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David Cook’s NYC Concert & Assorted Tards.

December 6, 2011

Well it looks like Earring Lady – IloveDCYES – is having some sort to tard DTs – Delirious Tremors – after her M&G with Cook. She posted –

Joined: Sep 2008
United States
Monday, December 5, 2011 – 04:12

Just woke up…with tears! The show Sat. was SO great, meeting whole band was a dream, and I miss them all so darnn much…especially David…it hurts! The way he affects his fans is the stuff to write a book about…missing him like this after a show is par for the course, and I only hope and pray that he will go overseas and give his fans all over the world what he has given us here in the USA! DAVID is so special, and so awesome,and there just are not words good enough to desribe him fully…tears are splashing on my keyboard….

I LOVE DAVID COOK, Andrew, and the band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is the best singer on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMO

Attention lady – I think big pharma makes a pill for that, possibly one with a sad blue bean hopping around or a black hole following a cartoon lady. Seriously.

Here’s her photo at the M&G. Makes me want to shout “Run Baldy RuN” or “It rubs the lotion into its skin or it gets the hose”

I see she’s changed her hair, grown it out, since the last tour. Notice how it seems her upper body is leaning towards Cook yet he looks like his body is recoiling from her while he wears his pasted on same in every photo smile. At least she’s not trying to lick the back of his knee I guess.

Beached.. er Becky/Bleed_into_you, she of the shit talking about Cook is neglecting his dog while on tour and says a whole bunch of negative almost hateful stuff about Cook and especially about Andrew his brother, also did take in a show and do a M&G.

Disgusting. The shit talker is snuggling up to him like they’re BFF instead of the trash she talks behind his back.

This weekend should be fun. Or at least the New York City show will be a hoot for us. Zander Bleck (same first name as L. Anne Carrington’s fake fiance) former model will also be on the bill. He looks a lot like human walking STD Constantine Maroulis from American Idol but not as greasy.

That Irving Plaza show is going to be a hoot because most of the VIP section and non-tards at the show are rumored to be Glamazon model-types. It’s one of their apparent hang outs. Battle of the 6 foot 100 pound women against the middle aged delusional plumpers. A night to remember! ha! If the tards complain it’s likely they’ll be booted instead of the C-list celeb models bringing in the drunk guys with Am Ex Gold cards to fund their drinking the expensive booze.

Also the pre-show camping out by tards is going to be funny too. They’re likely to be pestered all the live long day by the local dope heads because the Irving Plaza venue is very very near the 14th Street Methadone clinic. It has all the earmarks of a greased goat rodeo even if model-boinker Constantine doesn’t show up. I wish I was going to be a fly on the wall of this confloption! Good times!

David Cook & 9/11 Ground Zero Ceremony?

August 8, 2011

Last week it was amusing to watch over at DCO, LastFM and other places as his hardcore tard pack tried to get various internet radio and real life radio to place nothing but ‘This Loud Morning’ One online dj at pandered to them and played all Dave for days. Don’t they all already have all his music so what gives with all the requesting?

Oh yeah, that’s right, create an artificial ground swell of support for his most recent CD release. Like that’s going to help him built a long term career by bumping up air play. I just think they’re going about winning new fans the wrong way. What person with half a brain would look at the crazy going on in the fandom and not run the opposite way even if they kinda liked the music?

So this week a new plot to make David Cook musical emperor of the universe has emerged and it gives me pause because of the very questionable issues of taste, couth, class, appropriateness, patriotism and a million other issues. Some of his tards, like RoyalsPhenom , are trying to get the song on his new CD “We Believe” used at the ten year observance ceremony at the Ground Zero memorial of 9/11. One of the comments that made me really clutch my pearls and feel nauseous was “RCA would be stupid to miss the opportunity”

ETA – Straight from DCO (thanks Burt!)

The Opportunity Of A Lifetime: We Believe in David Cook on 9/11!

While conversing on Twitter, a number of fans contributed to an epiphany that converged into the perfect storm; a rare opportunity that could weave David Cook’s music and compassion into the fabric of a nation, if not the world, for years to come. When you can find a song that somehow speaks for a generation, a nation, a world – one that captures its stuggles, its hopes, its indomitable spirit to remind people of the inherit goodness in this world – it’s no longer just a song…for it transcends life itself. That’s artistry! That’s David Cook. That’s We Believe!

