little” is a bit odd unless it is meant to diminish and degrade. All the other guys, except Michael the Invisible, are crafty and cunning and smart but the gay man is a pissy little bitch.

Someone sounds rather butthurt? Clean up, aisle one!

Did you know that since the show started the biggest search engine terms barging into this place have been:

  • “Clay Aiken plastic surgery nightmare”
  • “Was Clay Aiken a woman before Idol”
  • “Is Clay Aiken getting male to female gender reassignment surgery”

You can tell Claylene is doing a bang-up job impressing the American television watching public when all anyone can Google about is the travesty that is his face now.
Have heard rumors that a Penn Jillette and Clay Aiken throw down is going to go down at some point very soon on the show. I cannot wait. Perhaps Lou Ferrigno will snap his waxy little self in two pieces and back to Madame Tussards he’ll go for repair. You never know. Stay tuned folks.

ETA: Speculation on Clay’s surgery from

Celebrity Bad Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery 24

Unchained Melody? Bitch Please!

March 30, 2011

Looks like the potential for an idiot fan war is supah high right now. Too bad it’s not the Cooktards and the Sparkle Cows squaring off. That I’d pay to see.

Nope, it’s the internut rumble will be between the fans of Constantine “Greasy-skeavy butt-sexing-teenagers” Maroulis and Clay “Oops I ruined my face” Aiken. Turns out that on Clay’s last cd he recorded ‘Unchained Melody’ and now Constantscum has done the same thing. Cons fans are expecting him to sing it on ‘American Idol” this week.

Right now it’s only a few fans that have realized that Constantine has recorded the same song as Clay and are grumbling about it but expect it to turn into a full fledged stupids rumble if Conny sings it on this weeks AI. The explosion in Clayland will be epic as they rush forward to attack Contards by proclaiming that the song belongs only to Clay from now on. Waves upon waves of stupid.

Speaking of stupid, I’ve been watching the fall-out and comments on the People magazine article of Constantscum and his bambino. The whole nasty gang has been at it, Studiolady (cough, cough, usually an L. Anne pseudonym or Debbie), Judyes (she who once street-teamed a parrot) and a host of other familiar names. The comments are worth the uncomfortableness of the pictures of Constantine whoring out an innocent child for publicity – People Magazine.

The baby’s Momma, pretty Angel Reed, has started a blog with some very nice photos of the baby and herself too as well – Angel Reed’s blog. Proud momma and beautiful pictures of the baby. What makes the blog both wince-worthy and comical at the same time is that Constantine’s same fans that were busy bashing momma during the pregnancy and afterward, are busy signing up as followers and kissing Angel’s derriere right now. I predict the moment she says something on the blog they dislike they will turn on her like a pack of ravenous piranhas on an innocent lamb that wandered into the water.

I wish Angel and Malena well and to stay far far away from the insano Contards like Little Skatertard and others just as nutty.

Freakin’ Golden!

February 1, 2011

So I didn’t think I would be posting but there is just so much delicious stuff happening in the American Idol over the top fan-world not to. Lots to talk about, lots of different fan bases.

Looks like Adam Lambert’s sacred Sparkling Cows neglected to get him that Maserati for his birthday a few days ago. I also saw no evidence in the tweetings and postings of the herd about the discussed heavy silver cuff bracelet they were supposedly going to have custom made for him. I did however see all the good, bad and the ugly fan party cakes posted over at that fun place better known as Top Idol. Take a look at the cakes and the fan videos if you need a good laugh. Black and purple frosting just tastes super nasty no matter how you slice that cake.

Can someone rationally explain to me this making of cake for someone who doesn’t even know you exist and will be be feasting on it? It just comes across as very creepy and emotionally over invested.

Also, is it my imagination or has Adam been dabbling with cheap cheap plastic surgery? His cheeks and jaw line post-tour are looking like he’s been having filler injected, like maybe knockoff Restylane. Something has tweaked his face and not for the better.

Speaking of American Idols who have been unkind to their faces via plastic surgery…

It looks like Clay Aiken’s tour, Moneyless,…. err, I meant Timeless must not have been very financially lucrative. There are rumors out that Clay is just about on the knife’s edge of poverty. He’s trying to sell his gaudy mansion and has nothing really lined up for the future. I’m sure paying off all the guys he’s had dirty trysts with is a severe drain on his finances. The Clay Aiken Fraud Squad has been talking about his lack of dough lately in their comments section. Decca dropped his ass like like a little girl with cooties wearing last years couture.

How much longer before Clay goes back to teaching school?

Word in Hell Lay is that David Cook is busy hiding from his usual crowd of idiot stalkers. Poor guy can’t even have a nosh of Red Velvet Pancakes at his favorite griddle place without the LA stalkers getting wind and racing over. He’s been a no show at most of the concerts and happenings involving his band members because that gang of creeps keeps showing up like poisoned mushrooms after the rain. That’s too sad because I have heard that most celebs like the anonymity that living in Los Angeles. Not for Baldy. No safe place unless he starts donning a disguise.

The sad thing is the LA Stalkers seem to erroneously believe that they are his BEST FRIENDS EVAH!!

And what the heck is going on with his sophomore album? Very very quiet out there.

Last but not least it looks like Constantine Maroulis’ few remaining fantards are picking on one of his ex-tards, the one I like to call Little Skater Girl because she looks like a child or perhaps a sufferer of Turner Syndrome. She has seen ‘Rock of Ages’ about a million times but recently portable slime Conny said something to her that put her completely off The Greasy One. Conny’s few faithful are busy beating their gums trying to figure out what he said and sticking the knife in her back for dropping Constantine like her falling on fanny during skating practice.

That’s too bad that Little Skater Girl is no longer lusting for Constantine because I love her. She is love. She is my favorite one in the fandom. How could you ever hate on someone brave enough to use American Idol music as their performance music?

Feast your eyes on her –

Stopped watching the American Idol auditions. It’s just not that interesting now.