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Entitlement Tard Is Entitled – David Cook Fan

November 29, 2011

So this link gets posted in the comments and I arrive at this horrible bit of fiction/whining/entitlement on DCO. Oh brother! This one needs someone to spell it out in giant dayglow letters and even then she’d probably think it read something else. Makes me feel extremely dyspeptic this evening..

talking the talk,but David doesnt walk the walk!
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011 – 17:18
talking the talk,but David doesnt walk the walk!

I am so upset with Mr. Cook….Has he forgotten where he came from? Has he forgotten that alot of his fans are the ones that voted for him when he was on American Idol? You see I am a nurse, and I work for a young lady that has Cerbral Palsey. She has been following David since she first saw him on American Idol. She is one of many that constantly voted for him…What DAVID COOK doesn’t understand, is that his music has helped her deal with the loss of her Mother from Cancer and her Father 6mths later from Diabetes……DAVID…..,was appeareing at the Giloiz Theater, in Springfield, mo yesterday, and we were unable to get tickets because they sold out very quickly. She went to St. Louis last month to see him in concert, but was unable to meet him. So as not only her nurse, but her friend too….i thought maybe if we wailted outside by his motor coach he would take a few min. to shake her hand, take a quick picture with her and say hello to her…….We understand that he is a busy man…..but to DISS someone that is handicapped and in a wheelchair is just way WRONG in my book. we waited in the cold for 3hrs. 2ft from the door of his bus. I hollared his name as they unload belongings from the hotel onto the bus and was ignored….the same happened when he went in to do his sound check…and when he came back out, he was holding his nephew, to shield his face from us….I once again yelled his name. he went up 2 steps turned around towards us and all he could say was “Hi Guys”? First we are not guys, second he couldn’t even take off his sunglasses….this was at 5:25p.m. I could totally understand if there was a big crowd of peaple……BUT there wasn’t…..Just her and I…..Come on really, We waited a total of 6hrs. altogether yesterday…..For this? She was so distraught and disappointed, and cried all the way home……Somebody needs to remember how he got to where he is at, because at this rate he won’t keep his fans. I know one thing, I am going to give him maybe 2days to appologize, or I will got to the media, on top of everything else, she is also involved with the Salvation Army, and is a bell ringer……SHAME ON YOU DAVID COOK …..YOU REALLY COULDN’T TAKE 5 MIN. TO TALK TO LOLA? Somebody should inform Mr. Cook , that he needs to get ahold of me to make this right for what he did to her. DAVID COOK ….PUT YOURSELF IN HER CHAIR….HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF SOMEBODY THAT YOU THOUGHT WAS SO WONDERFUL AND HAD TO BE A VERY KIND PERSON……..DID THIS TO YOU?

On a happier note, I would like to say….loud and clear…..THANK YOU, THANK YOU…KYLE….this his drummer and not only did he take the time once to talk to us, but when he came back from sound check he spoke again…..What a true Gentleman you Are!!!!
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She can’t even spell the illness her supposed charge has. Doesn’t hold much hope that she’ll be much of a care taker. Making a palsy sufferer sit out in the cold all that time? Job fail.

But I don’t buy a word of this. The truth is she probably stood out by the bus like a demented stalker for hours on end and Cook decided not to reward bad behavior so hence the story of the long suffering fan she takes care of comes out. Hint: When you vote for someone on AI that does not make them ‘owe’ you anything. They entertained you, you voted – it’s known as a symbiotic relationship, not an open door to own them like they work for you and you are the company store.

She’s being attacked over at DCO for expressing a negative Dave opinion by the usual gang of idiots. I suspect the board mod will wipe out the thread soon since it is getting all those granny panties twisted up in nasty knots.

Repeat after me, David Cook owes you nothing. Nothing but pleasure or pain from his music when you’re listening to it. Lather, rinse, repeat, lather, rinse, repeat. Ugh.

David Cook Tards: Fightin’ For A Space In The Front Row

September 12, 2011

Back in the stone ages when I was a mere 15 I used to be totally insanely mad about a band called Mott The Hoople. A very virile and masculine-looking bunch in high boots, glittery makeup and a lead singer that made Bob Dylan’s tunelessness seem like crystalline pure notes. I was so insane for them I hitchhiked up to big old bad NYC at 15 to see Mott and lure Peter Overend Watts into my hotel bed. Didn’t happen but he’s still a sexy devil even at his age. Lord Ove, hit me up sometime. I’d even let you fish for the carp in my 250 gallon rain water container. And other things.