As we all know DC is scheduled to perform the National Anthem on 9/11: a true honor. However, realizing how historic and emotional this day is, we couldn’t help but think “what if”? But it’s not just one “What If”, it’s three that morphed into one all encompassing question: “How the hell can we not?”

The First Idea…
What if Major League Baseball and the National Football League used “We Believe” to create a photo/video tribute to air before all their home games on 9/11. The song is spot on perfect…inspirational, powerful, universal…and it would instantly engrain the track into our national consciousness, but more succinctly, our hearts and dreams. Also, by placing the video tribute on you-tube that very same day, DC would gain an endless array of positive exposure.

The Second Idea…
What if David nationally debuted – during the Chiefs opening game – his new single “We Believe”. What could possibly be bigger than than the gravity of September 11, coinciding with the opening day of pro football? There is no bigger stage, but more profoundly, no bigger honor.

The Third Idea…
What if RCA donated all proceeds from the sales of “We Believe” on that Sunday to the 9/11 responders fund..or a related charity of their choosing. The NFL/MLB could even mention this at the end of the aired tributes and/or as a blurb by each game’s announcers. As we all know, DC is a compassionate, caring individual. What better way to make a difference then to help those who continue to suffer?

It’s public knowledge that I’ve been a big advocate of GTTG being a single…as well as a number of other fantastic tracks from TLM. However, the opportunity that this represents is simply too perfect not to use for the betterment of everyone….to make a difference. We Believe is a universal, uplifting song that has crossover, mega-hit potential. In these tough times, where even the biggest names fail, this could represent a rare chance to catapult David and his career to new levels; to expose the world, not only to his indelible vocal and songwriting talents, but to his decency and humanity. That’s why we love him.

What do we have to lose?
Very little. Sales are reduced to a crawl..not just for David but many artists…TLG is IMO treading water at best on the airwaves with very little commercial success…and you simply cannot buy the exposure and positive overatures something like this provides. Likewise, this is not an attempt to belittle TLG or push it out. It’s simply embracing the inevitable, as well as the practical. Music, like any other industry, is about siezing the day, trends, and marketing them into an advantageous, profitable, and positive model for success. What could possibly be more worthwhile than this?

What do we have to gain?
Everything! In a mercurial climate where fans are concerned about just getting a second single, let a lone a third, capitalizing on such a rare convergence of events is a gift in itself. This opportunity – for “We Believe”, David – most likely will never occur again; It’s the chance of a lifetime. Chances are, there will be no current single this time next year and TLM and may be a foregone conclusion. Yes, God forbid, but a distinct possibility! Now is the time to act, to give David a boost that any other day, occasion, or single release, never could. If RCA/19 were bold, they could even offer to make the video/photo compilation themselves for the NFL & MLB. Every notion makes a difference. Furthermore, if this venture was successful, it would instantly become a frontrunner for the 2012 Olympics. If WB becomes synonymous with 9/11, or any other event for that matter, it would innately sell itself: most notably as a meaningful piece of history.

Please, RCA & 19 – on the tenth anniversary of America’s worst tragedy – please take note, with the utmost respect from fans, and let’s try to make it one of our most memorable and inspiring tributes ever! Let’s forever change how we look at this horrific day, and wipe away the tears of our brethren with words of hope and strength. I know, if given the chance, David will give one of the most captivating performances in his young but so very promising career; one that could reverberate for years to come! We believe in America! We believe in David Cook! We Believe! Do you?

***For those who may potentially misconstrue this post: If anyone actually believes this is about profit, after reading this post, then they completely missed the bigger picture. The bottom line is we Believe is perfect for 9/11…to help a nation heal and move on to a better day. Nothing more. That’s why we suggested giving any sales from that day to charity. It’s always easier to hate than to create. This is simply a perfect time to expose a song…specifically written for days like this…to make a difference. Though, in the end, whether we like it, money will come into play….there will always be financial ramifications regardless. If you want to argue about profiteering, talk about those movies, tours, or momentos of 9/11. That’s not what this is about. Life goes on, you mourn the dead, but you also celebrate the future with the hope and vitality those souls represented. David wrote We Believe to make a difference in the world. I belie!ve in the character of David Cook…I believe in the good this song can do on 9/11. Nothing more. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime!

Please add your name below if you agree with us and want your voice to be heard! Thank you for your time and the read!

