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Chapter 10: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

May 26, 2011

What’s the body count so far on women vilified, cyber stalked, insulted, harassed, put down, reputations trashed by the Sockpuppet Brigade? So far it’s five, Kimberly Locke, Kristin Zang, Kimberly Caldwell, Lana Jade and Shannon. Today I’m going to talk about one that may or may not have really been a girlfriend of David “Non-Baldy” Cook, Kimberly Johnson, a model/nurse living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kim was some years older than David which lead the Sockpuppets to proclaim her a ‘cougar’ even though she had no other cougarish characteristics and she really wasn’t old enough to be a cougar.

Johnson appeared on the Non-Baldy scene first at DCU and in the tabloids. The Sockpuppets raided her photos from her MySpace and from her Model Mayhem pages. More on Model Mayhem later.. it’s possible that this is where the Sockpuppet crew were raiding and picking out fake girlfriends that Non-Baldy was supposedly tooling when there was no evidence he even knew who they were.

Kim is a beautiful redhead and the few photos seen of her and David together looked strangely photoshopped. After a while an article with photographs turned up in a tabloid with quotes of things that supposedly she and David had said sounded real enough at first. Not too long after some of your fans started to figure out that the story was likely a fake sold to the tabloids with the photos by one Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets.

Kim’s friends have spoken out on various boards that the Sockpuppets and fake stories really put a hurting on Kim Johnson. Why Kim didn’t sue for harassment no one knows. But we do know that when things get slow in David Cook Fan Land then the Sockpuppets invent some type of controversy and whip the fans into a lathered frenzy over a pack of lies.

Edited to add apparently I got the wrong end of the stick on this one. Posting a comment that says this was actually not Mary Ann/Holly for a change. Too bad.

Kim Johnston (there is a T in her last name) made up all of that fictitious story about David herself. She was a certified wacko, and she used her own sockpuppets when she responded to negative statements in the comments sections of Page 6 and the Star (before the comments were taken down on the Star site, when Smartie et al got MaryAnn Ellis involved by blaming her for the leak of pictures/information. MAE then went to the Star to have the comment section removed.)
Kim Johnston has a long history of mental illness in her family, and she temporarily put her fantasies about David into a public spectacle. Her story was fake from the get-go, but she has now moved on, gotten married, and has a child. Reality can be better than fantasy. If only MAE would learn that fact

Thanks for the correction CooksFUFL!

I’m burning out on Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets and will be out of town for a few days so after Saturday it will be a week or so before I pick up on this sad tale again.

Chapter 9: The Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

May 25, 2011

Today on “Dance of the Sugar Plum Sockpuppets”

Then a pattern started setting in. Every single time David Cook was spotted with an attractive female Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets assumed that a) he was having hot nasty sex with this gal and b) the girl was a nasty slut not worthy of David. Straight into stalking mode she’d go.

Next up was Lana Jade, a cute blonde from the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. She was spotted with him at a bar near the University of Maryland and other places. Photos circulated on the internet of this model/actress and Mary Ann lost it.She typically started calling David a ‘whore’ for doing what normal guys his age do, have sex with attractive women in his own age range.

The knifes came out for Lana. Not only did Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets start threads about Lana Jade packed with purloined photos and information she did her usual and started tearing around Lana’s reputation. Lana ended up on Just Jared, photos with David Cook and accusations of being a ‘Scene Queen’ (an ancient term no one uses but Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets any longer). Some have said that Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets sold the information to Just Jared like she later did with Kim Johnson. She ignored the fact that Lana Jade had a resume filled with modeling gigs, a pilot she did for MTV and other ‘real’ events, unlike her own resume which is almost completely fictitious

Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets sent nasty messages through to Lana Jade’s MySpace and harassed her relentlessly. Finally Lana Jade left the internet because of this internut, Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets.

I have heard that David Cook warns the females he cavorts with to premptively block Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets from their MySpace/Facebook/other social media because of the scary stalking she’s done to his dates. Great way to show your love of David.

Chapter 6 Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet Chronicles

May 22, 2011

Today on “As The Sock Puppet Turns” we’ll examine the irrational hatred Mary Ann/Holly focused on “American Idol” contestant Kimberly Caldwell once she switched her hero worship to Non-Baldy David Cook.

FYI to Mary Ann/Holly – the name of the site is Free The American Idols – Run Kids Run. It’s not Run Baldy. Reading comprehension fail again.

Have heard she’s locked up all the sooper secrud threads with Cook’s address and others addresses, phone numbers and photos. Some nonsense about returning the board to a smaller more intimate grouping. Ha, she’s just afraid she’s about to get busted for the things she’s done. Jail time might benefit her.

