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November 30, 2010

I’ve been trolling around the internets today reading all the Idol gossip while I wait for this migraine to pass. Lots happening today even if none seems to have stirred up the hornet’s nest of fandom.

News OK reminds us that this is Clay Aiken’s 43, err, 32nd birthday as well as providing some amusing Dead Wife Douchebag Danny Gokey quotes. He’s claiming to be the reason that Idol went back to the well, trekked back to Milwaukee this summer for auditions. Whatever dude. Just don’t make me look at your horrible scary nightmaresque Christmas album cover.


Oh dear Gawd this must be what Christmas in hell wearing an old diaper around your neck is like. Just looking at that picture is enough to evoke the Christmas Clap. By the blood of Jayzuz depart!

Kara Shit-For-Brains DioGuardi is writing a vapid tell-all that will spill the beans on American Idol it was announced today. Having endured two seasons of DioGuardi’s silly inarticulate nonsense I imagine a ghost writer will be writing this tell-all. If Kara did it herself it would be leaflet sized and largely gibberish. (Note to L. Anne Carrington, this is the way you get crap writing published, achieve some fleeting fame and exploit it. Just don’t steal it or flog it on a million different sites) is reporting that He Who Shall Not Be Mentioned will be jetting back to Gay Paree for some R&R. Their source is, get this, a message board where the Herd That Shall Not Be Mentioned hangs out. Some mighty flimsy sourcing.

TV Latest is claiming that they have the spoilers for the format for this year’s American Idol. It’s too little too late I think. Idol was a creature of it’s time and now that time seems to be over. There’s sagging ratings, view disinterest, a familiarity that seemed to be contempt as well as a declining quality of contestants. Lots of factors killing it. Changing the format is merely a band-aid on a corpse.

There’s a rumor going around
that Glee’s Charice and David Archuletta are a romantic pairing but so far Charice is denying it. If true then it would prove that Archuletta isn’t the boy-child mental defective that many thought.

Ryan Seacrest might be the only smart one connected to the show still left. He reportedly signed a 60 million dollar radio deal with Clear Channel communications.