I have to wonder what Mr. Non-Baldy would think of fans contacting various places and people willy-nilly to beg that his song be used at this sad and solemn occasion commemorating the death of thousands in terrorist attacks. Would he be flattered that his fans are willing to use the anniversary of a tragedy for him to sell a few more records? Would he like that they are essentially speaking for him?

It would be much different if he had told RCA he wrote this song inspired by 9/11 and its aftermath and they approached those in charge of the anniversary memorial and promoted the song to be used at the ceremony. That’s their job! RCA is charged promote the album and creating additional sales opportunity. But I think that perhaps even those in power at a big corporation have too much class to try and exploit a national tragedy for sales. Too bad the fantards don’t have that same amount of sense and class.

Thank gawd some of the fans at DCO are speaking out about the inappropriateness of using a tragedy to try and pimp Cook’s CD. It’s really not the way to get additional fans, it’s creepy and wrong.

Did anyone see VH1’s ‘Behind The Music: Adam Lambert’ last night? I was too busy watching AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ to worry about seeing it but VH1 had it so heavily advertised that I had to wonder how it was.


Note to Lori Anne Dennick Carrington: Yeah, keep bandying my real name and town out like you have under various fake names. I don’t care. Go for it. It doesn’t change the facts that you stalked Constantine, plagiarized the writing of others and told a capacious amount of lies. Drove through your town while traveling recently and I couldn’t help but wonder just how miserable someone’s real life has to be to do the things you have.

What Other Fantards Do You Know?

June 9, 2011

I’m not going to talk about David Cook’s failed single, intra-fan wars over the single, Kerry Kolsch goes Green Acres or some of the restless silly in any of the other fandoms. I’m not even going to pick on Mary Ann/Holly Sockpuppets today as I sense she’s busy trying to get that room mate for her townhouse advertised in the papers and changing the name of ‘David Cook Uncensored’ to the ‘David Cook News Board’.

Just a caution: If you answer an ad to rent a room in Yardley, Pennsylvania please make sure you Google your potential landlord’s name.

Instead I’d like to ask you what other crazy fandoms you laugh over and follow. Please share in the comments.

Are there any over-involved fandoms or folks out there that make you laugh besides the crazy American Idol ones? I know there are tons of crazier than the most horny Claymate fantards out there of many different things, everything from beauty pageants to plastic model horses besides the garden variety sort following actors/musicians/politicians. Share what crazy fan groups that bear examination, laughing and pointing.

I had my very own fantard spotting this morning – I had a tard-spotting today at Target but I didn’t know it until the silly gal was driving away.

I was minding my own business, standing in line to buy some random junk for the house when the whole damn register belt ‘Tha-WHUMP!’ Looked up and saw a 30sih-40ish woman with an ass the size of Cincinatti but with a regular fatty above the waist. Weird looking, like someone sawed a very fat chick in two and a regular fat gal in two and then reconnected the wrong bits. Oh she was rocking the sartorial splendor of a hot summer day in the Virginia Piedmont. She wore a the squished and dusty pair of black Crocs with faded to mid-gray old black stretch pants with a t-shirt resplendent with a photo of the two leads of the “Twilight” series with the motto “Twilight” above it.

Okay, so it’s not a crime to not know how to dress appropriately for age, body type and social situation. I ain’t no (to steal L Anne Carrington’s phrase) ‘stuck up skeleton whore’ ‘SWANKY’ (yeah, I’m fat) but what she wore didn’t do her any favors. But I didn’t think anything much of it, maybe it was the first thing she could find. No idea about trip to tardtown yet.

This big old redhead keep yapping at first about how ‘sorry’ she was that the store Hoverround cart she was riding rammed the checkout stand. She was told, no problem. And then it got weird.

Miss Hoverround started to speak, very sotto voice, muttering to herself like the crazed shopping cart lady in the park that tries to preach to the squirrels. She started softly enough before she proceeded to mutter just loud enough for us to hear about how some people didn’t realize they were taking up space in the handicapped line without being handicapped. WTF? It was the only line open and I had 3 items. She complained about the smallness of the aisles for the handicapped, how Target had no respect for the handicapped, blah, blah, blah and other bizarre mutterings. The cashier and I just kept staring at each other and rolling our eyes over Lil Miss Fatty Handicapped.