Anyway, back to Cook and his love life and her Orwellian interest in it. At some point after the end of “Idol” Cook and Caldwell became an item and Mary Ann/Holly did many of the same things she’d done on other boards and her own. She loved to call Kimberly “Skankwell” – That’s the name on the threads devoted to trashing Kimberly in the Sooper Secrud Girlfriends section of David Cook Uncensored. The “Deciphering Dave’s Personality” thread is filled with the crazy too.

On a side note: It’s ironic that she’s named her board “Uncensored” because the only really uncensored thing there are discussions of his dick and trashing of anyone he’s been seening even looking sideways at that possesses a vagina.

A full year after Cook and Caldwell broke up Mary Ann/Holly was very busy bashing her most merrily. Many of the threads there are obsessing over who he had dated and who he might be doing the horizontal mambo with, neither of which is actually anyone’s business but his. He is, after all, a healthy normal (I assume) red blooded American male in his twenties, there should be dating and dallying in the valley.

Here’s a Sockpuppet posting at Just Jared trashing Caldwell yet again.

“In response to Terry, how old are you? 13?

I’ll tell you what the problem is here. I am in my late 20’s, engaged and don’t give a hoot about David Cook as boyfriend material. I think he is grungy looking, is a dork, and is fat and on his way to going bald.
Do you really think this chick wills stick around, hell no.

I see many of you make up names here to repeat yourselves, trust me it has had an effect on his sales, and the buzz of him winning the show. You should hear some of the morning DJ’s, they think it’s laughable that he is dating a season 2 D List contestant. He should have stepped outside of Idol and immersed himself with young hollywood just to get his image out there first.

Kim Caldwell is a tramp and a money hungry w h ore.

When Idol goes off the air, she will have no job…she is not getting any gigs even now…just look at her calendar on her myspace…nothing.

You don’t think she is worried about that? Of course she she is going to latch on the latest winner of Idol who is a major fool, for wasting his time with this chick.

Go register at the new website below…we don’t pull any punches with Caldwell…


There’s more ugly quotes she’s posted about Kimberly Caldwell over at Top Idol

When confronted about ugly things said and done in regards to David’s female aquantances this is what Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppet typically does. This is from a board member about her actions immediately following being outed as a nut.

“She’s been busy cleaning up lately. She deleted the two mae7777123 youtube accounts and removed all the videos and information from the bernyj one. The bernyj twitter and DCO profile were deleted. She dropped the Jo from ModeratorJo on DCU, merged the latest Kim Caldwell threads into the Girlfriends threads and buried them in archives and started a new Girlfriends thread renamed: David says “Chicks Man”. It looks like she disabled the pictures in the archived Girlfriends threads because where ever there was a picture you now see: [Only admins are allowed to see this image]. She changed the profile picture for that sockpuppet you mentioned, Lisa1984, from a picture of David with Elizabeth to one of Bon Jovi.

She did much the same thing after the backlash over the Lana Jade photos, deleted evidence and buried threads. It’s been pretty slow at DCU this past week. Most of what Holly has been doing is delurking her fake members and making a few posts with each. Doesn’t she realize how stupid she looks? I screencapped the DCU members list by registration date going back about 20 pages last Sunday and most of the new members who “delurked” were either members whose accounts were created months ago but had never ever logged in or they were new accounts that Holly must have created because she clearly stated that she wouldn’t be accepting any new members until after the new year. Other than that it seems to be business as usual among the regular members. A few of the members seem on to things but the rest seem oblivious to what’s going on or accept what Holly is telling them.”

The tattoos he’s gotten are another thing that have set Mary Ann/Holly off the deep end of posting and bashing and Sock Puppetry. Look at this Sock Puppet examples from when David got his “14” tattoo in blue on his arm.

“sockpuppet: He is not as attractive anymore. Don’t jump all over me, it’s only my opinion. He is starting to look really trashy.

sockpuppet: May I send a reminder that 77% of the people in the sleeve poll voted against tattoos on David. You can only vote once people. Stop accusing everyone of being the same person. It must be a touchy subject, no different than the gf threads on this board. Oh and I didn’t bold anything, just increased the font. I guess I must be one of those people too. I just think that the smaller percentage of tattoo lovers are having a hard time with the members here that don’t like them. good god.

sockpuppet: It is impossible for all these people to be one person. I don’t think the admin would allow it, would she? And who do you think is writing them? This is an uncensored board, share it.

sockpuppet: What Tattoos Reveal about Personality. (referring to an article about tatts)
Sounds a lot like David. He cheats, lies doesn’t like sitting for too long, anxiety intolerance, and can have a major attitude, doesn’t like it when people criticize him and has had social hang ups. (this is a favorite sentiment of the sockpuppets, ie: David Cook is the biggest ass on the planet) “

“Sockpuppet ‘Sharon’ -I hate the tatts. I am beginning to lose interest in this guy. He is proving to be one stupid asshole. Don’t bash me for saying so but he is being so stupid. First he dates the loud mouth skankwell, then he goes after loser Lana Jade, then he has a fling with a 40 year old with big knockers, he releases the wrong songs to radio, now he is marking his arms up with ink.