But I digress remembering my ancient days of tarding even if Overend makes me want to tard hard again…

There used to be an old Mott the Hoople song I loved…

….and it included the lyric –

“Everybody hazy, shell-shocked and crazy
Screaming for the face at the window
Jeans for the genies, dresses for the dreamies
Fighting for a place in the Front row”

It’s that “Fighting for a place in the front row” that concerns me tonight. We’ve had a few Gavin Degraw fans visit here to recount their non-tardness but claim that they are always in the front row and will fight for that. This bodes ill because there are a number of Cook Tards that are expert front row obnoxicons. They’ve been known to step on feet, curse out, push, shove, elbow, sneer, insult, cry, yell and other tactical maneuvers trying to get near that young peen on the stage. How else do they get the fifty million crotch shots needed to squee over at DCO and the departed lair of Mary Ann Holly Sockpuppets DCU? Oh, won’t someone think of the droolers needing their millioneth happy snap of David Cook’s unpointing pants!

I’m not sure the Cook Tards are aware of it yet but tickets for the shows are already on sale at a special pay Gavin fan site, so it’s likely if it’s not a general admission show that the front rows will have already been snapped up. The Gavin fantards are getting them first, not Cook’s herd. Oh, the huge manatee!!

Has to be karma again considering how Ladynsearch, RoseC and others were busy whining to his brother, Andrew Cook, that Andrew wasn’t playing Cook songs. Andrew was in KC and was DJing over at, where he used to DJ when he lived in the area. The Cooktards were busy twittering and tweeting him their outrage over his betrayal of the bro by his music selections. As usual lots of ugly bashing of Andrew but at least he will tell them when they’re all behaving like See You Next Tuesdays. He told them off. None of them picked up on the fact that he did play a song that Cook had written for another band.

Add in the disgusting fetishisticness about everything to do with Cook’s appearance singing the National Anthem at yesterday’s Chief’s game and their silly belief that they got RCAEd fired (he’s not, dumbasses) and you have enough bad behavior to make bad karma take notice of the bunch.

PS to Lord Ove – I’m kidding (No I’m not!)

Bus Full Of David Cook Tards…

August 16, 2011

… too bad they’re not going off a high cliff into the rapacious jaws of hungry alligators. That scenario would make these silly photos much more amusing.

Okay, so there’s this group of Cooktards at DCO that call themselves the “Busted Girls” and “We R Busted”. They like to refer to David Cook as “Master” and make insane amounts of photoshopped pictures of them and Cook on adventures together on the tour bus. There is mention of spanking and paddles, pictures of paddles, talks of paddling as punishment and as a treat. It is all so so.. 6th grade… not even middle school. And it’s all over on a thread at DCO. They wonder why we think they are a bunch of nut cases.

They even have their own Twitter too.

I was going to post a few of their photos here but I think not. I don’t want to go near them with someone else’s ten foot dick. When I first took a look at the series I’m sure my jaw dropped and my eyes bugged out by the sheer silly spectacle of it all. Again, this is not what normal rational adult human beings do when they are the fans of a singer/musician. The best thing they could do to support Dave and the guys is a) buy the music, b) buy the merch and c) go to the concerts. Nothing else, no bus fantasies, no spanking fantasies, no ignoring your little kids to the point where you are feeding them PB&J for every meal for days on end while you photoshop your stupidity lust fantasies of being in a Non-Baldy Bus-riding getting-spanked harem.

How long will it take them all to go bi for Cook? Eventually in every sexual fantasy-laden tarddom some decide to handle the sexual tension by going gay with each other as it’s the closest any of them will ever come to Cook’s crotch. Are we near that point in Cookdom yet>

WeHoScott Banned From DCO!

August 9, 2011

Okay, picking up where we logged off yesterday ladies and gentlemen. Apparently Wehoscott jumped onto the ‘let’s pester others to use Dave’s song for 9/11’ bandwagon over at David Cook Official. I’m not sure if this was before or after RCAEd explained RCAs request that no fans to try and contact people to make that happen.

“Thanks for calling my attention to the ‘opportunity’ thread, everyone. I appreciate the time it took to write it and have passed it along to my colleagues to whom it is pertinent for review; but I’m also very aware of the mixed sentiments about the idea to begin with. 9/11 IS a very touchy subject and there’s obviously room here for misinterpretation of any celebrity’s involvement with the 10th year anniversary marking it next month. I just wanted to ask that you do NOT in fact try and engage any of the parties mentioned in aggressive fashion, because that could really rub them the wrong way. This whole concept is something best dealt with through official channels, only IF and when David feels comfortable considering it. So I won’t bother going into the other items that would probably make it impractical regardless (the single choice, what song the KC Chiefs would be comfortable with David singing, etc.), because something as big as 9/11 poses much greater risks and pitfalls than these business considerations. Thanks for understanding, and I’ll keep you guys posted.”

Thankfully it seems that most of the fans over at DCO are as turned off by the campaign to pimp out Cook’s song. I applaud their good sense and sense of appropriateness. I never thought I’d be complimenting anyone over there but I was delightfully surprised to see sense rule in this situation.