Let me state here I have no problem with fat people in general but I do when they need to walk and clearly refuse to do so because the store offers a Hoverround cart for the aged or infirm. At that point I had no idea if she was or wasn’t handicapped.

I get my shit and get, go over to the Starbucks inside our Target to get a Venti Latte, it’s hotter than hammered hell here. I get my iced coffee just in time to see Miss Handicapped get off the store rascal and oh so slowly waddle out the front door with her two bags of junk food. (Did I mention she had ice cream, ho-hos and fritos along with other high fat low nutrition things? Yes, I’m being super stupid judgemental..) We were going out to the parking lot at the same time, in the time it took her to walk out to her vehicle (near mine at least 30 spaces from the front door) I had my stuff in the car, the cart put up and I was sitting in my car, curious why she wasn’t parked in the Handicapped parking section right next to the store. She finally got in her mini van and pulled out just in time for me to read about twenty Harry Potter and Twilight bumper stickers on the back of the car, including a couple for fan fiction websites blaring proudly the links.

Oh how I wished I’d have been able to reach my cell phone camera I would have photographed this nutty Twitarder/Pottertard in all her glory. Suddenly I understand the five foot wide ass and lack of social skills. I wish I knew her username on Fan Fiction dot net and the other sites because I have a sneaking suspicion she probably writes scads of Harry Potter getting boffed by Edward the vampire porn. It would be laugh and point worthy.

So, what other crazy fantardships do you know of out there. Let me know in the comments.

Liz Lambert – Faux Cancer Adam Lambert Fan & Others

December 9, 2010

I’ve been watching the LizLambert scandal brewing over at various Adam Lambert boards and on Twitter. I’m shocked and not shocked at the same time that someone would willingly pretend to have terminal cancer to catch the attention of the headliner.

Apparently Liz’s goal was to get Adam and his band members to Twitter her. She accomplished this before being busted as a faker. Reprehensible on all levels. For once I am in agreement with the Sparkle Cows. (Is Satan ice skating yet?) Pretending to have a terminal illness to gain the attention of others is a truly horrible thing to do. She obviously has only a limited idea of what being a cancer patient is like. From this cancer survivor married to another cancer survivor this pretending of hers to get a Tweet from Adam is disgusting, but not surprising.

In all fandoms of American Idol there are those in every season that fake serious illnesses to garner attention of the fans and the headliner. It usually ends with the faker outed and pretending that what they did wasn’t so bad, fomenting different ridiculous excuses why this was okay.

Psychiatrists have a term from this sick fakery. It’s called Munchausens By Internet.

You remember Baron Munchausen don’t you? He told tall tales of derring do. Among his claims is that he pulled himself up from sinking in a swamp by his own hair, that he traveled to the Moon and that he rode cannonballs in battle. He was a witty man known for recounting highly embroidered adventures that could in no way be true. Fantastical tales and the reason that Munchausen’s Syndrome is named after him.

Dr Feldman believes that Munchausen’s is driven by “longing for nurturing, sympathy, care and concern that they feel unable to get in appropriate ways,” Perhaps but it doesn’t explain or account for the damage done by the perpetrator, who is rarely remorseful.

Feldman also created a list of common Munchausen’s By Internet tip-offs. I am reposting them here so that those in all fandoms can be informed.

* Medical literature from websites or textbooks is often duplicated or discussed in great detail.
* The length and severity of purported physical ailments conflicts with user behavior. Feldman uses the example of someone posting in considerable detail about being in septic shock, when such a possibility is extremely unlikely.
* Symptoms of ailments may be exaggerated as they correspond to a user’s misunderstanding of the nature of an illness.
* Grave situations and increasingly critical prognoses are interspersed with “miraculous” recoveries.
* A user’s posts eventually reveal contradictory information or claims that are implausible: for example, other users of a forum may find that a user has been divulging contradictory information about occurrence or length of hospital visits.
* When attention and sympathy decreases to focus on other members of the group, a user may announce that other dire events have transpired, including the illness or death of a close family member.
* When faced with insufficient expressions of attention or sympathy, a forum member claims this as a cause that symptoms worsen or do not improve.
* A user resists contact beyond the Internet, by telephone or personal visit, often claiming bizarre reasons for not being able to accept such contact.
* Further emergencies are described with inappropriate happiness, designed to garner immediate reactions.
* Other forum members post on behalf of a user, exhibiting identical writing styles, spelling errors, and language idiosyncrasies, suggesting that the user has created fictitious identities to move the conversation in their direction.