Can someone say next Idol. “

Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets talks frequently about those stupid freaking tattoos, calling them ‘trashy’ But it was funny that she assumed that the blue 14 had something to do with the Kansas City Chiefs, who’s team color is red, NOT blue.

Baldy Jr?

May 12, 2010

Baldy, Baldy, Baldy,

Is there going to be a little American Idol soon? Besides Lee Dewyse I mean

David Cook Uncensored is buzzing that you put your penny in Kim Johnson’s slot and now she’s your Baby Mama.

It makes for some interesting speculation even if it was never really proven if you even dated Johnson or if your Johnson even knew her.

Mary Ann Ellis/Holly Sockpuppets is at it again, going overboard from the tiny news that Ms. Johnson is off on maternity leave right now.  She and pals have taken that news and made the monumental leap that this certainly means you have to be the Baby Daddy without any real evidence. Typical Mary Ann. How long before she sells the story to the tabloids to finance her supposedly lavish lifestyle? I’d say she’s already called them foaming at the mouth.

Sounds like something straight out of the Jerry Springer or Maury shows. “Are You My Baby’s Daddy?” Who knows. Guess Mary Ann will have to wait and see if the baby has a big old odd shaped head and a receding hairline.

A Sock Puppet, A Sock Puppet, My Kingdom For A Sock Puppet!

January 23, 2010

I understand Baldy that the Mary Ann/Holly Sock Puppets have been in overdrive over at David Cook Uncensored. Spinning, whirling, flip-flopping trying to figure out who sussed out her split personalities. She’s been issuing threats. Threats about taking down the board because she is no longer that interested in you. Particularly if your next offering flops. Well, fickle is the heart of a certain female.

Even funnier are her threats of  the legal variety. The sock puppets have all been yammering on about law soots Mary Ann/Holly/Puppeteering Is Us have supposedly filed against Idoltard, Top Idol and others. Funnily enough none of us have received letters or summons to court yet. Could it be an idol, errr, idle threat? I understand that KC from the Pink Board has been waiting 4 years for her summons. I guess the wheels of justice grind slowly but exceedingly fine.

Baldy, if I could tell Mary Ann/Holly/Multiplying Sock Puppets O’ Splendor one thing it would be this: give it up. Get hobbies, like knitting or reading to the blind, harmless doings.  But step away from the computer please.  Close DCU and take a sledgehammer to your computer because it’s not healthy to be doing all this nonsense and drama. Stop inventing fake girlfriends for David. Stop popping up under a zillion names. Stop playing with other people before you end up in the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

Cookoo, Fran & Ollie

You notice Mary Ann isn’t getting crunked up to blow the dog in this rendering.

I think what we need to do next is put together a comprehensive chart of all the upcoming Idol guys and start betting on who Mary Ann/Holly tards over this coming season. David, you’ll be off her radar once she does her two year Idol rotation…

Good & Bad: More Holly Sockpuppets

January 2, 2010

Well, David, I have good news and bad news for your bright shiny New Year beginning.

By perusing the postings of Mary Ann Holly Sockpuppets at David Cook Uncensored it seems that she’s already back pedaling away from you in preparation for the new season of American Idol.  It seems like she picks a new object du obsessionale every two years like clockwork, like the swallows returning to Capistrano or the vampires returning to their coffins. Predictable she most certainly is. She’s been a Clay Tard and a Constain, ooops, Constantine Tard too. I think she might have been a Soul Patroller too, or perhaps I’m thinking of someone else. I can’t kept her tardings straight.

She’s posted at her board that she and her various sockpuppets will be ‘too busy’ to post much in the coming year. Tard speak for “I’m finding someone new to worship and set up scary shrines to.”

It’s too funny that she’s falling out of obsession with you merely because you practice the ancient art of self decoration via tattoos. She’s lost it over your tattoos. But this one sent her over the edge..

I don’t get at all what the big deal is. You’re free, white and over 21 so you’re free to do whatever you want to your body, from ball shaving to sex changes. It’s all good. Go nuts, dude!

