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Oh Brother, Can You Spare..

September 26, 2010

…a Maserati?

Turns out that the birthday of Adam Lambert is upcoming and his Sparkle Cows at Adam Official have come up with a special birthday present for him. The Herd wants to give him a brand spanking new Maserati.

It doesn’t seem to matter to them that he’s publicly asked them not to keep giving him gifts. Adam long ago asked them to give whatever they would spend on a gift to Donors Choose to the worthy cause of the Arts in the classrooms. Kids benefit from his request, which is a great idea in this time when many school districts are strapped for cash to operate.

So the Sparkle Cows are going to completely ignore Adam’s request and collect money for this 100K car.

One of them commented that since Farmer Adam has 600K followers on Twitter if they could only get everyone to donate a buck then there would be plenty for the car, insurance and gas cards or the excess could go to Donors Choose. But that’s some pretty flawed reasoning. Nearly everyone’s Twitters are clogged with either porn bots or commercial enterprise bots as followers. Add in media and people like me that follow just so that they can point and laugh and you have a large block of folks who would never kick in a buck. My guess is that there’s going to be only a small fraction of the 600K to give.

Even if everyone gave and the ignoring Adam’s request was cool, who in the fandom would be spearheading the collection of the money? This has a huge potential for rip off, like the Jason Castro Towelgate and other supposed collections for charity for various Idols ending in the Head Money Collecting Tard keeping the dough.

But you Sparkle Cows keep on with the car birthday present idea please. The beginning of the in fighting in making those of us on the outside of the pasture laugh our asses off. This is going to be epic before it’s over. Cluster-f potential is enormous!

Get Kerry Kolsch to kick in her profits from her Madam related book.

Oh Brother!

More Mad Sparkle Cow Disease Afoot

September 19, 2010

Or would it be hoof in mouth disease? I don’t know.

What I do know is that you bitches are crazy, you Adam Lambert fans, you glittery bovines. This week has been filled with your irrational behavior defending your Idol.

Reality check time.

You guys are a big old ball of crazy Fag Hags. Please stop it. Enjoy the man’s music and concerts without heading into territory reserved for Lifetime Movie Channel and mental hospitals.

Big deal, so the guy on E’s “The Daily 10” said something mean and snarky about Adam’s slap and tickle fight with the grinning photographer. Get over it. Don’t try to spam the guy silly, threaten his livelihood and life.

What type of crazy and threats would the Herd bring if say, the KKK or those douche bags that picket soldiers funerals, decided to picket Adam’s shows and burn his CDs? If you react like this to a snotty (and funny) remark what happens when someone really is mean and homophobic? Do you pull out nuclear weapons and thermalize the place?

Attacks and howling for the heads of anyone that doesn’t think Adam is the Second Coming of Elvis Presley fused with the Beatles. Why? Yes, yes, I know you love Adam but for gawd’s sake why do you guys feel compelled to defend Adam against any perceived slight? Even when there isn’t one.

I guess I just don’t understand the hostile defense or what the emotional payoff is for you Sparkle Cows. I’m pretty sure Adam doesn’t give a rip that you lot trample around the internet threatening people and spamming. Last night Chris Sligh commented on fame and Idol in the context of what Adam is dealing with and lo and behold another backlash of spamming and nasty. And Chris said nice things! He even complimented Adam’s CD and urged others to get it.

Again why?

Do you think this will earn you brownie points with Adam (translation – chance to boff him) or are you all just trying to win the head tard title with all the stupidity it entails?

Why don’t you guys go spam email someone who deserves it, who said one thing and did another in regards to Adam’s career, Brian May. Now he deserves it. The others, mmhr, not so much.


January 26, 2010

…. as in cocks, envy, men, grass, money, whatever..  there’s been a lot going on in the world of Idol this week, Sir Baldy and pals, that makes me laugh and think green.

Cocks – I saw you posted this as a look at your new sound for the CD –

So the rooster isn’t technically green. He’s black, close enough. What was funny about this is while you meant it as a joke some of the crazier ones took it was an opportunity to spam you about your gonads via double entendres about cocks. You walked right into that one.

Envy – Apparently Chris Sligh got into a twitter war with first Kris Allen fans and then Adam Lambert fans just because he started that Kris was ‘pitchy’ singing the National Anthem for the NFC championship in New Orleans. I didn’t think Kris was anything but awesome in his turn singing.

Judge for yourself. I think he’s right on key to my ear.

Let’s visit this ‘pitchy’ so blithely tossed about by Randy Jackson and now Sligh. It’s not even a real musical term. You’re either off key or on key, flat or sharp, none of bitchy pitchy crapola. Either the harmonics and tonality are correct or they are not. No ‘pitchy’ about it. Sligh should know better.

He obviously didn’t know any better than to engage the Lambert Sparkle Cows from what I saw on Twitter & his blog. I believe Sligh is jealous.

Not only is he suffering from the Green Eyed Monster of Envy those same Sparkle Cow fans of Adam Lamberts are as well. They’ve moaned that Kris Allen got to sing at the UFC game, they took his remarks about going to Haiti on a missions trip as alternately the ravings of a drunk in a city known for drunken rowdiness.  They complained about his almost losing his life on another missions trip, acting like Kris is being the grandest of all attention whores. Only in the Sparkle Cow universe does happy giddy behavior mean drunk and unselfish acts of charity and empathy equal bad.

Chris Sligh is right about one thing. He said that the Sparkle Cows were harming Adam Lambert’s career future. There is no doubt about that. They are tanking it faster As long as they believe that the world revolves around Adam and people that do not believe are evil. At least your crazier fans do not begin to approach Mad Sparkle Cow Disease, Baldy.

Men –  This posted today by the GRO is just too funny. Looks like life on the road has you sporting the beginnings of a little belly there.

psst!! -to L Anne who keeps Googling herself.  I saw a display of the same tiaras you’ve been photographed in down at Wal Mart for a mere 12 dollars. You might want to stock up.