Dr Feldman neglected to mention the worst case of Munchausens By Internet I’ve ever seen. No, it’s not Kaycee Nicole. It’s the online activities of one Lori Anne Dennick, or as she insists on being called L. Anne Carrington. Right now L. Anne is pushing a horribly written and partially plagiarized ‘novel’ around on various vanity publishing sites. She’s claiming that she’s on the verge of publishing this book. It was available on Barnes and Noble website as an ‘E Book’ recently before being removed. It’s up on Amazon. This book has been up in pieces for free on Authonomy and other book sites for over a year now.

She’s complaining about the time it’s taken to get this out and edited even if it’s only been a few short months since she started claiming to have a publisher. She has no clear idea obviously about how the real publishing process normal works, just like all the other times she’s claimed various things that were easily provable otherwise. I’m not going to go over the laundry list of her lies – they are available over at

Anyone serious about their work usually starts by obtaining a literary agent. Which in itself can take quite a while. You contact the agent and if they are interested they will ask for a few short examples of your work. At that point they sometimes ask for a few beginning chapters or sometimes the entire manuscript. Just this process can take months to accomplish.

If you’re one of the lucky few they’ll agree to represent you and start working on selling your book to a publisher. More delays of many months.

Once a publishing house buys your work then you are assigned an editor and the rounds of revisions start. You edit, they edit, usually multiple times. It is unheard of for a book not to be relentlessly edited. The galley proofs are issued to you and the editor and you both had to go over it one last time before it goes to press. The entire process can take more than a year.

Of course, all of this is assuming that you have a literary agent. If you don’t have one then tack on another 6 months or a year as your unsolicited manuscript sits in a slush pile waiting for some flunky to read and send you a rejection letter. You MUST get a literary agent to be taken seriously in the publishing world unless you’re a celebrity.

Which means all of Lori Anne Dennick’s raving about her book is only slightly more real than LizLambert’s cancer.

Keep your eyes open for these irritating Munchausen By Internet perpetrators. Not even the Glamberts deserve them.

ETA: L. Anne Carrington is claiming mere hours after having been exposed as a fraud yet again that she now has a literary agent. This is the most bassackwards publishing of a book I’ve ever heard of. More like the desperate elaborations of a bad liar.

Wrasslin’ Sweaty Tards

July 9, 2010

Our lovely typical American Idol tard hunting for uppity skeleton bitches. I can’t wait for Mad Men to return. I almost tard for it. Less than two weeks now. I would advise any of you wasting your time watching Idol to make the switch to Mad Men, or Breaking Bad or any of the excellent original series popping up on cable networks these days.  Just don’t start tarding over Jon Hamm. Mmmkay?

How about that American Idol tour, huh? Canceled dates, lackluster performances and low low low attendance. This morning looking at the coverage of the AI concert in Central Park for ABC’s Good Morning America things look dismal for Lee Dewyse and pals. Three hundred people turned up.  Not very far away at Rockefeller Plaza thousands upon thousands have shown up to see Lady Gaga perform.

Somewhere in the offices of 19 Entertainment I’d bet there are confused and dismayed executives starting to realize that American Idol is done, over, kaput, dead on arrival.  Would love to be a fly on the wall at the next planning meeting in their office. I can smell the panic from here. I do feel sorry for Crystal “Pigpen” Bowersox and Casey James even though I feel pretty sure both of them are going to have musical careers post-Idol. The others including Dewyze? Not very likely. This is it for them.

Look for more AI tour dates to cancel. Looking at the seating charts at my own backyard arena only a tiny fraction of tickets  have sold and those are only the ones right up against the stage. 19E cannot afford to operate a huge tour machine at a loss.

Also I’ve been watching the outrage in the David Cook twitterverse this week. David attended a UFC event last week and was spotted sitting next to a beautiful woman. So the tards are speculating and twittered, spewing outrage and other nonsense about his next door seatmate when no one even knows if they were together or strangers.  In the minds of his fans David is not allowed to date or screw unless it’s one of them. So idiotically middle school. I hope he got laid.