Not according to Holly Sockpuppets. In her world you’re supposed to be as pure as the driven snow, as spotless as Snow White’s thong. Like one of those palace eunuchs the Italians kept to sing soprano in their operas. Holly thinks you smoke, drink, screw, tattoo and curse too much. While under the US Constitution she is entitled to whatever view she wishes she goes further, marching out the Sockpuppet troops to mindlessly agree with her. They then, in turn, beat up verbally on anyone holding the view that you’re not a rattled old man-whore hooked on booze and cigs and ink.

It’s hysterical she bashes you for drinking yet keeps posing with a glass of wine in her photos. She seems to think wine is somehow klassier but how are we to know she’s not drinking Mad Dog or Rippple?

So her finding a new someone special to stalk can only be good for you (and horrible for the next poor silly bastard!)

But the bad part was finding loads of photographic evidence that Holly Sockpuppets is the one driving the rumors about who you do and do not care to share your steak and two veggies with. She’s made up loads of dumb shit and it’s available for anyone to see on her Twitter Pictures account.

Since I know what a lying coward she is and I know she’ll be pulling down those photos any second now with all the claims of your using modeling sites as a free pussy guide I’m posting the one I found the most offense. By the way, there are also many photos there she has zero permission to use, including some taken by a friend of a friend who would be horrified to find their photos being bandied about by Miss Crazy Cakes.

Holly Sockpuppets claims this is a porn star you boffed in Myrtle Beach but when you research the name of this supposedly star posted by Holly you don’t find this particular person. It proves yet again that Holly makes up crap and feeds it to your poor gullible fantards. Whoever that girl really is she looks like many others in Myrtle Beach in the summertime. Very pretty. Hope you did cut a slice and have some fun with her.

But it illustrates the bad, how Holly Sockpuppets has been the one creating the drama over who are you or aren’t dating or sleeping with. She’s profited from it by driving traffic to her board as well as supposedly has sold information to the tabloids.

Dating Lies

November 18, 2009

Dear Baldy,

I was amused to read this interview on Access Atlanta and see some things that relate right along with my recent postings here. With the subject of Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets of David Cook Uncensored.

Here’s what you said on the subject of dating –

He said he has no girlfriend since the breakup with former “Idol” contestant Kimberly Caldwell. Too busy, he said.

Even if that was a total lie it really paints Holly Sockpuppets obsession and lies about you using Model Mayhem to pick out girlfriends in the poorest light possible. Have you ever noticed that when it becomes slow on her board or whenever people start to realize what an enormous liar/shit stirrer she is that new women get outed as ‘girlfriends’ of yours. She goes into ‘Storm the Bastille’ mode with torches, bloodhounds and outrage over whatever the latest imaginary target of your lust she’s parsed from the misfiring synapses in her own mind.

It’s pretty apparent she’s making up most of your so called romantic partners because a) she only does this when she has a vested interest in the outcome, i.e. trying to deflect attention off her wrong doings or when it’s slow on her precious board. b) I also believe she does it in a futile attempt to pretend she has exclusive information. She does this to screw with and manipulate others like a true sociopath would.  The fact that she may have made a few pennies on the fake info by selling it to the tabloids is just the wiggling worm on the turd sandwich she is.

If she had any clue about touring and what it’s really like going town to town to play music every night she’d know there’s not much room for love. Touring is so stressful and draining that even if it was the goddess of love and beauty begging you to make mad sweet passionate love to her you’d be more likely to slump over in the bed and sleep. It’s not a lifestyle that is conductive to anything more than the rare one night stand. It’s grueling as Radio Birdman mentioned.

Does it bother you that things you say in concerts, interviews or just about anywhere gets quoted and analyzed ad nauseum on fan sites? If so, do you feel pressure to draw the line between Celebrity David Cook and Private David Cook? – Deborah Clevinger.

That’s a tough line to toe. I’ve tried to maintain some semblance of a private life. Past that, I don’t know. I’ve seen everything I’ve said analzyed. A lot of cases, it’s misconstrued a little bit. But if you can’t control it, laugh like hell. I think I’d lose my mind if I had to mentally stop before I said anything.

Baldy, I think that would be the hardest thing to deal with in this massive stripping away of privacy, the idle baseless speculation devoid of any reality. Did you know that Holly Sockpuppets claims you are bipolar and have other mental illnesses without any proof. They are analyzing every word dropping from your mouth, every slight movement of your body, what jewelry you wear, and other vague meaningless things to come up with this idiocy.

You need security because of freaks like Holly and privacy. You deserve life, love and liberty just like the rest of us.