Typically, the one with no sense, lots of bragging about how much he knows and a long list of people who dislike his high handed ways, must have done something mighty last night to piss off the powers that be and the mods at David Cook Official. Yes folks, for reasons not entirely known WeHoScott was banned.

Last time I saw him on DCO he was so busy kissing Xavier’s ass over this 9/11 song pushing bid of his. He and the Weeds thought that David Cook singing his song on 9/11 would be the end all be all and gain new fans. I don’t know what he said that made the fickle finger of board fate flick him off but I suspect it has something to do with this plot to showcase Cook’s song.

Right after WeePoleScott… errr… WeHoScott was banned he took to his sooper secrud locked twitter and stated firmly to Cook and others – <em>”I’ve been banished from DCO. Maybe it’s time to say fuck David and his website. I’m tired” Are those some Annie Wilkes ala “Misery” changes going on inside of WeHoScott after he flounced away from DCO with his Weed pack?

Typically chickenshit WeHoScott erased the tweet. And I imagine today he’s sounding like the kid in this video and the grandma at the same time over being banned —>

Daina, the Pizza Screamer Tard and some of the other Weeds are busy distancing themselves from WeHoScott. His friends are getting thin on the ground. I guess no one wants to be linked to something that might piss off Cook. Head Tard position and access is what they all live for.

I am so sure we’ll soon see some other version of WeHoScott. He’s an attention whore that must have the adulation given to those with any insider information, even fake insider info like he’s been flogging every which way like tout with an entire package of vials. He puffs himself up like a freaking blowfish and eventually he puffed up too much and exploded.

Xavier/RoyalsPhenom still hasn’t given up on his idea. He’s contacted people, like the NYC Mayor and the NFL and others trying to make his bad idea happen. That’s even after RCAEd told everyone not to do anything in regards to contacting others. I guess he’s cruising for a banning from DCO too.

He’s one weird dude. Just look at some of his words that were posted in the comments from yesterday’s posting.

“You try to make a difference, help/inspire others, you still get flack. Never ends. I weep for our country. But I love pizza!”

“After the lynch mob on DCO twisted the simplest, most ideal suggestion with blatant distortions and assumptions. I just laughed”

He obviously is oblivious to the fact that Tea Party favorite Michelle Bachmann has been using Cook’s “We Believe” in her campaign stops in Iowa. At least it is getting some play even if I cannot imagine Bachmann asking Cook permission to use it or actually, gasp, paying royalties in using his song.

Blue Christmas

December 17, 2010

Looks like a Blue Christmas for the David Cook Tards. Sure, Tulsa is all happening but so far he is a no-show. According to the few I’ve talked to there’s been either no David or David in deep deep disguise that no one recognizes. I had a feeling all along he was going to be nowhere near Tulsa.

But the usual suspects are there, including Coolshades of the Skib tattoo that looks like a bruise and her ability to eat ten tacos at a time (so I’ve been told) along with Daina and her hooves tattooed with Cook lyrics and the others of their freakish cult. I’m sure the hotels and restaurants of Tulsa will benefit by their largess. So some good will come of it, it’s not all Cook-Stalking but stimulating the local economy. Anyone care to guess how many dollars one of these Cookards is going to drop on the slim hope of seeing Cook?

(Edited to ad: Conflicting reports on Daina’s presence. I have heard she is there and she isn’t. Big whoop. I’m sure she wants to be there either way)

Poor Andy Skib.

For the sprinkles on the Christmas cake of nasty fandom I hear that some (most) of the fans are upset by Cook’s holiday message he posted at Cook Official. Now why are they upset to be wished ‘Happy Holidays’ and thanked for their support? It’s actually very nice for all it’s brevity. Because they think it sounds like Cook will not be around or back at the site until the New Year. Now heaven forfend, they might actually have to go two or three WHOLE WEEKS before there is any Cook news! I’m sure they’ll wither away and die without any scrap of gossip or news to chew on and keep the flame alive till the New Year. Not.

I did get a kick out of Cook’s picture on the bottom of the site. He’s on the famous Abbey Road in London. Too bad he didn’t let his merry band of crazy followers know when he’d be there because there is a webcam at Abbey Road anyone can access. I used to use Abbey Road as my fake money exchange location back when I was a Nigerian Scam Baiter. Nothing funnier than seeing some confused looking Africans carrying a briefcase wandering on the crossing while you’re thousands of miles away chuckling over them falling for you setting them up. If David had announced it could have tied up Abbey Road cam for ages and left them all scanning all the public cams (Edited to add apparently he did tell the fans. Bully for him.)

Not sure how many updates there will be here till the New Year because, well, it’s that time of the year. Busy, busy. I’d like to take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas, Happy Eid, Kwaanza, Festivus For The Rest Of Us, or whatever holiday you celebrate. Yes, even you crazies I wish you peace, joy and love (can you tell I’ve had too much eggnog?). Here’s hoping we have lots of stupid things to talk about in the New Year.