Nary a word about him attending a violent sport like MMA. Which really makes me laugh. Whenever I am home and Sven is watching UFC I tease him that the only difference between gay porn and UFC is boxing trunks and lack of lube. Could be worse, he could be attending that fake wrestling crap shown on TBS. At least MMA is a real sport.

It’s also being reported that Clay Aiken has split up from his boyfriend due to some change of relationship status on MySpace.  Yawn. Are there still Clay Tards?

And the Adam Lambert juggernaut tour rolls on, selling out like I’m sure 19E wishes the AI tour would. It amuses me that his tards, the Sparkle Cows, are willing to stand in line for literally days to be the first ones to stampede through the cattle chute and be nearest to the stage for a show they are seeing again and again and again.

Isn’t it a bit like eating the same food for every meal for a month. At first it seems like heaven on earth, your favorite meal again and again but before the week is out you decide due to repetition that you hate and despise it now.

I don’t know how they can do that. Especially with the record heat wave we’ve been experiencing here on the East Coast where most of the recent venues have been. How can you wait all those hours in air officially declared to be hazardous to your health?  Not to mention lack of restrooms, hygiene challenges, sweating like a hog and the mind numbing boredom of waiting for hours.

One of the funniest things about the tour is the fact that the Sparkle Cows have seized upon the idea of waving glow sticks, blue glow sticks, around whenever  Adam sings the line from WWFM – ‘Thanks for loving me, you’re doing it perfectly.’ They are thinking that they are responding to his love for them and showing love back. Uh, Sparkle Cows, Adam didn’t write that line and it has nothing to do with any of you. Pink wrote it, she had none of you in mind and then Adam recorded it. If anything it’s probably a frightening reminder to Adam every time he sees glowing blue that he has the craziest most obsessional fan base of any American Idol contestant.

Oh, and old news. Constantine, The Greasy One, has managed to knock someone up.  Guess he switched from butt sex finally.

Google Searches Infinity Plus 20

April 20, 2010

Dear David,

I’ve completely lost track of whatever number I’m on now with the freaky Google searches. The high pollen levels and the drugs I’m on for it aren’t exactly helping either. I saw you tweeted about horrendous allergies this week too. Benadryl is your friend. Hope tonight’s flight is alright between the air pressure in the cabin and the allergies. Sounds like hell on earth to me.

Decided the best thing to do with my lack of short term memory was to start numbering these puppies again and start with 20 since I know we’re almost there now. Funny sick ones today.

Free Gay Webcam Met Flames In Gent -More porn, thankfully too confusing me to work out exactly what this person was looking for. Flamingly gay or webcam voyeurism?

Nutball Stalker Holly –  Things must be getting grim over at David Cook Uncensored. I hear tell the inmates are running that asylum and Mary Ann/Holly is losing it. Not surprised.

Bald Women Porn – Ha ha! More crazy hentai freak porn.

David Cook Hair Plugs – Everyone’s always curious about the hair. Personally I think you should screw with your stalker tards by shaving your head or doing something completely outre, like green or blue hair.

Porn Too Weird Even For L Anne Carrington – This one made me laugh the hardest. Is it even possible that there is porn out there that is too out there for a chick that’s written about incest, titty-banging, lesbian antics, gang bangs, sperm drinking, sexual gymkhana and a cast of revolving characters. Something too weird for L Anne? Scares the crap out of me just thinking about it. I would think it probably involves Ouchy The Clown, midgets and animal porn.

Bad Behavior

March 8, 2010

Dear David,

I hear your ‘fans’ have been twitter-spamming some pop songwriter in the UK that you’ve been working with. Apparently they expect you to be all ‘Rawk’ and stuff, losing their minds over possible power pop. They chose to ignore that the “My Sharona”s of this world have their place too. Not everything has to be rock n roll hardcore.

It’s rather rude to twit to someone that you hate their songs and that they are ruining your idol by working with him. Like a bunch of clucking hens pecking an innocent duck to death because he doesn’t look/sound anything like the rooster they’re used to. Who made all those biddies guardians of your music in the first place? Why should their subjective opinions matter more than anyone elses?

Crazy and rude.

Oh and special message for L Anne Carrington/Lori Ann Dennick –  Yes, my friend Sandy slept with your crush. She screwed him, blew him, tattooed him, whatever and said ~ NEWSFLASH ~ he was hung like a hamster and horrible between the sheets. That’s the closest you’ll ever come to laying him.